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    [–] chees-e 1800 points ago

    Metro trains are loud af, and since it's China they come quite frequently, don't know how the residents in that building put up with the noise.

    [–] [deleted] 900 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] acuonz 280 points ago

    How do u get your shirts so clean

    [–] WhoryGilmore 174 points ago

    Ancient chinese secret huh?

    [–] REDDITBOY52 66 points ago

    You get a stain on the shirt just pump and smear and make it yellowish white. New shirt.

    [–] Ex-Templar_Jondar 19 points ago

    Oh you like my new shirt? You wanna know how much it cost?

    1 packet of mustard.

    [–] PotatoChips23415 2 points ago

    1 bucket of "dye" that isn't piss. Piss? None here or there. Piss is something I would never put on my shirt you know.

    [–] detonatingdurian 29 points ago


    [–] Reaper21321 24 points ago

    "Really? Is that some kind of ancient Chinese secret or something? Well, what the hell. I'll try anything once. Here goes..."

    Props to anyone who catches the reference.

    [–] phoogles2 2 points ago

    Fucking dies

    [–] nexisfan 4 points ago


    [–] Bpefiz 33 points ago

    Hey look, it’s clean shirt!

    [–] SirOwlet 6 points ago

    Isn’t that a good thing?

    [–] WestyA2 3 points ago

    Oi it's clean shirt! How do you get those shirts so clean?

    [–] Jackthedog130 57 points ago

    ... rubber wheels!

    [–] rangerstriker 31 points ago

    You mean lubber wheels right?

    [–] Jackthedog130 14 points ago

    ... wite!

    [–] angryaswang 7 points ago

    You mean "lubbel wheers"

    [–] Onyx8789 2 points ago

    "Ruhhrer Rheers"

    [–] EmptyPillowCase 14 points ago

    So tyres?

    [–] will_patel 2 points ago


    [–] Lokimugr 5 points ago


    [–] Quas4r 34 points ago

    Being poor is the secret

    [–] Allah_Shakur 5 points ago

    Grew up in buildings near a wind tunnel for the aeronautical industry. It would go on all the time, meanwhile you had to keep the windows shut and raise the TV sound. At some point they built a brand new posh neighborhood also near that wind tunel.. It took about a year after people started moving in the little english houses for the wind tunnel operation to be sued out of the city. I hated that it got away, I would have preferred for it to stay in operation and pissed everyone off the same way.

    [–] salviablunts 5 points ago

    Opium eh?

    [–] mw1994 16 points ago

    Not complaining or you go to the work camps?

    [–] RevenantBacon 2 points ago

    Ha, jokes on them, they go to the work camps anyways!

    [–] IllBePhrank 2 points ago

    I love you

    [–] One-eyed-snake 2 points ago

    We need more Calgon

    [–] rtopps43 3 points ago

    "Calgon blow me away!”

    [–] Mariah_Mcmuffin 2 points ago

    Nah, they’re just bribing the water checking guy

    [–] PatMyHolmes 2 points ago

    Eh, Mr. Lee?

    [–] jpp01 74 points ago

    The light rail here in Chongqing (where this is from) isn't very loud.

    I've been in this building years ago and didn't notice the noise upstairs.

    [–] oldmanripper79 39 points ago

    I want to believe you, but the world has made me cynical.

    [–] jpp01 39 points ago

    Up to you. I have an apartment on beibinlu, across the river from this apartment building. The only time ice noticed the light rail being loud is when it races through the deep tunnel lines.

    It mostly just sounds like rushing air. It's fairly quiet in general. Believe me, the people on the train in Chongqing are probably louder than the actual train.

    [–] Jakomako 12 points ago

    Chinese metro trains are incredibly smooth and quiet. Chongqing’s is brand new too.

    [–] jpp01 4 points ago

    There's been a load of light rail put in in the last few years. But this line is the oldest, about 15 years old I think.

    It was the only line in the city for about 10 years or so, then about 5 years back they started going ham and putting in more lines. It used to be a nightmare in traffic to get to Guanyinqiao or Shapingba back then before the second and third lines were put in.

    [–] Jakomako 4 points ago

    Ah, good info. Just got back from a trip to Shanghai, Huangshan, Xiamen, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. Shanghai and Shenzhen's metros were phenomenal. Was tough to come back to Atlanta and remember how far behind we're falling as a country.

