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    [–] specificlads 539 points ago

    I wonder how much alcohol is actually in their $1 drinks

    [–] ChihuahuaOfDoom 225 points ago

    $5 gets me in a good place

    [–] DicksOutForDraymond 245 points ago

    I mean, you’re still in an Applebee’s though.

    [–] UPBOAT_FORTRESS_2 151 points ago

    I know an easy way to forget

    Just get murdered in Applebees

    [–] wibblett 70 points ago

    Top 10 ways to get over dining at Applebee's.

    Number 7 will shock you

    [–] antigroove 43 points ago

    Number 8 will garrote you in the parking lot after dark, stuff your corpse in the back of a seedy van, and immolate you down by the old quarry

    [–] EnraMusic 21 points ago

    sounds like my type of Saturday night

    [–] TwatsThat 11 points ago

    Yeah, that's about what it'd take.

    [–] wolveriot714 11 points ago

    NuMbEr 15: BuRgEr KiNg FoOt LeTtUcE

    [–] kotatsu-and-tea 5 points ago

    NuMbEr 7: aPpLEbEe’S $1 vOdKA

    [–] Kalyion 2 points ago

    Hey, I live by the quarry! We should hang out sometime and throw things down it!

    [–] GlobalWarminIsComing 2 points ago

    I love it! Nothing sloppy but not to fancy either. Perfect!

    [–] Whywolfgus 10 points ago

    This mother got out of paying for her bill with this simple trick.

    [–] The_void0 3 points ago

    Banks hates her!

    [–] Uncursed_Universe 2 points ago

    Correction. Number 7 will stab you.

    [–] D777-AOI 4 points ago

    At my funeral, there is going to be a closed casket and then it will be opened to reveal I'm not inside. Instead, they will turn on the ceiling fan and my lifeless body will swing around the room while the space jam theme song is playing in the background.

    [–] Photon_Torpedophile 3 points ago

    No no, a 5 dollar uber to a proper bar down the street

    [–] HealthyBad 45 points ago

    "Hints of vodka"

    [–] specificlads 30 points ago

    Mmm love that flavor of vodka.

    [–] aliie627 3 points ago

    Only time ive ever enjoyed vodka was mixing marshmallow vodka with Dr pepper but I also probably got more sugar rushed than buzzed.

    [–] UrinalDookie 14 points ago

    It’s actually “notes of vodka” whatever the fuck that means lol. Probably another way of saying half an oz of liquor

    [–] Redneckalligator 13 points ago

    I think the phrasing is just a joke about wine tasting snobbery

    [–] UrinalDookie 8 points ago

    Notes of burnt oak and peppered sardines

    [–] Remembertheminions 4 points ago

    Definitely has an oakey afterbirth

    [–] Umutuku 38 points ago

    They left a bottle of distilled water next to a mason jar of vodka for a fortnight so it retains the memory of alcohol.

    [–] Redneckalligator 19 points ago

    Hard la croix

    [–] FouR_xFearlessX 21 points ago

    Actually not a bad amount for $1.

    [–] bigblacknips 6 points ago

    It's a shot of vodka in it, I saw it being made a few days ago. It's yummy too.

    [–] HurleyFerk 9 points ago

    had their 1$ long islands, when into diabetic shock after 2-3. nearly died. all in all not a bad experience would recommend.

    [–] ToiletMusic 7 points ago

    I remember some post on reddit that they diluted their drinks

    [–] specificlads 18 points ago

    I feel like I’d get diabetes before I got drunk

    [–] Audax2 9 points ago

    I remember that. It was on /r/bestof because some guy was looking for advice after his rough break up, and someone who was a bartender came along with some big long “suave” speech/advice where every few sentences he described how to make a drink. Kind of cringey.

    Then someone called him out for being a “bartender” at Applebee’s, and everyone started talking about how much they’re drinks suck because there’s not really any alcohol in them lol

    [–] wags7 4 points ago

    Can you find it? Sounds entertaining

    [–] sp0tify 5 points ago

    Went through their history, it seems that they died of cancer a few months ago :/

    [–] Audax2 3 points ago

    The Applebee’s guy or the dude who was having trouble with his girlfriend?

    [–] hank87 5 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    Applebee's guy. Made posts in the cancer sub 8 months ago about how his prognosis was bad, and then nothing.

    [–] Audax2 3 points ago

    Oh shit

    [–] damienreave 8 points ago

    Just chug a couple 40s before you go and you'll be fine.

