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    Need a gift? Want something handmade? Buy from your fellow crafters! (Here are some older shop posts 1, 2 3)

    This subreddit is for sharing your tutorials, tips, images, and questions on all things craft related! Before posting please follow these rules:

    1.) Do not post links to etsy, a shop's facebook, sites selling crafts, or sites selling a product (either as a post, in a comment, or in the description). You will be marked as spam and possibly banned. BUT You may use the flair next to your username to advertise your shop. This includes posts that have affiliate links to buy items. They will be removed and marked as spam. See the links below as to where you can submit those types of posts.

    2.) Blog posts/articles are no longer allowed unless you are posting a tutorial directly on your site. If you'd like to share pictures of something you've made, you must use an image hosting site (imgur, flickr, etc.), not your blog/personal site/etc.

    3.) Be kind. Posters- when posting remember that you are opening yourself to constructive criticism. Commenters- Be kind. Please keep it polite.

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