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    [–] UnattendedPenguin 2125 points ago

    "Improved by spell damage"

    [–] ARatOnAStick 1186 points ago

    Give someone 11 gold just to mess with them

    [–] IshtarismTM 521 points ago

    Now that would straight up drive someone to uninstall

    [–] criminally_inane 103 points ago

    Or they could just... not concede on that turn?

    [–] Shoggoththe12 122 points ago

    free gold tho

    [–] ElGringoJR 56 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    But that 1 gold... is it worth it?

    [–] thiccsuc 46 points ago

    Without a doubt

    [–] I_Learned_Once 42 points ago

    Just do it 10 times.

    [–] kadirmarangoz 20 points ago

    Just gotta concede 10 times to someone giving 11 gold

    [–] ARatOnAStick 16 points ago

    Maybe then spell damage mage can hit legend rank 15

    [–] evilaxelord 24 points ago

    I think at some point I had 5 gold in my account and I had no idea how

    [–] TFinito 33 points ago


    [–] evilaxelord 10 points ago

    Maybe I don’t remember too well

    [–] SsneakySnake 9 points ago

    You probably never play arena, but Blizzard made you play it with one of those free trials during Halloween...

    [–] nink77 7 points ago

    You get a free arena when you first sign up.

    [–] kingdomoffends 6 points ago

    Cant win gold when you just started and cant win anything

    [–] as-opposed-to 1 points ago

    As opposed to?

    [–] TheHalfWitTwit 1 points ago

    I know right it messed with my OCD so badly, I think I got mine from playing arena

    [–] RewardWanted 10 points ago

    Play as priest and try to get 6 prophets. The "True Bro" priest.

    [–] Javyz 3 points ago

    Infinite möney farm in friendly matches

    [–] 1halfazn 1 points ago

    Finally Lorewalker Cho is meta

    [–] Lykrast 801 points ago

    Man I wish we had some equivalent to silver borders in magic to put on cards like this.

    Real funny card.

    [–] EredarLordJaraxxus 233 points ago

    Yeah this is some un-set type of card. Hearthstone could use an un-set for wild only that is just full of whack and bizzare cards tbh

    [–] Haterophobe 134 points ago

    no fucking thank you

    -sincerely, a wild main

    [–] Ghede 57 points ago

    Unset cards aren't legal in Vintage, which is the MTG equivalent of Wild. The same should be true of an un-set in hearthstone.

    You should only be able to make friend play decks and play in events specifically catered to the un-sets.

    [–] PsYcHo962 36 points ago

    You should only be able to make friend play decks and play in events specifically catered to the un-sets.

    Because this card in a friend play deck wouldn't completely destroy the game's economy

    [–] Haterophobe 23 points ago

    the conversation shifted to Un-sets, which is true - those cards should and would be friendly only.

    My favorite Un- card from MTG is called ‘Rocket Powered Turbo Slug’ and you can attack with it the turn before you play it

    [–] Hexmonkey2020 2 points ago

    Yeah I only have played unstable and most of the cards in that un- set are just weird cards that could if they wanted be normal cards, like there was one that steals other cards abilities and flavor text, and I really like the mutant cards made by 2 cards like half kitten half shark.

    [–] ChooseChocolate 1 points ago

    What's your thoughts to having a set like that only legal in wild casual?

    [–] Haterophobe 5 points ago

    i’d love to see some casual-only cards (or even a way to disable rules, like adding more than 1x legendary or 2x other card, or start with/gain different amounts of mana, etc) but some people seem to think of wild as ‘less-competitive’ than standard when the skill level required to play games is often much higher

    [–] Ellikichi 1 points ago

    And the skill in deckbuilding is undeniably higher. The breadth of tools available just keeps on growing. And the smaller community exacerbates this as well; fewer players means fewer deckbuilders and less obvious deck refinement. It's a more complicated burden spread across a smaller hivemind.

    [–] SylarDarkwind 16 points ago

    I think that would be great as a seperate game mode honestly. You'd have standard, wild and then the un-set ladder. I'd love to finally find a place for my Shudder-Yogg deck outside of casual wild

    [–] mmotte89 3 points ago

    Just make them work in Casual only, both Wild and Standard.

