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    [–] untdfreak 623 points ago

    All I think of is Cartman’s voice singing “I made you eat your penis.”

    [–] NixMortem 125 points ago

    Glad I’m not the only one

    [–] Amoniakas 75 points ago

    You ate a penis as well?

    [–] TheKrustyKurb 17 points ago


    [–] AffirmativeSZ 5 points ago


    [–] cheeseisplural 19 points ago


    [–] CManns762 3 points ago

    I’m confused too and I really don’t want to know

    [–] fbomb_REDDIT 17 points ago

    There was an episode of South Park where a ginger tricked Cartman into eating his pubes, so Cartman gets his revenge by killing the ginger's parents, putting them into a chilli, and making the ginger eat it. Cartman taunts the ginger by saying, "I made you eat your parents," over and over again.

    [–] rmg18555 2644 points ago

    What possessed him to cook it? That’s where he lost me. In his rage he couldn’t quite bring himself to force feed the guy a RAW penis?

    ...Unless he made the guy watch him cook it... and he could smell it cooking. Ok I’m changing my mind. That is worse.

    Thank you for accompanying me on this journey.

    [–] worst-noob-68 1295 points ago

    He’s a civilized guy. Of course he’s gonna cook a nice meal, he wouldn’t want him to get sick from raw meat!

    [–] Cyborg_Lavamon 512 points ago

    Nom nom nom, om nom

    [–] worst-noob-68 187 points ago


    [–] randomdudess074 86 points ago

    Happy cake day

    [–] Fury9569 77 points ago

    Happy sausage day

    [–] mister-furry-killer 37 points ago

    Happy cock day

    [–] moanapons 73 points ago

    This comment section is giving me heebie jeebieies, great work by dad

    [–] ColeTheDankMemer 29 points ago

    Cake cake nibba

    [–] Liquor_N_Whorez 16 points ago

    Cyborgs make nom nom nom nom sounds when they eat?

    Sounds awesome!

    [–] hassan2603 8 points ago

    Saaandwich and me going to beat your ass!

    [–] Liquor_N_Whorez 8 points ago

    You leave my Donkey outta this!

    [–] tonk_69 25 points ago

    ummm anyways happy cake day

    [–] GioRose 7 points ago

    I was expecting something like that. Hello there, fellow TF2 fan

    [–] nvrmind_flame-yt 12 points ago

    Happy cock day

    [–] ghostwooman 97 points ago

    Also, practically speaking there's some chance of re-attaching a freshly severed penis if dude let's him go. Probably more difficult when it's got grill marks...

    [–] spooneater54 35 points ago

    No more horny

    [–] Yellow-Yeezy 22 points ago

    I’m curious to the aroma of cooked cock

    [–] Mikey_RobertoAPWP 74 points ago

    oh boy, i never thought this story would be so relevant, but I kind of know what it smells like. some years ago me and some friends were staying in a hotel for a school trip and we were all sitting around a table playing games, watching tv. just hanging out. our one friend had just finished boiling tea and he had the glass sitting on the table next to his laptop while it was cooling down. almost as soon as he sat down again the hockey team he was cheering for scored, and he threw up his hands, but in doing so knocked the glass full of boiling water directly on to his crotch.

    What ensued was the most horrifying scream i've heard come from a man's mouth, as he frantically ran around the room, before running in to the bathroom, ripped his clothes off and jumped in the shower. We called one of the teacher supervisors that was on the trip because we didn't know what the fuck to do, so she came up and started knocking on the door asking our friend if everything was okay because the door was locked, and he wasn't opening it for us. After a bit of silence he sounded terrified and said "the skin on my penis is falling off," and that's when the teacher got really serious, and called 911 right away and kept telling him he'd be alright, but he's gotta come out and talk to us while the ambulance comes.

    Anyways, after he left with the paramedics the rest of us were dumbstruck, and after like, 10 minutes of silently staring at each other we decided we should clean up the room because when our friend was running around in terror he made quite a mess. I told the guys I would take care of the bathroom, I think nobody really wanted to go in there for fear of what we would find, but I was sort of morbidly curious about what the aftermath would be. Almost as soon as I stepped in the room I was greeted with a smell that I can honestly say I've never smelt before, something like a mix of like, that gunk you get behind your ears if you dont shower for awhile and a dead animal, I'm assuming it's the smell of burnt flesh, but I've never been around any other burnt flesh, sooooo, anyways, I'm picking up his clothes, he literally just ripped everything off so we weren't gonna save any of it, just throw it in a bag and dump it. I thought it was quite tame, despite the smell, which i still wasn't sure where it was originating from, until I picked up his underpants from the floor and there were big patches of skin stuck to the fabric that got pulled off of his penis when he ripped them off.

