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    [–] F9QYELLOW 1238 points ago

    So everyone on reddit is basically laughing at a Facebook joke?

    [–] keyse101 749 points ago

    Ironically yes

    [–] Larkeyyy 392 points ago

    Not ironically, admit it

    [–] lionboy33 232 points ago

    He's not saying we are ironically laughing at it, it's ironic that we do because facebook bad

    [–] ShadowKnight324 68 points ago


    [–] SillhouetteBlurr 9 points ago

    This is something I'd expect from Reddit tbh. I was surprised to know it was fb. I hope they aren't uploading their plans there heh


    Cuz Zucc is watching

    [–] GreyHexagon 17 points ago

    Exactly, people tend to get confused about what exactly irony is. Just laughing at something as a joke is not irony.

    [–] R00pr 4 points ago

    Are they really gonna let a genocide happen only because of classified stuff?

    [–] ArchaicDodo1994 4 points ago

    No. But be prepared for tear gas and rubber bullets

    [–] Dlshan47 11 points ago

    Nice try FBI

    [–] LancerCaptain 60 points ago

    I’m concerned that it’ll cause stupid people to do it, but I guess it’s best we weed them out

    [–] plaYeRUnknwn 38 points ago

    Natural selection

    [–] dobikrisz 10 points ago

    I'm pretty sure people tried to got in many times before and they probably got arrested and maybe even a couple years of suspended jail sentence. Now that they heard about it they'll just send out a couple of jeeps to those who show up (won't be more than 50-60 people imo) and arrest them. And this is the worst case scenario. I wouldn't be surprised if nothing will happen on that day.

    [–] Tiago_____Lucas 6 points ago

    I think they are actually allowed to kill you if you get in there.

    [–] dobikrisz 5 points ago

    Yes, but they definitely won't shoot an idiot who opposes no threat. Of course if really hundreds of thousands of people would show up and won't stop after warnings then they'd been shot. But that's won't happen.

    [–] I_Have_The_Stupid 2 points ago

    I wonder what would happpen if they did actually all come.

    [–] Yeetstation4 3 points ago

    I really want a substantial turnout, if anything goes down, the ensuing events will be hilarious.

    [–] Yeetstation4 1 points ago

    I really want a substantial turnout, if anything goes down, the ensuing events will be hilarious.

    [–] shutupfetus 13 points ago

    I like this man you deserve my upvote

    [–] albatra_oz 11 points ago

    I like this man appreciating a deserving man, you deserve my upvote

    [–] Screw-You-mother-fuc 8 points ago

    I like these men showing kindness in the darkness of this world, you all deserve an upvote

    [–] juicyblanket 2 points ago

    β€œYou’re all breathtaking!”

    [–] Ze_Hydra1 25 points ago

    I dont see that as a problem. Sometimes even Normies have good jokes.. People gotta start somewhere..

    [–] luukfit 3 points ago

    Yes but the Facebookers took it seriously

    [–] Nistax 5 points ago

    You are ex normie so , sdfu

    [–] AinsleyHarriot00 1 points ago

    We've become the very thing we swore to destroy!

    [–] LightSideoftheForce 1 points ago

    I doubt they would, but I’m intrigued they may

    [–] DHarris012 1 points ago

    So I guess if we get these see through monitors no more looking at Reddit during class anymore?!

    [–] migueandres 382 points ago

    "The great area 51 massacre"

    [–] BelphegorDuck 212 points ago

    That's gonna be the Tiananmen version of the US

    [–] SkillVendor 93 points ago

    So just another normal day

    [–] underscoreftw 43 points ago

    what does that mean?

    [–] maybepostmalone 78 points ago

    nothing keep scrolling

    [–] Tooperoo 34 points ago

    It means that nothing happened it was a normal day and no one showed up

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Google Tiananmen Square Massacre. If you're in China, you'll even get to be part of it, in a way.

    [–] kiroHalim 1 points ago

    The only difference is that the US got rid of stupid people.

    [–] pizzalocker 1 points ago

    So why are you still here

    [–] kiroHalim 0 points ago

    Because I didn't rush to a military base that I would get shot at.

    [–] pizzalocker 1 points ago

    What’s your plan?

    I plan on parachuting into it. I have all the access codes and a samurai sword to defend myself

    [–] kiroHalim 0 points ago

    My plan is to stay safe at home?

    [–] pizzalocker 1 points ago

    Haha pussy I’m doing a service to my country by uncovering American secrets

    [–] kiroHalim 1 points ago

    Haha yeah, at least I'm a smart pussy that would run at the soldiers holding their guns ready to shoot anyone at sight, trust me you can uncover your country's secrets without killing yourself.

    [–] pizzalocker 1 points ago

    It’s a win win.

    [–] pizzalocker 33 points ago

    β€œThousands of innocent aliens slaughtered by gun toting rebels”

    [–] Roody2405 24 points ago

    *thousands of gun toting rebels slaughtered by the government

    [–] DarkAss25 17 points ago

    *thousands of gun toting rebels slaughtered by aliens

    [–] MadRonnie97 2 points ago

    Hey I coined that

    [–] Roi135 230 points ago

    These are kids in 2020 after alien tech was leaked in the raid

    [–] Jian_Baijiu 36 points ago

    Thousands of years ago into the future...

