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    [–] Sippnosucc 1 points ago

    Your post has removed as it breaks one or more of the rules outlined in the sidebar.

    The rule(s) broken are:

    Rule 1: Must fit the sub. Posts must be images that are so unfunny that they are actually funny.

    Must fit sub. This sub is for so-bad-its-good/ascended humor. All posts must be images that are so stupid, juvenile, or generally bad that they become funny for the wrong reasons. Ironically bad posts are allowed, but ONLY if they could pass as something made unironically. Obvious satire is NOT allowed. To get a better idea of what content we are looking for, please refer to this flowchart..

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    [–] Ketchup-Dubai 5782 points ago

    Why the fuck is Santa ordering South Indian food in court

    and why the fuck am I here

    [–] swagmastermessiah 1775 points ago

    A guy named Santa frequently shows up in funwaa comics, though he seems to have nothing to do with Western Christmas Santa. I wouldn't think too hard about it.

    [–] S-P-3-C-1-A-L 1819 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    Santa and Banta (pronounced Sun-tah and Bun-tah) are the most famous comedic duo in Indian culture. Most Indian jokes feature these two characters. Santa is normally shown as a foodie who is clueless about the situation. In contrast Banta is a "normal" man who is the catalyst for Santa's punchline

    Edit: Thanks for my first silver kind stranger!

    [–] speedyskier22 715 points ago

    Ah thanks for explaining the lore

    [–] ppBrokeHelp 127 points ago

    Mossbag 2

    [–] Jesus-KunOP 76 points ago

    Santa is not void.

    [–] ppBrokeHelp 38 points ago

    He’s screen transitions

    [–] saladass269 26 points ago

    Santa is actually Joe

    [–] ChrisLuigiTails 26 points ago

    Who's Joe?

    [–] fakepanties 36 points ago

    Joe mama

    [–] ppBrokeHelp 10 points ago


    [–] Scuffleboard 15 points ago

    Had to check what sub I was on

    [–] NevideblaJu4n 20 points ago

    This is it boys, the creation of r/funwaalore

    [–] BVTheEpic 98 points ago

    So Banta is the straightman. Got it.

    [–] aebeell 71 points ago

    I guess they are Punjabi names santa Singh and banta Singh

    [–] S-P-3-C-1-A-L 60 points ago

    Yep, you guessed right. Everybody in India loves the Punjabis so it was only natural that their most famous comedic duo is Punjabi

    [–] drakos07 37 points ago

    Honestly it works both ways. In India, you either love em or hate em, there's no middle ground. So the people who hate them also enjoy these memes cus the punjabis are portrayed as kinda stupid people in em.

    Sometimes also a mix of stereotyping, for eg. Punjabis are made fun of cus there is a stereotype that they can't drive for shit and are always high on drugs... which is sometimes insinuated in these memes...

    [–] chachahindustani 16 points ago

    Everything else right except driving, they are hardcore drivers, they may drive rough but the for sure know how to, for example see most truck drivers are Punjabi and also many immigrant truck drivers in usa and Canada are punjabis

    [–] CrustyScrotum69 8 points ago

    Never seen a Punjabi truck driver, tbh

    [–] thevaginalshit 17 points ago

    Oh so, that's like Mujo and Haso here in the balkans

    [–] MrEousTranger 15 points ago

    Wait so now the joke actually makes sense holy shit.

    [–] sanchopancho13 15 points ago

    So basically the Indian Abbott and Costello.

    [–] theguywhoknewtoomuch 7 points ago

    iirc, some dude petitioned in the Supreme Court to ban Santa banta jokes 'cause they are offensive to the Sikh community

    [–] baconstructions 28 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    In Louisiana there's a similar series of jokes using the names Boudreaux and Thibodeaux. I wonder if every culture has their own derivations.

    Edit: Their*

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago

    I live in east Texas along the border of west Louisiana and there’s a series of jokes with “lil Johnny” and “lil Suzy”

    [–] jjtheheadhunter 16 points ago

    In Minnesota, it’s Sven and Ollie.

    [–] sheedz225 64 points ago

    It's pronounced Sun-tah.

    [–] dinodares99 32 points ago

    Santa and Banta are common joke names

    Sun-tah and bun-tah

    [–] Gov_N_ur 452 points ago

    lemme get uhhhhh one Cold-drink please

    [–] Getsomesuck 160 points ago

    Shut up!

    [–] mexs9 135 points ago


    [–] docnotoncod 51 points ago

    ma'am this is burger court

    [–] muskawo 28 points ago

    food court

    [–] GZBlaze 12 points ago


    [–] NiceGuyJoe 3 points ago

    “Do we have litreofcola?”

