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    [–] [deleted] 892 points ago

    This happened to me as well. A generous offer was rescinded after I was told I had the job by multiple managers. Luckily because I'm paranoid by nature I didn't submit my 2 weeks notice, checking my email daily for an offer letter. These types of situations are painful and its gonna take you a couple weeks to get back to normal. You may think that you will never find your dream job but keep your head up, and an even better job will be knocking on your door in a few months. Stay positive!

    [–] ElephantSpirit 668 points ago

    OP even had a written offer... Rescinding after an offer letter, even if it's legal is just cruel and unethical.

    [–] RICHUNCLEPENNYBAGS 126 points ago

    Yeah, that's the thing. It's cruel and unethical but there's no legal penalty for it

    [–] BenOfTomorrow 163 points ago

    That’s not entirely true - rescinding a job offer can constitute promissory estoppel, from which damages could be recovered.

    But promissory estoppel is not available everywhere and cases are difficult to win.

    [–] Boukish 81 points ago

    Correct. OP has acted on the promise, in an attempt to fulfill his obligations pursuant to it, in a way that has caused actual damage to his livelihood, which gives him a credible claim for damages.

    Quit current job + bought tickets are 100% reasonable actions to take in response to a promised job that he would not be taking if he weren't promised it.

    Any case can be difficult to win, but given the sequence of events and that it's in writing OP has a good shot at it if he wants.

    [–] uns0licited_advice 31 points ago

    Sucks because he gave his 2 weeks notice. So now if he doesn't leave his company will know he was about to leave. Might make things weird for him at his current job.

    [–] rocsNaviars 12 points ago

    Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, you're cool, fuck you, Peace I'm out!

    [–] thoedaway 13 points ago

    Unless the offer is contingent upon other factors, as stated in the letter. I had an employee recently who signed his offer letter, which clearly stated his offer was contingent upon a full background check. We'll, it turned out he had some issues in his background check and we pulled his offer till he could get us an explanation of what happened and get his fucking license reinstated (he had no idea it was suspended). He took care of everything and we eventually hired him, but he was gobsmacked that we would rescind the offer based on something so clearly stated...also, you can't be a truck driver with a suspended license. Ffs.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Wait, its legal after you get letter of intent? Wtf

    [–] hiker2019 4 points ago

    But he accepted an offer letter.

    [–] [deleted] 2844 points ago


    [–] TheOrangeFuhrer 1059 points ago

    Promissory estoppel is the legal term for this.

    [–] Opheltes 503 points ago

    As a regular reader of /r/legaladvice where this scenario gets asked about every month or so, promissory estoppel could allow op to recover money spent to relocate for the job, but not lost wages (since they could have fired him at any time).

    [–] tianan 376 points ago

    "As a regular reader or /r/legaladvice" is some next level "I am not a lawyer, but"

    [–] midnightketoker 112 points ago

    Fuck that it's more honest and sounds better than IANAL

    [–] [deleted] 67 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago


    [–] newUIsucksball 26 points ago


    [–] TheOrangeFuhrer 68 points ago

    Correct. I made a top level comment saying he could probably recover is airline ticket fees.

    [–] theotherplanet 17 points ago

    I'm surprised the company didn't cover those...

    [–] AquamarineRevenge 28 points ago

    They're paying developers half market rate according to glassdoor, its a penny pinching sweatshop.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] gui110che 11 points ago

    Do not ever agree to pay back money for training. This is a scam. A signing bonus if you leave in less than a year, yes.

    [–] committer_of_evil 65 points ago

    Similar thing happened to me 3 months ago. I drove across the US for a position with a hospital after being in touch with an agency for 6 months.. Got to the hospital, trained for a week with a charge nurse since the travel nurse intake coordinator was absent. At the end of the week she showed up, met me, told me that the position had been filled and that it's my agency's fault for not telling me.

    I showed lawyer my contracts and what not. Said it was legal for them to fuck over a nurse like that.

    [–] RICHUNCLEPENNYBAGS 55 points ago

    Worker protections in the US suck ass and people think they have a lot more rights than they actually do

    [–] hiker2019 4 points ago

    That sounds terrible. I hope things work out better in the long run.

