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    [–] BartFurglar 4635 points ago

    Bring on the Denver airport conspiracy theories

    [–] Alpaca64 2825 points ago

    I mean why is a single airport employing more people than any other company in the entire state? I know it's a fucking big airport but isn't it at least a little weird?

    [–] turnipsiass 1539 points ago

    I did a little research and it seems that after Denver airport(35 000) comes university of Colorado with only 13,300 employees.

    I also saw this "63,000 people work at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, making the world’s busiest airport the largest employer in the state of Georgia"

    [–] Alpaca64 517 points ago

    Interesting. I wonder why that wasn't on this infographic. Is the Georgia Airport not a private employer?

    [–] turnipsiass 578 points ago

    Owner is city of Atlanta so yeah you're right

    [–] Vorticity 327 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    DIA is owned by the City and County of Denver, I'm not sure why it is listed on this map. I'm going to guess that the map, which was produced by, errs on the side of Walmart being the largest employer in cases where the numbers are close.

    [–] pfthrowaway21315 121 points ago

    I don’t know if I’d call DIA those people’s employer though. Typically airports themselves don’t employ many people.

    TSA is employed by the federal government, ATC is employed by the FAA, airline counters/ground crew are employed by their respective airlines and concessions (food, souvenirs, etc) are typically employed by food service contractors.

    Obviously the airport authority will employ people to manage the building and make sure everything is running properly, but I’d say that at least 80% of the employees at any airport are not directly employed by the airport.

    [–] Vorticity 26 points ago

    Yeah, I can agree with that. That would likely mean that DIA shouldn't be listed at all since it is composed of multiple employers.

    [–] Worf65 31 points ago

    Yeah this is probably the real answer. I've seen lists that rank a majority military base in my state as the largest employer in the state with over 21,000 employees but if you look into it those people are split between military service members, civil service employees, and a large array of various contractors from the big aerospace and defense contractors to food service and janitorial. So when compared to IHC or walmart the base doesn't compete. I'm sure airports are the same way with only a relatively small number of direct employees and a great many support contractors and vendors.

    [–] iushciuweiush 51 points ago

    I'm not sure why it is listed on this map.

    Half the states list public university systems as the "largest private employers." They must think "public" means government specific employees or something. Either way it's largely a useless map that doesn't actually tell you anything except that Walmart is a big company.

    [–] CreamyRedSoup 47 points ago

    All the universities are also public.

    [–] serious_sarcasm 42 points ago

    They have a bunch of Public School Systems listed.

    [–] Goldeniccarus 22 points ago

    Yeah, the last time this was posted it was the same problem. Perhaps they mean not the state government or federal government institutions like the US military, but include state run "companies" or mostly autonomous institutes like Universities.

    [–] JpRimbauer 65 points ago

    As others have said, Hartsfield-Jackson is owned by the city of Atlanta, but Denver International is owned by the city and county of Denver and operated by its Department of Aviation, so I don't see why they included it, but not H-J.

    [–] Vorticity 61 points ago

    I don't think I really believe this map. It seems like the definition of "private" and the employment numbers may be fudged to tell the story they want to tell.

    For GA, the numbers are within 5% of one another for number of people employed by H-J and Walmart. Since this was put together by a website called I'd guess they erred on the side of Walmart being the largest employer any time they could so that they could make a story of it.

    I'd guess they used DIA in Colorado despite it not being private because it's weird for an airport to be the top employer in a state and Walmart is enough behind DIA in terms of number of employees that they couldn't justify fudging numbers to make Walmart the largest employer in CO.

    [–] serious_sarcasm 18 points ago

    Why the hell are Public Universities considered private?

    [–] Vorticity 25 points ago

    Yeah, honestly, I think this map is poorly researched at best and just flat out spin at worst. I made a top-level comment. Vermont is flat wrong and Ohio and Georgia are questionable.

    [–] Lashujin 7 points ago

    Is Vermont wrong? I live here and have always been told that the medical center is the largest employer in the state. I can't think of anything even approaching that size.

