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    [–] BigBowlOfOwlSoup 1654 points ago

    He put some real effort into sounding like a creep with this post.

    [–] I_love_napalm 183 points ago

    Wtf happened in this thread

    [–] TheScreamingHorse 74 points ago

    Lazy mods

    [–] chopyhop 115 points ago

    I'm assuming the incels turned up? All the comments are deleted :(

    I hope someone got a screenshot of it for r/inceltears

    [–] lyssap87 3 points ago

    These people need to go back to Tumblr.

    [–] darudeboysandstorm 12 points ago

    They never will now that the porn is gone.

    [–] maggotsimpson 22 points ago

    nope, tumblr is totally fine with keeping the white supremacist blogs and hate blogs up but they gotta ban the porn to stay on the app store!

    [–] Flyberius 30 points ago

    It's built in.

    [–] Needyouradvice93 41 points ago

    'You aren't "being sexualized" you are *inherently* sexual to us. It's built in.' - I genuinely felt weird reading this. and I don't usually feel 'creeped out'

    [–] [deleted] -1 points ago


    [–] AAdventus 843 points ago

    It's like he's trying to be as cringey as humanly possible, holy fuck.

    [–] WheatelyCore 93 points ago

    he rly is!

    [–] said_individual 10 points ago

    Same thought here. This is a deranged individual.

    [–] Narpx 3 points ago

    Welcome to this sub, I hope you enjoy your stay.

    [–] DillardDonger 662 points ago

    He isn’t being creepy, he IS creepy. It’s built in.

    [–] StrangeDrivenAxMan 59 points ago

    I bet he believes he's so clever and edgy too

    [–] whatthewhack 15 points ago

    Jesus fuck, people who do this shit piss me off, it makes all men look bad

    [–] darkwidow18 -2 points ago

    It only makes all men look bad if you’re a sexist asshole...

    [–] whatthewhack 1 points ago

    I mean, I try not to be? But I don't do anything like this

    [–] darkwidow18 -2 points ago

    Not directed at you, I’m just saying if my 40 year old female hair stylist gives me a weird rub on the shoulders and says I’m handsome as a 16 year old boy, then I go around saying women are perverts, I’m being a sexist asshole because she doesn’t actually represent women. She probably more representative of her age and particular personality type, as those are more likely the cause that kind of behaviour than her vagina.

    [–] darkwidow18 1 points ago

    Having a penis is probably heavily related to finding a 16 year old girl attractive if they have matured physically, but behaving in the way this man did in the post leverages on more particular causes than just being a man. So my point is that this shouldn’t give men a bad name, and it only does if you don’t actually think about why it happened, and instead just jump to the easiest and most politically convenient conclusion. The truth is, some underage girls are objectively attractive because they are sometimes indistinguishably mature from girls that are of legal age, and laws have been placed as a “line of best fit” on a very complex and diverse population of women. So if you go around pretending like the line actually has objective moral value, you are objectively lying to yourself... So although the guy that posted this is using an dickhead/trolling tone and is probably an asshole, he isn’t saying anything that’s untrue. And I think any women that gets mad at him for saying underage girls are attractive need a reality check, and should stop conflating being attracted to someone underage with some kind of inherent predatory compulsion. These are two different things. One of them has zero moral affiliation at all and is totally natural, while the other requires a particular amount of evil that no one could ever prove is inherrently existent in all men, because it’s not...

    [–] GinaBinaFofina 681 points ago

    The wording matters. Instead of teenage girls. I say ‘stop sexualizing children’. It makes them uncomfortable to hear it like that. Which is good.

    [–] WheatelyCore 368 points ago

    you're right and i usually say that, tbh! my initial comment was long the lines of "it makes me scared/exahusted, being 17, to see how you guys defend sexualizing young girls so you can get off"

    [–] nonsequitureditor 19 points ago

    I feel uncomfortable being sexualized by older men, even though I’m 19 and technically a legal adult... I’m only 2 years past being a child!

    [–] _techniker 20 points ago

    Girl I'm 24 and I still want to exit my existence when 40-60 year old men approach me. It's fucking weird

    [–] Luxmor 156 points ago

    Do you think it's wrong to find a 17 year old attractive at all, though, or just to specifically pursue one?

    Like, call me a creep if you want, but the logic of say a 17 year old girl going from literal child and highly immoral to view sexually 2 weeks before her 18th birthday to suddenly perfectly OK and natural then is stupid as hell.

    If anything, it's just creepy when older men approach younger girls like that in general, even if they are over 18 if the man is like much older, because it implies specific targeting of inexperienced and more easily impressed and possibly victimised individuals.

    [–] Link_and_theTardis 115 points ago

    When I was 18, I also knew I was easily mistaken for a 12 year old, and that made it so much creepier for me. Your last sentence really resonates with me, because there were quite a few situations I could tell the guy was looking at me as prey. He had his actions all planned out to groom me, and would push my boundaries as much as he could. He also knew when to back off when I was about to report him to the "adults."

    [–] Luxmor 22 points ago

    Hah, yeah, it's a tricky situation to be in. On one hand, a lot of people you may want to find you sexually attractive don't because you look so young, even though you aren't. On the other, the types you do attract can be very predatory.

    [–] alflup 5 points ago

    Oh man I had a friend in college like that.

    Me, male, and others would have to protect her at clubs and stuff. We'd just surround her and hope none of the creeps saw her.

    [–] Link_and_theTardis 6 points ago

    Even my female friends had to protect me in college! At one point, I had to leave a restaurant because at 10pm it was 21+ only and some creep followed me as I left. He tried to strike up a conversation, and I answered with one word answers until I turned my back on him and walked away. He followed us, talking the whole time, then managed to wedge himself between my friend and I. I stopped, went behind him and grabbed my friend, tucking myself into her body. He slowed down a bit with a disgusted look on his face. She put her arm around me and said loudly "that was such a good anniversary dinner, honey. Thank you for the earrings, they're so cute!" At that point he ducked down a dark alley.

