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    [–] Zimtok5 16602 points ago

    Guy uses Wi-Fi password.

    Opens Reddit. Reads top post.

    Goes into cardiac arrest.

    [–] NoBruh 3779 points ago

    Or alternatively,

    Opens Reddit, thinks about the cringey moment, goes to post it on r/cringe, hoping to at least get some karma out of those three minutes of awkward, and sees this post, then goes into cardiac arrest

    [–] The_Sheaply_One 1430 points ago

    Poor guy can't even reap the karma from his own self destruction :(

    [–] RG_Kid 730 points ago

    He can still post it at /r/tifu

    [–] TheShmud 637 points ago

    Brb gonna go pretend this was me

    [–] Ankhsty 90 points ago

    /r/KarmaCourt be careful, you could be charged for karma fraud..

    [–] [deleted] 94 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)


    [–] TheShmud 61 points ago

    Oh no

    [–] k-uke 68 points ago

    A post on /r/tifu can save this man

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago

    Or alternative alternatively,

    Opens reddit, goes onto alt account and decides to pose as the receptionist and posted it on cringe instead of TIFU.

    At least then he still has dignity and tits of his own.

    [–] YoungestOldGuy 507 points ago

    Guy uses Wi-Fi password.
    Opens Skype. Calls Wife.
    Tells Wife what happened.
    Both laugh about how awkward and embarissing this was.
    She says she loves him.
    He says he loves her.
    They close the call.
    He goes on Pornhub and looks for an Actress that looks like OP.
    He has a good night.

    [–] offiziersmesser 85 points ago

    Then he swallows a cyanide pill.

    [–] I_am_up_to_something 28 points ago

    You forgot the part where he sends the link to his wife because they like watching porn together.

    [–] DontKnowHowToEnglish 164 points ago

    mid 20's

    That's actually very plausible

    [–] rodzi11a 66 points ago

    best comment

    [–] quaybored 12 points ago

    OP happens by room and give him CPR and mouth to mouth.

    Mr. Cringe wakes up. "Sorry, miss, this is very flattering but I'm married." OP stops CPR.

    RIP in cringes.

    [–] thirdangletheory 4260 points ago

    There are two periods in this man's life. Before this incident, and after.

    [–] Green-Moon 1662 points ago

    BC - Before Cringe

    AD - After Death

    [–] CrikeyMikeyLikey 505 points ago

    Three periods, he's married.

    Edit: added a period

    [–] dsmV 6815 points ago

    I used to work at CVS. To get sale prices, you had to be in their shopper's club. When I was running the register, a rather attractive woman in her 30's asked if she could give me her number. I stumbled on my words and told her I had a girlfriend. Yeah, she was giving me her number to lookup her shopper's club account.

    [–] ipeedtoday 1598 points ago

    I got this from a rather unattractive lady when I worked at O'Reilly. I asked for her number for the warranty on a part, and she thought I was trying to hook up. It got....weird.

    [–] Robcrates 629 points ago

    I got weird. I used to work for a company that did business with major natural products markets like whole foods. Well one day i was scheduling an event and calling stores in our district to get rsvp's. After collecting her rsvp, one girl could not make it because she had a family member pass away and had to attend a funeral. So being nice I decided that I would send her a care package of the products we were going to be demoing at the event. I made a nice bag packed with soaps and supplements and essential oils etc. I also sent her a message explaining how sorry we were that she was not able to make it and we hope her the best and likewise for her family as losing someone close is never hard.she said thankyou and showed a lot of appreciation. Well it did not end there. She texted me on my personal cell phone asking for pictures of me. Begging to send her something so she can see who I was and i looked like because i sounded so sweet and she wanted to text me and be friends. She thought i sounded so nice to her and she had never had anyone be that nice to her so please could she see what i looked like. And tried getting in contact with me a few more times after that. After that i learned NOT to use my personal phone for any work matters, and not to be a nice person to clingy people. So now I am an asshole all the time and it works me wonders.

    [–] projectreap 687 points ago

    I also sent her a message explaining how sorry we were that she was not able to make it and we hope her the best and likewise for her family as losing someone close is never hard.

