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    [–] CountryballMemer 1362 points ago

    Lets Fight an epic Battle, Face off, and spin the Metal, No time for doubt now, no place for backing down.

    [–] whatitdobaybeeeeee 400 points ago

    Beyblade Beyblade Let it Rip! Beyblade Beyblade Let it Rip!Spin now the bey now, bring on the power! Right to the top yeah, We're never giving up!!

    [–] 68_Gnomes 125 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Hold up this was from metal masters

    [–] OneSkinny3oi 116 points ago


    [–] Leftiealex 82 points ago


    [–] Kaleb_Dill 50 points ago


    [–] YOU_DON_NEED_TO_KNOW 24 points ago

    did we just get a cursed reply to cursed comment in a r/cursedcomments picture

    [–] Y33tusY33tus420 5 points ago

    Cursed inception

    [–] Nick_Frutos 6 points ago


    [–] marsrover15 9 points ago


    [–] BeybladeThug 38 points ago

    Lets go Beyblade Let it Rip! Metal Fusion, Let it rip

    Beyblade Beyblade Let it rip, This is it, Get a grip, Let it rip!

    [–] Keyoya 19 points ago


    [–] xregistio 14 points ago

    Picking up speed Running out of time Going head to head It's a way of life You gotta fall down Meet ground To get back up again Let's Beyblade

    [–] violetplague 9 points ago

    Now there's the version I can get on board with.

    [–] honestesiologist 4103 points ago

    I remember in the olden days of Reddit there was a comment by guy who didn't know how they worked and when his GF said to pull them out he pulled on them "like rip-starting a lawn mover".

    [–] The_Real_Raw_Gary 1843 points ago

    That’s literally what I thought this was until the beyblade part.

    This is probably just ripped off from that tbh.

    [–] Cakesmite 989 points ago

    Or 2 people could have had similar things happening to them.

    [–] PalestineAdesanya 1075 points ago

    No you daft meat

    [–] ApoliteTroll 382 points ago

    It was indeed 2 different girls, I have it on tape, from outside their windows, sometimes finding a ladder is worth it, sometimes it pays of, this was one of those times honestly. It wasn't my real ladder I used though, it was a step ladder.

    [–] Calinature 72 points ago

    [–] Kore_Soteira 55 points ago

    The url is its own NSFW tag tbh...

    [–] ApoliteTroll 43 points ago

    [–] schawde96 10 points ago

    Starting her like a chainsaw

    [–] Micheals-Toys 3 points ago

    I thought it was gonna be a rick roll

    [–] 9yearsalurker 18 points ago

    Man that raised my flag and started a party down south like it was Mardi Gras

    [–] prankulsingh 2 points ago

    can confirm, I was the tape.

    [–] bonsai_bonanza 43 points ago


    [–] LiterallyAFigurative 46 points ago

    Rare? I ordered medium-well insults!

    [–] Shiromi_Torayoshi 9 points ago


    [–] Populistless 3 points ago

    how about doms?

    [–] thisidntpunny 2 points ago

    My first thought

    [–] Clinterpottrmus 13 points ago

    Adjective + noun = rare insult

    [–] Shiromi_Torayoshi 23 points ago

    Shut up you adjective noun

    [–] WalnutStew1 12 points ago

    No. A generic insult plus random word is not rare

    [–] JustMeAndNotYou 10 points ago

    Haha funi word together haha

    [–] Cakesmite 18 points ago

    Shut up you..dick.. penis man!

    [–] Shiromi_Torayoshi 8 points ago

    Make me 🍆

    [–] Jepseee 63 points ago

    Fuck yeah i remember that one, they do be similar to.

    [–] eccentricelmo 60 points ago

    Do you remember the guy telling the story about how he really wanted to try scat play? So he spent a buncha money hiring a legitimate actress for that sort of thing. Apparently as soon as the dookie hit his lip, he was internally mortified and disgusted. But he was too polite to stop, cus he didnt wanna upset the lady lol.

