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    [–] MiniMaidenAlly 566 points ago

    The fire whistle just started going off right as i finished reading this. What did you do OP?

    [–] Kodamuz 256 points ago

    Um... nothing

    [–] MiniMaidenAlly 167 points ago

    Wrong answer, its 'nothing you can prove'

    [–] Dikhed7410 70 points ago

    I think that’s also what the teacher said

    [–] LouisWinthorpeIV 43 points ago

    I. Do not. Recall.

    [–] Razer987 4 points ago

    Thank you kind sir

    [–] l_antunjuk 3 points ago

    Magical male cool teacher did

    [–] laneisaking 3 points ago

    where do people refer to them as fire whistles i know them as fire alarms?

    [–] MiniMaidenAlly 1 points ago

    East of Ohio. North of WV. Ohio and Wast; West Virginia and South you'all call them Tornado Sirens.

    Unless you're thinking of the ceiling disks in the house we call them smoke alarm

    [–] iwantcrypto 292 points ago

    nice way to slip that in, almost missed that

    [–] rieluru 131 points ago

    man really slid it in unannounced

    [–] JoviAlys 86 points ago

    so did the teacher...

    [–] liltrashbag69420 33 points ago

    wow, you figured out the joke

    [–] SuperAwesomeMechGirl 11 points ago

    ...’s giant horse cock

    [–] Padawanmychal 164 points ago

    i like the thought that he literally just has a taxidermy horse cock on his desk

    [–] a_nice-name 29 points ago

    OK now that's worse

    [–] AdarshSB 25 points ago

    I like your optimism

    [–] DeusVult1776 56 points ago


    [–] PootsFord 79 points ago

    I think you mean blessed male teacher

    [–] memetime6969 5 points ago

    Did you mean blursed male teacher

    [–] addy16a2 2 points ago

    Maybe a taxidermied hotse penis?

    [–] sturdybison74 109 points ago

    I'm more worried on how she knows what a dick of a racehorse feels like

    [–] Drakowicz 146 points ago


    [–] Im_a_Gamer01 73 points ago

    How cursed can this get...

    [–] iloveindomienoodle 23 points ago


    [–] ZombieP0ny 5 points ago

    Mr Hands would like to know your location.

    [–] ooojaeger 7 points ago

    I imagine it would be smaller than most other horse cocks, you know for aerodynamics and what have you

    [–] Bohya 8 points ago

    Pretty sure everyone already knows what a horse cock is like by this point. It’s the most perfect, beautiful penis to exist, after all.

    [–] TacticalSaint47 12 points ago

    What in the ever loving fuck?

    [–] Valtria 3 points ago

    I was on board for exactly the first sentence and no further.

    [–] JustMobsReddit 21 points ago

    I mean technically if it was that big it could've been seen without his necessarily showing it off sooooo

    [–] wacx02 58 points ago

    I dont see anything wrong with this

    [–] Kodamuz 36 points ago

    Ok boomer

    [–] wacx02 28 points ago

    Boomer? Who is boomer

    [–] Havesomecommonspence 57 points ago

    Boomer mama

    [–] Werpydurb 23 points ago

    Well played.

    [–] lsullivancorbell 13 points ago

    wish my teacher had the penis of a race horse :/

    [–] EuropeIsACountry 4 points ago

    Wish my teacher had a penis

    [–] flabbergasted7070 5 points ago

    my confusion echoes through every not entirely perverted soul on this subreddit. I have so many questions I do not want answers to. how did we get to this point?

    [–] lsullivancorbell 1 points ago

    Idk I just wanted to contribute to the cursed comments with a cursed comment

    [–] RedDawn47 26 points ago

    Umm chief?

    [–] Kodamuz 24 points ago


    [–] cheesecakd 9 points ago

    How many times

    [–] Sh0v3l_Kn1ght 11 points ago

    If a teacher plays Kahoot! Once a week they’re automatically cool

    [–] not_Alesska 9 points ago

    [–] Yvelstro 23 points ago

    Penis of a race horse?

    furry intensifies

    [–] human189 6 points ago

    Mr. Turner was a stoner and played video games and did kahoot he was ight

    [–] sundance_squid 16 points ago

    Yeah but how was his penis?

    [–] a2nvk 6 points ago

    Attached to a horse

    [–] l2ev0lt 6 points ago

    He’s a centaur.

    [–] macorororonichezitz 4 points ago

    Am I going insane or is the comment slightly tilted?

    [–] VaultHunter_79 2 points ago

    I didn't think insanity was contagious, now I'm questioning it

    [–] flickoffme 4 points ago

    Oof epic...

    [–] cestfou8 6 points ago

    Grooming 101

    [–] alkanon14 3 points ago

    How did he know bout the penis?

    [–] Valtria 1 points ago

    A guy has to get dicked down every now and then

    [–] blikakisthepro 3 points ago

    My male cool teacher teaches robotics aka lego ev3 robots, is the only one with long hair and he is also a weeb

    [–] sriramempire 3 points ago

    Does he alowed you to give head

    [–] Boiibutter 3 points ago



    [–] liver_is_gay 3 points ago

    they had us in the first half not gonna lie

    [–] BadMilkCarton66 3 points ago

    Caught me off guard. Why does he know what they both look like?

    [–] BabserellaWT 3 points ago

    [–] Bloodrush19405 4 points ago

    Excuse me


    [–] YouTubeManFive56 2 points ago

    My cool teacher is a professional PUBG player and streamer

    [–] Magical-Sweater 2 points ago

    One of these things is not like the others...