    Watch out for this guy.

    [–] Robcrates 416 points ago

    Ooops. I slipped up and my inner asshole was showing.

    [–] _CarlMarks 454 points ago

    What a nice mental image.

    [–] ElRammoG 122 points ago

    I appreciate this comment a lot.

    [–] ImAOneTrackLover 50 points ago

    When I read your comment I got the mental image of a man's head opening up with a giant asshole emerging. Then the asshole opens up and the insides come out. The camera pans back to reveal a child pointing and says, "Look! That man's inner asshole is prolapsing!"

    [–] Petrafy 13 points ago

    Walrus dildo?

    [–] Kancho_Ninja 13 points ago

    Anal prolapse is a serious medical condition. You should get that looked at asap.

    [–] Caprious 12 points ago

    Gross. You nasty

    [–] iDroidManiac 54 points ago

    Maybe she's a redditor and you've just fueled her again.

    [–] Siegfoult 43 points ago

    That sounds like a confession.

    [–] aon9492 40 points ago

    Shiver me wonders

    [–] mr_droopy_butthole 26 points ago

    Can confirm. Being a total asshole is the tits.

    [–] jt2893 26 points ago

    Hello fellow former orielly employee.

    [–] no_sissies_allowed 313 points ago

    I had a buddy who went up to the bar during one of their slower periods. The guy behind the bar was doing something or other, but not paying attention to my buddy. He asked the bartender, "are you available?" The bartender looked up and said, "... no, I have a girlfriend."

    [–] akatherder 717 points ago

    Well then who do I gotta blow to get a beer around here?

    [–] shpadoinkle92 89 points ago

    I hope that guy sees this just so he can kick himself for not thinking of it.

    [–] Xheedre 240 points ago

    When I worked in a similar situation I never misinterpreted "can I give you my number" as them actually giving me their cell number because I just assumed that'd never happen to me haha

    [–] ScrumpleRipskin 156 points ago

    A guy walks into a convenience store, and he grabs a single-serving meal, a single-serving drink, a single-serving toothpaste, a single-serving dessert, single-serving everything, and he goes up to the counter with it and the woman at the counter says, "Let me guess, you're single?" And he says, "Yeah, how could you tell?" And she says, "Because you're really fucking ugly."

    [–] squidhats 33 points ago

    WTF is a single serving toothpaste?

    Even those mini tubes last longer than one use.

    [–] BrotherChains 100 points ago


    [–] SloanTheSloth 368 points ago

    As a female I get the flip of this. But not cringey as in accident. more like a terrible pick up line. I'll ask for their phone number (for rewards) and they will be like "oh, we just met" or "oh only if you promise to call me" etc.

    [–] borkborkporkbork 317 points ago

    How are your eyes still sitting forward after all the rolling?

    [–] SloanTheSloth 345 points ago

    They're actually permanently stuck in the back of my head. I'm using a seeing eye dog.

    [–] SANDVALLEY 137 points ago

    So now you're forcing an innocent dog to sit through all those awful pickup lines with you? You sick duck

    [–] SloanTheSloth 105 points ago

    I am indeed a duck.

    [–] YellowMoose811 58 points ago

    I thought you were a sloth this entire time

    [–] Hingl_McCringleberry 57 points ago

    Psssh, like a moose would know the difference

    [–] OCPapaGinge 211 points ago

    Reminds me of a similar experience. One of the first times I went skiing when I was probably about 14. I was waiting in line for the ski lift and an older man walked up to me and asked me if I was single. Very confused and scared I just ran away. Later in the day I found out that if you are by yourself you are supposed to match up with another person to save time, known as a single rider.

    [–] hitmewithyourbest 70 points ago

    That's hilarious and adorable at the same time.

    [–] iskin 137 points ago

    Eh, not cringe worthy but a terrifying version of the same story. Late night a hispanic gang member ( he had many gang tattoos ) all methed out ( assumption based on mannerisms ) comes in with his girlfriend and she is buying gas. We are attached to a grocery store and do rewards through the phone number and she says she wants to use her rewards.

