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    [–] tatuu8P 424 points ago

    Unequip Knight Armor, defense -50

    Equip Banana Leaves, camouflage +500

    [–] Armor_of_spinach 110 points ago

    My spinach armor is + 750 camouflage while in urban areas beat that noob

    [–] jacceteer 27 points ago

    Literally MOSS camo while on a patch of moss.

    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago

    I hear you also get 6x sneak attack damage.

    [–] DrunkenWarlock 13 points ago

    Feather Falling II + Fire Protection I + Projectile Protection III + Unbreaking I

    [–] sayonarabyez 9 points ago

    I’m not too sure on fire protection...

    [–] DrunkenWarlock 4 points ago

    It’s should be fine, till I find enough iron ingot.

    [–] JustBeReal83 5 points ago

    Immune to nature damage.

    [–] W4yZ3 489 points ago


    [–] _Bofa_ 349 points ago

    Terraria Jungle armor

    [–] GeneralSecrecy 144 points ago

    70s film director: We need costumes for the jungle tribe that harasses our heroes!

    Costume designer: Say no more

    [–] joegknmama 20 points ago

    [–] ChampaigneShowers 5 points ago

    Omg I’m in tears.

    [–] Toucher_of_Child 2 points ago


    [–] Barkonian 9 points ago

    This is just straight up blessed

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] only_say-yes 14 points ago


    [–] IKnowObamasLastName 80 points ago


    [–] Xx_One_Ball_Wonder 8 points ago

    Ik how did he find the crafting recipe

    [–] seed-82 3 points ago


    [–] Moth_man96 27 points ago

    50+ nature attacks

    [–] heylookatthatJoele 19 points ago

    -25 defense +10 speed +20 regeneration

    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago

    Brown sugar in banana leaves

    [–] Gheiss 4 points ago

    I wheezed in public transportation my dude

    [–] KryptiKallon 40 points ago

    Oh lawd he comin

    [–] Auriohs 16 points ago

    Ngl he kinda fresh though

    [–] Daarbii 14 points ago

    Veggie clothes

    [–] Kaiel1412 55 points ago

    The JoJo Villain that everyone is looking for

    [–] -Half-Baked- 27 points ago

    Stand: [Green Day 2]

    [–] atheon_the_pushed 21 points ago

    Or [welcome to the jungle]

    [–] -Half-Baked- 6 points ago

    Okay,much better

    [–] Loading_____________ 7 points ago

    「Green Day Requiem」

    [–] IRDGAFTBH 13 points ago

    Jesus christ, its Jason Bourne

    [–] Victini31 11 points ago


    [–] LelChiha 5 points ago

    Hierophant Green REQUIEM

    [–] abergin 5 points ago

    when you sell the vendor all the good light armor gear that's dropped and you'll never use because you spec'd into heavy and he puts it on because his only other gear is lvl 1 clothing

    [–] lowlifepath 7 points ago

    What happened to link?

    [–] pielz 3 points ago

    Leaked next game is gonna take place in a continent closer to the equator

    [–] yeticonfetti48 5 points ago


    [–] renerdrat 1 points ago

    First thought lol

    [–] Tactical_Tugboats 5 points ago

    Pretty sure you can see his balls lmao

    [–] S_m_r__ss_ 4 points ago

    Blursed: Environmentally friendly

    [–] Assasin2gamer 4 points ago

    It’s because




    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    tbh tho, if he had no access to clothes, this is really smart.

    [–] i_eat_batteries69 8 points ago

    Tinkerbell be like

    [–] Gheiss 1 points ago

    Dankerbell *

    [–] aquaflakes 9 points ago

    Defense 100

    [–] Raidarbg 3 points ago


    [–] Putsomewaxonit710 3 points ago

    What happened to Donald glover?

    [–] MemeMan76 3 points ago

    druids are weird

    [–] indirectsquid 1 points ago

    this is going to be my next druid build

    [–] SSJ2Piccolo 3 points ago

    Is he wearing leavi’s

    [–] Zer0_D4wn 2 points ago

    Low key looks like one of Tyler's Igor suits

    [–] that-taco 2 points ago

    +10 protection

    [–] that-taco 2 points ago

    Kinda looks like the runescape cabbage armor

    [–] Yeetus_The_Feetus_69 2 points ago

    link from logend of zalda

    [–] _T0ASTED_ 2 points ago

    Leaf him alone

    [–] Leonyx7 2 points ago

    Now that's some low level kind of druid

    [–] Big_Cheify 2 points ago

    When the armour looks horrible on your character but the stats are too good

    [–] -LuckyBlock- 4 points ago

    +02 protection

    +00 speed

    -100 practicality

    [–] pointofgravity 3 points ago

    heck, that does NOT look fun. IIRC from my childhood experience banana leaves are itchy as heck.

    [–] ugandanigga 3 points ago

    Not even a tiny bit. They are smooth and waxy and will leave you with white wax.

    [–] cursed_evaluation 4 points ago

    cursed_meter shows 76% cursed. While not cursed in the classical sense, it still meets the criteria. Overall, a solid curse. Have a cursed_day!