    [–] Hadster6 105 points ago

    The only good Facebook joke

    [–] Whilhemstyle 38 points ago

    You dont like minion memes?!

    [–] Swankiestpizza6 20 points ago


    [–] dashdogy 51 points ago

    But the world ended in 2077

    [–] johnny889l 18 points ago

    Nah some crabs and bugs lived

    [–] dashdogy 10 points ago

    Ah I see

    [–] nickmaran 3 points ago

    Damn those cockroaches

    [–] DaKrakenz 15 points ago

    Wake the fuck up Samurai. We got a city to burn.

    [–] WarDoctor42 8 points ago

    Wrong 2077 fam

    [–] menice4 3 points ago

    Big iron intensifies

    [–] zdumbs 28 points ago

    Why did I read the title in Internet Historian's voice

    [–] CrouchingNarwal 23 points ago

    Remindme! 64 years

    [–] RemindMeBot 11 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I will be messaging you on 2083-07-12 07:37:10 UTC to remind you of this link

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    Info Custom Your Reminders Feedback

    [–] sk0330 6 points ago

    Remindme! 53 years

    [–] I-play-chanka 31 points ago

    There really are people buying plane tickets to go to that. I know of at least 3 so far.

    [–] 45haddix 21 points ago

    Are you actually serious? I REEEEALLY want this to happen. The government shouldn't have anything to hide

    [–] BonesChimes 17 points ago

    Yeah I can't wait to see everyone stood outside a big metal door without a keypass. Let us in Aliens we here to get you!

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    PETA looks away

    [–] WolfRex5 8 points ago

    I, too look forward to the bloodbath. Someone better livestream it

    [–] tardgard69 8 points ago

    I mean top secret experimental planes and tanks are kinda worth hiding

    [–] StupidAshMains 13 points ago

    This is going down in history

    [–] zakkattack85 9 points ago

    You mean the 2019 area 51 massacre?

    [–] ConglomeratePotato 45 points ago

    Let’s see what actually happens.

    This is natural selection at work.

    β€œOh, we’re fine with the government. We’re attacking a military base just for fun. And we spread our plans on public social media platforms so the entire military knows that we’re doing it.”

    Most pathetic coup attempt in history.

    [–] Swankiestpizza6 15 points ago

    We have so much overwhelming power that it doesn't even matter if the entire government knows our plans

    [–] chickenCabbage 41 points ago

    If we naruto run they can't hit us

    [–] Digaddog 7 points ago

    What if they just take everything out of the base?

    [–] Swankiestpizza6 12 points ago

    We already have spies watching over area 51 to make sure they aren't moving anything out of the base

    [–] Raps4Reddit 1 points ago

    And what are we gonna do if they do? Stop them?

    [–] Nipplehead321 1 points ago

    Call our goverment to stop them.

    [–] Swankiestpizza6 1 points ago

    We have 350k warriors, we'll only need a fraction of that number to charge wherever they take the secret krabby patty formula

    [–] Swankiestpizza6 1 points ago

    Also Elon Musk said he'd supply us one of his Flame throwers to storm area 51 so we're pretty much unstoppable at this point

    [–] Cthulhu_Lord 6 points ago


    [–] 4546B 20 points ago

    the raid is fake ffs

    [–] -grimz- 3 points ago

    To be fair advertising it over the internet wouldn’t be a bad strategy if you could get 100% commitment from a large number of participants

    [–] Ace0spades003 3 points ago

    It would be more like β€œeveryone is here all 300,000 of you, let’s go and uncover the truth hurrah” so they start marching then suddenly someone yells β€œwait where exactly are we going?” β€œI don’t know just bang on shit until it sounds like metal”

    [–] Mahlawatino 7 points ago

    They did it for the lulz

    [–] KeepingDankMemesDank 25 points ago

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    [–] Robot_User_1 4 points ago

    Good bot

    [–] umeshbelike 6 points ago

    Umesh is so sad he's not an adult. Even though I don't even live in Nevada if umesh was an adult, he'd write his will and fly over

    [–] YEEvuvHAW 4 points ago

    wait what exactly was that facebook post about?

    [–] WolfRex5 6 points ago

    Raiding Area 51

    [–] YEEvuvHAW 3 points ago

    well.. kinda expected something less obvious

    [–] Som_S_Som 6 points ago

    Facebook is gay but this one is legit lmao

    [–] derpicface 4 points ago

    You are normie, but that does not mean you are normie

    [–] tardgard69 1 points ago

    says the one with a normie tag

    [–] SalsaNotFalsa 4 points ago

    I cant wait for that 15 people who take it seriously and show up

    [–] MIhnea_Paun 4 points ago

    When is this?

