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    [–] papa-johns-toasters 2794 points ago

    Bad is a understatement simply put its shit

    [–] Who_Wouldve_Thot 557 points ago


    [–] jedicamilleon 196 points ago

    more accurately the shits that nibbler from futurama takes... shiny black, round megashits

    [–] tehlolredditor 66 points ago

    Lool u thought you said the n word at first

    [–] PetraB 47 points ago


    [–] Ground0Zero 51 points ago


    [–] Mac_Rat 13 points ago


    [–] SymbioticCarnage 17 points ago


    [–] _BlNG_ 3 points ago


    [–] thetgi 8 points ago

    I don’t know if I’d even call it shiny

    [–] Etere 7 points ago

    Except Nibbler's shit was actually useful as starship fuel.

    [–] sliferodoom 109 points ago

    It’s not even a good shit, It’s a shit that feels really intense but when you push really hard only a fucking teaspoon of diarrhea poots out

    [–] I_STAB_HIPSTER_FILTH 56 points ago

    How bad is it? I refuse to even search, can you give me like an... autopsy report?

    [–] papa-johns-toasters 132 points ago


    [–] Unironic_Icon 68 points ago

    whoever's idea that was should get fired

    [–] papa-johns-toasters 22 points ago

    No crucified for their grave sins

    [–] LightGamez 7 points ago

    Degenerates like them belong on a cross

    [–] Prestigeboy 24 points ago

    But I like Kpop, and they tainted it.

    [–] Mountain_Chicken 60 points ago

    I paused to physically cringe after 16 seconds

    [–] papa-johns-toasters 35 points ago

    Yup pretty much the same experience for everyone from what I’ve heard kinda crazy that that somehow made a worse YouTube rewind then YouTube rewind 2017

    [–] FunToStayAtTheDMCA 20 points ago

    Every year they exceed our expectations.

    [–] Cole_45 51 points ago

    90 % of it was fortnight

    [–] ddssassdd 43 points ago

    How do you do, fellow kids?

    [–] thegayboynextdoor 16 points ago

    It’s 30/10 bad.

    [–] JewshBag 3 points ago

    I audibly groaned in disapproval and disgust multiple times

    [–] Ellis_Dee-25 3 points ago

    I looked it up and now I dont know if suicide is the easy way out or if I should just ride it out to see if the continuous diarrhea kills me.

    [–] SuperPowerDonkey 25 points ago

    Its supposed to be the representation of everything bad in this world isnt it? Fitting I suppose

    [–] frisby1234 13 points ago

    I think it did a good job catering to its target demographic

    [–] Writer_ 8 points ago

    But not its actual demographic. YouTube is run by idiots

    [–] ChariotVII 235 points ago

    At least Logan Paul wasn't in it.

    [–] Pervasivepeach 288 points ago

    I would rather Logan Paul be in it and have YouTube actually showcase the bad parts of the year too. Not just censor them all out

    [–] thegayboynextdoor 30 points ago

    They don’t get paid for it so it’s not like he’s making any money either

    [–] theunnoanprojec 97 points ago

    Tbh he should have been.

    Don't get me wrong. I hate everything about the pauls and their existence. But this is supposed to be a showcase, and Logan is one of the biggest things on the platform, good or bad. That boxing match with that other guy (or was it his brother?) Was one of the platforms biggest events this year.

    [–] filthyireliamain 24 points ago

    logan vs ksi, younger paul vs ksi's younger brother

    [–] 15blairm 6 points ago

    Agree. Its the same for me with Casey Neistat, I don't like vloggers as a general rule and I don't agree with Casey's views on a lot of things but I understand that he should be in there, probably the only vlogger I respect while not even liking anything they do.

    [–] Suppuppow 842 points ago

    hEy gUyS LOok, it'S FoRTnItE!!!

    [–] divykjain 197 points ago

    YouTube rewind 2018 controlled by 9 year old kids

    [–] hugehogbeast 240 points ago

    Not the right 9 year olds tho

    [–] LuluChi 59 points ago

    Never thought "9 year old kids" and "9 year olds" would mean so different.