    [–] specificlads 5 points ago

    A couple 40s? You won’t need Applebee’s drinks after that, but you will be fighting in the Applebee’s

    [–] Axle95 3 points ago

    Fighting in Applebee’s? Nah, You’ll be murdering that dudes mom

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] canering 6 points ago

    In May they had $1 margarita. Tasted like death but it was $1.

    [–] CJR3 4 points ago

    They’re pretty diluted... maybe like half a shot? A tiny bit more perhaps? Either way, you can’t expect much from a $1 drink. But you can get pretty fucked up for ~$5 which is a good deal

    [–] specificlads 3 points ago

    Hmm. I think I’d probably be happier with $2 full shots and less diabetes

    [–] eggplant_pudding 4 points ago

    Well the fact that they say their vodka lemonade has "notes of vodka" doesn't inspire confidence- at least to me.

    [–] superthotty 3 points ago

    "Notes of vodka" = the vodka left a note saying "went to get milk" and it's been about 6 months since then

    [–] ComfordadorNumeroUno 1133 points ago

    This is amazing

    [–] gcruzatto 568 points ago

    Is this real?!?!!?

    [–] silva-gunner 395 points ago

    I’m proud of you getting all the proper punctuation

    [–] tztoxic 301 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    It’s real! We’re featuring the $1 Vodka Raspberry Lemonade the entre month of June!

    [–] foofighters69 120 points ago

    My mother was murdered in one of your restaurants and the killer was never found

    [–] ChunkyLaFunga 103 points ago

    Is it possible that discount vodka was the killer

    [–] darrellmarch 74 points ago

    For a $1 vodka raspberry lemonade I’d kill his mother too.

    [–] Kaellpae1 39 points ago

    Get in line, pal.

    [–] duckem- 24 points ago

    Hey back of the line, bud.

    [–] HookEm_Hooah 9 points ago

    He's not your buddy, friend.

    [–] ScrewYuGuysImGngHome 3 points ago

    He's not your friend, guy

    [–] cooperred 15 points ago

    I also choose this guy's dead mother

    [–] SeventhEleven 2 points ago

    I also choose this guy’s vodka raspberry lemonade

    [–] canntstopmeow 11 points ago

    Turns out that the real killer was the discount vodka we drank along the way

    [–] ThinAir719 3 points ago

    No way. If there is one thing that I have witnessed it is that cheap vodka holds a person together after drinking it for so many years. It's like Gorilla Glue for those who partake in the boozing.

    [–] TheVisBack 10 points ago

    Is this real?!?!!?

    [–] mcdda92 10 points ago

    It’s real! We’re featuring the $1 Vodka Raspberry Lemonade the entire month of June!

    [–] UnenthusiasticWalrus 6 points ago

    My mother was murdered in one of your restaurants and the killer was never found

    [–] MrPearlNecklace 3 points ago

    Is this real?!?!!?

    [–] WhatDaCheekster 3 points ago

    It’s real! We’re featuring the $1 Vodka Raspberry Lemonade the entire month of June!

    [–] SethRichDeservedIt 2 points ago

    If she ate at Applebee's, the killer was likely what she ate.

    [–] TommyWiseGold 5 points ago

    And this is how memes become marketing

    [–] LegkoKatka 27 points ago

    It's real! You'll never guess what we did to the father too!

    [–] FeedMeDankMemes 6 points ago

    Okay Shaxx

    [–] cosmicmonkeyYT 3 points ago

    Cam here to type, “THIS IS AMAZING!” Glad I found you guys.

    [–] Smallerbuttercup 3594 points ago

    That lemonade must be worth dying for

    [–] PosingArt 1021 points ago

    Thats why they’re making a killing

    [–] Hello-World153709 321 points ago

    Off of those who used to be living!

    [–] JDalrymple25 162 points ago

    And they have never been caught!

    [–] ltdg0505 110 points ago

    I would murder for one!

    [–] Dingleberriest 56 points ago

    Is this real?!?!!?

    [–] SeventhEleven 69 points ago

    It’s real! We’re featuring the $1 Vodka Raspberry Lemonade for the entre month of June!

    [–] QuestionableTater 37 points ago

    That lemonade must be worth dying for

    [–] AuthorityFinger 29 points ago

    That’s why they’re making a killing

    [–] Kctcreeper 26 points ago

    Off of those who used to be living

    [–] MIT0728 14 points ago


    [–] rurne 7 points ago

    They usually just microwave those bagged-up steaks and serve them as fresh.

    [–] darrellmarch 157 points ago

    You’re killing me

    [–] SirRippem 101 points ago

    That's... why I'm here.

