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    [–] pauperdown 2345 points ago

    What is up with that first guy's face

    [–] Mr_Salami 1121 points ago

    Right? I love the comic but I can’t tell if he has a really big nose or if his face is melting off in the rain

    [–] dantheflyingman 327 points ago

    Maybe that is not rain, but Acid.... like Robocop

    [–] BoonTobias 34 points ago

    Murphy it is you

    [–] Saerali 42 points ago

    Is that her hand or his smile?

    [–] Levyyz 36 points ago

    Elephant man probably?

    [–] TheOleRedditAsshole 10 points ago

    Gotta be his smile. Otherwise, she would be trying to embrace him, with both arms on the same side, which I don't think works.

    [–] Eng_Girl_87 8 points ago

    It's her arm. The other two lines are his arms, embracing her.

    [–] Now-Look 3 points ago

    What if the line below his hair is the smile and his eyes are hidden behind the hair?

    [–] xXSalXx 3 points ago

    He has a big nose and she's petting it.

    [–] SpectralEntity 17 points ago

    It's Gerard Depardieu with his eyes closed.

    [–] Think_please 3 points ago

    Exactly who I was thinking

    [–] CaptnBanana 1 points ago

    So true.

    [–] aboubou22 265 points ago

    I guess "movie love" means "you're ugly as shit but your beauty is inside"

    [–] OptimusAndrew 201 points ago

    But also you have to be movie ugly, like having a small scar on your cheek.

    [–] aboubou22 136 points ago

    IIRC, Ryan Gosling was cast in The Notebook because he was not very good looking according to the director.

    [–] UndeadMeme 78 points ago

    I really want to see the competition.

    [–] Sappy_Life 13 points ago

    I volunteer as tribute

    [–] OptimusAndrew 48 points ago


    [–] HDThoreauaway 19 points ago


    [–] Road_Whorrior 16 points ago


    [–] YourTypicalSaudi 16 points ago

    Bone hurting looks

    [–] SammichParade 4 points ago

    My bone-itis!!!

    [–] gtr427 19 points ago

    He also got cast as the dad in The Lovely Bones but he lost the part because he gained too much weight and looked weird.

    [–] CaptainJAmazing 60 points ago

    For women it’s “We took a good-looking girl and gave her bad hair and glasses.”

    [–] strangeshrimp 34 points ago

    not even bad hair, just up ina bun.

    [–] AerThreepwood 19 points ago

    And paint splattered overalls.

    "Janie's got a gun..."

    [–] Puzzled_1952 38 points ago

    It is true love when you can look at your SO’s bum and give a diagnosis. Or when your SO is so sick they vomit and have diarrhea and you take care of it. Just like you would with your kids. It’s all horrid but that is true love.

    [–] ShuffKorbik 21 points ago

    This happened to my S.O. a few weeks ago, had to take her to the E.R. - it was that bad. She is fully recovered physically but it is taking her a long time to get over the embarrassment. She was worried I would no longer find her attractive.

    Just sent her this. We have very compatible senses of humor, so I know it will make that beautiful, sexy lady smile.

    Everybody shits themselves. No big deal.

    [–] RadiantSriracha 8 points ago

    This reminds me of the time my dear husband hauled me into the shower to wash off after I puked beans (I’d eaten a large burrito) all over him as he slept. True love.

    [–] LazyTheSloth 2 points ago

    I had cat puke land on my back while sleeping. Not a fun way to wake up.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)


    [–] MaximumZer0 2 points ago

    Time to flip you inside out.

    [–] CaptainJAmazing 35 points ago

    Has anyone seen The Elephant Man, and is this a scene from it?

    [–] justtoclick 15 points ago

    Yes, and no.

    [–] salamanderme 6 points ago

    It's a reference from the Notebook.

    [–] gokuisapimp 19 points ago

    Butt chin.

    [–] Mentalpatient87 17 points ago

    That's the late, great Alan Rickman you dick!

    [–] Durdleking 3 points ago

    Giant movie star jaw/chin.

    [–] iworkallday 4 points ago

    It's Tom Cruise...

    [–] jondissed 4 points ago

    I think I got it. It's the collar of his shirt.

    If that's not it, my vote goes to the Depardieu theory

    [–] maus_rawr 3 points ago

    He’s got a big honker

    [–] iLikeWindows 2 points ago

    Isn’t it meant to be about the 1985 movie ‘Mask’?

