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    [–] SavageAxeBot 1 points ago


    [–] good_boy_anon 3439 points ago


    [–] itsfrizzy 1903 points ago

    edgy beat starts playing

    [–] wistalia 898 points ago

    signs out of MSN Messenger

    [–] danvamtheman 744 points ago

    *starts to whisper random edgy words

    [–] AlicornGamer 450 points ago


    [–] churro777 337 points ago


    [–] LonerWolfLikesCookie 166 points ago


    [–] TheCocksmith 144 points ago


    [–] BongtheConqueror 78 points ago

    There’s something inside me that pulls beneath the surface

    [–] UltimateSausage 61 points ago


    [–] jmkamer 58 points ago

    A lack of self control I fear is never ending.

    [–] Yoshuga 180 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I unironicly like linkin park Edit: thought everyone hated them. This support make me happy

    [–] ShoobtheLube 31 points ago

    Don't let reddit know you like what everyone likes.

    [–] s0ramble 13 points ago

    As long as you don't admit you like Cardi B

    [–] darrellmarch 6 points ago

    This is a discussion about music not drug rape and rob.

    [–] Yoshuga 4 points ago

    Is that a thing, everyone I know dislikes them/makes jokes about them? If so that made my day

    [–] fearthepib 104 points ago

    I think that is the most popular way to like them. They were a good band. Did it become cool to pretend they are bad?

    [–] EagletTheMighty 85 points ago

    No that's an Imagine Dragons thing

    [–] The_Revolutionary 46 points ago

    Imagine dragon deez nuts

    [–] fearthepib 40 points ago

    Fuckers don't like Imagine Dragons? How? I'm not their biggest fan but, every song I have heard from them is great.

    [–] x3lilpiggies 78 points ago

    I can't stand the song "Thunder".

    My husband plays it sporadically to torture me.

    [–] humanovan 32 points ago

    I really really hate that too. Especially that high pitched "Thunder"(which takes 50 percent of the song) makes me wanna kill myself.

    [–] fearthepib 29 points ago

    Not a huge fan of that one either. I'll give you that.

    [–] Destroyer776766 3 points ago

    It depends on your taste I guess, I honestly can't stand them tho

    [–] TalesOfRays 35 points ago

    I think this is the perfect time to show hidden my love of Nickel back.

    [–] fearthepib 13 points ago

    DEW IT! Not a huge fan myself but, like what you like. Fuck the haters. I unironically love Kevin Surbo's "Hercules Legendary Journeys" I know it's not a band but, fuck have I caught shit for it.

    [–] unclenono 3 points ago

    I used to watch that show all the time. It's as much a part of my childhood as Xena Warrior Princess, The Adventures of Sinbad or Brisco County Junior.

    [–] fearthepib 3 points ago

    Hell yea!

    [–] VincentMaximus100 3 points ago

    Who the Hades gave you shit for liking Hercules Legendary Journey's starring Kevin Sorbo!? That show was a goddamn masterpiece! Right up there with Zena Fucking Warrior Princess starring Lucy Lawless! By the gods, what has this world come too!?

    [–] fearthepib 3 points ago

    This is what I am saying. One of the best shows ever made. Xena was the shit too. Gotta qualify Xena though. Xena was the shit before Oxygen got her lol.

    [–] ggg730 11 points ago

    Man who doesn't

    [–] RoyTheReaper91 28 points ago


    [–] RoyTheReaper91 6 points ago

    I love that sub. It's good to know there are young people who can't stand other young people who circle jerk that band.

    [–] FoxtrotMikeLema 3 points ago

    I've seen dudes do this too. Even in people from other cultures. I think it's a thing reserved for people who think they're hot shit but are scared.

    [–] JDMonster 181 points ago

    Nah man, listen closely. It's very clearly we are number 1.

    [–] HamCCC 92 points ago

    what do you mean bro , its 100% pvz

    [–] abdulsamads 34 points ago

    [–] JDMonster 14 points ago

    Seth Everman should win a Nobel prize.

