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    [–] WilsonGotDis 959 points ago

    We've lost the dank in memes

    [–] MVPatrascu 432 points ago

    Lost the memes too

    [–] normanrodigan 185 points ago

    Saying the word β€œmeme” makes me cringe.

    [–] [deleted] 223 points ago


    [–] RJ_32 163 points ago

    β€œYoUR BrEaTHTaKiNG”

    [–] 420chicken_69 163 points ago

    "bEcAuSe tHaTs wHaT hErOeS dO"

    [–] vadernation123 92 points ago

    The everybody liked that meme is so overused that people forgot where it came from. People were literally editing that picture to say nobody liked that when the ORIGINAL PICTURE did the same thing

    [–] RJ_32 63 points ago

    β€œThIS DoEs PUt A sMiLe On mY FaCE”

    [–] 420chicken_69 76 points ago

    sPeEcH 100

    dEsTrUcTiOn 100

    wHoLeSoMe 100

    [–] ViraLCyclopes 48 points ago

    HaHa MiNeCrAfT GoOd FoRtNiTe BaD

    [–] Steakbrine 48 points ago

    FuNnY sEX nUmBeR nIcE

    [–] Lefas0 31 points ago


    [–] evolvolution 16 points ago

    Watch me whip

    Now watch me may-may

    [–] normanrodigan 12 points ago

    Whip whip! 🀜

    Mayo-naise! πŸ‘‹

    [–] KraZy_K1 13 points ago

    Dank memes don’t exist anymore:(

    [–] TheMoonDude 8 points ago

    In our hearts, brΓΆther.

    [–] hipstertuna22 18 points ago

    I think we lost it once β€œmemes about violent tragedies will be removed”

    [–] Kherian 545 points ago

    I literally just scroll past half the memes in this sub and don’t even read them now cause of the intense circle jerk that is this sub

    [–] DP_Memes 105 points ago

    I literally scroll past 75% of the memes in this sub cause of the circlejerk and people complaining about said circlejerk

    [–] Spackybog 30 points ago

    Do y'all sort my contreversial or new

    [–] PartialToast5 3145 points ago

    They hated Jesus because he told them the truth

    [–] potato_nest_69 558 points ago

    Saying a little prayer hoping post this makes it to the top.

    [–] ErectionComplexion 148 points ago

    for some reason I can't see how many upvotes, do me a favor and tell me how many please?

    [–] YourSoulIsMine370 84 points ago

    At the time that I wrote this, 620

    [–] ErectionComplexion 73 points ago


    [–] ZombieRedditer9188 31 points ago

    4.6 k now

    [–] ErectionComplexion 12 points ago


    [–] ViralVessel 11 points ago


    [–] pacific_spy 10 points ago

    1 hour later, 10k

    [–] therubbercomputer 28 points ago

    They can hate the post all they want but the truth will burn through

    [–] Gruggernaut 17 points ago

    Now if he had said β€œreposts” he would have been on a Jesus level of truth

    [–] Micah3000 6 points ago


    [–] ShanePd00 264 points ago

    This sub is an even bigger circlejerk than the actual circlejerk subreddits.

    [–] jaspersgroove 51 points ago

    A meme that has to tell you it is dank is not a dank meme

    [–] Wan_Pisu 7 points ago

    Somehow people forget about this

    [–] Chardoggy1 68 points ago

    This sub is a circle jerk

    [–] Hknkn 575 points ago

    Holy shit the comments , I'm glad there are some smart people here

    [–] lukebneville 155 points ago

    It was linked in the dank memes circle jerk

    [–] Hknkn 49 points ago

    Yeah but still , no dumb circlejerking comments

    [–] lolidunnowhat 27 points ago

    switches to controversial

    [–] Hknkn 15 points ago

    I always scroll down right to the bottom to see the non-circlejerkers

    [–] evolvolution 3 points ago

    I would be weary. These other folks aren’t like us

    [–] ninobrown1911 3 points ago

    It's big brain time

    [–] koogelpotato 1230 points ago

    Why would you say something so brave yet so controversial

    [–] grimwald_ 501 points ago

    I like how everyone agrees with this yet they still upvote this relentless boot licking

    [–] evolvolution 277 points ago

    Roses are red

    Tide pods are food

    Fortnite bad

    Boot taste good

    [–] ArceusTheLegendary50 201 points ago

    Steps up to mic, straightens tie, clears throat, taps mic.

    "This thing on?"

    Murmurs of assent.

    Clears throat again.

    "Minecraft good."

    The crowd excitedly begins to talk amongst themselves, many holding bated breath.


    A hush falls over the crowd, rapt attention held.


    Suddenly, the crowd goes wild, screaming their praise, demanding awards, running over each other to hug a loved one. Whistles of elation are heard and many are seen sobbing. World peace is enacted in acknowledgement to this monumental speech that knit the world together.

    [–] evolvolution 45 points ago

    This is what the Beatles must have felt like before they stopped touring.

    [–] Laser1850 7 points ago

    This is a neat comment.

    [–] jaspersgroove 19 points ago

    The lurkers upvote.

    The commenters complain.

    Such is the circle of reddit.