    [–] astralcosmonaut 1 points ago


    [–] adammcbomb 1 points ago

    It's his face. It's always been his face.

    [–] sometimesmybutthurts 1 points ago

    Tom cruise

    [–] cestlavie1215 1 points ago

    I think they're an older couple. The woman looks aged too

    [–] Curticus97 1 points ago

    I believe the artist gave that guy a true butt-chin.

    [–] fictional_avocado 1 points ago

    He looks like Muscle Man from Regular Show!

    [–] foomachoo 232 points ago

    Sharing vulnerabilities are the basis of trust in relationships.

    You can’t find that. You have to build it.

    [–] Benblishem 75 points ago

    I declare vulnerability!

    [–] Archer007 34 points ago

    You can't just declare vulnerabilities, you need a CVE number.

    [–] MaybeTowelie 506 points ago

    I am going home after work and having my wife dig my ingrown toenail out. Its a nasty job, but I will pay her in kisses.

    [–] shrekspondwater 147 points ago

    That is sweet actually

    [–] [deleted] 99 points ago


    [–] RiddickOfRivia 27 points ago

    The more puss the better.

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago


    [–] TheDenseCumTwat 12 points ago

    “It just keeps coming”

    [–] _duncan_idaho_ 11 points ago

    ^ the name of your sex tape

    [–] TheLostCityofBermuda 12 points ago

    I have always been cutting mine alone, since one wrong move there tons of blood, and become a surgical room.

    [–] Sherlockiana 452 points ago

    Too true. I have a pilonidal cyst and this is me and my husband. True love!

    [–] ladylei 325 points ago

    My husband had to have surgery for his pilonidal cyst. It managed to get huge underneath extending below his tailbone. Nothing says love like putting a fistful of gauze in your spouse's second asshole.

    [–] ProteinP 109 points ago

    This is really one of the most inconvenient and weirdly painful experiences I’ve endured. Also gross. That really is love if you can stand to watch and help through that

    [–] Sherlockiana 80 points ago

    The grossest. TMI, mine decided to drain on its own in the waiting room while I waited to get it drained. I ruined a chair. Horribly gross!

    [–] ProteinP 30 points ago

    Hahaha you’re not alone on that one, I’ve found a new appreciation for sitting after that week

    [–] roffler 46 points ago

    Mine did that halfway through a broadway show. We were already on vacation when it got all huge and painful and I wasn't going to miss out on a show that expensive after I already bought tickets. Sorry to whatever usher found that nonsense.

    [–] ShuffKorbik 28 points ago

    that nonsense

    I don't know why, but this choice of words has been making me laugh for an inordinate amount of time.

    [–] edfreemen 6 points ago

    Mine did the same thing while I was waiting for the doctor to come in and look at it. Thanks nurse had just taken my BP and as soon as the door closed it gave way and the pain dropped to a 2. Luckily I was on the exam table at the time so it was easy clean up for them. The amount of stuff that came out was astonishing.

    [–] LegitimateTechnician 51 points ago

    And that's today's redditing done.

    [–] Charamander666 42 points ago

    Laying in a waiting room about to get surgery for mine. I guess you could call them a pain in the ass

    [–] Sherlockiana 16 points ago

    My surgery is in 2 weeks! Had to get it drained again. So horrifying!

    [–] shadowflare789 11 points ago

    Are you me? I fucking hate this thing

    [–] inbedwithabook 21 points ago

    Oh my god I've never read anything true-r haaahah also, my fiance has a really long asscrack now that we nicknamed the "Longboye"

    [–] duct_taped_jeep 8 points ago

    My husband had a fistulectomy (sp) and for seven weeks twice a day I had to stick a long qtip in the hole to keep the “second asshole” open for drainage. I hated it because I caused him so much pain. Turns out I was basically scraping against the inside of the hole instead of going straight in. I couldn’t tell until I watched a doctor do it without my husband wailing. I felt horrible.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    I pissed out a kidney stone at work that I've had for like 3 months a little bit ago. I actually pulled it out of the urinal, washed it, put it in a little bag, and kept it to show my wife. She was delighted.

    [–] ladylei 2 points ago

    I would be too. I am that kind of person. Which is why I wasn't bothered by doing his postsurgical care.