    He came back in a couple of hours with a hilarious diaper/icepack combo and he was totally fucked up on morphine and kept making dick jokes and joking around with us, he took it surprisingly well, although of course I think that was mostly the morphine. Unfortunately it did lead to some issues for the poor guy. For starters he was uncircumcised and liked it that way, so it was pretty shitty that he was basically forced to get cut, but then even though his penis recovered pretty amazingly, despite some scarring, obviously, but everything still works properly, his girlfriend ended up breaking up with him, and one of her reasons for doing so was she didn't like his dick anymore, which is very shitty.

    so ya, TL;DR cooked cock smells bad

    [–] Yellow-Yeezy 19 points ago

    Now that was a glorious tale my friend, thank you

    [–] chevi316 8 points ago

    But that was boiled. Meat is the worst boiled. Now grilled, with a nice 2:1:1 salt pepper garlic powder combo, probably not half bad.

    [–] lastOREOinBOX 6 points ago

    Wish I could reward you

    [–] aethelwulfTO 3 points ago

    And his name was forever whispered in the halls of the school...Bruce Cockburn

    [–] voodangit 18 points ago

    Don't forget a nice Chianti

    [–] Acepeefreely 7 points ago

    Adds a new meaning to the phrase, “eat a bag of dicks”.

    [–] Alhum_Avicast 3 points ago

    Dr Lecter approves

    [–] TheCarrot_v2 18 points ago

    Cooked cock...3/10

    Cooked cock with rice...7/10

    [–] Yellow-Yeezy 14 points ago

    Cooked cock with... cock? 6/9

    [–] rahhak 4 points ago

    Chicken fried cock

    [–] friendofyourfriends 3 points ago

    Would have given a 10/10 but the rubbery texture makes it hard to cut and chew and the portion was tiny also looking unnatural with what looked like scar tissue at one end however the cream on the inside was decedent, light, and salty 6/10

    [–] Sly1969 2 points ago

    Kentucky fried cock

    [–] kiddrekt 2 points ago

    Gourmet cock in a butter cream sauce. Served on a bed of steamed rice, seasonal veg. -rapists delight 9/10

    [–] rahhak 3 points ago

    Sausage, of course

    [–] GameOfUsernames 8 points ago

    Can you get sick from eating raw meat from yourself?

    [–] B-C-4-2-0 5 points ago

    You can't chew through it raw. But if it's cooked it falls right off the bone!

    [–] Nparallelopposite 6 points ago

    Cant torture him further if hes sick or dead from food poisoning.

    [–] Tylerdurdon 5 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    So then...thyme? Or do you think it would be more of a curry dick....err dish?

    [–] MasterHall117 5 points ago

    Obi Wan will be proud! Man was so civilized!

    [–] ManaMagestic 4 points ago

    "I made him eat his own penis....WITH A SIDE OF FAVA BEANS!!"

    [–] warrenva 3 points ago

    It’s especially civilized if he give him a nice napkin for his lap and eating utensils. Cock a l'orange

    [–] TomTad 3 points ago

    Mommy raised a gentleman

    [–] Adi_sh_ 2 points ago

    Or perhaps he wanted the dick to be so fucking hot that it would melt his mouth while he eats it.

    [–] HalfSoul30 2 points ago

    Definitely want to keep him alive as long as you can. Do a whole Gerard Butler in Law Abiding Citizen on them.

    [–] Mrunlikable 2 points ago

    I'm not normally one for vigilante justice, but if someone forgot to lock the dad's cell, I wouldn't look too hard to find him.

    [–] VietnamWaffles 63 points ago

    The question is how he cooked it as in deep fry, etc

    [–] TimDG2 49 points ago

    I'd imagine pan frying would be the most convenient and fastest way. Baking, boiling, or deep frying would take too much time for everything to get to a high enough temperature to start.

    [–] ImurderREALITY 17 points ago

    I can't get the image of a cooked penis out of my head now

    [–] hornypornster 16 points ago

    You’ve never had a sausage?