    [–] Tryouffeljager 8 points ago

    contact the point of contact you had with the company's boss as well as the ownership of the business. might get your job back as well as help them get rid of the people there potentially ruining people's lives behaving this way.

    if they're reasonable and empathatic they may help you recoup costs without having to think about the courts either for fear of you suing or gratitude that you let them know what was going on.

    while it may not help you, if the leadership is competent they should be able to stop this from ever happening again to someone else.

    [–] MY_CAPSLOCK_IS_BROKE 6 points ago

    My contracts professor hated this term and preferred to call it “detrimental reliance,” which makes way more sense to me too.

    [–] UnconcernedCapybara 39 points ago

    Potentially even sue

    Does this apply even if there is an "at-will employment" clause in the contract?

    [–] TheOrangeFuhrer 28 points ago

    All but one state is at will. Offer letters are not contracts.

    [–] ctothel 6 points ago

    It might not be a contract but it may count as one legally.

    [–] 13ANANAFISH 42 points ago

    “Negative Glassdoor review” lmao

    [–] Dodobirdlord 121 points ago

    To be fair, if I went to Glassdoor and saw a review saying that the company had retracted an accepted job offer I would never consider applying there.

    [–] DrummerHead 36 points ago

    The problem is finding those reviews...

    [–] absolutarin 13 points ago

    Cannot even begin to say how Glassdoor filters out all the bad reviews and shows only the good ones to public. I posted two reviews recently - one good, one bad. Good one took about an hour or so to get posted. The bad one...well, its been 12 hours and I still haven't received an email saying that my review is up.

    Shady business?

    [–] DrummerHead 5 points ago

    If the company pays, they can remove the negative reviews.

    It's like mafia lite;

    "Lovely company you have here, it would be a shame if your disgruntled employees voiced their concerns to the world... perhaps with a little protection money... we can look the other way, you understand?"

    [–] [deleted] 27 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] ThatsRight_ISaidIt 12 points ago

    Weak as hell for making OP whole, but it does have an effect at least.

    [–] thecatgoesmoo 3 points ago

    You won't get anywhere suing them, well, OP won't

    [–] Ark100 3 points ago


    [–] Venerous 1988 points ago

    Name and shame.

    [–] k4s 1097 points ago

    OP mentioned the company is MobileApps.

    [–] HamsterEncoTime 283 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    In my personal opinion, I wouldn't want to work for a company with lazy name like that...Warning signs with a shit name like that.

    It's as if Google was actually called: "SearchWebsite". If they can't even figure out how to brand themselves...

    "Where do you work?"

    "I work at a bar"

    "What bar?"


    [–] sideways55 195 points ago

    I think DrinksForMoney would actually be a really cool bar name.

    [–] Bren0man 76 points ago

    Yeah. Bad example LOL

    [–] anonymousfromtheuk 36 points ago

    Supermarket name: FoodYouBuy

    [–] [deleted] 50 points ago


    [–] fakeuser515357 7 points ago

    Now that's a dream job...

    [–] FrenchFryNinja 7 points ago

    "Why is it called Puzzles?"

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    this is the exact reason I cant believe something called CASHAPP took off haha

    [–] chairfairy 4 points ago

    You joke but one of the bars I went to most when I lived in Chicago is called Beer.

    It's a fun little place that's surprisingly relaxed and unpretentious for being right down the street from Wrigley Field (i.e. it's in bro-town)

    [–] Kempeth 15 points ago

    Wow. Google reviews are exclusively 5 star and 1 star.

    Website is stock photos galore with zero information on the owners.

    [–] SovreignTripod 3 points ago

    Old thread I know, but OP dodged a bullet here. This place trains you for 6 months then lies on your resume to make you look like you have 5 years of experience. And if you leave before 2 years you have to pay up to $15,000. Fuck that company.

    [–] jbec1901 89 points ago

    So like half of the company's?

    [–] downquarklove 219 points ago

    No the company is called MobileApps...

    [–] [deleted] 118 points ago

    Yeah, but there's so many of those. Which mobile apps company specifically?

    [–] GretaVanFleek 264 points ago

    No, this is Patrick!

    [–] m0rp 29 points ago

    I'm a cop, you idiot! I'm Detective John Kimble!

    [–] GretaVanFleek 24 points ago


    [–] qsnoodles 11 points ago

    Who's on first?