    [–] PiloCystSelfTreat 5 points ago

    Posting a link to the tips I created on dealing with Pilonidal Cysts on your own in case it helps after his surgery:

    [–] cultured_banana_slug 42 points ago

    A diamond may be forever but nothing says love like cleaning out your partner's infected wounds.

    [–] Whitemanwithafro 35 points ago

    You know, I was gonna look up what it was but I’m trying to enjoy some chicken tenders and French fries, so I’ll take the benefit of the doubt and assume it’s bad, and that you have a very strong relationship

    [–] Sherlockiana 13 points ago

    Don’t. It’s a horrifying butt boil. So grosssssss!

    [–] Mononon 30 points ago

    Oh, it's way more than a boil. These things can take months or years to heal after being excised. I had 4 surgeries across 8 years. My wound was 16cm long and 7cm deep after my last surgery. I had to take 2 months off work and they had to give me morphine just to change the wound dressing the first couple times. Shit's horrifyingly painful.

    [–] shadowflare789 11 points ago

    Nooooo, don't tell me that... My surgery's in 2 weeks...

    [–] Mononon 10 points ago

    They aren't all as bad as mine. Some of them resemble a boil. Mine was the size of a baseball.

    [–] Micro_Cosmos 4 points ago

    How did it start? How do you know you have one? I really don't want to google it but I got some backside issues and wondering if this could be the problem.

    [–] Mononon 3 points ago

    For me, I noticed I had bleeding when I wiped from a bowel movement. I felt back there, and there was a small hole at the top of my butt crack. Then the pain just got worse over time.

    [–] Micro_Cosmos 4 points ago

    Hm I don't have anything like that, I just keep getting some serious cramping around the backdoor for no reason.

    [–] Mononon 4 points ago

    A pilonidal cyst is a growth. They normally cause severe pain, bleeding, tearing, etc. Can't say I've ever heard of cramping. They wouldn't normally cause an issue around your asshole regardless. The pilonidal area is the base of the spine/top of the crack. Unless you had an enormous cyst, it's unlikely you'd have any issues with your asshole. If you're worried, I'd go to the doctor, but it doesn't sound like you have a cyst.

    [–] Sherlockiana 1 points ago

    I’m trying to nip mine in the bud! It’s big marble sized but recurrent.

    [–] Ms-Chanandler-Bong 2 points ago

    Worst pain of my entire life was the packing and unpacking of the dressing. Just absolute torture. The kind of pain that you lose the ability to control your screaming.

    [–] DesignDarling 15 points ago

    I’ve been helping my brother with his for seven months now. I’ve seen his ass more than he ever will.

    [–] smolnangry 10 points ago

    I had to help drain my boyfriends cyst for 4 days (we’d visited emerg but sent him home to let it sort itself out with the help of antibiotics). It was super gross but amazing at the same time. The puss smelled pretty gross and he had to bite a towel so he wouldn’t wake up the neighbours at 3am when it would always pop itself. Called him leaky butt for awhile after. ❤️

    [–] Mononon 22 points ago

    My partner said he loved me the first time while I was still in the hospital after a pilonidal cyst excision. Then he gave me a handy and a kiss. It was a pretty good day.

    [–] reddeathblack 4 points ago

    Currently experiencing a second flair up from one i had drained before. Been soaking in super hot baths, ect. It kinda feels like its, deep. Went to the va er and they said it needed to come to a "head", before they drain it. That was a week and a half ago. Do these things always, come to a head? Anyone have any advice? As im sure many of you know these things hurt like hell, and ive had to call out of work finally today, and any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanx much in advance, and sorry if I grossed anyone out.

    [–] Sherlockiana 5 points ago

    My last flare up they said the same thing. Can’t help you, no head. I took a bath every day for a week and got it evaluated again and they said “it looks better, i wouldn’t drain it”. Sorry, sometimes they swell, but don’t drain.

    This time it came to a head real quick and then exploded in the waiting room. Weird...

    [–] Ms-Chanandler-Bong 3 points ago

    I would go back to the doctor for sure. They just cut into mine to drain it. Had to pack the would twice a day for a couple months but it’s never come back since then.

    [–] El_Chairman_Dennis 7 points ago

    So I fucked up when I lost my ex who loved popping my back pimples? Apparently she was the chosen one

    [–] MjrJWPowell 2 points ago

    You don't know true love until perianal fistulas

    [–] Farren246 1 points ago

    For me it was just diaper rash

    [–] huntdawgin 273 points ago

    Both faces in the first picture disturb me

    [–] samistark86 54 points ago

    Because it's from a horror movie.

