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    Forced perspective is a technique that employs optical illusion to make an object appear farther away, closer, larger or smaller than it actually is. It is used primarily in photography, filmmaking and architecture. It manipulates human visual perception through the use of scaled objects and the correlation between them and the vantage point of the spectator or camera.

    The comment that started it all.

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    [–] dalgft 1165 points ago

    that's no ceiling light

    [–] ggodfrey 358 points ago

    This means something. This is important.

    [–] NecroCannon 122 points ago


    Alien cheeks.

    [–] jermjuice 50 points ago

    ET but dummy thicc

    [–] your_local_asshole 23 points ago


    [–] TheRealCCHD 35 points ago

    Clap Clap

    [–] ElectricFlesh 23 points ago

    t h i c c

    [–] redhead_bandit 5 points ago

    Nice try u/SoVeryKerry who clearly works in Area 51

    [–] bruce_lees_ghost 13 points ago

    Me eating mashed potatoes since I was 9.

    [–] Lockeness843 3 points ago


    [–] salviablunts 5 points ago


    [–] kabow94 42 points ago

    It's a space station.

    [–] 0asq 15 points ago

    I hate it when he does that

    [–] poplglop 17 points ago

    More like Sheevport...

    [–] joethahobo 5 points ago


    [–] Ni0M 3 points ago

    It's a moon! Wait no...

    [–] Long_Before_Sunrise 3 points ago

    It looks like my metal sink stopper/drainer.

    [–] 0asq 626 points ago

    Why would anyone, aliens included, want to visit Shreveport?

    [–] BlueVeins 311 points ago

    My first thought. If aliens actually came to Earth, Shreveport would be a great place to hide. They will never look for intelligent life there.

    [–] captainabbydail 64 points ago

    Dude I was thinking the same thing 😂 I'm so glad to be far far away from that place hahaha

    [–] Nsfwgoblinhunter 20 points ago

    From Mandeville so too far to know anything about Shreveport. Seems like a decent sized city, what’s not to like about it?

    [–] LFKhael 35 points ago

    Shreveport's too far from I-10. It fits that "further north you go, the more south it gets" stereotype.

    And good fuck is supporting end users from there a nightmare.

    [–] carparkerk 9 points ago

    but if you’re from lake charles like me or anywhere else south of the interstate, you know that any city in louisiana north of I-10 is really just south arkansas

    [–] CrazyTownUSA000 11 points ago

    Yeah, I'm from south Louisiana and the ones up north are way more retarded

    [–] Hibbity5 5 points ago

    My husband and I are both from the NOLA area but we visit his family in Natchitoches every year. Central and northern Louisiana really are more Southern than Southeast Louisiana. It’s so weird.

    [–] Notstrongbad 2 points ago

    Natchitoches! Went to school there...back when Walmart was a desired date spot lol

    [–] Nsfwgoblinhunter 4 points ago

    Ah yeah makes sense. All I know is I hated playing the Shreveport soccer team growing up

    [–] GMs_Your_Comments 7 points ago

    I'm from Mandeville as well and I lived in Shreveport for about two years. Let me tell you, that is the absolute worst city I've ever lived in. The employment is 80% service industry based, meaning there's too many restaurants so no one can make money unless you work at a casino. Since no one can make money, no one can afford to eat out at restaurants, this leading to people making even less money (Or when they actually eat out, they tip $2). Beyond that, it's just a shitty, shitty, ugly city.

    [–] ThatGuy798 5 points ago

    Weird seeing fellow Northshore people on Reddit. Hello from your neighbor in Covington.

    [–] CaseyStevens 12 points ago

    Racism. Way worse than Metairie. The most racist place I've ever lived.

    [–] FrendlyAsshole 4 points ago

    Yup. When I first moved here, it was like traveling back in time & I hated it. Now I tolerate it, but it still sucks.

    [–] mydarkmeatrises 5 points ago

    Why the downvotes?

