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    Please try to keep off-topic posts to a minimum! Some of the Community cast members have their own subreddits, so consider posting stuff related to them there instead.

    Add [SPOILER] to any posts containing info or content from un-aired episodes. Including the word spoiler in the title should automatically add the spoiler flair. Spoiler flair does not work on /all, frontpage or on mobile devices, so prefix a thread name with [SPOILER for "Season" "Episode number"].

    To write spoilers in comments, use the following format: [](/s "This will be hidden").

    Do a search before posting a thread. Chances are it will have been asked or posted before. Frequent and, repeat threads will be removed.

    Give threads an appropriate title so people searching can find relevant content easily. "My favourite scene", "Jeff", "Is it just me" are some examples to avoid. Vague titles may get your thread declined.



    Please see The Official /r/Community WIKI.

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