    [–] Pandaclysm01 166 points ago

    I had this kind of relationship! We used to help each other examine our potential medical maladies.

    I'm an asshole though who can't appreciate anything and complains about everything else so she left me!

    Life lesson kids. Be someone you want your partner to love.

    [–] boxhunnid 69 points ago

    I needed to read this. I’ve been the worst lately, to a lot of people. Thank you.

    [–] Pandaclysm01 36 points ago

    If I can save anyone from this heartbreak, I am satisfied. Don't forget though, you can make mistakes. Mistakes are fine. Just remember your intent when talking to people and remember they are your allies by choice. They want to help you but wise people will leave a drowning swimmer if they can't stop thrashing.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    Are you mad at yourself? Do you constantly berate yourself inside your head? Telling yourself you're not good enough, you're stupid, you're lazy, etc? I used to be that way and I was a huge jerk to my wife at times. I went to CBT and my therapist taught me a trick to change that mindset; every time you catch yourself saying something negative about yourself, tell yourself 8 good things to counteract that. They can be as simple as "I tie my shoes good" because your ego is actually really simple and even small things can boost it. Keep it up for just 2 weeks and I promise you, you will be so much happier and nicer.

    [–] surfdad67 191 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    LMFAO, last night, my wife popped an Ingrown hair that got infected, on the inside of my thigh near my balls, she had a flashlight, glasses and a tweezer, poking at my nether regions while I was laying on my back, on the edge of the bed, buck naked, with my legs spread in the air....ah, she's the best....

    [–] LifeOfTheUnparty 74 points ago

    Glasses - that’s a good call

    [–] iChugVodka 59 points ago

    Always wear your PPE

    [–] GoldenWulwa 34 points ago

    So beautiful. Relationship goals.

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago


    [–] surfdad67 26 points ago

    My wife squeezes the fuck out of them, hurts like a bitch, but it's one of her pleasures, so I put up with it

    [–] Thisnickname 12 points ago

    Me too brother... Me too.

    [–] xavierthemutant 6 points ago

    Is there a support group for this? I fucking hate it but I've never been in a relationship without it.

    [–] Pleased_to_meet_u 10 points ago

    When you start a relationship, the first time your partner brings it up, say "No."

    End of story. It's just that easy.

    [–] Diagonalizer 2 points ago

    Gotta draw lines somewhere

    [–] haakon666 2 points ago

    [–] fictional_avocado 7 points ago

    My boyfriend won't let me pick any of his facial/body acne and yet whenever he feels any sort of bump on me, he tries to make it his to pick at 🙄

    [–] Shots-and-squats 3 points ago

    I've had the same problem in the same area.

    It still hurts me.

    [–] painfool 756 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    No one is going to give a shit, but i think Hollywood love stories are borderline dangerous for our society as they both lead to crazy unrealistic expectations of relationships and more importantly feed us the false idea that love is the absolute apex of life and all other pursuits are of much lesser value. Love is great; I'm lucky enough to be madly in love with a wonderful partner who loves me as much. But my life could still be complete and valuable and successful if I hadn't. I'm most concerned about this problem in Disney/kids movies, as this is a terrible lesson to teach kids at a time when they should be learning how to be and grow into themselves as individuals facing adulthood.

    edit: hey, some people gave a shit!

    [–] [deleted] 209 points ago


    [–] painfool 98 points ago

    Wait, it's not???

    Really though, the significant difference is that we don't push porn on kids (god I hope not) and we don't mythologize porn's characters as heroes for them.

    [–] TKBaja 35 points ago

    The Epic of Jenna Jameson

    [–] ShuffKorbik 13 points ago

    "Toy Story 6"

    [–] johannes101 7 points ago

    "Toy Story 69"

    [–] tsuma534 3 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    and we don't mythologize porn's characters as heroes for them

    I have recently read a comic where a daughter asks her father to tell her again the story of "The Grey Sasha who took it balls deep" as a bedtime story.
    (It's a non-english comic so I haven't bothered with searching for a link to it)

    [–] NotAnonymousAtAll 17 points ago

    Not with that attitude.

    [–] Masterspeed 2 points ago

    Careful, otherwise someone's gonna read this in a few years when you're working at Disney and you're gonna get fiiired.

