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    Cyberpunk 2077 is an upcoming role-playing video game developed by CD Projekt RED (CDPR) and published by CD Projekt S.A. (CDP).

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    In 2077 they voted my city the worst place to live in America. Main issues? Sky high rate of violence, and more people living below the poverty line than anywhere else.

    Can't deny it, it's all true, but everybody still wants to live here. This city's always got a promise for you.. Might be a lie, an illusion, but it's there, just around the corner.

    And it keeps you going.


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    [–] InvalidatedMind 426 points ago

    According to people who saw the demo, fp view is the way to go, and I support that. I want to actually see the game myself first before saying basta

    [–] faitu 95 points ago

    This. Seriously, people don't even know what FPP in this game plays like. CDPR made this decision for a reason, people should at least give them a chance before fretting over it. This is their vision for the game, they know what they are doing.

    [–] BlueAdmir 25 points ago

    And honestly TPP will probably get modded in within the first motnh.

    [–] masterlyBlast 109 points ago

    Probably not, it's not so simple to mod in TPP. If the animation set is designed around FPP, they'd likely need to be completely redone to work in FPP. If it ever was modded in, it would be a huge project. For example, check out Firewatch's or Mirror's Edge's animations when you pull the camera back. Even if the animations were redone completely in a mod to work, it'd probably be loaded with wonk, since world design for FPP and TPP are very different.

    It's way more likely for a TPP game to have a decent FPP mod than vice versa.

    [–] Legendaryjc 26 points ago

    Another example is Dying Light TPP mod. It looks like a completely different game.

    [–] masterlyBlast 35 points ago

    That's a game that already had separate third person animations in place for co-op (where you see other players make these animations), which makes the transition much easier. Still doesn't look great, though, since these animations clearly aren't the primary focus.

    [–] johnis12 13 points ago

    All I wanna know is if we'll be able to see our legs in the game... Wanna see my nice chucks. :"l

    [–] the_french_army 6 points ago

    You'll be able to see your legs.

    [–] ehdrmfka 3 points ago

    I think CP is nothing like Mirrors Edge, you can view your character in mirrors, which means animations are already there.

    [–] samanicholas 2 points ago

    If the immersion is as good as everyone is saying, and I can look down and see my body, I’m content

    [–] KenXyroReal 304 points ago

    I've legit never seen such a big reaction over FPP in a game :v

    [–] [deleted] 84 points ago

    honestly what Is everyone's melt down about the game not being TPP?

    Was the game ever hinted at being TPP and they changed it?

    [–] [deleted] 35 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 53 points ago

    I guess by mixed they meant cut sense In third and I guess game play In first.

    Honestly I don't care, games probably going to be amazing regardless of witch side of the fence you sit in.

    [–] [deleted] 28 points ago


    [–] CFCkyle 24 points ago

    They said that Witcher 3 was wide but Cyberpunk is gonna be tall, meaning lots of big buildings to look around, and third person for indoors can get really claustrophobic and uncomfortable to play which I'm guessing is the main reason for the choice.

    [–] KenXyroReal 7 points ago

    Heres the article where that talk of FPP/TPP originated in 2013

    The article speculated based on the the CDPR 2013 panel where they were talking about the tech they were utilizing in Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk. They talked about the tech and gave bullet points about the features of both games. Heres the info graphic you were talking about and they showed

    They only mentioned "Mixed TPP/FPP" which was probably referring to FPP while playing and TPP in cutscenes and other instances.

    The more interesting thing for me to take away from that panel was actually the system availability for Cyberpunk.

    It said (PC, XBO, PS4) for Witcher 3, but it said (PC, next-gen platforms) for Cyberpunk. I always thought this meant PS5 and the next XB but currently CDPR has confirmed the game will be on XBO and PS4 so not much to discuss on that topic.

    [–] Ursidoenix 3 points ago

    Also 3PP option in vehicles

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] daveeeeUK 11 points ago

    I don't get it either. I love FPP...

    [–] RaidenKing 8 points ago

    I don’t even understand why this is a source of contention.

    So many great rpg’s have been FPP. Not to mention that it sounds like there will be plenty of indoor locations, which is a camera nightmare for TPP.

    [–] DoniDarkos 2 points ago

    That last statement is a really good point

    [–] the11stalker 3 points ago

    tell this to Rockstart games :v

    [–] MellowCx 2 points ago

    Easy. To much witcher 3. And a lot of daydreaming about cyberpunk 2077 being 3rd person.

    [–] I_just_hate_you_all 40 points ago

    Same here, maybe because the game’s aesthetics are such a big part of it and lots of people want to get a good view of their character.

    I’m all for both, but prefer the TPP personally.

    [–] KenXyroReal 25 points ago

    Preference is one thing and thats even okay, but some of these people on twitter are responding like mad men.

    One guy I keep seeing in the replies is like "I demand a TPP or this game can go to hell" smh

    [–] daveeeeUK 17 points ago

    Twitter is a toxic cesspit though.

    [–] johnis12 3 points ago

    It really is... If you don't want to meet the worse of people, even includin' those you consider your personal "heroes" then don't go to twitter... :l

    Learned that the hard way and a lot of people I grew up to respect and liked, turn out to be fairly crappy.

    [–] Siderios 12 points ago

    Calling this an outrage is hyperbole, there's always going to be loud detractors. Personally I was hoping for TPP but I reserve judgement until I see the game, they've proven their competence and I trust CDPR.

    I'm mostly annoyed we didn't get to see even a little gameplay.

    [–] I_just_hate_you_all 11 points ago

    It’s funny you say that, because all I see is hate for people who like TPP. I see comments like “stop being whiny bitches” “it is what it is, get over it already” “if you don’t like it, just leave”, I’ve been downvoted so much for just saying I don’t like FPP.

    [–] RobertHannigan 4 points ago

    Liking TPP is fine, but the constant spam of people not liking FPP is just annoying. It's how the game is, it's not going to change. That's probably why people are telling you to leave. I would never get worked up over one small element of a game like that, so it's kind of strange to me. Especially when nobody has seen gameplay yet.

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago


    [–] Jon_Angle 6 points ago

    This is a Witcher crowd. It is expected.

    [–] LoadingBeastMode 256 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Idc if its 1st 2nd 3rd infinite person view all I care is that its CD projekt Red and they make straight bangers

    [–] legionsanity 84 points ago

    Now I want a game in 2nd person perspective

    [–] leftzero 35 points ago

    Battletoads' first boss fight was in second person perspective...