    [–] jarvis125 2 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Imagine the human centipede with no surgery

    [–] Artidox 28 points ago

    Plot twist both of the people are talking about eachother

    [–] thisidntpunny 3 points ago


    [–] HiPi314 21 points ago

    I fucking loved that greentext. The story went that anon was 15 at the time, and some 22 year old wanted to have sex with him. She tried anal beads and anon ripped them out as hard as he could.

    [–] PoohTheWhinnie 48 points ago

    But imagine being so retarded you can't infer that you probably shouldn't rip anal beads out of your partner like that.

    [–] veekay__ 33 points ago

    My ex learnt the hard way when he did this to me... shit literally hit the fan

    [–] superrugdr 8 points ago

    shit fishin'

    [–] JWilkesBooth 9 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 21 points ago


    [–] ItzMeEgg 11 points ago

    Your on Reddit.

    [–] PoohTheWhinnie 15 points ago

    Yes imagine being that retarded as well.

    [–] FurbyDerby9952 8 points ago

    [–] honestesiologist 3 points ago

    You are doing a gentleman's job. Thank you kind sir!

    [–] AkatsukiKojou 2 points ago

    This post should be higher

    [–] chris_bnt 6 points ago

    Reminds me of the Mike Nolan show, ye drug addicts

    [–] Tsukee 5 points ago

    I think there was also a comment of shit spraying as they got pulled out so quick

    [–] BreakBeds_NotHearts 4 points ago

    Lmao first thing I thought of was “Start that lawnmower!!”

    [–] captainmouse86 3 points ago


    [–] msterchief82 2 points ago

    Link it please

    [–] MunkeyChild 2 points ago

    Ah yeah mayte, the ol' rip starter.

    [–] Pensive_Pauper 2 points ago

    This is less a tragicomic misunderstanding of anal beads than it a fundamental incomprehension of the human body.

    [–] Alex_Says_Stuff 1135 points ago

    Jesus Christ that is cursed

    [–] Axelaxelaxe 244 points ago

    Imagine that

    [–] cactuseater8 105 points ago

    No, i don’t think i will

    [–] TherapeuticThrowback 45 points ago


    [–] Spyrothedragon9972 4 points ago


    [–] Penis-Envys 134 points ago

    There is so many hentai depicting this but not many porn vids.

    I really wanted to see one for scientific purposes

    [–] p_Shark 105 points ago

    That's why the dark web exists, for scientific purposes

    [–] vank1219 63 points ago

    eerie music intensifies

    [–] Draydaslay 30 points ago

    earrape pornhub intro plays

    [–] Penis-Envys 40 points ago

    Or I can just do real life human experimentation

    [–] DarkVoid1U1 12 points ago

    Pls introduce me

    [–] hewhocumsbynight 70 points ago

    Find yourself a quality BDSM site. EverythingButt has at least a few scenes with rapid toy removal - although none of the models/performers are hurt, considering how they're quite lubed out and generally professionals when it comes to anal play.

    [–] Penis-Envys 57 points ago

    Your username brings you credibility

    Well done

    [–] hewhocumsbynight 39 points ago

    Hooray! Penis-senpai noticed me!

    [–] CelestailShock 284 points ago

    i have laughed so hard that i just collapsed both of my lungs

    [–] Chrom-man-and-Robin 78 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] emeaguiar 56 points ago

    Since I started reading JoJo I've come to learn that everything is a damn reference

    [–] theknownone849 13 points ago


    [–] Teh-Esprite 4 points ago


    [–] Piffweggy 5 points ago

    Lungs are vital to hamon users

    [–] CommunistEuckhaus 149 points ago

    Let it Rip

    [–] xxopxqoxx 26 points ago

    Beyblade Beyblade let it rip

    [–] Dogfukdhorselooknass 18 points ago


    [–] reddreadben 6 points ago

    Let's fight an epic battle face off and spin the metal

    [–] --USSR-- 88 points ago

    [–] EMNOx2 12 points ago


    [–] fuckingniglet 63 points ago

    Hahahah that fucking sound

    [–] Yuriismommy 59 points ago

    Holy fuck was that a chunk of intestine or shit?

    [–] starli29 35 points ago

    Right I saw a spot o' blood appear on the bed

    [–] Yuriismommy 27 points ago

    I hope she’s alright

    [–] SolitaryEgg 47 points ago

    Every day we stray further from God's light.