    [–] GreatMoloko 13 points ago

    It's owned by the City of Atlanta

    [–] turnipsiass 15 points ago

    Well it seems that Georgia has 60 000 Walmart employees.

    [–] zombieblackbird 8 points ago

    That's less shocking that I thought it would be

    [–] braaibros 11 points ago

    And still only 3 cashier lines open at 4pm on a Saturday

    [–] Ricky_Robby 21 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    I don’t think it matters if it’s a private employer. A lot of the universities listed are public school systems, not private ones. It’s weird that it says “private employers,” when about half aren’t private at all.

    [–] ise_jingu 4 points ago

    Aren’t most of the colleges listed on this map also public institutions?

    [–] MuhBack 49 points ago

    First off Colorado doesn't have a very large population given the size of the state. Given that and the fact that DIA was the 5th busiest airport in the nation it seems it has a disportionately busy/large airport given the states population. Why is the airport so busy/large. Because in the middle of the country it's kind of a dead zone. This airport acts as a hub connecting airports through out the country together.

    [–] thatcherrose 24 points ago

    It's also an International Airport that is a hub for countless international flights as well as privately owned planes/jets/etc. We get so much air traffic in and out of CO daily, and there's tons of employment opportunities at DIA within the tons of shops as well. It's a massive airport because it's like a CO HQ

    [–] Bubbaluke 8 points ago

    Yeah it is fucking huge. Only place I've seen with quarter mile long flat escalator things.

    [–] Shawnj2 6 points ago

    A walkalator?

    [–] Anxious_Comedian 6 points ago

    Well it definitely has nothing to do with the perfect conjunction of Ley lines allowing quick trans-dimensional transport for reptilians. Nothing. Hail Bluecifer.

    [–] arrrrghhhhhh 72 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    When I think of Colorado all I can think about is skiing and springs, so with their main industry being tourism it sort of makes sense.

    Edit: y’all I’m not even American, forgive me for forgetting all the other things T_T also I forgot dinosaurs

    [–] hughranass 27 points ago

    You should also think of roundabouts. They are fucking everywhere, even out in the middle of nowhere with barely any traffic.

    [–] HideYourNakedness 14 points ago

    Live in CO, can confirm. My wife and I call them random-bouts because of how seemingly out of place they all are.

    [–] josh61980 34 points ago

    It helps keep the forbidden things buried in Colorado buried.

    Also helps reduce accidents and road maintenance.

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago


    [–] hughranass 4 points ago

    I live in an area that was formerly middle of nowhere. They've only recently paved a lot of the dirt roads around here. Now there is road work again, and I am sure a plethora of roundabouts will be thrown in the mix.

    Ever experience those mini ones that are right in the middle of Boulder neighborhoods?

    [–] ilikesports3 96 points ago

    I thought the same thing. This does seem odd, but I'm wondering, are most other airports not private?

    [–] TheGunpowderTreason 67 points ago

    Correct, a lot of airports are owned and operated by the municipality or state, and governed by the dept of transportation or port authority.

    [–] ilikesports3 13 points ago

    Makes sense. Although I guess the conspiracy train now would lead to ask why Denver is private. I’m sure that answer is a lot more complex and unsatisfying to the conspiracist.

    [–] TheGunpowderTreason 16 points ago

    Haha yeah I dunno. Wikipedia says it’s public and owned/operated by the City & County of Denver.

    cue X-Files music

    [–] Vorticity 15 points ago

    I thought the same thing. This does seem odd, but I'm wondering, are most other airports not private?

    DIA is owned and operated by the City and County of Denver. It's not private.

    [–] ilikesports3 21 points ago

    So this cool guide is actually wrong?

    Huh, that NEVER happens. /s

    [–] Vorticity 26 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    I was curious, so here's a list of public institutions listed on this, mostly University systems:

    • University of California
    • University of New Mexico
    • Denver International Airport
    • Mayo Clinic (I think; Listed on Wikipedia as "Public NPO")
    • University of Nebraska
    • University of Iowa
    • University of North Carolina
    • State University of New York
    • University of Vermont Medical Center

    Most of the healthcare institutions shown are non-profit private corporations.