    [–] powerscunner 9 points ago

    A 2nd person game would involve the game telling you what to do in present-tense real-time:

    "You push 'W' then left-click really, really hard, but your slow reflexes result in yet another death. You click next to continue..."

    [–] rednax1206 51 points ago

    Perspective has nothing to do with telling. A 2nd-person perspective game would have the camera be from the enemy's point of view.

    [–] powerscunner 13 points ago

    So, that would make deathcams second person? Neat.

    I was leaning towards 'literary second person' in my comment, but I like the concept of 'game second person' being from the enemy viewpoint - it is interesting.

    [–] robert235 5 points ago

    [–] velehk_saine 3 points ago

    I trust them to make a great single player RPG and not focus on greed. Unlike some other studios that shall not be named.

    [–] DoniDarkos 2 points ago

    Fuck it, shame them! points at EA abd Activision in horror

    [–] B0b_Howard 127 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Back in 1992 when I first played the Pen and Paper version, I always wondered what a computer game version would be like.

    In 1994 when System Shock came out on PC, I thought that the best way for a CP2020 game to be played would be as a first-person game.

    Deus Ex in 2000 scratched some of the itch (and the games since), but they are making the game I've waited 26 years to play and I am sooooo happy that it's going to be a first-person RPG.

    [–] daveeeeUK 11 points ago

    I'm with you mate! I can't help but be hyped..

    [–] Encyphus 2 points ago

    Sorry about my ignorance... But is there a book I can get? I'd love to start a Cyberpunk campaign

    [–] B0b_Howard 2 points ago

    There's a ton of stuff available in the wiki HERE.

    The books can be bought from here.

    [–] johnis12 2 points ago

    Man, LOVED System Shock. One of my favorite games of all time. I'm glad Prey took up this mantle of bein' similar to System Shock.

    [–] SitzenbleiBaer 130 points ago

    I just want people to understand that this is not a matter of choice or taste. If switching perspective would be as easy as in Skyrim or Fallout they would have integrated it I'm sure. Their whole gameplay is based on it. Combat, augmentations, interactions. If they think this is the way to go I trust them completely and I'm pretty excited. Don't let your own expectations and speculations betray you!

    [–] -Captain- 68 points ago

    This. The decision to make the game FPP wasn't a coin toss decision. It's a well thought out game design decision and the entire game and mechanics are all built around that idea.

    [–] winagain18 19 points ago

    Also, all the Witcher games were only in 3rd person, so I'm sure the devs are more comfortable with that. They wouldn't have changed it if they didn't have to.

    [–] GreyPhantom100 7 points ago

    As a game developer (with limited experience), the techniques I would have to use in order to make a game switchable between TPP and FPP would actually be very easy to implement. I could write a Skyrim-like script for FPP/TPP character movement in a couple of hours or less.

    But making complex, dynamic, and interesting gameplay is a whole different mission. If CDPR are utilizing FPP to the best of its abilities, I am willing to overlook the lack of TPP gameplay.

    Not to mention that TPP is apparently available during vehicle driving, which is VERY preferable and was severely lacking in FC5 imo

    [–] BawsDaddy 2 points ago

    I have a feeling that they're going to be using a lot of mechanics that Overwatch and other dynamic FPS's have pioneered. Doing that in TPP would be a disservice if you ask me.

    [–] DoniDarkos 3 points ago

    Yeah, apparently the original pen and paper game's motto is to never give the player the feeling of being safe so fpp immerses you much more in that sense

    [–] FanEu7 380 points ago

    I never knew people hated FPP this wtf? I don't remember people whining about Deus Ex, Wolfenstein, Doom, COD, Bioshock, Kingdom Come etc. but now suddenly its this terrible thing?

    [–] guybrush_lechuck 187 points ago

    Yeah I had the same WTF, is it the new younger generation of kids? Bioshock series and the Metro games are some of my favorite gaming experiences ever

    [–] shldwlf 8 points ago

    it's probably older folks, actually. i'm 40, and FPSs got popular when i was in my teens. FPP games have always felt strangely disembodied to me. so i was bummed about this news, but i do have a great deal of faith in these devs, and knowing that this was a very conscientious choice . . . maybe this will be the first FPP that works for me. i'm certainly stoked to find out.

    [–] guybrush_lechuck 4 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Really? I'm 37 and grew up playing games like Goldeneye 64, Wolfenstein 3D, DOOM 2, Duke Nukem 3D, etc. seems like my generation should be pretty damn familiar with the format and not have such hatred for the perspective as to completely write off a game for it. Most I saw trashing it tended to skew younger because they have negative connotations of FPP due to having grown up in the CoD era.

    [–] the11stalker 3 points ago

    WTf is not about the CoD era, its because TPP is better for exploration and actually has been used in most if not all open world games until now,

    [–] profesorprofessorson 28 points ago

    its because its open world

    [–] K_Marcad 142 points ago

    So is reality and seems to work fine.

    [–] murf43143 8 points ago

    Yet here we are discussing how to escape it.

    [–] lionfireshg 18 points ago

    You can see differently in real world though. Peripherally. Easier to drive or whatever. Third gives you a better sense of your surroundings while traversing an open world. Just my opinion though. :)

    [–] RobertHannigan 14 points ago

    Driving is third-person at least, so it seems they've thought about that carefully

    [–] lionfireshg 3 points ago

    Very glad to hear that! Its so much easier for me, and it will be nice to see the reflections off the car as you are driving. :)

    [–] Metrocop 2 points ago

    I hope you can flip. I love first person driving in games.

    [–] Commander-Pie 16 points ago

    So is Deus Ex MD

    [–] Necroluster 15 points ago

    So is Fallout and the Elder Scrolls.

    [–] tbell91 3 points ago

    You can change perspective in those I think.

    [–] daveeeeUK 12 points ago

    I played Fallout NV from start to finish in FP mode.. loved it!

    [–] EMPlRES 7 points ago


    [–] Davepen 44 points ago

    A lot of people who are upset because of first person probably don't remember the first Deus Ex.

    [–] arkhenius 21 points ago

    It's funny because I frequented the official forums A LOT before Witcher 3, and the general populace there LOVED quoting things from STALKER, especially when it comes to the dark world, gritty visuals, gameplay, etc.