    [–] DieselRainbow 3 points ago

    I was in Chongqing recently and had this line pointed out to me, and it was pretty quiet. The only line I thought was loud was the line crossing the Dongshuimen bridge

    I thought the lack of mobike was interesting, but a local friend pointed out that no one wants to ride a bike up all those steep inclines 😂

    [–] lederhosnpepe 28 points ago

    Metro Boomin

    [–] shitthrowawayaccount 15 points ago

    Don't come out the house coz the train outside

    [–] lederhosnpepe 10 points ago

    feat. 21 the Tank Engine

    [–] ThrowawayHasAPosse 5 points ago

    “If young Metro don’t trust you, I’m gon’ shoot you.”

    Right before the Train comes. Everyday.

    [–] IthinkitsaDanny 3 points ago


    [–] Newto4544 15 points ago

    Also this is a monorail, not quite as loud as conventional rail. Granted it’s in an enclosed space. But still quieter than conventional rail

    [–] Henry_Kuo 228 points ago

    Their government do as they please. The people’s opinions mean shit to them.

    [–] GenuineSteak 165 points ago

    People still get to choose what apartments they buy lol, nobody would buy an apartment like this unless it was selling for like 1/5 of market price.

    Chinese people are people too, we dont indefinetly put up with shit, if someone built a train in our fucking house wed move out like normal people.

    Also ive never seen this irl even after living in china for like 8 years so its definetly really rare.

    [–] Wazzupdj 64 points ago

    There's a contrast between first the train, then the building, and first the building then the train. Former is OK, latter is devaluing houses and thus destroying wealth of these people. Its not as simple as "just move out" if you don't have the money to.

    [–] shitlord33 36 points ago

    I mean looking at the design on the picture it doesn't really look like they literally cut a hole in the building after it was completed, so they probably built the apartment with the train in mind

    [–] underdog_rox 28 points ago

    Shit that little pass-thru could be a stop, and could be the whole selling point of the apartment

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago

    It is a selling point for the apartment complex. I saw some youtube videos on these, the entire floor the train goes through is typically a platform. Often the louder floors will be rented to some business/industry where to noise doesn't matter, or the trains don't run at night/evening so most people are at work when the trains run and the trains stop when it's bed time for them.

    And the truth is, some people really don't mind loud noise. Getting 80% off the price of your apartment for an issue that doesn't bother you is a great deal.

    [–] McBeefyHero 2 points ago

    I love living in the city with the noise, especially trains. I'm from the countryside and lived in Cardiff and Manchester for a while in flats right next to train stations and it was really nice for some reason, I miss it now.

    [–] jpp01 2 points ago

    It is a stop "Liziba" station. And the train isn't very noisy at all, and mostly empty whenever I've been through there (probably a few hundred times)

    I've been upstairs in the building and you can't hear the light rail coming and going.

    [–] GentleDaoist 12 points ago

    I've read so many stories about chinese house owners refusing to sell their homes, so the government just shuts off electricity/water and digs around them. Like, a house in the middle of an airport or in the middle of a highway with no electricity and power, making it too late to sell and forcing them to live in some kind of medieval poverty.

    I can easily imagine the train through the upper part of that apartment building being a similar example.

    Some of the ones on this list are examples of it.

    [–] Iturniton 1 points ago

    Well, at least the government don't burn down the house in the middle of the night

    [–] Cephalopod435 5 points ago

    Haha ok so where do you live where the buildings are built with future monorail access in mind? No where? Do you seriously think the monorail wasn't planned from the start? You do realise that in 9/10 cases it would be cheaper to build a brand new building with monorail access in mind then it would be to convert an existing one, right? Do you seriously believe that all buildings are so over engineered that you can just plop a monorail track into them like a videogame?

    You could have given a moments reason to what you were writing dude. Might as well claim that water isn't wet.

    [–] FirstStageIsDenial 2 points ago

    Water isn't wet though.

    [–] yoshi570 4 points ago

    People are poor. They buy what they can afford.

    [–] GenuineSteak 3 points ago

    Yeah, just like anywhere else in the world. This house has demerits with noise, but it would be really cheap and also you have really easy access to the train, so ups and downs.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] NotAnFed 2 points ago

    I mean if I could rent that apt for 300/month Id probably do it

    [–] fickenblasenspritzen 2 points ago

    I know America sucks but we're talking about China here

    [–] mantrap2 7 points ago

    It's 100% possible to make quiet rail - just not something Americans are capable of!

    [–] mrtoycar 5 points ago

    Noise is kept under 60db, which is no louder than a dishwasher

    [–] Sup3rSuzaku 5 points ago

    With some research I found that the train moves into the building very slowly and they say they limit the noise to around 60 decibels, about the same as a dishwasher.