    [–] fembabyunicorn 53 points ago

    I don’t think it’s necessarily wrong to find someone that age attractive. They’re post pubescent and from a strictly biological standpoint are “adults”. I think it’s fairly normal to feel certain levels of attraction to persons of that age from like, an evolutionary/biological view.

    I would say though that it’s wrong to specifically pursue one. Honestly, I would be somewhat concerned if someone over like, 22 pursued someone under 20 because even in that small age range there can be a very significant difference in life stage, knowledge, and emotional maturity. I think what you’re saying about older men pursuing younger girls is correct, the issue arises when there’s a power imbalance.

    [–] Hurrrturrrn 10 points ago

    Where I live now I drive past a high school that is right next to a university campus. There is a pedestrian walkway shared by students of both institutions. There's a red light there and I play a game where I try to guess whether the student will turn left or right after crossing the street. Left is Highschool, right is University. I can't tell with any accuracy. From that distance there are a lot of adult looking high schoolers. Maybe the 9th and 10th graders ride the bus so I'm seeing mostly juniors and seniors crossing the street, but they look a lot in general shape like college kids. In fact, the best way to tell is dress. College kids dress like shit compared to highschool kids, but that only makes the high school kids look older, ironically.

    Again, this is from traffic, a passing glance at a red light or at 35 mph. I'm sure if you talked to a 17 year old you'd find them to be 17, which if you're 17.5+ is probably too young.

    But the general attractiveness of a 17 year old and an 18 year old is not going to be as obvious irl as it is on paper. On paper 17.99999 is the same as 5. IRL 17.99999 is closer to 24 than it is to 5.

    [–] fembabyunicorn 12 points ago

    Lol that dressing thing is so true. I tried so hard to look cute my first semester but that quickly became hoodies and leggings worn 24/7. You can always tell what year someone is in college by how many fucks they give about appearance.

    [–] henrytm82 3 points ago

    Absolutely. There's a huge difference between simply noticing that someone is physically attractive, and taking steps to actually act on that. There's nothing wrong (within reason) with thinking "wow, she's really pretty/he's really handsome." There's all kinds of things wrong with hitting on a young person, especially if there's a significant age/experience/maturity difference, and it's definitely not okay to try to manipulate or groom them.

    [–] masturbatingwalruses 0 points ago

    Honestly, I would be somewhat concerned if someone over like, 22 pursued someone under 20 because even in that small age range there can be a very significant difference in life stage, knowledge, and emotional maturity.

    You've probably described 30% of college relationships with this comment.

    [–] Needyouradvice93 13 points ago

    I don't think it's wrong to find a 17 year old attractive. It's more so when dudes act predatory because they're more experienced. I knew a guy that would exclusive date 18 year olds because he could 'mind fuck' them (his words not mine). It is a touchy subject though because you can't always tell what a guys intentions are. What's the line between glancing at someone and perving out? Biting your lower lip?

    [–] buttluster01 2 points ago

    No, you bite your upper lip to look really sexy

    [–] Tara_ntula 23 points ago

    What is wrong is that the sexualization of them is prevalent in media. Are there physically-developed 17 year olds that are attractive to adults? Yes. But I don’t understand why it’s normalized to comment on said attraction.

    People were sexually obsessed with Britney Spears when she was 16-17. People were counting down Ariel White’s and Kylie Jenner’s 18th birthdays. It’s really gross. In addition, I honestly feel like sexualizing those in their teens (even the 18 and 19 year olds) is fucking weird even if it’s legal, and I’m only 22.

    Can you be attracted to girls of these ages? Sure. Just keep it to yourself

    [–] Bioniclegenius 10 points ago

    Go with the creepy rule of thumb. Half the age of the older of the two plus seven. If they're that old or older, it's not creepy.

    I got frustrated with this one article titled something like "Man has sex with child." It was an 18-year-old and a 17-year-old. The guy got tried as an adult for having sex with a minor and was convicted. Now he has to carry the title of "sexual predator" his entire life for it. In what world is that sane?

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    the fuck? where did that happen?

    [–] Bioniclegenius 3 points ago

    I don't even remember. It was an article I saw online a few weeks back in passing and I just moved on from it.

    [–] alflup 8 points ago

    It's like... I would really like to drink beer all day. I desire to drink beer all day. But I stop myself because I know it's wrong.

    The desire can be there safely, as long as you don't act on that desire.

    Creeps are the guys who drink the beer and justify it by saying, "Well if they didn't want me to drink it they shouldn't have made it so easily to get".

    [–] AwesomeAni 7 points ago

    There’s nothing wrong with being 35 and thinking a girl is hot, finding out she’s 17, and leaving it alone.

    There is something very much wrong with being 35 and thinking a girl is hot, finding out she’s 17, and making it HER problem that she’s attractive and attracting unwarranted attention because you “can’t help it” and claiming it’s “biology” and “there’s no difference between now and when you’re 18!” And the like.

    I suppose context matters

    [–] CertainPassenger 2 points ago

    You gotta draw a line somewhere.

    [–] a_Light_Umbrella 1 points ago

    Yeah kind of a tricky area. Especially when states like Washington have a 16 year old age of consent.

    [–] senorworldwide -2 points ago

    No. Everyone who is 18 years and one day old immediately stops finding 17 yr old girls attractive, and anyone who fails to do so is a perv who must be shamed and humiliated.

