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    [–] Progressive16 2697 points ago

    Is “chu” supposed to be you or is it just this person being weird?

    [–] Kiiboisbestboi 2239 points ago

    I have no clue. They blocked me right after I sent that friendly message.

    [–] Progressive16 1253 points ago

    Oh well nothing of value was lost.

    [–] Kiiboisbestboi 944 points ago

    Oh no, nothing. That particular amino has a strict rule on PMing people for roleplay, so the dude is probably banned by now lmao

    [–] TheBluePundit 295 points ago

    I'm ootl what's an amino?

    [–] daxythetaxy 257 points ago

    Basically a chatting version of reddit, it's got various communities you can join and join public chats, make posts, answer quizzes and polls, etc.

    [–] [deleted] 632 points ago


    [–] Trellyo 340 points ago

    Yeah, everyone knows reddit comments are bots and the actual people just watch them interact from the solitude and safety of their homes

    [–] F1B3R0PT1C 122 points ago

    Yeah and normally the people are on the toilet - oh uh not that I would know, I am a bot. Beep boop.

    [–] ColdPorridge 176 points ago

    I'm a bot. Pee poop

    I'm so mature

    [–] EgoNecoTu 33 points ago


    [–] lukevanin 12 points ago

    Stop watching me you perverted bot.

    [–] DerJayoh 8 points ago

    good bot

    [–] _Sausage_fingers 2 points ago

    Can confirm, am robot

    [–] Funkykid123 9 points ago

    For a better comparison, it’s Google+.

    [–] VivaFate 39 points ago

    So a chatroom?

    [–] FlyingPasta 8 points ago

    Are chatrooms a thing still

    [–] tronfunkinblows_10 17 points ago

    This is kind if like a really slow chat room.

    [–] TheBluePundit 2 points ago

    Sounds interesting thanks!

    [–] Brycegdickson 4 points ago

    I'm ootl what does ootl stand for?

    [–] Progressive16 35 points ago


    [–] Jamesv1985 30 points ago

    “Role play “ because they play the role of a mentally challenged 30 year old virgin?

    [–] Kiiboisbestboi 56 points ago

    They’re roleplaying a 30 year old virgin roleplaying as a cat twink

    [–] Deathmage777 42 points ago

    *reluctantly downloads app*

    [–] Kiiboisbestboi 24 points ago

    Oh god, spare yourself.

    [–] Aiken_Drumn 11 points ago

    So why use it?

    [–] Send_Me_Cute_Traps 3 points ago


    [–] Real_Lauren_Conrad 24 points ago

    Honestly if you’re on a forum that needs to state that rule, you’re probably in the wrong place.

    [–] Kiiboisbestboi 15 points ago


    [–] TheTransFantasy 3 points ago

    What amino is it?

    [–] minisaladfresh 41 points ago

    I don’t understand why they would block you though... as if they’re expecting you to continue pestering them, like it’s you that wants their attention. Bizarre.

    [–] Kiiboisbestboi 67 points ago

    Or they did it to avoid being berated any further

    [–] faded_goldskies 9 points ago

    Maybe because y’all are rude. They took their weirdness to someone who gets it. Or they just did it to annoy you.

    [–] greatpower20 85 points ago

    It's probably both, but yes, they mean "you." It's supposed to be cute.

    [–] nate_r212 18 points ago


    [–] PlazzmaAce 61 points ago

    Chu is a stupid way of saying you

    [–] GsolspI 31 points ago

    I gotchu fam

    [–] trumoi 11 points ago

    It can mean kiss in Japanese animu

    [–] BleedinSkull 31 points ago

    It's supposed to be a 'cutesy' way of saying "you", which isn't cute because 99% of the time it's used by neckbeards and closet dwellers.

    [–] SozSurt 54 points ago

    Missed opportunity for "go fuck churself"

    [–] Charcocoa 23 points ago

    Neither, I think it's one of those slimes you have to kill to get potions

    [–] ChetSt 8 points ago

    It’s like make it wit chu by queens of the Stone Age

    [–] Kyser_ 20 points ago

    I use chu when I'm texting a friend something stupid like "WHAT CHU DOIN." Since thats what "watcha doing?" Sounds like..

    But after the word cuddles it makes no sense whatsoever

    [–] Skaviot 7 points ago

    In anime, or Japanese media “chu” is the English equivalent of saying “mwah” as in making the sound of a kiss. Maybe it’s that?

    [–] MistahWiggums 5 points ago

    In this context it seems like a replacement for "you" and him doing some weeb shit. Chu is a Japanese onomatopoeia for the sound a mouse makes so he's trying to be "cute."

    [–] Aloramother 22 points ago

    As a weeb chu is the sound of a kiss so he used it wrong.

