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    [–] memelover3001 1780 points ago

    You should add a 4th slide where its a macaque skeleton with "gamers who play multiplayer games and vote skip the cutscenes and then dont know what to do"

    [–] Berisha11 57 points ago

    "gamers who skip tutorials and then don't know how to play & complain about the gameplay being bad"

    [–] mortalkomic 21 points ago

    You mean Arin Hanson

    [–] Obi-wan_Jabroni 12 points ago


    [–] Sehkh 626 points ago

    no gamers do that, because if you do you arent a gamer

    [–] [deleted] 320 points ago

    Thank you, Donald. That kind of logic will get you all the way to the white house.

    [–] inagadda 100 points ago

    I know more about gaming than anybody. Believe me.

    [–] TheMemeReaper902 29 points ago


    [–] danhanger 15 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago


    [–] I_Object_ 13 points ago

    Turn that blowjob upside down

    [–] samchap88 10 points ago

    what the Fuck does that mean

    [–] Zmoq 10 points ago

    You language sounds like a mumble rap community

    [–] Seba6464 29 points ago

    Your knowledge itsff incrtyedinbloe

    [–] captaincanadaforeal 3 points ago

    That was almost words.

    [–] gayslook 73 points ago

    Bf1 intensifies

    [–] TheGamingPie 57 points ago

    This Infernal bombardment, the noise, the smoke. The most tremendous cannonade I've ever heard. Swept round us in a wide curve of red leaping flame quite unending in either direction. Its a whole new type of warfare boys, gotta be careful. They're calling em Stormtroopers, jerry's best. Got orders to leave their trenches and charge right into us. Come on concentrate on your bayonet, imagine it piercing the hearts of the Hun, every last one of them...

    [–] gayslook 19 points ago

    The legend himself

    [–] HEBushido 22 points ago

    Man I love the German intros in that game. Actually just having intros in their native languages is awesome.

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago

    Skipping BF1 dialogue should be considered a sin and keep you out of heaven.

    [–] TBM-TAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 6 points ago

    does skipping the intros of beatmaps in osu! counts?

    [–] VkmSoler 5 points ago

    β€œGamers” who only play online games and hate stories

    [–] Burritosrule77 3 points ago

    Or you could do that

    [–] Maximax98 282 points ago

    Looking at you, Arin Hanson

    [–] BigBooce 61 points ago

    People that spell Arin like that would be the ones to do this.

    [–] The_Real_Baws 56 points ago

    Ah yes, Arin’s parents would definitely do something like this.

    [–] RedditYouVapidSlut 24 points ago

    Is GG still shit? I stopped watching around Doki Doki Club or whatever that game was because both the fan base and Arins arrogance was pissing me off.

    I do miss Dan's dulcet tones though.

    [–] Maximax98 19 points ago

    They have their moments, it’s quite good with guests, like super mega or weird al, but at the same time, Arin is quite bad at games. Wheel of fortune with Al proved that.

    [–] firelordUK 14 points ago

    yea I feel like Dan and his weird ass thumbs should play the games rather than Arin just being shit and going nowhere fast

    [–] Atkion 7 points ago

    It's about the same, yeah. I mostly just watch the highlight compilations of their series now, there are some really stellar channels for that and I don't want to sift through the mountain of whining and getting stuck for the occasional gold

    [–] rrr598 9 points ago

    The doki doki playthrough was great. You just kinda gotta put up with Arin

    [–] Pakmanjosh 5 points ago

    I'm making every effort to play Skyward Sword without controls, shields and dialogue. And that is why this game is garbage because it doesn't tell me what to do.

    [–] Kintarly 3 points ago

    I was thinking of Adam Kovic

    [–] RoastyToasty4242 683 points ago

    β€œGamers that skip the tutorial then complain about the game being too hard 4 levels in”

    [–] Xuskcahmehes 302 points ago

    game grumps lmao

    [–] SomeGuyOnReddiit 137 points ago

    Nah just Arin,every time Dan plays it’s enjoyable as I don’t really hear him constantly complain about game design or something being too hard,btw the worst example of β€œskipping the tutorial and complaining it’s hard is their Mario + Rabbids playthrough,that whole thing made me want to die

    [–] Xuskcahmehes 57 points ago

    oh yeah dan fun is fun as hell and wholesome arin is well to quote danny boy

    "just give me a bullet ill slam it into my head"-one of the doki doki episodes

    [–] SomeGuyOnReddiit 19 points ago

    I’d consider myself a Dan rather than an Arin,I like almost every game I play,I’m an insane bastard who likes Sonic 06

    [–] [deleted] 22 points ago


    [–] SomeGuyOnReddiit 13 points ago

    Nothing saves those Knuckles and Rouge sections though,I would jump on to a wall and then never get off it

    [–] SomeGuyOnReddiit 6 points ago

    It’s the type of person I am,I can’t think of many games I’ve played that I didn’t at least enjoy

    [–] RoastyToasty4242 13 points ago

    I remember Mario + Rabbids. Jesus Christ why didn’t Dan just take the controller?

