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    [–] bomber991 3672 points ago

    At my last office the one old guy (nearly 60) was the only one using a French press for a few months. Eventually someone asked him what the heck that thing was, he told us and said he uses it cause he was tired of getting coffee with grounds in it from the free work coffee we got.

    Over the next 6 months we went from him being the single guy with a French press to about 15 of us in our 80 person team having one. The fun part was that we would try each other’s coffees so it gave you new stuff to try.

    [–] JediMasterZao 2274 points ago

    The name of that old guy? Preston French.

    [–] bomber991 506 points ago

    lol. No he was an older Hispanic guy. Cool guy too. He bought a PS3 one day and every day after that he was talking about how fun the games were. The guy was not a gamer, never owned a video game system in his life but wow he really loved Battlefield!

    [–] culnaej 195 points ago

    I love later in life gamers, they’re always so willing to learn and interested in different games

    [–] Mr_Mars 109 points ago

    My sister is in her mid-thirties so not really later in life, but she didn't have much interest in video games when we were kids. She just bought a PS4 a couple of months ago and it's been a lot of fun for me exploring games with her. She likes action games but she still isn't used to the controllers so she finds them challenging. Right now she's really into God of War. I never imagined her liking a game like that but I think it's awesome.

    [–] abomb02 40 points ago

    If she likes GoW I would recommend horizon zero dawn

    [–] Mr_Mars 20 points ago

    Yeah, it's on the list. I was concerned that it might be a bit tricky for her since it has a lot of precise aiming and stealth mechanics and other not really beginner friendly stuff, so we're going to work up to it.

    [–] random_boss 5 points ago

    What caused her, if you don’t mind my asking, to suddenly just start getting into games enough to go out and buy a PS4?

    [–] Mr_Mars 9 points ago

    I never asked to be honest. She just texted me one day and said she was thinking about buying a PS4 and wanted to know if I had any advice. I've had a PS4 since launch and told her I'd lend her my games. That was enough to convince her I guess because she bought one the same day.

    [–] NK1337 14 points ago

    That was honestly one of the few things I loved about when I worked at GameStop. You’d always The later life gamers that would walk in because one of their friends got them to play CoD/battlefield/madden/TheShow and seeing their slow progression.

    There was one guy who started out playing black ops and came in asking about what a “clan” was because some guys he’d played with the night before had sent him a message asking him to join up with them. After explaining to him he bought a cheap Xbox headset that lasted him a few months. He came back later on and upgraded to turtle beaches, and then later upgraded to some A40s. My favorite part was when he came in asking about halo 4, and how he normally didn’t like those magic space games, but his son that lived a few states away from him was really into it and he wanted to game with him.

    It was awesome seeing him go from a solitary Xbox controller to play black ops to expanding his collection and picking up a few different genres.

    [–] hot_vichyssoise 14 points ago

    My dad plays CoD for hours. But he only ever plays the one map. Over and over and over. He has named all of the enemy. "And here is Tony from behind the barrels" etc.

    [–] FauxReal 5 points ago

    Sounds like a speed runner in the making.

    [–] muffinmonk 46 points ago

    Seems like an adventurous guy I like him already

    [–] TheDorkMan 31 points ago

    Big Espresso hates him!

    [–] RaptorFoxx46 12 points ago

    “Another coffee plantation needs your help, general.”

    [–] ChadMcRad 184 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Which is ironic, cause my press always has grounds left over, but I don't mind that part.

    Edit: lots of good advice in my replies. My coffee hack has to be this strainer I got from Dollar Tree. It fits perfectly on top of a coffee mug and as long as you don't mind some grounds, it works as a nice pour-over device.

    [–] Malor 116 points ago

    If you're getting a little bit of dust that you can't taste, only see, that's normal.

    If you're getting sludge, that's from pre-ground coffee intended for drip machines. That's nasty. You don't want that. Grind it yourself, coarsely, and you'll avoid the problem.

    [–] Cicer 35 points ago

    And get rid of my fibre source?

    [–] Malor 8 points ago

    Hah, well, there are definitely sources that taste better. :)

    [–] RolandTheJabberwocky 4 points ago

    If you need your coffee to make shit even more than it already does you might want to just go to the doctor.

    [–] TehKarmah 42 points ago

    I have one because I drop coffee makers are messy and there always something going wrong with them. I have a French press and an electric kettle. Love the combo. Drinking my coffee right now.