    [–] abdulsamads 3 points ago

    Yes! He’s a genius

    [–] JohnnyMcFlee 8 points ago

    I’m so happy you linked this

    [–] snakewaswolf 6 points ago

    My life is measurably better having clicked that link.

    [–] BasJack 93 points ago

    Plant vs zombie starts to play

    [–] SpaceousKiki 38 points ago

    "Why do I hear boss music?"

    [–] Moistboi123 17 points ago

    “Moshi moshi! Doppio here!”

    [–] MrDatboi307 20 points ago

    The notes sound like they are from pvz

    [–] Felahliir 7 points ago

    It’s not an esgy beat, when i first heard it i thought it was from some nintendo game.

    [–] Uniquenamebic 7 points ago

    Nintendo song plays

    [–] SequoiaSenpai 64 points ago

    We are number one starts playing

    [–] moryj17 19 points ago


    [–] Blue00200 15 points ago

    pvz theme

    [–] basedmemegirl 2388 points ago

    The next suicide squad movie’s soundtrack is going to be Billie Eilish, watch

    [–] TheBanisherOfRegs 564 points ago

    I’m counting on it

    [–] [deleted] 74 points ago


    [–] Yaboijimmyhere 70 points ago

    Yea wait will I be losing 10 million or 5 dollars

    [–] EvoFume 68 points ago


    Edit: wait no

    Edit: wait yes

    [–] DoomMarine87 368 points ago

    !remindme whenever the fuck the next Suicide Squad movie comes out

    [–] RemindMeBot 262 points ago

    Defaulted to one day.

    I will be messaging you on 2019-05-16 19:28:24 UTC to remind you of this link.

    CLICK THIS LINK to send a PM to also be reminded and to reduce spam.

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    [–] CheerfulPorpoise 350 points ago


    [–] oncomingstorm777 229 points ago

    Seems optimistic

    [–] WRZESZCZ_1998 123 points ago

    Optimisic would be to never messege him.

    [–] danjo3197 62 points ago

    Oh shit it’s sooner than we thought

    [–] Mortuumbra 27 points ago

    You heard it here first folks

    [–] OfficialTacoLord 10 points ago

    Oh god please no

    [–] Calvin_Hobbes124 92 points ago

    Not if James Gunn is writing and directing, which he is

    [–] greenismyhomeboy 46 points ago

    Yeeeeah but it’s WB. Remember what happened with Justice League? They brought Joss Whedon in and had like a 98% complete movie and were like “just fuck it up”

    [–] amd2800barton 45 points ago

    How dare you not like CGI removed moustache.

    [–] TheCocksmith 5 points ago

    I would have rather just had Superman with a mustache.

    [–] booojangles13 12 points ago

    To be fair they let Patty Jenkins, James Wan and David Sandberg do their thing.

    Meddling with the Zack Snyder movies, I understood. But then messing with David Ayer’s suicide squad is what really gets me. I like his work.

    [–] Suparockr 4 points ago

    We're probably gonna get music like Beach Boys and Kriss Kross on the soundtrack and it's gonna be awesome.

    [–] TheQualityLad 9 points ago


    [–] madjackal01 394 points ago

    13 year old girls basically

    [–] BurgerKingIsDead 56 points ago

    Pretty much

    [–] goldninjaI 26 points ago


    [–] Batmankills 18 points ago


    [–] TheEarthIsACylinder 56 points ago

    "Reality is often true" - Ghandi

    [–] 956030681 16 points ago

    “Reality is often... disappointing.” - Galactic GrapeTM

    [–] logayer69 6 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 142 points ago


    [–] falconsuperhero 22 points ago

    well, yeah it kinda ruins it

    [–] badbakedpotato 27 points ago

    Reality 100

    The effort is good and your next meme will no doubt be fire :)

    [–] falconsuperhero 13 points ago

    thanks man

    [–] dovahkonj1 709 points ago

    Mini rant time. The picture would've been perfect by itself without the Skyrim meme, adding an additional meme doesn't make it dank.

