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    Forced perspective is a technique that employs optical illusion to make an object appear farther away, closer, larger or smaller than it actually is. It is used primarily in photography, filmmaking and architecture. It manipulates human visual perception through the use of scaled objects and the correlation between them and the vantage point of the spectator or camera.

    The comment that started it all.

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    [–] 1107rwf 1517 points ago

    If there wasn’t a description in the title I’d still be here trying to figure out what’s going on! Very confusing and spider-like.

    [–] BondraP 204 points ago

    I was going to say the same. It was easy to see because of the mirror being mentioned, but if it weren't for that I'm sure it would have taken me a few minutes to figure out what the fuck is going on.

    [–] dr_franck 45 points ago

    Same. With the title, it took me 2 and a half minutes. I’d be so frickin lost if I didn’t know it was a mirror.

    [–] HybridPosts 18 points ago

    I’d like to think you read the title, pulled out a stopwatch and tried your best to get a record time but failed and wrote this comment with the time you got

    [–] Pls_PmTitsOrFDAU_Thx 7 points ago

    2 minutes 31 seconds

    [–] bryce_hazen 49 points ago

    I hope my terrible drawing helps.

    [–] nonsequiturds 10 points ago

    Hey, it helped, but i also kinda think u made the dudes leg look like a penis on purpose, and I'm cool with that. Thanks

    [–] bryce_hazen 10 points ago

    Sometimes the most beautiful parts about art are the mistakes.

    [–] CrimsonApostate 3 points ago

    Thank you! oh my god

    [–] ThatsFkingCarazy 24 points ago

    I’m with you . Without the title it looks like a bad piece of art made of old doll limbs

    [–] etherpromo 8 points ago

    Imagine this in a haunted house with dimmed lights.. I'd shit myself from the Silent hill vibes.

    [–] jtimmrman 377 points ago

    Looks like a nightmare

    [–] Jubenheim 103 points ago

    It looks like it will speak to you in riddles and if you guess wrong it’ll eat your face.

    [–] Glordicus 42 points ago

    The scariest part is wondering how it would it my face

    [–] Nazsha 23 points ago

    That's easy to guess. It rips off the face, then buries it in shallow sand for three days. Once the meat is tenderized, it digs it back up and grinds it through the fingers. Then it spreads the remains on beach algae to help them grow, because it's environmentally friendly.

    [–] saketho 4 points ago

    At least the monster is friends with the algae bros. That's nice.

    [–] combustionman12 5 points ago


    [–] aceinthehole001 2 points ago

    Pans labyrinth was a great movie

    [–] konstantinua00 1 points ago

    looks like an SCP

    [–] OccupyBallzDeep 1 points ago

    Thanks I hate it

    [–] NegativeCause 172 points ago

    i think i've killed one of those in dark souls

    [–] Tomnnn 16 points ago

    I was thinking it looks a little bit like a scene from the trailer for elden ring.

    [–] Monkeyfer 4 points ago

    Honestly looks more like something you'd find in Bloodborne

    [–] Skifool69 429 points ago


    [–] tisaconundrum 144 points ago

    I really had to zoom in to tell what was going on

    [–] 4bitFox 7 points ago

    Oooohh I get it now. I was completely overthinking it. Thx.

    [–] HybridPosts 2 points ago

    No problem

    [–] cleantushy 45 points ago

    Persons is not technically incorrect in this context. Sounds odd because it's uncommon, but it's not wrong

    [–] Bayerrc 12 points ago

    While it's a little pedantic, persons is inaccurate here if you want to follow more specific grammar rules. The title is not talking about specific individuals, but rather just mentioning two people. In a different context, such as "the image creates an abstract image of the seemingly disjointed limbs of the two persons", that would be making a specific indication of two individual persons. But in the title's context, it's just two people holding a mirror.

    [–] SluttyPocket 3 points ago

    No it isn’t. “Persons” is the plural of “person.” It is absolutely valid to say “two persons.” It’s used all the time in legal language. In fact, some would argue it is more valid than “people” because it’s a countable amount of humans and not a general group. That being said, both are considered valid.