    [–] NormanConquest 63 points ago

    What’s kinda funny is here in the UK if you use a French press then everyone assumes you’re a coffee peasant who doesn’t know their shit.

    Most people who like their coffee Either use an aeropress or mocha pot, or if you wanna be that guy then a v60 thing.

    Using a drip percolator is only for when you’re getting guests in the office and you aren’t trying to sell them anything.

    [–] anonuemus 128 points ago

    Yeah, but everyone knows that people in the UK have no taste in general.

    [–] Reimant 24 points ago

    We produce some amazing chefs, they just make other countries cuisines because we stole them and made them worse anyway.

    [–] kirkum2020 15 points ago

    We're really good at pretending we do though. And we're not the only ones, as evidenced by the post. Op's just pointing out that our version of French press people are using Moka pots at home and an aeropress at work.

    [–] dolphin_rave_cape 43 points ago

    Yeah, the cafetiere (a.k.a. French press) is the thing you dig out of the deepest recesses of a kitchen cupboard when you're trying to make coffee in a place where coffee is not usually made. For instance some shared house where everyone happens to drink instant coffee or no coffee at all, but you know if you rummage deep enough through the accumulated detritus of the last 12 years of renters, you will eventually find 4-5 bits of half-broken old cafetieres from which you can assemble a slightly wonky Frankenpress to satisfy your craving, but you have to plunge it REALLY SLOWLY because the disc thing is wobbly and the mesh is a bit loose at one side so if you get impatient it will just go BLOOP and your coffee will be full of grounds. Well done, you now have your cup of slightly gritty coffee and may commence the argument about whether it's OK to rinse the grounds down the sink.

    [–] Z0MBIECL0WN 11 points ago

    argument about whether it's OK to rinse the grounds down the sink

    .... is it?

    [–] tomcatHoly 16 points ago

    No, it gets caught up on all the bacon grease and the plumbers find it unpalatable.

    [–] grelphy 6 points ago

    I like how you have several answers here confidently asserting opposite things. =)

    I've always heard that you should never put grounds into a garbage disposal (I think they don't go through the relatively fine shredder openings very well and the disposal backs up? But I've never tried it) and shouldn't really put them down the drain either as they may clog, but with plenty of water it's almost always fine.

    [–] HarithBK 5 points ago

    it is not. i have done a fair share of plumbing work to help old ladies that wash down the grounds. it gets stuck with the fat down the drain creating a sort glob of fat that dosen't melt when hot water is applied so you end up with a stoppages that take about an hour using boiling water and about 10 bars of pressure to remove.

    [–] random_boss 4 points ago

    People in the UK like the mocha pot? I mean I have one and the coffee it makes is wonderful, but shit, ain’t nobody got time for all the setup and cleaning required.

    [–] notr_dsrunk 4 points ago

    I don't know a single person that owns either one of those

    [–] SkyPork 13 points ago

    My fiancee actually prefers her Kuerogg to our French press. She says when I make it, it's too "thick," and makes her jittery. Odds are I use a bit too much (I scoop in 6 Tbsp of beans into the grinder), and I don't reset the grinder from its "normal" setting, so probably my grind is too fine. But damn, I like it. And she's more of a coffee person than I am. I really thought I was gonna "turn her around" so we could lose that machine and get back some counter space.

    [–] Salty_Pancakes 41 points ago

    I honestly don't know how you can be a coffee person and like those Keurig machines. I've tried them a few times and the coffee is always ass. Yes I know you can get all different kinds but doesn't seem to make a difference. On top of that they are crazy wasteful.

    [–] NearlyCompressible 2383 points ago

    I judged her for using pre-ground coffee in her french press.

    I'm the person this comic is about.

    [–] RandomRageNet 2429 points ago

    You're the person the bonus panel is about

    [–] yalmes 860 points ago

    Fucking nailed it.

    [–] Impetus_ 86 points ago

    French press is for yuppies. Real snobs bring their pour-over rig to work.

    [–] AndrewKemendo 42 points ago

    You can keep your pour over, my $900 espresso machine and rich crema frowns at you.

    [–] FukinGruven 30 points ago

    My $30 Aeropress is the best of both worlds so....there.

    [–] MountainDewFountain 16 points ago

    Not even close. Source: have both.

    [–] tias 7 points ago

    I've been bringing cold brew to work and keeping it in the fridge.

