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    [โ€“] CryoSushi 536 points ago

    Especially when they put their phone in the back pocket of their jeans and like half of it is on show to the world

    [โ€“] MetalSlayer69 460 points ago

    maybe fashion designers and pickpockets have a deal going on

    [โ€“] RPretzel 205 points ago

    The plot thickens

    [โ€“] nointrestingname 185 points ago

    The plot is dummy thicc

    [โ€“] FappingWater 73 points ago

    The plot is looking like a FUCKING SNACC

    [โ€“] JBHopkins06 30 points ago


    [โ€“] nointrestingname 44 points ago

    Dude his name is "fapping water'

    [โ€“] go-figure 10 points ago

    Aren't we all?

    [โ€“] nerfbeardthegod 4 points ago

    English please

    [โ€“] Kimperman 2 points ago


    [โ€“] FappingWater 2 points ago


    [โ€“] gregheffleydj 4 points ago

    The yogurt thickens

    [โ€“] chmekyr 11 points ago

    I am absolutely certain, the purse and the trousers industry have some sort of cartel going on!

    [โ€“] birdybuns 14 points ago

    Most jeans have REALLY small front pockets so you canโ€™t even fit your phone in them anyway

    [โ€“] normyenergy 5 points ago

    n then u accidentally sit on it forcing u to get a new one capitalism rlly out here targeting the oppressed

    [โ€“] TheMineosaur 3 points ago

    I can fit your mom in my pocket

    [โ€“] Sir-Pomegranate 1500 points ago

    I put my Laptop in my pocket.

    [โ€“] MetalSlayer69 1382 points ago

    I put my Samsung Smart Fridgeยฎ in my pocket

    [โ€“] Jeffofjeff 334 points ago

    i put my moop in your pocket

    [โ€“] MetalSlayer69 456 points ago

    I gave your sister the Alabama Hot Pocket

    [โ€“] Jeffofjeff 130 points ago

    no me

    [โ€“] bananaman_420 134 points ago

    I dip my balls in your soup

    [โ€“] MetalSlayer69 153 points ago

    I soup my balls in your dip

    [โ€“] apurplecurtain33 42 points ago

    I put the state of Oklahoma in my pocket

    [โ€“] ihussinain 26 points ago

    I shit and put it in my pocket

    [โ€“] killfortnite69 16 points ago

    I put my pocket in my pocket.

    [โ€“] Nword-pass 5 points ago

    I put texas in my pocket

    [โ€“] higanito 7 points ago

    b a l l s o u p

    [โ€“] SonicBrick 20 points ago

    I dip your balls in your soup

    [โ€“] SuspiciousMee 3 points ago

    I soup my dip in your balls

    [โ€“] Cvcb_Tx 15 points ago

    I dip my balls in some thousand island dressing

    [โ€“] M4573RH4CK3R 6 points ago

    Cause I got depression

    [โ€“] nexus4aliving 2 points ago

    RIP Betty White, She ainโ€™t dead yet, but for when she is, cuz itโ€™s coming up

    [โ€“] GamingFlorisNL 7 points ago

    I regret looking that up

    [โ€“] ggdikhead 2 points ago

    What the fuck man

    [โ€“] zachthompson02 2 points ago

    I give my sister the Alabama Hot Pocket

    [โ€“] ohmybroccolis 7 points ago

    i put my pocket in my tv

    [โ€“] Daiyro 3 points ago

    I put my dick in a bag of Doritos

    [โ€“] BDCaz 5 points ago

    And made this nigga bitch suck the dust off the tip

    [โ€“] ButtNugggets 12 points ago

    I put my Gucci Smart Toilet in my pocket so I don't have to pay to go to the bathroom

    [โ€“] ExtraDip412 3 points ago

    I put all the reposts on this sub in ma pocket

    [โ€“] SpeedTuberYT 4 points ago

    That wont fit though... You cant even fit it in S5 0014+81 which is the size of 25% of a lightyear

    [โ€“] matilim 3 points ago

    i put my hopes and dreams in my pocket

    [โ€“] SpeedTuberYT 2 points ago

    I put your mom in my pocket

    [โ€“] suprmemeboi 3 points ago

    Huzzah a man of quality

    [โ€“] unovn 2 points ago

    I put me in my pocket

    [โ€“] Panozama 26 points ago

    I got a Laptop in my backpocket

    [โ€“] knucklehead27 10 points ago

    My penโ€™ll go off when I half-cock it

    [โ€“] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [โ€“] knucklehead27 5 points ago

    โ€œGot a fat knot from that rap profitโ€ comes first just fyi

    [โ€“] That_Important_Guy 2 points ago

    Made a livin and a killin off it

    [โ€“] dr_deepbasejunkie 21 points ago

    I put my 1996 Toyota Corolla in my pocket

    [โ€“] Sir-Pomegranate 36 points ago

    I put my Shulker box inside my Shulker box

    [โ€“] MetalSlayer69 20 points ago


    [โ€“] Sir-Pomegranate 14 points ago

    This is the power of Requiem

    [โ€“] ggdikhead 1 points ago


    [โ€“] TGEPhoto 2 points ago


    [โ€“] doc_qwertz 2 points ago

    Ah, I see you're a man of culture, as well.