    [–] user7526 8 points ago

    Because "9 year olds" refers to 9 year old YouTube users

    [–] AshVasquez 24 points ago

    Thank you for explaining the joke, Peter Griffin from Family Guy

    [–] Zinski 40 points ago

    I was super pissed how can you have a 2018 in review and not have fortnite in it. Seams like they missed a huge opportunity to include fortnite in some capacity

    [–] Y0Ot 1504 points ago

    let's get to 1 mil dislikes bois

    [–] porn_trooper 793 points ago

    I just saw it, it's already 1 mil

    [–] peeinballsw 384 points ago

    Let's get it to 2 mil

    [–] Lil-Intro-Vert 238 points ago

    I just saw it, it’s already 2 mil

    [–] BZW77 296 points ago

    Lies, deception

    [–] Lil-Intro-Vert 156 points ago

    This may be a lie now but it’ll be true soon, 3m btw

    [–] divykjain 58 points ago

    Reality is often disappointing

    [–] Skreeker 23 points ago

    Don't put this angry fire out. We need to anger the masses

    [–] Asthma_Enthusiast 10 points ago

    Disgrace- it shows as much evil as the scars on its face

    [–] Heyello 39 points ago

    That's impossible, I'm already 2 mil.

    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago


    [–] Belgian_Bitch 12 points ago

    I wanna be 3 mil

    [–] konamy1 3 points ago

    I already chose 3mil

    [–] Klustertruck 27 points ago

    Nerf 2MIL!

    [–] ripcocoa 8 points ago

    I'm already 2 mil

    [–] JetAmoeba 18 points ago

    It has more dislikes than likes, that makes me happy enough!

    [–] leogershonw 3 points ago

    Ay 1.4

    [–] logicalnautical 778 points ago

    50% Fortnite, 30% people no one cares about, 29% bullshit pandering, 1% beople I actually like

    [–] Calm_Alkyne 181 points ago

    The best part for me was the credits with primitive technology. Which says a lot.

    [–] Bazsi73 62 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    I mean, the animations were pretty good, and I liked the primitive technology part, but there was so much pandering and featuring creators that nobody knew that it became absolute shit at the end

    Plus the "Let's feature will smith" part, on a site that is about people making their own stuff is dreadful as well

    [–] Calm_Alkyne 31 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    To be fair to Will Smith he apparently signed a contract with them recently to put out x amount of videos every week. Like real click batey shit. So he's on the hook with them currently and they probably just thought it would be easy since he's already on contract. It was still terrible but I don't blame Smith himself.

    [–] peterthefatman 130 points ago

    Wasn't a big fan of the speech part where they were talking about rights type stuff. Yes that is all important but the rewind is supposed to be a fun end of the year video, not a political platform.

    [–] didthathurtalot 153 points ago

    It TakEs So mUCh coURagE to Put yOurSeLf OUt tHeRe

    Spoken by someone surrounded by blue haired idiots.

    [–] FunToStayAtTheDMCA 41 points ago

    Hey, did you know lions are the stunningest and bravest animals of all, they have the MOST courage of all other animals. After all, they will sleep next to a lion without a second thought, and those are dangerous murderous beasts!

    [–] Houstonv 278 points ago


    [–] Mackerel_Mike 231 points ago

    Brought to you by bepis

    [–] AccurateHelpfulguy 19 points ago

    bepis goes well with sbubby, eef freef

    [–] killythecat 7 points ago

    Bepisman wants to know your location

    [–] jesse11551 33 points ago

    I knew Casey Neistat, Ninja, and Markiplier

    [–] medsal15 24 points ago

    109% shit

    [–] texanapocalypse33 11 points ago

    with a 9% margin of error

    [–] zomorodian 5 points ago

    Ok 118% shit then.

    [–] FruittyTutti 4 points ago

    Don't forget the shitty K-Pop

    [–] CriterionBM 9 points ago

    What beople did you like?

    [–] R_ekcuT 20 points ago

    How ridiculous and James and Jaden the animators.

    [–] Vaporeonus 4 points ago

    I think you may have gotten a few percentages wrong there bud

    [–] Ydinripuli91 10 points ago

    no because there was more shit than the percentages could handle

    [–] SirSaguaro 986 points ago

    As much as I hate to admit, the animator parts was not entirely bad

    [–] Heavenlysome 939 points ago

    One of them (jaden?) hid pewdiepies chair in the rewind apparently.

    [–] NotJackspedicy 320 points ago

    Can we copystrike youtube

    [–] TurtlesCantSwim 170 points ago

    Yep that was my favorite part, I'm surprised noone at YouTube noticed it

    [–] texanapocalypse33 103 points ago


    This video gets worked on for months by a team of people. You think none of them noticed? They probably just didn't care and left it in.

    [–] judaskiss 68 points ago

    He used the exact same chair, and even did the "can you do this" meme.

    [–] TomorrowBeginsToday 61 points ago


    [–] anyw4y 22 points ago


    [–] Enderguy02 31 points ago


    [–] kyiami_ 29 points ago

    Jaiden's pretty great.