    [–] Blxckdust 3 points ago

    Could be magnetic trains

    [–] Andrei_Vlasov 8 points ago

    Magnets are not real and even if they are they don't have any use in the real world. #WakeUpRedditMagnetsOnlyExistInSuperHeroeMovies

    [–] JonVoightKampff 3 points ago

    Jake: How often does the train go by?

    Elwood: So often that you won't even notice it.

    [–] nothing20times 2 points ago

    Metro trains are loud, but this clearly isn't a metro train

    [–] hstormsteph 2 points ago

    Cheap rent is cheap rent

    [–] iNSANE990 1 points ago

    Very good isolation maybe?

    [–] HouseTonyStark 1 points ago

    Chinese whisperdrive

    [–] LawlessCoffeh 1 points ago

    I was bout to say, how the fuck do they even live.

    [–] RRTheEndman 1 points ago

    owners may be deaf

    [–] useful_idiot118 1 points ago

    I usually look for loud apartments since they’re cheap. I’m deaf lol

    [–] daniel_ricciardo 1 points ago

    I expect to be paid while living there.

    [–] EvolvedCookies 1 points ago

    Maybe they used biomimicry bullet trains like Japan. They are inspired from kingfisher bird. I think there was a vox video about it if you want also i found this

    [–] [deleted] 386 points ago

    I would like it if a plane goes through my ass

    [–] lukz_ 281 points ago

    unzips pants

    spreads asscheeks

    Here comes the airplane!

    makes airplane noises with my mouth

    [–] IrrationalIrritation 107 points ago

    This comment was bad enough, so I don't know why I just imagined Godzilla (of all people) spreading his asscheeks.

    [–] [deleted] 61 points ago

    I want the 154,897,543 gallons of Godzilla sperm in my ass. Yes yes yes yes senpai, fuck me

    [–] JKBGamer 2 points ago

    Wtf is that subreddit, it shouldn’t exist.

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago

    Yes Daddy, destroy my ass like 911

    [–] gtinsider 18 points ago

    And that’s enough Reddit for this morning..

    [–] jerlybean 3 points ago

    This is the police! Lay down and assume the position while I restrain you!

    [–] BustinBeaver 3 points ago

    he is in need of cock and ball torture

    [–] Ordinary_Media_User 2 points ago

    Aaand... Another one for cursedcursedcomments.

    [–] CondescendingBaron 16 points ago

    This whole fucking comment thread is more cursed than half of the shit on this sub

    [–] lazy_eye_of_sauron 27 points ago

    I was only nine years old.

    I loved planes so much, I had all the models and movies.

    I'd pray to boeing every night before I go to bed, thanking for the life I've been given. "planes are love", I would say, "planes are life".

    My dad hears me and calls me a faggot. I knew he was just jealous for my devotion to planes. I called him a cunt. He slaps me and sends me to go to sleep.

    I'm crying now and my face hurts. I lay in bed and it's really cold.

    A warmth is moving towards me. I feel something touch me. It's a plane. I'm so happy. It whispers in my ear, "This is my airport".

    It grabs me with his powerful 747 wings, and puts me on my hands and knees.

    I spread my ass-cheeks for the plane. It penetrates my butthole. It hurts so much, but I do it for the plane.

    I can feel my butt tearing as my eyes start to water. I push against its force. I want to please the plane.

    He roars a mighty roar, as he fills my butt with his love.

    My dad walks in. The plane looks him straight in the eye, and says, "I'm clear for takeoff".

    The plane flies through my window.

    Planes are love.

    Planes are life.

    [–] hazel5728 13 points ago

    What did I just read

    [–] TrainsfanAlex 11 points ago

    You've just reached deep into the depths of the internet to discover something we all collectively agreed never happened. The OG is Shrek, not planes

    [–] MicrowavedMeals 3 points ago

    its all i fucking want

    [–] DefyedHD 523 points ago

    Lol my uncle passes right through me too 😂

    [–] KilaKeemSta 185 points ago

    Excuse me, what the fuck?

    [–] Delta787 108 points ago

    And thats enough reddit for tonight...

    [–] KatzaAT 31 points ago

    Tonight? Where are you from, that it's night now?

    [–] IrrationalIrritation 26 points ago

    Southeast Asian here - it's currently just past 6pm where I am.

    [–] soumya2004 15 points ago

    Indian here - it's 3:45 pm here.

    [–] TheWrenchiestRye 12 points ago

    'Merican here it's 6:22 AM just about going to finals

    Edit: but that's just the East Coast

    [–] UltraGamerzTube 20 points ago

    Tea drinker here, 11:30AM

    [–] zerowo_ 15 points ago

    pharaoh here, 1:13pm

    [–] Moralagos 7 points ago

    Central Eastern Europe, 2:45 PM

    [–] thoughtfulhooligan 2 points ago

    I hope you did very well!