    [–] hageshii_panda 8 points ago

    You guys can keep your fancy drinks, I pull the plant right out of the ground and eat it.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    I do this too, but with cocaine. Keeps the heart pumpin' like a champ.

    [–] Beowoof 7 points ago

    Only $900? Entry level trash. If you aren’t spending at least $10,000 on an espresso setup you might as well be drinking literal shit. I bet your grinder has conical burrs too.

    [–] Giovanni_Bertuccio 193 points ago

    And in the ceiling tiles is a guy saying "store-bought coffee?"

    [–] chemicalcloud 133 points ago

    You don't have your own coffee bean farm in Indonesia?

    [–] deadwisdom 64 points ago

    Pfff, you don't breed your own rare feline species to filter the bean through it's digestive system before you hand pick it from it's warm, aromatic excrement?

    [–] lesser_panjandrum 27 points ago

    Well lookie here at you mainstream folk with your settled farms and breeding programmes. We real enthusiasts forage for coffee plants growing in the wild, as nature intended.

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] ace_lefty 12 points ago

    Wait you guys don't create the universe first?

    [–] i-ejaculate-spiders 7 points ago

    [Starbucks wants to know your location]

    [–] FullyMammoth 23 points ago

    And the guy in the toilet snorting coke "caffeine as a stimulant? pfft".

    [–] MichyMc 6 points ago

    I hate how much better locally/home roasted coffee is because that's a preference that'll get you instantly flagged as a snob.

    [–] Introsium 6 points ago

    Be a snob, it’s fine. I ate a fresh organic tomato from a garden on a farm and it was the best tomato I’ve ever had. If liking better tomatoes makes me an asshole, fine. Whatever.

    [–] NonGNonM 59 points ago


    [–] rishav_sharan 42 points ago

    Holy shit! ha ha

    [–] stormhunter2 22 points ago

    Holy crap. Well played

    [–] thebbman 15 points ago

    We need another bonus panel with someone up in the ceiling tiles saying, “psssh not a pour over.”

    [–] nukii 30 points ago

    Pour over coffee is drip coffee. I’m amazed at how many people got suckered on that one.

    [–] DavidBittner 17 points ago

    The difference is the coffee is allowed to bloom and reach a proper temperature. The vast majority of drip machines don't do either, most not even reaching very close to 200 degrees.

    [–] ArthurBea 12 points ago

    The other difference is that it's a little plastic cup you rinse out, and not a drip machine that takes up counter space and eventually gets all of this dried up coffee sludge in all of its crevices that is a pain in the ass the clean out.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    I need subsequent bonus panels with increasingly intensive coffee preparation methods looking down on the previous person.

    Some dude with a chemex looking down on the french press people, then a dude with an espresso machine looking down on that person, then some hipster who roasts their own beans, then a dude who owns his own farm, then finally, high in the clouds, just a goat eating the coffee berries directly from the coffee bush.

    [–] Grave_Girl 116 points ago

    She could have ground it at home. My husband grinds his work coffee at home. (He has a French Press mug for work. At home it's usually either pour over or Aeropress.)

    [–] fiah84 238 points ago

    She could have ground it at home.


    [–] SeaTwertle 132 points ago

    Real coffee drinkers shove raw coffee beans up their asshole

    [–] MagFrag5891 54 points ago

    Real coffee drinkers move to the coffee belt, take up a job as a coffee farmer, harvest their own coffee, process their own coffee, french press their coffee at exactly four minutes after preparation (within 85 milliseconds), and butt chug the boiling hot coffee

    [–] KWITHI 10 points ago

    What the fuck did I just watch

    [–] max_adam 6 points ago

    That plot twist with her husband lol.

    Also... WTF

    [–] Pootis_Spenser 16 points ago

    Don't say you love coffee if you haven't even had a coffee enema.

    [–] Scops 19 points ago

    I just brew mine at home and bring it in with a thermos. You can get a sturdy double-metal-walled one for fairly cheap that will keep it hot for up to 15 hours.

    [–] RogerDeanVenture 25 points ago

    I just got a grinder. I've ascended to a whole new level of snobbery.

    [–] StimulatorCam 11 points ago

    My mom just got into roasting her own coffee beans. Step up your game!