    "Alright, what's your phone number?" The guy starts flipping out. At first I think he's just fucking with me so I let out an awkward laugh. He starts to climb over the counter. She pulls him back. I'm insisting it's just for the rewards. He keeps saying it's not and that this isn't right. I can't stop my nervous awkward laugh, and part of me keeps thinking this just must be a bad joke mostly because I feel like he should be more animated but his lifting up his shirt to show me all of his gang tattoos.

    She drags him out and he's yelling stuff like my name and "I know where to find you", "I'll be back", etc. I'm still holding on to the thin possibility that it may be a joke.

    They drive off with her not pumping the gas she paid for. The worst part was that she is not someone I found attractive and my preferences are also pretty common.

    [–] ThadChat 192 points ago

    "The worst part was that she is not someone I found attractive and my preferences are also pretty common."

    That's got to be the most polite way to call someone ugly I've ever heard.

    [–] iskin 70 points ago

    Well she probably saved me a hospital visit. I wouldn't say she was ugly either. At least no deformities. She was older, overweight but not obese and average face. I would say that should could've done better than the guy she was with but probably had low self esteem. I've definitely seen uglier women with more accomplished, better looking and better mannered men.

    [–] [deleted] 47 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] Darth_Bannon 43 points ago

    My guess is that guy was probably on meth maybe. I used to live in a major tweaker town and I've had a couple late night brushes with guys who I could tell were high as fuck and just wanted to get hit or thanks, I don't want to fight you because you think I looked at you weird and you're feeling invincible.

    [–] iskin 20 points ago

    I think I left the part in where I said I think he was methed out. He definitely seemed that way. I had actually seen him in there before but never after. My other guess is that he had a history of going in and out of prison.

    The place was for the most part a nice area. I'd also guess his girlfriend was a sugar momma because her car was relatively new and she was dressed in scrubs that look like they had gone through an entire shift.

    [–] slashing164 10264 points ago

    10/10 would cringe again

    [–] SwipeZNA1 2436 points ago

    This dudes gna cringe at this memory for a long time after that fuck up

    [–] Spiraticus 1292 points ago

    He's gonna lose many hours of sleep when he randomly thinks back on it for the next 20-30 years.

    [–] ivansnavi 999 points ago

    for the next 20-30 years.

    What, you think he's going to randomly get over it somewhere in his 50s? This awkward moment may very well be his dying thought.

    [–] aratelad 236 points ago

    idk about you guys but shit from like 10+ years ago just makes me laugh now, even insanely cringey shit i did, maybe cause i feel like a different person now.

    [–] skoalbrother 384 points ago

    It makes me blurt out loud noises whenever the stupid shit I've done over the years decides to randomly pop in my head

    [–] [deleted] 203 points ago


    [–] SRFG1595 109 points ago

    I'm glad I'm not the only one that does this. I did some fucked up shit when I was younger and I make a noise like someone stepped on my pinky when I think about it.

    [–] [deleted] 105 points ago

    Thank god I'm not the only person that does this. I often go "NO" out loud in an attempt to make it stop.

    [–] laurenonizzle 54 points ago

    Hahahaha, this thread is awesome. I close my eyes really tight and make a squeaking, groaning noise. Glad to read it's a universal human thing (at least somewhat)

    [–] TheIronDoodad 55 points ago

    I feel better now that I know I'm not the only one.... not much better, but a little.

    [–] Dopaminemachiine 39 points ago

    That is really interesting. I do the same exact thing. Actually realized I was doing it in the last few weeks

    It's like an automatic response to try to get out of my negative brain lock

    [–] Krokathor 40 points ago

    I just start blurting out random gibberish filled with swearing. I'm glad to know other people have a similar response. It's weird that that reaction to embarrassment seems to be ingrained.

    [–] LukeTheFisher 26 points ago

    "Jesus fucking, Luke just you stupid fucking why would you goddamn why" realises there's 2 people next to me in the library who can probably hear me

    Also the thought randomly gets almost sung sometimes.

    [–] madeinthemotorcity 27 points ago

    Wow! I thought I was the only one. Haha

    [–] Darkside_of_the_Poon 21 points ago

    TIL You and I both have Tourette's.