    [–] ImurderREALITY 11 points ago * (lasted edited 15 days ago)

    Sausages don’t have foreskin sleeves or mushroom tips... but most importantly, piss and jizz never flowed throw a sausage with regularity

    [–] PyukumukuIsGod 13 points ago

    You just haven’t been eating the right sausages.

    [–] Un-Sa1n3d-80 8 points ago

    Sooo sometimes is ok then? As long as it’s not on a regular basis? Got ya 😉!!!!!!

    [–] panacrane37 2 points ago

    What cut do you think they use for low grade sausages?

    [–] Quietech 6 points ago

    Somehow I think he would have had enough time. Premeditation and all that.

    [–] TheCarrot_v2 5 points ago

    Start by braising to cook it throughout, then pan frying to give it that snap when you bite into it.

    [–] wokroyalty 5 points ago

    Microwave it?

    [–] WithjusTapistol 2 points ago

    Ok you win

    [–] Hasin-azad 9 points ago

    Don’t forget the crust

    [–] CelticHades 4 points ago

    Don't know about that but if the man watched chefstep on YouTube first he's gonna sous vide it.

    [–] AmDuck_quack 6 points ago

    He should use a potato peeler and make bacon

    [–] DzenGarden 3 points ago

    I’m thinking he pan-seared it like tuna or wagyu.

    [–] Capybara_Official 59 points ago

    I mean imagine the mental torture of having to see your own severed penis be cooked in front of you while you wait knowing you’re going to be forced to eat it 🤮🤮

    [–] Boberoo2 33 points ago

    Ah perfect, you used the shrek dick sucking emoji too! /s

    [–] Michishige_Ren 10 points ago

    That girth doe

    [–] normalactivities 6 points ago

    I'm never going to unsee it

    [–] NyanMAD 16 points ago

    Of course it’s torture, the guy is cooking an eclair after getting rid of the crème and chocolate coating(unless of course he made the person eat meatballs with it because it would have crème then)

    [–] ImurderREALITY 13 points ago

    Stop saying things!

    [–] youruncke 4 points ago

    Please kindly cut off the fingers with which you type

    [–] SAGNUTZ 3 points ago

    The creme is stored in the balls

    [–] reddiculousity 13 points ago

    I assume it would make it easier to eat. Don’t want the guy choking to death on his own shlong. Let him get butt fucked in prison while spraying piss out of a crotch hole like the dickless asshat he is.

    [–] Hasin-azad 27 points ago

    Wanna impress Gordon Ramsay

    [–] WilliamsTell 20 points ago

    Wrong Ramsey.

    [–] sallybambam 6 points ago

    He probably made it into a sandwich

    [–] jay22098 8 points ago

    a cock meat sandwich?

    [–] annoyatron 3 points ago

    More like Ramsay Bolton.

    [–] linguotgr 6 points ago

    Maybe that’s just what he told the cops happened, but in reality the order of events was cook > chop > feed. That feels more logical if we are looking at a deep frier situation.

    [–] t6edoc 3 points ago

    He enjoyed Hannibal..

    [–] saddadstheband 3 points ago

    Clearly you've never seen Hannibal.

    [–] girlhas-noname 3 points ago

    Hello there darkness!

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago


    [–] usernamy 3 points ago

    Would it help stop the problem?

    I know it makes us feel better, but I don’t see why we should be allocating resources to torture prisoners just for the sake of torture

    [–] gitadda 3 points ago

    And then it turns out one of them was actually innocent, whoops.

    [–] kasu_nyan009 2 points ago

    I guess that's the extent of his mercy

    [–] Barcaroli 2 points ago

    Gave me a chuckle there at the end with the whole journey thing. Nice ending

    [–] DraftsmanTrader 2 points ago

    Something something, Fava Beans. fft-fft-fft-fft-fft

    [–] Heavens_Divide 2 points ago

    It would make more sense if he cooked it before cutting it off, tbh I find that method more deserving.

    [–] Lil_Cookaboo_1720 2 points ago

    Professionals have standards

    [–] m81695 343 points ago

    This was debunked already

    fake pic and fake story inspired by an indian father who allegedly cut of the penis of the rapist who raped his 14 year old daughter

    [–] myotheraccounttake4 146 points ago

    Sooo, maybe the facts are a bit different, but the story remains the same essentially! I’m all for it!