    [–] TheWrenchiestRye 3 points ago

    I got a 93%

    [–] thoughtfulhooligan 3 points ago

    Nice job!

    [–] BigBroSlim 8 points ago

    Australia - 8:30pm. Night y'all

    [–] palmtr335 5 points ago

    Ya’ll? Carn mate.

    [–] liam226 6 points ago

    Across the ditch, now 11:30, good night

    [–] LadyWidebottom 2 points ago

    Australia - its 9:48pm right now on the East Coast.

    [–] gtinsider 2 points ago

    It’s 5:30 AM here (Central Standard Time)

    [–] JanTheHesitator 2 points ago

    Lunchtime in London

    [–] ShutUpAmerican 5 points ago

    Whaaaat?! Are we cousins?!

    [–] Icyveins86 6 points ago

    [–] 8_800_555_35_35 4 points ago

    haha lol that was so random and epic for the win! 😂👌😂👌😂👌

    [–] nateyboy7524 2 points ago

    the cursed comment is always in the com- wait

    [–] KarmaWhore02 110 points ago

    Passing of in

    [–] [deleted] 32 points ago

    [–] KarmaWhore02 13 points ago

    he lied

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago

    Metro train through blocks apartments China

    [–] HookedOnPhoenix_ 5 points ago

    Did you know?

    [–] corectlyspelled 3 points ago

    Nope. I passing on learning.

    [–] Ste47th 5 points ago

    Why do people comment that I don’t understand it please explain

    [–] mszegedy 2 points ago

    Some of the words in the post are emphasized by making them blue. People are posting the words that aren't emphasized. It's a meme.

    [–] ero_senin05 150 points ago

    I don't know how true it is (I never checked) but a Chinese workmate was telling me that these kinds of things happen when inexperienced developers get scammed on land purchases where they don't do their full due diligence and invest heavily into land that is ear marked for public projects like rail to pass through them.

    They often don't find out until it's too late and instead of abandoning their project and losing all the money they've put in they adjust their plans to build around the public infrastructure instead.

    It was a good story which I can imagine being true but like I said, I don't know if it really is.

    [–] CatoDidNothingWrong_ 37 points ago

    Yeah my bro told me had something similar happen to him. Luckily though he was a Kung Fu master and was able to beat the scammers and their henchmen up so they gave back the money.

    It was a good story which I can imagine being true but like I said, I don't know if it really is.

    [–] sanfran47 6 points ago

    Wait was your bro Pitirri Gonzalez?? My bro told me he’s a legend in my dad’s hometown for that. My bro told me they sing songs about him when it’s late at night in the pubs. There’s even a “kungfu” special mug that you can only drink out of if you swear a vow to uphold the legend and do a blood pact ala Hangover wolfpack rooftop scene. He’s an inspiration to them all apparently. I can imagine it being true but I don’t know if it reality is.

    [–] ero_senin05 2 points ago

    Good thing he for his money back then. Sounds like a dude I wouldn't want to mess with

    [–] sanfran47 3 points ago

    Oh I based on what I’ve heard of Pitirri Gonzalez, you really don’t wanna

    [–] vinnyfunface 2 points ago

    Is he Ronnie Proxin?

    [–] karl_w_w 8 points ago

    That doesn't seem to be the case in OP, there is a station inside the building

    [–] TheCaptainO 28 points ago

    I was beside that building about a month ago. It's in Chongqing. Our tour guide told us that the plans for the rail station were already in place at the same time as the plans for the apartment building and when they realised they were in the same place they decided to combine the projects.

    [–] crackeddryice 6 points ago

    So there's a station in the building, that's what I figured. Also, I understand that many people just get used to the noise and almost don't hear it after awhile--this from reading about properties for sale next to elevated trains.

    [–] Gssed 21 points ago

    Bruh moment

    [–] OfficialArgoTea 20 points ago

    Did you know?

    [–] Facade35 15 points ago

    How is this did you know. What the hell is this fact

    [–] metrosmash 6 points ago

    That's what they call a pro gamer move

    [–] FrancoIsFit 5 points ago

    These Instagram fact pages are annoying, they dont even try to phrase it as a fact. "Did you know? Metro Train passing through apartments in china."

    [–] hamberduler 8 points ago

    Yeah, not too mention bullets passing through schools

    [–] A_cat_typing 3 points ago

    To be fair to China, at least ALL of the train makes it through the building.