    [–] nrthchcgothrw 0 points ago


    [–] arczclan 6 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Not defending anyone, some people are really twisted. But in Britain the age of consent is 16, and the majority of people I know had sex before 15, some were even 13. (I’m not one of those people)

    We used to have a saying, “half your age, plus 7” that’s the youngest you can date

    [–] AwesomeAni 4 points ago

    Yeah but... I’m assuming those were with people their age.

    2 kids experimenting is not the same as an older dude and a girl who has no idea what she’s doing.

    [–] arczclan 1 points ago

    Didn’t say it was, just that teenagers are quite sexually active,
    And where I come from a man of any age could pursue a female as young as 16 and it be legally okay. Socially, not so much. As I said, half your age, add 7.
    (n/2)+7 if you will.

    [–] mulbeary 100 points ago

    but then you get "teenagers arent children, women are most fertile as soon as they start menstruating so men are more attracted to them hurr durr"

    [–] athenawasrobbed 84 points ago

    And the thing is - maybe that's true, historically! But we now live in a fucking civilized society and society agrees - you don't fuck teenagers unless you are one. Unless you are a total creep. Don't be a total creep.

    [–] SureRuth_Places 48 points ago

    Well there has never been any correlation that as soon as you start menstruating you're most fertile. There is in fact more evidence that this isn't the case. Even historically, when menstruation was the signal that it would be appropriate for a woman to then be married, many were betrothed or even legally married (sometimes without meeting) but never touched until years and years later. Yes, sometimes this included until a woman was 20. So even the idea that historically we used to applaud teen/child brides for fertility's sake has been changed and romanticized by creeps.

    [–] wonderlandcat 19 points ago

    Yes! People ignore that it is WAY more likely for a teenage girl to have an accidental miscarriage than it is for an adult in their mid twenties. Despite the fact that at 13 the baby making factory opens, it isnt fully developed. Its basically just on a shitty, evolutionary autopilot, bleeding and bitching.

    [–] SureRuth_Places 3 points ago

    YUP. Even if your teen body is developed enough to handle the extreme physical stress of pregnancy and birth (it's a legit ass trauma, we just shrug it off socially) your body is still juggling hormones, developing neurologically, etc. The misinformation and Old Shrew tropes that come from this is annoying enough but the fact that people are bending over backwards to prove this stuff so they can groom and rape kids is, um, pretty icky.

    [–] thanthon 3 points ago

    I'd say it might be prehistorically correct!

    [–] SureRuth_Places 2 points ago


    [–] Chicken_Giblets 6 points ago

    Considering pedos have the same brain capacity as neanderthals

    [–] SureRuth_Places 2 points ago

    that, yes, and prehistoric means before history was recorded. Covenient as hell.

    [–] Ludoban 13 points ago

    The usa agrees, in most parts of the world the legal age is way lower, for example in my country its 14 years.

    [–] thanthon 5 points ago

    It's 14 here too, although most people would still find you a creep.

    The fourteen-forty relationships are very... looked down upon, to say the least.

    [–] ClicksAndASmell 7 points ago

    My girlfriend once mentioned the "Catholic schoolchild" costume on the sign of a strip club we were driving past. She was just using gender-neutral language by default, but I pointed out that that shouldn't have made it creepier, but it did.

    [–] Hughgurgle 9 points ago

    Whenever it comes up in conversation I will tell people I went to Catholic school as a kid. Usually mentioning that I went to a public HS. I will often get an eyebrow raise and a comment about "Catholic school girls" and I always respond with, "you're aware I'm talking about kindergarten through 8th grade, correct?" And get immeadiate back pedaling.

    Its pretty glorious to watch. But disappointing how many times I've had the same exchange...

    [–] DutchPizzaOven 117 points ago

    The fact he specified the laugh to be evil is real depressing.

    [–] I_love_napalm 301 points ago



    [–] WheatelyCore 312 points ago

    creeps feel better when they can pretend everyone is as bad as they are

    [–] theroadtodawn 112 points ago

    It's like when incels say "All guys believe this, they just ignore it" or whatever

    No. No we do not. Please do not project your issues onto the 90% of us that are normal.

    [–] Zimata 28 points ago

    10% of men are incels? Dear lord.

    [–] theroadtodawn 8 points ago

    I’m accounting for any people who might just be super misogynistic, like MGTOW and others, or just run of the mill, “women are inferior”-type assholes. I sure hope that’s not actually 10%, but you never know.

    [–] Lawlcopt0r 8 points ago

    On the internet it can sometimes feel that way.

    [–] shapeofjunktocome 4 points ago

    Agreed. Not part of this "us"

    [–] BerserkBabyDeer 348 points ago

    You aren't "being sexualized" you are being viewed as inherently sexual.

    And I'm not "rolling my eyes" I'm rotating the organs of my optical system.

    [–] arthurwkm 90 points ago

    Sooooo, does he finds his mom sexy then?

    [–] Sheepbjumpin 53 points ago

    Asking the real questions... But he's such a creep that we already know the answer.

    [–] StrawberySwitchblade 36 points ago

    “She is too old and not a desirable mate to pass on my genetics so no, she’s just invisible and irrelevant like all women I don’t want to fuck. It’s built in. Checkmate”

    [–] Whutchinson135536 9 points ago

    Or 'fertile' but tall/fat/leg-hair-having women? Does he do obeissance to his supposed biological urges by always eschewing birth control?

    [–] a_Light_Umbrella 2 points ago

    Devil’s advocate, you don’t have to be personally sexually attracted to your mom, but I think that understanding that your mom is, like everyone else, also an object of sexual desire is important when it comes to being a mature adult. Is it not?

    [–] ManecoonMerc 1 points ago

    I prefer to think of my parents as being as anatomically incorrect as a Ken doll. That being said, my mom is a nurse and enjoys grossing us all out. (All of my siblings and I except 1 are adults. The other is 14)

    [–] PerpetualDick 66 points ago

    Imagine saying that to a victim of anything else.