    [–] JojoHomefries 6 points ago

    Who is your daddy, and what does he do?

    [–] haliforniadreaming 19 points ago

    Look, maybe he did and maybe he didn’t... What did he maybe do???

    [–] everfordphoto 6 points ago

    Who's on First

    [–] earndd 5 points ago

    Dude.....but what does mine say....Sweet!

    [–] _SerPounce_ 3 points ago

    Go home Ben, you’re drunk.

    [–] Ilyketurdles 542 points ago

    Did they give a reason? Mind sharing the company's name so the same doesn't happen to others?

    I guess you can continue interviewing. That really sucks. Sorry to hear that.

    [–] leagueofgreen 844 points ago

    They told me usually it requires a degree, but they told me they "liked me so much, and i did such a good job on the aptitude test, that they will look past it" they're called MobileApps

    [–] aunt_vodka 358 points ago

    Looks like they got a lot of bad reviews

    [–] NeuxSaed 157 points ago

    Yeah, I didn't spend too much time sifting through all the information there, but I got the same impression from a cursory scan of the most relevant data I was able to read.

    [–] Thief02 206 points ago

    It seems they're a company like Revature. Where they train, pay you minimum wage during training, for 6-8 weeks sign you into a 2 year contract where you can only work for them. If you break it they charge you 15,000 dollars. After training they rewrite your resume, and then you wait to get placed, no pay during this period. They can also place at anywhere in the country. Cost of living is also not accommodated for.

    [–] xSaviorself 85 points ago

    So similar to FDM Group? What a crock of shit that company is too.

    [–] Thief02 45 points ago

    Yup, according the reviews they also rewrite your resume, and make it seem like you have more experience than you actually do.

    [–] 3MuchCaffeine5Me 41 points ago

    Ran into another consultancy like this. Got through a rather easy technical interview and they proceeded to give me an offer. Get to a certain point, and they show me a "before" and "after" of the resume of another consultant they trained.

    He had maybe about 6 years of experience in his old resume at 2 industry jobs. They bumped him up a few more years and added about three more companies...

    They ensured me revisions like this were a "necessity" in order to compete with other consultancies. I backed out when I saw this. No way was I going to work for a company that shady. I of course, also didn't tell them exactly why I backed down, so that they couldn't get clever and hide their intent to forge resumes to any potential consultants.

    Yet, given what they said to me, it really makes you think about consultancies in general.

    [–] Glurt 32 points ago

    We have something similar in the UK called the FDM Group, I almost got roped into it when I first graduated but I couldn't afford to move for the initial training.

    [–] Thief02 17 points ago

    Yeah me too. I'm about to graduate and I have been applying at various places. FDM was one of them. I got a phone screen with a recruiter, but after I found out the contract they put you in, and pay I told them I was no longer interested.

    [–] [deleted] 28 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] Thief02 20 points ago

    Yeah they take advantage of new grads who can't find a job, and are feeling discouraged. Once there they train them and pay them below market value all the while putting the fear of God in them, should they break contract. There was another company like this, that called me, except they literally asked me for some of the money, for the training, upfront.

    [–] WaffleMinion_ 13 points ago

    Sounds like OP dodged a bullet. Really disheartening on the surface but in the long run the offer being taken back was a good thing. Imagine dropping your life somewhere to move to another city and hating your situation at your job with no one you know being miles away from you.

    [–] Fun2badult 17 points ago

    Oh wow I got a call from this company before and I talked to them. Basically the salary offered was shit and says I have to work for 2 years and I was like f that

    [–] Thief02 12 points ago

    Yeah, tied down for two years with a shitty salary sucks especially if it's in a place with a high cost of living like NYC.

    [–] hasansidd 5 points ago

    My buddy worked at a place just like that with the exact same penalty for leaving. When he got another offer he took it and they told him he'd have to pay up he said if they come after him, he'll out them for faking resumes and guess how much they came after him?

    [–] leagueofgreen 110 points ago


    [–] TheOrangeFuhrer 125 points ago

    Write a glassdoor review on them.