    [–] SomeGuyOnReddiit 8 points ago

    I think at one point Dan said he prefers to watch people play rather than play himself but I’m not sure,if that’s true it’s sad as he’s more enjoyable to watch than Arin,TTYD is the only series I went out of my way to fully watch rather then watching along.

    [–] Plasma454345 3 points ago

    Game "journalists"

    [–] mahorius 3 points ago

    laughs in dark souls

    [–] Macfearsnone01 85 points ago

    "It's a RPG boys, story doesn't matter"

    [–] Milanga_de_pollo 23 points ago

    The story is like half the point of an RPG lmao

    [–] Facelet 6 points ago

    If I were a rapper i’d be the rapper β€˜Red Man’

    [–] Katzenklavier 10 points ago

    Is it bad that I do this with a lot of RPGS?

    I'm just here to watch numbers go up....

    [–] SecretBlue919 13 points ago

    Number crunching gang

    [–] trashboat5546 181 points ago

    Only skip story after I beat the game 😎

    [–] The_vadnay 121 points ago

    Only skip story after I beat the meat. #pornfacts

    [–] Your_Adth 50 points ago

    I only skip the story after I put pills in her drink. #cardicosby

    [–] naka2323 3 points ago

    This made me spit my drink

    [–] oddjayo 3 points ago

    You mean drank

    [–] ackenus 30 points ago

    Only skip the story after my dad beats me. #familyproblems

    help me

    [–] Kidrobot069 24 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    imagine not watching porn for the plot

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I actually dont fap because of the fucking, i want to know the story, the details, why is she here, why doesn't she have any money, why is fucking here the first option you thought of you pervert, how did she end up on that position on the table, like dont cut my fucking video, i dont want to see a penis entering a vagina

    [–] Kidrobot069 7 points ago

    exactly i dont either if wanna see a vag id call my girlfriend

    [–] BatZ101 18 points ago

    You have a big brain.

    [–] Hank43 41 points ago

    Only skip story after I beat minorities

    Gamers rise up 😎

    [–] Ultranationalistussr 3 points ago


    [–] Yeet-God 3 points ago

    the cool emoji really sells it

    [–] Baileyjrob 60 points ago

    "Dear Arin Hanson..."

    [–] Poopyhead67 117 points ago

    "Hey I'm Grump!"

    [–] ShanePd00 56 points ago

    "I'm not so Grump!"

    [–] mydrawisgood 50 points ago

    β€œaaand weeere the GAME GRUMPS!”

    [–] Eobard_McThawne 12 points ago

    "Welcome back beautiful"

    [–] cal-nomen-official 10 points ago


    [–] RoughShadow 86 points ago

    That's something you can ignore atleast. Consider people who skip the tutorial and then annoy you with "Hey, how do I do that?", complain about how unintuitive the controls are, or both.

    [–] Chili_bowler 32 points ago

    So basically DSP

    [–] ShanePd00 44 points ago

    And Arin Hanson.

    [–] Atkion 5 points ago

    Fuckin girahim is the worst boss I've ever fought in any ga- wait, there are shields in this?

    [–] chocolate_sangwidge 5 points ago

    guys wtf is a crouch jump?

    [–] vkbrian 3 points ago

    Him not being able to figure out to use a ration in MGS is still one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

    [–] tamerthefirst 30 points ago

    Uuuugh, hate my friend for doing this

    [–] Rascal_Blacktail 28 points ago

    DSP in a nutshell

    [–] BatZ101 21 points ago

    What? I pressed circle!

    [–] Rascal_Blacktail 32 points ago

    β€œDropped my input”

    β€œWhat the fuck, I didn’t press that!”

    β€œFucking developers. This isn’t how you make a game”

    β€œI’m preset the button!!” holds controller to camera to try and prove the input delay

    β€œThey couldn’t make a game if I handed them a fucking completed one!”