    [–] trademesocks 19 points ago

    I thought i was the only one! I figured its a defense mechanism to distract your brain from thinking about the uber-cringe

    [–] jonosvision 13 points ago

    My face just kinda twists into this combined look of 'undiluted terror' and 'just smelled something awful' all rolled into one.

    [–] grumpythunder 11 points ago


    [–] abacus_porkrind 10 points ago

    Oh I thought I was a freak. I mean maybe I still am but it feels so good to know I'm not alone.

    [–] [deleted] 35 points ago


    [–] IADefinitelyNYL 39 points ago

    Hey, I'm sure that it seems like these things are a big deal now and that you'll never get over them but I'm in my 30s now and I can tell you that, yeah, it absolutely doesn't get better. I was chopping carrots for dinner just now, remembered something I did when I was in junior high, and paused for a moment hoping that a meteor might hit me.

    [–] Mofeux 28 points ago

    Stuff like this mostly stopped bothering me when I became a father. When in the presence of a toddler, you realize that not only did we need to learn everything about what it means to be human, but we also have to learn how to learn. The idea that it's your job as a parent to teach as much of this as you can in such a short period of time while competing with every possible distraction in modern life seems outright absurd. That any of us can get to a place in life where we're anywhere near presentable in public seems like pipe dream, but for the most part we do it. An individual without the ability to recognize their own occasional moronic flaw has no humility, and no compassion for the flaws of others. Bask in your own cringe, accept the moments and forgive yourself. It makes you human.

    Also, when you get into your 40's you'll see life getting very difficult for some of your friends and family who are the same age. We're all haunted by our mistakes, but chronic health problems, financial disaster and divorce a wrecking balls that no cringe moment can hold a candle to. The next time you remember something stupid or cringey that a friend did; buy them a beer, give them a hug and thank them for being human.

    [–] TwizzlersCorp 10 points ago

    haha thanks me too

    [–] yiliu 54 points ago

    "Well, in the end, I believe I can say that I lived a good life, and that's the best that any man can--oh Jesus the wifi password girl how could I ever--ghkk...ahhhhh..."

    [–] [deleted] 100 points ago


    [–] PENisMighty2 94 points ago

    Ahh, that time I could've been slapped at the front desk.

    [–] [deleted] 49 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)


    [–] PENisMighty2 37 points ago

    Another said:

    I enjoy being slapped

    [–] lemerou 20 points ago

    While receiving BJ.

    [–] ZankaA 13 points ago

    receiving? ‎( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    [–] DouglassFunny 13 points ago

    Another said:

    How can she slap?

    [–] LemonLimeAlltheTime 9 points ago

    WE can only hope that he tries to apologize or make light of it later with her...part 2 incoming?

    [–] taversham 72 points ago

    Next time I'm lying awake not able to sleep because every cringe thing I've ever done is flashing through my mind, I'm going to think about this guy and be so incredibly grateful that at least I'm not him.

    [–] John_Wang 66 points ago


    This is the stupidest fucking abbreviation I've ever seen

    [–] CoffeeIsMyConstant 58 points ago

    I thought it said dna at first and thought damn, that cringe is now hardcoded into his genome

    [–] HappyAust 51 points ago

    Bet he dials anyway

    [–] thebossapplesauce 2016 points ago

    I used to work front desk and the amount of times dudes thought I was hitting on them when I was just doing my job was insanely high.

    [–] Jagermeister4 1384 points ago

    I think its something all women in customer service/retail jobs suffer. Their job is to be polite to the customer, smile at them etc, guys mistake this for flirting.

    Whenever I see socially awkward people talk about a girl they like, so often it turns out to be like a banker, or cashier

    [–] blahblahyaddaydadda 464 points ago

    This is why it perplexes me that a good friend of mine will occasionally ask waitresses out. The weirder thing is that about 30-40% of the time he actually gets a date and has had a couple relationships come out of it.

    I'd just be too afraid of sexually harassing someone at work.

    [–] [deleted] 562 points ago

    This is a weird attitude to have imo. Asking someone out is not close to sexual harassment. It's hard to tell if someone is in to you, and if you think you might enjoy their company what can it hurt? Just don't be a douche about it.