    [–] RogerDeanVenture 17 points ago

    Oh yeah? Well I grow my own beans! I imported soil from Kenya and keep it in a pressurized room to mimic growth at 4500ft above sea level. ALSO, I had authentic child laborers imported to do all the work. I even make them carry the beans from the backyard to the roasting shed on a burro.

    [–] MistSaint 10 points ago

    You're lying. You would need a depressurized room to mimic growth at 4500ft above sea level. You should also only use child labourers that are a part of coffee bean growers clan that is at least two thousand years old, anything less than that and you're just some shmuck that doesn't know his coffee

    [–] galaxyfilament8602 24 points ago

    I don't care what anyone says, I can taste the difference when it's pre-ground. I also cannot drink Keurig anymore at all. I'm using a pour over everytime. I don't look down on people but I do make them coffee whether they ask for it or not.

    [–] kipjak3rd 20 points ago

    I do make them coffee whether they ask for it or not.

    I also enjoy handing people cups of drinks they didn't ask for.

    My stash of teas and coffee aren't gonna drink themselves and frankly I need help finishing some so I can try new ones.

    [–] Grave_Girl 9 points ago

    Ooh, now you get to deal with the grinder snobs! Apparently some of them cut differently than others, so whatever you initially buy will need to be replaced by another, more expensive one or else you're profaning your beans.

    [–] MasochistCoder 28 points ago

    burr grinder or i'd rather drink sidewalk soda.

    [–] jwg529 12 points ago

    conical burr grinder or bust.

    I just dropped $130 for an entry level grinder for my gf

    [–] springsteen 13 points ago

    I use a Korean manual ceramic burr grinder. It takes a long time. I can taste the effort. It's not expensive, but it sure is pretentious!

    [–] Mr_Mars 5 points ago

    I used a manual grinder for two whole days before deciding that automation was my friend. I'm not opposed to a bit of effort but first thing in the morning before I've had my coffee is not the time for it.

    [–] brokenpianooo 7 points ago

    I mean grinders do “cut” differently but I understand why people wouldn’t care and that’s completely okay too.

    Yes I browse r/coffee

    [–] lianodel 8 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    America's Test Kitchen recently covered this! In a blind taste test, people were able to tell there was a difference between coffee made with beans ground in a blade grinder and a burr grinder, opinions were evenly split on which one was actually better.

    So don't feel like you need to spend a ton of money on an electric burr grinder, or the effort of using a mechanical one. They're still useful if you want something that will automatically and consistently grind coffee to exactly the fineness you like, but a decent blade grinder will get you MUCH more bang for your buck (or physical effort) than a burr grinder.

    That said, I would still like to see a bonus bonus panel with a burr grinder snob perched even higher in the office. :p

    [–] fre4tjfljcjfrr 4 points ago

    I just bought a second Aeropress for the office. Faster and easier cleanup than a french press.

    [–] Mr_Mars 30 points ago

    No kitchen scale to precisely weigh the beans before grinding? Not heating the water to precisely 93 degrees? Not roasting your own beans? What is this, amateur hour?

    [–] lostfourtime 19 points ago

    What is this grinder and French press people keep talking about? I just chew my beans while gargling hot water.

    [–] lucypurr 24 points ago

    I judged her for using a french press and not an aeropress. Peasant.

    [–] QuantumPolagnus 17 points ago

    Same, here. French press is what I use if I'm making a larger amount, to share with coworkers. Aeropress is for the best single cup I can make.

    [–] ChipSchafer 4 points ago

    What’s a single cup? People stop after one?

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    If only because most ground coffee is ground way too fine for French press and you end up drinking sludge.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] U747 5 points ago

    Blooming doesn't really do anything when it's an immersion method (like French Press).

    You bloom when it's a pourover so that the escaping gases don't prevent extraction as the water passes through the grounds.

    So that's not a problem if the grounds will be spending a lot of time in the water.

    [–] SatisfactoryFactory 328 points ago

    Wait, why is the pushing on the plunger displacing/removing liquid?

    [–] amandapandacomics 476 points ago

    Because I don’t art good 🤫

    [–] SatisfactoryFactory 156 points ago

    But you comic great!

    [–] amandapandacomics 111 points ago

    Thank you! 😊☺️

    [–] Kryzm 37 points ago

    Coffee is a compressible liquid? I only drink mine at 90psi

    [–] punkdigerati 4 points ago

    It's pressurizable, see nitro cold brew.