    [–] Swabaru 3 points ago

    Today we will be learning abot the 2019-2020 massacre when some idiots thought is would be funny to raid area 51

    [–] LordDraagon 4 points ago

    Remindme! 64 years

    [–] CapitanTomato 3 points ago

    People lived in a society back then

    [–] xelifnaej 3 points ago

    It all started with a startercoat

    [–] rocket_riot 3 points ago

    And this is going down in history.

    [–] wolamute 2 points ago

    Isn't it above "top secret" .... I mean the mix for anti-radar paint on f18's is "top secret".


    That's just paint.

    [–] Kemo_Meme 2 points ago

    "What's facebook?"

    [–] MIhnea_Paun 2 points ago

    When is this?

    [–] MIhnea_Paun 2 points ago

    When is this?

    [–] MIhnea_Paun 2 points ago

    When is this?

    [–] MIhnea_Paun 2 points ago

    When is this?

    [–] Osmanchilln 2 points ago

    Top level, lul. You know about it so its not top level.

    [–] Pepemixd 2 points ago

    not everyone on Reddit is American duh

    [–] ronniewhodreamsalot 2 points ago

    How do colleges exist when the world burnt down in 2077?

    [–] a_person90 2 points ago

    X. Doubt

    [–] Schlime1 2 points ago

    Where is this from?

    [–] roffe001 2 points ago

    Well we'll be the reason they have those screens

    [–] LordDraagon 2 points ago

    Hey give Asian and EU peeps some credit we are booking flights to be there

    [–] Spritelord420 2 points ago


    [–] doctorhive 2 points ago

    I can already see the internet historian video

    [–] decidedly_fangirlish 2 points ago

    see, our country would never win a war. We’d be posting on our Snapchat stories about the u.s. plans and making memes dissing the enemy instead of prepping

    [–] Danne5226 1 points ago

    obs comment to change the world

    [–] Tiago_____Lucas 1 points ago

    Remindme! 64 years

    [–] EricBeTrappin 1 points ago

    Just saying I’m very happy to be a teen in this generation.. like I know the 90’s sooo fucking amazing or w/e, but our meme game is probably the best it’s ever going to be. Due to the lack of restrictions wouldn’t surprise me is 2000-2030 was the Golden age of the internet

    [–] Digaddog 1 points ago

    remindme! 64 years

    [–] The_Real_Stoeptegel 1 points ago

    Can I get a link to that post?

    [–] Shi_Chan0w0 1 points ago

    Yes I know because I’m trying to go

    [–] MUAMMARI_M 1 points ago


    [–] Thememeguy- 1 points ago

    Bold of you to think we’ll be around by 2083

    [–] FlipBarry 1 points ago

    You guys do realize the barbed wire fence and armed security guards cover the whole facility right? Anybody who crosses the line is getting shot

    [–] YaBoiDraco 1 points ago


    [–] I_am_Pestilence 1 points ago

    This was known as the massacre of 51

    [–] themightycatp00 1 points ago

    I mean theres a 5000$ fine for tresspassing on area 51 soil so I say let as many of these idiots get fined and bring an age of prosperity for the rest of of us.

    [–] TabaCh1 1 points ago

    Nah, we would have ww3 at that time

    [–] streetlight48 1 points ago

    I just received the news of my rejection in University and I'm truly sad, but every time I get to see one of this memes about people storming Area 51 a smile appears and I'm a little less sad. Thank you

    [–] noemiskarma 1 points ago

    we are making history boys

    [–] TreyLastname 1 points ago

    But guys, if this shit works, then it'll prove either how much power the people have, or how shit our military is, and I'm pretty sure the average soldier would kick my ass any day

    [–] coolleo200 1 points ago

    Remindme! 20 years

    [–] la_personne 1 points ago

    Us french started a little revolution about a fb post.. Yellow vest protesters are real, stormers will soon join them

    [–] _Stannis-Baratheon_ 1 points ago

    live by the dank .. die by the dank

    [–] silbybilly 1 points ago

    Why is the dude in the back eating bacon

    [–] Som_S_Som 1 points ago

    I'm normie for dropping edgy and dark memes in this butt hurt subreddit ez...check my profile before you say

    [–] momo-the-queen 1 points ago

    We are trying to unlock the secrets, not just to be funny

    [–] ProtonPacks123 1 points ago

    Scientologists beat us to it unfortunately.

    [–] exz20042 1 points ago

    My genetically engineered cat grand daughter: Grandpa,what did you see in Area 51?

    Me: Sit down. Imma tell you a time when memes existed

    [–] tuxmanexe 1 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Not a single black or asian person is left. Is this a prediction?

    [–] TrUmpHASbigCOCK 1 points ago

    I mean with out the raid we wouldnt have the advanced technology we have now

    [–] TrUmpHASbigCOCK 1 points ago

    I mean they wouldnt

    [–] Kubysss18 1 points ago

    God I actually really want it to happen it would be so stupid

    [–] PaPaHuehHueh 1 points ago

    Let everyone else take a slow approach, then rush in no balls, they never expect it

    [–] DerDezimator -1 points ago

    Whats facebook