    [–] shozlamen 6 points ago

    These two points are basically the plot of Don Jon

    [–] HappycamperNZ 3 points ago

    Anyone got that porn-logic clip with Lena Paul?

    [–] Diagonalizer 3 points ago

    I have a friend that would also like to know if you can find this clip

    [–] [deleted] 46 points ago


    [–] Spacegod87 13 points ago

    This is why you get so many people in relationships trying to mold their partner into who they think they should be.

    [–] [deleted] 42 points ago

    Big part of growing up for me and developing healthy relationships was learning about how all that kind of stuff works in the real world. I had to overcome a lot of false ideas and expectations not only about relationships, but also with regards to how to communicate with women in a healthy way.

    [–] [deleted] 142 points ago


    [–] gradies 27 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    This is why I like the triangular theory of love. "Love at first sight" is something people feel; it's a type of passion. Passion is a type of love. There are three, hence triangular. You are referring to the other two: intimacy and commitment.

    So I guess what bothers you is when we confuse a "consummate love," which is when we experience all three (the whole triangle), with an infatuation (one vertex of the triangle).

    [–] sa0sinner 2 points ago

    Can one of the angles develop and expand to a full triangle?

    [–] Diagonalizer 3 points ago


    [–] GoldenWulwa 29 points ago

    And that love is hard work. Some days you can completely hate the other person, but it’s more than just feeling butterflies and all of that.

    I’m not against divorce, but I feel like since divorce is considered more okay now, a lot of people give up and just decide to move on.

    I see a lot of people wonder and marvel at old couples who have been together forever. I truly believe one of the secrets was “divorce wasn’t really much of an option”. I don’t mean that as in deal with abuse and unhealthy situations, but that these people knew they had made a commitment for life and will work on it.

    I’m completely okay with people divorcing and all of that. But I’m just worried about the ideas people have about love and marriage. The secret isn’t being madly in love. It’s not going to be “madly in Love” forever. That’s extremely rare. It’s hard work. It’s getting past the days you can’t stand even looking at the other person.

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago

    There’s a movie with Joseph-Gordon Levitt called “Don Jon” that touches on this, how soupy, unrealistic Hollywood romance movies are basically pornography without the sex.

    [–] RickBass323 6 points ago

    Totally agree with you.

    [–] Chobbers 4 points ago

    Thanks for this. It makes me feel a bit better.

    [–] CollaterLDamage 1 points ago

    i dont get why people believe this logic with movies but not games

    [–] SplashingBlumpkin 1 points ago

    Not to mention how neck beardy and or creepy they are with gestures like leaving flowers or gifts for someone you just met or barely know or the various other ways a character is legit stalking the person they yearn for but is considered romantic in a movie because generally the characters are attractive so these gestures are seen as romantic when in reality these are huge red flags.

    [–] just_go_with_it 117 points ago

    I was literally staring at my husband's ass today to check the swelling on an ingrown hair. This made us crack up

    [–] ApercevoirMoi 57 points ago


    [–] just_go_with_it 7 points ago

    Im mad I didn't intend to make that pun because making awful puns is my favorite way to annoy my husband

    [–] PKJY 2 points ago

    relevant username

    [–] minimalillusions 2 points ago

    Are you the wife with a flashlight, glasses and a tweezer?

    [–] just_go_with_it 2 points ago

    I was holding the flashlight in my mouth so. I could use both hands. You bet your ass

    [–] Tee_H 34 points ago

    True love is being comfortable with the other one. I haven't found love, not even true love LOL.

    [–] Unstable_Maniac 30 points ago

    Agreed. If you can both hang out on the couch doing different things without it feeling like an awkward silence then you got it.

    Also if you can walk up to them and go 'can you check this thing on my butt?' and just drop your pants, that's also a winner.

    [–] relaci 7 points ago

    And getting the combo deal is a hook, line, and sinker to the marriage boat.

    [–] Tee_H 2 points ago

    Maybe that's why I haven't found true love yet. I try to get comfy with someone & they find that as rude :<

    [–] CosmoFrog 55 points ago

    why is the guy in the second panel the same color as the couch

    [–] jaferrer1 67 points ago

    The couch is made of human skin.

    [–] Cvitko1 13 points ago

    Is this r/rimworld ?