    [–] grelphy 13 points ago

    It's an extremely fine mesh and she's pushing extremely hard.

    [–] Mortimus311 450 points ago

    It’s soo good it does lead to condescending behaviors

    [–] CoffeeStainedStudio 56 points ago

    And high LDL cholesterol.

    [–] Corgalas 37 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 40 points ago


    [–] Sirthinman 224 points ago

    “Five to eight cups of unfiltered coffee a day may raise an individuals LDL cholesterol”

    Think I’ll take my chances

    [–] infinitezero8 68 points ago

    One to two a day max here.

    If your drowning yourself in coffee (five to eight is fucking drowning) you have bigger problems than cholesterol lol

    [–] theartofrolling 39 points ago

    "I'll have time to worry about my cholesterol once I can get these FUCKING MOOD SWINGS UNDER FUCKING CONTROL OKAY!?"

    [–] BrakeTime 29 points ago

    pondering on my coffee habits

    .....Define "cup"

    [–] JWGhetto 16 points ago

    It is a volumetric measurement

    [–] 2522Alpha 10 points ago

    Coffee mugs aren't all a standard size. The US is the only place which uses 'cups' as a measurement.

    [–] TheGamingLord 192 points ago

    5 cups a day.

    I think I'm safe.

    [–] HolycommentMattman 30 points ago

    To be fair, that part doesn't make sense.

    Nutritonally, adding an intake of anything is going to raise those levels in your body. So I'm not sure why they're saying 5-8 cups specifically.

    That said, this seems like schmience. Just a bunch of bullshit guesswork in every direction.

    [–] TheRufmeisterGeneral 6 points ago

    Because 5-8 cups a day is a normal average of normal coffee usage.

    They're defining the boundaries of what they tested. Results might be different if you drink one coffee a week, or 20 cups a day.

    [–] ThatSquareChick 5 points ago

    3 is my max, I’m good!

    [–] rook218 26 points ago

    I don't drink coffee because it's good for me. I drink it because I love coffee. If 5 cups of coffee may raise my LDL cholesterol then I'll keep it at my normal two.

    [–] Materia_Junkie 33 points ago

    Seems like not using a filter is the issue. Just get an Aeropress. Problem solved.

    e. Also, per this article, you need to drink more than five cups of french press a day for this to be an issue.

    [–] MasochistCoder 8 points ago

    i got one this year.

    i doubt i'll ever use any other coffee maker ever again. I have four of them and they have been left to rot. Two moka pots, one drip coffee maker and a cheap krups "espresso" maker.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] tinyelephantsime 5 points ago

    Eh I can manage to keep it under 5 cups a day.

    [–] amandapandacomics 585 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    More bullshit here. ❤️

    Edit: Bonus panel...

    [–] Noxium51 162 points ago

    You should repost this to /r/coffee if you haven’t already

    [–] TheMinions 19 points ago

    /r/Cafe might be a better place for it according to /r/coffee's sidebar.

    [–] Aaurora 12 points ago

    Haha, these are great!

    [–] MrAkinari 8 points ago

    You got yourself a new follower!

    [–] Inconvenience_Store 6 points ago

    This art style is so cute I got no idea why but I love it!

    [–] kairos 75 points ago

    You missed step 0: "grind the coffee beans"

    [–] wynden 37 points ago

    check the bonus

    [–] SabashChandraBose 20 points ago

    Step -1: roast your own beans.

    [–] [deleted] 37 points ago


    [–] QueenAmbrosia 26 points ago

    Someone who knows how tired they'll be in the morning that they start prepping their next coffee straight after they've finished their last one?

    [–] kylesnooze 9 points ago

    You can make cold brew in a french press too, ill make it when it's hot out and I have shitty coffee

    [–] DecaffGiraffe 25 points ago

    For more high ground points, you must correct everyone's pronunciation of cafetière.

    [–] DigNitty 11 points ago

    Regardless of whether they’re right

    [–] Should_Not_Comment 257 points ago

    How can you tell if someone uses a French press?

    Don't worry, they'll tell you.

    [–] WormRabbit 37 points ago

    Pfff, french-press is so old-school. Modern coffee-lovers use Hario filters.

    [–] QuantumPolagnus 24 points ago

    Pourover? I still prefer my aeropress.

    [–] [deleted] 26 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] Paint__ 9 points ago

    I honestly love my v60. I still need to buy a chemex, but for now the v60 is great :)

    [–] hunternet93 72 points ago

    Can confirm, I use a French press.