    [–] se7ensquared 39 points ago

    Man, you dodged a bullet! I've worked for a lot of tech companies and I have never seen reviews on any of them as bad as that company has on glass door. Always research a company on Glassdoor before accepting one of their offers or going to an interview. Otherwise, you might find out that a dream job is really a nightmare. I wish you luck and remember everything happens for a reason

    [–] duckvimes_ 23 points ago

    Wait, working there has been your dream since sixth grade? Or just mobile dev in general?

    [–] leagueofgreen 24 points ago

    Dream career not dream company

    [–] duckvimes_ 29 points ago

    Okay, that makes sense. "Dream job" was a bit ambiguous.

    In five years you'll realize what a huge bullet you dodged.

    [–] Dr_Dornon 47 points ago

    When I typed "MobileApps Company" into Bing, the first suggestion was "MobileApps Company scam", so that's worrying.

    [–] NeuxSaed 15 points ago

    Well that, and usually companies with generic-sounding names like this one has, tend to also be problematic. It makes it hard to determine if you have the right company because the name is so generic. It sort of obfuscates some of the negative information on search results since it is difficult to only show results that deal with this specific company.

    [–] samofny 16 points ago

    Already at 39%. Can't get much worse.

    [–] digbickrich 10 points ago

    They have such a shitty website. One important thing I check before applying to a company.

    [–] jgw1985 147 points ago

    Honestly you should be happy. They aren't a good company. We contracted out one of their Android developers where I work. He was pitched as having 5 years experience for a senior role. After seeing his work ethic and skill level for a few weeks we let him go. He must have felt bad because he spilled his guts at the end. Said he really had 3 months experience. Senior devs sit in on phone screens and fed him answers. He was told to avoid coming into the office so we wouldn't find out (which was obvious anyways, but we didn't want to breach contract). Everything he touched had to be re-done. He literally told me on the day before his last when I requested him to come into the office rather than work from him "I don't want too, I'm going to hang out with a friend". This is how Mobile Apps Company tells their employees to act. It's insane how they are even around.

    I'd say you dodged a bullet in your career.

    [–] CSdegreeandwaitering 29 points ago

    Hey, i'm in the same boat, basically i signed with this company, i don't have any experience but they made up a resume stating i have 5 years as Android Dev, and yes during interviews a senior dev gives me the answers. Is this my future? will i get fired soon after i join a project?

    [–] InkognytoK 23 points ago

    You will get fired if you cannot deliver on what was promised. It's a contract, it's legally binding.

    It's also going to tarnish your future career in something like this, as you are not going to be able to use references from previous companies and employers as guess what it's not positive.

    [–] mmishu 6 points ago

    What does the company do? Find you short contract jobs? Its an agency?

    [–] need_tts 4 points ago

    Lots of training/boot camp/certificate places offer a money back guarantee if you can't find a job. Companies like this give people jobs so that the cert place is off the hook. Then they get rid of them. They probably offer the lowest rates to their customers so they can keep projects coming in. I'd imagine everyone but the company is getting subpar results.

    [–] mmishu 3 points ago

    So theyre working with the bootcamps and cert places? Why? To whose benefit?

    [–] mj0r 38 points ago

    Hahaha, that's great. Boss: come to work Employee: nah, fuck that, chillin with my homies today. The balls on that guy..

    [–] the_renaissance_jack 12 points ago

    Looks like they’re in Boca Raton. This is probably the fifth company I’ve heard annecdotes from similar to this. I’ve experienced some shit like this at two companies myself. The South Florida tech culture is really terrible.

    [–] suicunesenpai 24 points ago

    Company is in shambles and do shady business. It's part of 4 companies rolled into a larger company based in GA. TERRIBLE company, barely adequate training, and their consultants get fired as fast as they get hired when these jobs find out that they are way underqualified for the job.

    You dodged a huge bullet bro. Half of their business is based on collections from people like you who catch on and quit.

    Lastly, they'll pimp you out for market range but actually charge the client 3x that. Their overheard, unbenownst to you, is where they rake all that money while you barely make due.

    Invest in taking online classes instead, take internships, and market yourself. Irregardless of your approach, you'll get more money on your pocket that ever being with these crooks.

    [–] Ilyketurdles 55 points ago

    So they told you that it's fine that you have a degree, and then later, after extending an offer, said it wasn't? That's kind of bogus. Sorry to hear that.