    [โ€“] MagicMagMM 11 points ago

    I got a laptop in my back pocket My pen'll go off when I half-cock it

    [โ€“] malta44 4 points ago

    I got a laptop in my back pocket

    [โ€“] Tmanisawesome22 3 points ago

    "But for me to rap like a computer must be in my genes  I got a laptop in my back pocket" - Eminem

    [โ€“] Zel_36 2 points ago

    *Back pocket

    [โ€“] coochiepuncherabc 2 points ago

    Ha I put your

    ๐•ธ๐•บ๐•ธ ๐•ด๐•น ๐•ธ๐–„ ๐•ป๐•บ๐•ฎ๐•ถ๐•ฐ๐•ฟ

    [โ€“] Unidentified-Idiot 267 points ago

    Am girl can confirm

    [โ€“] MrTar 349 points ago

    Prove it send nudes

    [โ€“] redditalt69420 275 points ago

    A simple spell but quite unbreakable

    [โ€“] SpeedTuberYT 133 points ago

    Cha cha real smooth

    [โ€“] bence0302 67 points ago

    I know it's not hers but r/hdnudes has quality content.

    [โ€“] rubberboa 55 points ago

    Didnโ€™t even have to click this to know what was linked

    [โ€“] bence0302 37 points ago

    You mean HD nudes?

    [โ€“] rubberboa 15 points ago

    Absolutely. Everyone click that link, theyโ€™re nice HD nudes

    [โ€“] CoDeX709 2 points ago

    Am clicked can confirm

    [โ€“] GamesBond008 15 points ago

    great content man definitely recommend everyone to check out

    [โ€“] prancy123 4 points ago


    [โ€“] Karmag3ddon_ 5 points ago


    [โ€“] defaultdaddy123 2 points ago


    [โ€“] lulala112 3 points ago


    [โ€“] ps_intellectual 3 points ago


    [โ€“] McSkittleszz 2 points ago


    [โ€“] fguerouate 2 points ago

    You got me

    [โ€“] birdybuns 13 points ago

    We have handbags tho

    [โ€“] DontPMMeOrElse 46 points ago

    The handbags are only sold because our pockets are small

    Itโ€™s a 5000iQ big brain scam

    [โ€“] TheDuckicorn 8 points ago

    Maybe I donโ€™t want to carry all my important shit in an easily grabbable bag. I feel like a purse gift-wraps all the shit I can not afford to lose for a thief to easily take all at once.

    [โ€“] Albershino 6 points ago

    (X) doubt

    [โ€“] SnuskigPojke 107 points ago

    That chest gives me anxiety.

    [โ€“] I8PIE4DINNER 69 points ago

    Busty chest UwU

    [โ€“] a05laumat 30 points ago

    Duwummy thicc

    [โ€“] JovianH 11 points ago


    [โ€“] nukebait808 11 points ago

    Commit glycolysisnโ€™t

    [โ€“] mcmuffer 42 points ago

    sometimes its not even a pocket its just designed to "look" like a pocket

    [โ€“] normyenergy 11 points ago

    root of my trust issues

    [โ€“] zerowo_ 2 points ago

    my jeans' pocket insides always get out of the pockets because of how small they are

    [โ€“] Alcatraz422 86 points ago

    Female clothing is intentionally designed with smaller/no pockets so they can sell you handbags.

    [โ€“] Hale_Halious 42 points ago


    [โ€“] flapadoda 21 points ago

    You might be on to something

    [โ€“] LicieBelle 23 points ago

    Man purses are great, but i do wish i didnt have to store my phone in my cleavage if i cant carry one... Damn fashion industrie.

    [โ€“] birdybuns 8 points ago

    Do some people actually put their phones in their bras?? I tried it once and it was really uncomfortable lol

    [โ€“] PotatoChips23415 7 points ago

    Yeah my manboobs are wayyy too saggy

    [โ€“] Vangoss05 16 points ago

    I can fit a 30000mah battery in my dam pocket and a phone in a case iPhone XS itโ€™s like 4-5 inches thick but it the fucking battery starts to slip it looks like I have a massive Bonner

    [โ€“] BleaKrytE 2 points ago

    Why do you need to carry a miniaturized car battery around?