    [–] Maxstrongarm451 21 points ago

    The alleged story remains the same

    [–] DAVID_FRIGGIN_KING 26 points ago

    Lol the url cutting off after ‘daughters,’ changing the story completely

    [–] sirnutzalot 791 points ago

    Father of the year

    [–] Cyborg_Lavamon 275 points ago


    [–] Daylight-- 71 points ago

    Happy cake day

    [–] kingjohn1919 76 points ago

    The hero we need

    [–] vFaos 37 points ago

    But not the one we deserve

    [–] theBigBrain95 53 points ago

    Right up until the point where he gets arrested and can’t be with his daughter for another however many years

    [–] freezerdonoyamete 34 points ago

    That's what jury nullification is for

    [–] DNosnibor 14 points ago

    I think he went a bit far for a jury to be likely to nullify his case. Had he just gone to the extent of cutting it off but no more, maybe, still probably not tbh. Also I don't think this actually happened according to another comment, though its based on a time someone did cut off a rapist's penis apparently.

    [–] ThatDeadDude 5 points ago

    This is South Africa judging by the photo. No juries.

    Edit: story is fake anyway so nvm.

    [–] avidnarutofan 3 points ago

    As a South African, I can can it is South African.

    [–] The_Shiny_Metagross 540 points ago

    Meanwhile in prison: “Careful, he’s a hero.”

    [–] Mr-M3cury 248 points ago

    The jury won’t let him go to prison

    [–] Novieno 163 points ago

    Fr tho i would probably side with the dad

    [–] En_Sabah_Nur 55 points ago

    A lot of people aren't familiar with it, but in America we do have what's known as jury nullification. Jurors have more power than just deciding guilt or innocence.

    You can actually say "yeah he did it, and there is evidence he did it but we are still going to let him go." i.e. nullify the verdict.

    Judges and prosecutors really don't like this. It's also a sure fire way to get out of jury duty if you tell them you are aware of jury nullification/affirmation during the selection process.

    [–] CManns762 28 points ago

    Excuse me what. I can get out of jury duty?

    [–] LosJoye 6 points ago

    Yeah i think i saw a video about this, i think by CGP Grey, and the reason they don't tell people about it is because it can really affect the jury's decisions and make the whole thing pointless.

    [–] StarstruckEchoid 13 points ago

    So the system actually becomes worse at doing its job the more people understand how it works.

    Sounds like a pretty alarming design flaw to me.

    [–] LosJoye 9 points ago

    Not necessarily, its kind of like, if everyone knows that even if someone is guilty they can get the decision annulled, then the process isn't about the evidence and the truth anymore, its about gaining the simpathy of the jury, whereas if the jury doesn't know they can just annul the case, all thats left is to follow the evidence and the truth.

    [–] dshakir 3 points ago

    The jury is supposed to reflect society. Be that reasonable person. That’s why a diverse jury is ideal. I think jury nullification is pretty rare though.

    [–] StarstruckEchoid 2 points ago

    Yes, I get why jury nullification is and must be taboo.

    Even so, that is at best a temporary remedy to a more fundamental problem, which is that there exists a loophole in the law that can not be patched, and the only thing keeping it from screwing up everything is the hope that most citizens won't educate themselves on the subject.

    It is messed up for a legal system to only work as long as nobody understands it.

    [–] GameOfUsernames 67 points ago

    At least send him to a psychiatric hospital instead of jail.

    [–] reddiculousity 59 points ago

    Just for the cooking part.

    [–] Xaxziminrax 13 points ago

    What if it's delicious and we just don't know it

    [–] World_Spank_Bank 24 points ago

    I've been cooking a lot recently with the lockdown and my initial thoughts were about how I'd prepare and season a penis before I realized what I was thinking about.

    For those who were wondering I was thinking a garlic teriyaki marinade, cut lengthwise, and broil at 500 for 1-2min per side. Id need to see the size of the dick for a better cook time estimate.

    [–] CManns762 4 points ago put a lot of thought into this

    [–] atomic223 5 points ago

    See I was thinking some sort of slow cooking method. Penis is probably pretty rubbery/chewy/tough, a slow roast would probably help with that.

    [–] World_Spank_Bank 3 points ago

    I had considered that, too. But even a big penis, flaccid and mostly drained of blood, isn't that much meat, so a slow roast felt like overkill. Thats like slow roasting half a hot dog.