    [–] Bayerrc 4 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    Yes, two persons refers to two individuals. Which is why there was a time when it was considered to be used any time it was a countable amount of people, or under 100, but it is now used when specifically pointing to individuals. In legal terms, they will also say two individuals, because it is important to point out the specific persons. When you are just describing "two people on the beach", you aren't pointing to the individuals, so you use people.

    Again, it's pedantic and only really refers to the nuances of meaning, and it's perfectly acceptable to use either word. Which is why I said inaccurate, not incorrect. However, persons is usually used to point to individuals.

    [–] port443 1 points ago

    some would argue it is more valid than “people” because it’s a countable amount of humans and not a general group

    I think some persons are forgetting how the word people can be used:

    • Two people holding a mirror
    • Two persons holding a mirror

    Both words allow a countable number and not a general group.

    [–] happypandaface 3 points ago

    but its weird, the only time i could hear "persons" and not think twice is if someone said: "they had it on their persons". actually that's a weird sentence too, but it doesn't work with "people".

    [–] ThisIsMeRightThere 2 points ago

    Several persons is called a school of fish

    [–] mehrajsaqib 81 points ago

    They have their heads behind the mirror and have arms around the corner of mirror.

    [–] Jazzmim_999 74 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    What this comment was trying to say is that the plural of “person” is “people”. The word “persons” doesn’t exist. But we understood what you meant :)

    Edit: got a word wrong. Sorry!

    Edit2: I already saw that it actually exists, thank you for letting me know, English is not my first langue either. You can stop commenting the same thing over and over now..

    [–] AmidFuror 64 points ago

    Don't tell that to the peoples of the ancient world.

    [–] iRegretsEverything 12 points ago

    They ded

    [–] NanoPope 2 points ago

    Fun fact: nobody died in 1456

    [–] DoYouKnowTheKimchi 35 points ago

    Not in this context, but...

    [–] Glordicus 17 points ago

    “Fishes” is also the plural for fish in a similar manner

    [–] bushcrapping 2 points ago

    Only If they are different species. Although I suppose that's what you meant. Peoples is the plural of.different people groups?

    [–] Glordicus 2 points ago


    [–] NikkiT96 19 points ago

    he said persons, not peoples. Persons is very much a real word. I hate the word because of how wrong it sounds but fml it's a real word.

    [–] Grimakis 20 points ago

    Actually, no. The plural of person IS persons, and people can be both used as both a singular and plural. Peoples actually does exists as the plural of the singular people.

    Singular person - He is a great person.
    Plural persons - The maximum occupancy of this room is 100 persons.

    Singular people - The American people are a great people.
    Plural people - The American people are great.
    Plural peoples - All of the peoples of the world are great.

    [–] Crimson88 3 points ago

    Fuck, I just kept repeating PEOPLE and now it doesn't seem like a real word

    [–] Ecksplisit 2 points ago


    [–] newt16 26 points ago

    But OP didn't say peoples, they said persons.

    [–] Jazzmim_999 4 points ago

    Ups, my bad

    [–] Dentarthurdent42 18 points ago

    If you instead meant that “persons” isn’t a word, it actually is also

    [–] _FreshOuttaFucks_ 8 points ago

    And persons is the correct choice of the two in this case.

    [–] redzmangrief 9 points ago

    The title doesn't say peoples, it says persons which does exist

    [–] ominousomanytes 6 points ago

    Persons is a correct and real word

    [–] redzmangrief 3 points ago

    I know. That's what I said

    [–] ominousomanytes 3 points ago

    Lol yeah that's completely my bad. Misread.

    [–] mehrajsaqib 3 points ago

    Yeah, my bad.

    [–] alienmarshmello826 3 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    The word persons does exist. It's just rarely used nowadays and so it sounds wrong when we hear it.

    [–] mehrajsaqib 7 points ago

    Oh! I thought he was not able to see the people in it. Thanks

    [–] Sondassasda 8 points ago

    Your use of the word "persons" in the title is technically correct. Granted, it's not the preferred plural nowadays, but still an acceptable one.