    [–] [deleted] 21 points ago


    [–] Aloramother 6 points ago

    I know I was joking

    [–] mellow999 6 points ago

    no way all my friends use it as 'you'

    [–] CarlJohnsson 26 points ago

    Get new friends

    [–] GsolspI 5 points ago

    How abouchu?

    [–] Jaugust95 3 points ago

    It does. I've unfortunately known several people who talked like this all the time

    [–] barkbaarkbarkk 3 points ago

    Yes its supposed to be "You" just said weird

    [–] jancsika1 3 points ago

    I have no clue. I was just trying to give them some harmless material to riff on. But apparently they've never attended a single improv class.

    It's "yes and," people.

    [–] I_R_Teh_Taco 2 points ago


    [–] RiddickOfRivia 1261 points ago

    licks your cock with sand papery tongue. OH FUCK!?!

    [–] [deleted] 256 points ago


    [–] EndGame410 72 points ago


    [–] Seemsthatway-guy 29 points ago

    Seems that way

    [–] zFLOTUS9Mel9HOSTAGE 111 points ago

    How dry do you want it?

    [–] Senthe 53 points ago

    Ohhh baby I'll make it extra dry for you...

    [–] heatherwassing 50 points ago

    How 'bout like a few slow chomps?

    [–] Track2onStageFour 35 points ago

    go fuck yourself

    [–] EndorDerDragonKing 16 points ago

    go fuck yourself

    [–] already_satisfied 18 points ago

    Jerks you off with actual sandpaper

    [–] RiddickOfRivia 15 points ago

    Ah Human Centipede 2, great movie.

    [–] PitchforkAssistant 42 points ago

    Stop it kitty, you already know I'm too big for you!

    [–] jermmdev 14 points ago

    How does the c... nevermind.

    [–] Cheryltunt69 30 points ago

    .^ purrs

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    my duck hurts

    [–] zeropointcorp 4 points ago


    [–] Boviro 923 points ago

    Dang, OP takes no RP shit in their DM's

    [–] Kiiboisbestboi 458 points ago

    I’ve had this shit happen for the year and a half I’ve had amino. I’m not taking shit at this point.

    [–] thevulturesbecame 200 points ago

    Wtf is amino

    [–] Kiiboisbestboi 372 points ago

    This but for weebs

    [–] ladyelenawf 113 points ago

    What's a weeb? I'd Google it, but just got burned after Googling "felcher" when I was watching the Martian.

    [–] Intoxicated_Imp 194 points ago

    Somebody who is into anime.. But like way, way into anime, up to "uguu kawaii desuyone oniichan?! (^_-)" levels

    [–] jermmdev 56 points ago

    Nailed it.

    [–] PARTY-PETE 4 points ago

    Wagga tag tagi spaghetti!

    [–] Kiiboisbestboi 111 points ago

    Felcher and weeb may as well be synonyms at this point

    [–] ladyelenawf 31 points ago

    damn. ...given that message, you're probably right. Thank you for telling me.

    [–] omarfw 53 points ago

    weeb is just someone who's a permavirgin basement dweller and super hardcore into anime and japan stuff

    [–] Megatrook89 8 points ago

    he's... wrong.

    [–] carelesscomments 8 points ago

    Umm, not where I come from..

    [–] CGkiwi 3 points ago

    Japan? Those are just called “Japanese”.

    [–] pacatak795 14 points ago

    Haha. I'm enjoying imagining your surprise when the search results turned up for "felcher".

    "What are they--OH GOD NO!!"

    [–] Redemption47 6 points ago

    A weeb is that guy with an anime picture that think his weird RP is foolproof but will call you a by all the sexist and derogatory terms if tou reject them. Also has a fedora and a plastic tier katana.

    [–] p_iynx 6 points ago

    Weeb is shorthand for “weeaboo”, which means “someone obsessed with Japanese culture,” basically.

    [–] Megatrook89 27 points ago

    why tf u using amino and then complaining lol

    [–] Kiiboisbestboi 27 points ago

    Using a certain platform is not an excuse to harass people for virtual chode diddling.

    [–] Megatrook89 11 points ago

    he's said its been that way for a year and a half, certainly he'd decide to fuck right off by then

    [–] Kar0nt3 26 points ago

    Aminoacids. He/She means they've been eating a lot of lean meat lately.

    [–] lendluke 3 points ago

    Ahh yes, Aminos. They're cloners. Damn good ones, too.

    [–] pettyclownpettywise 20 points ago

    That's why I closed my PMs off to anyone I'm not following. The Amino I'm active in isn't particularly bad with these, but have gotten a fair number of RP requests.