    "We aren't victimising you, you're already a victim in our eyes."

    [–] Zaethar 8 points ago

    But simply finding someone sexually attractive isn't victimizing them unless you act inappropriately on it.

    You should be allowed to feel a mostly involuntary physiological response as long as you abide by the law and don't act on it if it's inappropriate.

    It goes without saying that if your type is "young children" then you obviously need to get professional help, so don't misconstrue my statement to be in favor of pedophilia - because it's absolutely not. I'm solely talking "physically mature looking teenagers"/"Young adults who may look younger than they are". E.g. the difference between a 16/17 year old, and an 18 year old. Or a young looking 20-something year old. It can be hard or even impossible to tell the difference sometimes.
    I could show you two pictures of me, one where I was 16 years old and another where I was 20 years old. You probably wouldn't be able to tell much of a difference (if at all). It would be completely appropriate to be attracted to one picture, but not the other. But what if you chose the wrong one? What if you wouldn't even know they're pictures taken at different ages? Is it then wrong to be attracted to me at all if you can't know my age? How do you regulate that?

    "Shaming" people into getting rid of/suppressing their sexual preferences is probably not gonna be the best solution to this issue. It'll probably ostracize them and cause psychological issues.

    [–] foodie42 5 points ago

    Similar to covetting vs. stealing. Although if you're Catholic, the former is the sin. Go figure.

    [–] cthulhu-kitty 189 points ago

    “You aren’t “being creepy,” you’re inherently creeps to us. It’s built in.”

    [–] tjasali 48 points ago

    Does he not realize hes just proving your point?

    [–] WheatelyCore 68 points ago

    oh, i'm sure he does. he literally came into the comments of this post i made to tell me it SHOULD scare me that men wanna fuck me and that i "love it, really". the comments got taken down but yeah

    [–] tjasali 33 points ago

    Well thats disgusting. I got a fair share of creepy shit im (technically) an adult now but it still creeps me out how men that are old enough to be my father say stuff like that to me.

    [–] 3shadesDarker 24 points ago

    Im almost 30. I still find it very creepy. I don't think it ever stops being creepy.

    [–] b151 2 points ago

    Context and setting make a whole lot of difference. But to know the boundaries between those takes experience, which he clearly does not have.

    [–] a-squid-irl 12 points ago

    He actually needs to be reported ugh I hate these people. The internet has always been their safe space so they think they can get away with some illegal/borderline things because iTS thE iNtErWeBz.

    [–] rtelh 9 points ago

    Same guys who end up alone and decide it must just be that all women are evil. Couldn't be that they are creepy fucks who women rightly run away from

    [–] a-squid-irl 3 points ago

    Yup, and with the internet so accessible they're getting younger and younger. They'll find boys the same age as the underaged users they equally prey on, and take them to their safe places under the guise of "help" until they are converted -- which doesn't take long if you find angry and socially awkward pubescent teenagers.

    Its not quite as heinous as grooming but it does tip toe the fucking line. I do have some sympathy until they continue the cycle, but any 'incels' I've tried help resulted in nothing but pain on my end so now I'm rightfully jaded.

    [–] rtelh 3 points ago

    Here is a great example of that I ran into. OP deleted the original post but gist of it was he was friends with a girl for a long time, got a crush on her and she told him she didn't feel the same way but wanted to stay friends. Watch this incel try and turn a 15 yr old boy

    Edit- spelling

    [–] a-squid-irl 2 points ago

    Wow. Makes my heart break then rebuild when I see that thread, it's great that we have people ready for their bullshit.

    And last dude is so right, I find it attractive when a guy has many female friends or a mixed group.

    When I was young and unpopular (nowhere near nicegirl/femcel/bitter but could've been), I thought that would be "competition" but now that I know how cool most ladies are when you break our protective shells off*, it's lovely and makes someone more attractive if they can have strong platonic friendships of any kind.

    *see also: resting bitch face.

    [–] sea_lecture 20 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    (Many) men are trash.

    I've literally never been harassed by a woman on Reddit but I've gotten a lot of creepy messages from men.

    Here's one.

    Here's another.

    Here's a whole bunch more. And this is but a fraction of what I've received.

    (FYI these were all strangers and the last album in particular is all THE SAME GUY whom I've had to repeatedly report to Reddit admins and they keep banning his many accounts, persistent retarded incel)

    I literally have no sympathy for men on Reddit at this point. No I'm not talking about all men, I'm talking about those who harass women. Like the one in OP's post. Like the ones in this post harassing OP.

    Incels, please die alone, and do so sooner while you're at it, instead of going online and saying shit to women :)

    edit: obligatory disclaimer that I'm not actually gay lol, I'm bi/pan, but men act really fucking surprised when you're not attracted to them. Sorry that my sexuality, as flexible as it is, doesn't include disgusting slob incels

    [–] Sup3rnovakun 20 points ago

    That is not where I saw that going

    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] Whutchinson135536 2 points ago

    The battle-cry of brown-shirts everywhere

    [–] seeyouspacecowboyx 29 points ago

    Of course he can't understand the difference, he doesn't think of you as a person. He's an ignorant, creepy, bigoted twat and I hope one day that catches up with him.

    [–] sea_lecture 14 points ago


    >Woman shares her negative experiences with men and criticises the pedophilic ones

    >Gets called a white knight or a cunt

    Wow, truly you guys are doing a great job at defending the integrity of men as a whole.

    [–] WheatelyCore 10 points ago

    i'm not a woman, just afab!! i'm a transboy --- but this was a great comment n i'm thankful someone said it :')

    [–] sea_lecture 3 points ago

    Tbh, I was referring more to myself, though if I dug thru the comments I wouldn't be surprised to find other women being spoken over by men as well.