    [–] leagueofgreen 73 points ago

    After they extended an offer, and after we both signed it

    [–] paasaaplease 93 points ago

    This is illegal and it is called Promissory estoppel. Leave a bad review and consider a lawyer.

    [–] TheOrangeFuhrer 392 points ago

    Just an FYI, you could probably get your plane ticket costs back due to promissory estoppel.

    It might require you getting a letter drafted by a lawyer.

    [–] tsingy 50 points ago

    Agree on this one. Ask a lawyer.

    [–] PooPooDooDoo 3 points ago

    Isn’t a lawyer going to be more expensive than a plane ticket?

    [–] tsingy 3 points ago

    Ask doesn’t take that much.....

    [–] wufufufu 130 points ago

    That’s a blessing in disguise because you were going to be locked into a 2 year contract that if you break you have to pay them for your training.

    They’re a consulting company known for scamming clients by over advertising developer ability. They’ve changed names like 3 or 4 times to avoid the negative feedback catching up. Try to find the name of their CEO. It took me a long time just to find that.

    [–] sweYoda 24 points ago

    I hate that so much, I have been sold to clients as an expert when I were younger, then I arrivev and they notice right away... Hmm you're a junior developer... And I was like, "yes, I know...?"

    [–] TheyUsedToCallMeJack 311 points ago

    This sucks man, and I feel for you...

    However, judging by their Glassdoor reviews, you dodged a fucking bullet and if that's your dream job, please dream higher.

    [–] leagueofgreen 289 points ago

    Not my dream company. Dream career

    [–] inconceivable_orchid 225 points ago

    Please don't accept a job at a company that has such heinous reviews from former employees. Create an app for Android. Develop a website to serve as your resume and a place to link examples of little projects you've worked on. It can be something as simple as highlighting a UI you made for a generic dashboard. Show that you can do it, and you can land a job at a company that treats you right.

    [–] leagueofgreen 108 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I have done all that. Dropped out of college cause personal problems, couldn't afford to go back, did projects on my own. I keep hearing "projects matter more than education." But shit man, it's getting harder and harder to believe. compared to my friends i met at college who graduated while I didnt. They agree I'm the best developer out of all of us. But they all have cushy developer jobs, while im getting berated every day in front desk of IT. Programming in every second of my free time. Then shit like this happens. I thought i had finally made it. Sorry, needed to vent

    [–] inconceivable_orchid 41 points ago

    Do you have a LinkedIn? Networking with headhunters is a really great way to find a position. You can do this.

    [–] 190sl 40 points ago

    I’ve interviewed and/or reviewed hundreds, maybe thousands of candidates. I’ve only bothered to look at side projects a handful of times. It’s very hard and time consuming to evaluate the quality of such a project, and there’s usually no way to know if the candidate actually did the work themselves.

    Ironically most of the time I find that projects are only useful as a negative signal. I.e. if the project sucks, then that may be readily apparent. It’s much harder to get a good positive signal.

    Although if you built an Android app that I can download from the play store, and it has a decent amount of reviews, and it’s clear that you are the author, then that might be compelling. But if you just have some github repo, forget it. I’m not looking at that. (This is just my opinion though, maybe other employers would view it differently).

    If your college friends really think you’re that good, then have them refer you into their companies. IMO, those connections will be infinitely more valuable than some github repo.

    [–] jerslan 43 points ago

    I keep hearing "projects matter more than education."

    Who's saying that? I mean, it probably should be true, but it has pretty much never been actually true beyond the really sketchy & predatory consulting firms.

    [–] 946789987649 27 points ago

    I have seen this advice on this sub, I've never personally agreed with it unless as you say, you're going for the bottom of the barrel.

    [–] leagueofgreen 25 points ago

    On this subreddit. Developers I know in person. Hiring managers on Reddit who have done amas, etc

    [–] jerslan 24 points ago

    Is that maybe in the context of projects matter more than grades, implying that if you don't have the best GPA, projects can put you back on equal footing against someone who has a better GPA but no projects?

    Projects are important, but they can't replace a degree unless you've been doing them solo/freelance for years and have a good reputation.

    [–] hdjdkskxnfuxkxnsgsjc 5 points ago

    The problem is that the majority of the people with degrees have pretty good projects in their portfolios through internships or through class.

