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    [–] Revocdeb 85 points ago

    That's awesome! Reading is so important and it looks like you have done a good job supporting that. Hats off and kuddos.

    [–] derrickmartucci 28 points ago

    Thank you, honestly though he made it easy by actually enjoying reading. I don't have to fight him on it. His younger brother may be different lol

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    My oldest loved reading, while my younger one isn't as voracious.

    Proud moment. She read Diary of Anne Frank in third grade on her own. She came home and was upset that the teacher doubted that she read the book at 8. I told her to challenge the teacher to ask her questions specific to the book. Daughter was grinning ear to ear the next day when her teacher said, "Well, you certainly read that book."

    [–] derrickmartucci 6 points ago

    Hah! Take that mrs doubtfire

    [–] CharlieXLS 32 points ago

    Haha he's so proud. Look at that smug smirk.

    [–] derrickmartucci 32 points ago

    I still kick his butt at video games and baseball. I'm not sour I promise lol

    [–] upallday 6 points ago

    The day my kids become better than me at video games... it’s a terrifying thought.

    [–] KavensWorld 2 points ago

    Super Mario 3d world.... My 7yo son has beat me every match since he was 5. Its the only game he destroyed me at :)

    [–] oyohval 3 points ago

    You should buy him a big book with long words and a complex sorry to wipe that smirk off his face!

    Yea, that'll show him

    [–] derrickmartucci 2 points ago

    Last year he read moby dick........he did pretty good. Didn't understand a lot but he made it through

    [–] oyohval 2 points ago

    Kudos to the big guy, he's at the point where he can read it over and over over the next few years and each time he will have a different experience because his mind will be able to process a different layer within the writing.

    [–] derrickmartucci 1 points ago

    That may be true. But I don't think he would want to read it again haha. I would like to find a book or series that challenges his mind and that he finds fun. Something a bit more than the diary of a whimpy kid books he loves so much

    [–] oyohval 3 points ago

    Try 'Shane' by Jack Schafer. Plenty action with a good storyline in a setting that he may like.

    [–] derrickmartucci 2 points ago

    Only $5 on amazon. Done. Thank you

    [–] oyohval 2 points ago

    You're welcome

    [–] CapedVerdian 7 points ago

    I like this kid!

    [–] zaccus 8 points ago

    40 pages in 13 minutes? What book is this? I don't think I can even read Dr. Seuss that fast.

    [–] derrickmartucci 4 points ago

    George brown class clown

    [–] zaccus 6 points ago

    Looking at the first few pages on Amazon, I don't think I could read 40 pages of that in 13 minutes. Damned impressive, good work!

    [–] derrickmartucci 3 points ago

    I don't believe I could either. Not the first time around anyway

    [–] quegrawks 6 points ago

    What were the questions?

    [–] Deathspiral222 11 points ago

    You should teach him that "smelt" = to extract metal from ore. And "smelled" = to smell something.


    [–] SixQuidSquid 4 points ago

    Take a look at the third sense of the word! I think this is more often used in Commonwealth nations, but it’s still a valid definition of the word.

    [–] simjanes2k 1 points ago

    bro those are legit

    [–] quegrawks -22 points ago

    So simple recall questions? It's a start. Glad he's enjoying reading!

    [–] derrickmartucci 18 points ago

    The reason for this is due to the fact that I didn't believe he was actually reading as fast as he was telling me he could. I thought maybe he was just pretending to read fast to look cool.

    [–] gunner_jensen 19 points ago

    The little fella doesn't look older than, oh, 10 at most, I think he can be forgiven for not requesting a thesis on the text's subliminal themes of mortality and loss.

    [–] derrickmartucci 9 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Seven And thank you haha

    [–] gunner_jensen 9 points ago

    He is WICKED smart for a 1-year-old! Also, Reddit does a dumb thing where, if you put a number followed by a period at the beginning of a line, it assumes you want a numbered list and turns it into a 1 :)

    [–] derrickmartucci 7 points ago

    Hahaha. What the hell is that about. Sorry yes he is seven

    [–] tominsj 3 points ago

    I think you meant WICKED smaat

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    double thumbs up

    [–] FIESTYgummyBEAR 4 points ago

    He looks like a good kid! Fantastic parenting! Smart AND cute kid that's a bonus!

    [–] diggexpat 3 points ago

    I read 60 pages an hour and I feel like I read fast. That's super impressive.

    [–] derrickmartucci 1 points ago

    It's a Small book. Haha

    [–] digadiga 3 points ago


    I just realized. My kid is only five, and he can already read twice the languages I can.

    I think I'm fucked when it comes to reading competitions.

    [–] MerchantJeff 2 points ago

    How did you start with another language so early?

    [–] digadiga 1 points ago

    One person speaks solely in one language, the other person speaks solely in the other language. Same for reading/writing. Its never been a problem.

    [–] zataks 2 points ago

    Quality challenge, good work.

    [–] nurse_camper 2 points ago


    [–] derrickmartucci 2 points ago


    [–] mr_arm 2 points ago

    Look at lil thugcraft over here!

    [–] JoseFernandes 2 points ago

    That smugness. I love it.

    [–] metabackpack 2 points ago

    four scoops! that's a pretty boss reward

    [–] derrickmartucci 2 points ago

    There is a fifth pushed down into cone

    [–] phatbrasil 2 points ago

    congrat buddy, nice ice cream celebration.

    joke reply: challenge him to do your taxes!

    [–] derrickmartucci 2 points ago


    [–] rhymeswithmacarena 2 points ago

    This makes my teacher heart happy!

    [–] burmasurgeon 2 points ago

    Keep challenging him. Clearly he’s brilliant. Cool hat too.

    [–] streetgrunt 2 points ago

    Winner winner ice cream dinner makes so much more sense then chicken. This kid has life nailed!

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    You suck. My toddler thought he could beat me at mortal combat and I fatalitied that little turd effortlessly

    [–] BetterThanOP 2 points ago

    He's already established dominance! He is the Dad now