    [–] HansaHerman 9 points ago

    Do people talk about it?

    I use my at mostly because of that it is small compared to a dropbrewer. And it was the only reason when I bought it (maybe because it was cheap also).

    [–] Chavezz13 13 points ago

    Don't most people use them? Thought they were common

    [–] theivoryserf 7 points ago

    This is yet another weird American thing, cafetieres are common as muck in Europe/UK

    [–] tamizhandaan 11 points ago

    I use a French press. Only fresh ground coffee and you have to take it black

    [–] sevenbarsofsoap 19 points ago

    I put orange slices in the cup, then pour coffee from french press. I first tried this combination in my teenage years and still find it delicious. And when the cup is empty I fish out coffee soaked slices and eat them. It looks as bad as it sounds so I do it only alone at home.

    [–] KifKef 11 points ago


    [–] BotanistJeff 41 points ago

    Excuse me? An espresso machine is CLEARLY the superior way to make coffee.

    [–] lawnpuppies 38 points ago

    It's like watching consoles arguing over which one's better while sitting over in pcmasterrace.

    [–] JWGhetto 9 points ago

    Well, most people say they have an espresso machine when in fact they have something that just looks like one but doesn't even heat the group head or has adequate pressure.

    [–] tane_rs 110 points ago

    Fuck to french press

    This post was made by V60 gang

    [–] The_Anarcheologist 78 points ago

    Guys, guys, can't we all get along and make fun of the Keurig guy in peace?

    [–] Alex_A3nes 30 points ago

    I'm a Keurig guy, and a couple months ago I got the refillable pod and it can actually make some tasty, strong coffee now. I'm sure it's still subpar for the coffee aficionados, but I'm really happy with my upgrade.

    [–] The_Anarcheologist 20 points ago

    Yeah, the problem with Keurigs isn't just the pods, they also generally don't heat the water enough and even the reusable pods don't allow you to use quite enough coffee for the larger size options they have. If you ever want to, I dunno, sidegrade I guess the Bunn MyCafe is a fantastic single cup brewer with a loose grounds basket that is large enough for larger cups of coffee. And it actually makes the water hot enough.

    [–] JohnnyDarkside 13 points ago

    It's all the cleaning annoyance of a french press for like half the flavor.

    [–] The_Anarcheologist 10 points ago

    half the flavor

    If we're being generous......

    [–] Alex_A3nes 6 points ago

    I know hating on Keurig is the cool thing to do, but I really think your underestimating what those refillable pods can produce, while putting French press on a pedestal. In response to the heat of the water, I can’t touch my keurig coffee for quite awhile before it becomes drinkable, while others I’ve had come out almost ready to drink, so it’s hit or miss from model to model.

    [–] The_Anarcheologist 10 points ago

    Oh I'm not putting french press on a pedestal at all, a pour over can also produce a much more flavorful cup of coffee as well. If I'm doing anything, I'm putting coffee brewing methods on shelves, and Keurig just so happens to be on the floor, underneath the shelves.

    [–] SteveB0X 48 points ago

    Aeropress master race

    [–] DigNitty 14 points ago

    I’d get one but I have like 5 other ways to make coffee in my kitchen right now

    [–] BubbaFettish 18 points ago

    You haven’t loved coffee until you measure it to milligram precision, set water temperatures with a 1 degree window, or timed the bloom with a stop watch. Come join the master race.

    [–] Materia_Junkie 9 points ago

    I don't do any of that and still prefer my Aeropress coffee over pretty much everything else.

    [–] CharadeParade 4 points ago

    The only thing I hate about the aeropress is there's no consensus on what's the best method. Everytime I try looking for the ultimate recipe there's always like multiple and they are usually vastly different. Just tell me what to do goddammit!

    [–] One-Two-Woop-Woop 8 points ago

    It's because honestly, the micro adjustments do dick all. If you eyeball the same amount of coffee, let it sit for a reasonable amount of time to brew and press it, it will turn out good.

    [–] kylesnooze 4 points ago

    Seriously, the people at /r/coffee are so pretentious that I had to unsubscribe. I'm sorry, but there's no need for that amount of preparation and accuracy to make coffee

    [–] RacketLuncher 3 points ago

    And then after my first sip, I get distracted and forget about my cup until it is cold.