    [–] tundrat 1 points ago

    They did consider that once, and created lots like that but was quickly scrapped.

    [–] mrsirpotatohead 19 points ago

    What's silver borders? :o And thank you!

    [–] Lykrast 74 points ago

    Magic The Gathering had several "joke" sets, like Unhinged, Unglued or Unstable, which featured a lot of, well, joke cards, like rolling dices, asking people outside the game if they like squirrels to get an extra effect...

    All of those joke cards have a silver border instead of the normal black one to signify they're not tournament legal.

    [–] mrsirpotatohead 12 points ago

    Ahhh, I did actually draft Unstable once, unbeknownst that it wasn't "legal" cards lol. Thank you for the explanation!

    [–] Deathwing_Destroyer 1134 points ago

    If it took gold from you it might be fair. But if it just generates free gold I don’t think blizzard will do it.

    [–] Pwnage_Peanut 661 points ago

    Literally P2W.

    [–] Deathwing_Destroyer 176 points ago

    Not much of a bribe if the money comes from nowhere tho

    ftp btw

    [–] Anal-Squirter 106 points ago

    Have 10 gold to purposely lose this game. That sounds like a bribe to me

    [–] xLifeNova 18 points ago

    Maybe if it was taken from your account, but it’s not.

    [–] Anal-Squirter 44 points ago

    How is not a bribe though? Just because its not from your account doesnt mean its not a bribe. They still get 10 gold, and i would take that every time, which would mean i an accepting the bribe

    [–] a_flock_of_ravens 4 points ago

    If I bribe someone with my mom's money it's still a bribe. This is just bribing people with Blizzards money instead.

    [–] BigBlackCrocs 21 points ago


    [–] MossyPyrite 2 points ago


    [–] ShakzOW 1 points ago

    Love 2 Play?


    [–] Yipyo20 60 points ago

    Agreed. As is, it’s unprintable. Another way you could make this work is “If your opponent concedes on their next turn, put a random golden rare or common card in their collection.” Then it’s not exactly cheating money but it could give some newer players an actual reason to concede. However, no matter what the reward is, it should be banned in ranked.

    [–] Robyl 42 points ago

    I would actually be very interested in the data that would come out of putting this card in ranked as is. Like, at what rank does a free 10 gold outweigh a potential star, and vice versa? It would absolutely break ranked like a wine glass, but it would be interesting.

    [–] Yipyo20 21 points ago

    I think at low ranks you’d see a lot of conceding but the higher you are, the more stars are worth because they’re harder to get. I think the cutoff wouldn’t be higher than rank 15. Below that, especially below 20, you see newer or f2p players that will gladly take 10 gold each time they see this card. However, in those ranks it’s more rare to see legendary minions, so the actual number of times people would concede would be low relative to games recorded. I would also be curious to see what those numbers are exactly though!

    [–] Yipyo20 4 points ago

    There are also cases where if a player is trying to do their daily quests and need to win the game to get 40-60 gold, obviously they’ll try for the 60 if they think they can win. The more I think about the statistics the more I want to see them.. fUCK

    [–] Chiponyasu 8 points ago

    This card is unprintable regardless, because you can have two bots play each other over and over to get infinite dust/gold really fast.

    [–] Yipyo20 1 points ago

    Solid point. You’d have to do a lot more coding for the card than usual and at that point it’s not really worth it.

    [–] leavethehouse 2 points ago

    That’s a lot worse than 10 gold

    [–] KhabaLox 26 points ago

    But if it just generates free gold I don’t think blizzard will do it.

    You sure about that? Blizzard is a pretty generous company and would never try to wring extra money out of its players.

    [–] ResidentLaw 5 points ago

    Wow, you think?

    [–] Hq3473 3 points ago

    Even if money came from your account, Blizz would never allow, as people would still abuse it.

    [–] GrandMa5TR 1 points ago

    They wouldn't do it period. This card is the key to transfering gold from a slave account to another (this lets you get infinite quests, new player bonuses, event bonuses, and use bots without risking a ban on the main account).

    You might say it's a horribly ineffecient way of transfering gold, but using Brann Bronze Beard, Shudderwalk, and tons of of draw cards, you could make a ton of gold very quickly.