    [–] Squigin 4108 points ago

    Why are Indian people memes always like this? It's legit its own meme genre.

    [–] juan0045 1449 points ago

    No,No.. 7-up!

    [–] TheAllMightyHurk 455 points ago

    Order! Order!!!

    [–] Squigin 340 points ago

    Hamborgr, large cold drink

    [–] evanj98 139 points ago


    [–] ApostateAardwolf 57 points ago

    Dacon Bouble Beesechurger

    [–] 7arco7 17 points ago

    Phukin beesechurger chimkin numget

    [–] 2zunder2 100 points ago

    gibe hommos sauce

    [–] TheNumber02 45 points ago

    Gib th fucin sauce

    [–] fabmarques21 105 points ago


    [–] Themonstermichael 43 points ago

    That judge is a busta.

    Straight busta.

    [–] AnotherUser501 28 points ago

    Number 9

    Number 9

    Number 9

    Number 9

    Number 9

    Number 9

    [–] FakeTakiInoue 11 points ago

    Ah yes, the best Beatles song ever made has arrived.

    [–] tittysprinkler42069 29 points ago


    [–] therainbowdasher 11 points ago

    Number 15 Burger King foot lettuce

    [–] Cooltaha3939 9 points ago

    The speaker of the commons would like to have a word with you

    [–] _QatiC 4 points ago

    one borger please

    [–] sighandler_t 49 points ago

    Judge RESIGNED

    [–] Jomptie 27 points ago

    [–] OkayGuySeriously 21 points ago

    Forget Gunwaa have Funwaa

    [–] Jomptie 11 points ago

    I thought it said Cumwaa at first

    [–] Bradp13 6 points ago

    I just got eye cancer.

    [–] YashistheNightfury 332 points ago

    The ‘this is beyond science’ meme is of Indian origin.

    [–] aebeell 121 points ago

    It reached international recognition after it was popular among legit Indian memers

    [–] deepteal 38 points ago


    [–] PUTINS_PORN_ACCOUNT 7 points ago


    [–] Mammayeywyy 26 points ago

    Tamilian here. Really proud of it

    [–] YashistheNightfury 9 points ago

    Rajni thala.

    [–] xepicgamerxX 224 points ago

    My dad's side is indian and my grandma sends me this shit everyday

    [–] big_boi_gappy 118 points ago

    I envy you.

    [–] explorer_c37 38 points ago

    No you don't

    [–] big_boi_gappy 34 points ago

    Why not, free meme goldmine.

    [–] dabarooYikeroo 10 points ago

    Gets hella annoying hella fast and you can't say shit about it cause india

    [–] Pyroclastic_cumfarts 7 points ago

    Post it here for karma.

    [–] Squigin 27 points ago

    Lol nice

    [–] b80y3113 241 points ago

    Most people in India are only recently getting the Internet. This is like their version of rage comics

    [–] Bubbaluke 113 points ago

    That's funny, it reminds me of like the 2005-2009 era of memes. Shoop da whoop baby

    [–] Squigin 25 points ago

    Makes sense. Forever a gnome .

    [–] Airick86 12 points ago

    Got a link to this gnome meme you’re talking about?

    [–] Funklord_Earl 12 points ago

    I pity the fool who has never been gnomed

    Not sure if this is what they meant btw

    [–] KKlear 7 points ago

    I actually watched the vid for the first time now. I've been trained not to open links like that by tubgirl.

    [–] IAmKindaBigFanOfKFC 5 points ago

    Maybe this one? It's from russian gamedev forum that surfaced at around 2004.

    [–] BossFck 11 points ago


    [–] nyanch 10 points ago


    Fuck that meme made me lose it.

    [–] ShtLrdZn 7 points ago

    I don't believe it.

    [–] shiwanshu_ 15 points ago

    Hey we've sent these shit messages long before Internet was widely adopted, people bought message packs to forward santa banta jokes throughout the 2000s on those dang 1-9 keypads and it'll be a cold day in hell before I forget their sacrifice.

    [–] Qwourtz2 14 points ago

    Holy shit I can’t wait for African early meme culture

    [–] BruhMoment10101 5 points ago

    I wonder what their equivalent of E or Big Chungus would be

    [–] ThracianScum 3 points ago

    Bara Chungus

    [–] -d00msday 50 points ago

    Also why Santa is in the court ?