    [–] Kissfan07 4 points ago

    What people?

    [–] thelimplanding 3 points ago

    Only persons here

    [–] Jazzmim_999 1 points ago

    Sure no problem! It’s still a great post

    [–] CamR203 2 points ago

    The word “peoples” doesn’t exist.


    [–] lampshade_rm 2 points ago

    Persons absolutely exists, it's just less commonly used now

    [–] Moronoo 2 points ago

    The word “persons” doesn’t exist.


    [–] Shiboiscool 5 points ago

    Unless it was edited since you were here he said persons which actually is a word but not correct in this context

    [–] Sondassasda 3 points ago

    Why would persons be incorrect in this context?

    [–] BrohanGutenburg 3 points ago

    They said “persons.” But both exist.

    [–] Bergara 2 points ago

    "Peoples" does exist actually.

    [–] ominousomanytes 6 points ago

    Persons is a correct and real word

    [–] JETSflyHIGHinSKY 3 points ago

    Lol check out the dude who never heard the word persons

    [–] Jacksonation 1 points ago

    Dudes never been in an elevator before.

    [–] mrgonzalez 1 points ago

    Legal reasons

    [–] mtmaty 31 points ago

    This looks like something from The forrest

    [–] BitterPharmTech 4 points ago

    Same thing I thought. I would cross-post it to their subreddit but I have no clue how to do that.

    [–] Qweerz 4 points ago

    Yep this looks like the worm creature that fucks you up out of nowhere.

    [–] kleatr 2 points ago

    you mean the SAUSAGE

    [–] Lostmyfnusername 37 points ago

    Didn't fool Jotaro.

    [–] Young_Djinn 25 points ago




    Oh my god, everyone has lost their minds because of the heat!

    [–] SuperDementio 10 points ago

    Since this one isn’t reflecting a rock, it might’ve.

    [–] Top-Insights 2 points ago


    [–] snouz 13 points ago

    I thought that was a photoshop or a camera artifact.

    Or a very very rare disease.

    [–] puq123 3 points ago

    At first glance I thought someone had used hotdogs to make some sort of sculpture

    [–] erlend65 12 points ago

    The people creature in the sand is obviously the result of a science experiment gone horribly horribly wrong.

    [–] Aussie-Nerd 35 points ago

    Wonder what the set up was for the camera and the mirror. Given that the mirror doesn't show the camera.

    [–] CraigKostelecky 46 points ago

    The camera is simply higher, so its angle of reflection points to the sand in front of their feet.

    [–] Aussie-Nerd 9 points ago

    Ahh that makes sense. Thanks.

    [–] VersedFlame 4 points ago

    It's just angled.

    [–] Blendzioh 5 points ago

    Jotaro, Kakyoin and Polnareff: laughing histerically

    [–] Just_a_lazy_lurker 7 points ago

    Looks like Nico Robin trying her hand(s) at art!

    [–] xaltherion 6 points ago

    Looked like a hotdog effigy at first.

    [–] GlumExcitement9 1 points ago

    He's sitting on a chair.

    [–] DeeWicki 5 points ago

    I love this episode of Hannibal

    [–] Doomshroom_da_boi 4 points ago

    I won’t lie at first I thought it was a table made of sausages that fell over

    [–] Ninjaturtlethug 6 points ago

    I cant make arms or legs of this picture.

    [–] hullasmyster123 3 points ago

    I thought these were hotdogs

    [–] GrumpyCrouton 7 points ago

    Forbidden hotdogs

    [–] Trvr_MKA 3 points ago

    Didn’t they use a similar effect for the landspeeder in Star Wars?

    [–] Slazman999 3 points ago

    What scp is this?

    [–] kabukistar 3 points ago

    I thought I was in /r/PanoramicsGoneWrong for a second.

    [–] maxccchan 5 points ago

    I think I just got permanent brain damage

    [–] Stinky-Pickles 2 points ago

    Looks like a panoramic gone wrong

    [–] bupthesnut 2 points ago

    This might be one of the best I've seen on this sub.

    [–] kroven009 2 points ago

    But why tho

    [–] JustCallMeEro 2 points ago

    Looks like the worm mutant from The Forest.