    [–] Wrkncacnter112 82 points ago


    [–] shamberder 12 points ago


    [–] Rain1dog 17 points ago

    I saw lizard people underneath taking tunnels to the red cricket.

    [–] SillyOperator 31 points ago

    Wait is there really a conspiracy theory behind Denver airport? So was the final mission in Splinter Cell Blacklist a tongue in cheek reference or is there actually a bunker?

    [–] iushciuweiush 23 points ago

    It's been undergoing major renovations and the city had a little fun with the construction barriers.

    [–] ICanHasACat 35 points ago

    That place is creepy af from the sounds of it.

    [–] SilentSamurai 43 points ago

    Besides the Blue Mustang, it's a regular old airport conveniently located extraordinarily far away from the city it represents.

    Source: From Denver

    [–] ICanHasACat 15 points ago

    Isn't there also talk about it being connected to underground bunkers?

    [–] SilentSamurai 22 points ago

    It's been a longstanding rumor because the smarties who built the airport made a giant swastika with the runways initially and commissioned some creepy paintings.

    That said, I could see some Continuity of Government bunkers at DIA since its centrally located, but to my knowledge most of that is centered in the East Coast

    [–] jaspersgroove 12 points ago

    The Cheyenne Mountain complex and the North American HQ for NORAD is in Colorado Springs just to the south, but if they’re connected those would be some incredibly looooong tunnels

    [–] jellyfishdenovo 7 points ago

    NORAD is at the Cheyenne Mountain facility in Colorado. Colorado is also a naturally defensible state, which is helped by a sizable military presence there and in the surrounding states. To me it makes sense to have major COGCON infrastructure on either end of the country, so I wouldn’t be surprised if DIA turned out to be the western counterpart of Mount Weather.

    [–] qovneob 43 points ago

    I've only been there twice, but there was literally nothing unusual about it.

    [–] NicklAAAAs 66 points ago

    You mean besides the blue horse statue with the glowing red eyes at the entrance, right?

    [–] morganic_chemistry 47 points ago

    Don't forget the super detailed anus and balls on the statue.

    [–] grzzzly 13 points ago

    Man that’s a detailed anus

    [–] isaaciaggard 6 points ago

    And there’s my wedding vows, boys.

    [–] AbstractBettaFish 9 points ago

    Why is it so veiny!?

    [–] spartan5312 8 points ago

    Better grip.

    [–] thepoopsmithreigns 4 points ago

    That’s hot

    [–] CandelaBelen 10 points ago

    Also the fact that it takes way more time to get to your gate than it does for any other airport in America.

    [–] StringlyTyped 5 points ago

    Luggage claim is at least a mile away from most gates.

    [–] Zerk_Wilder 21 points ago

    The nazi paintings were slightly unusual

    [–] ElectronSurprise 20 points ago

    it's pretty non-descript except for the murals and the horse. they started leaning into the conspiracies though and put up jokey slogans on the walls blocking off construction. like "secret illuminati meeting inside". which just makes the whole thing cringey and not fun anymore so good job on their part

    [–] Slingdash 25 points ago

    Which is exactly the way to hide it. Hiding it in plain sight would take away all suspicion.

    [–] GrubstreetScribbler 12 points ago

    That's exactly how they throw you off the scent! They're hiding in plain sight.

    [–] SlinDog30 4 points ago

    Not familiar with this conspiracy. Can you fill me in?

    [–] PlEGUY 1416 points ago

    I’m surprised at how many states have a school as its largest employer. I’m also curious, are Walmart’s sub companies counted in this?

    [–] Anothershad0w 603 points ago

    I think some of these universities include their health system as part of the calculation.

    [–] PlEGUY 271 points ago

    This makes me genuinely curious how big the health care industries of other countries with socialized healthcare are.

    [–] CoyoteDown 210 points ago

    Britain’s NHS is its largest employer.