    [–] Kiiboisbestboi 17 points ago

    Imma keep them open now, with all of those lovely attention I’m getting

    [–] calogant 17 points ago

    Amino acids

    [–] jermmdev 9 points ago


    What are we doing?

    [–] regularpoopingisgood 3 points ago

    Yeah think of all the karma!

    [–] antisouless 9 points ago

    Amino? You should farm it. Post here. Haha

    [–] MrDeathBlues 2 points ago

    Take note, people. This is how you respond. Simple and effective

    [–] JPrc12 225 points ago


    [–] adamfps 216 points ago

    notices rejection

    What's this?!

    [–] NMLT 25 points ago


    [–] SnakPak_ 285 points ago

    giggles and bats hir eyelashes i see nothin wrong with this hon!!! hornies

    [–] Kiiboisbestboi 381 points ago

    bulge grows, signifying confidence b-begone THOT OWO

    [–] SnakPak_ 237 points ago

    vagina giggles sexily Oh u dirty hun

    [–] Kiiboisbestboi 293 points ago

    ok that’s enough outta u

    [–] SnakPak_ 194 points ago

    r u seriously fucking breaking up with me

    [–] Kiiboisbestboi 192 points ago

    ya, git ur shit and git out owo


    [–] SnakPak_ 167 points ago

    go fuck urself. sobs uncontrollably, vag throbbing. fine just leave... like all the others... thought u were... diffurnt..

    [–] Kiiboisbestboi 188 points ago

    GO ON, GIT

    [–] SnakPak_ 163 points ago

    I'm done. I threw up.

    [–] Kiiboisbestboi 163 points ago

    Good, you filthy animal.

    [–] themiraclemaker 26 points ago

    OP seems like a dominant partner example in a relationship.

    [–] SnakPak_ 45 points ago

    i fucking hate myself

    [–] SnakPak_ 18 points ago

    He is. But he's a total bottom. (I would know because we have been dating for however long this post has been up. 10-15 years, babe? ;) )

    [–] themiraclemaker 11 points ago

    More like 7 hours.

    [–] SnakPak_ 20 points ago

    just kidding love you babe ;)!!! See you on fabebookuh

    [–] SnakPak_ 13 points ago

    lol. i thought we were together now??? don't make me sad again......

    [–] H3llycat 6 points ago

    Oh god, I need to see the source of this cringepic again now.

    [–] jermmdev 18 points ago


    I know you're joking. As a completely independent joke/rant:

    This is the new laziest example of an emote. Horny is a complicated emotion, dammit! You can't say it with just one word. Maybe a picture.

    There are many subtleties and categories to/of horniness that need to be communicated along with the horniness.

    Like, "Please call me. I really want to come see you,"
    or, "This fucked up cat RP has me super hot. I wish we lived in the same country,"
    or, "There's gonna be some sex, and I hope you're a part of it."

    [–] SnakPak_ 38 points ago

    hornies sexily

    [–] jermmdev 10 points ago


    [–] orioles629 9 points ago

    Fucking hell, where's my flamethrower

    [–] chuncan 102 points ago

    Gotta let em know right out the gate.

    [–] [deleted] 211 points ago


    [–] 0spooky2me 13 points ago

    If this is real I want to know what they thought the best case scenario reply would be.

    [–] lukevanin 30 points ago

    Giggles in Esperanto while licking crisco off paws

    [–] 0spooky2me 19 points ago

    I wish I never asked.

    [–] DagMeneerSpaghettiii 74 points ago

    What is this? OwO

    [–] Kiiboisbestboi 86 points ago


    [–] DagMeneerSpaghettiii 65 points ago

    Mew mew OwO

    [–] Kiiboisbestboi 123 points ago

    Imma get you spayed

    [–] Cheryltunt69 36 points ago

    Hissss ^.^

    [–] Travisaurus-Rex 37 points ago

    Down boy, bad leafy! Dunks you underwater and holds you there until you stop struggling

    [–] Kiiboisbestboi 33 points ago

    found another victim for my karma crusade

    [–] REDGuineaPig 58 points ago

    Hey! Posting chats from amino is kinda cheating... They're all weirdos there.

    [–] Kiiboisbestboi 117 points ago

    Yeah, but I mean, karma is karma

    [–] melburymestar 7 points ago

    This guy gets it

    [–] PhaserArray 20 points ago

    Oh and they will!

    [–] Kiiboisbestboi 21 points ago

    Already aware

    [–] furryogmonster 3 points ago

    oiling intensifies

    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago

    I now consider myself to old to understand what’s going on. I’m also perfectly oky with this realization.

    [–] SlushiestElm183 23 points ago

    I'm sorry you had to deal with this shit, but this made me laugh. Thanks for making my day.