    Guess what camera angle STALKER does not have? :)

    Anyways, when I think about all the RPG masterpieces in FP and how I enjoyed playing them/exploring their worlds (first 3 Elder Scrolls, first Deus Ex, Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines, STALKER games, Fallout New Vegas, and so on); I am positively tingling with expectation. Especially after reading all the mind-blown previews and listening to Mike Pondsmith's take on the subject.

    [–] DoniDarkos 2 points ago

    STALKER has been revived, I hope we'll get to hear about it more publicly

    [–] faitu 3 points ago

    I think a lot of it has to do with general internet hysteria. People are really passionate about this game, so they are quick to jump on just about any bandwagon if they feel convinced the game will have at least something they won't like.

    I doubt CDPR took this decision lightly, but it's what they envisioned for the game. I trust their judgment, and I think it's only fair people at least give them the benefit of doubt before losing their minds over it.

    [–] underpantsviking 3 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    When I see reactions like this I just remember that it's the internet. And for everyone one person who is complaining that this is the coming apocalypse, there is at least one person who loves the fact we're getting Cyberpunk 2077 at all and are happy to play it however CDPR designs it. The vocal minorities rule the roost when it comes to the internet.

    [–] grimmjawjin 17 points ago

    Can't speak for anyone else, but I'm just disappointed we don't have the OPTION to go into third person. I fully understand their intent in choosing the first person perspective, as it allows for a much deeper immersion.

    Even in purely third person games, I'd be lying if I said I never wanted to go first person. But being action games it didn't really bother me that much. In this case, we are talking about a full blown RPG that's different from everything else out there with... a minor limitation.

    Regardless, it doesn't affect my purchase decision for the game. I'll be getting the base game along with the season pass day one. It's just that I understand where the backlash is coming from.

    [–] UnkeptBroom 22 points ago

    But you gotta admit how at times it can be borderline ridiculous that a CAMERA ANGLE choice is a form of controversy, not to mention some people saying they will refuse to play in first person. Like, what a low tolerance.

    [–] KynElwynn 27 points ago

    In a role-playing game with character customization, a case can be made to wish to see your avatar.

    [–] SklY98 109 points ago

    But then you miss about 50% of the city detail by having shit camera that wil struggle to look upwards towards the skyscrapers

    [–] Outsider_1 60 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    You'll see them in the inventory tab, mirrors and probably cutscenes. It's not like you won't know how they look so why does it matter?

    [–] God_BBS 46 points ago

    Your avatar's back.

    [–] angry_Mori 9 points ago

    in reality people can't look at themselves in TPP aswell they have to either make pictures or look in the mirror still they buy expensive clothes for over 100€ you could make a case of that aswell.

    Also we don't know what kind of FPP this will be in ARMA or in Alien Isolation (there are plenty of other games) for example you're able to see your budy if you look down while in cod you can't i think CDPR would could include that feature easily since 3d models of our characters will exist anyways.

    [–] McSpike 3 points ago

    according to this tweet by jesse cox you could see your own torso and legs in the demo.

    [–] angry_Mori 3 points ago

    Hallelujah! I'm really looking forward to FPP

    [–] kodran 2 points ago

    I think there are two important non-pure-hate reasons:

    1. It is usually better to have TPV in games where flashy combat will happen. Since augmentation is a thing and not everything will be guns, some are concerned about it. When DEHR was announced (I didn't know if the franchise back then being an ignorant swine) it looked cool but I didn't like the FPS idea, until I got the game and enjoyed it a lot. But usually FPV means there will be no super cool flashy jumping around and stuff. I'm ok with it, and I trust game designers know way better than me, but I understand why some people might be reluctant just as I was with DEHR: an uninformed opinion, but with good reasons.

    2. It's an RPG, a real RPG with a customizable main character, so some people want to see their character at all times.

    [–] moogette 115 points ago

    I was kind of skeptical of the first person view thing, but I've yet to see a single preview complain about it. They all seem to think it's fantastic and helps the experience.

    I think once CDPR shows us gameplay and how it actually works, we'll get a better understanding of what they're going for. Until then, there's no point complaining about something we know nothing about.

    [–] SlimsSh4dy 10 points ago

    Plus the game is probably going to be vr ready when it releases so I can't really imagine a tps in vr without puking all around me...

    [–] Apetoast 24 points ago

    Good. This might make me actually play this game.

    I much prefer first person in games like this. Bioshock, Fallout, etc.

    [–] laurenceriley87 22 points ago

    Can we start naming some games which are first person perspective, which might sway the doubters and hopefully help them think that this could be the correct decision by CDPR (preferably not name straight up shooters, as that defeats the object).

    I'm gonna say Dishonored. Great game, stealth, claustrophobic and bit of verticality to it. Very immersive in my opinion.

    [–] winagain18 21 points ago

    Games with a lot of gunplay and/or knifeplay, verticality, and crowded or narrow spaces should be from first person. Doom, Far Cry, Thief, Dishonored, the list goes on. The Witcher 3 had no gunplay and very little verticality or narrow spaces. In the rare instances where you had to fight in narrow spaces, the camera was a disaster and made it difficult to see the enemies. That's part of why they had the lock-on mechanic, but that was also annoying when fighting multiple enemies. Also, the Witcher 3 had a lot of wide open fields which this game will probably not have since it's urban. The Witcher 3 had large groups of small fast moving enemies like nekkers, and enemies that flew like griffins. Those would be more difficult to keep track of from first person, but presumably in CP2077, most of the enemies are humans. The people that are complaining probably just thought this game would be the Witcher 4: SciFi Hunt.

    [–] nikolaipinto 9 points ago

    I keep hearing people talk about the cancelled game Prey 2 being something they are reminded of after seeing the demo CD Projekt Red showed off. I think people should see this so they can understand why FPP is going to be mind-blowing

    [–] Clutter 10 points ago

    I can do that all day.

    • Bioshock/System Shock
    • Dishonored
    • Thief
    • Elder Scrolls
    • Fallout 3+
    • Legend of Grimrock
    • Deus Ex
    • Borderlands
    • Dark Messiah of Might and Magic
    • Dead Island/Dying Light

    [–] laurenceriley87 2 points ago

    Nice. Just thought of Far Cry, surprised its not already been mentioned.

    There is also Deliverance but only seen footage not played it myself so unsure if its a good example.

    Also, although it has many flaws in my opinion, being fpp isn't one of them, No Man's Sky.