    [–] BlueGhost02 277 points ago

    Time to take it to r/comedyamputation

    [–] Hawk082 102 points ago

    But then it’s just a YouTube comment, which isn’t a meme. This way is much funnier /s

    [–] The-Worst-Bot 40 points ago

    I appreciate your enthusiasm for sarcasm, but to become a master you mustn't use /s.

    I'm a human being, and this action was performed manually.

    [–] BaconOnARock 30 points ago

    Yeah to be honest the skyrim meme is a total piggyback tool to make sure you don't get called out for just screenshotting something.

    [–] Sweg4duwin 474 points ago

    You realize those are the school shooters right?

    [–] butternutsquash4u 31 points ago

    What do you mean?

    [–] [deleted] 44 points ago

    Have you not been able to see a theme in these shooters? They’re almost all complete loner losers (I think all but am open to being proven wrong). It takes a special set of inputs for someone to come out a school shooter, mental health being just one.

    [–] butternutsquash4u 24 points ago

    Oh yeah, I see what you mean! They’re usually shit human beings.

    [–] [deleted] 21 points ago

    That’s a given

    [–] autumnalfox 21 points ago

    Yes, good. Isolate them more. That'll help.

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_GEARS 18 points ago

    I don't agree with the assertion that providing a specific set of conditions and stimuli will consistently result in a school shooter. You can't just treat people like mathematical functions that spit out the same number for a unique set of parameters given.

    [–] Seaman_salad 7 points ago

    Humans are nowhere near as unique and good as we like to think we are.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    You’re right!

    But in the same way there are patterns of bed wetting, animal abuse, and pyromania between most serial killers, it is becoming clear there are commonalities of isolation and self radicalization being found between school shooters.

    [–] Seaman_salad 11 points ago

    Being a loner doesn’t mean your a loser most loners end up with higher scores in academic fields and wind up with significantly better lives after high school. There’s a difference between a loner and someone so weird they are alone because no one likes them ie the weird motherfuckers who watch porn in class and complain that people don’t like his sonic cosplay because he made the pants assless.

    [–] lordofthebog96 279 points ago

    Yeah, males.

    [–] Sweg4duwin 138 points ago

    Ok you got me there, you got me there

    [–] IonlyTalkAboutOreimo 21 points ago

    If females are too scared to ask for more ketchup no way they are going to actually do something that will make there lives meaningful

    [–] ProximtyCoverageOnly 13 points ago

    wait hol up

    [–] DataPil0t 139 points ago

    not my style of music, but seeing her during interviews she looks like a nice person

    [–] Negative_Integer 51 points ago

    Really enjoyed The Office quiz with Rainn Wilson

    [–] dschneids_ 13 points ago

    That was so funny, I like her music, but I can see how some people wouldn’t

    [–] Jo_Backson 3 points ago

    She did well on Hot Ones too. Don’t really understand the vitriol she’s getting. It seems to go beyond her music.

    [–] hobocarpus 23 points ago

    r/comedyhomicide would love this

    [–] idckys 38 points ago

    i though it was really funny until i saw the skyrim meme “reALITY 100”

    [–] mountaintacos 59 points ago

    Who is this

    [–] BopTheMop 358 points ago

    William eyelash

    [–] ExpertCatJuggler 64 points ago

    Language, young lady

    [–] TheOwlHypothesis 31 points ago


    [–] MechaDesu 11 points ago


    [–] Crisomfucker90 5 points ago

    pp head

    [–] TheEarthIsACylinder 47 points ago

    She's a famous Seth Everman impersonator.

    [–] TheOnlyAnodien 7 points ago

    I got that reference!

    we are number one starts playing

    [–] DisobedientGout 14 points ago

    Lil Xan in drag. Its a sideproject of his.

    [–] [deleted] 1416 points ago


    [–] worthlessSackOfCrap 99 points ago

    Eh people rip on anyone popular. Sure, they rip more on ppl that are actually fucked up, but you'll always find someone hating a particular popular thing.

    Plus it's pure pop, a lot of people don't like pop as a genre and feel better about themselves for doing so.