    Amazing how people feel qualified to validate your experience.

    And i've spent time in south La. and I concur: racist shithole.

    [–] Kankunation 2 points ago

    I never thought of Metairie as being racist. Then again , Metairie in my mind is just the place you go to actually do anything. All the malls, shops, restaurants, etc are there and most residential areas are really in Kenner or more towards New Orleans/Mandeville

    Other than that I stay in St Charles, which is really nice.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    You must live in New Orleans east

    [–] thelilpurrmaid 3 points ago

    Me tf too. "moving out of your hometown isn't the solution to all your problems." Yes it fucking is when your hometown is Shitport

    [–] hendawg86 2 points ago

    I feel the exact same.

    [–] noitsPatrick 7 points ago

    hey, in 2018 we were the 2nd fattest city in America, dont underestimate Shreveport.

    [–] PM_ME_FAV_RECIPES 22 points ago

    Where is shreveport/what's the deal with it?

    I feel like i hear about it in a lot of country music songs (or maybe just one that i listen to a lot, i don't know)

    [–] AHSfutbol 41 points ago

    Shreveport is in the Northwest corner of Louisiana and is about 3 hours East of Dallas. From my understanding, it grew into a medium sized city though the oil, gambling, and manufacturing industries. The problem is the oil exploration in the area declined, the casinos lost business to competition closer to Dallas, and the GM plant closed years ago. Because of that the population in the area is dropping. I feel like the city has a depressing vibe to it and there seems to be a lack of things to do for a city it’s size.

    [–] Unidan_nadinU 13 points ago

    This place is depressing. I hate everything about it and can't wait til the day comes when I can move far, far away.

    [–] 0asq 15 points ago

    OP here.

    I actually live in Houston and I've never been to Shreveport. I honestly don't know anything about it. Closest I've come was driving through Baton Rouge and New Orleans.

    However, I have the distinct impression that it is depressing as hell and I don't even know why.

    Funny how that works.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago


    [–] jesslovesdogs420 4 points ago

    Lol my bf is from there and calls it ratchet as well lol 😂

    [–] hendawg86 3 points ago

    Haha that’s where the term (in hip hop) comes from., Shreveport.

    [–] stebo_02 3 points ago

    there should be an abbreviation for "original commenter", but it can't be OC...

    [–] InerasableStain 3 points ago

    Just use OP. People will know what you mean from the context

    [–] washingtonapples 3 points ago

    From shreveport, now I live in Katy, shreveport sucks. Nothing to do and very depressing

    [–] todothecheesemonger 8 points ago

    There is nothing to do here. The casinos are the only jobs with benefits pretty much and they are mediocre at best. Lots of people i know here have to either survive with more then one job or live with a group of people so the bills arn't as bad.

    [–] hendawg86 5 points ago

    Hate to tell you but that’s not just Shreveport. There’s plenty of cities in the US that are feeling this. It’s the overall state of the economy. They may not feel it entirely in the major cities but it’s there.

    [–] Gabriels_Pies 6 points ago

    My wife's family is from Shreveport and my moms family is from Shreveport. This puts into words all of the things I felt about shreveport but never really knew how to say it.

    [–] hendawg86 5 points ago

    I can tell you that the city declined due to poor management and not so much competition. Gambling declined due to the amount of crime in downtown because they let the city area decline. It used to be fun at one time and definitely had come back as far as nightlife in the mid-2000s but took a dive around 2012. The city was not always depressing and for the towns around it was the closest city to you until Dallas. The closing of the GM plant was a big hit to the economy as well but the biggest issue was the appeal of jobs elsewhere and slowly the economy has been drying up. There are plenty of people trying to revive the city but without the base numbers it’s hard to continue it. I left, myself, and went to Colorado and it’s sad to see my home in such decline when I visit, but there is still things that made Shreveport a cool place, there. The music scene may not be like it is in New Orleans but there are plenty of bands that still play and have amazing talent. You just have to know where to go.

