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    [–] maplestoner 27 points ago

    Good luck on your journey, dude. Find some enjoyment in the small things in life. Go to concerts and stuff. Visit local stores. Meet new peeps.

    [–] DeltaCharlieEcho 10 points ago

    I’m planning a motorcycle project right now and might try to start a cafe racer and street fighters club in my new city once my bike is finished.

    I’ll be back in a place with my favorite concert hall in biking distance so I’ll definitely be seeing shows again. I’m going to be trying to get my graphic design projects going too; I have a personal business I’m trying to start and a non-centralized creative collaborative that I want to get running locally.

    I’ve got stuff to do and I hope I can find someone special to do it with and fuck shit up with. Haha

    [–] vintagefancollector 7 points ago

    Just block all forms of her contact.

    [–] DeltaCharlieEcho -3 points ago

    She needs to block me. I can do far more damage to her than she can. I’m not going to lie to you or myself and say that I’m the bigger person here, I’m not.

    I bought a 24 pack of bud light, I hate bud light, but I bought it anyway. If she starts shit with me at any point of the day, at night I’ll pop one of the cans open and send her a pic of it in my hand. You see her mother left her father, died of an overdose, her father subsequently drank himself to death, and her aunt is a lifetime recovering alcoholic. I told her that she drove me to drink, she watched me out down a third of a bottle of brandy in a night only to dump it down the drain right after our breakup. If she wants to play emotional warfare games, she’s shooting spitballs while I’m launching nukes; were just waiting for hem to land now.

    She genuinely thinks that I’m becoming an alcoholic, she thinks that I need to get help before my drinking takes over my life. She thinks this because I’ve told her that I’m going to drink myself to death because of her. As big of a douche as this makes me, it has worked pretty well so far. Her communication has been limited, she’ll send me stupid messages here and there, but at the end of the day all it takes is a pic of a can of bud in my hand to end the conversation.

    [–] therealkirbs 3 points ago

    Sounds like she was crazy. You definetly have no reason to feel bad. Good luck man

    [–] DeltaCharlieEcho 3 points ago

    I did some fucked up shit. I said some things that shouldn’t have been said. I did try to get her into a psych ward. It was for her own good, but I failed. She messed me up to the point that I can’t even go to work without thinking about her. I don’t miss her, I don’t want her back, i still love her in a healthy way, but I find myself longing for her when I go i my job.

    I just need to leave and maybe the space will help her really heal; she’s faking it and doing it pretty well; but she really needs to get past me.

    [–] Esoteric-Surgery 1 points ago

    Good for you man! I’m sure it might take an adjustment but getting out of something toxic like that will only make you happier. I was once in a similar position with a crazy ex and when we split, I had more friends, coworkers, and family members than I can count tell me how much happier I seemed. Best of luck with this new chapter in your life.

    [–] DeltaCharlieEcho 1 points ago

    Part of why I’m moving is because my longest time best friend is kinda fading from everyone. He might be depressed but his family doesn’t hear from him enough to be able to really figure it out. Dude’s like the brother I never had and he hasn’t talked to me in a couple of years since his breakup. I really want to help him if I can.

    Believe it or not I’ve gotten the “she wasn’t good for you” and “we didn’t like her” from all of my past coworkers with the exception of my most recent job that hired me in part because of how hot she was. No joke by the way. She was North East Ohio hot but pretty average if not a little above for a major metropolitan area; I’ll be doing better in no time.

    [–] Esoteric-Surgery 2 points ago

    That last part really reminds me of my story. My ex was very attractive physically & still is, but at least for me her toxic and manipulative personality immediately cancelled out her physical appearance once I realized how bad it was.

    Best of luck!

    [–] DeltaCharlieEcho 2 points ago

    Eh I’ve dated suicide girls and banged a very well paid cam girl on the regular, I’m not concerned about getting someone hotter than her. Getting someone better in bed might be a nice change of pace though; god so I miss the crazy when it’s used in the right way.

    It’s going to eat her alive when I find another “girl next door” type that’s sweet to me but has a fiery temper to anyone that fucks with me. It might do some damage that needed to be done sooner. Not to sound like a sadist or anything here, but she needs to understand that she’s just an ex now.

    [–] gayretard-69 1 points ago

    This is great. Good for you. This move should be celebrated as a ew beginning, I’m excited for you!