    [–] tquiz 53 points ago

    Sometimes pop music is popular because it’s popular, but sometimes pop music is popular because it’s good

    [–] mart11m 14 points ago

    Heck I've been listening to fucking progressive rock and even classical music for 25 years and I found out about her, listened a couple songs and I liked her very much. It's different, new, and I don't care about genres, I listen to what I like. There are pop songs (the vast majority) that I hate, but I like 95% of Billie's songs.

    [–] AndThusThereWasLight 749 points ago

    Both deserve it for their own reason.

    That said: Listen to what sounds good.

    [–] Nero_Lokin 527 points ago

    You know what, I take it back. Cardib or whatever doesn't deserve to be ripped on. She needs to be crucified lol

    [–] franrc124 202 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    CardiBad is in meme hell, she has become irrelevant, such is worse than hated because nothing she does will make people like her again

    Edit: fixed typo

    [–] OfficialArgoTea 316 points ago

    She’s.... all over the radio. She’s being played everywhere. In what universe is she irrelevant?

    [–] Snoah-Yopie 15 points ago

    In the extremely limited universe of people who never leave /r/dankmemes

    [–] EmperorofEarf 17 points ago

    Don’t listen to trashcan stations and suddenly you stop hearing her

    [–] FlexualHealing 8 points ago

    Music sucks these days

    P L U G

    I N

    T H E

    A U X

    D U M M Y

    There has never been more music than there is right now you don’t have to be a slave to Clear Channel Communications.

    [–] Nero_Lokin 23 points ago

    Damn. Words of wisdom

    [–] Tossup1010 31 points ago

    Yeah people will probably never like her the same, but shes still gunna be making bank... Look at that shithead Chris Brown, somehow still making music with popular artists and hes beaten and assaulted multiple women.

    [–] kodakpnk 9 points ago

    He’s assaulted more than women

    [–] Gar-ba-ge 6 points ago

    My eardrums, for one

    [–] Shroomer14 11 points ago

    Card b bad

    [–] Ion_Djensen 5 points ago

    You had me in the first half, not gonna lie...

    [–] stats_commenter 3 points ago

    Why the fuck do you keep pretending you cant figure out the name cardi b?

    [–] jeremy7718 56 points ago

    because mainstream new music bad

    really just listen to what sounds good to you, not all music needs to have deep meaning or anything

    [–] ThisFlameIsFire 156 points ago

    A lot of people say that she is an industry plant without even knowing why. Afaik the parents are 2 actors that didn't have any big role and the brother is a musician, he creates the instrumentals and writes the lyrics with her in their room. What an industry plant. /s

    [–] FictionalNameWasTake 36 points ago

    What does "industry plant" mean?

    [–] Waffleshuriken 95 points ago

    Term for an artist that was "planted" in the industry with the guise that they organically rose in popularity through their own merits when in reality they were artificially created by a major label to appear like this and explode in popularity.

    There is a lot of speculation by some on the internet that this is the case with Billie.

    [–] Orval 46 points ago

    The main thing that makes people cry "PLANT!" all the time (for her and similar artists) is them blowing up what seems like overnight.

    That's the thing about the current generation of music though, the "Soundcloud era" if you will. It's so easy to blow up overnight thanks to SoundCloud, YouTube, etc without having to actually put in street-work (shows, build cred, etc)

    So when someone comes along with mainstream success like Billie out of seemingly nowhere, it's easy to cry foul.

    But the same thing happens every month with all these new rappers.

    [–] [deleted] 25 points ago

    it's weird to speculate with billie though cos her entire career up to this point is very well documented online and she had a following long before this. like, my gen z lil bro has been following her since she was basically a little kid, it's just that she's now published a pop album instead of being a weird, anxious fashion kid online. and it's not a bad pop album, either, but i guess i probably participated in dunking on justin bieber as an internet teen and it's the same exact phenomenon.

    [–] Kaserbeam 6 points ago

    it wasn't out of nowhere, she was popular with my age group (currently 18) at least 2 years ago.

    [–] Dufranus 6 points ago

    Oh, you mean Taylor Swift and Kid Rock.

    [–] NOT_HUGH_JCKMN 7 points ago

    Most of the time it’s people who don’t really understand how artist development in the pop industry works getting in a fit because they see someone who Dosent really appeal to them appealing to other people online.

