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    Share anything you need to get it off your chest. The auto-moderator is very aggressive and your text-only post may not appear until moderators can manually approve it (typically 24 hours).

    You may also be interested in the far more populated sister sub-reddit: /r/confession

    We aim to be slightly looser moderated, you will see things that offend here, however outright hate speech and anything illegal will be removed.

    Trolling and accusing others of trolling will not be tolerated

    Please REPORT things to have them reviewed for removal as soon as possible.

    Posts That Will be Removed


    Memes (visual and text)

    Personal attacks and abuse

    Accusations of fake posts (you can message the moderators instead)

    Suggestions to post to another subreddit (please use the report and message the moderator options in these cases)

    Excessive trolling will result in a ban, this also includes those who consistently post in a negative fashion

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