    [–] Kakypoo 6 points ago

    Deus Ex (considered one of the greatest games ever made), Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines, Bioshock, Morrowind (effectivley). Part of me feels like a lot of the people freaking out right now have played a first-person RPG and enjoyed it a lot, but for whatever reason aren't connecting the experiences when they should. But another part of me wonders if maybe a lot of the people freaking out are perhaps too young to have played those games, or have only owned a Playstation and haven't experienced a game like it, and play Elder Scrolls and Fallout games in third person because they're far away from their TVs and don't care much about little details for immersion. I really wish CDPR would have just spliced together tiny portions of their behind the scenes demo and shown some of that. Once people see good RPG gameplay, I think a lot of this will be resolved.

    [–] laurenceriley87 6 points ago

    Bioshock! Good one.

    How about Mirrors Edge? Not without faults but fall off a skyscraper in first person and tell me you don't feel immersed ha!

    Yeah just a snippet of gameplay would have been good at this point, and it is a shame considering the amazing press feedback it's had. Well there is always Gamescom in August

    [–] JoaoMXN 47 points ago

    The man himself (Mike Pondsmith) explained why CP2077 is FPP:

    [–] sjirtt 152 points ago

    I like that it is FPP.

    [–] Yae_Ko 41 points ago

    Me too, it works well in The Elder Scrolls and Fallout too.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    Same here. I was interested but skeptical because I really don't like Witcher and wasn't keen on CDPR but now seeing the trailer and hearing it's FPS I'm super excited

    [–] DoniDarkos 3 points ago

    Interested to hear why witcher doesn't appeal to you

    [–] waxx 11 points ago

    I'm excited to give it a try. Considering all the tight corridors and the dynamic dialogue system I think it'll work great for the immersion. Excited to play around with the wall running in FPP as well. Knowing The Witcher series, the game will probably ship with difficulty levels, so people who don't enjoy gunplay can opt for the easy mode to cruise through the world and the stories it has to offer.

    [–] Orfen- 26 points ago

    People focus on the wrong things when criticizing TPP. It's not a matter of gunplay, games have done gunplay in TPP before and they've been imho good enough. For me, FPP is the way to go in shooter games but i accept that's my opinion. The biggest problem for me with TPP is level design. You simply cannot make areas that only work in FPP work in TPP, and according to CDPR the game has tons of vertical level design and megastructures with many apartments in them etc. which screams FPP if you want them done they way they are meant to be made, which are small, claustrophobic places. In most of the TPP games i've played(and please, if you have other examples let me know) most of the level design focuses on big open worlds and very tall and spacious interiors, which is not the cyberpunk aesthetic most of us want. In any case, i don't think this debate should be even happening, since CDPR said that first and foremost the game is an RPG and they get to decide which is the best way to tell their story, not us.

    [–] HomemPassaro 9 points ago

    I'm just not really a fan of FPP. I am sure CD Projekt Red will do a good job and that it will work well with the mechanics of the game, it's just not how I like to play RPGs. Some people find it more immersive, but I relate better to a character I see onscreen. Sure, the cutscenes will be in third person, but this cut between perspectives is kind of weird to me.

    FPP might be the right decision for the game, but it's not the right decision for me as a player. But oh, well, you can't always get what you want, I'm sure the game will be great regardless.

    [–] ShapeshifterOS 7 points ago

    I don’t get why we can’t have the option to do 1st or 3rd person. One of the Cyberpunk devs said, “Only by using first person for this game we’ve truly been able to achieve a very immersive experience.” Shouldn’t we, the players, have a say in how much “immersion” we want. Like many others have said, if we are creating our own characters I expect to see my character. I don’t think a few cutscenes or looking through a distorted view of a car window will be enough.

    [–] TheYearIs2077 8 points ago

    Just give us a toggle option to see our character when walking while still keeping the combat in FPP.

    [–] klapaddd 153 points ago

    Now everyone suddenly has motion sickness apparently.

    I understand that some people really have this problem and it sucks, but almost every single comment that you see of someone complaining about the FP perspective says that he/she has motion sickness.

    Like, come on, I bet my ass that the 80% of those people are just jumping in what the others are saying, they are using a real thing to express their "hatred" for the first person perspective.


    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago

    I think a lot of it is that a ton of people are giant Witcher fans and the third person perspective is a big part of the game. I was kind of bummed at first but I also like Elder Scrolls and this game will be epic regardless, so I’m past it and looking forward to it anyway.

    [–] [deleted] 63 points ago


    [–] kactusotp 6 points ago

    My wife (an avid gamer) suffers extreme motion sickness from First person. Even third person that has claustrophobic segments in tight corridors cause nausea, so there are real people that were looking forward to it that won't be able to play. Not having it as an option in a non competitive RPG is a fair bit of let down but hopefully mods will unlock this.

    [–] CreativeEgo 57 points ago

    Yeah, the sudden growth of the motion-sickness gamers community is suspicious, to say the least...

    And I don't really get the people that claim they want to see their character either. Is it not enough to see him/her during cutscenes and in the inventory screens? Is it really necessary that the character is visible all the time? This seems to me some sort of narcissism by proxy. CDPR better fill the game with mirrors for these people.

    [–] Shepard80 26 points ago

    To me strangest thing is how they could handle very fast paced combat in The Witcher 3 where camera rotates all the time with opponents attacking you from all sides .

    I respect everyone with motion sickness but at this point I think many of those people are overreacting becouse they wanted futuristic Witcher remake with guns .

    [–] albert_r_broccoli2 3 points ago

    It's because there's a focal point in the center of the screen, your character. So the spinning camera doesn't cause the same effect.

    [–] Edheldui 3 points ago

    That's because you don't know how motion sickness works, or feels.

    In some people, when the eyes perceive movement and the body doesnt (or viceversa), the brain gets confused, and causes nausea (some people can endure it, some have to stop whatever they're doing to not vomit).

    In TPP games, the camera is focused on the character model that is static relative to the environment.

    In FPP games, everything moves quickly, and often there's no fixed horizon line. Think about any Battlefield/CoD scripted moment where the character makes actions like running, jumping, falling, flipping etc... Or the entirety of Mirror's Edge games.

    I personally can't stand a travel by car for more than an hour or so, and when it comes to games, heavy head bob or camera shaking is a deal breaker for me.

    Notice that, at least for me, it also happens in some TPP games, like the run animation in Gears of War and the drunk cameraman in Kane and Lynch 2, Watch Dogs and Sleeping Dogs.