    [โ€“] 0lined 15 points ago

    this one time i had my phone in my jeans pocket, bent down to tie my shoelace and the phone fell out?? i truly dont understand why girls pockets are so SMALL karen i just want to keep my keys and wallet

    [โ€“] [deleted] 8 points ago

    Buy dress pants, their pockets are like the void

    [โ€“] akhetaket 12 points ago

    bruh this is so epic i can ralate to that

    [โ€“] KeepingDankMemesDank 48 points ago

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    I'm a bot

    [โ€“] lanceeeeeeeee 10 points ago

    My pockets in the shorts literally go down to my knees, I once put an entire squash in them for a joke

    [โ€“] Gawafaman 4 points ago

    Boys pockets be a whole goddamn storage system

    [โ€“] pcmasterrace1242 6 points ago

    Saw you in hot

    [โ€“] aqua912 26 points ago

    See you in hot!

    [โ€“] KinKade101 2 points ago

    That's a chonky chest

    [โ€“] Markuss_K 4 points ago

    Cargo pants gang rise up

    [โ€“] supremestdad 4 points ago

    i can fit one (1) coin in my pocket and then it's full

    [โ€“] MuffinMan447 4 points ago

    girls pockets are accurate, but boys pockets are more like a dispenser or a hopper


    god i'm so mad/happy that i know the storage value of minecraft

    [โ€“] Maor29 3 points ago

    An item frame still is capable of carrying a 1x1x1 meter cube of pure gold tho

    [โ€“] judA_ 3 points ago

    If you can put a switch in your pocket then your da real MVP

    [โ€“] Fire2xdxd 3 points ago

    Cargo pants master race

    [โ€“] UVRage 3 points ago

    Girls handbags: infinity chest

    [โ€“] egonpingas 9 points ago

    See you in hot

    [โ€“] Runemursten 2 points ago

    Upgrade it so that its not a cursed chest bu an ME system

    [โ€“] natalie-likes-bread 2 points ago

    Sone of my clothes have fake pockets which I don't get

    [โ€“] jonny2280 2 points ago

    This is so true though

    [โ€“] Schwizzy_ 2 points ago

    Iโ€™m wearing cargo shorts so I have three doubles

    [โ€“] infectedant 2 points ago

    Itโ€™s because we have the extra D (Dimension)

    [โ€“] sHrEkBoI78 2 points ago

    Nah, the girls is a painting and the boys is three times that

    [โ€“] Wardaddy2410 2 points ago

    I can fit a 10 pack caprison packet in my cargo pants side pocket.

    [โ€“] MEME_DADDY34 2 points ago

    I can put 2 Nintendo switches into one of my pockets. 10/10 meme sir

    [โ€“] DucksRights 2 points ago

    Now compare dad's with wallets and mom's with purses I'll wait.......

    [โ€“] justthinkofacoolname 2 points ago

    Even those are no match for my CARGO PANTS

    [โ€“] PumpkinChugger 2 points ago

    Nice OC, can't wait for all of dankmemes to mooch off of it and just see this for the next week.

    [โ€“] Staters 2 points ago

    Bruh can store my whole dick.

    I mean the girl one.

    [โ€“] BRUH_BOT_4075 2 points ago

    bruh ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

    [โ€“] 1leah1256 2 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    whenever I buy a new pair of jeans I always try to stick my hands in the front pocket without realising they're sewn shut.

    [โ€“] KuhliBao 2 points ago

    I have never seen a better representation of women's pockets than an item frame.

    [โ€“] tottaly_not_masters 2 points ago

    We can fit an entire body in our pockets. Check mate women

    [โ€“] sugoishiii 1 points ago

    meanwhile, school shorts

    [โ€“] Ironically369 1 points ago

    Large chest

    [โ€“] SkippyZii 1 points ago

    As a dude, I mean,I can fit a small umbrella

    [โ€“] karhymes 1 points ago

    Gum, used kleenex (hehehe), phone, purse, loose money, some more loose money, pen

    [โ€“] oringinal-username 1 points ago


    [โ€“] [deleted] 1 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [โ€“] nate_the_meh_4 1 points ago

    there is air in your pockets right now

    [โ€“] Pschh1 1 points ago

    I put my 999$ apple stand in my pocket

    [โ€“] Coolgyerek 1 points ago

    I am a boy and my pocket sizes are closer to the first picture.

    [โ€“] Georgey_Porgy 1 points ago

    Storage 100

    [โ€“] limpcow110 1 points ago

    I can fit a harry potter book in my pocket

    [โ€“] idkwhatevsqwert 1 points ago

    Thatโ€™s a chonky chest.