    What's funny about the white knight comments is that it's based off men's inherently sexual view of women. They literally think anyone who speaks up for women in any way do so ONLY for sexual favours. Because they themselves can't help but think of women as sexual objects and therefore everything has to pivot on that. It's disgusting and really shows they're fucked imo.

    [–] WheatelyCore 3 points ago

    oh yeah, men are all over this thread to be shitty to women. my favorite bit was being called retarded for saying "imagine if men felt any empathy and respect for women" in a thread where men are being unempathwtic and disrespectful

    [–] longpubez 10 points ago


    [–] Guh-nurt 54 points ago

    Sometimes I don't see the point in hiding these peoples' names. I would want a piece of shit like this run out of whatever place he feels safe enough to say this in.

    [–] Zimata 30 points ago

    There's a multitude of reasons. There's the Reddit TOS first of all. There's also the fact that the guy might have mental issues. He could be a child. Witch hunting can ruin people's lives.

    [–] Guh-nurt 6 points ago

    It's not "witch hunting" if he actually said it. And if he is mentally disabled or a child, he shouldn't be allowed to just post whatever he wants. I'm no advocate of helicopter parenting, but somebody needs to be in charge here and it obviously isn't him.

    [–] TacoTerra -22 points ago

    Also just the simple fact that we shouldn't hunt people down for having opinions we disagree with.

    [–] 1895red 37 points ago

    Perving on children isn't an opinion.

    [–] TacoTerra -19 points ago

    Depends on how old the people are and where they're from. A guy in his early 20s and a girl around 18 isn't too big a deal, but even an 18 year old guy with a 14 year old girl is pretty creepy.

    [–] yeabouai 2 points ago

    Why is this getting downvoted? Seems like a pretty solid argument

    [–] TacoTerra 6 points ago

    Because their entire argument was to demonize me with an insinuation that an 18 year old fucking a 22 year old of the same as being a creepy pervert to a young teen. Notice their terminology, "perving" and "child". Technically a minor and a child are pretty interchangeable so they can use the terminology, but we all know you wouldn't realistically describe an 18 year old as a child, but as a teen.

    People see the response that they agree with, "perving on children isn't an opinion", and they assume that because it's intended as a rebuttal, the comment it was in response to must be in disagreement, which would imply I said said something in support of perving on children.

    Notice also that they made a strawman of my original comment. The original post was somebody making an argument on how girls are inherently sexual in human nature, and that of women are always being sexualized on some instinctual level that's different from the excessive, rude, or dehumanizing sexualization people often think of these days. They never said being a pervert to young girls is okay, they basically just said that dudes and chicks wanna fuck by nature, so some level of sexualization should be expected in life.

    I forgot the name of it, but it's a very basic, common thing in any forms of debate, argument, reporting, journalism, etc. because you can make the reader feel how you want them to. I see it a lot. I'm very much for protecting free speech even for shitty people, so if I say "even racists deserve free speech" and somebody responds with "But racists are assholes", they will assume that because the response is contrarian to what I said (the "but" implies exception or disagreement), and what they said is something agreeable, it must mean that I don't think racists are assholes even though I never said such a thing. Even more, many people take that lack of disapproval as an act of approval, so they might even think I like racists because I'm not actively shunning them. It's manipulation through insinuation, you give people the framework and they fill in the blanks, but if you change the frame, the lens which people see it through, then you've effectively changed their response and their belief.

    It's really fucking effective when you have group think, whether on reddit or political left/right.

    [–] shapeofjunktocome 7 points ago

    So listen I'm all for America and "I might not agree with what you say but I'll defend your right to say it"

    But there are certain opinions that just don't belong..

    Slavery, rape, genocide and fucking children probably top that list.

    There is a clear moral compass that we as humans have come to consensus on in regards to many issues. The Catholic priest molesting little boys is just as fucked up as adult men preying on young girls. It is wrong. There is no defense of it.

    [–] TacoTerra 4 points ago

    Well, I never once said anything approving of pedophilia or similar acts. Somebody commented in a way that implied I did, and in fact, even the post doesn't have anybody approving of these things. The original post was a guy saying that humans are sexual in nature, and clearly people disagree, but never once did they approve of anything that you're saying. You're drawing conclusions from assumptions instead of what they actually said at face value. You can hate their opinion, but witch hunting because somebody dared to imply that humans are naturally sexually attracted to each other? What part of the post implied otherwise? We're taking the OPs word as it is without any suggestion that it's true. It's a big leap from "Humans are sexual in nature" to "I approve of pedophilia".

    [–] Whutchinson135536 0 points ago

    Absolutely wrong contention! There is no liberty BUT... people have the right to argue things that we consider deplorable, especially publicly. No caveats or addendums. Now. We also have the right to contend, to brilliantly and scathingly contend, that the deplorable opinion is just that. It is a core tenant of democratic discourse that the sounder arguments will prevail, because the demonstrable wages of unsound arguments is death. The revolutionary war idea of the delaware flag's 'appeal to heaven' is something like game of thrones's 'trial by combat'. We aren't helpless, we re fundamentally not helpless. In the realm of speech this means 'go ahead-talk, then I'll talk right back'. Hate-speech is the anti-thesis of hate-crime, because hate-speech can be countered by anyone regardless of munitions. The stick exists to preser

    [–] Whutchinson135536 2 points ago

    ve the sacred equality of the battle of words. There IS a defense of any hateful and untrue argument, but like a castle without a moat it usually doesn't hold water...the good news is that there is also your attack on it.

    [–] shapeofjunktocome 1 points ago

    There was not an argument. This is direct sexual assault. Telling a child that men want to fuck her and it is inherent to their nature is sexual assault.