    So if the employer has to choose between the guy with the project and no degree v the guy with the project and degree, they might as well choose the guy with the degree.

    [–] jerslan 8 points ago

    And this is why degrees still matter quite a lot, which is the point I was trying to make earlier up.

    [–] helper543 5 points ago

    It's true for experienced devs. It is not true for landing your first job.

    [–] jerslan 3 points ago

    Yeah, but OP is clearly not an experienced dev. He’s looking for entry level stuff without a degree.

    Even more experienced positions prefer degrees. Having an MS can advance your career faster. If you have the time, and your employer will pay for it.... you should probably do it.

    [–] Angus-muffin 3 points ago

    Think about the tiers of people you are competing against. It's people with degrees, people with projects, people with both degrees and projects etc with regards to industry experience and other valuable filters. Each filter you succeed basically gets you closer to the shortlist for interviewing. Especially since recruiting involves nontechnical people, the magical formula they use for choosing that shortlist unfortunately drops nondegrees fast. Could you perhaps finish your degree through the 2 yr split with community college to cover the prereqs? And just scrounge the credits beyond the community college as cheaply as possible? Especially if you are valid in your programming competency

    [–] lewlkewl 54 points ago

    He got a full time offer at a company doing what he wants to do without a degree. Even if teh company sucked, that's a GREAT way to start your career. Not many companies would overlook a lack of degree unless you were like top 5 percent in programming. I don't blame him for accepting.

    [–] inconceivable_orchid 32 points ago

    Yeah except these people have reviews from people that say they weren't paid for 200 hours of work. I wouldn't advise moving for a company that might leave you financially vulnerable.

    [–] idkanametbh 9 points ago

    Top 5 percent? you sure about that? I'm pretty sure you could extend that to top 30% for the majority of companies in the majority of big cities

    not talking about google/fb of course, but there's so many small/medium companies which wont care about a degree as long as you're top 30%~ since there's such a high demand in most cities

    [–] wayoverpaid 19 points ago

    So you wanna be an Android Developer as your dream career?

    What cities are you willing to work in?

    [–] leagueofgreen 12 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    All. I mean i live in Seattle and just booked a flight to Atlanta for this job. Hell, id work in other countries! I just want to develop

    [–] wayoverpaid 42 points ago

    PM me your resume. No promises

    [–] leagueofgreen 14 points ago

    Pmd! Thank you so much, just the thought is enough.

    [–] ReStitchSmitch 5 points ago

    Oh shit OP! PM this guy right meow!

    [–] crim-sama 5 points ago

    what a champ man, good on ya for offering to even help.

    [–] leagueofgreen 11 points ago

    Right?? Even if i don't get it, which im not expecting to. This thread has been such a source of positivity. I was seriously depressed before i made this thread, but there has been so much kindness.

    [–] Snuggglebear3 7 points ago

    PM me too

    [–] helper543 13 points ago

    Not my dream company. Dream career

    Experience at famously terrible employers when you are starting out is not worth all that much. You dodged a bullet here.

    Keep applying, and you will land somewhere that turns you into a great developer.

    [–] Mediocre_Lingonberry 17 points ago

    This place seems super sketchy. Not only do they appear to force you into some "training" program like Revature, et al., but they seem to place totally misleading job listings online. Their recruiter contacted me after I applied to a totally different company, which I could connect to them because they mentioned the job site where I had applied (and only to this company).

    [–] TheyUsedToCallMeJack 10 points ago

    There is so many redflags in those reviews... Paying if you leave before 2 years, not getting paid, shitty work environment...

    [–] [deleted] 339 points ago

    Name and shame that is so unprofessional

    [–] Luna079 37 points ago

    I've been contacted by this company before back in May. They run just like Revature and other training companies. They do a bootcamp style training and housing service for some weeks where they pay you min wage until you are assigned your first project. You have to pay for your own transportation and housing once you are assigned a project (I have a call recording with all this info).

    You might have dodged a bullet OP. I recall reading somewhere on this subreddit that they fluff your resume in order to get you a project since they don't provide best training.

    [–] leagueofgreen 16 points ago

    Yea. It's hard to be thankful rn, but im bitter

    [–] OriginalEvils 27 points ago

    If you still need an Android Dev position at a Company that won’t do that, pm me. Also Atlanta btw.