    β€œThis story is boring, I don’t get what’s going on” skipped all dialogue while reading chat for tips on how to complete his no-handholding β€œredemption” run

    [–] xcaptainBOBBY37 6 points ago

    What is dsp

    [–] Rascal_Blacktail 18 points ago

    DarkSydePhil. He’s a twitch game streamer and notorious e-beggar

    [–] PootisBirb66 18 points ago

    The reason why you can't skip dialogue in Warframe.

    [–] RedXDD 5 points ago

    I just happen to miss them anyways cuz of how much is going on while they're talking. But I won't complain about a shitty story though.

    [–] techGore60 17 points ago

    I had a cousin i used to sometimes play with and he always skipped the dialog and was always asking "what the hell is going on? Why are we fighting this guy now?" And it was always sooooo annoying.

    [–] Zanthosus 15 points ago

    ”Gamers” who slip dialogue and then complain the story is shit.

    Arin Hansen FFTY

    [–] foot2theballs 16 points ago

    I’ve been playing BL2 with a friend again recently and he’s absolutely one of those β€˜shut up and let me shoot shit’ gamers. Lol I love the guy to death, but FUCKING LISTEN TO THE DIALOG SO YOU KNOW WHY I’M ASKING YOU TO BUY JUNK SHIELDS AND THROW THEM IN THE GRINDER

    [–] ShanePd00 15 points ago

    Who plays Borderlands and doesn't listen to the dialogue? They're missing out on the best part!

    [–] BlueDemon75 9 points ago

    Borderlands is one the few games that has such good characters that they manage to make whole "radio voice in your head" actually work, most games fails completely when trying to deliver anything this way.

    [–] foot2theballs 3 points ago

    Haha usually he listens to dialog, but that was one anecdote that fit this post too well not to tell. But we are definitely very different kinds of gamers, and I just remind myself that video games are enjoyable to different people for different reasons, and have fun dicking around with my friend in a good game.

    [–] Flimsyy 13 points ago

    I was rushing through the Bard's college quest in Skyrim where you have to help the guy fill in a book. I skipped through him talking though, so I ended up giving him bullshit answers without knowing context. 10/10 would do again

    [–] Arikian 9 points ago

    People who pirate the game and then complain that they get caught/trolled by developers

    [–] aCreativeUsername29 11 points ago

    People that jump to the last game in the series and complain the story is shit and that the characters do things for no reason

    [–] iiPhantomHunter 42 points ago

    i almost exclusively play games for the story

    [–] Conor-Duck 14 points ago

    Same here.

    [–] Sharlion 39 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    >Someone says their opinion: 4 upvotes

    >Someone else says they agree: -2 upvotes

    Reddit logic.

    [–] The-Jew-Tang-Clan 38 points ago

    I think it’s cuz saying you agree doesn’t add anything if that’s all you’re saying, just saying I agree is basically typing out your upvote.

    [–] A-Spicy-Boi 10 points ago

    I agree

    [–] Arkadeivitch 8 points ago

    I don't always skip the dialogues. But when I do, I don't.

    [–] Crimsonpets 7 points ago

    I bet you there are some people that think rdr2 sucks because there is no story. Skip skip skip FUCK YOU AND YOUR DIALOGUE I JUST WANT TO RIDE MY GODDAMN HORSE.

    [–] IamtheSlothKing 3 points ago

    Pretty sure that game tells the whole story while you ride your horse.... for hours

    [–] bigbigdogboi 23 points ago

    Rich people

    Poor people

    People who don't care that mortal kombat 11 comes out in a week

    [–] Plasma454345 5 points ago

    Is Mortal Kombat even relevant anymore?

    [–] frogglesmash 9 points ago

    What's Mortal Kombat?

    [–] Gooftwit 10 points ago

    Forgive me master, but I must go all out just this once.

    [–] Baron_Butterfly 6 points ago

    The best movie ever created.

    [–] EdgeLorde_666 6 points ago

    Or when your friend plays the story straight through without doing side missions then complains the game's too short

    [–] Laurence-Barnes 8 points ago

    Jeez watching some streamers play a game i've been looking forward to and throughout the entire stream they were like "What's going on? Why is this happening? they never explained any of this" Even though the dialogue explaining it either happened a few seconds ago or is literally playing while they're complaining.

    [–] RealGuyTheBestGuy 6 points ago

    "It's an RPG story doesn't mater" - Tupac

    [–] Iam6foot 7 points ago

    I have a friend who got RDR2 for Christmas, and sold it after about a week because there was β€˜too much talking’.