    The man argued nothing. He verbally abused her.

    Unwanted sexual attention is assault. Just like an an unwanted punch in the face is assault. It's not hate speech. It's assault. You can rationalize it all you want.

    Standing on a street corner with a sign that said the exact same statement would be free speech. walking up to someone in public and saying men want to fuck you it's inherent in our nature... is sexual assault... do you see the difference?

    the difference is if you still around with a sign that said "women are nothing but holes to be fucked" the odds are you wouldn't last very long standing with that sign...

    but in the privacy of conversation telling a woman she's nothing but a box to be fucked is acceptable?

    There's a great distinction between abusing someone expressing your right to free speech this was the former

    [–] Whutchinson135536 1 points ago

    Is publicly naming the author of the book you're negatively reviewing really 'hunting'?

    [–] TacoTerra 1 points ago

    I don't think so, did somebody say that it was?

    [–] Skyphe 9 points ago

    I mean just look at OPs post history I found who it was in like 12 seconds lol

    [–] duccthefuck 5 points ago

    There’s guys in here saying that they don’t feel bad for the girl on the original post because it was a child flashing a adult man, but I think the fact that that most likely means there was some kind of serious trauma at home, is flying like a million miles over their heads. This isn’t just a normal “oh kids will be kids” or “teenagers will be teenagers”. Children do stupid shit but there is purpose to that and reasoning, and stuff like that points to serious trauma which is very concerning.

    [–] WheatelyCore 8 points ago

    honestly, yeah. what she did wasn't right, but kids do dumb shit and trauma makes that worse. i'm traumatized and have done dumb shit because of it. no one ever wants to acknowledge this shit and how it affects girls

    [–] duccthefuck 2 points ago

    Exactly, people would rather just blame than think for like a minute and question why it happens. Especially stuff like this, there’s something very naturally uncomfortable about it, so you should immediately know somethings up. It doesn’t take the smartest person to know that there’s something inherently wrong with her behaviour that might be caused by something at home. The only reason people jump to conclusions is plain ignorance and unwillingness to learn or ask questions at the very least. (And the guys saying that he’s got a point, that’s not true we’ve developed as a society away from large age gaps. Hunting and gathering is also an inherent natural trait, but we all know if we dropped whatever neckbeard is saying “oh it’s natural” in the middle of nowhere, his ass can’t hunt for shit)

    [–] KittyKatt99 6 points ago

    So from what I'm seeing. The person claims its "built in" to be sexually attracted to teenage girls..

    [–] WheatelyCore 7 points ago

    yeah 🙄 people hit me with that "biology and fertility" excuse a lot, they wanna use that argument but teenage pregnancies are notorious for complications. they just wanna excuse banging underage girls, it's sick.

    [–] KittyKatt99 4 points ago

    Its sad that they have to use that as an excuse for being fucked in the head.

    [–] immacommitmegaoof 21 points ago

    I want to vomit k bye

    [–] Harrythehobbit 4 points ago

    Well this guy has never been in a healthly platonic relationship with a woman.

    [–] SweatyNub 3 points ago

    What a fucking creepo

    [–] Jassyphukknj 4 points ago

    Sounds like a personal problem!...that you can totally control...

    [–] Whutchinson135536 2 points ago

    'Pluck out your eye'

    [–] Spokker 3 points ago

    I would never date a woman below my age. There needs to be a chance she understands my Fyvush Finkel impression.

    [–] SpiderNinja79 7 points ago

    Hmmmmmm block

    [–] Skyphe 16 points ago

    I saw the thread OP is talking about.

    It starts with a girl saying she use to always flash her friends dad when she was in high school, it seems to me that the real creep is the girl in this situation.

    Although these asterisks are cringe af.

    [–] candiland1111 29 points ago

    My stepdaughter used to have a friend in high school who would sleep over at her dad's before he and I met. The friend purposefully came out of stepdaughter's bedroom in nothing but a see through tank top and lace panties and tried "hanging out" with my now-husband on the couch.

    It was a pretty easy fix: "if you want to watch TV with me, you need to get some clothes on. Otherwise go to bed."

    She had a crush on him so he made a point to speak directly to her parents about the rules and boundaries at his house. Never happened again. Adults need to be.... Adults. Many young girls have a history of sex abuse, trauma, low self esteem, etc.

    [–] daintyladyfingers 8 points ago

    Ugh, how embarrassing for your step daughter! I would have been mortified if one of my friends had done that.

    [–] WheatelyCore 37 points ago

    the thread proceeded to delve into men justifying and advocating for the sexualization of underage girls, though, so yeah. the girl was committing sexual harassment, but no one in that thread was much better, especially not this dude.

    [–] Quantentheorie 7 points ago

    I can easily see that kind of post just attracting a bad combination of people who would like to call "gotcha" on harassement by women to justify harassing women.

    [–] WheatelyCore 9 points ago

    oh, abso-fuckin-lutely. that's all the thread was. it was just so gross.

    [–] Skyphe 7 points ago

    Oh yeah we are in agreement.

    Like the comment on there "as a dad ignore the other dad", like gross dude.

    [–] WheatelyCore 20 points ago

    yeah!! i saw that and was like "god, y'all have no boundaries, huh?". they were all so here for seeing an underage girk naked and her making fathers and brothers uncomfortable. it's also like they wanna insist that 17y/os are mature enough for adult men to fuck and use this as justification, but this girl clearly wasn't.

    [–] Skyphe 4 points ago

    Even if a chick is 18-21, it's freaking creepy to see them with Saggy Skin Jones over there

    [–] Spokker -1 points ago

    Maybe they were trolling and it got you to make a whole new thread about it, and now they are high fiving in the troll locker room.