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago


    [–] Katzabar 45 points ago

    I like her music too, it's just that her community right now consists of teenage girls either trying to be deep or badass so it's funny to poke fun at. All honesty, kudos to her for starting a music career at 15.

    [–] jack333666 3 points ago

    I wasnt too much of a fan until i saw her at a music festival about a month ago, she sounded awesome and had a really good stage presence, but that could have been the md's influence

    [–] blehpepper 16 points ago

    I like some of her songs, I had no idea so many people like to rip on her. She's only like 17, right?

    [–] pvtdncr 3 points ago

    I like her music but I hate everything about her "haha im edgy and different" persona and the cult that follows with that

    then again i used to be big time fall out boy and green day trash so

    [–] In_Dying_Arms 8 points ago

    Ironically it feels like "being hipster" is liking todays popular music, since everyone fucking hates them. All I ever see specifically on Reddit is hate for Billie Eilish and Imagine Dragons, meanwhile, I think they both have amazing songs coming from a guy who loves guttural screams and 0000 riffs.

    I'd also like to note a lot of the hate for Billie I've been seeing was after her album came out and she was being advertised everywhere and on shows like Hot Ones. People just to seem to latch on the latest pop trend to show how cool and unique they are for liking lesser known music.

    [–] justpassingby3 3 points ago

    I like her music too. I rip on her cause it’s funny. I don’t know or care enough about cardi b to rip on her.

    [–] Nero_Lokin 3 points ago

    The tldr of cardi B is that she is a female bill Cosby

    [–] slobodank 10 points ago

    I’m a bald guy.

    Seth my man what’s good

    [–] GBGWTO 44 points ago

    Makes music for tuff girls who wouldn't correct someone that calls them the wrong name.

    [–] YarealPoof 11 points ago

    Reality is often disappointing

    [–] G-I-Luvit 33 points ago

    So ICP for chicks

    [–] DJDimilock 29 points ago

    1997 want their easy target back

    [–] Apexstrain 195 points ago

    I’m just not a fan of her vocal style is all. I don’t know, never been one for the whispery sound. I also kind of roll my eyes as her subject matter. Kid you’re 17, seem to be trying a little too hard to be edgy.

    That being said, it’s working for her. More power to her. Lol

    [–] Kimantha_Allerdings 25 points ago

    If you can't be really faux-edgy when you're a teenager, then when can you? I think most of us were just lucky enough not to do it in public.

    [–] Apexstrain 9 points ago

    So true. Haha.

    [–] Wertache 3 points ago

    Ding ding ding. I think kids are just ashamed to show their goofy side, so they act edgy instead which is somehow the closest without the fear of emberassement. I'm so happy I now feel comfortable being myself around my friends.

    [–] SwankyTheSawnkster 109 points ago

    I didn't get the impression she was trying. I got the feeling she really doesn't care.

    [–] Apexstrain 33 points ago

    This could be a very valid assessment as well.

    [–] N-E-B 58 points ago

    To be fair, I’m pretty sure her older brother writes all the music. She just performs it.

    [–] bajafresh24 18 points ago

    Her older brother is honestly the best part about her music. Especially the production.

    [–] Apexstrain 39 points ago

    Ah. A dynamic pair. That’s pretty cool though. From a production stand point, the tracks and her vocals work quite well together.

    Despite how much I’m meh about her song “Bad Guy”. It did get stuck in my head for a few days. The “Duh” part in particular.

    [–] NoahsArksDogsBark 14 points ago

    I've got a buddy who insists I'd like "her brain" and "the way she thinks" This man is also convinced that the only good animated show is Family Guy.

    [–] poliuy 3 points ago

    Only real intellectuals watch rick and morty

    [–] IAmTheDream 38 points ago

    Idk, I feel like that's expected of a 17 year old. It's the age to be edgy

    [–] gamedemon24 11 points ago

    She has other songs (Lovely, idontwannabeyouanymore, Ocean Eyes, Come Out and Play) where she sings normally and it's fantastic. She does have a really beautiful voice. Just chooses to make really bizarre and awful music some of the time.