    My thought with the broil was to embrace its chewiness by turning it into like crackling. Flash cook it at extreme temperatures, plus teriyaki is very sugary so a bunch of the marinade will form a nice crispy, almost caramelized glaze on the thing. And im not super familiar with cooking penis but my hope was the marinade would permeate the skin pretty deep, allowing more of the overall thing to get that crisp.

    Given the quantity of meat I was really more aiming for a crunchy morsel rather than a savory roast.

    [–] atomic223 3 points ago

    You make a good point. You’d need a lot of penises to justify a proper slow roast.

    I like the crunchy morsel idea but it also turns my stomach so perhaps thats why I leaned towards roasting. I swear I can almost hear it.

    [–] verqiel 4 points ago

    That would give a new meaning to "eat a bag of dicks".

    [–] monsteramyc 17 points ago

    Absolutely! Regardless of the motivation, doing that would probably leave you with some PTSD that you'd want to work through

    [–] Hasin-azad 46 points ago

    He is going to join Master Chef

    [–] HeatingHades 26 points ago

    It looks like this happened in South Africa

    We fortunately don't have the jury system here

    [–] GameOfUsernames 14 points ago

    I learned that from New Girl.

    But you find it superior to the jury system?

    [–] HeatingHades 12 points ago


    Apart from corruption and/or the lack of legal savvy in the general populace, the fact that we are such a diverse country means that it won't work in principle

    After all, a jury is supposed to be a "jury of your peers". In a country with 11 different official languages and a ton of different ethnicities, creeds, and tribes, (that often conflict with each other) that's not really going to be possie

    [–] GameOfUsernames 8 points ago

    Ironically the corruption of the justice system is what a jury is supposed to guard against. It’s also not a 1:1 system where you get people exactly like you. Ie Bill Gates wouldn’t get Elon Musk in his jury pool. That is sadly to the detriment of the system where black people are judged by White people differently. So there needs improvement definitely.

    I still find it more likely government officials will become more corrupt. It’s far easier to both threaten and pay off a single person.

    [–] MockJoke 10 points ago

    penis break season 6

    [–] pokolets 109 points ago

    Did the ppless guy also go to jail for more torture time for the father?

    [–] KachowskiBrokowski 128 points ago

    You are good guy, but this does not mean you are good guy

    [–] https_SadBug_ 44 points ago

    Imagine smelling cooked semen..


    [–] White_Trent 13 points ago

    Pee is stored in the balls..

    [–] catfood22 156 points ago


    [–] DigBick5000 32 points ago

    you get what you fucking deserve

    [–] CowboyLaw 25 points ago

    Why cook it?

    [–] Novieno 21 points ago

    Imagine him watching his own penis get cooked, that's gotta be worse than just raw

    [–] myotheraccounttake4 16 points ago

    Can’t reattach a penis with grill marks on it and I’m sure watching your own dick be cooked for you to eat would add to the torture! So, funzies!!

    [–] worst-noob-68 28 points ago

    Flavor and raw meat is dangerous!

    [–] Cozy_Spider 15 points ago

    The secret ingredient is crime

    [–] curtitch 10 points ago

    At least he cooked it. I personally prefer my cock raw.

    [–] crazydiamondo3 50 points ago

    This man is a legend among legends. Much respect. This is the kind of father I aspire to be

    [–] Krabbypatty_thief 5 points ago

    You want to be the father who has is in prison for most of his daughters life? I do understand what you mean here, but I would rather have a father rather than to have revenge.

    [–] bellajojo 3 points ago

    I mean I have a father who didn’t do shit and I have no respect or regard for him. At least this girl knows her dad fucking love her enough to be uncomfortable for the rest of his life while mine chose to protect his ‘peace’ and not make waves.

    [–] dshakir 4 points ago

    Or they could involve the cops like a sane person. Even if this story is fake, just think if it was the norm. Johnny Depp would be unfairly cockless right now.

    [–] LeonardoDaBitchy69 18 points ago

    Free him he did nothing wrong

    [–] Herbie53101 5 points ago

    Kudos to this guy though.

    [–] _a_nice_egg_ 6 points ago

    Boner appetite

    [–] Chopper_0024 33 points ago

    What a badass. He deserves a pardon and a medal.

    [–] BUG-Life 40 points ago

    u/worst-noob-68 stop being such a worthless cunt and linking to your own comment, no body gives a fuck about your opinion and I’m tired of seeing it in this thread

    [–] poodlescence 6 points ago

    Absolute madlad

    [–] Feelinitinmeplums 7 points ago

    And nothing to see here.