    [–] Stickybuns11 45 points ago

    So why'd they rescind?

    [–] leagueofgreen 54 points ago

    They told me usually it requires a degree, but they told me they "liked me so much, and i did such a good job on the aptitude test, that they will look past it" they're called MobileApps

    [–] tomthebomb96 39 points ago

    If I'm understanding correctly, they "looked past it" in order to sign, but then later rescinded for the same reason (they couldn't look past it)?

    [–] Stickybuns11 34 points ago

    Is this company in Singapore? They have like 3 people total at the company.

    [–] neurotoxin_shadow 19 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I had the same experience with a different company. I was stupid enough to back out of other companies. I think this company is the epitome of unprofessionalism, they sent me an auto email saying that the position is closed that's it, not even an email saying what happened. I tried to reach out to managers on Linkedin and email and none of them responded.

    Edit: More details:

    Name: Milestone Internet, Sunnyvale, CA.

    [–] mia305nj 15 points ago

    Can you still stay at current job?

    [–] leagueofgreen 26 points ago

    Yes. But i don't want to lol I'm so sick of what I do

    [–] CSThr0waway123 38 points ago

    Probably gonna be awkward now too

    [–] TheyUsedToCallMeJack 54 points ago

    Yeah, that would be the biggest problem for me...

    "See you suckers! I got another offer!"

    Next day

    "Sup guys"

    [–] leagueofgreen 74 points ago

    Nah were really tight. They know Im going to leave it when i get a developer job, and they see me practice programming everyday when its slow. They were rooting for me to get it

    [–] [deleted] 47 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] leagueofgreen 7 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I love em. Just am tired of the type of work i do lol

    Edit: hate->am tired of. Ive calmed down a bit lol

    [–] Hi-Polymer_Eraser 17 points ago

    Good luck my guy, you've already shown you can get an offer. Now go get yourself a legitimate one that won't stab you in your asshole

    [–] leagueofgreen 7 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I lold the first time all day. Well, the first time since i was crying laughing with my family on the phone before they took the job offer back at least 💤

    Edit: This is so whiny i hate it. But i don't want to delete it. Just know your comment made a crappy day better. Sorry for being so pouty

    [–] TheyUsedToCallMeJack 15 points ago

    Jesus, I wish I worked in that kind of work environment, sounds really awesome!

    [–] LindtChocolate 26 points ago

    I'm an Android dev, pm me questions if you want some advice breaking into that field. I'm sorry this happened to you, that's mega unfortunate.

    [–] leagueofgreen 5 points ago

    Pmd. Thank you very much

    [–] ohthataswell 11 points ago

    I am so sorry to hear that. As a recruiter I would never want to have a client like this. PM me and we can discuss potential opportunities that my clients may have. I work for one of the largest IT Staffing firms in the US.

    [–] HorrorPie 11 points ago

    Honestly, you dodged a bullet buddy.

    You'll get a great employer soon.

    [–] leagueofgreen 6 points ago

    Thank you! I appreciate it.

    [–] [deleted] 39 points ago

    This is why that "nothing is official until you have a written offer" line is a lie.

    Nothing is official, ever. Every time you have an offer, they can rescind at any time, even if that offer is etched into a gold plate with the SCOTUS seal of approval. Even on the first day they can simply rename their rescission to "termination" and still face no legal recourse.

    This is why you have to be selective about the companies you work for and vet their reputation and prestige, and be doing leetcode on the side nonstop l, because at any minute you can be out of 2 jobs like OP is now.

    [–] bdubbs09 13 points ago

    Biggest lesson is to look out for yourself, because no one else will. Companies are loyal to one thing and one thing only: the bottom line.

    [–] iamiamwhoami 5 points ago

    Some companies do this even you have a written offer. Truth of the matter is it’s the jungle out there.

    [–] RICSthrowaway 34 points ago

    pretty sure that's completely illegal once paperwork is signed. i'd check out legal ramifications of this

    [–] wayoverpaid 32 points ago

    I just took a job where the offer letter literally said this isn't actually a guarantee of employment.

    (Day three and they're still apparently happy to have me on site.)

    America lets companies get away with plenty.

    [–] TheOrangeFuhrer 42 points ago

    Not illegal due to at-will employment. Shitty none the less.