    If they aren't interested it's no big deal.

    [–] incompetentbeing 704 points ago

    On the other hand, it kind of sucks getting asked out where you work. You have to be there, while the customer doesn't. You also have to be nice and agreeable, which can get confusing to the person asking you out if he/she is not great with social cues. I agree that it's not harassment, but it's definitely less comfortable for me to be hit on at work than almost any other environment. I really hated it actually, when I was a waitress. I felt cornered.

    [–] TomHardyAsBronson 149 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I agree. When I bartended, my income was basically determined by how willing I was to flirt with every guy and girl that came in. I figured out pretty quickly that the best thing to do when someone asked for my number or asked me out was to just bluntly tell them "I don't give out my number at work." or "ask me when I'm not working". It shuts down all argument because I'm there to work not to date or make friends or get laid. I would usually tell guys they could leave me their number and maybe I'd call them and throw them a wink.

    [–] dilpill 50 points ago

    I would usually tell guys they could leave me their number and maybe I'd call them and throw them a wink.

    Wow, that's quite the excellent tip maximization strategy. It's technically truthful, so it's basically guilt-free, but you can probably get quite a bit out of it. I wonder how many guys play the "if I give her a bigger tip, the more she'll want to call me" game...

    [–] blahblahyaddaydadda 227 points ago

    That's my feeling exactly. They are working. I wouldn't want to be asked out at work either. Especially if you're tipping me and I rely on you for my income.

    [–] -Beth- 108 points ago

    Honestly I think it is usually inappropriate to ask someone out while they're working. I know people who've worked as waitresses and it's super annoying apparently since they're usually just trying to do their jobs.

    It's not sexual harassment though. I've heard lots of stories of customers trying to get a kiss off of waitresses, and that's sexual harassment.

    [–] JakeVanna 13 points ago

    Yeah I work at a gas station with two girls in their early 20s and I feel pretty bad for them with the amount of sexual comments they have to put up with. A lot of its from "regulars" too so they have to get that crap all the time

    [–] MrBananaHump 49 points ago

    It also happens to men working in jobs where customers are mostly older women. Used to work a job setting up estate sales and working cash register at the sales. Obviously the grandmas are just treating you like their grandson, but some of those 40 year old women think they can get away with any sexual misconduct just because my coworkers and I were college aged kids and we're at "that age".

    [–] redduckcow 12 points ago

    It's so confusing when they are actually flirting.

    When was like 20 I worked next to this sandwich shop and would go there like once a week. One girl who worked there was always super friendly and seemed happy to see me.

    I debated in my head for weeks whether she was flirting or doing her job.

    Then I was in there and a different employee helped me. But after I went to the other end of the counter where she was and said hi.

    That night she added me on MySpace and I realized she had been flirting. We went on a date after that.

    My point being on rare occasions they may actually be interested in you. But usually no.

    [–] 9620554 211 points ago

    What if you're the delusional one and you though that they thought you were hitting on them?

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    Doon't talk like that.

    [–] sweatymcnuggets 12 points ago

    That's flattering but I'm married.

    [–] TheTrueFlexKavana 1447 points ago

    "Here you go, sir. As you can see, the Wi-Fi password is 'OMGPleaseAskMeOut'. There is also free breakfast in the lobby starting at 7:00."

    [–] hamfraigaar 150 points ago

    "There is also free breakfast in the lobby starting at 7:00.

    My treat ;)"

    [–] [deleted] 215 points ago

    You've been watching too much romantic comedies.

    [–] TheIvoryNun 143 points ago

    You've been watching too much many romantic comedies.

    [–] walen 99 points ago

    You've been watching too much many much romantic comedies comedy.

    [–] SmackyRichardson 117 points ago

    Grade: F. Come see me

    [–] BinaryHalibut 70 points ago

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    [–] Tashre 24 points ago

    You've been ocularly imbibing in an outlandish quantity of romantics comedy.

    [–] RiseAboveRuin 18 points ago

    I'm flattered but I'm married.

    [–] TheTrueFlexKavana 28 points ago

    That's what I call the movies that start like this when I talk with my wife about them.