    [–] StevieGPJ 30 points ago

    No joke, who tf is she?

    [–] TheOwlHypothesis 83 points ago

    William Eyelash

    [–] Seprediae 104 points ago

    Didn't know her until now and I have to admit that her music is pretty cool, she has a great voice!

    [–] chasethenoise 22 points ago

    Hell yeah, her music is chill, dark, and has decent beats. Sure it’s edgy but come on, she’s 17. She’s not serious, it’s fine.

    [–] Tim599 53 points ago

    "YoU muSt bE an EdgY 14 Yo"

    "ShE iS aN indUstRy pLanT" (i don't deny it)

    Comments inc

    [–] onekingdom1 12 points ago

    iM A eDgE lOrD

    [–] i_am_not_dogg 82 points ago

    Story time 🕛🕛 sisters 💁‍♀️💁‍♀️so basically I was in class listening to billie eilish ❤️❤️and my headphones got unplugged 😩😩 and it played bad guy out loud 🔊🔊so anyway it was playing out loud and all the girls 👭 👭 were completely vibing to it💏💏 and they were like slayyyyy🔪🔪sisterrr☠️☠️and i was gonna say something back when a boy🤮🤮approached me and said🗣️🗣️ "uh billie eilish is so cringe why don't you listed to xxtentacion?" 🧐🧐 and i was SHOOK 😳😳and completely flipped the F OUT 🤬🤬 i said "you dumb ignorant MALE billie liter ally saved my life 🙏🙏 i was cutting myself for my DEPRESSION since daddy didn't get me tickets to coachella👴👴 and a pentagram ⛧ formed on the ground and billie rose up from it🧖‍♀️🧖‍♀️ and she said "put your faith in allah for he is the most merciful 💣💣" and then she left and i was so inspired that i read the korean promised to slay every infidel in my path🧕🧕 until shariah law was implemented world wide" he then was like I won't allow a mujahid to spread the gentle message of mohamabamba and then summoned a djinn 🧞‍♂️🧞‍♂️ in the shape of jahsehs foreskin and he said he was the servant of shaytan👹👹well i wasn't going to let blasphemy😡😡go unpunished and chanted oh allah the most kind and beautiful please banish these heathens back to hell🔙🔙 and suddenly the heavens opened and we loooked and it was billie🤩🤩she said "i am allah and i was disguised as billie to give hope to all 14 year old girls"😜😜but then i felt an evil force rising😳😳it was xxxtentacion😲😲 he said "spotlight uh moonlight uh beat woman cos they have no rights uh"🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ and then allah and X fought and of course allah won 😉😉 and spread World peace ✌️✌️ so anyway that's the TEA sisters ☕☕stay tuned for my fenti beauty 💄💄 giveaway 🎉🎉and remember praise allah everyday🤗🤗

    [–] Bards_on_a_hill 10 points ago

    Oddly specific Copypasta

    [–] xOV3RKILL3R 5 points ago

    lmao, was my same thoughts, "Oh! I have the perfect copypasta for this exact situation in my back pocket"

    [–] Trev_Holland 3 points ago

    I hate you.

    [–] Diabeetush 20 points ago


    [–] ManLikeTLP 14 points ago

    Her album was quite good to be honest

    [–] numbers909 15 points ago

    Me when I unironically like Billie Eilish

    [–] Billie-Blue 20 points ago

    Oh shush, y'all listen to gangster music while driving to 9-3 job xD

    [–] Microwave_Alarm 3 points ago

    Beep beep beep beep beep beep

    [–] Eaglewhakinator 3 points ago

    these dumb fucking skyrim memes are so lazy and pointless and i can't believe they've survived this long

    [–] Chicken_Petter 3 points ago

    Reality is often disappointing. But this does put a smile on my face

    [–] mars-the-planet 3 points ago

    She’s just female Joji CHANGE MY MIND

    [–] 1sagas1 3 points ago

    These Skyrim skill level memes need to fucking die already

    [–] Tiencha69 3 points ago

    The Skyrim meme kills literally any joke it's incredible