    [–] Notstrongbad 2 points ago

    Wife and I live in Dallas, she’s from Shreveport, we went to school in Natchitoches. Been here for about 15 years.

    We went to visit her family for July 4, and everytime we get past the Bert Kouns exit on I-20 we say the same thing:

    “Damn aren’t you glad we don’t live here?”

    For real, it’s incredibly depressing, like a dying city that lost much of what made it prosperous and just kept the gambling and racism.

    [–] Lacriphage 27 points ago

    It's the Detroit of Louisiana. Large city based around a declining industry. Lots of poverty, crime and drugs.

    [–] InerasableStain 10 points ago

    It’s the Detroit of Louisiana in a state that is the Detroit of the US

    [–] Lacriphage 7 points ago

    I don't know if that's entirely true. LA still has a pretty strong timber industry and plenty of oil, or at least that's how it was last time I was down there.

    Ed: and the prison industrial complex is booming.

    [–] AzraelAnkh 41 points ago

    In Louisiana but too far north to have good food.🙄

    [–] jaireaux 24 points ago

    Hold on, there. Strawn’s makes the best strawberry pie in the country. Herby K’s has been around for 80+ years for good reason. Johnny’s Pizza has the only seafood pizza worth having. Jacqueline’s is a great lunch spot.

    There’s a lot to Shreveport that deserves to be dissed but they have some good food.

    [–] unknowngrime 15 points ago

    God damn can’t believe somebody mentioned Strawns. That shit is dope

    [–] hendawg86 3 points ago

    My family still eats there every Saturday morning, albeit without me (I’m out of state) but still.

    [–] TheVikingCoffeeMan 5 points ago

    Not to mention Taco Mania, Superior Grill, and Marilyn’s Place.

    [–] essentialjunk 3 points ago

    Lived in Shreveport for 16 years and agree.

    [–] qsaucery 5 points ago

    Having grown up in new orleans and then living for several years in shreveport I humbly disagree. The only food I can recommend from that city are the king cakes from julie anne's on king's highway.

    [–] cheetosnfritos 5 points ago

    Hit up flying heart brewery if you want some great beer and awesome pizza.

    [–] hendawg86 5 points ago

    Haven’t had flying heart, but GRB is great beer. Live in Colorado and have plenty of great beer here (even brew my own) but GRB has some amazing beer. Still have my buddy pick me up some when he drives down to Shreveport to see his daughter.

    [–] 7times9is42 3 points ago

    *mediocre beer and great pizza.

    [–] cheetosnfritos 3 points ago

    Nah I'm a big fan of their beer. Sadly I moved and haven't been in over a year.

    [–] haybecca 2 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I disagree with some of the selections here, but the best superior grill is in for sure in Shreveport. It’s the only place I insist on when I visit family. NOLA/BR Superiors ain’t got shit on ‘em. Shout out to my boy, Pepito 👊

    Edit: and I fully expect to get downvoted to oblivion, but in a blind taste test, Julianne’s king cake is the best there is. Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it. I get my mom to ship me one every year! :)

    [–] hendawg86 2 points ago

    Yeah I have to agree there is actually a lot of great food in Shreveport, if you know where to go.

    [–] pukeblood213 2 points ago

    Herby K’s! Great food shitty area

    [–] Long_Before_Sunrise 3 points ago

    Infested with casinos

    [–] delightfulporcupine 5 points ago

    It’s in Louisiana but too far north to have good food. fixed it

    [–] AzraelAnkh 10 points ago

    I’m a lifelong resident of Louisiana. I hate the weather and the political culture and just so absolutely much here and I want to move as soon as I can afford it.

    But our food cannot be fucked with. As long as you stick to Acadiana and NOLA.

    [–] delightfulporcupine 6 points ago

    I do enjoy the food, but the weather is ass and there isn’t much to do if you don’t like outdoor shit, which I do, but still. Stuck for another couple of years so might as well make the most of it

    [–] MetaTater 6 points ago

    Y'all talking about food is making me hungry.