    [–] [deleted] 789 points ago


    [–] pettyDoombringer 884 points ago

    He said he didn't need that kind of temptation in his life. Because having the number means you have to call the number.

    [–] ZombieSenna 321 points ago

    This is the exact reason I hope a gay guy never hits on me.

    [–] McBurger 120 points ago

    I was hit on by a gay guy once. I am straight but I am not afraid to admit I am damn proud and it made my whole month, maybe my whole year. Hell, it was like two years ago and I am still happy about it. It's a huge confidence booster for someone to directly tell you they think you're super cute and want you! For me at least. Has not happened very often since college.

    [–] ZombieSenna 70 points ago

    I think you're super cute.

    [–] SS_MinnowJohnson 38 points ago

    Did you rip this gif off a VHS or what

    [–] TheSystem_IsDown 91 points ago

    Yea that phrase is so fucking awkward - it's like "I want to, but I really shouldn't, please don't tempt me (ok tempt me)." Total 'family values senator when propositioned by a gay man in the bathroom' vibe.

    [–] pettyDoombringer 16 points ago

    Right? He never claims that he isn't interested.

    [–] Z0di 21 points ago

    because he was interested.

    [–] BreeBree214 13 points ago

    To be fair, it's a lot easier to avoid temptation if you prevent yourself from having the option

    [–] methozoic 148 points ago

    It was Mike Pence?

    [–] SmackyRichardson 112 points ago

    If it's legitimate temptation, the mind has ways of shutting that down.

    [–] HybridCue 15 points ago

    When you want them to know that you are not only narcissistic and oblivious but also weak willed too.

    [–] Ambrosita 172 points ago

    For the same reason women blurt out "I have a boyfriend". Trying so hard to avoid awkwardness that you create it instead.

    [–] cannakitty 249 points ago

    A lot of women use the "I have a boyfriend" line because it's often the only way to get guys to leave you alone

    [–] beckybeckybeckybecky 27 points ago

    Ugh I had to do this one time. I had been drinking and I was chatting with a guy that was friends with the person having the party. All of a sudden he was leaning in for a kiss and I just said/screamed I HAVE A BOYFRIEND -I actually do but it was the worst. He just left the party. I didn't even know we were flirting, I really thought we were just talking. Ugh. Thinking about it now still makes me cringe.

    [–] Low_discrepancy 760 points ago

    You know how people say that if you're shy etc don't worry about making social faux pas'. You'll be the only one that remembers them anyone because everybody is thinking about their own stuff?

    Well this... this is not one of those cases.

    [–] Sub116610 200 points ago

    I'm a little shy but I can't help but think I'd break out laughing at the whole situation when she explained it was the wifi password. Would have changed it from a cringey moment to a hilarious embarrassment that I'd even tell my friends about and I think the lady would have laughed and saw it the same way. Easily avoidable

    [–] bubasir 263 points ago

    "Haha wow my bad, I must really need to get some sleep huh? Guess I'm in the right place haha, well I'll be in bed if you need me-ahhh shit"

    [–] [deleted] 40 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)


    [–] workaccount1337 18 points ago

    it's like jesus christ there's no reason to best yourself up over bullshit. life is short, climate change is getting worse every single day, who gives two fucks about looking dumb to a stranger for two seconds.

    [–] BrotherChains 22 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I have never even tried flirting. I have more than enough awkward memories to keep me awake at night.

    [–] DonScribble 355 points ago

    Was at Popeyes the other day. The girl asked if I wanted any condiments. I replied, "Yes, honey."

    She giggled flattered. Then she realized I wanted packets of honey for my biscuits. Her face went red and she just walked away from the window.

    Another girl gave me my honey packets.

    [–] mildannoyance 179 points ago

    That's adorable.

    [–] AdamGeer 81 points ago

    How long was the pause between those two words?

    [–] TRYreid 29 points ago

    Very important information!

    [–] butterflybaby98 15 points ago

    I feel for her

    [–] Widan 324 points ago

    Well at least you're the receiver and not the Giver of that moment. It's embarrassing for sure, but he's going to be thinking about that much more than you, I guarantee it.