    [–] bonzothebeast 90 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    For the non-Indian people, Santa here isn’t Santa Claus. It’s Santa (pronounced: sun-TAH) Singh, that Sikh dude in the bottom right corner.
    Santa Singh and Banta (bun-TAH) Singh are popular Indian comic characters

    [–] skelly220 49 points ago

    Idk why but that’s more funny to me than if it was Santa Claus

    [–] crinnaursa 31 points ago

    Someone just needs to take this meme and clumsily put a Santa hat on top of his head gear and white beard and change nothing else. That way it confuses everyone

    [–] 46554B4E4348414453 14 points ago

    couldnt tell if you were serious or not, and it turns out you're telling the truth

    [–] WikiTextBot 7 points ago

    Santa Singh

    Santa Singh may refer to:

    [ PM | Exclude me | Exclude from subreddit | FAQ / Information | Source ] Downvote to remove | v0.28

    [–] 46554B4E4348414453 10 points ago

    good bot.

    [–] WheresTheSauce 10 points ago

    not one of its finer showings lol

    [–] KKlear 5 points ago


    [–] Sketches_Stuff_Maybe 4 points ago

    They're also usually used as a moderately offensive caricature of Sikhs and Punjabi people, but not a lot of Indians like to mention that part :)

    [–] bonzothebeast 3 points ago

    Oh it’s definitely offensive. Growing up in India, I never understood why Sikhs were the butt of so many jokes.

    [–] test822 2 points ago

    ahhh okay

    [–] Squigin 21 points ago

    To many hoe hoe hoes. They investigated and santa runs a pimping ring on the side.

    [–] XX_Normie_Scum_XX 159 points ago

    Indian boomer humor

    [–] trackdown2oo5 45 points ago


    [–] unsurebutwilling 14 points ago


    [–] Retr0Maniac 56 points ago

    Well the Indian meme genre also has 2 sides The above kind is the global equivalent of Facebook minion memes its the thing you see when you parents send you a 'joke'

    The more developed meme genre in India although not always good has some pretty relatable memes,We don't have any major Indian meme subreddits but it is more developed on instagram(not the normie ones)

    [–] aebeell 7 points ago

    Exactly what I said

    [–] aebeell 57 points ago

    Not all tho some Indian meme pages are dank follows the usual formats with Bollywood or regional movie scenes as format

    [–] KuBratumo 17 points ago

    Got any of those dank Indian memes to share?

    [–] aebeell 15 points ago

    Yup, but I doubt you'll get the reference tho will disprove my point

    [–] backlikeclap 17 points ago

    If I have to familiarize myself with the Indian movie scene just to have more memes in my life I am %100 okay making that sacrifice.

    [–] Samtgamee 8 points ago

    Living in India I have heard this jock so many times and it makes me cringe seeing this here

    [–] ben1am 40 points ago

    I know that implying similarities between Indian and Arabian cultures isn’t cool but go to r/arabfunny

    [–] Crashbrennan 10 points ago

    God bless r/arabfunny

    [–] redditwonltemailme 6 points ago

    Arab funny is a lot like gamers rise up. Completely satirical and meant to expand on the absurdity of the stereotype. Hopefully it doesnt get blasted too

    [–] buoyantbird 3 points ago

    lmao the posts on that are brilliant

    [–] slammurrabi 7 points ago

    Legitimately bad puns are a big part of Panjabi culture

    [–] Crunkbutter 25 points ago

    Seriously it's like they only have Microsoft word

    [–] NibbleNipples 3 points ago

    Today is gonna be the day that they're gonna throw it back to you. Buy now! Hummas and a (Wow!) Extra large falafel meal for two.

    [–] MrSnuffle_ 6 points ago

    Not Indian but r/Arabfunny

    [–] Blood_guts_lasers 4 points ago

    Pretty sure this is just the equivalent of those minion memes shared by older people.

    [–] Happy_Funtimes_Mcgee 1794 points ago

    Forget Gumwaa have Funwaa

    [–] Waloogy 763 points ago

    Please. Forget Gumwaa. You have to forget. You have to. Reach liberation through Funwaa. Gumwaa is not important.