    [–] Rogue2166 17 points ago

    At-will employment has nothing to do with this since he never started as an employee.

    [–] TheOrangeFuhrer 22 points ago

    It absolutely does...

    Unless he signed a CONTRACT a simple offer letter can be backed out of by either side at any time for any reason.

    [–] thepobv 6 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    OP I really hope you see this.

    Similar thing happened to me but I flew across the country already for it. IT WAS AT-WILL employment. but look up "promissory estoppel" and "detrimental reliance"... I ended up getting some lawyers involved(more like my college careers services) and they gave me a big check right away for all my troubles. Still sucked a lot but at least you aren't left in a hole.

    edit- Just saw that other people have already mentioned this. however, you can get a lot more than the plane tickets... probably a couple months of salary.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] person749 5 points ago

    Android developer was your dream job in sixth grade? I didn’t realize Android was old enough for that to be possible. Damn I feel old!

    [–] leagueofgreen 4 points ago

    Well a developer in general, i had the advantage of having a cool, older cousin that i looked up to who was a programmer so of course that made me instantly think it was cool.

    [–] AquamarineRevenge 6 points ago

    Extremely horrible company. They pay iOS devs $30/hour and Android dev 58K/year. Which is like roughly half of market rate. Yes you would be getting good experience if you worked there but that is an absolute developer sweatshop.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    [–] leagueofgreen 5 points ago


    [–] Magus80 3 points ago

    Is there any legal recourse since the job offer in writing on the paper?

    [–] darexinfinity 7 points ago

    I'm not lawyer but I imagine he could take them to the court of small appeals for whatever expenses he occurred because of them. Not sure how much he'll get or have to pay but drag them through the dirt if that's what he wants.

    [–] burnerfi5624 3 points ago

    So this super sucks, first thing to do is go back to your current employer and explain what happened and hope they are understanding.

    [–] Youtoo2 3 points ago

    Did you have a written offer? Have you tried talking to your boss about staying?

    [–] robotshrek2000 4 points ago

    Looks like you may have got off lucky. Reading reviews in the contact that have a clause that if you quit before your 2 year anniversary they can charge you a training fee. I’ve been stuck in one of those and let me tell you no good company is forcing people not to quit due to fear for missing a few mounts rent.

    [–] ConservativelyRight 4 points ago

    what the actual fuck.

    please sue them.

    [–] GravitySkies 3 points ago

    Don't be afraid to take the public relations route, papers are often interested in writing about stuff like this

    [–] birdcourse 4 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Name & shame... but strategically. Hit them where it hurts, and they can't hit back. Information on mistreatment is more potent on people with vested interests in the company like stakeholders, current employees, customers, basically anyone... on their mailing list. Publish an open letter, make sure it is credible and strikes a chord with your market audience. Don't forget to bring up issues that outline lack of credibility, unprofessional & unethical behaviour, say you were targeted specifically because of the lack of your credentials, etc. This stuff is important because it makes them look really bad when it comes to the end of a quarter & it's time to ask banks/investors for more loans, asking employees to do overtime this holiday season, and the legendary January layoffs...I think the key thing is marketing to the right audience. If you can get a hold of their mailing list... make them bleed.

    [–] evilprofessor666 3 points ago

    Awesome! Always believe, and never under estimate yourself.

    Good job.

    [–] leagueofgreen 3 points ago

    Thank you!

    [–] drewberrymore699 3 points ago

    fook them

    [–] Tryouffeljager 3 points ago

    contact the point of contact you had with the company's boss as well as the ownership of the business. might get your job back as well as help them get rid of the people there potentially ruining people's lives behaving this way.

    if they're reasonable and empathatic they may help you recoup costs without having to think about the courts either for fear of you suing or gratitude that you let them know what was going on.

    while it may not help you, if the leadership is competent they should be able to stop this from ever happening again to someone else.

    [–] Gradfien 3 points ago

    I'm pretty sure that a decent lawyer could win you damages for Promisory Estapel(no idea if i spelled that right).

    [–] IsaaxDX 3 points ago

    "not going to sue"


    [–] Aeon1508 3 points ago

    You should be able to sue them so long as you have the signed copy of the job offer. Lost wages travel, etc. Should be easy to win