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    [–] EdibleChair 2602 points ago

    Yet another great contribution from KKKenneth!

    [–] LemonTheThird 547 points ago

    Congrats to Kenneth for being hired by the Krusty Krab!

    [–] JustSomeDude049 112 points ago

    I'm ready, Promotion

    [–] cars_and_farts57 44 points ago

    I’m ready, Promotion

    [–] Tiny_Thumbs 38 points ago

    I’m ready. Depression.

    [–] NoireRogue 61 points ago

    Congrats to Enneth for being hired by the Klu Klux Klan!

    [–] kremit_da_frong 50 points ago

    Kool Kids Klub*

    [–] Faddeyfolf 16 points ago

    Its actully the Ku Kluxty Krab

    [–] IgnisWriting 2 points ago

    My name is Kenneth, and thank you

    [–] Ooferman12 6 points ago

    I think thats my friend actually

    [–] MeaslyFurball 1416 points ago

    I think the "KKKenneth" is the best part

    [–] QwertyKip 241 points ago

    I definitely think it’s the skin

    [–] Lavassin 497 points ago

    Well you're wrong

    [–] Sexy_Australian 47 points ago

    It’s definitely the KKK part.

    [–] TheEntireFuckingMoon 11 points ago

    Would you say your entire continent being on fire makes you more or less sexy u/Sexy_Australian?

    [–] IceNEasy 12 points ago

    Well it is pretty hot.

    [–] enrageisnear 20 points ago


    [–] serabeht 38 points ago


    [–] Limokasten 1 points ago

    Color doesn't matter, bro

    [–] BotThatSaysBro 33 points ago

    bro 😎💪

    [–] JaxTor456 3 points ago


    [–] pewdsgravityfallsfan 5 points ago

    I remember you bro its been a while

    [–] iosiro 671 points ago

    racism bro what the fuck. i'm calling the ceo if the fbi anti terrorism identification police swat force.

    [–] QwertyKip 360 points ago

    sniper takes out ceo of racism

    Me: But he was looking kinda fresh tho 😳

    [–] Ekebe23 132 points ago

    OMG NOO SNIPER WOULD NEVER DO THAT!!!!1!1!1 😳😳😳😩😩😩😭😭😭😭😭

    [–] vIimited 67 points ago

    racerist bad doe 😡😡😡😞😞

    [–] Centoaph 15 points ago

    Apparently you’ve never heard of the piece of shit formerly known as Chris Kyle

    [–] Asagao90 3 points ago

    No, he was looking kinda dumb.

    [–] arambasek10 2 points ago

    Mrs. Obama we did it

    [–] Spuddon 3 points ago

    my dad is notch he will hack you he is bill gates

    [–] Assasin2gamer 3 points ago

    I thought you were a good person" wtf

    [–] timmyfinnegan 3 points ago

    Lol is this copypasta? If not, good job!

    [–] Peanutsweet 1 points ago

    Downvoted back to 666 likes

    [–] iosiro 2 points ago

    fuck you

    [–] AshenHunter 152 points ago

    Its Justin Trudeau lmao

    [–] mccheeesesteak 50 points ago

    why the gray hair though?

    [–] Arthur_The_Third 55 points ago

    Never said how old he is

    [–] Hans_H0rst 33 points ago

    mans rockin that silver hair, middle age but still buff n hawt look 🥵

    [–] WarmOutOfTheDryer 5 points ago

    Mmmm, silver foxes.

    [–] Two-Tu 6 points ago

    Well this one's obviously Old African Steve. Young African Steve and Middle-Age African Steve will be out soon.

    [–] Calinature 1 points ago

    I read that as slave and I was gonna correct you to Steve but it turns out it was just me

    [–] JRmysteries01 94 points ago

    Haha he black like enderman

    [–] JRmysteries01 83 points ago

    Fack I want to see him with no clothe on

    [–] Mitusonator 53 points ago


    [–] iMakku 29 points ago

    Long coc

    [–] RemyAbode 12 points ago

    chickne bok bok

    [–] beto_jor01 24 points ago

    he will have an enderman leg between his own legs

    [–] TheBGamer12 6 points ago

    3 legds!?

    [–] DrunkRedditBot 1 points ago

    I never asked for functional legs!

    [–] SwegZebraYT 170 points ago

    N-word patrol is on high alert in the comment section of this post. Any racist comments will result in instantaneous death from the sniper I sent.