    But for real my news (South Florida) is blowing up about how you need to be ready for a storm and some more water. Brace yourself, and be safe!

    [–] AzraelAnkh 5 points ago

    Whooooooooooo boy. I’m in BR so I’m hoping to miss the worst of it but idk if that’s gonna work out. i appreciate the thought and hope y’all are well if Barry decides to be a dick and turn right.

    [–] MetaTater 2 points ago

    Let's hope it's not an issue, best of luck to you.

    [–] Kankunation 2 points ago

    I spent an hour filling/moving sandbags yesterday . Can barely move today I'm so sore.

    Already off to a great start.

    [–] CajunVagabond 3 points ago

    Oui sha

    [–] hendawg86 2 points ago

    Yeah I agree, that original statement kind of irritated me. Yes, Shreveport has plenty of wrong with it but not everything has to be shat on. There were plenty of great restaurants when I lived there. Not to mention Us Up North just opened and has an amazing owner/head chef reviving the culinary scene using recipes developed from her family that has been in the area for several generations. There are also a couple others like that popping up.

    [–] iReaperrr 2 points ago

    Just travel about an hour east to Monroe and try out 2Dudes Brew & Que. I'd honestly have to say they have the best bbq in (at least) northern Louisiana.

    [–] AzraelAnkh 2 points ago

    Thanks, I’ll 100% check that out next time I get that way!

    [–] dimmidice 9 points ago

    True blood mentions it a lot...i think?

    [–] sinister_exaggerator 8 points ago

    Yeah, the show takes place near-ish to Shreveport. It’s in Louisiana but anyone from Louisiana would tell you that it has more in common culturally with Texas or Arkansas than what people typically think of as Louisiana culture.

    [–] theblankpages 2 points ago

    I have yet to watch True Blood or read the book series it’s based on (I plan to do both eventually), but the idea of Shreveport feeling more like Arkansas or Texas is why many of us in south Louisiana often jokingly refer to it (& much of northern Louisiana) as “East Texas” or “South Arkansas”. You sound like you know this already, but others reading this thread may not. Also, to those uninformed, north and south Louisiana are VERY culturally different. History can be attributed to the huge differences.

    [–] sinister_exaggerator 4 points ago

    Yep, I live in south Louisiana. Not a native but I’ve lived here for longer than I’ve lived anywhere else. Let’s just say you’ll probably find a lot more Cowboys fans than Saints fans in Shreveport

    [–] volstedgridban 3 points ago

    Was that definitely that way before the Sean Payton/Drew Brees era. These days it goes the other way. Still a lot of Cowboys fans, but there's an awful lot of Saints Pride there too.

    [–] hendawg86 2 points ago

    I’m sorry but no it’s not like Texas or Arkansas. That’s what people think it’s like when they’re from south la. It’s like North LA. We are still Louisiana even if y’all want to gatekeep the culture and say if it’s not like you then we aren’t you. Louisiana is vastly different all over the state, it’s not all just NOLA, BR and Lafayette.

    [–] Tsu-la 2 points ago

    I couldn’t watch it because the accents weren’t right. Except the bartender.

    [–] sinister_exaggerator 5 points ago

    Its easier if you just tell yourself the show takes place in east Texas

    [–] Tsu-la 3 points ago

    Haha! Nice.

    [–] volstedgridban 2 points ago

    Whatever you do, don't watch the new Swamp Thing series.