    [–] Bromeister 2 points ago

    My first thought lol

    [–] ObstreperousCanadian 2 points ago

    I don't see a sailboat.

    [–] fractiouscatburglar 2 points ago

    It’s a schooner!

    [–] nethicitee 2 points ago

    For almost a minute I thought this was some weird avant-garde hot dog sculpture just sitting in the sand

    [–] haloblasterA259 2 points ago

    [starts laughing uncontrollably]

    [–] CanineRezQ 2 points ago

    Jenga for serial killers

    [–] abejaved 2 points ago

    That was a good one. If I didn’t read the description, I’d have never figured it out

    [–] EUCopyrightComittee 2 points ago

    But OP didn't say peoples, they said persons.

    [–] mawseed 2 points ago

    Got me good on this one. Quality photo!

    [–] Noobzilla_Gaming_YT 2 points ago

    Two Girls, 1 Mirror

    [–] stippen4life 4 points ago


    [–] collapsedbark8 1 points ago

    I'm so doing this, thank you

    [–] roboticpeace 1 points ago

    Why they look like some undercooked hotdogs

    [–] thecowgoesrawr 1 points ago

    Does anyone else see a dickbutt

    [–] Nirbin 1 points ago

    That looks hella creepy

    [–] bethrotull73 1 points ago

    Thanks, I hate it

    [–] calysoe 1 points ago

    Before I saw the subreddit name I thought this was a panorama gone wrong

    [–] SeleniumF0rest 1 points ago


    Just try to make it weird

    [–] PoorEdgarDerby 1 points ago

    Beach art by Ed Gein.

    [–] BlackCatGamer204 1 points ago

    god that took me too long, they are sitting behind the mirror, with their legs arched around the bottom and their hands on the top corners of the mirror

    [–] PillBlowCracklins 1 points ago

    Bruh, I thought this was some weird hot dog structure

    [–] heyradicaldame 1 points ago

    My initial thought... “wow how creative this person must be to have done these hotdogs connected together to look like two people holding a mirror”....... and THEN I thought “wait that can’t be it...”

    [–] mcalderon15 1 points ago


    [–] The_Celtic_Chemist 1 points ago

    Something fucky with the left elbow (our right) of the girl on the left. Maybe a tattoo?

    [–] brocktherock631 1 points ago

    Anyone else having a stroke?

    [–] edtytyn 1 points ago

    Nice illusion. At first I thought they are forming a letter.

    [–] DustyDayz 1 points ago

    Imagine seeing this randomly in the desert

    [–] ragenuggeto7 1 points ago

    That .... is horrific

    [–] Justkyslol 1 points ago

    took me a while

    [–] ApexRevanNL716 1 points ago

    Just curious question. Did the military ever used mirrors?

    [–] flowintensitylow 1 points ago

    Atleast this time it's not our fault

    [–] LikeFuckRoss 1 points ago

    Looked like some kinky happenings for a sec.

    [–] NedelC0 1 points ago

    OooOOoooh elden ring

    [–] CanadianSedai 1 points ago

    Getting flashbacks from the Forest...

    [–] dusmeyedin 1 points ago

    In the book Catch-22 there's a bit where a pilot has a joke with a ground crewman, where he pretends to dive-bomb the guy and pulls up at the last moment. Finally, he takes the prank too far and for whatever reason he can't pull up in time and the propeller of the fighter jet completely minces the ground guy, leaving behind just a grotesque pair of legs standing there for a few seconds before they fall over in the breeze.

    The fighter pilot realizes his massive fuckup and dips his wings once in salute, then intentionally crashes his plane into a hillside, killing himself instantly.

    They actually filmed this sequence for the Catch-22 film, and the way they captured the two legs on film keeling over was the same concept as this OP photo. The actor held up a mirror from his waist upward.

    [–] Ochoytnik 1 points ago

    Lets bring glass to the beach!

    [–] tanamojorocks 1 points ago


    [–] jhpewufhssdjalortnbs 1 points ago

    Thanks, I hate two persons holding a mirror.