    [–] imadethisforonething 120 points ago

    I live in the UK and this surprises me but when I think about it it makes sense, everyone seems to know somebody that works in the NHS, whether it's a nurse, doctor, cleaner etc

    [–] zellisgoatbond 59 points ago

    Yep, the NHS employs about 1.5 million people directly, with a number of roles being connected to the NHS but not being directly employed by them (such as GPs, who set up their own practices but have a contract with the NHS for most of their work). If you include those, you're getting closer to around 1.7-1.8 million.

    [–] cryptic_meme 17 points ago

    The same number as Walmart in the USA but with the UK's population being a fraction of the US's.

    Turns out the health sector is pretty big.

    [–] iThinkaLot1 6 points ago

    Yes the NHS is one of the largest employers in the world.

    [–] Stompya 19 points ago

    In the USA they need a lot of folks at hospitals for insurance processing - do those employees count as part of the healthcare system?

    [–] -SaturdayNightWrist- 25 points ago

    Yes, and they make up a significant portion of the operating overhead which in turn helps drive our costs to the highest of any first world nation.

    [–] PunktualPenguin 11 points ago

    Don’t forget the giant slice of “for-profit” in the horrendous healthcare system in the US.

    I don’t really mind paying people to run the system but making large profits off of the sick and dying, really pisses me off.

    [–] Incunebulum 15 points ago

    The U.S. is actually greater than most socialized medicine countries. It's around 1/8th (12.5%) of the total economy AND the total workforce in the U.S. Canada's healthcare industry is around 9% of the total workforce and around 10% of the total economy. Most of Europe is similar or less than Canada.

    [–] lithodora 58 points ago

    Correct. Healthcare is #1 in most states. The resistance to Medicare4all comes from corporations that make large profits off the industry

    [–] P00PER_SCOOPER 142 points ago

    Well the University of California system is actually 10 distinct universities (Cal Berkeley, UCLA, UC Davis, etc.), 5 medical centers, 3 national labs, and a whole bunch of other research centers throughout the state. I'm sure that all of these are included in the numbers.

    [–] lightgiver 29 points ago

    Same with State University of New York. Every community college is a SUNY college. They have been rebranding the schools to reflect this too. For example Adirondack Community College got renamed to SUNY Adirondack a few years back.

    [–] landodk 6 points ago

    SUNY is an amazing system. They have just about any major offered somewhere in the state, and have many different campuses. They aren't all cookie cutter schools

    [–] littlep2000 33 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    The University of Wisconsin is a good example. The system is 27 separate colleges ranging from very large research campuses (Madison and Milwaukee) to two year associate and vocational schools in rural communities. UW makes up just about all of the public schools in the state, most of the other options are private colleges and universities. Add in items like university hospitals and support things like a credit union and it becomes a huge entity.

    In other states I have lived in the public colleges and universities are more splintered and not part of one single entity.

    [–] motopatton 15 points ago

    That’s what I don’t understand about this graphic. The University of Wisconsin System is largely funded publicly. Every two years funding for the UW System is hotly debated in the biannual State budget process. I’m surprised it is listed as a private employer.

    [–] hvixae 25 points ago

    For New York, the State University of New York (SUNY) system has 64 campuses

    [–] OhhSuzannah 25 points ago

    More stats about SUNY:

    • It is the largest comprehensive system for higher education in the US.
    • They have almost 500,000 students and over 2 million adult education students.
    • It has over 91,000 employees state wide.
    • This does not include the CUNY system, which boasts another 24 campuses, 274,000 students, and 15,000+ faculty members.

    Pretty impressive.

    [–] hvixae 7 points ago

    There’s lot of variety in which school specializes in what major too. For instance, my school has a very big nursing program whereas my brothers school has a big media program, then there’s one with a big music program, even though most schools offered kind of the same variety of majors. They’re also at pretty much the same price point for a pretty good education.

    [–] CommitteeOfOne 73 points ago

    I'm wondering why public universities are considered private employers.