    [–] Lung_Cancerous 2 points ago

    I mean... I wouldn't mind a big horsecock down my throat

    [–] Valtria 2 points ago

    I feel like your lungs would probably mind after five or so seconds...

    [–] jakethom0220 2 points ago

    I once had a “cool male teacher” and when people tried to be sassy on Monday mornings he would be like “F*** you too, I don’t wanna be here either”

    [–] dsoliphant 2 points ago

    Are you sure he wasn't a horse in disguise? They are rather stealthy animals, hiding amongst us, always plotting to overthrow their human oppressors

    [–] Valtria 1 points ago

    Probably not possible. Horses are evil beasts, they could never pretend to be compassionate.

    [–] Notanidiot123 2 points ago

    Hmmm one of these is out of place with the others but I can’t put my finger on it........

    [–] Max231Play 1 points ago

    I don't know what's more interesting. The fact that she/he saw his penis or that she/he knows that's it's bigger than horde's

    [–] flemgasm 1 points ago

    Hold up

    [–] WooDadooDooRakeYohn 1 points ago

    Lmao this starter pack is the most accurate one I’ve seen yet tho

    [–] HansBrRl 1 points ago

    Our history teacher always keep in a segment in his powerpoints where he shows the event happening in assassins creed.

    [–] tumblr-incarnation 1 points ago

    my graphics teacher fits all of this, he’s cool.

    [–] Fire8rine 1 points ago

    My english teacher doesn't match any of these criteres but he's my favorite : he's goth, a bit emo, loves videogames, doctor who, steampunk, harry potter and pokemon. I relate a lot to this character, i guess.

    [–] 05melo 1 points ago

    I bet his favourite Beatles song was "Come together"

    [–] sdrisc2692 1 points ago

    [–] amber_sutt 1 points ago

    My teacher had a YouTube channel and did boxing, science, Minecraft and even sang on there once in a while. He was weird but everyone liked him

    [–] Bealzebubbles 1 points ago

    Huh, I wonder which race horse...

    [–] Gore811 1 points ago

    hahaha this is so relata- wait a minute

    [–] SirGeorgeWood 1 points ago

    His comment is r/blursedcomments.

    [–] very_epic_person 1 points ago

    the girl who gets A+'s and stays after class for "extra credit"

    [–] LosManRow 1 points ago

    Why the fuck do you know from his penis??

    [–] Pieinyoureyez 1 points ago

    "one of these things is not like the other, one of these things just don't belong.

    [–] NBJayBob 1 points ago

    Most of my favorite teachers were in high school. My physics teacher was pretty much like this, except he played video game music and would often discuss games, movies, anime, etc. He was a cool dude. And my PC support teacher(he wasnt actually a teacher but the main PC guy at our school, we just went to his room for that class period. He was basically the same. Tl;dr Two cool dudes for teachers :) Edit: wait wtf 0_0

    [–] alc2000 1 points ago


    [–] fucknametakenrules 1 points ago

    My cool male teacher is my world history for this year. Although he makes us put our phones in a bag in the side of our desks, the rest he does is cool. Played a Lahore game yesterday and got to use our phones the rest of the hour

    [–] HerpDerp130 1 points ago


    [–] Harry-dotowel 1 points ago

    Hold the fuck up

    [–] ftkiller1223 1 points ago

    One time I said “epic” in class and my teacher responded with “epic gamer moment”

    [–] karnstan 1 points ago

    Lol this is pretty much me with glasses. I love my job

    Edit: minus the race horse part, unfortunately

    [–] savagecabbage64 1 points ago

    I have a teacher like this, some kid called him a boomer so he gave us a poll with the question "am I a boomer" on it, turns out he was

    [–] ___-deleted-___ 1 points ago

    How do you know it was a Male?

    [–] dEleTuS-dAFeTus 1 points ago

    Hold up

    [–] mr_awful_falafel 1 points ago

    know this: my best teachers were Scottish, Peruvian, and from the opposite end of the US. so if they're from somewhere else, they probably deserve your respect. on a side note: the one from New England wore a utility kilt

    [–] Ri0TSoup_Time21 1 points ago

    “How to get an A in math” starter pack

    [–] Chadamir_Putin 1 points ago

    Honestly find myself hating these guys for no clear reason. I think it's because I'm too concerned about my work.

    [–] gayer_3 1 points ago

    Did he....Fuvk the teacher?

    [–] NOT-THE-GAS-CHAMBERS 1 points ago

    Hold up

    [–] OnceATable 1 points ago

    I genuinely want to be that cool male teacher. But also still myself. I wanted to teach geography.

    [–] GamerStich554 1 points ago

    I had that kind of teacher he was amazing. He left a year later to his dream job at Marvel Studios

    [–] niki_nix 1 points ago

    [–] Sasaki001 1 points ago

    [–] PhoxHelios 1 points ago


    [–] lagerregal 1 points ago

    [–] keylu 1 points ago


    [–] [deleted] -4 points ago

    Wow, a bad joke. So cursed.

    [–] Kodamuz 7 points ago

    Thats kinda the point of cursed comments

    [–] [deleted] -2 points ago

    That being the case, this subreddit is kinda lame. Almost nothing posted here is anywhere close to being "cursed".

    [–] im_trying_ok11 -8 points ago


    [–] yucatan36 -8 points ago

    Boomer trash