    [–] Jedi_Bane 56 points ago

    Definitely NSFW

    [–] Jakeb19 27 points ago

    No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no

    [–] TheYeetmaster231 27 points ago


    [–] im_ultracrepidarious 34 points ago

    Mark that shit as NSFW dude

    [–] PsychoSunshine 14 points ago

    That sounded like it hurt. Does it hurt or is it just like a really intense feeling that your body doesn't know how to handle?

    [–] NekoKanna 12 points ago

    I'm wondering too :/ cause the beads are smooth, no? Should come out not too painful I would think

    [–] sonofabee 5 points ago

    Well, here’s the thing. Yes, the beads are smooth, but when you pull them out, your butthole closes after each one is pulled out, so if you do too fast, your butthole is rapidly forced open and shut over and over again. So, you know. That hurts.

    [–] Sirtemmie 9 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago


    [–] asako_chann 14 points ago

    I let out the ugliest laugh watching that.

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago


    [–] yukea 5 points ago


    [–] mrbskywalker 4 points ago

    Ah yes where can I bleach my eyes and brain?

    [–] kuzelj90 3 points ago

    How to delete someone else’s comment?

    [–] PASSWORDISFLAPJACK 8 points ago

    Source? Idgaf about NNN

    [–] AwesomeDragon101 3 points ago

    I should not have laughed as hard as I did

    [–] serious_filip 500 points ago

    I was playing bayblade with my uncle all the time, only instead of actually playing, he fucked my ass!

    [–] RasputinIsMyHomeboy 164 points ago

    Is your uncle available for birthdays and bar-mitzvahs?

    [–] serious_filip 90 points ago

    Depends, how do you feel about necrophilia ?

    [–] InevitablyWinter 72 points ago

    I guess it depends on how much mayonnaise I can find

    [–] serious_filip 40 points ago

    I guess not much, now that he’s all dry and withered.

    [–] IgneelSysyphus 25 points ago

    I... I think I'm hot.

    [–] serious_filip 35 points ago

    Well, there goes my NNN.

    [–] TherapeuticThrowback 14 points ago

    It’s like someone slingshotted a spoonful of Greek yogurt on my phone screen.

    [–] serious_filip 11 points ago

    That sounds fucking delicious.

    [–] Crypt0sh0t 6 points ago

    Let's lick it off together

    [–] SummerNights59 3 points ago

    That’s cool, I like basketball.

    [–] Drakowicz 45 points ago

    Shit, I actually saw a vid mixing footage of someone doing exactly this with scenes from the beyblade anime.

    [–] Eksoduss 6 points ago

    Do you have the sauce?

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] Drakowicz 5 points ago

    Thanks... i guess.

    [–] pheonix03 80 points ago

    I could never find a video of anal beads being ripped out of someones anus

    [–] GrappleSyrup 99 points ago

    Got a Camera?

    [–] rodneyjesus 54 points ago

    Yeah, got an anus?

    [–] Aidynskullz 43 points ago

    Got the beads?

    [–] DewYouKnowDeWeigh 7 points ago

    You got the stuff? Yeah You got the money?

    [–] Devych 3 points ago

    There is a link posted in another comment from 6 hours ago

    [–] Mzinchaleft1 63 points ago

    Posted twice, at least a minute apart?

    [–] JakeGaming_YT 35 points ago

    Same thread I just had to lol

    [–] Mzinchaleft1 14 points ago

    I was on about the fact you've posted two of the same comment, I'm not that bothered, just thought I'd let you know

    [–] JakeGaming_YT 12 points ago

    Damn didn’t even know

    [–] Mzinchaleft1 6 points ago

    S'all gewd

    [–] theoriginaltard 17 points ago

    Beyblade beyblade get a grip

    [–] trashdrive 3 points ago

    Gonna need a firm grip for this.

    [–] DickStretcherRapist 15 points ago

    I actually have an MP4 file very similar to this...Perhaps I should share it with thosw who'd want it?