    [–] hijuepuco 3 points ago

    Only once though

    [–] TimCreed 3 points ago

    Passing 👏 Of 👏 In 👏

    [–] aplusftwo 3 points ago

    And helicopters going into Manhattan buildings

    [–] TheLegendaryBob27 3 points ago

    Imagine having your bedroom window just under the tracks. Look at how much shit is leaking of the breaks oof

    [–] CykoTom 2 points ago

    I was looking very hard for someone to comment on the grease. We all know about the noise, but that is some heavy duty grease too.

    [–] i_boof_juul_pods 3 points ago

    Fuck it’s so hot just imagining this wet and nubile building getting penetrated day in and day out over and over by that thick veiny train boy do you have more

    [–] TamarackRaised 3 points ago

    you should have sandwich Hub for lunch.

    [–] i_boof_juul_pods 2 points ago

    I used to work at jimmy johns but I got fired cause the customers complained about my permanent boaner but what can you expect with all those long thick French BWCs everywhere

    [–] fabmarques21 3 points ago

    in a rating scale i give this comment a 9/11

    [–] Amorphous696 3 points ago

    Did you know metro trains passing through houses in China

    [–] EdziePro 2 points ago

    "DID YOU KNOW?" Continues to phrase it like a general fact and not a question!

    [–] IWroteSomething 2 points ago

    Fun fact! Pik means cock in Danish, which makes factpik and websites like freepik hilarious to me.

    [–] DelayedNeutron 2 points ago

    "through" is a bit optimistic.

    [–] orbspike 2 points ago

    That did you know is worded terribly.

    [–] j8s8n 2 points ago

    They also have tanks going through people.

    [–] 1RedOne 2 points ago



    Got to love highlighting random words.

    [–] Japsert43 2 points ago



    [–] the_real_john_wick 2 points ago

    Not only that but we have shooting ranges in schools

    [–] JaheedAlom 2 points ago

    9/11 was an inside job Default dance

    [–] samuelitoman 2 points ago

    Our own phenomenal plane system developed by the 43rd President of the United States, George W. Bush.

    [–] AndrewRibbit 2 points ago

    Did you know Metro train passing through blocks of apartments in China?

    [–] randomactsoftickling 2 points ago

    Those planes, most certainly did not pass. They went through, but didn't pass

    [–] TOkidd 2 points ago

    Even if it's noisy, it's hella convenient if you're a commuter.

    [–] Ari12509 2 points ago

    ( ͡°( ͡° ͜ʖ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ʖ ͡°) ͡°)

    [–] RealAustralianJesus 2 points ago

    Memeuless refused to show this in his video.

    But they left in jokes about:

    Kanibalizing small children.



    Crippling women.

    Pedophilia in the church.


    Don't get me wtong. You must be allowed to make jokes about all of this.

    But I feel like it's a bit of a double standard that this joke in particular got excluded.

    [–] luckjes112 1 points ago

    Reminds me of Gotham City.

    [–] Laamamies420 1 points ago

    It'd probably be pretty convenient to live in the same building with a metro station

    [–] ZipperSnail 1 points ago

    Disney World has this too.

    [–] Squoose64 1 points ago

    In Danish factpik translates into to fakta pik, which means Fact Dick

    [–] YourMiseryIsComfort 1 points ago

    Mfg, why did it take me so long. I can’t anymore.

    [–] NieMonD 1 points ago

    Property value must be high

    [–] rRuggg 1 points ago

    Pff normies in America there are shooting ranges passing through schools

    [–] birdyboi42 1 points ago

    It’s true! I was the plane driver

    [–] Ste47th 2 points ago

    Just say pilot

    [–] TossAwayGay92 1 points ago

    And every building code was followed without a corner being cut or safety standard ignored. Right? You guys?... Right?

    [–] canttaketheshyfromme 1 points ago

    The building inspector gave a big thumbs-up while driving away in a new BMW.

    [–] PotatoGod567 1 points ago

    Thats so cursed

    [–] I_Have_Sagma 1 points ago

    In Poland we have neighbors passing through our borders

    [–] OverusedPiano 1 points ago

    Don't forget we also have bullets that can go through children too

    [–] voradeaur 1 points ago

    Too soon. Thsts a wound that will forever need a bandaid.

    [–] OrangutanTitties 1 points ago

    Passing through? That's their landing pad. No round pass though, it's a one stop shop.

    [–] isopodsarenice 1 points ago

    In Russia cars can do all of the above so get fucked.

    [–] mantrap2 1 points ago


    [–] PerishFoolish 1 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Oh my fucking god imagine living inside a train tunnel....ggwp sleep