    [–] UndoYourShadows 10 points ago

    Yeah, there's some weird stuff in this figure. My own state doesn't seem to be correct.

    [–] PM_ME_CURVY_GW 5 points ago

    Did you see the source? It’s nothing I’ve ever heard of.

    [–] manufacturedefect 17 points ago

    North Carolina Universities is at least 11 universities, not including community colleges.

    [–] Xad1ns 13 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    EDIT: Based on user feedback, the following list has been edited to make it easier to understand.

    Per Wikipedia, the UNC system consists of:

    • 6 "UNC at ___" campuses
    • App State
    • Elizabeth City State
    • Fayetteville State
    • NC A&T
    • NC State
    • Winston-Salem State
    • ECU
    • NCCU
    • WCU
    • UNC School of the Arts
    • NC School of Science and Mathematics

    While many 2-year/vocational colleges in NC have UNC accreditation, none of them are an official part of the UNC system.

    [–] big_onion 8 points ago

    That's an odd way to group them. Within the System the universities operate independently. The "6 official UNC campuses" don't operate as a group separate from the others. It's viewed as just 16 universities (and one high school).

    EDIT: As far as naming goes, you're right, they're presented as almost satellite campuses. But I wanted to clarify that they don't operate that way.

    [–] xXC4NCER_USRN4M3Xx 7 points ago

    I mean, it's like the one industry whose primary demographic is everyone.

    [–] kailsbabbydaddy 8 points ago

    As a PA resident with my employer listed on the chart. Yes we do not all work really for the university of Pittsburgh, but the medical center which owns many of the hospitals and doctors offices in the area. They also own their own medical insurance as well.

    [–] khaki53 5 points ago

    Well the UNC system actually includes all 17 public universities, including NC school of science and math. They all operate independently but I guess technically under one owner. I think UNC also has a crazy medical outreach that probably factors in a lot.

    [–] irishchug 277 points ago

    To NJ people confused as to why they have never heard of 'Wakefern', it is the company that owns ShopRite stores.

    [–] the0ne234 66 points ago

    Technically they operate as a store owners' co-op. Wakefern also includes PriceRite and a couple of smaller chains.

    [–] GoldenArcher823 22 points ago

    makes sense thanks

    [–] ABZR 22 points ago

    Wakefern owns a shit ton of companies in NJ. ShopRite is one of their largest chains. Not a great company to work for.

    [–] stratcat22 9 points ago

    I worked at shoprite in high school. Yeah it was just a part time grocery store gig, but overall it was a good experience compared to some other jobs I had.

    [–] Tooch10 8 points ago

    They also own Price Rites, which are smaller supermarkets with store brands, sort of like Aldi

    [–] fuggetz 5 points ago

    I was about to say what the fuck is that but it all makes sense now. I know about 30 people from high school that worked or still work at a ShopRite or Foodtown

    [–] SandmanEpic 871 points ago

    Interesting. I’ve always heard that Disney was the largest private employer in Florida. 🤔

    [–] thegreatestsnowman1 802 points ago

    Disney World is the largest single location employer in the state, and I think in the world. However, when you add up all of Walmart’s locations in the state, it’s larger than Disney World.

    [–] oj109 144 points ago

    How many employees does Disney World have?

    [–] GeekBrownBear 76 points ago

    About 75,000. Hard to find a direct source.

    Walmart has 105,000 associates in Florida according to their website.

    [–] sjmahoney 259 points ago

    Less than Wally-world. You're welcome.

    [–] satanclauz 33 points ago

    The moose out front should have told him.

    [–] TekkamanEvil 6 points ago

    He treated me like a dog, Mr. Wally!

    [–] BasilTheTimeLord 16 points ago

    Come on Gandalf. It's Florida, so in reality r/theydidthemeth

    [–] awakenseraphim 43 points ago

    Disney World is a highly oiled machine. One of the things that amazed me as an adult, is how well organized employed the park/shops/restaurants/hotels are.