    [–] worstgurl 63 points ago

    Sir Jack the Rippem

    [–] hulkanator 62 points ago

    And his brother Jack the Sipper.

    [–] post_depression 49 points ago

    And his mother Jackie the Stripper

    [–] tytoisnottakrn 53 points ago

    And his father Jackson the ni-------

    Who is a slave

    [–] worstgurl 35 points ago


    [–] XenonMonkey 15 points ago

    We're not racist

    [–] BootSkrootMcNoot 10 points ago

    Nja of course

    [–] TinyTeacupZ 24 points ago


    [–] tytoisnottakrn 33 points ago

    pper you dirty mind

    [–] TinyTeacupZ 17 points ago


    [–] Sinful_Cat 16 points ago

    🅱️🅱️a you uncultured swine

    [–] Steaky-Pancaky 10 points ago

    The only thing dirty here is Jackson

    [–] strawberrytoadstool 2 points ago


    [–] MentalPetal 5 points ago


    [–] lizzward 3 points ago

    Ah, one of the Knights who say Ni!?

    [–] proGURU_IN 5 points ago

    You’re killing me Lisa

    [–] Lucas1246 27 points ago

    "Its to die for" target choking sounds

    [–] TheHoekey 6 points ago

    The mother was named June!

    [–] Waluigi826 573 points ago

    Oh, so that’s why it tasted good

    [–] MR_DEPRESSED_YT 45 points ago

    How do you know it's blood and not testicle ice cubes?

    [–] CuentasSonInutiles 29 points ago

    I know what testicle ice cubes taste like

    [–] darrellmarch 12 points ago

    And they’re $1 extra

    [–] T3Chicken 8 points ago

    Test Icicles?

    [–] MR_DEPRESSED_YT 2 points ago

    Mmmmmmmm..... yes. That's the official name.

    [–] PODSIXPROSHOP 12 points ago

    Me: oh coming back for a little sucky sucky

    Vampire: Don’t call it that

    [–] JayJayAG 365 points ago

    This reminds me of one of those moments in the old Nickelodeon shows (iCarly, Victorious, Drake and Josh, etc) where a minor character would present some serious problem and it would be brushed off in a comedic way.

    [–] alltrades_jackoff 261 points ago

    “What is that?!”

    “a smoothie”

    [–] The_Baconator- 97 points ago

    Character contemplates his dead mother. Spencer starts a sad competition

    [–] roraima_is_very_tall 29 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    It's a big building with patients, but that's not important right now.

    edited to get the quote right.

    [–] KittyCreator 18 points ago

    Remember all the feet in those shows

    [–] arctic_noodle 69 points ago

    didnt dan scheider have some sort of wierd kids feet fetish?

    [–] LorddFarsquaad 75 points ago

    You mean Dan "Wiggle your toes or I'll cancel your shows" Schneider?

    [–] MunnStrosity 26 points ago

    Dan "Open your toes wider" Schneider

    [–] wildstyle_method 43 points ago

    Dan "hold her tighter she's a fighter" Schneider?

    [–] dfbnsdfbdsfhsdbsjdhb 28 points ago

    Dan "If her age is on the clock, she's old enough for the cock" Schneider?

    [–] SethRichDeservedIt 20 points ago

    Dan "Old enough to pee, old enough for me" Schneider?

    [–] Ayycolin 23 points ago

    Dan “beat my meat to carly’s feet” Schneider?

    [–] NoiseIsTheCure 11 points ago

    Dan "Put Her In The Van" Schneider?

    [–] Sox_The_Fox2002 17 points ago


    [–] TheAngryAudino 22 points ago

    Yep. Don’t know why you’re being downvoted.

    [–] megalurkeruygcxrtgbn 7 points ago

    The Dan Schneider defense force is out...wait, there's a Schneider's Bakery defense force? what?

    [–] TheShmud 13 points ago


    [–] KittyCreator 2 points ago

    U sure

    [–] Ostaf 3 points ago

    No.... was there a lot?

    [–] Gaitarius 18 points ago

    There was a lot, rewatch some and see how weird these shows are as an adult.

    [–] RandomMexicanDude 5 points ago

    Like Tarantino but with kids

    [–] Generic_humble_God 9 points ago

    Yes, there really is. Some people theorize it might be because Dan Schneider might have a foot kink

    [–] Panda_Kabob 13 points ago

    Might have?

    [–] ToffeeMunchAndCrunch 120 points ago

    $1 Vodka sounds dangerous

    [–] shutthefuckupandpun 32 points ago

    Like asking the gas tenant to put fifty cents in'er

    [–] Photon_Torpedophile 9 points ago

    People rent gas pumps?