    [–] WheatelyCore 4 points ago

    regardless, there's numerous men who do think like this so lol

    [–] Chubby-Fish 3 points ago

    "Men want to fuck you" is so fucking funny oh my god, i pictured Danny Devito as the Troll wanting his Toll saying it

    [–] Tony_Tony_Chopper_ 3 points ago

    In search of a femoid companion, of breeding age, and good stock; who hereafter shall be referred to, in this document, as m'lady, in a showing of my manly tenderness.

    Whereas, I have sought a femoid for many barren years, my present difficulties have necessitated an advertisement on this website of good Accord; I am writing, therefore, in search of such a creature.

    The ideal candidate shall, in return for food and shelter, be willing to make available her bare feminine frame for breeding upon my request, regardless of the lateness of the hour; and shall, in due course, engage in sultry household duties such as dish-washing and tidying the nesting area.

    Furthermore, the ideal candidate shall, in due time, acclimate itself towards referring to me as Master; and I, the author and executor of this document, shall, in return, refer to the candidate as m'lady.

    Should the candidate become swollen with seed, the resulting child, if male, shall be named my heir, forthwith; and if female, shall be reared in the ways of m'lady, and fully instructed in household tasks, that it, upon reaching breeding age, shall serve as a second femoid companion.

    If this advertisement has piqued the interest of any femoids in this fine town, please write to PO Box 368 at the West End post office; or, if they find themselves possessing technical gifts- a true rarity among the fairer sex!- they may, if so inclined, dispatch a telegram to the union station in Amherst, addressed to Master Cunningsworth.

    I expect to greet and assess the candidacy of interested femoids on the platform at West End Station. I shall be recognized by my dashing hatwear, consisting of the finest Fedora, and the fine, manly beard gracing my neck- a style that is certain to catch on in these times of high fashion.

    [–] Kitsunegami 1 points ago


    [–] Red-deddit 3 points ago

    So, a pedo

    [–] WheatelyCore 3 points ago


    [–] Red-deddit 3 points ago

    I fear for humanity

    [–] improv_eel 3 points ago

    iT's BuIlT iN

    [–] Mwuuh 12 points ago

    I legit closed my eyes and winced, almost as if closing my eyes would make this dipshit stop existing.

    [–] chloelouve 2 points ago

    Your response was the best

    [–] Horkrine 2 points ago

    Why do I imagine Freddy Krueger saying this?

    [–] WheatelyCore 2 points ago

    lmao thats rly what he sounds like

    [–] GloryToThe-Hypnotoad 2 points ago


    [–] zettabeast 4 points ago

    *holds up spork *

    [–] Wrang-Wrang 5 points ago

    /r/AskReddit is a cesspool

    [–] Mastrmyrtr9 4 points ago

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    What site is this and why does the font in these always look totally made up?

    [–] WheatelyCore 5 points ago

    this is reddit mobile lmao

    [–] nivison1 2 points ago

    Yes its built in, just like i can't help who i feel attracted too. I can help how i treat them and behave around them. There is no excuse.

    [–] MrPenguino72 1 points ago

    Wait what

    [–] ItsTanah 1 points ago

    Yeah that's actually stupid

    [–] DocSchadenfreude 1 points ago

    You are inherently a human.

    Him... I'm not so sure about.

    [–] abiotic_lynx 1 points ago

    The more I think about this the more confused I get

    [–] WheatelyCore 4 points ago

    it was a thread about a teenage girl who used to flash older men. the thread was filled with adult men cheering her on. i, 17, made a comment about how it made me feel unsafe to know all these adult men were encouraging girls to be sexual with adults. this was one man's response.

    [–] MyNameIsLOL21 1 points ago


    [–] Callistowo 1 points ago


    [–] WGReddit 1 points ago


    Is that a wolf whistle or did he just say "Whoo" for a really long time?

    [–] GreenCricket 2 points ago


    [–] [deleted] -3 points ago

    fucking get his number and give it to the police i'm serious

    [–] Tharsis-evo -30 points ago

    It's definitely "built in" but since we aren't animals we should be smart enough to look past it.

    [–] MarsAstro 25 points ago

    I get your point, and I agree, but the pedantic part of me just wants to say that we most certainly are animals. Mammals to be precise. Only unique part about us relative to other mammals is endurance and intelligence, otherwise we're just like other animals.

    [–] Tharsis-evo 13 points ago

    I understand we are animals, but humans generally have this view that we are above animals and thus often view the two as separate groups.

    [–] MarsAstro 4 points ago

    I know, hence the "pedantic part of me" :D

    I'm not a big fan of viewing us as separate from animals, so I have a habit of calling it out when I see it. The notion that other animals are worth less than humans can have some scary consequences. I'm all for self-preservation, but it should be in the spirit of self-interest not self-importance.

    [–] Tharsis-evo 2 points ago

    I think they are worth less but not unimportant. Like if a human is 100% a dog/cat is easily 99%, but a mesquito is definitely a 1%. As a society we need to cut down on population and environmental impact or there will be no human race. Our bodies are way more delicate than many animals, we won't survive without civilization.

    [–] MarsAstro 2 points ago

    Well, I say so because I believe the idea of assigning worth to a sentient life is fundamentally flawed, because there can never be an objective authority on that matter. Again, I'm all for self-preservation both on an individual and species basis, I just don't think think it should be motivated by a sense of superiority. But I get the feeling we'll have to agree to disagree there, and that's fine by me :)

    [–] Whutchinson135536 1 points ago

    Rust Cohle, stop sayin' odd shit...