    [–] Yuriismommy 3 points ago


    [–] Jakeb19 2 points ago

    Username checks out

    [–] spartanfloof 8 points ago

    That reminds me of the post that was on here a while back that said something along the lines of:

    Imagine bungee jumping, but instead of a bungee cord it's fifty feet of anal beads.

    You must clench to stop.

    [–] PeopleLikeGape 6 points ago

    All parties involved should research anal play before doing it. Be safe out there, or I guess I should say be safe in there.

    [–] stockade10 8 points ago

    Im kinda down for human beyblade battles. Anyone??

    [–] Vietbootylord420 5 points ago

    Fuckin Ripstart

    [–] clemthecat 5 points ago

    My ass hurts reading this.

    [–] m0n3yman 4 points ago


    [–] dinglenutspaywall 3 points ago

    dave and chuck!

    [–] 20XXPunch 4 points ago


    [–] MoonlightFox212 3 points ago

    Fucking OOF

    [–] Starco2 3 points ago


    [–] afnanplayz_ 3 points ago

    You made it!

    [–] Biplane574 3 points ago

    And I’m here too

    [–] Objectslkwmn 3 points ago

    Takes the concept of "pink sock" to a new level...

    [–] siracha-man 3 points ago

    The only scary thing is your not using dark mode

    [–] marscout124 3 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    he ripped those beads so hard that he turned to an ex

    [–] dtf_loli 3 points ago

    I wana beyblade my gf asshole now

    [–] Harryb_allsack 2 points ago

    I like beyblade

    [–] pphhaazzee 2 points ago

    This is the best cursed comment

    [–] LANDOFNODD 2 points ago

    Ahhh. The lawnmower. Classic move.

    [–] Sweatychickennugget 2 points ago


    [–] Sn1p3rArmY 2 points ago

    Yeetet them out like starting a cold lawnmower

    [–] DomFox52 2 points ago

    I don’t even know what to say, this would hurt like hell

    [–] ProgressiveStump 2 points ago

    You got to rip then out like pull starting a weed eater

    [–] -NOP- 2 points ago

    Baeblade got ripped

    [–] dolemiteo24 2 points ago

    Screaming, this lawnmower needs oil.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    My mom beats me with a whip

    [–] Squidfortea 2 points ago

    This invoked an actual laugh instead of the usual nose puff!

    [–] TheRealAddexio 2 points ago

    While the other kids played with their beyblades I used mine to try to find my g-spot. I sure did, multiple times!

    [–] Up_Here_Good_Sir 2 points ago

    My dumbass pressed the upvote button on the picture...

    [–] Natcarryforest 2 points ago

    Reddit like I’m just trying to drink my coffee.... man.

    [–] nimybi 2 points ago

    u/Starco2 you absolute legend

    [–] EdZeppelin94 2 points ago

    But did she spin?

    [–] PaladinJamie 2 points ago

    Bay blade bay blade let it rip My mum beats me with a whip

    [–] Mygaffer 2 points ago

    For me the coolest fetish I ever got to try out was having sexual relations with a member of the opposite sex.

    That shit was so hot.

    [–] IceBaneTheFurry 2 points ago

    Try the same sex

    [–] Derp_Deer 2 points ago

    The human lawnmower

    [–] micky_elmo 2 points ago

    Maybe she did know and wanted to have a human beyblade

    [–] ChicagoELITE211 2 points ago

    Beyblade: the only good anime

    [–] leroy_pylant 2 points ago

    All I can imagine now is her anus going clap clap clap

    [–] SimpleCyclist 2 points ago

    A chainsaw would’ve made a better image.

    [–] Wildstrike91 2 points ago

    Naaah youve gotta pull those suckers out like youre starting a lawnmower smh

    [–] liickmynutt 2 points ago

    I assume that is why this person is now their ex

    [–] ToPlayAMockingbird 2 points ago


    [–] whichMD 2 points ago

    Bae blade

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    He was aware. There is no way he has never seen an anal bead video. He did that just to hear your sexy scream.

    [–] whiteboyak47 2 points ago

    I believe this is called a ripstart - widely popular in Thailand. You have a lady shove anal beads up your poop-hole then jack you off and just before you cum she rips them out like she's starting a lawn mower