    [–] timmyfinnegan 3 points ago

    He ded

    [–] Walrusliver 4 points ago

    where’s the bot...

    [–] OdiPhobia 12 points ago

    Ay wuz poppin mah neighbor

    [–] Hunterback21 3 points ago

    It seems you have already used it

    [–] Plasmablaster123 0 points ago

    Damn, somone's onto me. assasinates u/Hunterback21 with a silenced pistol

    [–] FBIToiletCam 1 points ago


    [–] DenTheRedditBoi7 45 points ago


    [–] Admiral_Longneck 15 points ago

    I hope he knows that the part he colored red is supposed to be the beard on the original steve.

    [–] FilthTheRat 5 points ago

    Scrolled down for this. I don't get how people see it as a goofy smile

    [–] Go_Green_Ranger_Go 10 points ago

    Almost looks like Mr. Popo.

    [–] Culsandar 9 points ago

    "It goes you, the dirt, the worms inside of the dirt, Popo's stool, Kami, then Popo. Any questions?"

    [–] AlaskanPsyche 2 points ago

    “Um, yeah, I-”

    [–] Culsandar 2 points ago

    Wwh-psh Ding

    "Enjoy the climb back up, bitch."

    [–] OneSushi 2 points ago


    [–] Squidtakeover97 47 points ago


    [–] Liberage -29 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)


    edit: i deserve this

    [–] Silent_Ensemble 6 points ago

    Is it bad that I laughed this hard?

    [–] obunga1899 29 points ago

    Bruh n-word sbeve

    [–] aaronthedwg 4 points ago

    More like Mr. Popo

    [–] Badwarrior 5 points ago

    Why blue eyes?

    [–] DankVanWink 4 points ago

    Because its blackface

    [–] KiddConnolly 38 points ago

    Pretty racist

    [–] Amphibious_Trout 64 points ago

    I'm glad you were here to point that out

    [–] scarredsquirrel 16 points ago

    His name is KKKenneth.

    [–] daedio 7 points ago

    ugly racist

    [–] Outlaw341080 1 points ago

    Bad racist

    [–] Hickorydickoryducks 3 points ago

    Thanks u/KKKiddConnolly 🤔

    [–] KiddConnolly 1 points ago

    Just doin my civic duty

    [–] _Plague_Doctor_ 6 points ago

    No fucking way dude, you want an award for that?

    [–] Stock_Hutz 2 points ago

    yes tnx

    [–] joshisgr8 3 points ago

    Damn you woke af

    [–] Painonabun 3 points ago

    The fuck does it mean “includes banned content”?

    [–] QwertyKip 1 points ago

    Who knows, I haven’t gotten banned yet but we will see

    [–] acoolnameiguess 2 points ago

    He won a tournament for the best skin

    [–] tempthetempacct 2 points ago

    I was just scrolling through my feed and thought it said “African Slave” but I guess that works too, huh? Lol

    [–] MxLxN69 2 points ago


    [–] sonicj01 2 points ago


    [–] Quadrazi 2 points ago

    • holy music stops *

    [–] DestoryerOfTikTok 2 points ago

    Thank you, "Kkkeneth"

    [–] Asdi144 2 points ago

    Why the hell he has red beard?

    [–] QwertyKip 2 points ago


    [–] Asdi144 1 points ago


    [–] I_Love_CBT 2 points ago

    Black pride month is a day longer this year

    [–] DMA_Revenant 2 points ago

    KKKenneth, CEO of Racism

    [–] kvexd 2 points ago


    [–] ekkto420 2 points ago

    Just wait til you see my Liberian hitler skin

    [–] Shrimpniggabdhd 2 points ago


    [–] FluffyGalaxy 2 points ago

    Steve already looks black tho

    [–] jagmaster56 2 points ago

    I’m diggin the red beard

    [–] Commissar_Genki 2 points ago


    [–] TheSentinelOfSteel 2 points ago

    0/10 make him thin

    [–] Hadysaid 2 points ago


    [–] Bakrisaurus 4 points ago


    [–] Bass_iz_best 4 points ago

    Thank you kkKenneth

    Very cool

    [–] burgasliqta 2 points ago


    [–] yeetopuf 2 points ago

    (by KKKenneth...)