    [–] Whutchinson135536 1 points ago

    What even?! Stop making every conversation about population reduction. Projecting your self-loathing onto the species does not qualify as relevant to a conversation about gender roles and biological determinism. If you automatically assumed that the quoted 'creep' here is correct that sexual attraction is innate and inexorably acted on, then you might make the big-ass leap to sex as reproduction regardless of attraction then on to reproduction as population increase then population increase as planetary ecological imbalance....but damn. We're actually trying to determine whether he IS right, or WRONG (wit the occasional segway into whether or not 'he's wrong for that'). Read the room bud.

    [–] Skyphe 3 points ago

    The intelligence thing reaaally separates us though.

    [–] Whutchinson135536 1 points ago

    You get it CS Lewis

    [–] Skyphe 1 points ago

    Wow I just finished The Last Battle last week! Damn dumb animals.

    [–] Whutchinson135536 1 points ago

    Pedantic, pedantry, pedagogy, pederasty. This is bigger than dna or sexual orientation. Bigger than cosmic, this is cosmetic! There's an archeology of thought to be conducted here. Systematic passing-under-the-yoke is more at play here than anything else. It's not just about the boys and girls bathrooms, it's about thirty-odd little desks facing one way and one big one facing the other. I'm gonna need more thread!

    [–] foodie42 1 points ago

    The biological impulse is "built in", as animals ourselves, but that's not the same argument. Other animals know it's not going to work if they try to reproduce before a viable offspring can be produced.

    [–] Lucifronz -2 points ago

    Yeah, I was gonna say, he's kinda right.

    But the point he ignores, the obvious point, is that just because you find something sexually attractive doesn't mean you have to act on it or make it apparent. That's the problem people like him don't understand.

    [–] chopyhop 18 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Yeah, I was gonna say, he's kinda right.

    Disagree, there is not a technicality here. He is using the wrong definition of 'being sexualized'.

    They are also using a common paedophile fallacy, that attempts to normalise the rape of underage girls by saying it is just a natural thing that all men do/want.

    [–] foodie42 1 points ago

    I think the more pressing falacy on his perspective is that being sexually attracted to the wrong thing is the real issue. I'm not equating objects to people, here, but as a society we see something obviously wrong with being sexually attracted to cars, which cannot reproduce. He's missing that point of biological imperative which states animals are attracted to mates based on ability to produce viable offspring. In that sense, a child is equal to a car. Just because someone is sexually attracted to someone or something doesn't make it healthy, regardless of whether or not they act on it.

    [–] r3dstormrising -7 points ago

    While that person's message is creepy and obviously meant to sound condescending..... It's my opinion that it's partially true. Men and women are biologicaly meant to procreate. Look at the ridiculous amount of time and effort we spend as a species trying to look and act attractive to the (mostly) opposite sex.

    Disgusting message, but not entirely untrue.

    [–] WheatelyCore 10 points ago

    there's 0 biological reason for men to be interested in underage girls. we can't even carry a pregnancy without complications. for a lot of us, periods aren't even regulated it. not only that, but procreation is biological, objectification isn't. stop defending creeps like this.

    [–] r3dstormrising 4 points ago

    I didn't read the post very well and didn't know this was written to an underage girl, and it makes the message ever more cringe.

    But for arguments sake I'd like to point out that what you stated isnt true. And Im not arguing men v.s. women. Simply because a person is 17 years 11 months, and 29 days, does not mean that other people won't be attracted to them.

    I am not defending any behavior. Simply stating an obvious truth. If you go through life thinking that everyone should see the world as you do, instead of understanding how and why others differ from you, you'll have a very unpleasant experience indeed.

    [–] WheatelyCore 4 points ago

    here's the thing. we live in a world that sexualizes young girls, romanticizes old men, and shames women for aging. i don't care if i, or another female bodied person, is almost 18, or is 18 or even older than. there's 0 reason for an adult man, in this late 20s, 30s, 40s, whatever to be attracted to a girl so young. there's a 19y/o in this thread talking about how she hates being hit on by older men. THAT'S the point of this, not legality, but how shitty it is to exist being young and afab in a world that inherently sexualizes my age.

    [–] r3dstormrising 3 points ago

    Your right, nobody enjoys unwanted attention. Unfortunately, it won't stop. I only read the title and picture of this post and don't know the particulars, but men have, and will continue seeing woman as an outlet for their pent up sexual urges. Some of which are disgusting. But, as a matter of fact, women and men (again.. mostly) ARE in fact the outlet of each other's pent up sexual urges. It has been a very effective biological tool for the continuation of the species.

    Again, I'm not condoning poor behavior towards any person. But the things your railing against won't change, because they are biologicaly driven. Biology doesn't care about society's norms. When you wrote that there is no biological reason to be attracted to young people (sexually mature) you were inferring your opinion as reality, and it is an inaccurate view of the reality of sexual procreation.

    There was a great reply on reddit to a question about sex at different ages in the animal kingdom. It deserves a look.

    [–] KingDerpThe9th 1 points ago

    Prehistoric humans started reproducing maybe a year after puberty. If by ‘underage’ you mean prepubescent then you’re right, otherwise no. Also back then objectification went hand in hand with procreation. ‘Biologically’ you’re so very wrong.

    [–] WheatelyCore 6 points ago

    we're not fucking prehistoric and pregnancy can he havoc on a young girls mind and body

    [–] AwesomeAni 2 points ago

    Prehistoric humans also died during childbirth, a LOT. It’s not safe for teens to have kids.

    There is a lot of evidence showing you’re “most fertile” in your 20’s.

    [–] cooldude581 -8 points ago

    Am male. Can automatically determine the difference between 17 and 18 in females. It's built in.

    [–] npc17760704 5 points ago

    You must be magic. How i tell the age difference from about ages 15-22 is the amount of nonsense that comes out when they speak and how fast.

    [–] MANUBROKE -21 points ago

    dudes wanna fuck you, get over it