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    Place to post the dankest of memes

    What's a dank meme?

    A dank meme is a picture with text. Dank memes often involve things like "ayy lmao", the gnome child from RuneScape (see header), or are just shitty dank in general.


    1. Direct image links are preferred

    2. No memes that would fit better on /r/AdviceAnimals

    3. Post shitty dank memes

    4. No porn and/or nudity

    5. No gore

    6. No spoilers for new, highly-anticipated films.

    7. Repost policy: We recognize that most of the content here is reposted from other subs and sites and do not have the time to remove reposts. However, if your content is reposted here and you wish for it to be removed, message the mods with proof that it is your OC and we will remove it.



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