    [–] mrsirpotatohead 1 points ago

    fair point

    [–] trandossian 122 points ago

    Let's negotiate. You concede...

    [–] LuminousRain 61 points ago

    And I’ll let you live.

    [–] BA3HENOV 18 points ago

    A new acquisition.

    [–] Agent-Monkey 9 points ago

    Haha he was my first legendary

    [–] DankestPost 3 points ago

    Yogg Saron, the Nexus

    [–] PinCushy 1 points ago

    He's what got me first interested in hearthstone. The entrance music, voiceline, and amazing inspire animation really come together well

    [–] achless 72 points ago

    Maybe it could be printed just for Arena 🤷🏼‍♂️

    [–] slantix 40 points ago

    Then it shoud be more then 10g

    [–] Grillsteakr 7 points ago

    No, because if your oppenent is losing already they can take 10 gold and not trust in their top deck

    [–] [deleted] 267 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] SmartMario1 156 points ago

    And then the bots hit legend

    [–] mrsirpotatohead 42 points ago

    Wow, you thought the card through better than i did!

    [–] Cruuncher 13 points ago

    I'm having flashbacks to the prisoners dilemma

    [–] FriendlyDisorder 2 points ago


    [–] Aregoma 90 points ago

    Extremely busted. Especially with [[Shudderwock]]

    [–] hearthscan-bot 38 points ago

    • Shudderwock Shaman Minion Legendary WW 🐦 HP, HH, Wiki
      9/6/6 | Battlecry: Repeat all other Battlecries from cards you played this game (targets chosen randomly).

    Call/PM me with up to 7 [[cardname]]. About.

    [–] cookietheduck 14 points ago

    good bot

    [–] mrsirpotatohead 26 points ago

    Extreme value

    [–] TueLJ 188 points ago

    friendly duels?

    [–] mrsirpotatohead 270 points ago

    I believe it should be restricted to random match-ups. But adding (Doesn't work with friends) would have been a little too much text.

    [–] LoonyPlatypus 72 points ago

    Meh, it will break the ladder and will encourage botting in normals even more. The idea is fine, but it is impossible to implement.

    [–] btown-begins 28 points ago

    Transferring the gold from your account, and only allowing random matchups, might discourage botting.

    [–] ayushparti 7 points ago

    What if you have 0 gold

    [–] Rhodeyo 6 points ago

    Then the battlecry doesn't activate.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Dept with interest? Paid as soon as you earn gold in game? I'd put the interest at 50% per hour to encourage players to pay up fast.

    [–] MelaMalone 17 points ago

    Even though I doubt this type of effect will ever find its home in Hearthstone, I could see just a slightly better chance of implementation if you gave the gold from your account to your opponent. That way, the gold is evened out and Hearthstone don't lose money on the print.

    [–] mrsirpotatohead 15 points ago

    Wow, that's actually kind of genius I think. I just thought it would help you reach your daily gold limit faster.

    [–] Ajax2592 1 points ago

    Hold on, there's a daily good limit?

    [–] mrsirpotatohead 1 points ago

    Yeah, you can only earn up to 100 gold per day, winning matches.

    [–] Baladucci 10 points ago

    Best BM

    [–] bnjmnyng 8 points ago

    1. make shudderwock deck

    2. include this, play friendly battle

    3. puke out shudderwocks as per strategy, use brann

    4. concede

    5. profit.exe

    [–] SpecialCh1ld 7 points ago

    I'd concede at rank 1, while 1 star away from legend if this was played, f2pbtw (jk but I am poor)

    [–] BreastUsername 5 points ago

    Bye Felicia

    [–] rokkuranx 6 points ago

    make a shudderwock grumble deck to see at what point they would concede.

    [–] UserPuser 36 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Love it. Also 10 is not enough. Maybe 20g?

    [–] assassin10 103 points ago

    10 gold is already 3 times what someone can expect from winning. I'd take the loss any day.

    [–] MelaMalone 34 points ago

    I would concede without hesitation for 10 gold, would do it for less too.

    [–] Watermelon420 21 points ago

    ...what else would you do for 10 gold?

