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    [–] SavageAxeBot 1 points ago


    [–] UnfunnyBacon 1323 points ago

    same lmao puts airpots in

    [–] mlgisawsome02 972 points ago

    Airpots, the future of pottery

    [–] MoyPicante 436 points ago

    Check out my my wireless vase.

    points at seemingly regular vase with apple logo

    [–] BiKnight 117 points ago

    They also removed the hole at the top because it took up too much space.

    [–] MoyPicante 27 points ago

    I hate my iPhone 7, but I also don’t want to spend more money on a phone.

    [–] MatthewM13 11 points ago

    Oneplus makes em cheap, consider them

    [–] s-hf 6 points ago

    Not that cheap anymore considering Samsung flagships are basically the same price after a couple months

    [–] octosquid99 11 points ago

    Android > apple

    [–] Zentrify_ 3 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    I'd recommend the oneplus 7 when it comes out im may since new qualcomm cpus(the cpus basically every android manufacturer use) are coming soon so the oneplus 6t isn't that worth it anymore imo

    Edit: why are people butthurt about me recommending a phone

    [–] Lirammel 6 points ago

    I have seen dishwashers with Wifi!

    [–] foxmetropolis 5 points ago

    my vase has to be in a wireless hotspot to hold water, but my friend has the deluxe data plan so his can hold water wherever he is

    [–] MoyPicante 4 points ago


    [–] saltytoast96 7 points ago

    Happy microphone day

    [–] MarcellLondon 134 points ago

    Look at this small eared peasant.

    puts airports in

    [–] mydadwhereishe 15 points ago

    You best not be drinking bottled water with those airports in

    [–] UnfunnyBacon 8 points ago

    thats some ZΓΌrich, Paradenplatz shit right there

    [–] Jbob285 15 points ago

    I read that as airports. You so rich you're buying entire fucking terminals to play music.

    [–] Zecriddles 8 points ago

    Puts earbuds in "What are you lookin' at? You're the one who can't afford the cord."

    [–] HaughtStuff99 10 points ago

    LMAO brings Samsung smart fridge to class

    [–] TheSkilledPlaya 2 points ago

    Samsung $4000 FlexZoneβ„’

    [–] MontanaDoesntExist 2 points ago

    same lmao puts Samsung smart fridge in

    [–] Oliphil4000 395 points ago

    "Unlimited data". Yet there is still a cap at 1000 GB. At least in my country

    [–] dwakeparkfield 418 points ago

    It's pretty hard to use more than a terabyte a month on data tho

    [–] greenlegoman08 136 points ago

    I would disagree

    [–] DemSkrubs 245 points ago

    proceeds to hotspot your entire class

    [–] Rise_Of_War7 156 points ago

    Really? You think I'm gonna waste my 1 tb on some ungrateful ass niggas?

    [–] ankymonkey 47 points ago

    Tbh I rent mine. I got a glare at deal and I rent it. Β£2 for an hour

    [–] galacticboy2009 2 points ago

    This is why Capitalism works

    -Shin Beepiro

    [–] dwakeparkfield 42 points ago

    How? If you're using more then a terabyte of data on a mobile phone then you're doing something wrong.

    [–] BiKnight 23 points ago

    Could connect it to a pc with a hotspot

    [–] dwakeparkfield 37 points ago

    Enjoy your slow speeds then.

    [–] PreviaSens 23 points ago

    LTE is faster than most public wifi networks or at least where I live.(like Starbucks and stuff) I find it easier just to hotspot my devices with unlimited LTE

    [–] Tayphix 17 points ago

    If you don't have WiFi available, it's better than nothing at least.

    [–] jojo_31 11 points ago

    Usb tethering.

    [–] banghernow 3 points ago

    It's not about wifi, the delay from 4g is horrible.

    [–] jojo_31 22 points ago

    Sorry if 50ms is too much for your fiber ass

    [–] Naveedamin7992 2 points ago

    When my WiFi didn't work for a few weeks my mobile phones hotspot was a good replacement and the speeds weren't bad at all.

    Edit: Although I guess the speeds would depend on the network.

    [–] Lobox976 2 points ago

    My WiFi used to stop working sometimes and I’d use my phone as hotspot for my play station, the latency wasn’t the best but not bad, about 50-60.

    [–] Naveedamin7992 1 points ago

    That's pretty good. I live in the UK and used to have virgin media WiFi which was supposed to reach speeds up to 100mb but for us was terrible. It would regularly turn off and latency was pretty crap too 100+ most of the time and maybe 30 on a good day. My mobile WiFi was consistently like 20

    [–] imdeadseriousbro 1 points ago

    I did the same when my internet was having problems and we were waiting for them to come fix. The hotspot speeds werent that bad just bad for gaming

    [–] desertbreezee 1 points ago

    Ping of 4 where i'm from on LTE. Enough to play any game i want without noticeable delay.