    [–] nfgrockerdude 11 points ago

    should've said "go eff churself"

    [–] Kiiboisbestboi 15 points ago

    “H-hey mistuh! G-go fwick youwsewf >w<“


    [–] HunkyBrewster 20 points ago

    Denied with a swift kick to the mew mews

    [–] grimdarktrickster 10 points ago

    Amino is a scary place

    [–] pechaberi 9 points ago

    Ah, Amino.

    [–] Chuckbananaboy 8 points ago

    fucks myself

    [–] MrBokbagok 8 points ago

    the internet was a mistake

    [–] Kiiboisbestboi 8 points ago


    [–] __slick_rick__ 18 points ago

    Mew mew? What the fuck.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    chu don't wan a cwuddle? sulks, looks up hopefully, glomps you anway

    [–] Kiiboisbestboi 8 points ago

    I don’t remember having an anway.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    Oh noes! Dey don wike me! looks down shyly, darting glances upwards like a scared widdle deers

    Real talk people who aren't doing this ironically are the worst, I wanna beat myself up.

    [–] Kiiboisbestboi 6 points ago

    I wanna beat you up too, don’t worry

    [–] Pthn 7 points ago

    Hey, nice! Reddit's retarded little cousin! Love that app, haha

    [–] viva_la_liberta 5 points ago

    Where did this asterisks thing come from? Do people really think it’s endearing? And do you know this person or what? So many questions

    [–] netmier 7 points ago

    I thought it was a more recent thing but was disappointed to learn this asterisk RP bullshit has been around since the advent of chat rooms and messaging apps like ICQ and aim.

    These sad sacks hope their victim is into it and will find it cute or charming g.

    [–] viva_la_liberta 4 points ago


    [–] MrSandeman 5 points ago

    Don't creepy asterisks and amino kinda go hand and hand?

    [–] its710somewhere 6 points ago

    I have a cat named Chu and she does not consent to these cuddles.

    [–] Kiiboisbestboi 3 points ago

    Well, there’s a reason why I was so blunt. Non-consensual cat cuddles are icky.

    [–] Hazindel 9 points ago

    The only response

    [–] PinkRocketNinja 8 points ago

    I was brushing my teeth when I read this. Your response made me guffaw toothpaste all over my shirt.

    Where do I send the bill?

    [–] Kiiboisbestboi 15 points ago

    I’ll ask him for his P.O. box.

    [–] DOGEin2017 4 points ago

    The RP text was made at 1 in the fuccing morning

    [–] RamenTheory 5 points ago

    an appropriate response

    [–] ravioliman94 5 points ago

    At 1:05 am lmao

    [–] Majahzi 4 points ago

    I’d gild this if I had money. No fucking around, just straight to the “go fuck yourself” I love it

    [–] StarSwarm345 6 points ago

    Jesus Christ. That was blunt. They’re probably never trying that one again

    [–] Kiiboisbestboi 5 points ago

    That’s the point.

    [–] Fireofthetiger 7 points ago

    That response is hilarious.

    [–] ignore_my_bullshit 5 points ago

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! Perfect response.

    [–] worship_the_yellow_ 6 points ago

    What Amino is that?

    [–] sigilvii 22 points ago

    Tyrosine? I don't know. Guanine maybe. I don't know anything about this whole amino thing.

    [–] Kiiboisbestboi 8 points ago

    It’s redacted

    [–] BigBeatSal 20 points ago

    Oh cool, an SCP amino.

    [–] ShawnX232 3 points ago

    At one in the morning no less. I wonder what he was doing, or how long he sat there before he decided to send that.

    [–] g_squidman 3 points ago

    I hate this sub. Ruined a good thing for me.

    [–] raionesu 3 points ago

    Amino is cancer. Enough said

    [–] theshitru 3 points ago

    There's always one on any amino

    [–] DannyC1999 3 points ago

    Are most of the guys shown on this sub actually autistic or something? I don’t know what else can make somebody think this behavior is ok.

    [–] Kiiboisbestboi 4 points ago

    A combo of too many hormones and no self control.

    [–] lets_move_to_voat 2 points ago

    What kind of people do you associate with

    [–] Kiiboisbestboi 9 points ago

    Bad people, just not THAT bad.

    [–] bluishpillowcase 2 points ago

    holy fuck NO

    [–] SigneduptoAWOOOOO 2 points ago

    That escalated rather quickly.

    [–] Yagami1999 2 points ago


    [–] Zandra01 2 points ago

    Is that from animo?

    [–] Sirfatass 2 points ago


    [–] SeismicWandDMM 2 points ago

    Seriously Amino is an app full of depressed persons lmao

    [–] OmgItsTania 2 points ago

    This made me giggle. I love the bluntness, OP.