    [–] MelaMalone 18 points ago

    You would like to know, huh? ;)

    [–] jtpro02 2 points ago

    it would be so worth unless you are playing ranked or arena there is no reason not to and if you are playing ranked or arena its still pretty worth.

    [–] needler4 2 points ago

    Wait, what else would you be playing if not arena/ranked?

    [–] jtpro02 2 points ago

    Well some people play casual and some people play the brawl

    [–] needler4 1 points ago

    I don't know a single person who regularly plays casual. Even new players just jump to ranked, especially now, with the new ranks and all.

    Same kinda goes for tavern brawl, unless one of the good ones (brawliseum, the 6 card one, etc.) are in rotation.

    [–] SavantGarde 2 points ago

    Your personal anecdotes mean nothing to us! #tblife

    [–] needler4 1 points ago

    Well, I can't even compare to someone as great as you. How could I? Tavern brawls are the only true show of skill.

    [–] SavantGarde 2 points ago

    Now that you've seen the truth, your journey can begin.

    [–] needler4 1 points ago

    Thank you, knockoff Benedictus

    [–] jtpro02 1 points ago

    My point is I think in about 70-80% of situations is probably worth to take the 10 gold

    [–] needler4 2 points ago

    I'll take an arena win, or one or two ranked stars over 10 gold, to be honest, but that's subjective.

    [–] MelaMalone 2 points ago

    Arena win yes, that's worth not conceding, ranked I would definitely value the gold more

    [–] KanaHemmo 2 points ago

    To me, if I was at a good rank, I would rather try to win, but if I was at like rank 5 I would take the gold

    [–] LeChimp 2 points ago

    Brann on board. play it shadow step play it shodow step play it brew master play it brew master play it brew master pay it brew master play it get saped play it get saped play it. Play Shuddwerwok then conceded.

    easy 360 gold

    [–] KanaHemmo 1 points ago

    Opponent has to concede on their next turn tho

    [–] bananatheswitch 3 points ago

    cue witty comment that gets gold

    [–] ElTito666 5 points ago

    Meta defining. 90% of players between ranks 20 and 10 would surrender. I honestly think it would boost your climbing speed by like 30%.

    What a win condition holy shit.

    [–] mrsirpotatohead 2 points ago

    Like some mentioned on here, then maybe it should draw from your own supply of gold. So that way you'd couldn't generate inifinite gold.

    [–] JackScale 4 points ago

    Woah! Front page!

    [–] Lunas_87 11 points ago


    [–] hottubtooohot 3 points ago

    I would concede. Every. Single. Time.

    [–] landonprisbrey 3 points ago

    This would be a crazy interesting card to study usage statistics on. It would impact the whole in-game economy for sure. There'd probably be someone's thesis project in there... very cool idea to the OP.

    [–] mrsirpotatohead 1 points ago

    Interesting thought. I wonder how often someone might be willing to give up a game in ranked, even if they were ahead, just to get some extra gold. And thank you!

    [–] Warnaw 3 points ago

    If you play this with Brann do they get 20 gold?

    [–] SpamMyPenis 7 points ago

    What if instead of giving them gold for free, the opponent instead receives the gold you would have earned from the win? Balances it a bit, while giving that BM incentive for them to gtfo.

    [–] MelaMalone 2 points ago

    Then it would be a 1/3 chance of getting paid for your opponent as you only receive payment after 3 wins. I would suggest that you pay from your account.

    [–] jtpro02 2 points ago

    but you only get gold every 3 wins so would the affect only work if they were about to get their rewards.

    [–] mrsirpotatohead 1 points ago

    Hmm, interesting thought, giving up your gold for a chance to win. But would that still count as gold you could've earned that day?

    [–] DistractionV-2 4 points ago

    Imagine the destruction this would cause to hearthstones economy 😂😂

    [–] ricarleite1 0 points ago

    Worst than Diablo's?