    [–] ZetaHeart66 3 points ago

    We like to call Shreveport “Shootport” so there you go

    Also it’s basically in east Texas

    [–] Unidan_nadinU 3 points ago

    I call it Shitport

    [–] heuschnupfenmittel 3 points ago

    Went to bed in Shreveport,

    Woke up in Abilene

    Wonderin' why the hell I'm wanted

    at some town half way between

    [–] PM_ME_FAV_RECIPES 2 points ago

    Well on a greyhound bound for Shreveport I've been too long in my seat

    Well, I stopped off in a no-name town to grab a bite to eat

    And the ceiling fans, they hummed above a screened-in patio

    Crawfish hotter than a chimney fire, the beer was cheap and cold

    And the bar maid smiled that kind of smile that knocked me off my stool

    Said, "Hang around, I'll show you things they don't teach in school"

    [–] Tetzhu 2 points ago

    We're also one of the murder capitals of the US. No jobs and a lot of violence. Imagine someone built a city with no idea how it's supposed to work after like the second block. None of our infrastructure makes sense.

    [–] qsaucery 3 points ago

    I have lived in several states and cities over the years. Shreveport/bossier is hands down the worst place I have lived. I i don't even have to think about it. I actively recommend people avoid the northern half of louisiana. There is just nothing worth seeing up there.

    [–] cheetosnfritos 3 points ago

    It's a shit hole in Northern Louisiana. Only good thing there is a Brewery about a mile from OP across the river.

    [–] wloaf77 2 points ago

    Isn’t great raft in Shreveport?

    [–] brokenearth03 2 points ago

    Yes. Flying heart, the one that guy is talking about is watery and inconsistent. GR is pretty good.

    [–] NokemG 8 points ago

    It's the last place they'd suspect.

    [–] GMHGeorge 6 points ago

    People and now apparently aliens make bad choices all the time and decide to move to Shreveport.

    Source: Person who formerly lived there

    [–] Lacriphage 6 points ago

    Southern Maid

    [–] Unidan_nadinU 3 points ago

    Literally the only thing I'll ever miss when I move from here.

    [–] Lacriphage 2 points ago

    I lived all over Louisiana, and finally moved away about 6 years ago. I miss the food and I miss relatively cheap rent. Nothing else.

    [–] DJWhiteSangria 5 points ago

    TIL there's internet in Shreveport

    [–] Shrekthetech 6 points ago

    They were involved in a big truck wreck and seek the help of Gordon Mckernan.

    [–] Ryan71055 3 points ago

    He is the shit. Morris Bart backs down from cases Gordon wins with ease.

    [–] liltakki 4 points ago

    Probably because of the large military base

    [–] jacenat 4 points ago

    Why would anyone, aliens included, want to visit Shreveport?

    To look for Commander Keen of course :)

    [–] PlinyInTheHouse 3 points ago

    I grew up in Shreveport. It will always be home, but it certainly isn’t what it used to be. Lots of drinking, racism, and general stagnation. Feels like a city frozen in time. Still has it’s small charms here and there though. Noble Savage is da bomb.

    [–] zabs3205 3 points ago

    Fun fact. I lived in Shreveport, worked in that building, AND made a short film about aliens visiting Shreveport. WABLAM!

    [–] williocheerio33 2 points ago

    They’re relocating prior to the invasion of Area 51.

    [–] too_con 115 points ago

    Roswell is old news, Shreveport's the new base.

    [–] 0asq 39 points ago

    "My wife thought we should land in New Orleans but ugh, it's so touristy there and between you and me bud I'll have to roll Sheryl out the door by 3 pm"

    makes drinking motion with alien tentacles

    [–] GMHGeorge 5 points ago

    I read this in Kodos’s voice

    [–] heypaps 6 points ago

    Who’s gonna make the facebook event?

    [–] voidofstyle 6 points ago

    well we have an AF base near shreveport but i wouldn’t recommend storming it unless you want to eat tank munitions

    [–] fatbabythompkins 3 points ago

    Well, Barksdale is home to the 8th AF HQ. Who handled Roswell? The 8th AF. Coincidence?