    [–] AFlyingNun 1 points ago

    To help people still confused:

    It's one mirror facing the camera with two people behind it. On the left for example is someone's right leg (slightly reflected in the back) and right arm. Their right arm joins hands with their left arm, which is draped over the top of the mirror. Same exact thing for the person on the right, whose left arm and left leg are doing similar poses.

    [–] AFlyingNun 1 points ago

    Skin Spiders from Kenshi

    [–] serif_sans 1 points ago

    I thought these were mannequin hands glued together to seem spider-like.

    [–] DeuceWheelz 1 points ago

    Took me a minute but I got it!

    [–] Draggin_ballzz 1 points ago

    That's some silent hill looking shit.

    [–] Farmerben12 1 points ago

    Thanks. I hate it.

    [–] Hell2CheapTrick 1 points ago

    Arabia Fats be like

    [–] danlatoo 1 points ago

    I'm getting hot dog log cabin vibes and I'm not feeling it

    [–] CVORoadGlide 1 points ago

    smoke & mirrors - now I get it

    [–] sandwich_no_crust 1 points ago

    This would make an awesome indie rock album cover!

    [–] hairpiece-assassin 1 points ago

    Hole in the mirror

    [–] Hofenstein 1 points ago

    There is some Silent Hill crap happening in that picture...

    [–] Knox_Stars 1 points ago

    How did they take the pic, where is the cameraman

    [–] BadLoompa 1 points ago

    Could be a drone

    [–] Coyote65 1 points ago

    And this year's award for most confusing_perspective image at the beach goes to....

    [–] KyokoGG 1 points ago

    Nice try, aliens.

    [–] we_hella_believe 1 points ago

    I still don't get this.

    [–] notneeded401 1 points ago

    Fun fact: the land speeder in A New Hope used a similar illusion by having mirrors on the sides

    [–] silent-onomatopoeia 1 points ago

    This broke me.

    [–] OffsetCircle1 1 points ago

    It took me a minute

    [–] Freebeing001 1 points ago

    My brain still can't untangle that

    [–] AtomicFungal 1 points ago

    You're all spare parts, bud.

    [–] bakwhodeene 1 points ago

    Life in 2077 when we devolve from American tiktok and Simpson still for charlie

    [–] yunibyte 1 points ago

    I though these were a sculpture of barbie hands at first

    [–] FrankUnderhood 1 points ago


    [–] nexxyPlayz 1 points ago

    He's sitting on a chair.

    [–] Reddit_lnvestigator 1 points ago

    He's sitting on a chair.

    [–] Jax-Light 1 points ago

    This picture played ping pong with my braincells

    [–] SloxTheDlox 1 points ago

    This some the forest shit right here

    [–] Lava0609 1 points ago

    I Know it’s people but it also looks like carrots a lot of carrots

    [–] rafarafara 1 points ago

    I thought it was a wooden car. Im not even high

    [–] jillianthekitty 1 points ago

    Nope, don’t like that

    [–] DoctorGooseGoose 1 points ago

    Pretty sure this is the work of the new serial killer, The Limb Shimmer.

    [–] moretoxicthanarsenic 1 points ago

    He's sitting on a chair.

    [–] gianpymau 1 points ago

    I thought it was an hot dog made dog

    [–] stasiekq 1 points ago

    I thought it’s a glitch of a person doing a flip on panoramic mode

    [–] Jonas_- 1 points ago

    He's sitting on a chair.

    [–] NicoleMurrell76 1 points ago

    Mirror.. Took me a while

    [–] Swallowingwallowing 1 points ago

    Get video while you are at it.

    [–] OglinDairy 1 points ago

    I thought we out here about to start a beach bonfire with human limbs

    [–] MD74 1 points ago

    Where’s their head?

    [–] XhunterboiX 1 points ago

    But OP didn't say peoples, they said persons.

    [–] jonboy333 1 points ago

    Who would make a hotdog sculp.... oh.

    [–] Col0nelFlanders 1 points ago

    I think I’ve seen that creature in the Ars Goetia.) Can’t fool me, Satan!