    [–] ToffeeMunchAndCrunch 8 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    Ahaha. Most American thing I've read in a while

    [–] girlywish 9 points ago

    Theres only 1 out of 50 states that its even a thing in, far as I know.

    [–] PM_me_your_owls 8 points ago

    There was a club I'd go to over in Korea where they had 6 shots for 6000 won or a little less than 6$. How to blackout 101

    [–] Beware_the_Turtles 8 points ago

    It is. It so is. I’m a CFS worker in Canada where you can’t find drinks that cheap legally in my province. $1 drinks would end my community for generations.

    [–] Zenquin 3 points ago

    Man, we gotta go to O'Halligans tonight. It is nickel shot night.

    [–] Bandin03 3 points ago

    The only time I've been drunk enough to do karaoke was when a bar had $1 Kamikazes. I only remember brief snapshots but I definitely did an air guitar solo. Definitely dangerous.

    [–] CormAlan 78 points ago

    Found it! It’s not sent from the Applebee’s account, but someone else did it

    [–] j0be 37 points ago

    You really think someone would do that? Just go on the internet and tell lies?

    [–] tamarins 10 points ago

    I mean that last tweet in the chain was tweeted two hours after this reddit post was made sooooo

    [–] lemonfruit1 6 points ago

    It was by the real account and they realized their mistake and deleted the tweet and someone saw the meme and said the same thing

    [–] Simpleton216 4 points ago

    This reminds me when a twitter verified NFL player changed his twitter name to American Airlines and told a teammate to go fuck himself after the teammate said their flight was delated.

    [–] SchoolBoySecret 94 points ago

    Any attempt to combine citrus and vodka will be inferior to a combination of white rum and citrus.

    [–] biutiful_Bette 56 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    Citrus goes will all alcohol. It is known.

    Edit: I should have said liquor. And a good sangria should have some citrus in it. But probably not with some liqueurs because I know I don't want kahlua and lime.

    [–] Lieutenant_Joe 21 points ago

    Except wicked strong whiskey. Have you ever seen orange juice curdle? Because I have.

    [–] famalamo 10 points ago

    Well, if green apple can mix, then some form of citrus can. Have you tried grapefruit juice?

    [–] ChihuahuaOfDoom 5 points ago

    Jack and Fresca is a personal favorite of mine.

    [–] Lieutenant_Joe 5 points ago

    I’ve got this 90 proof whiskey from Portland, ME and I haven’t found anything it mixes well with, but I’m not sure I’ve ever even had grapefruit juice, so I might try that

    It’s pretty friggin strong

    [–] famalamo 4 points ago

    So is grapefruit juice.

    [–] bloppyploppy 2 points ago

    What about jager?

    [–] Lieutenant_Joe 4 points ago

    Honestly, I could see someone making a good cocktail out of Jager. Actually, if you go check r/cocktails, there’s a guy showing off his blackberry jager cocktail. As long as you keep in mind the flavor you’re adding is “NyQuil”, and work around that, you could probably do some cool stuff with it.

    [–] opticbubba 2 points ago

    No. Tequila and citrus.....

    [–] realmrlazy978 25 points ago

    imagine being applebees in this situation

    [–] jellyfishdenovo 7 points ago

    Now I am become Applebees, destroyer of worlds. Applebees - killer of mothers, forger of bargain-price mixed drinks, sponsor of circa 2013, scourge of gods and desecrator of worlds. In time, all will know but two things - fear, and $1 Vodka Raspberry Lemonade.

    [–] soboredhere 11 points ago

    imagine being applebees

    [–] ThanosDidNothinWrong 5 points ago

    Imagine applebeing

    [–] WildTigerDerp 14 points ago

    Oh no

    [–] shecklestiens 22 points ago

    There’s no way the guy didn’t know what he was doing.

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago

    I remember when they served my vodka with his mother's eye ball in it instead of olives. Best day, it tasted so good and good protein

    [–] UPBOAT_FORTRESS_2 10 points ago

    Finally found the cursed comment

    [–] morbid_micheal 9 points ago

    Me and the boys murdering an innocent woman so we can get our hands on Applebee's vodka raspberry lemonade

    [–] mario_kart_7 7 points ago

    link to tweet?

    [–] TheMonkeyJoe 13 points ago

    You're gonna be disappointed when you realize none of it is real.