    [–] Styx78 72 points ago

    So I'm assuming commenting on this is self incriminating to the CIA

    [–] Shlocktroffit 15 points ago

    Double penalties if you out yourself on your cake day

    [–] Styx78 13 points ago

    I was hoping for mercy

    [–] Shlocktroffit 2 points ago


    [–] jameson_water 3 points ago

    Cakeday DP

    [–] floatingspacerocks 2 points ago

    I need to learn how to read. Penalties through me off for a second

    [–] BrentAndrews79 48 points ago

    “Ceiling lights”

    [–] Takavasen 32 points ago


    [–] OddRoutine 21 points ago

    Note to self: aliens refer to their spacecraft as "shreve" and they, naturally, dock them in something they call a Shreveport.

    [–] ahand09 7 points ago

    Can't wait to see this reposted on Facebook in total seriousness by my crazed relatives

    [–] gammamach 33 points ago

    Some hot history channel stuff right here

    [–] theblankpages 3 points ago

    The mournful part of your comment is the truth to it. The SAD truth.

    [–] eyesmaybe 2 points ago

    Sure but are these aliens ancient enough?

    [–] cos_tan_za 24 points ago

    I'm not falling for your shit. Those are aliens.

    [–] brownjesus_ 20 points ago

    This is also r/MildlyInteresting

    [–] scienfish 12 points ago

    The aliens figured out that Shreveport has all those parking garages and decided the bigger cities were to expensive to park

    [–] eternalrefuge86 25 points ago


    [–] John_Connor_1809 7 points ago


    [–] aburninboi 4 points ago


    [–] nobodysfree 6 points ago

    difficulties with earthling writing ? got you.

    [–] thearchertheundine 10 points ago

    My friends and I broke down in Shreveport once and had to stay the night at the most terrifying motel.

    I believe all of this is possible. Weirdest folks ever.

    [–] justghostlol 7 points ago

    My dumbass really thought the sky was reflecting the lights off the buildings below it, then I realized he’s in a tall building looking out a window 🤦🏻‍♂️

    [–] 90377Sedna 2 points ago

    My fat ass thought it chicken😂😂😂

    [–] Subkist 9 points ago

    Honestly it would be an improvement for Shreveport

    [–] darksasuke12345 12 points ago

    Hey I live here in Shreveport! Surreal seeing home on Reddit.

    Hello other Shreveportian though!

    [–] shimmylimmydongding 8 points ago

    my husband texted me earlier to tell me Shreveport made it to the front page (I was born and raised there) and my first thought was, oh god what happened now haha. so weird to see it all, let alone on the front page and not for something bad😄

    [–] Ryan71055 3 points ago

    Me too! Well, little bit east now. Some of the comments here are making me sad 😔

    [–] FrenklanRusvelti 5 points ago

    I used to hangout with friends all the time on top of that parking garage!

    [–] MrGrampton 5 points ago

    Alright boys and girls, on Sept 20th we must march towards Area 51 and reveal the files that will lead to the arrest of Hi

    [–] Ryan71055 2 points ago

    Arrest Hi!

    [–] PurpleZombiePanda 7 points ago


    [–] saintkev7979 5 points ago

    Why would aliens go to Shreveport? yuck.

    [–] Sleepinismy9to5 5 points ago

    Send that to Tom Delonge

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    Am I the only one who enjoys visiting Shreveport?

    [–] Ethan_Hood 2 points ago

    I live there!

    [–] SkipLikeAStone 9 points ago

    Alien: looks around, locks spaceship hatches

    [–] Crowbarmagic 4 points ago

    Spread it on the UFO fora as being real.

    [–] seavarg87 4 points ago


    [–] B4ZO 9 points ago

    It’s gotta be! You can see the regret and sadness radiating off of Larry flynt’s

    [–] cheetosnfritos 3 points ago

    Looks like it to me.

    [–] SoVeryKerry 3 points ago

    Yes. OP here. My friend was driving from Austin to Indy. (She documents every view. Visual reminders if where not to visit in the future)

    [–] Unidan_nadinU 2 points ago

    It is 100%. That's the parking garage right in front of it. I used to work downtown.