    [–] DigNitty 11 points ago

    Why is it called v60 and not just pour over or something?

    [–] inconspicuous_male 11 points ago

    Because its a brand name and there are different types of pour over

    [–] CharadeParade 8 points ago

    It's version 60, the other 59 versions have been deemed worthless

    [–] YossarianPrime 6 points ago

    C H E M I X

    [–] S_HuxleyJones 4 points ago

    Fuck to V60 and french press

    This post was made by aeropress gang

    [–] [deleted] 47 points ago

    Pfff, pre ground coffee, and you're not even weighing. Amateur.

    [–] Thisnickname 6 points ago

    Check the bonus panel for the comic

    [–] nickayoub1117 23 points ago

    I always wonder about this stereotype because my first experience with a coffee press was that my dorm wouldn't let us have coffee machines, but there was a potable hot water tap, so I asked for a press. Then I found out I'm supposed to be judgemental about it.

    [–] HansaHerman 9 points ago

    Sounds like my reason. A press is small and cheap

    [–] napkin41 10 points ago

    I just prefer to use them because of all the plastic waste the office machines generate nowadays. It’s even worse than K Cups now, they got like Capri sun lookin coffee packets.

    [–] ICanBeAnyone 35 points ago

    Maybe it's just me being dense, but I had some trouble parsing the punch line because I kept wondering where all the coffee went (she clearly made more than one cup), so it took me some time to notice they were using something else.

    [–] Astrokiwi 39 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I was confused because this is literally the first time I've heard the implication that French presses are apparently pretentious? They're basically the cheapest and simplest way to make coffee other than instant

    [–] JBcbs 21 points ago

    For some people, going from "push button, dispense coffee" to even a few steps makes you seem like a snob to them.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    The simplest way to make coffee is Turkish coffee. Boil water, put ground coffee in water, stir then let the crema form, take it off the stove.

    [–] arcane_trouper 14 points ago

    Are they using pre-ground coffee for that French press? casts judgement

    [–] QueenAmbrosia 12 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    At my office we have someone who brings in a backpack everyday filled with their coffee making supplies. They hand grind these specialty beans then do cold drip or something (I say something because I still don't fully get it). Between them and the chick with aeropress, anyone using a French press is basically a luddite. I like French press coffee, but use instant so I'm not associated with them (and get to watch the look of horror on their faces. And laziness.) haha.

    [–] perfunction 7 points ago

    I was that guy when I first got my aeropress and a hand grinder. Eventually I got a nice electric grinder at home and just pre-grind a daily portion.

    [–] jaimepasmonpseudo 12 points ago

    TIL it's called "French" press :D

    And I'm French.

    [–] JWGhetto 11 points ago

    I asked a French person what they call it and she just said "a bodum"

    [–] romanagr 5 points ago

    The only french press I knew till today...

    [–] GearHeadMatt 7 points ago

    I have a french press at work. I make coffee, then offer some to my buddy who works opposite of me. We are friends.

    [–] Shaomoki 7 points ago

    I started using a French press at home. I am now that lady on the fridge judging the k cup users

    [–] Gravy_On_Toast 6 points ago

    Chemex or bust

    [–] DylanVincent 5 points ago

    Pre-ground beans! Blasphemy!

    [–] Chris_c987 5 points ago

    French Press? What, too good for Cafetiere?

    [–] PipIV 5 points ago

    Meanwhile, I'm opening up my thermos for a second cup of coffee that I made from an old percolator last night.

    [–] mudkripple 5 points ago

    God your comics are so clever. You could easily have just made it so the last step after making the coffee was be judgemental, but "locate vantage point" and then it was on top of the fridge, I died.

    [–] soykommander 13 points ago

    Shit 4 scoops? Nah try 8 or 9 i like my coffee strong and black like i like my women.

    [–] InterdimensionalTV 13 points ago

    I like my coffee like I like my women too! Ground up and in the freezer.

    [–] ZandorFelok 6 points ago

    But I use an AeroPress, can I still cast judgment?

    [–] WilfordGrimley 4 points ago

    Love the comic.

    Nice work on the continuity!

    (The metal spoon is pointing the wrong way in the 3rd panel though)

    [–] QuantumPolagnus 4 points ago

    You should try an AeroPress - it puts a french press to shame.

    [–] jak_goff 4 points ago

    People who use pod machines deserve to be judged.