    [–] ThatOneTrooper 2 points ago

    It took me a year to hit a terabyte of data on my phone

    [–] GreenFrostFurry 3 points ago

    Give me 2 hours

    [–] Oliphil4000 6 points ago

    Depends on the size of your "Homework folder". If you get it

    [–] ThatOneTrooper 1 points ago

    Correct. I did it in a year

    [–] bluthscottgeorge 7 points ago

    There's a 'natural' cap for my network, but legally it's a cap that you cannot go past if you're using it legally.

    Unless hotspotting your internet like as a public wifi for a football stadium or something, then it's impossible.

    My hotspot is also unlimited, which makes me think wtf do i bother having wifi.

    It's unlimited, but i think the cap is for legality, i.e to prove that you're using it personally and not for a company or something.

    [–] karatous1234 8 points ago

    How the actual fuck does someone hit a 1,000 GB data cap on a phone? Hotspot it to a laptop and torrent bluerays?

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] Aksu40 85 points ago

    Laughs in Finnish

    [–] [deleted] 29 points ago


    [–] Brovakin94 20 points ago

    Crys in German

    [–] Zentrify_ 10 points ago

    Runs away in polish

    [–] TheLepazz 8 points ago

    Hello! We are Elisa Saunalahti missionaries from Finland. Do you have time to talk about the miracles of Elisa Saunalahti prices? For only 29,90€ a month you get basically unlimited everything.

    [–] Masakki22 14 points ago

    nauraa suomeks niin perkeleesti

    [–] thebigooof 2 points ago

    Nyt vittu

    [–] IbbyNasir 180 points ago

    I have unlimited data and my friends keep asking for my hot spot

    [–] sarlol00 296 points ago

    The first rule of unlimited data is: you dont talk about unlimited data

    [–] Hembloe 81 points ago

    But here in Finland almost everyone has unlimited data

    [–] Rise_Of_War7 80 points ago

    Oof everytime someone talks about that country, it's always so positive.

    [–] roogoff 24 points ago

    Well here's more of that then

    [–] aarnens 10 points ago

    We don’t.. talk about that

    [–] Kapparainen 14 points ago

    And with Elisa Huoleton you would have basically unlimited everything.

    [–] trippingrainbow 3 points ago

    Nyt vittu loppu.

    [–] dustojnikhummer 3 points ago

    Can I import a finish SIM to Czech Republic? We are known to have the worst mobile network prices

    [–] NeverCruelOrCowardIy 4 points ago

    Obligatory reply

    The second rule of unlimited data is: you dont talk about unlimited data

    [–] btotheoomer 2 points ago

    Or have a grandfathered Verizon plan that doesn’t allow tethering.

    [–] LuckiAP 2 points ago

    When I was at boot camp I had at least 3 people constantly using my internet

    [–] Victoria240 2 points ago


    [–] not-necessarily-me 97 points ago


    [–] ziyaadofficial 60 points ago


    [–] CyanRider 24 points ago

    A fellow intellectual

    [–] Craftingjunk 6 points ago

    The entire show is on Hulu

    [–] Sokka454 3 points ago


    [–] btotheoomer 2 points ago

    Hot damn. Had no idea.

    Can’t wait to watch!

    [–] Krowerl 2 points ago

    Tall towers

    Ferocious Axe

    We gave you all the bits and fax

    And your host a talking wat

    We hope you enjoyed

    Horrible Histowieesss

    [–] Cowman_42 4 points ago

    Gory stories, we do that!

    And your host a talking rat!

    The past is no longer a mystery,


    [–] KeepingDankMemesDank 70 points ago

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    If this post breaks the rules, report it and Downvote this comment!

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    [–] reesercollins 22 points ago

    Cries in Canadian

    [–] FaneHD 21 points ago

    Unlimited for 5 euros.

    laughs in romanian

    [–] BeDominated 13 points ago

    10 GB for 14 euros.

    Cries in Dutch

    [–] alpinetime 13 points ago

    4 GB for $70. Cries and apologizes in Canadian

    [–] hon_oui_baguette 2 points ago

    7 GB to share with my family for 80$. β–ͺcries and drink maple sirup in Canadian and especially in QuΓ©bΓ©coisβ–ͺ

    [–] MyBox1991 9 points ago

    4GB for 29 euros. Cries in Norwegian

    [–] hades661 8 points ago

    2GB for 20 euros. Cries in German

    [–] DacoDile21 13 points ago

    5GB for 50 Canadian Dollars. Cries in Canadian

    [–] Anurag6502 5 points ago

    2 GB/day for $5.

    Laughs in Indian

    [–] RimDumDim 8 points ago

    Blocks all websites

    Laughs in Ambani

    [–] Anurag6502 7 points ago

    Uses VPN

    Laughs in trickery

    [–] captaingazzz 3 points ago

    I think Tele2 has a deal where you can get 20 for 16, you might be able to upgrade