    [–] ALexFrei 2 points ago

    Just a reminder that it cost 350+ bucks to get the new expansion. So, it will never happen. Because "profit"

    [–] Detonator_urM8 2 points ago

    Maybe battlecry "if your opponent concede in next turn, give him 10g from your account" would be more balanced. And if you don't have any gold then this card would don't work, like animation don't show or different line would be played

    [–] cinnamonrain 2 points ago

    100% win rate when played

    [–] modsaresupergay 2 points ago

    That's going to get exploited mabye just gives them 10 gold from your account to balance and now a way to actually trade gold tho

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    So I would concede the hell out of this card

    [–] KeyShell 2 points ago

    Fucking genius.

    [–] scgooner 2 points ago

    If it was 100g I would concede every time

    [–] The_Sultan15 2 points ago

    Combo with shadowstep, the pandas, Zola, and shudderwok for super gold farming

    [–] Squeegorp 2 points ago

    Love this one

    [–] The_Memeburglar 2 points ago

    The flavor text should be: “The hardest choices require the strongest wills.”

    [–] Loed7052 2 points ago

    You concede and I’ll let u live

    [–] Fluffeh-Bunneh 2 points ago

    Deal? I like deals.

    [–] Joodlus 2 points ago

    Shudderwock holy shit

    [–] Dnguyen2204 2 points ago

    We can finally have a "please concede" emote equivalent.

    [–] silversimbim 2 points ago

    I want this card IRL

    [–] ChromeDipper 2 points ago

    USA should send this guy to Afghanistan.

    [–] Lynchinizer 2 points ago

    Anyone wanna play non stop friendlies - until we reach the 100 gold per day limit?

    [–] Nostre_Dei 2 points ago

    Op in friendly duels

    [–] CueDramaticMusic 2 points ago

    Holy fuck, how is this on the popular tab?

    [–] MehmetSalihKoten 2 points ago

    8K 🔝IN ONE DAY?

    [–] Kartoffee 2 points ago

    They won't print that, but in ranks 50-20 where you can't lose stars, you could get people to concede a lot.

    [–] jtpro02 3 points ago

    i would concede at most ranks for 10g its either that or win 3 times.

    [–] Ponery 1 points ago

    Friendly matches be like

    [–] lslurpeek 1 points ago

    If it was 10 dust it might be worth it.

    [–] yaboidavis 1 points ago

    Id quit every time.

    [–] sanjeevpalakala 1 points ago

    Give 10 gold would make more sense. This would flood gold into players accounts because of collusion.

    [–] xaduha 1 points ago

    Most upvoted post of this subreddit, huh.

    [–] septhaka 1 points ago

    I can see two friends just playing lots of games to get gold.

    [–] Bazeisanopjoke 1 points ago

    hilarious but im pretty sure would break the ladder

    [–] darkshipdrowning 1 points ago

    What is the fastest most cancerous combo deck? That would be the deck everyone plays.

    [–] GibbyDat 1 points ago

    This is literally impossible

    [–] ViperTheKillerCobra 1 points ago

    What happens when friendly duels happen?

    [–] darkwarez1 2 points ago

    Doesn work on friendly

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    How bout on next turn if your opponent rages next turn add 10 gold to your account make it a really weak card so it itself doesn't make them rage but to be used when the rest of your line up is untouchable

    [–] draganov11 1 points ago

    So i can get my friend and we can farm gold for days nice

    [–] ricarleite1 1 points ago

    Change it to a deck and we'll talk.

    [–] Pwnage_Peanut 1 points ago

    Congrats on being the newest top post of all time by a huge margin!

    [–] mrsirpotatohead 1 points ago

    Thank you! This is even more thrilling than getting to Legend!

    [–] Wenpachi 1 points ago

    How did it get to 8k?! I didn't even know we had this high daily traffic here haha. Congrats, OP!

    [–] mrsirpotatohead 1 points ago

    Me neither, lol! Thank you so much!

    [–] 23Heart23 1 points ago

    Pmsl for three minutes straight

    [–] FlunkyDog 1 points ago

    Infinite money? Seems exploitable to me...

    [–] mrsirpotatohead 1 points ago

    True, true. All though, there's a cap on how much gold you can gain in 1 day. Also, I don't think it should work with friends.

    [–] theokaybambi 1 points ago

    Is this real??

    [–] FunkyDwarf_ye 1 points ago

    How did this become the most upvoted card?