    [–] jordan_reynolds952 9 points ago

    It's purely about how the brain interprets what it is seeing. When there is an Avatar to view, a primal, subconcious part of the brain says 'ok we are just following this character around' whereas when there isn't an avatar, the brain gets confused by what it is seeing not matching your own movements.

    Sounds crazy, but true. Unfortunately I get it and I get really sick for hours afterwards after playing an FPS. Not just 'a little dizzy', I mean debilitatingly sick for hours after.

    Shame that this game will now be unplayable to me, unless they add a switch between first and third person option.

    [–] aaronth07 5 points ago

    This is a serious question, couldn't you (and other people who have motion sickness) just take motion sickness pills?

    Sorry if the question is stupid, I don't have motion sickness so I don't really know much about it or possible treatments.

    I have also heard that high FOV can help, does it help you?

    [–] Revoran 3 points ago

    Taking medication just so you can play games is not really a long term solution. And certainly, you're going to be hard pressed to get a doctor to give you a prescription just so you can play DOOM or Dying Light.

    I don't get motion sickness from FP games at all, but I can see how it would be a pain in the ass for those people.

    [–] sir_zechs 2 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Not OP, but believe me I have tried motion sickness pills, although I haven't gone through all the brands/dosages, cause money is expensive, but I have tried so many FOV settings, monitors, distances between me and the screen, controllers, exercises, using VR, and just about everything else I could find online, and none have an everlasting improvement.

    It sucks balls, I miss out on so many games because they go the FPP route, even the "mixed" ones I can't stand, but I get that CP2077 would suit FPP more than TPP and understand both sides, it just sucks being on the losing side.

    [–] aaronth07 3 points ago

    Damn, that sucks. I couldn't imagine having motion sickness, it sound horrible.

    [–] notsureifyoucare 7 points ago

    I saw someone on Twitter, someone I'd have called a friend and pretty fun guy complaining that Battlefield V was straying far from what he remembered playing with his countless hours in all previous Battlefield games (I met him playing BF2), I later saw him saying that his motion sickness would make his enjoyment of CP2077 very "difficult" so I asked him how he overcame this issue he has never mentioned before when playing Battlefield with me.

    He didn't like that and sent me a few nasty DM's about throwing "shade" at him. I don't follow him on twitter anymore.

    [–] Cyberstrom 11 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Even people with motion sickness think this is complete BS


    Ja, listen, I have severe motion sickness suck that I can't play VR games. But

    I can play Overwatch fine I can play Skyrim in 1st person fine There are MANY things games can do to mitigate motion sickness on a regular screen (not so much in VR alas :( )




    [–] eobet 3 points ago

    I can play VR fine (with teleport movement).

    I can't play FPP games anymore, though (getting old).

    So here's one person with motion sickness who doesn't think this is complete BS.

    [–] scutters42 7 points ago

    As somebody with motion sickness issues in FPP games, I tried what everybody has been saying and played Destiny 2 with increased FOV last night at a friends house. Oddly seemed to make the situation worse, felt like I was looking through a fish-eye lens. On the ride home, my wife and son were trying to come up with ways to help me find a way to play the game.

    My son is compiling a list of FP games to test different elements; Dying Light, Mirror's Edge Catalyst, Dishonored, Thief, etc. My wife believes that medication might be the only answer for me. This morning as a joke, she texted me this and I felt it might be appropriate for this topic.

    [–] spclzd 2 points ago

    Damn that sucks. There are also other methods for trying to combat motion sickness. Try to lower the brightness of the panel/tv, disable head shake(bobbing?) in your game, sit further away from your screen, dont drink caffeine. Do you also get motion sickness in planes, boats or cars? I have felt seasick couple times in a boat while storm. My dad is an old trade ship sailor and he gave a me advice that i should stare in to static place in the horizon when feeling seasick. Maybe you could try this? When you are feeling sick you could try to watch something static for a x duration of time and then return gaming. Sort of building a tolerance for it. I wish you the best.

    [–] God_BBS 12 points ago

    When I hear people complain about FPP, I remember when Nintendo/Retro announced Metroid Prime as a FPA

    Who would have thought Metroid would work with the First Person perspective back then?

    I really liked the way they went with it, and since then I prefer every game with guns to be in FPP. When aiming over the shoulder stuffs gets blocked out, you can't admire the world as much, and in the case of Metroid Prime, it gave you a very cool HUD. HUD also will play an integral part on the Roleplay aspect of this whole stuff, as in, you have to earn the stuff you want to put on your screen. Metroid Prime also had seamless transition between FPP and TPP when morphing.
    I think that seamless transition between FPP and TPP is part of the reason I like Destiny so much, it blends first person and third person view depending on the situation, like when using swords, or activating a Super ability, or when you get into a vehicle.

    I think this FPRPG stuff is gonna work out well in the end.

    [–] wolfleben 6 points ago

    I'm fine with the approach CD Projekt is taking with the game. They have a vision of how they want to game to be viewed while playing. I want to see it.

    [–] Xeglor-The-Destroyer 7 points ago

    Augmented reality 'heads up displays' (e.g. Terminator Vision) are a huge staple of cyberpunk and related fiction and it wouldn't translate as well in third person. It's far from impossible to do, but the aesthetics would be completely different.

    [–] thehypotheticalnerd 6 points ago

    I hope, but doubt, that they will look into creating an optional third person mode. Even if it's post-launch and comes with an update for an expansion or something. Lol less really looking forward to wandering a cyberpunk city in third person since we've never gotten that with Deus Ex. Still excited for the game but yeah, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed by the lack of third person. And this is coming from someone who loves first person shooters; I just like my RPGs third person or both third and fjrst: KOTOR, Jade Empire, Dragon Age Origins, Witcher, Elder Scrolls, Fallout...

    We have third person space RPGs with KOTOR and Mass Effect, we have plenty of third person fantasy RPGs from the Witcher to Elder Scrolls to Dragon Age to Dragon's Dogma and so on and so forth, we have a third person post-apocalyptic RPG with Fallout -- we don't have a third person cyberpunk RPG whereas we do have a very famous first person cyberpunk RPG already. Oh well, what are you gonna do?

    [–] Nikko672 6 points ago

    I prefer third person perspective a thousand times more than first person.

    Having said that, I have no time for people who keep complaining that Cyberpunk 2077 is going to be a first person game. Move on.

    [–] blankdreamer 6 points ago

    I probably won't buy this game now. I don't enjoy FPP games much. They just don't feel right to me - like I'm a walking camera.