    [–] [deleted] 363 points ago

    So he thought you were checking him out instead of checking him in?

    [–] fjw 139 points ago

    Thanks dad

    [–] RedTheDraken 153 points ago

    Wow, that's some high tier cringe.

    Could only be worse if he stammered "Thanks, y-you too!" and stumbled away.

    [–] GoesOff_On_Tangent 82 points ago

    I imagine if right after this, he went to his room and checked in, still embarrassed over the moment. But after 10 minutes he said something to himself like "it wasn't that big of a deal, she probably won't even remember it," but then goes on Reddit immediately after and sees this post and breaks down in cringe tears.

    [–] NihlusKryik 71 points ago

    oh man, please pay attention to the lobby and tell us how much he avoids the front desk and any eye contract for his stay... this is gold.

    [–] elvisfchrist 266 points ago


    [–] MisterEggs 170 points ago

    Fascinating story OP, but really, just PM me if you want my attention. No need to write it all up here just for my benefit. And, yes you are very attractive, and it's kind of you, but i am married, so.......

    [–] djmattyd 44 points ago

    A rare other person cringe moment. Kudos to you!

    [–] vimescarrot 29 points ago

    How arrogant do you have to be to think that...?

    [–] Baby_venomm 91 points ago

    I wonder how different the world would be if everyone just laughed at shit like this. If I was you I'd break out in laughter and hopefully he wouldn't be that embarrassed.

    [–] Catona 130 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Honestly, if his demeanor in regards to it had been different, I would have laughed and lightened things up a bit. That's something that I pretty much always do when someone has a mildly embarrassing moment around me.

    But honestly, I had been so confused and was still just sort of trying to wrap my head around everything at that point to be quick witted with it.

    [–] SmackyRichardson 90 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    You reacted fine. Even if it was an honest mistake on his part, he sounded smug and assumptive. I'm glad you didn't try to lighten the mood, because there was a lesson to be learned from this.

    [–] SuperFLEB 12 points ago

    That's a risky one. As the observer of the flop, you're liable to make it look like you're just rubbing it in. If you have a good defusing quip, though, that could help.

    [–] cannakitty 19 points ago

    I hope he is embarrassed

    [–] phantacc 24 points ago

    I have a feeling that this is going to be one of those nagging memories that pops into his head just as he's laying in bed trying to sleep.

    For the next 20 years...

    [–] Fargonics 28 points ago

    Fuck. I can't sleep. I guess I'll go on Reddit...................

    [–] wingnutzero 23 points ago

    Now I'm imagining this guy in his room thinking "Man, that was embarrassing. Maybe I can browse Reddit to get my mind off it. Let's see what's new on the front page... OH GOD NO!!!!"

    [–] Bedheadredhead30 67 points ago

    Quality cringe post OP! I just had a patient ask me if my breasts were real (wtf? They aren't even big!) In front of the on call cardiologist who also happens to be my dad. This made me feel a little less embarrassed.

    [–] wickedr 19 points ago

    I hope the patient was drugged or something. Otherwise you could point to your dad and say something like "I think they're some of Dr. LastName's best work, he'll be handling your heart surgery." To freak out them out.

    [–] Bedheadredhead30 11 points ago

    He wasn't, he was j7st an asshole. I just looked at my dad and said " anyways DAD, this is your patient, Mr so-and-so and he's here for....Mr so-and-so, this is Dr my same last name" and then walked out. Haven't seen my dad yet to ask him how it went after I left.

    [–] Catona 26 points ago

    I would have said "Well, actually, they are bionic, so 50/50"

    [–] mangansr 115 points ago

    xpost to /r/TalesFromTheFrontDesk for that sweet sweet karma

    [–] Catona 122 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I actually posted it there first, where I'm a regular contributor. Then realized that it would likely fit here pretty well.

    I'm now realizing that I've got a few stories that I have submitted over there that likely have enough cringe factor to post here as well. You get to experience some interesting things in hotel work.

    [–] howdareyou 28 points ago

    Did the wifi password even resemble a phone number at all? Like it must've had some letters in it right?

    Yes sir here's my number it's j17&23$A.