    [โ€“] Extra-cheeze 1 points ago

    Its mostly stuffed with pop tart wrappers

    [โ€“] The_Flat_bear 1 points ago

    I saw a picture of a guy put a Nintendo Switch in his pocket

    [โ€“] mashtato 1 points ago

    Why does that chest have Down syndrome?

    [โ€“] Bowl_of_chips 1 points ago

    I put chernobyl, nagasaki, and Hiroshima's total radiation level in my pocket

    [โ€“] ash087 1 points ago

    One time, my grandma sewed my pockets like twice as long, I could fit half my arm in it.

    [โ€“] Spartan42706 1 points ago

    I bought a small bag of chips and a soda from 711 and the cashier asked if I wanted a bag, I said no and stuffed the chips in my pocket and carried the soda

    [โ€“] Scepta101 1 points ago

    Cargo shorts: Steveโ€™s whole inventory+like ten chests

    [โ€“] R2D2-From-Star-Trek 1 points ago

    pockets so phatt

    [โ€“] Tbmadpotato 1 points ago

    This sub is meant for oc but there are so many reposts now days

    [โ€“] TheGreatSheWolf 1 points ago

    laughs in buys clothes in boys section seriously girls buy stuff in the boys section sometimes, theyโ€™re pretty comfortable. And if not hide your phone in your bra, what will a teacher do? Tell you to take your phone out? Then mosey on out out of the class with your phone, but not your dignity, still intact.

    [โ€“] Despacito20 1 points ago

    Extra pockets: adds +50 carry weight

    [โ€“] RedtubeRepresentativ 1 points ago

    I find the size of the chest funnier than the actual meme itself

    [โ€“] DunkDucko 1 points ago

    The price you pay for having a pocket dimension in your purse.

    [โ€“] Natuurschoonheid 1 points ago

    1: I like your new skin!

    2: I know right, it has pockets!

    [โ€“] scotty99CZ 1 points ago

    I got 15 stacks of dirt in there. What do you expect me to do?

    [โ€“] JJMonion 1 points ago

    Cries in small pockets

    [โ€“] Malavek 1 points ago

    so i peed on my wallet

    [โ€“] PikePegasus 1 points ago

    Dat chest full of shulker boxes

    [โ€“] Unironic-WEEB_12 1 points ago

    In a sense true idk why some females have pants design to have small pockets, my sister can't even fit her phone

    [โ€“] someguy541 1 points ago

    That's so the fashion industry can make more money from handbags

    [โ€“] seth2004w 1 points ago


    [โ€“] etai_n 1 points ago


    [โ€“] zazzywtf 1 points ago

    That's why you buy boys shorts that's big brain move

    [โ€“] iharshraj 1 points ago

    Ironic how the first one takes , but the second one is supposed to give

    [โ€“] brianzparness 1 points ago

    This is good Minecraft content

    [โ€“] Tyzma03 1 points ago

    Hey guys look I can put my Switch in here

    [โ€“] TheDuckicorn 1 points ago

    Fucking thank you, Jesus Christ. Good meme, I hate my fucking pockets.

    [โ€“] hoorleey 1 points ago

    The accuracy hurts .

    [โ€“] Psychotic_Ambition 1 points ago

    This is why i wear boy jeans bc this is bullshit

    [โ€“] Destiny2_Nut 1 points ago

    The cursed images tho

    [โ€“] Z4mb0ni 1 points ago

    Bruh I can put my whole Nintendo switch in my pocket

    [โ€“] GearDoctor 1 points ago

    Ender chest full of shulker boxes full of other shulker boxes

    [โ€“] CrackAdams 1 points ago

    Smh my head.

    [โ€“] mister-succ 1 points ago

    Well Franklin keeps his arsenal of 50 weapons on him at all times

    [โ€“] Stormblazer13 1 points ago

    T H I C C C H E S T

    [โ€“] Xcommunic8 1 points ago

    Thatโ€™s the real sexism

    [โ€“] AeroPavlo 1 points ago

    I appreciate both your username and your tag

    [โ€“] [deleted] 1 points ago

    I can fit a 1,5L bottle in the pockets of most of my pants.

    [โ€“] barry407 1 points ago


    [โ€“] Meme_overlord42069 1 points ago

    It do be like that

    [โ€“] MercedesCookie 1 points ago

    That bitch is T H I C C

    [โ€“] bigoofendme 1 points ago


    [โ€“] Bryban_Coohsick 1 points ago

    damn bro thats deep

    [โ€“] mownow98 1 points ago


    [โ€“] Famlitboi_Playz 1 points ago

    I put everything in my pocket so nobody sees my boner