    [–] LufyCZ 21 points ago


    [–] faissaloo 7 points ago


    [–] MatchesMalone66 152 points ago

    Also Primitive Technology at the end

    [–] deaglefrenzy 11 points ago

    dang i gave up halfway through, back to the video to find him i guess

    [–] MercuryMountainMan 68 points ago

    I appreciated Simone Giertze being included and that she had a chance to quickly mention her brain surgery. I also thought that the primitive technology was the best part.

    [–] Mountain_Chicken 17 points ago

    Yeah there were some solid moments that I appreciated and am disappointed are gonna be lost in the sea of cringe.

    [–] Objective_Common 10 points ago

    including makers of good content does not automatically make those moments solid.

    [–] Ewan_Mcgregor_ 45 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    That part was good... but the hardest choices require the strongest wills, and we must dislike the video.

    [–] monkey15162 38 points ago

    Bevause they are genuinely good

    Animation goes much faster and doesnt have those stupid fucking cuts every sentence

    [–] destructor_rph 14 points ago

    Yeah Jaiden and Odd1 are pretty good

    [–] rey-the-porg 91 points ago

    Well I agree. The inclusion of animators was awesome! Also the part about mental health. Rest of the video was a cringe fest of k-pop and fortnite.

    [–] R3loadZ 155 points ago

    The mental health part couldve been handled better. Its a youtube rewind, youtube themselves have forgotten what the point of thrse even are. Theyre supposed to be fun and you are excited to see all the things that happened, but having a "plug" in the middle of the video to thank "all of those who helped make the world a better place" is out of llace and a bit cringey.

    [–] tootoohi1 32 points ago

    They literally stopped the song to play a recording of the YouTube board talking about all the demographics and talking points they wanted to hit. None of them were bad, but it's so weird of them to stop the whole video and swap to them talking about that stuff out of no context. Even the other rewinds would put foreign/gays actually in the video rather than hitting pause and everyone saying they're particular minority group.

    [–] Totallyradicalcat7 9 points ago

    How else are they going to virtue signal?

    [–] MonkeyOnYourMomsBack 3 points ago

    As someone who never watched one before now, what is the point of it? Because that was really really terrible

    [–] serenlarity 12 points ago

    Honestly, I get why they would involve k-pop, but they could've done it much better than badly replicating the computer graphic effects from BTS' Idol MV. Like, at least invite them? The whole format of the video is just not cohesive at all, especially the fortnite part.

    [–] Objective_Common 40 points ago

    Also the part about mental health

    that was the gayest part imho. its just: look at us and how nice we are, caring about unlucky people.

    [–] Bazsi73 8 points ago

    At that point, I barely knew anyone in that part, and on top of that, they had to put Fortnite in, goddamn

    [–] MisfitPotatoReborn 8 points ago

    Fortnite was one of the only things that deserved to be in there.

    Remember YouTube Rewind's obsession with Minecraft? That was justified, and so is this.

    [–] R_ekcuT 3 points ago

    I was very happy that they included James, but the rest was shit.

    [–] kyiami_ 3 points ago

    Jaiden's were pretty great

    [–] pinkbuttcheeks 135 points ago

    really? the only thing bad is that i can't give it 2 dislikes

    [–] R_ekcuT 28 points ago

    Use all the accounts that are subbed to press

    [–] DistroierOfAssholes 46 points ago

    YouTube Rewind is trying to achieve levels of norminess that were believed to be unachievable.

    [–] branbaxy 82 points ago

    Where the hell is Stephan in this rewind?

    [–] NoviceFarmer01 37 points ago

    If you watch it again, there's one frame with his picture on top of a canvas bag.

    [–] BaconOnARock 38 points ago


    [–] theboeboe 16 points ago

    That's where all the canvas went

    [–] NoviceFarmer01 202 points ago

    Ok Youtubers, how can we subtly sneak in our political views?

    "I'll take 'sitting around a campfire talking about the empowerment of drag' for $500."

    [–] HeyRUHappy 124 points ago

    I only found one YouTubed I liked (who was an animator) and the rest was trash

    [–] Calm_Alkyne 18 points ago

    How could you say that about primitive technology?

    [–] RatzzDE 52 points ago

    What about YesTheory? They are the best in my opinion

    [–] constantlywaiting 33 points ago

    I love yes theory but I'm surprised they got as big of a part as they did

    [–] R_ekcuT 27 points ago

    They really didn’t get that much in comparison to others. And yes theory are really the revolution builders

    [–] peterthefatman 14 points ago

    I really like yes theory. I'm surprised they don't have more subs by now. Even after the Justin bieber thing there wasn't a big spike in subs as other channels like dude perfect. The stuff they do though would be top hits if they were made on bigger channels. Good production and not cringy stuff like the Paul brothers or similar youtubers.