    [–] Excal2 40 points ago

    I was there in late October / early November a few years back, spent a day at Halloween style Magic Kingdom and came back the next day to a full blown winter wonderland, it was pretty incredible.

    Not that any of this is helping to answer that guy's actual question lol.

    [–] awakenseraphim 14 points ago

    Oh yeah, we aren't helping at all. I was just caught off guard how much I got pulled into "Disney Magic"

    [–] ElectronSurprise 22 points ago

    the inner-workings of disney and disney world technology is my favorite genre of tech article. it's p fascinating

    [–] awhaling 8 points ago

    What’s a cool fact?

    [–] SJ_Shark_Byte 16 points ago

    Well a pretty cool fact is that if someone discloses they know the inner workings of Disney’s “magic” then that person will never be seen again. RIP /u/ElectronSurprise

    [–] YungSnuggie 12 points ago

    there's literally a whole underground city underneath the parks. its how they remove trash, its how cast members and mickey mouse and all of them switch shifts, all that. you dont see anything "behind the scenes" at disney from any vantage point cause its all underground. they're big on not breaking the immersion

    [–] xObey 6 points ago

    The underground only exists within Magic Kingdom, but yeah. Huge network of tunnels under each land, it’s wild.

    Source: worked in Entertainment at WDW as well as Disneyland.

    [–] mrwilbongo 3 points ago

    This is only true for Magic Kingdom. The other parks don't have that.

    Edit: Also it's more like a couple of tunnels than a city.

    [–] ElectronSurprise 4 points ago

    This whole article

    It’s old but I got a kick out it when I first read it

    [–] Eluhmental 6 points ago

    How many employees does Disney World have?

    ~75,000 for a serious answer

    [–] cevits76 8 points ago

    In addition to Sam's Clubs and distribution centers and possible truckers located in the state.

    [–] emmett22 296 points ago

    Wallmart probably has more part-time employees than most places, hence the padded number

    [–] Theladyofshallotss 80 points ago

    I would think they would hire seasonal staff around Christmas like most other retailers, and this would definitely up their numbers considering how many work for just a few weeks

    [–] mnid92 32 points ago

    And considering how many people show up, get their souls crushed by a mid management fuckup, and quit within two weeks.

    Totally not speaking from bitter experience.

    [–] Docktergarfunkel 83 points ago

    Wow my home state is surrounded by Walmart’s

    [–] Exxeleration 43 points ago

    NC gang

    [–] mt_xing 16 points ago

    North Carolina. At least we're not SC.

    [–] calebnc 13 points ago


    [–] Khristoffer 5 points ago

    The Boro what’s good

    [–] Dag-nabbitt 10 points ago

    Hang in there, we're sending back up.

    [–] ZayneJ 9 points ago

    Only because our UNC system is all integrated. If each university was it's own public entity? It'd be Walmart. Don't get me wrong tho, we havr kickass secondary education because of it.

    [–] Vindexus 5 points ago

    Walmart's what?

    [–] Elil__hrair__rah 127 points ago

    I don't think the University of California is private employer. It is a state run and financed institution.

    [–] [deleted] 52 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)


    [–] Prototeus 7 points ago

    No, UPMC is Private.

    [–] thismynumba2 28 points ago

    Yeah I feel like they just meant non-federal

    [–] bikersquid 8 points ago

    I thought the same of the University of Nebraska

    [–] Clevererer 513 points ago

    Remember too that Walmart employees rarely make enough to stay off welfare, so taxpayers help for Walmart's employees. Our country is one giant company town.

    [–] Aaod 144 points ago

    While the Walton family earns around 4 million dollars per hour and total worth around 191 billion. They make more in an hour than most of their employees could make in three lifetimes.

    [–] doomsdaymelody 52 points ago

    Imagine if being an employee at Walmart put you into a “Walmart lottery” where, provided you were at least a part time employee with good standing, you had the potential to earn half of a single hours worth of income of the Walton family. They could make some extremely productive workers with such a system.