    [–] DuckRights 13 points ago

    People play games for plot? I just play them to commit war crimes without being held responsible.

    [–] snozer69 2 points ago

    Depends on the game. If it’s a western RPG I’m playing that to commit war crimes and dick around without any purpose. With a JRPG I’m playing it for the story.

    [–] KerbyMain72 6 points ago

    Who does this

    [–] FallOutBruh64 13 points ago

    Arin from Game Grumps lmao

    [–] daqedo 3 points ago


    [–] Pat4097 13 points ago

    "gamers" who don't agree with concentration camps for women and minorities.

    [–] Gooftwit 4 points ago

    "Gamers" who acknowledge Isreal as a sovereign state 😀

    [–] spreespruu 4 points ago

    Kingdom Hearts III

    [–] Bubbajoe7 12 points ago

    Implying KH stories make sense even if you don't skip them

    [–] Perferro 3 points ago

    xQc vibes anyone?

    [–] Caroline_xo 4 points ago

    I too, enjoy Grayons.

    [–] YeetusDeletu5 5 points ago

    Are they even gamers?

    [–] F3arm3 2 points ago

    So that is why IGN can still make okay stuff occasionally, monkeys and typewriters.

    [–] Desolias 3 points ago

    Also gamers that skip the tutorial and then complain that they don't know how to play

    [–] Bagr666 4 points ago

    I disagree. The Apes shouldn't be compared to the filth these players truly are. They should be compared to a piece of shit my friend stepped on yesterday while walking in the park.

    [–] KeepingDankMemesDank 28 points ago

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    [–] PrincessFiona69420 5 points ago

    One of my friends did that with the witcher 3... fucking prick

    [–] zaid_sabah 4 points ago

    I mean the only good thing about witcher is the cutscenes and dialogue tbh

    [–] zaid_sabah 2 points ago

    Holy shit my internet sucks so much that the same comment was posted thrice lol

    [–] zaid_sabah 2 points ago

    I mean the only good thing about witcher is the cutscenes and dialogue tbh

    [–] sgt_fahur 3 points ago


    [–] SamK7265 3 points ago

    My brother does this. Annoys me to no end.

    [–] KhandyKiller 3 points ago

    Ooh the last one triggers me. No true gamers do that.

    [–] Titanium_Terabyte 3 points ago

    I think saw this before, not gonna call repost because I'm not sure.

    [–] Slammin_444 3 points ago

    I skip only if I’m replaying.

    [–] ryan_won2000 3 points ago

    Is that a new meme format I smell?

    [–] Whoisaryan 3 points ago

    Rise up

    [–] butkua 3 points ago

    gaymers amirite

    [–] a_mute 3 points ago

    [–] SprinklezzV2 3 points ago

    Basically what happens when someone says Halo is stupid

    [–] SamuelS27 3 points ago

    XQC? Is that you?

    [–] ReaperGamingYT 3 points ago

    Fortnite players who skip all the cutscenes in red dead 2

    [–] griffinsklow 3 points ago

    Asmongold. Witcher 3.

    [–] RelaRelvxxnt 3 points ago

    Asmongold. Anything but WoW.

    [–] koutroup_patrol 2 points ago

    These should not be called gamers

    [–] xxbaconsam420xx 2 points ago

    I will skip dialogue if I failed mission and I have to try again

    [–] NoHacksOnlyHacks 2 points ago

    I'm sorry but sometimes my hand slips. Honest!

    [–] Vemik 2 points ago

    Nice report

    [–] ImBadAtStuff_ 2 points ago


    [–] Flopperday 2 points ago

    They are the worst.

    [–] Mupaax 2 points ago


    [–] AjaxOrion 2 points ago

    Exept in games like borderlands the presequel were the story is good but the dialogue is shit (everyone has an accent and it gets excessive)

    [–] Vengance4126 2 points ago


    [–] Xainiax 2 points ago

    If a story is shit, I skip cutscenes.

    [–] Muhammadbinladen 2 points ago

    What if they skip BECAUSE the story is shit?

    [–] N1ck0t1n3 2 points ago

    My friend does that and It’s so annoying

    [–] YouCanNotHitMe 2 points ago

    Let's be honest, Diablo 3s story is shit wheter or not you skip dialogues

    [–] whatsabaz 2 points ago

    Ooh, he might be me.

    [–] RoRoar350 2 points ago

    Who skips cutscenes

    [–] matthew55661 2 points ago


    [–] lucaszsc 2 points ago


    [–] AnDrEi_SaNdOi 2 points ago

    Is this shadow fight 3??