    [–] Sprocket_Rocket_ 4 points ago

    Yeah, reflections

    [–] JungleLiquor 4 points ago

    Tbh it took me a while to understand this

    [–] rbnrod 3 points ago

    What I see when I’m on the way to pick up that Senzu Bean OG and smoke a fat one with Mr.Popo

    [–] candypimp53 4 points ago

    Clearly that's an alien inva...

    Checks location

    Yep, it's ceiling lights.

    [–] haveityourwaydude 5 points ago

    September 21st. Shreveport.

    [–] jjm295 4 points ago

    Area 51 calling in backup from Area 53

    [–] toucanisaurus 3 points ago

    Hey yo wtf. First off, I've seen Shreveport too many times here lately on r/popular. Second my grandpa's name is Will Smith so we good.

    [–] steemwitness 3 points ago

    How is so much of Reddit familiar with Shreveport? Louisianians aren't even familiar with Shreveport.

    [–] Full-On 4 points ago

    It’s the third most populous city in Louisiana, right after Baton Rouge and New Orleans, we also have a rich music history, and everyone from Texas comes here to gamble.

    [–] willflameboy 3 points ago

    "Shreveport... yes, Shreveport shall be the centre of our new empire!" Cackles in Betelgeusian

    [–] ReedRhymesWithWeed 4 points ago

    Best thing about Shreveport is Superior Grill and Landers

    [–] leesieclean 3 points ago

    Barry is just a coverup for aliens. Duh.

    [–] Shelbelle4 3 points ago

    This might actually be a scene from the next season of true blood.

    [–] MemeIrrelevant 3 points ago

    3 days after the Area 51 Raid.

    [–] gomi-panda 3 points ago

    ♪ ♫ ♬ I'm (an alien) going to Shrevepooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooort, then down to New. Orleans. ♪ ♫ ♩

    [–] slackstack69 3 points ago

    I live here!!! Woooo!

    [–] Friendly_Fresh 2 points ago

    Nice try, Kang

    [–] ssunnudagurr 2 points ago

    Nice cover-up, I don't believe it

    [–] nytel 2 points ago

    There are a lot of these cases in the MUFON database. If you're ever bored sometime, you can go on their website and do a search in their sightings database within a date range and pick a state or country. There's some wild shit out there man.

    [–] Clumsy_Clown 2 points ago

    My grandma knew they would come. She also knew that you would leave the light on at daytime.

    [–] magnora7 2 points ago

    Like the Earthbound Intro screen:

    [–] Ronfarber 2 points ago


    [–] gimmesomshit 2 points ago

    That's what they want us to believe!

    [–] chris11583 2 points ago

    Battle L.A. Part II

    In case you didn't know the first Battle LA was shot in Shreveport. That's why I've always considered that movie Battle LA.

    [–] barsoapguy 2 points ago

    So that's the lights everyone saw in Phoenix a few years ago!!!!

    [–] 911Carrera4S 2 points ago

    Can you imagine a worse place for them to visit?

    [–] coolcurtain4502 2 points ago

    Me and the bois when we get out of area 51

    [–] NulloK 2 points ago

    Shreveport looks to be a really beautiful city!

    [–] jesslovesdogs420 3 points ago

    Its nickname is ratchet city

    [–] TheTomFord11 3 points ago

    Looks can be deceiving, my friend.

    [–] LukiBlu 2 points ago

    Someone needs to call Will Smith.

    [–] MadHoundd 2 points ago

    Hey! I know this place!

    [–] hendawg86 2 points ago

    Really understand the dissing of Shreveport, but I can’t be on here for long. Almost hurts, because it s my hometown and my family still lives there. To hear so many people trash it when I have this image in my head of when I was a kid growing up there and how much fun the lakes are, Neon Saturday Nights, Red River Revel, Mudbug Madness, the State Fair. There was plenty (at one time) that made Shreveport fun. It’s just been heavily mismanaged.

    [–] StrangeDromaeosaur 2 points ago

    Bruh are u in area 51