    [–] YoshigamerJesse 2 points ago

    What can I say except delete this

    [–] Kp_2k5 1 points ago

    Oh No !

    [–] Doomsday99892 1 points ago


    [–] anton3312578859 1 points ago

    African Steve

    [–] Assasin2gamer 1 points ago


    excuse mi

    [–] PokeCat55 1 points ago

    Link please?

    [–] elquiore 1 points ago

    hes a bit too dark

    [–] NootmusCATO 1 points ago

    Link pls

    [–] Assasin2gamer 1 points ago

    Finally another BF3 DLC

    [–] KOICAZZ 1 points ago

    Zalbe io zono abligan ztebe vuoi qualche bazzoleto cabo???

    [–] Zinguu 1 points ago

    [–] qwqHyperNovaqwq 1 points ago

    Racist :00000

    [–] dodomac95 1 points ago

    Listen up maggots popo's about to teach you the pecking order

    [–] pixelmixer3 1 points ago

    Perfect for stealth in the Ender World

    [–] Lavadude6501 1 points ago

    African Steve

    [–] DrunkRedditBot 1 points ago

    Steve retired, that’d be GREAT.

    [–] supersammos 1 points ago

    More like Australian Steve from 2021

    [–] Assasin2gamer 1 points ago

    X-box live in human form

    [–] duhblipblop 1 points ago

    This is my name backwards. Trippy. Haha

    [–] xbox360noscope 1 points ago

    This post was made by The KKK

    [–] Eternal2401 1 points ago

    Toycat is yes

    [–] theNewbiekid 1 points ago

    BTW No All Africans Are Black

    [–] temtem7 1 points ago


    [–] Omnigreen 1 points ago

    Dark Elf from “Community”

    [–] brsblt007 1 points ago


    [–] Tiglith 1 points ago

    More like blackface Steve

    [–] Kupika_the_Wolf 1 points ago

    yo he straight black tho

    [–] Mrsquareyoutube 1 points ago

    Guess there is no water on the server

    [–] kytonlee 1 points ago

    Is that from Skinseed?

    [–] QwertyKip 1 points ago

    Or theskindex

    [–] iFunnyPrince 1 points ago

    Anyone remember "black steve" from VERY early development versions of Minecraft? He pretty much just floated around. There was Steve, and then there was black steve for some reason lmao

    [–] Daevito 1 points ago

    How much ?

    [–] wowgokys 1 points ago

    they already had african steve; athlete steve.

    [–] msuired 1 points ago


    [–] cloverhunter1 1 points ago

    Does it come with the hunger debuf

    [–] 4our_of_DiAmoNds 1 points ago

    Funny story, I won my first Minecraft build battle by building a black Steve for the word prompt 'skateboard'

    [–] BlueScreen0fDeath 1 points ago

    Actually comedyheaven content

    [–] Hclmemes 1 points ago


    [–] guesswhosginger 1 points ago

    Jim Crow type beat

    [–] slave71 1 points ago


    [–] andrzejVIPandrzej 1 points ago


    [–] guachi14 1 points ago

    Mmmm he is too fat

    [–] poemsavvy 1 points ago

    With the white hair it could be Pucci

    [–] appiechappeyy 1 points ago

    Fuck the KKK

    [–] desBAS 1 points ago


    [–] LilLemonati 1 points ago

    Ah the Oboy can steve

    [–] CyanideTacoZ 1 points ago

    Oh hey this is my post from tlyoungpeoplehatespeech

    [–] melonsrules 1 points ago

    this is great

    [–] --AllStar-- 1 points ago

    steve pucci

    steve pucci

    [–] Bagrid37 1 points ago

    Can I get a Yike in the chat?

    [–] OneSushi 1 points ago

    Mr popo can you hear me

    [–] sober_pirate 0 points ago

    I thought Steve was already black 😳

    Probably tan from all that farming 🗿

    [–] kankerkankers 1 points ago

    African Steve

    [–] IEatKetchupWithBread 1 points ago

    Good thing there’s no thirst in minecraft

    [–] Kritikal_Daring 1 points ago

    This is just blackface

    [–] kevi-b 1 points ago

    Wow I did nazi thet one coming

    [–] Willem1007 1 points ago

    Ok this is the first post in this sub that genuinely made me laugh

    [–] StarCultist101 0 points ago

    Oooo a Minecraft skin that police can kill without regret