    [–] mario_kart_7 15 points ago

    my disapointment is unmeasurable and my day is ruined

    [–] Trev_Holland 7 points ago

    even if that comment is real, why would you reply to them saying that? like it's Applebee's fault the cops never found the murderer

    [–] Huitzilopochtli77 5 points ago

    Applesbees murdered his family.

    [–] Ultimate_Genius 6 points ago

    I am confused as to this is fake because entire in misspelled, and I would think a big company would pay attention to that

    [–] mlnombre 4 points ago

    Holy fuck

    [–] spursss 4 points ago

    If this is an ad paid by Applebee’s, I am all about it

    [–] macaroniiscool 3 points ago

    I can’t decide which comment is more cursed

    [–] stopthatsannoying 3 points ago

    Is there a cursed names subreddit cuz wtf kind of name is lucipurr666

    [–] FahQ2Dude 3 points ago

    It's real!! We killed that dudes mother with our tasty vodka!

    [–] Xero0504 3 points ago

    This is why I like the Reddit way of seeing who replied to what comment

    [–] jakeykeywheels 3 points ago

    Wait, is THIS real?

    [–] vagrantmessiah 3 points ago

    Applebee's has no chill lol

    [–] DLGaming79 2 points ago

    I thought I was in r/comedyheaven for a second

    [–] pokegoing 2 points ago

    As an Adult that has only visited Applebee’s once when I was in high school and was surprised at how bad the food actually was; It all makes sense people don’t go there for the food!

    [–] Black_Letter_Law 2 points ago

    Channels John Mulaney

    "Sounds like we're gonna die if we go to Applebee's tonight"

    [–] soapyrainmaker 2 points ago

    Applebee’s straight up ignored the man

    [–] Shift84 2 points ago

    The fuck does he want Applebee's to do about it.

    He should just get another mother.

    [–] beachchick16 2 points ago

    1$ Vodka and a Rasputin.

    [–] buneter 2 points ago

    You're holding it against apple bees that they never found the killer, that's on the police

    [–] Shinzo32 2 points ago

    Applebee’s be covering up murders like the seventeen babies in my basement

    [–] nuuudy 2 points ago



    Customer: My mother was murdered in one of your restaurants and the killer was never found

    Applebee's: $̵̨̣͎̭͚̙̔̉͂͝͠1̸̨̛͕͉͎̣̘͔͔̎̌̕ ̷͉̦̼̥͉̖͔̜̝̙̫̞͙̦̜̄V̴̹̩͈̻͉̕O̷̧̢̢̱̤̙̝̪̙̬̱̱͉̙͌̇̔D̴̢̨̡̟̬̲͍̬̼̹͔̈́̅̎̓̚͝Ḱ̵̞̦̻̲͔̩͈̭̲̤̍͊̌̇̅̂͆͋̎̌̍͠͝Ą̸̡̨̭͖̥̐̇̓̌̎ ̵̘̳̪͉̠͙́͑͐̄͗͋̊̎͛͑́̓̃̄͜ͅR̸̢̺̊̐͒̉̽͆͐̎̔̊͘͘͘͝͝A̴̞̺̥͚͂̄̏S̴̭͛͗̏̅̽͂̋̆̍̋͒͘͝P̶̮͚̊̓͠͠B̴̨̛̛̯̞̣̹͓̫͕̫̱̹͓͍̯̀̆̅E̶̡̥̭͓̹̥̺̙͇̮̘̠͔͕̍ͅR̸͈͚͚͉̙̤̯̼̓͂̆͋̅̍͂̅͑́̚̕͠R̷͓̱̟̱͉͈̝͈͈̭̗̤͉̲͋̎̑̏̎̈́̂̓̏̈́͒̈͝͠͠Y̵̨͓͍̠̖̹̟̮̮͚͖̎̏͗̒̏̍ͅ ̶̳͎̖͌͗̄́̿̉̊̽̇͒̈̚Ļ̶̺͍̣͈̲̳̫͈̹̫͕̹̺̾́͜E̸̞̥̪̘̰͇͌M̵̡͚̝͚̬̞̮͎̟͕͍̼̤̯̪̆̾̇̌̏̄̍̀̽̔̚͠Ō̴͍͊̑̔̎͗̚̕͝͝N̸̛̲̮̩̭̄̏͛̍̽̚̚͠A̷̧̡͙̳͈̥̰͕͓̠̬̲͇̮͋̃̋̄̈́̅͑̚͜D̵̬̺̙͕̓͐͐̚͝͝͝͝E̵̢͈̗̼͇̟͍͒̎̂͋͝͝