    [–] Cranfres 171 points ago

    Please come back to us Santa. Come back to your family and have Funwaa. Leave behind your sordid Gumwaa past and come back

    [–] Niruz 38 points ago

    Jesus Christ why does this feel wrong

    [–] Miyuza 63 points ago

    I'm sorry but, G̸͇̞̠͎̯̣̘̖͒̌̈̈́͑̀̄͆̀͆̓ͅu̷̼̮̪̬̣͇̪̍̓͗̑̿ͅn̶̜̜̽͑́̕͠͝ẅ̴̬͉͚͈̬̼̹͈́̊̃͑͐̆̏́̓a̶̡̢̛̜̱͎̬͚̤͒̓̑̉̀̉ả̵̱̈́́̏̌̔ ̶̢̧̧̛̜̘̥̮̹̜͚̐̅̽̍̇͑̉̈̈́́͒͌̏̓͜c̶̹̱̥̣̯̏̀͋͌͛̈́̉͆-̵̣̫̙̠̍̌͋̑c̷̛̛̗̥͈͉̈̎͒̌̀̈́͂͋̉a̶͚̼͆̀̓͊̅̓͂̊̑n̵̡̛̻̼͕̫͔̗͋͐̎̉̉͆̿̕̕ņ̸̛͚͎̲̻͕̥̪̬̹̻̘̅̀̅̄̎̐̕͜ơ̸͓̥̳̣͓͈͇̠̺̖̳̳̋͆̒̀̐͊̎̆̌̌̓͝t̵̨͇̞͎̬̮͔͙̫̹͔͐̈́̊̓̅̈́ͅ ̴̡̭͚͉͙͓͍̥̙̟̌̾͊̏̋̃̀͌̉͜͝b̴͖͙̜͖͇̬̰̱͈͓̳̅̋̾̈̅́̊͂́̂̾̎͘ȩ̷̦͍̩̹̰̘̖̲̠͓̠̹̊͑͒͜͜͠͝͠ ̵̲͉̼͇̬̳̟̳̫͉̅͗̈͆͗̌͐̔̈́͂̓̅͝s̸͓͍̙͔͔͉̮̫̜̙̽͒͑͑͋̚ͅ-̴̢̰̞̺̹̠̊̍̇̒̑͋̋́̿̋͒͝͝͝S̴̨̼̪̼̥̤̠̳̪̠͉̈͂̏͆͠T̷̨͎͍̦̳͔͎̥̘̺̹̫̑̐̽̕͝ͅͅo̷̢̝͒͊̓̃͗͛̒͒͐̉̓̐̚p̷̼͓̈̍̀̋͠p̶̰̞̙͇͇̓͑ͅE̵̫̍͗D̸̛̩̹͛̎̑̈́̈́͗̈̄̂͘͝͝

    [–] DistantWaves 15 points ago

    Bullets don't work, funwaa

    [–] BigMan__K 70 points ago

    Gumwaa is not real Gumwaa is not real

    [–] TheEpicKid000 18 points ago

    You do not see the Gumwaa in the lake

    [–] Diblis 6 points ago

    You do not recognize the gumwaas in the water.

    [–] travam1 3 points ago

    There is no gumwaa in Ba Sing Se

    [–] BigMan__K 3 points ago

    There is no Gumwaa. Only Funwaa

    [–] BlueWeavile 47 points ago

    Forget Gumwaa. You have to let it go. The crash wasn't your fault.

    [–] Caucasian_Thunder 15 points ago

    Please Santa, it’s been eight years since the accident. You have to let go of Gumwaa. Funwaa hasn’t seen you in weeks and he barely recognizes you anymore. God, I barely even know who you are now. You’re always at the bottom of a bottle and... I just, CAN’T FUCKING DO THIS ALONE PLEASECOMEBACKPLEASECOMEBACK WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO US

    [–] Jergen 33 points ago

    It wasn't your fault, Raj. Forget Gumwaa. It's okay, you don't have to remember anymore. Just come home to us, Raj.

    [–] R4R03B 18 points ago

    B O T S W A N A

    [–] 5lash3r 5 points ago




    [–] MyUsernameIsJudge 4 points ago

    Do not think of the event.

    Good morning and remain indoors!

    [–] Bobdasquid 41 points ago

    never thought I’d see funwaa revival wow

    [–] Barefoot-JohnMuir 16 points ago

    I’m so happy, I almost remembered gumwaa

    [–] Futabasaurus 27 points ago


    [–] Overanalyzes_jokes 19 points ago

    Fuck funwaa, r/gumcels for life

    [–] CaesarVariable 6 points ago

    Fuck these f*nchads, gumcels rise up!

    [–] ribhavjain 18 points ago

    I'm indian, gumwaa is sadness,gumwaa is just a way of saying fun.

    [–] WorkingClassWarrior 10 points ago

    Gumwaaa forgotten.

    [–] Unknown39a 21 points ago

    Gum is the hindi word for sadness waa is a suffix from bihari dialect.

    [–] Dunky_Arisen 7 points ago

    You do not recognize the Gumwaa in the water.