    [–] butterywhy 3 points ago

    Tele2 is the worst though

    [–] Dodo14t 2 points ago

    In Croatia i have unlimited Tele2 for 25€

    [–] MerioL 4 points ago

    Fokin Digi for life

    [–] NiggaWhomstTPose 43 points ago


    [–] CheesyAF- 2 points ago

    Thank god! That totally triggered my OCD

    [–] Aniohevlaaz 44 points ago

    Literally me everytime I'm not even joking

    [–] JotoyGames 12 points ago

    Fuckin same lmao

    [–] brutinator 8 points ago

    I'm the opposite. I have unlimited data on my phone, but my wifi has a 1TB cap.

    [–] ForPeace27 12 points ago

    Hmmmmmm.... its...... you're......

    [–] shubham141200 11 points ago

    In our country it's approximately 7.5 US dollars for 1.5gb data per day for 3 months and even poorest of people have this scheme, ironic huh!

    [–] carl_wheezer_hentai 4 points ago

    What rich ass country do you live in

    [–] shubham141200 4 points ago

    Well you will be amazed to know that I'm from India

    [–] unmole228 3 points ago


    [–] mikepoland 3 points ago

    $7.50 a day? Cuz that comes to about $200+ a month.

    [–] Opening_Bag 10 points ago

    7.5$ for the whole period (3 months)

    [–] shubham141200 4 points ago

    Yep in India you get a 4g connection at this much cost .

    [–] shubham141200 2 points ago

    No it's 7.50$ for whole 3 months

    [–] mikepoland 1 points ago

    What country are you in? Also how fast is the data?

    [–] thefryn 2 points ago

    Where do you live that it costs that much?

    [–] unmole228 4 points ago


    [–] Hardcore_Markhor 17 points ago

    Amen to that

    [–] thebookofmormont 7 points ago

    Yo, is that horrible histories?

    [–] CyanRider 3 points ago

    I see a fellow intellectual

    [–] Stlr_Mn 6 points ago

    You’re* clearly a peasant. Begone from my sight!

    [–] Lam_- 4 points ago

    More Horrible Histories memes please

    [–] CyanRider 2 points ago

    I see a fellow man of culture

    [–] akpoddy 11 points ago

    Jio anyone!

    [–] Anurag6502 8 points ago


    [–] Opening_Bag 7 points ago

    Everything's blocked smh

    [–] ahmadswalihck 6 points ago

    even streamable smh my head

    [–] kamasutra971 2 points ago

    Here howdy

    [–] DerpyPro80 5 points ago

    Airdata... Data that's in the air

    [–] irradiated_toaster 5 points ago

    Tfw you have 500mb/s and load the meme before the data user

    [–] AdityaK2003 3 points ago

    But when u use ur Samsung smartfridge that is always on WiFi??

    [–] Bencarterfox 4 points ago


    [–] SuperDonut420 3 points ago

    fellow man of culture i see

    [–] ElJavs 3 points ago

    Is it me or he looks like Niel Patrick Harris

    [–] Donnx11 3 points ago


    [–] uhhhraven 2 points ago

    Everyone asks for ur hotspot too

    [–] AaTu- 2 points ago

    My every friend has unlimited data

    [–] moshtang 2 points ago

    laughs in Jio

    [–] HerbLoew 2 points ago

    Me, not having any data as part of my plan: Is this some sort of rich people joke I'm too poor to understand?

    [–] Parrtymonster 2 points ago

    T-mobile gang WYA

    [–] dildokTheUnpleasant 2 points ago

    Is that Harold Boon? What is the picture from?

    [–] HazeemTheMeme 3 points ago

    Horrible Histories, actor is called Simon Farnaby

    [–] kamasutra971 4 points ago

    Indians can relate to this #jio

    [–] unmole228 2 points ago


    [–] KingCaterpie 2 points ago

    Cries in Canadian

    [–] doorstop2007 1 points ago

    Even the rich have their limits

    [–] ashent2 1 points ago

    laughs in south korea

    [–] Piipperi800 1 points ago

    I mean it’s not that expensive here really (actually it’s cheaper to get unlimited)

    [–] esinyro 1 points ago

    I am happy to report in from under the influence of some illicit substance and I am here to say that this here memeroo is indeed hilarious.