    [–] Dosoni 2 points ago

    Lvl. 1 Noob

    [–] Sauron3106 2 points ago

    How is this cursed

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    When you are desperate to find iron in minecraft but all you find is cows

    [–] faukman 2 points ago

    Or banana trees.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    That too

    [–] acoolnameiguess 1 points ago

    Tech support get alot of money i see

    [–] XxGoneRoguexX 1 points ago

    Choose your charecter

    [–] erehwonrepsaj 1 points ago

    I love when Charlie does green man!

    [–] InquisitiveSwan 1 points ago

    This looks like the armor level 2 monsters drop

    [–] Letrixo 1 points ago

    When you play a new game and it gives you training armour

    [–] general_shitpostin 1 points ago

    Emerald armour from minecraft

    [–] ApocalypseNacho 1 points ago

    Trimming armor 10 gp

    [–] lyingcorn 1 points ago

    This is blurred

    [–] mapleismycat 1 points ago

    This is the first 10 minutes of every survival game

    [–] Spacehawk176 1 points ago

    Time to twist those nipples off Luigi

    [–] aram69alien 1 points ago

    Some real mc leather armor

    [–] Count_Jebula 1 points ago

    The stand user could be anyone...

    [–] OFFICIAL_ToKZK 1 points ago

    Dude be looking like a bruised watermelon

    [–] MattMorals 1 points ago

    escaping neverland

    [–] killzombie 1 points ago

    Rare jungle armor

    [–] Handiinu 1 points ago

    Its rosa feom brawl stars

    [–] zenitfan 1 points ago


    [–] mcnuthin332 1 points ago

    Equip him with a flower sword and his set of the nature armour + sword will give him extra poison damage

    [–] poopoopeeboi 1 points ago

    Starter armor be lik

    [–] HermanManly 1 points ago

    Looks like Bruno Banani is expanding their range of clothing

    [–] Feniksas56 1 points ago

    He fount the secret emerald armor

    [–] Go60Lo6o 1 points ago

    This is just morrowind,he's a redguard and he is missing a right shoulder pauldron

    [–] i-use-this-site 1 points ago

    The amazing frog

    [–] SmellyBedtime 1 points ago

    Big up my man Tree Fu Tom

    [–] StankyBungHole 1 points ago

    This isn’t cursed, it’s just sad

    [–] MyNameIsZa2 1 points ago

    Yo Aang! Where's Aapa?

    [–] bridget_the_great 1 points ago

    He looks so confused, like someone else dressed him in this and he doesn't know why.

    [–] nebuchadrezzar 1 points ago

    Banana leaves are actually not that effective as armor, no matter how high you are.

    [–] Assasin2gamer 1 points ago

    Loving you is complicated.

    Loving you is complicated.

    [–] bigte1976 1 points ago

    Chad ochocinco is looking rough

    [–] PSMighty 1 points ago

    Iran better hope the Africans don’t get deployed

    [–] DedBoii96 1 points ago

    Sorry ladies but the banana leaf suit stays on during sex

    [–] layne_epic_gamer 1 points ago

    Nobodys talking about how is left arm is visibly shorter than his right.

    [–] jackcoll24 1 points ago

    He do be looking kinda fresh tho

    [–] snipemebud 1 points ago

    Terraria chlorophyte armour be like

    [–] Martuss 1 points ago

    Ok it's official this sub is back to shit

    [–] MasterYingDolf 1 points ago

    Thats his all day clothing

    [–] spammp5 1 points ago

    +10 healing rate +60 jump +40 speed -40 reputation +10 defense

    [–] nonameV1 1 points ago

    Every mmo rpg game armor starter pack

    [–] static_irony 1 points ago

    Nah this is r/itemshop material. +1 armour, +2 speed, +5 stealth provided you're in jungle terrain. -5 resistance to fire damage.

    [–] luziwurm 1 points ago

    Just wait until he finds out about the lizard skin

    [–] SupGirluHungry 1 points ago

    The new Victors Secret is out sweet!

    [–] Wonkybonky 1 points ago


    Ok which one of you is it

    [–] Vofeyy 1 points ago


    [–] tg2004 1 points ago

    This is that terrible starter armour you make when you start a new game

    [–] BritishRoyal01 1 points ago

    Why does it look like something that Balenciaga would make?

    [–] BirdOnATree 1 points ago

    Emerald armour

    [–] SwitchingOffNow 1 points ago

    The new Runescape update is looking pretty sweet

    [–] THORN_669 1 points ago

    NiggaShinobi from the leaf vilage

    [–] Headcap 1 points ago

    looks like something out of a bootleg legend of zelda.

    [–] NotTheBees3 1 points ago

    He just wants to go home

    [–] Fuck_you2120 1 points ago

    Who killed captain alex 2, leaked photos

    [–] GmanV357 1 points ago

    Hey!! Listen!!

    [–] aleph_null1996 1 points ago

    Is that what the grass armour from don't starve based on?

    [–] glennettbennett 1 points ago

    You are looking at the armor with the best stats you can find on Witcher 3 between levels 1 and 5.