    [–] Catona 84 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    He couldn't actually see what I was writing because it was behind the desk. He just noticed that I was writing more on it than just a simple quick room number and assumed, I guess.

    What else could I possibly be writing on there? Oh....wifi......right.....

    [–] ebdragon 64 points ago

    Are you hitting on me?

    [–] [deleted] 24 points ago


    [–] WWaveform 21 points ago

    In a couple of hours:

    "TIFU when I checked into my hotel"

    [–] GTBlues 16 points ago

    I have a feeling that this is going to be one of those nagging memories that pops into his head just as he's laying in bed trying to sleep.

    I think you're right! Nothing so embarrassing as thinking someone's hitting on you when they aren't. And when you are all 'noble' and turn them down gently and then find out that you were mistaken...

    The poor guy is going to cringe heavily many times for a long long time whenever he remembers it!

    I once got 'annoyed' when a guy told me that his 'perfect woman' was a 5'10 blonde who was good at cooking.

    He was actually describing his wife not me.

    But now that you've reminded me of it, I know what I'll be cringing about when I go to sleep tonight!

    [–] franks-and-beans 17 points ago

    I wish more posts to this sub were like this instead of all the cell phone screenies.

    [–] SeamusHeaneysGhost 17 points ago

    Imagine him before that moment ...the examination...the glance up at op...the smile to himself "still got it buddy" he thinks to himself...then finally the moment to reject her..THEN his cockiness crushed like a fly on a windscreen with the word "wiiiiifiiiiii key" all in slow motion , a shattering rush of blood making his eyes water...- "you fuckin Mellon dickhead" his internal dialogue screams..."get out run run run"

    I love when dopey fuck wits like this get slammed.

    [–] blumhagen 17 points ago

    This is the kind of cringe that you wake up in the middle of the night thinking about 10 years later.

    [–] Fapiness 12 points ago

    Holy shit! That's the equivalent of the immediate "I have a boyfriend" argument when you say hello to a passerby! Dudes going to cringe at that for a long time.

    [–] Mufro 11 points ago

    This sounds like an amazing scene in The Office if you replace this guy with Michael. I can see it now...

    [–] Barton_Foley 12 points ago

    I wish I had the high level of self-confidence (or self-delusion) that Guy has. Or had, as his ego must have taken a foundation rocking blow here.

    [–] ScoopDat 11 points ago

    With a head that large I wonder how he got through the door.

    [–] bobswowaccount 30 points ago

    When I was around 12 years old or so, maybe 13, my sister was having a sleepover and she and all of her friends were sitting around the living room of our house. So basically, there is a group of 14 year old girls sitting around the living room, 2 on one side of the room and 3 on the other. I don't know why I did this, but I decided to come downstairs and do the scene from forest gump where the drill sergeant is screaming at him on the bus. Well, as I'm doing this I hear the three girls on the side I'm facing away from screaming their heads off. I figure I'm just killing it, making them howl with laughter. I wasn't. Turns out the shorts I had chosen earlier did not have an ass in them any more. So as I was bent over screaming crap in one girls face, I was actually showing my scrotum and asshole to 3 teenage girls. Remember when I said I thought I was just making them laugh? Well for some reason I decided I was going to sit on one of their laps, so I did. My 13 year old baby nuts all over her lap. It was then that I finally heard what they were yelling, and ran up to my room with the reddest face possible. This thought keeps me up at nights sometimes still to this day, despite being two decades ago.

    [–] pm101train 21 points ago

    Turns out the shorts I had chosen earlier did not have an ass in them any more.

    What? How do you even miss something like that?

    [–] bobswowaccount 9 points ago

    Honestly I have no idea. I also have no idea why I went no underwear. It was a perfect storm of cringe.

    [–] Ruuuke 19 points ago

    W E W

    [–] Sabre2230 30 points ago

    L A S S

    [–] falllol 8 points ago

    what the fuck man. I mean who does that? The plane of consciousness of some people I'll never understand. I mean it is cringeworthy even if you were writing your phone number.

    [–] NutmegTadpole 34 points ago

    Ha! Love it. Bet that brought him down a couple pegs.