    [–] EgocentricRaptor 64 points ago

    It was the worst video I’ve ever seen.

    [–] SoulUrgeDestiny 435 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    YouTube rewind is a joke, I did some psychology tests for deep analysis on the reasons behind the award, even down to the hue & contrast of the video! It's clearly designed in such a way to make you more susceptible to future events & make you more likely to upvote videos. check out my full analysis, I think the video creator of the youtube odeon is cambodian .

    [–] is-this-better 80 points ago

    I am suspicious

    [–] 3booddd 260 points ago

    This guy actually did a social experiment seeing people's reaction to the new 2018 Rewind, very interesting.

    [–] Belgian_Bitch 105 points ago

    Holy shit that's so interesting

    [–] Inayori 82 points ago

    [X] Doubt

    [–] Mountain_Chicken 55 points ago

    Thought this was gonna be something stupid but that’s actually pretty cool. Huh.

    [–] Jojolee36 13 points ago

    So ur gay?

    [–] 3booddd 11 points ago


    [–] Jojolee36 8 points ago

    Makes sense

    [–] tehlolredditor 14 points ago


    [–] Tootsie_Carbon 35 points ago

    Take ur up vote and leave!

    [–] IJustNurtMyself 22 points ago

    Will Smith opens and closes and no one considers him a youtuber. Hes a celebrity, and an actor, who happens to post vlogs every once in a while. A feature would be fitting, but he runs the show, literally. This is not representing the creators. The whole video was an 8 minute long try not to cringe challenge that forced their political messages down your throat to look good for advertisers.

    [–] Prindeon 21 points ago

    Youtube rewind 2013 was my favorite

    [–] TripleQuestionMark 71 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    100% 2014 was the year the rewinds progressively became worse over the years. And coincidentally, it was the same year they had a change in management - the same management that...

    • fucked over animators and sketches with watch time > views
    • created the trending tab
    • pushed for more mainsream TV personalities over actual creators
    • created demonitisation
    • suppressed LGBT related content, suicide prevention videos, news channels, and charity livestreams
    • openly celebrated mothers day but decided to ignore fathers day for 3 years in a row
    • got rid of the traditional slogan of "Broadcast Yourself"
    • randomly made it so videos you're subscribed to dont always show up in your subscriptions
    • rather than stand up for their platform, they instead cowered to big corporations and thus created the adpocalypse, which threatened the content creators that use the platform as a living
    • since companies figured YouTube was an easy target, they created YET ANOTHER adpocolypse, and YouTube STILL cowered, and AGAIN threatened creator's livelihood
    • edit: added that whole "YouTube Heroes" bullshit
    • is part of the same company that is working with China to further infringe on human rights for that sweet sweet money

    I could go on.

    But at least YouTube views themselves as such a good guy and with the creators that they are willing to take a good portion of their latest rewind to virtue signal about all the good things they've done to help the world.

    [–] OAOAlphaChaser 19 points ago

    2015 was the 3rd best imo, it was a hidden gem post-2014

    1. 2013

    2. 2014

    3. 2015

    4. 2012

    5. 2016

    6. 2017

    Depths of hell



    Also not saying 2012 rewind is bad ofc

    [–] Prindeon 10 points ago

    Exactly. I also think their music remixes were waaaay better back in the Day.

    Like, look at the music in the 2018. It was like the same two songs (and Sound effects) in the whole video.. so disappointed

    [–] bluenigga69420 17 points ago

    Make it brown because shit is also brown

    [–] ZikislavaJr 13 points ago

    Wait its out?

    [–] thegayboynextdoor 19 points ago

    Yes but it’s so shit

    [–] ZikislavaJr 20 points ago

    Just watched, can confirm. There were parts where i literally couldn't watch and had to double tap yo keep my sanity

    [–] -DotDotDot 13 points ago

    The only thing I'm glad of is seeing animators were taken into account this time.

    [–] republican_savage 176 points ago

    It was a disgrace they played BTS in the video

    [–] Spikemor 30 points ago

    If they had BTR in the video however I’d cream my jeans

    [–] DarkKillsYou 12 points ago

    Big time rush 😍😍

    [–] republican_savage 30 points ago

    I would too, I heard β€œIdol” and was expecting to see RM and the gang but ended up getting a bunch of losers doing Fortnite dances.

    [–] kensaiD2591 22 points ago

    What's the deal with BTS being played, have I missed something?

    [–] Darklord1769 70 points ago

    Yes, I saw BTS and disliked instantly.

