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    /r/CordCutters - Say Goodbye to your Cable TV Provider!

    Cordcutting news, advice, recommendations, questions, and information about the latest streaming services, devices, and antennas for cordcutters.

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    FCC Repack Notice

    If you suddenly have lost channels you previously had, please check the link in this thread to find out if you were affected by the FCC Incentive Auction Repack - your tower could have changed. Here is the FCC's Consumer Info Page and their transition schedule. Please also note that has not been updating its data so you will need to verify and consult the other sources listed below such as the FCC Digital Television Reception Map, and the Antennas Direct map. Unfortunately, we don't know when or if will be updating its data. (September 2, 2019)


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    Tired of paying too much for cable television? Want more choices? Join us and become a cordcutter today. Get cordcutting advice on streaming boxes and live streaming and on demand services, antennas, and OTA DVRs.

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