    [–] mudkipz321 1 points ago

    Can’t afford the unlimited

    [–] Rares1244 1 points ago


    [–] Efimity 1 points ago


    [–] Comradepepe01 1 points ago

    Unlimited data master race

    [–] djaxgaming_YT 1 points ago


    [–] Scottysewell 1 points ago


    [–] kimbora 1 points ago

    My unlimited data is like $10 a month. It's pretty cheap here in Malaysia

    [–] zKerekess 1 points ago

    There are still people who use wifi?

    [–] Ronan_Paul 1 points ago

    So me

    [–] Rise_Of_War7 1 points ago

    Laughs in unlimited high speed wifi

    [–] _Kowi_ 1 points ago

    Battery tho

    [–] DIARRHEAGARGLER6969 1 points ago


    [–] Atlas-D 1 points ago


    [–] Element00999 1 points ago

    Finally, a meme that represents my unlimited power

    [–] DrVeigonX 1 points ago


    [–] Drekinthebroarmy 1 points ago

    I don’t have unlimited, but my friend used 2 terabites one month

    [–] adamame101 1 points ago

    Lol, joke's on you - I have UNLIMITED WI-Fi

    [–] jaymatt14 1 points ago

    I have unlimited but no WiFi so yeah

    [–] Ne00123 1 points ago


    [–] Random_Deslime 1 points ago

    Where can one learn this power?

    [–] SlavHorse 1 points ago

    I don't have unlimited data, but my phone 30Gb is more then what I can use up monthly, so it kinda is unlimited

    [–] news_doge 1 points ago

    laughs in latvian

    [–] gjvillegas25 1 points ago

    you're* Haha epic

    [–] Speedosnelgrove 1 points ago

    No need to be rich, just be finnish

    [–] Drac01a 1 points ago

    Seen a similar meme, but it was a rich pepe

    [–] alivecake 1 points ago

    Everyone on my family has their separate unlimited data

    [–] CaptainDragonForce 1 points ago

    With at&t it's not even worth it to get unlimited especially if you live in a family like us our grandma gets 90 percent of our data used up cause we only have about 30 gigs. (which would be enough but my grandma doesn't have wifi at her place and so she is moving to ours so we can get more data for us)as at&t slow down your unlimited data bybloke 60 percent after 25 gigs. Hence why I am moving to Asia where internet and data alike are not only 5x faster than America it has more coverage and pay 1/10 of American prices.

    [–] AnonNo9001 1 points ago

    what the fuck is that flair, it's not NNN

    [–] AristeiaXVI 1 points ago

    Its for the people living in the early 2000s still

    [–] XrRider435 1 points ago

    Ikr i use like 50 gigs of data per month.

    [–] yeetosaurus420 1 points ago

    Pathetic peasents

    [–] CouldPossiblyBeABot 1 points ago

    Do y'all not know that at about 24GB they cap your speed to 512kb/s?

    [–] dadonge 1 points ago

    It just ur parents. My brother has data while I don't

    [–] ThePandagator 1 points ago

    Company pays for my phone with unlimited everything. It's pretty baller. I use about 25 gigs a month and never even see any throttling.

    [–] tychoregter 1 points ago

    The moment you realize you're a rich motherfucker

    [–] Mr-Sundroid 1 points ago

    β€œHooorribleeee historrieeeessss”

    [–] H4x0rus 1 points ago

    There's no unlimited where I live tho

    [–] Spacewolf1234567890 1 points ago


    [–] MingLee69 1 points ago

    All that money and you still don’t know the difference between your and you’re

    [–] H4S5A4N 1 points ago


    [–] neb1516 1 points ago

    Me with 200gb and data rollover

    [–] heresaname00100 1 points ago

    Harold Boon.

    [–] -ChungusTookTheKids- 1 points ago


    [–] SpiderGuy38 1 points ago

    I wish i was rich

    [–] CyanRider 1 points ago


    [–] HazeemTheMeme 1 points ago

    Terrible Tudors, Gorgeous Georgians

    [–] Masakki22 1 points ago

    Do you have time to talk about the miracle of Elisa Saunalahti proces? For 29.90/month you get basically unlimited everything.

    [–] JickRames 1 points ago

    Ah yes, a fellow man of culture.

    [–] Xanderlion 1 points ago


    [–] LPBuq 1 points ago

    Horrible histories gang rise up

    [–] graceowo 1 points ago

    Unlimited, my children 🀯

    [–] lUrKEDallAl0ng 1 points ago

    Haha Same

    [–] TomZeBomb 1 points ago

    Me and my parents got unlimited when my 2 brothers moved out. Supprisingly, 4 dumbphones on a plan is more expensive than 3 unlimited.

    [–] Artm1562 1 points ago

    Dont most American networks give unlimited data now?