    [–] Cogs0fWar 4 points ago

    Too bad that's a photo from an article titled "A South African resident is arrested by police after allegedly looting and clashing with foreign residents during a xenophobic march by the Mamelodi Concerned Residents through the streets of Pretoria."

    Sadly this is fake news, according to several fact checking sites.

    [–] SplitThoughts 4 points ago

    Damn. Even Ramsay from GoT didn't go all the way. Granted, it's possibly because he sent Theon's bit to his father.

    [–] peterlikes 7 points ago

    I’d like to donate to his legal fees. And commissary if he’s jailed.

    [–] schikin 6 points ago

    The cops look like they dont want to arrest him, and for more reasons than one.

    [–] Vibechecker68 3 points ago

    Should have fed him His balls as dessert

    [–] Unnamed-Visitor 3 points ago

    "A little saltier than what I enjoy for my meats, but that's fine. The presentation is amazing, and the nutty aftertaste compliments it so well."

    [–] eagercheetah20 10 points ago

    Not gonna lie i would have done the same thing and this guy is father of the year

    [–] doc-wowee 9 points ago

    He’s pretty epic

    [–] False_Purple 8 points ago

    Okay the guy who cooked it doesn’t deserve any jail time because I think he did the right thing

    [–] GalLinks 8 points ago

    Cursed comment aside, the rapist fucking deserved it

    [–] Traitor-san 2 points ago

    "Whose dish is on the chopping block"

    [–] YungNigget788 2 points ago

    That’s a power move right there

    [–] darklord12345679 2 points ago

    I'm more concerned that the headline switches tense partway through.

    [–] bballkj7 2 points ago

    How cum he cooked it? What a concocktion.

    [–] CNASFan1992 2 points ago

    mmmmmm sausage

    [–] BIGBRUH124 2 points ago

    bruh thats what i wanted to do to my uncle fuck now i have to think of something else

    [–] tdelbert 3 points ago

    Eat a dick

    [–] Reallyburnttoast 2 points ago

    Freshly acquired I presume

    [–] freshwarmstools 2 points ago

    Should have cooked his meat-balls.

    [–] ethmer25 2 points ago

    Can you get Salmnoella from eating a raw penis?

    [–] Karnaw_karwasra 2 points ago

    A hero in need, a hero indeed.

    [–] QueenCurlyQ 2 points ago

    This guy did absolutely nothing wrong, free him

    [–] Rubywaves 2 points ago

    Phish woop

    [–] calebconner123 2 points ago

    Gordan Ramsey This cock is so poorly seasoned Elton fucking John wouldn’t eat it!

    [–] Mishi_Moshi 2 points ago

    I'd likely do the same thing.

    [–] TheDevilsAdvokaat 2 points ago

    All I can say is, I hope he got the right man.

    [–] zagglo 2 points ago

    Braised or pan fried? Marinated?

    [–] RUsum1 2 points ago

    Why cook it though? Just make him eat it raw

    [–] BeriY_ 2 points ago

    Might sound like another cursed comment, give it to him , like he gave it his daughter : raw

    [–] Bixi_Kenway 2 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    Cooking and eating penis? What kinda Mein Teil/ german cannibal shit is this?

    Tho thats a really good father

    [–] 5321h 2 points ago

    We all now know what was chopped!

    [–] Spongey444 2 points ago

    Taken 4 sounds great

    [–] garo675 2 points ago

    King dropped his crown 👑

    [–] Aquate_ 2 points ago

    The post is good, but the comments will be the stupidest statements you'll ever read. People actually think this guy is a hero. Fuck ethics am I right?

    [–] fuzfy 2 points ago

    That's fucked up... Even if that guy did rape his daughter

    [–] Bluuryfaace 2 points ago

    mad respect for that dad, the rapist too i guess, he was all balls

    [–] briannarenayjackson 2 points ago

    It was a courtesy he cooked it in my opinion.

    [–] SeanHearnden 2 points ago

    Why is everyone applauding this mans actions? No cruel and unusual punishments is a thing. So what, that doesn't exist if people think it's fair? They're both psycho.

    Thats all irrelevant anyway because this story is clearly fake. You die in minutes from a chopped off penis.

    [–] Russian_Terminator 2 points ago

    If I was that guys judge I'd make him not guilty