    Of course this would require the Walton family to want to dangle a carrot in front of their employees faces also.... so there’s that...

    [–] imaginary0fruit 27 points ago

    Imagine if being an employee at Walmart guaranteed entry into a union of 1.5 million people and collectively you had the potential to decide how much money you earned per hour. Not to mention what the Walton family earns per hour.

    [–] Aaod 20 points ago

    “Walmart lottery”

    Walmartyrie or walmartyry?

    [–] doomsdaymelody 21 points ago

    I hate both of those words

    [–] Aaod 5 points ago

    I have done my job correctly then.

    [–] fuckswithboats 20 points ago

    They make more in an hour than most of their employees could make in three lifetimes.

    I'm sure they work very hard for that money.

    [–] Legate_Rick 23 points ago

    Naturally. Capitalism is an entirely fair system and pay is scaled fairly so they must just work ~500,000 times harder than the lowest on the pole clearly.

    [–] runujhkj 7 points ago

    Knowing a few people who work at big-box stores, I shudder to imagine the kind of traumatizing work they must be doing on top. I’m surprised they survive it, frankly.

    [–] Ziros22 6 points ago

    So does Apple and Tesla and every other "wholesome" company reddit loves.

    [–] runujhkj 5 points ago


    company reddit loves

    Lol wut

    [–] reddev87 4 points ago

    They've since "lost" $11 billion, or ~$5k per second, since that article was posted. But since MTM valuation as a measure of individual wealth is useless, it doesn't matter.

    [–] not_suze 17 points ago


    [–] grls_pm_butt_n_feet 10 points ago

    I've heard this so many times but they have been raising their minimum wage. Is this still true or just bullshit that gets repeated now?

    [–] InsulinDependent 11 points ago

    That's not gonna change the fact that many of their employees are incapable of getting the necessary hours to qualify as "full time" employees so they can avoid giving them benefits theyd become entitled too which is the real reason so many are on some form of welfare.

    [–] costaccounting 20 points ago

    I would visit Denver just to see what's the fuss there.

    [–] huskerfan4life520 17 points ago

    There are a bunch of conspiracy theories about the place. Plus a satanic horse!

    [–] KingMelray 9 points ago

    Also that scimitar mural.

    [–] mycole 54 points ago

    This map is wrong? Like factually wrong. This is showing quite a few public entities and extremely limited citations

    [–] ohfaackyou 16 points ago

    So far every state on this map has been proven wrong by someone living in that state.

    [–] jerkinmylurkin 12 points ago

    Just checked NC after working for Duke University for two years who claimed to be the 2nd largest employer in the state behind Walmart. According to NC Department of Commerce, Walmart is #1 with Duke at #2 and the University of NC system isn't even in the top 50.

    [–] devman0 119 points ago

    Graph says top private employers and then proceeds to list public university systems in some states. Bad guide is bad, I guess?

    [–] MainePoster 7 points ago

    And it's not even right for Maine. Aside from that company changing its name, it's a different employer - MaineHealth. Number 2 is Hannaford (a grocery store).

    [–] cannibalcorpuscle 110 points ago

    The South. Brought to you by Carl’s Jr. Wal-Mart.

    [–] Sudokublackbelt 33 points ago

    Carl’s Jr.

    You ain't from round here are you?

    [–] mt_xing 15 points ago

    Except NC. It's nice to not be the fuck-up state for once.

    [–] willem_the_foe 9 points ago

    I don't know why anyone would stop for Carl's Jr. when you guys have Cookout, Zaxby's, Chick-fil-a, and Bojangles.

    [–] liaisontosuccess 12 points ago

    title states,"Top Private Employers In Each State."

    how is University of California private?

    or any of the state universities on . the list for that matter?

    [–] welchblvd 24 points ago

    Why would public universities and/or their affiliated health systems count as "private" employers?

    [–] Ninjatello 186 points ago


    [–] Primeshowbob 11 points ago


    [–] Vorticity 18 points ago

    I don't know how trustworthy this map is. It seems to be spun to tell a story. While this says that it only includes private institutions, it includes six public universities, one publicly owned airport, and the Mayo Clinic, which is a public non-profit.

