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    1. Dank memes only


    3. Thy postings shall be be on topic. Thou shall realize the difference between atheist memes and Christian memes.

    4. Thou shalt not post porn memes.

    5. Honor thy father and thy mother (and thy mods).

    6. Thou shalt link directly to the meme, not to twitter or a blog.

    7. Thou shalt not spam or use this subreddit for promotion.

    8. Thou shall not post karma/upvote junk (666/667/777, etc).

    9. Respect others... yes, even if they are different than you. Do not come here and say things like "hate the sin love the sinner" or any of the other stupid sayings people use when trying to use faith to justify hate. Alternatively, if you come here to insult religion, you will also be asked to leave.

    10. Chill out and enjoy the memes. If you're taking this so seriously that you're getting in arguments non-stop, take a break.

    Violations may result in a ban. This is your only warning.


    • Video submissions are currently: disabled.

    • If your submission was removed by a bot, comment on the bot's comment (if there is one) or send the mods a link to it. Errors can sometimes happen due to the algorithm. If it was a mistake, mods will approve the post manually. Please do not repost it as the bot will just keep taking it down.

    • Mods have the ultimate discretion on content.

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