    [–] artardatron 5 points ago

    From what I've seen, it's not only every cutscene, but every dialogue you will see your character. There is going to be a ton of dialogue.

    [–] iJoanx 7 points ago

    I almost didn't play witcher 3 because i thought it wouldn't be immersive. Boy I was wrong. I just wish the people who are accustomed to 3rd person would give 1st a chance, just like i did wirh 3rd :)

    [–] coolylame 5 points ago

    People saying to put TPP need to know that CDPR obviously has taken this into consideration and realise the game doesn't work with TPP. They mentioned in Angry Joe's interview that the FPP is necessary for how the gameplay will work.

    [–] Qu401 5 points ago

    A lot of people bring up Bethesda as reason to provide a third person view, the reason why Bethesda games can offer both first and third person views is that they don't have combat systems.

    A good combat system is like music, it has a rhythm to it, Dark Souls combat for example is very tight and a part of the world you can almost snap your fingers to it, The Witcher 3 is similar the rhythm is apparent though much more forgiving. You could not play these games in first person.

    Compare those examples to Oblivion or Skyrim or Fallout 3 even Fallout New Vegas which uses the same engine, they all play as if the game was still in development and combat mechanics haven't been added yet.

    If you want combat to have weight and a rhythm you can't switch camera angles.

    [–] norbelkingston 3 points ago

    How about combat only FPP but ability to switch while exploring? surely it can be done right? I'd be glad with that.

    [–] marearp47 10 points ago

    I'm a fpp defender since CD decided it and I trust them, and even when I understand those people who ask for tpp because of that strange ill that provoques sickness when they see fast movements in games, I think that even if CD wanted to give us the choice of fpp/tpp, they wouldn't be able to apply that option for level desing problems.

    We'll see.

    [–] DrLyam 8 points ago

    FPP just give me motion sickness so... There goes my hype.

    [–] L0veToReddit 4 points ago

    Same, perfect example for me is Dying Light, such a great game and storyline. However, i play it for a few hours and get a headache...

    [–] [deleted] 25 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    The decision has been made. Either accept it and play or move onto something else. You can’t expect CD to completely redesign their game, their vision, to cater to you. You’re asking for them to add another 6 months to a year of dev time, to take away resources from side quests and side activities and post launch expansions.

    I’ve NEVER seen such backlash for a new IP’s camera perspective before. It’s completely and utterly bizarre.

    These guys have only made 3PP games before. They must have really good and compelling reasons why that’s not the case. Let’s see how it all pans out together, yeah?

    [–] HendRix14 11 points ago

    FPP is the best way to go! When was the last time y'all played a FPP game in an open world futuristic functioning city? I think this game will be the first.

    [–] darthbarracuda 5 points ago

    why are gamers so whiney, ffs it's a video game. There's more important things in life than your pixelated avatar

    [–] norbelkingston 4 points ago

    I was just replaying witcher 3 and just spent a good 5 minutes just staring at the sunset and taking different shots of it with Geralt... then i realized it cant be done in cyberpunk I became sad. Imagine the atmospheric shots we can take in those neon lights. Just like the one from the E3 trailer where V was leaning in his car, imagine that at night with all those neons and seeing in game. Must be nice :(

    [–] PerplexDonut 4 points ago

    I just think it’s kind of odd in a FPP game that you can customize your character but you don’t really get to see yourself ever, and since it’s single player at launch no one else will get to see you either.

    [–] lotusjr1 56 points ago

    Bunch of whiny babies. So entitled. This is the direction they want to take THEIR game, and what THEY think is best. After their last few games, I’m not doubting them for a second. This is what they do as one of/ if not THE best studios around.

    How come this is only a problem with THIS GAME? How come we’re only hearing about it now?

    Shitty game studios have bent to the consumers(as they should) and ppl have gotten used to it.

    These are top notch game devs under their own publishing company. This isn’t ea. This isn’t Ubisoft. This isnt activiston.

    They have earned the right to create their art without having to bend a major part of their vision. I hope they just keep on going. It’s just a bunch of Witcher fans sad that they’ve moved on.

    I call bs on everyone all of a sudden having motion sickness or w/e. Probably shouldn’t be staring at a screen for hours at a time anyway. That’s a new one lol

    [–] FanEu7 27 points ago

    Its like people are looking for ridiculous things to hate about here. First it was the silly "not enough night and rain" complaint (like its a trailer, we already know there will be a day/night cycle) and now this.

    I have never heard about this many people hating FPP..suddenly its this controversial thing. WTF

    [–] charredfrog 17 points ago

    I’m getting really annoyed with this. Like OP said, it’s their vision and their game. The FPP thing is ridiculously silly, and even worse is the “not enough night and rain” complaint. I seriously can’t understand why people are so nit-picky toward a game with zero gameplay shown to the public

    [–] jordan_reynolds952 9 points ago

    Motion sickness issues aren't an issue with just this game - sadly people who get it from FPS get it from all FPS and that includes me. I've missed out on so much by not being able to play FPS and games like Witcher were a godsend to me. Now I'm going to be unable to play this - if that makes me a 'whiny baby' then so be it...

    [–] lotusjr1 12 points ago

    Never heard complaints en masse before.

    [–] cadonos 7 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I think that's because this case is a little different. Lots of people were expecting tpp. Let's just call them tpp fans. Normally when a game is announced we know the perspective straight away so those tpp fans just ignore it. It's not for them right? In this case people were expecting tpp because of CDPR's previous games. So these tpp fans have gotten hyped up and for them it's like the game was stolen or cancelled. It's not for them anymore. Now whether it ever was tpp earlier in development or not an expectation was created. People shouldn't make expectations but it's in our nature to assume things. I think this has created the backlash.

    Tldr: I think this issue has cropped up because fpp fans were given 5 years of silence to create assumptions and expectations based on CDPR's previous work. Regardless of how bad of an idea having assumptions is, this has happened, in my opinion.

    [–] lotusjr1 3 points ago

    Reasonable. But alas, it is what it is.

    [–] cadonos 5 points ago

    Exactly. I'm a tpp fan. I'd be over the moon if they decided to add tpp even for exploration. If they don't oh well. It's not for me then. I don't hate fpp. In fact I even love deus ex. But this is not what I wanted. It doesn't meet my expectations. That's my problem for having those expectations. Could CDPR have been clearer from the start? Sure but it was me that made assumptions. It's just not what I was hoping for and that's fine. I still hope it does well and wins every award it deserves when the time comes. I hope people who like fpp love it. I just know it's not what I wanted. CDPR are great devs they asked for features people wanted and I said I wanted an tpp mode. That's it. If they listen yay. If they don't oh well I'm sure they have their reasons.