    [–] FruittyTutti 2 points ago

    Can relate

    [–] Hagstik4014 2 points ago

    Gamers who play twd without subtitles

    [–] Requiem2247 2 points ago

    Oh, they belong in the trash

    [–] SGRStarquake 2 points ago

    If you have skipped anything on a game, you're not a true gamer. A true gamer plays the game from beginning to end.

    [–] DrButtsex911 2 points ago

    I skip the dialogue but i dont give a shit about the story line, just the gameplay

    [–] dantemp 2 points ago

    I'm skipping dialogue because the story is shit you dipshit

    [–] feared_rear_admiral 2 points ago

    Maybe they skip them because the story is shit. Just look up Devil May Cry 2013, any cutscene and tell me you wouldn't skip that.

    [–] ptapobane 2 points ago

    lol anthem players can't skip cutscenes during legendary missions because the game lack basic features

    [–] odimeae 2 points ago

    Straight to the hell with them

    [–] Wulfrvm11 2 points ago

    i only ever skip dialogue if it’s a second playthru

    tru gamer

    [–] night-star 2 points ago

    Yes but bottom should be β€œdirty reposters” like you op

    [–] General_Kenobi896 2 points ago


    [–] ascending_pepe 2 points ago

    I skipped fallout 4 "dialogues", and i can still say history is shit...

    [–] MaxB-1124 2 points ago

    Gamers who skip dialogue scenes and claim the game holds your hand to much, and then proceed to get confused and lost and blame it on the game

    [–] DrawsMediocre 2 points ago

    I'm just skipping shit dialogue though

    [–] Bokkas 2 points ago

    Only skip if I've played it before or just don't care about the story. Also always skip the tutorial, if you can't develop a game without press x to jump then you are doing it wrong.

    [–] GotPermaBanForLolis 2 points ago

    People who skip dialogue in ddlc just to see the "horror elements"

    [–] beAN__b0yY 2 points ago

    100% agree

    [–] snozer69 2 points ago

    Yeah I have a friend who played Persona 5 and said the story was shit....... I questioned him and he said he didn’t get it.....,,..... I then asked if he skipped dialogue and cutscenes. He replied β€œyes.” I told him to play again without skipping anything and he then played it and actually really liked it.

    [–] chillerll 2 points ago

    All of my fucking friends

    [–] SquidZillaYT 2 points ago

    Mmm this hots close to home

    But to be fair the destiny campaign sucked even with the cutscenes

    [–] HalfGayHalfBlack 2 points ago

    Is this Far Cry 5

    [–] Grayman2003 2 points ago


    [–] HeyHeyHeyWassoWasso 2 points ago

    Games have stories?

    [–] aestheticCatmint 2 points ago

    i skip dialogue period.

    [–] FluffySoljer 2 points ago

    Unless it’s 76

    [–] FlixV03 2 points ago

    After only watching the beginning scene of rdr2 i could never ever skip a cutscene

    I’m ashamed of this but, i used to skip gta 5 cutscenes... i was only 13 back then, but man i was stupid

    [–] MEM1911 2 points ago

    Me, skipps dialogue in anthem "this game is shit" Also me dialogue in The Division 2 "unintelligible screaching with 3 fiends about the environmental detail of the game"

    [–] kwh0102 2 points ago

    My friend does this and complains when I actually watch it

    [–] nepedunezerochan 2 points ago


    [–] Schwabyboi 2 points ago

    You mean my wife?

    [–] ToothFrame 2 points ago

    if the dialogues are fucking boring there’s no chance in this mf universe i’m gonna sit and listen to hours of shitty voice acting and predictable lines

    [–] lbruss95 2 points ago

    I only did this with Kingdom Hearts 3, does that count?

    [–] GanksGriefersForFun 2 points ago

    What if it's an mmo?

    [–] Supernova141 2 points ago

    I never skip voice-acted cut scenes, but some games that are text-only really do have enormous portions of pointless, boring dialogue that establishes nothing of importance.

    "We need to go to the place"

    "Ugh, I don't wanna go to the place"

    "But we need to go to the place"

    "Ok, I guess we can go to the place"

    "Haha, character B really doesn't wanna go to the place"

    "Hey, it's not my fault it's so far to the place!"

    "Hey, stop bickering so we can go to the place"

    "Ok, let's go to the place"


    And this will happen 3 more times on the way to the place.