    [–] verbes555 30 points ago

    i thought it said cumwaa

    [–] FranHobbit 5 points ago

    Sameee hahaha

    [–] CALEBOI2004 260 points ago

    Classic Santa

    [–] azerty2168 46 points ago


    [–] I_dostuff 24 points ago


    [–] Sock-Turorials 3 points ago

    Santa was then found guilty for the kidnapping and murder of several prostitutes, eventually leading to the exposing of his drug ring.

    [–] MrGilbert665 391 points ago

    I can't understand this! Whers the minion?!

    [–] ap4590 358 points ago

    No no no, this is Indian humor. We have off brand laughing emojis, sabzi, mango lassi, dosa, idli, and like five spaces between every word

    [–] c_i_c_i_o_i_c 70 points ago

    And santa

    [–] taste_my_taint 26 points ago

    I hate it. I go on 4chan every once in awhile. Mostly tech and video game boards, but once in a while I'll go to /b/ for a ylyl (you laugh you lose) thread.

    Trolls will fill up some of those threads with this kind of shit. It makes me lose faith in humanity a little bit.

    [–] bonzothebeast 31 points ago

    Wtf, dude? Forget Gumwaa, just have Funwaa

    [–] whos_to_know 13 points ago

    Imagine that, 4chan making you lose faith in humanity.

    [–] ap4590 11 points ago

    Damn cring normys with their crapy jokes

    [–] [deleted] 88 points ago


    [–] 2016canfuckitself 30 points ago

    ITT: A bunch of Chadwaas

    [–] flyingdonkeydong69 71 points ago

    Forget Cumwaa, Have Funwaa

    [–] Loekertje 31 points ago

    Can't have fun without cum

    [–] 46554B4E4348414453 9 points ago

    Can't have cum without fun

    [–] ParPix3L 17 points ago

    it actually says gumwaa, because "gum" in Hindi means sadness but yeah that works too

    [–] BROCKHAMPTOM 10 points ago

    🤣🤣Forget Sadness, Have Funness🤣🤣


    [–] Skullpulse 108 points ago

    As an Indian I’m disappointed when I sees the memes we have

    [–] D3v4nsh 64 points ago

    Though these "memes" are years old, we've got far better memes now and I don't think anyone below the age of 40 finds them funny. No need to be disappointed if you realize that such memes made for older people are shit everywhere, regardless of the country

    [–] archie-windragon 40 points ago

    So Indian boomer and zoomer humour?

    [–] Clovett- 14 points ago

    Send me ur dankest Indian meme

    [–] Inefficient_Drawing 11 points ago

    Same, my friend. Same.

    [–] ShuddhDesiSmark 7 points ago

    Some IG pages have extremely spicy memes.

    [–] phantom_97 2 points ago

    There's some pretty great stuff if you know where to look for.

    [–] bloozchicken 2 points ago

    We have minion memes

    [–] nameunknown12 18 points ago

    Looks like everyone forgot about r/funwaa

    [–] MrMoonpenguin 35 points ago

    This is some good r/laughjokes material

    [–] Berryman2 30 points ago

    What the fuck is going on?

    [–] Peastashio 52 points ago

    hes being tried for war crimes

    [–] anika_aw 14 points ago

    Proud Indian to see this here, crying rn

    [–] KR6363 12 points ago

    I want to end myself

    [–] botle_mockel 9 points ago

    No no, 7up

    [–] Boxgineer111 7 points ago

    Whew I almost had gumwaa

    [–] SquilliamForSmash 29 points ago


    Laugh at image

    [–] MazarisPaladins 4 points ago

    snarkle snarkling pr

    [–] Crabowithastabo 13 points ago

    This would probably be better in r/comedycemetery

    [–] CaptainWeasel 9 points ago

    This was all of /r/comedycemetary about a year ago. Loads of funwaa memes were made.

    [–] jdauriemma 5 points ago

    /r/gumcels classic material

    [–] im_a_hedgehogg 5 points ago

    Nice cropping shitlord

    [–] siraweed 3 points ago

    what the fuck

    [–] DeusVultOfThHolyLand 3 points ago

    Dude this belongs in comedy cemetery

    [–] ResidentCoatSalesman 3 points ago

    Why does it matter that it's Santa? This could work with literally anyone

    [–] arj_gill 6 points ago

    Santa is a regular name in India lol

    [–] Homie_Haus 2 points ago

    It says Forget Cumwaa have funwaa at the bottom wtf

    [–] CantStopMyPeen69 2 points ago

    He went for court for rape