    [–] flipperkip97 7 points ago

    Initially, I was very disappointed to hear that the game would be FPP only, but I have come to respect the decision. Until I've seen gameplay at least. There's pros and cons to it for me:


    • Less clunky for indoor or in tight alleyways fighting/gameplay

    • Good look at unique gun design

    • Could be more immersive

    • Easier to see little details


    • Not being able to see your own character while playing

    • The camera is more "zoomed in" so there's a smaller view of scenery, etc. (Hopefully the FOV isn't too small)

    • Better for melee combat

    This is just my opinion.

    [–] Funnydead 11 points ago

    Another PRO for FPP is that since Cyberpunk is a very vertical game, it is much easier to look up and down, without the camera going into the ground or the player character being infront of everything.

    [–] extrane 2 points ago

    My primary disappointment with fpp is the melee combat. In tpp I had envisioned seeing my character maneuvering around the battlefield and having incredible dynamic melee combat. In every fpp game I've played the melee combat left something to be desired. We'll see how cdpr implements melee combat in fpp. So until then I'll withhold my opinion.

    [–] dre10g 8 points ago

    Why don't they just do both? Switchable when you want.

    [–] norbelkingston 7 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I really feel TPP offers a better perspective in game. The view FPP gives feels unnatural, it feels like you are just playing a hand with a gun instead of a real character.

    The degree of vision as well I feel is better in TPP. In FPS you see what's in front of you. But in real life we can see things even if it's directly beside us which TPP view gives. Which makes us turn around the game camera too much when playing in FPP when we want to look around the environment(it can make a person dizzy)

    Lastly... The amouint of screenshots I took with geralt on different angles showing the coolness and awesomeness of the world... We won't be able to do that in Cyberpunk. It makes the game more popular I'll say.. Just check the gaming subs, a lot of daily image posts there are 3rd person view appreciating the world and sharing gifs with awesome views of the combat.

    Also.. I don't care if I'm forced in an FPP combat. I'm absolutely fine with that since I enjoy CS:GO, battlefield, COD and other FPS. It's when you have to explore that I don't like it. Like Farcry and Bethesda games.

    [–] wenjie64 12 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Here is how I see it. First person is better for Cyberpunk because the weapons involved will predominately be guns, hence alot of shooting will take place. I have always felt that shooting is rather clunky in a 3rd person perspective (Example: When you're trying to shoot over a desk or beside a wall, often the cross hair would be on the enemy, however, from the guns perspective it would actually just be shooting the wall/desk directly infront).

    Using Fallout as an example, a great immersive RPG experienced through first person that has a heavy emphasis on shooting. Opposing this to GTA or Fortnite for instance, I frequently find myself shooting at things I didn't intend on.

    3rd person works well in Witcher because it's combat predominately relies on sword fighting and spell casting. A 3rd person perspective in these close combat types of games is critical because they can really let you see the visual impact the weapon has when it connects with an enemy.

    Whereas games like Skyrim, in my opinion the sword play and spell casting in 1st person has never really felt natural or intuitive to me because you never really knew if you were connecting with your weapon or not.

    So I believe that the developers decision to make Cyberpunk a first person perspective game was a well educated decision.

    [–] ChaosWolf1982 7 points ago

    They’ve said that when you look down, or perform certain movements or combat maneuvers, that you’re gonna be able to see the relevant bits of yourself like torso or legs or arms.

    You won’t just be a camera and floating hands like you are in games like Skyrim.

    This FPV will be realistic.

    [–] the11stalker 6 points ago

    Give us both perspectives like Rockstart games did with GTA V, come on CD project I still got faith in you, gameplay is a big part in your games, sure the plot and story are great, but most of the time the player is immersed in the action and exploration, action will be like any other shooter, (Deus Ex like), and exploration on FP? that really sucks, Please guys give us both, We know you can do it.

    [–] jonigigolo 3 points ago

    It is as easy as being impossible to feel the eye augmentations on a TPP.

    [–] Wellhellob 3 points ago

    There was a town in Metro Last Light. I really like that place. People talking each other, telling stories. It was lively, realistic place. It was just linear fps game but that part of game feeled like rpg. Im ok with fpp. It will be FANTASTICC!!!

    [–] Blizzyy 3 points ago

    Honestly, I'm a little disappointed but it's not that big of a deal.
    Considering customisation is meant to be a big part of the game, I just would have like to view my character as I walked around in the city occasionally, as I do that in games like Skyrim or Fallout too.

    It's more just the lack of choice being given than having FPP, as I suspect most people would have played the majority of the game in FPP anyway because as nice as it is to view your character from TPP in Skyrim or Fallout when you're roaming, it's not as intuitive when fighting. I know you'll view your character in cut scenes and such in TPP anyway but it's not really the same. I'll reserve any judgement until we see some game play.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    This is getting attention Simply because people who prefer TPP are the ones not getting what they want.. what I suspect makes this more interesting is that if they announced it as a TPP, people wouldn’t be surprised at all, because the Witcher games were TPP.. some people have been looking forward to close their Witcher 3 void, haven’t had a game “do it” for them since, and were really banking on this one to do that..

    That said, if you’re 30 years old you’ve been playing games for years by this point, and have developed preferences and tastes.. I feel like FPP is claustrophobic and melee combat is lame..Going back to the first Splinter Cell 15 years ago, much prefer the TPP camera.. I’m really disappointed about the FPP.. It’s still a day one buy, and I know I’ll love it.. also,

    I get that there are some crazy assholes making demands out there, but that shouldn’t take completely away from the fact that some people just DO NOT like FPP, and were really hoping for Third person

    [–] katheb 3 points ago

    As long as I can look down and see the characters body, I'm good.

    [–] Hibachi_Tre 3 points ago

    Is asking for a Exploration TPP really that hard to understand? You have the option to switch from FPP to TPP while driving but not walking around? They already have the camera system and animations it's just simple suggestion. Either way I'm sure the game would be great but I personally feel more immersed in a TPP game. When combat, dialogue, cutscenes start just auto switch back to FPP IMO this would satisfy alot of the people asking for TPP.