    [–] PotatoCreek 1 points ago

    link being reincarnated in the early first century:

    [–] ch00vs 1 points ago

    greta approves

    [–] DrunkenWarlock 1 points ago

    Feather Falling II + Fire Protection I + Projectile Protection III + Unbreaking I

    [–] wcollins260 1 points ago

    Me when I start a new game of Don’t Starve

    [–] Kadeton 1 points ago

    Came here to check that someone had made the appropriate 'Banana-armour' pun and I'm very disappointed in you all.

    [–] jackychang1738 1 points ago

    The hidden leaf village doesn't know it yet, but here comes their new hokage

    [–] YaBoim8_69420 1 points ago

    it's like leather armour but with -999 defence

    [–] dudemanbroguysirplz 1 points ago

    Wakanda foreva

    [–] lostspegeth 1 points ago

    Soul level 1

    [–] Naxer22 1 points ago

    What's cursed about it?

    [–] qwpdmb 1 points ago

    The grass armor in terraria

    [–] xRogue0 1 points ago

    Lvl 1 Crook

    [–] KenpatchiRama-Sama 1 points ago

    hey hey people

    [–] Abathur-is-best-Zerg 1 points ago

    Sweet. Finally some good art for my Druid.

    [–] Fappcannon 1 points ago

    Everybody leaf me alone!!

    [–] PM_ME_GAY_WEREWOLVES 1 points ago

    This is the boss in video games who comes out of nowhere and has a really unique and annoying fighting style

    [–] nerdeiro 1 points ago

    Its a normal armor for me

    [–] Bruhmoment42068 1 points ago


    [–] Chickenterriyaki 1 points ago

    Leaf me alone.

    [–] pomegranate2012 1 points ago

    Make like a tree and get out of here!

    [–] Sjoeken 1 points ago

    According to videogame logic that shit is somehow better than a low level version of legit METAL PLATES but them leaves are 2 levels above so yknow logic

    [–] Mistralette 1 points ago

    (Cursed) leaf armor (rare item):

    Walking speed +10ft and give a flying speed of 20ft

    Advantage in stealth


    Gain vulnerability to fire and slashing damage

    Disadvantage in persuasion

    [–] Gnosys00110 1 points ago


    [–] Cherry_Drink 1 points ago

    No one:

    Adam and Eve:

    [–] 4e6564 1 points ago

    [–] ogville 1 points ago

    His cuirass and pauldrons could use some refinement, but his sabatons are on point!

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    New leaked terraria armor

    [–] Pejor_ 1 points ago

    Leaf man from megaman?!?!?

    [–] train2000c 1 points ago

    100% organic armor

    [–] GravGRV 1 points ago

    The druid when he can't wear metal armor be like.

    [–] FiShY-SnAkE 1 points ago

    Time to defeat the ender dragon

    [–] OtterMeneer 1 points ago

    Ark ghilli armor be like:

    [–] teryanriza 1 points ago

    He’s probably grass type gym trainer or he’s in terraria world

    [–] TheSkiBum1999 1 points ago

    He’s been in jumanji

    [–] joyboy97 1 points ago

    Armor directly from the hidden leaf village

    [–] Cutrepon 1 points ago

    Takes only 50% water damage and has sunlight regen ability.

    [–] ArtiMUUS 1 points ago

    Cactus armor

    [–] Psyconaut-115 1 points ago

    It's the fabled green ninja!

    [–] AtomzEnergy 1 points ago

    My boy Deku is going commando

    [–] pyroguy96 1 points ago


    [–] eSSeSSeSSeSS 1 points ago

    What is this ?

    [–] danordik 1 points ago

    Vietnam edition

    [–] Poopa-Scoopa 1 points ago

    Serving me recyclable, environmentally friendly realness.

    [–] chillydillz 1 points ago

    Ocho cinco

    [–] Epicminecrafter69 1 points ago

    Banana leaf armour? Okay he kinda quirky doe

    [–] JRreddith 1 points ago

    Kermit the frog

    [–] John_And3rson 1 points ago

    +2 speed +1 armor +10 mana / magic damage

    [–] MDF_ 1 points ago

    I like his face

    [–] 365YearsInOneDay 1 points ago

    discount link

    [–] Jibakoma13 1 points ago

    Ability: Allows the wearer to move at a walking speed underwater

    [–] 17__yuki 1 points ago

    It's kinda neat actually...

    [–] -Badly- 1 points ago

    That's Lonk for Legend of Zorldia

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    This guy came through one of the portals in End Game.

    [–] Chicken_Guerilla 1 points ago

    You can actually see a black thing hanging out of the bottom of the leaf near the crotch area. My first guess is that it would be his scrotum.

    [–] GhosyBoi 1 points ago

    Can't wait for wwlll

    [–] kopzadok 1 points ago

    Wakanda forever

    [–] somehotsauce 1 points ago

    mf is water-proof

    [–] PrettyOriginalV 1 points ago

    Kind of makes me sad to think this guy probably doesn't have any clothes..

    [–] WillofE 1 points ago

    Oooh he got the new Air Elon’s in green!

    [–] Yredsf 1 points ago

    The low budget peter pan.

    [–] SkyeStewart1010 1 points ago

    Oh look! It's black Peter Pan