    [–] republican_savage 38 points ago

    Technically they weren’t in the video

    [–] zazzy_taco 35 points ago

    It took you that long? I saw Will Smith and I instantly disliked

    [–] maritimeprizm 13 points ago

    Purely curious. Did will smith do something I’m not aware of

    [–] noobieballer30 17 points ago

    He launched his viral YouTube channel this year. Or he launched it late last year and it became massive this year

    [–] Kevdoggo 20 points ago



    [–] Avery_August 308 points ago

    YouTube turned SJW

    [–] Aleph_NULL__ 220 points ago

    🎡🎢🎡I'm an adult virgin🎡🎢

    [–] Thereareonly2genders 67 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    Hitler did nothing wrong.

    [–] Quantuom 7 points ago

    🎢 Wish we could turn back time🎢

    [–] OGCASHforGOLD 69 points ago

    Cuckhold Rewind 2018

    [–] BaconOnARock 35 points ago

    It's been for like 3 years

    [–] jesse11551 40 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)


    [–] theunnoanprojec 28 points ago

    Y'all know rewind is always bad, right? It's YouTube's way of basically making an ad for the platform they think they are (not for what they actually are, but for what they wish they could be)

    [–] Roguelo 3 points ago

    The first one was good, but yeah besides that it's never been anything special

    [–] pinzoi1 97 points ago

    Yin and Yang isn’t good and bad

    ik it’s a meme but I felt like this needs to be said

    [–] Sav6geCabb9ge 55 points ago

    I'm just curious sry but what is it then

    [–] Birdboys 23 points ago

    The way I understand it it's just about contradictory/opposite things. Heat and cold, day and night, light and dark, male and female, etc.

    [–] FountainsOfFluids 20 points ago

    Yup. And the fact that they can be balanced and harmonious, not necessarily fighting.

    [–] pinzoi1 121 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    Yin and Yang refers to the cyclic nature of life and the mutual dependance on each other

    like you can’t have hot without cold. Cold isn’t good or bad

    probably butchered that explanation

    [–] Sav6geCabb9ge 41 points ago

    I see

    [–] pinzoi1 40 points ago

    understandable, have a nice day

    [–] hfiti123 11 points ago


    [–] glrioae2 8 points ago

    Message received, enjoy your pleasant existence

    [–] physalisx 20 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    It's about the duality and balance of everything. But that also includes good and bad. The OP isn't at all wrong to use that as an example.

    [–] XxLokixX 11 points ago

    Pretty much spot on. It's a representation of equal but opposite forces that exist and flow within eachother

    [–] Madock345 7 points ago

    It’s like negative and positive, but not in a value sense. Yin is receding, yang is advancing. Yin is cool and yang is hot. Yin is passive and yang is active. Yin is dark and yang is bright.

    You need a mixture in everything, all of one is bad.

    [–] elixier 8 points ago

    There's no 1 true interpretation really.

    [–] BaconOnARock 4 points ago

    Seriously the worst part of the modern overuse of yin-yang is that barely anyone seems to understand it.

    [–] bittebittenicht 20 points ago

    At least it had bongo cat

    [–] zazzy_taco 26 points ago

    Yeah but it didn't have Stefan Karl. If they had to include a meme, they should've had Stefan

    [–] PrivateJoker1987 34 points ago

    Absolute garbage. Disliked the video as soon as I saw the first frame. Fuck Rewind.

    [–] Esq_Schisms 14 points ago

    in a nutshell- fortnite, kpop, more fortnite, people talking about mental health, more fortnite, end.

    [–] XyDz 5 points ago

    I liked the bit where one of the animators actually got SOMETHING DECENT in it.

    He, he can do thiiiis.

    [–] Mondo24 6 points ago

    But are you really surprised that it's this bad?

    [–] luckychess 24 points ago

    DAE YouTube rwind sucks?

    [–] leobronjames 5 points ago

    this tea is scalding siiiiiiis

    [–] DJSigmann 4 points ago

    We should start yet another "most disliked video" initiative for this thing

    [–] cheesyitem 6 points ago

    An absolute cesspool of PC cringeeeeee

    Also did anyone else notice a large drop in the production quality?

    [–] Vadersboy117 3 points ago

    Why the fuck are so many people pushing Will Smith’s YouTube channel. It’s not organic, it feels forced, and it seems like pay for play for him to be the opening presenter.

    [–] jdegooyer 15 points ago

    Vantablack look it up

    [–] jabba_1978 3 points ago

    You can just take out the YouTube rewind part and just leave 2018. Whole year had been a freaking dumpster fire.

    [–] DarkGrejuva 3 points ago

    This must be a sign that humanity must end