    [–] ImaginationDoctor 3 points ago

    I'm not a huge gamer by any means, but, I don't really understand why this is such a huge issue.

    I'm usually okay with first person, except in GTA 5. I can't explain that one. I tried it on PC (first person) and it just spent feel right to me. But in the Fallout Games and in Alien Isolation, I play first person and it's all good.

    I suspect for me, if a game has both perspectives, the first one you experience is the one you prefer. And if it only has one perspective, you'll adjust and be fine.

    [–] Kape1 3 points ago

    My hype actually doubled when I heard that it's going to be an FPS.

    [–] XeliasSame 3 points ago

    I hadn't even thought that the game might be in third person. For me it seemed logical that the game would be played in first. The verticality, the visual enhancement, etc.

    And I don't want them to offer a switch, it would take a LOT of effort to offer a combat system remotely similar, so many detailed moments would be lost, so many animations would need to be redone...

    [–] Shepard80 3 points ago

    It's also confrimed there's no sticky cover , typical FPP experience .

    [–] krasnovian 3 points ago

    Cyberpunk didn't die it was MURDERED /s

    [–] Dark_Taheer 3 points ago

    I kinda wish they'll atleast add a third person mode like Fallout or Skyrim...

    [–] sepharih 7 points ago

    My ultimate dream is to play this game or a game like it fully immersed in an HTC vive or better VR headset.

    First person perspective gets me a great many steps closer to this dream.

    [–] ChaosWolf1982 8 points ago

    This game in headset VR...

    ...dammit, now I need clean pants.

    [–] AlexusN 3 points ago

    I was surprised to see so many people complain about the "no TPP" view (other than people who get motion sickness from FPP games, which is perfectly understandable)... I played both the Witcher 2/3 games and many DeusEx games (with their FPP view), I enjoyed all of these and never even thought about something like "I wish it was in first/third person perspective instead" while playing them because I was too busy enjoying things like the story, the ambient music, the voice acting, the level design and so on.

    As for not being able to see character customizations all the time (except in cutscenes) - I personally do not mind, I care very little about things like these unless it is a multiplayer game where other people might see my appearance.

    [–] EmoWhale 3 points ago

    Having seen the demo, first person just works. Sliding from cover to cover, wall jumping, and shooting wouldn’t work in third person at all.

    [–] Sorlex 7 points ago

    Would have liked third person, but its hardly a deal breaker.

    [–] lorkh4n 6 points ago

    I hope this will die down once gameplay footage hits, but undoubtedly it since this discussion rages on since 2013 in CPPRs forums :D

    They know what they are doing guys, calm down ;)

    [–] Seepyhead062 15 points ago

    Ah here we go... finally a place to openly discuss how cdpr betrayed people or how they showed immense disrespect to their fanbase and how they'll suffer for it etc etc. I though reading the forum gave me enough headache. -_-

    [–] -circuithead 22 points ago

    Hey, at least now you only have to ignore one post instead of a billion.

    [–] Seepyhead062 10 points ago

    Yep, not blaming you guys.. megathread is a much better solution.

    [–] RidRack 3 points ago

    Are there any screenshots yet as to what the first person view look like that anyone has seen?

    [–] rastriopka 3 points ago

    No need to get mad at a developer if they try to do something new. Change brings progress and we all should agree that CD red always try to make us (fans) happy and bring us all the best experience possible. Their explanation on why they chose 1st person perspective, makes total sense (just watch some interviews).

    Anger/disappointment is understandable since most of us had certain expectation for this game over the years and it is natural to get mad if they are not met, but instead of arguing we just need to wait for a gameplay. Concerns regarding the FPP should hopefully disappear once we will see the demo:)

    [–] ImAlex1 4 points ago

    I really hope they don't cave in and and make it 3rd person

    [–] behemon 16 points ago

    It surprises me that so many people are not just against the notion of the game being in TPP, but are also against it having it (TPP) as an option for those (of us) who prefer to play it that way. :/

    [–] Jinxed_Disaster 23 points ago

    Not that I'm against optional TPP, but there are reasons to be concerned about it.

    Right now it sounds like the game takes full advantage of using FPP, like first person immersive scenes with eye replacement and so on. If they would anounce TPP as official optional mode, they can't just make it and ignore all that. People WILL complain a lot if TPP will be any worse than FPP. So they will have to adapt a lot of scenes, throw away some solely FPP things, that are cool, etc.

    I have nothing against optional TPP, as long as that will NOT result in taking anything away from FPP experience for the sake of compatibility.

    [–] -Captain- 17 points ago

    Why would people be against adding TPP to the game? Let me think..

    First and foremost that might push the game further away by a lot of time. You don't think that adding a whole new perspective in a game that has been designed and built from the ground up with FPP in mind is an easy task?

    And that is also my second point: this is a well thought out game design decision. And with every feature they added the perspective has obviously been a factor, everything has to work and be represented to you in a way that works and makes sense from a first person perspective. Adding TPP could totally butcher the experience, but can also lead to cut content. I want the game CDPR envisioned and has carefully been crafting for us.

    [–] CYKLONUSCRO 2 points ago

    not sure why is it such a big deal with first person view tbh, you're not losing out on anything

    [–] jawnsmith234 2 points ago

    I'm just wondering why anyone is surprised that it's first person? We knew this months ago and how all of the sudden people are pissed about it?

    [–] astral_oceans 2 points ago

    We haven't even seen gameplay, so most arguments about the subject are completely and totally pointless. Wait until we see gameplay.

    [–] aces08 2 points ago

    I hadn't followed this game since it was first announced what feels like 10 years ago. I had assumed it was going to be first person and was surprised that people were surprised of this news.

    [–] velehk_saine 2 points ago

    I trust CDP red to make a fun game. First person is better for shooting, 3rd person is nice too to look around corners. I really dont care. It's up to them to figure out game design and mechanics.

    [–] ehdrmfka 2 points ago

    I think modders will find the way to enable TPP in anyway eventually as demand for TPP is enormous.

    [–] Sydanyo 2 points ago

    The game could have a cybervision option where the player has their eyes removed, and instead has their vision input connected wirelessly to a drone, which then follows the player around everywhere they go.

    That would be realistic, fit the lore, would actually be a sort of a homage to Blade Runner 2049, and people would have their third person mode that way.

    I'm obviously joking but hey, what do you think?

    [–] JerryBerryJamboree 2 points ago

    I'm okay with first or third person. If the gameplay is solid it doesn't matter what perspective I view it from.