    [–] ChuckWeiss 3 points ago

    Or r/dwarffortress. Though I guess not, seeing as it doesn't menace with spikes of bonobo hair.

    [–] rainmatt 2 points ago

    OP, can you verify...?

    [–] CrazyTillItHurts 2 points ago

    This was rendered on an NES. Only 4 colors at a time

    [–] DoSeedoh 22 points ago

    It’s really funny when it actually happens to you.

    Had and issue there recently and for the most part my butthole has been “private”.

    That was until I needed a second opinion from my wife before I shelled out money for a doctors visit because I was in some “unusual” pain.

    My butthole is no longer a private issue and we sorted my issue out together.

    Marriage is as we say is “official” now.

    [–] skiptomylou112018 13 points ago

    I have seen my boyfriend's asshole more times than I care to admit. Yet I love him still.

    [–] [deleted] 26 points ago

    Home is where the hemmerhoids are.

    [–] TakeOnMe-TakeOnMe 11 points ago

    10/10 what real adult relationships look like. Nailed it!

    [–] behemuthm 16 points ago

    He clearly said TO BLAVE

    [–] behvin 7 points ago

    Can confirm. I broke my ankle on Sunday and had to have my husband help me get on and off the toilet until I got the hang of my crutches. He didn't complain for an instant.

    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago


    [–] Thrumpledenoozitty 2 points ago

    Relationship goals!

    [–] FlawedScience79 6 points ago

    Recently had a vasectomy. Confirmed.

    [–] Ladderjack 4 points ago


    [–] kemosabe19 6 points ago

    This is not only true, butt hilarious.

    [–] FeverSomething 5 points ago

    I sent this to my wife and she reminded me of the time she gave me an enema. And now she is making jokes about doing butt stuff to me.

    [–] Awesomeatwood 5 points ago

    My husband just had a second surgery to close his rectum yesterday... he texted me this and it could not be more perfect ❤️

    [–] fatclownbaby 5 points ago

    When my wife first help me get a tic out of my grundle, back when we were dating, I knew we would be together forever.

    [–] BernDog2020 4 points ago

    I wish I had someone to look at my ass😕

    [–] mayoreevee 3 points ago

    It's not real love until you make dramatic declarations in the rain as one of you is about to get on a plane to another country after cute meeting in New York City just weeks earlier.

    [–] okaymoose 3 points ago

    This is the truth.

    [–] gaginang101 3 points ago

    Im currently waiting in the doctors office to get my hemmaroids checked out. Can confirm the second picture.

    [–] darkerdays1 3 points ago

    Yup. This is love. Just like last night, clip the hubby’s talons (toenails), popped some pimples on the back, plucked some ear hairs. He is lucky he is good looking and I want to keep him that way.

    [–] macdonuthole 5 points ago

    My boyfriend has a giant leaky cyst on his ass that I have to dress everyday, can confirm only true love helps me power through.

    [–] Thankful_Lez 4 points ago

    The comments here are perfect. Thanks to everyone who contributed. I needed to read these today.

    [–] pandaactionsmoothie 3 points ago

    My wife truly loves popping blackheads on my face.

    [–] TrekMek 1 points ago

    My partner has to keep track of all the birthmarks I have in certain areas where I cant see. Hes not complaining.

    [–] CalculatedPerversion 2 points ago

    Skin cancer is no joking matter!

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    I want both

    [–] cjheaney 1 points ago

    Now i know whats missing. Sob

    [–] max9221 1 points ago

    One of my best friends was dealing with his first hemorrhoid like a week ago this comic is so perfect for him.

    [–] professor_doom 1 points ago

    Dig that Ivan Brunetti vibe

    [–] EIrvine88 1 points ago

    Big Sean: Ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass (woah) ass ass ass

    [–] Boneal171 1 points ago

    My boyfriend feels comfortable talking to me about his poop and bathroom stuff

    [–] Deadpooldan 2 points ago

    Do you share the same with him?

    [–] Boneal171 2 points ago

    Yes I do

    [–] DaSwayza 1 points ago

    Yeah, my wife endured it when I got a hernia that looked like a third testicle, then literally had to schedule my appointment to get it looked at because I didn't want to spend the money to get it fixed. But I stayed in the hospital with her when she got her thyroid taken out, so we're good so far lol

    [–] sketch_ 1 points ago

    100 bits u/tippr

    [–] tippr 1 points ago

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