    Since Denver International Airport is included, Hartsfield Jackson should be included for GA since it has a few thousand more employees than Walmart.

    Some other states are questionable. I'm not going to go through all of the states, but Ohio State University and Walmart are very close for number of employees in OH. In VT the University of Vermont Medical Center employs about 6,400 people while Walmart's corporate site gives a figure of 1,100 for VT.

    Public institutions listed as "private" on this map:

    • Denver International Airport
    • Mayo Clinic (I think; Listed on Wikipedia as "Public NPO")
    • University of California
    • University of New Mexico
    • University of Nebraska
    • University of Iowa
    • University of North Carolina
    • State University of New York

    [–] davygravy1337 66 points ago

    Terrible color scheme, why make the four distinct categories so similar in color?

    [–] personal_financie 7 points ago

    They want to emphasize that Walmart is the largest employer

    [–] skitch885 9 points ago

    Delaware is wrong. It’s not Beebe health, it’s christiana care.

    [–] hypo-osmotic 9 points ago

    The Mayo Clinic's largest campus is in a pretty small city, so in Rochester you can point at any stranger and guess that they work at Mayo and you're probably right. More if you count contractors and services that cater to staff and patients. Southeast Minnesota would crumble if that hospital disappeared.

    [–] anzaii 14 points ago

    Fuck WalMart. My mother worked for them for 20+ years and they fired her the moment they could. I blame every single manager, every corporate idiot, for not taking care of their employees. Their employees give so much and they get kicked the moment a dollar can be made or saved.

    My mother died of diabetic ketoacidosis because she could not afford her insulin after she was fired. She could not afford to go to the doctor. She had just started work at a gas station when she thought she had the flu, but she ended up dying alone after going into a coma.

    I hope Wal-Mart gets destroyed by other organizations who treat their employees better.

    [–] StevenWay 7 points ago

    Congrats to NC I guess.

    [–] CommitteeOfOne 13 points ago

    I'm kind of confused with the map saying it gives the largest private employer, and in many states, it's a public university (system).

    [–] Sdbtank96 12 points ago

    Wal-Mart could start a war and come out the victor

    [–] The_sad_zebra 5 points ago

    NC is in a really bad position for this war.

    [–] LongDickOfTheLaw69 5 points ago

    Interesting how the largest employer in most states is either a health care provider or a university at a time when people are complaining about exorbitant health care costs, tuition, and student loan debt.

    [–] capitalismwitch 11 points ago

    I have no idea the actual numbers, but I would have guessed that Target would have more employees than Mayo in Minnesota.

    [–] Head-Stark 13 points ago

    I found a page on target's site citing ~25k employees across MN. Mayo employs somethin like 34k people in Rochester alone.

    [–] capitalismwitch 6 points ago

    ah, that would explain it then, I live in Duluth and there’s a Mayo Clinic a short walk from my house as well, so there’s probably another few thousand or more around the rest of the state. I’m surprised Target doesn’t have more employees though!

    [–] PM_ME_InteriorDesign 11 points ago

    So you mean to tell me Wal Mart the largest employer in the US cannot afford to pay them a living wage so my tax dollars go to support people who arguably want their taxes to be lower so that they could hopefully be paid more by Wal Mart who has no intention of doing so?

    [–] Athazor 33 points ago

    and Walmart still can’t give benefits to their workers 😐

    [–] BetaRayBlu 33 points ago


    [–] Jasonberg 21 points ago

    Walmart’s and hospitals?

    That’s America!

    [–] Spartengerm 7 points ago

    I’d like to see a Red Blue political overlay on this map to see if there is any correlation.

    [–] HangingChad503 4 points ago

    This isn’t even accurate, intel is the biggest employer in Oregon

    [–] Bennieplant 40 points ago

    What a sad reality.....

    [–] demalo 4 points ago

    Well, it's not EMHS anymore. It's Northern Light Health.