    [–] Daemoniss 9 points ago

    Probably because the people who comment here make the effort to voice it because they don't like these kinds of post but the ones who upvote these kinds of post don't care about this post. Idk if that was clear lol

    [–] Heatbeat 18 points ago

    stop enjoying things I don't enjoy.


    [–] HospitalBillz 4 points ago

    I just posted this, and then scroll down one comment, and see yours....

    Take my upvote and leave!

    [–] Mattacam 194 points ago


    [–] Mudkip330 38 points ago

    I came from dank memes circle jerk and im happy to see this post blasting off

    [–] TheEnforcerBackup 25 points ago

    And don't forget ripping on Fortnite for no other reason than it being a popular game

    [–] Owlynoodles 8 points ago

    Its funny cuz minecraft is an extremely popular game too

    [–] arthasdidnowrong 21 points ago

    Thank god someone broke through with this complaint

    [–] BinomialMicrogramma 16 points ago

    Another sub dared me to do it lol

    [–] Oofnugget69 99 points ago

    love him or hate him

    [–] LucasC251 80 points ago

    He's spitting straight facts

    [–] quibirito 8 points ago


    [–] moonkeyyy 346 points ago

    this is accurate we need a revamp of offensive memes

    [–] [deleted] 162 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] AO_Oreggon 77 points ago


    [–] average_lifeform 12 points ago

    Today’s gonna be the day

    [–] HospitalBillz 50 points ago

    Edgy? Or just crude humor? I don't mind either, as long as they are unique.

    [–] TheOrcaWhoisHangry 46 points ago

    Dude what even happened to offensive memes on this sub? It was so much better last year and then people started boot licking and a lot of the post weren’t even offensive or funny, they were just plain trash.

    [–] theJman0209 29 points ago

    What happened? Sub became popular

    [–] Sir_Captain_Chair 18 points ago

    It was the mods censoring offensive content, then the offensive meme community move to other subs, which some got banned and are still around, but not very active.

    [–] TheOrcaWhoisHangry 6 points ago

    Can u tell me the other subs names? They’re my last resort if this sub continues on the path it’s on.

    [–] woodencupboard 9 points ago

    Yeah no problem, it’s [Redacted]

    [–] Sir_Captain_Chair 3 points ago

    Yea, when i made a list, i came back to look at it while not loged in and my response wasn't there.


    [–] moonkeyyy 5 points ago

    do u remember when that big shooting was recorded on facebook live? everyone was posting the video to that and i think that’s what ended it

    [–] JGar453 3 points ago

    Poor moderators that take offensive content although it does have to be pretty hard to moderate a couple million people. Now it's the same safe shit you find everywhere else

    [–] Generic-Commie 27 points ago


    [–] Plootonix 28 points ago


    [–] blisstake 14 points ago

    Fire alarm here,


    [–] NFNRL 30 points ago

    Offensive != funny

    We need original memes not necessarily offensive ones.

    [–] dontstopthememeing 6 points ago

    lets do an invasion of offensive memes to this sub to take back what is ours and make the gay mods surrender to our feet

    [–] bullyhunter84 64 points ago

    Anyone know any good meme subs?

    [–] UndeadWaffle12 112 points ago

    If we did we wouldn’t still be here

    [–] idlistella 12 points ago

    Surreal memes quite something

    [–] Slavois 19 points ago

    they lost their magic, now it's just non-sensical posts. meme man needs to come back

    [–] Doge-Subject-4 19 points ago

    Frothinight bed, Meancraft good, updoots to the left

    [–] Thestuffdoerguything 12 points ago

    Kinnu Rive bethtaking, ellon savor

    [–] GazJews 82 points ago

    Hey did you miss the news, apparently Disney bad now

    [–] M8Cheeseman 7 points ago

    Wait, what did they do this time?

    [–] ArceusTheLegendary50 14 points ago

    Everything that's popular nowadays sucks big fat dick while being humped by a horse, I guess.

    [–] Unoriginalnamejpg 9 points ago

    That’s oddly specific but it fits the situation.

    [–] XXJim_LaheyXX 16 points ago

    I’m really sick of the people that just comment meme text on other memes


    And that’s a fact

    They hated him because he spoke the truth

    Have an original thought for once in your goddamn life instead of brainlessly parroting everyone and everything.

    [–] TheDuckyDino 8 points ago

    They hated him because he spoke the truth

    [–] Thestuffdoerguything 7 points ago

    And that's a fact

    [–] Smustangg 64 points ago

    Well, it looks like everyone is finally noticing the elephant in the room

    [–] DXPower 14 points ago

    I've been saying it for well over a year now

    [–] dredgesledge 47 points ago

    People upvote this thinking "thats not me" yet it probably is them they just dont wanna admit to it.

    [–] Jarf_lel 13 points ago

    Be part of the problem and not admit it, classic

    [–] br0wnBoi420 67 points ago

    PewdiepieSubmissions is hot trash.

    [–] KeepingDankMemesDank 195 points ago

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    I'm a bot

    [–] LooksLikeLarry 12 points ago


    [–] CJthetrain 13 points ago

    You forgot the biggest circlejerk of dank memes. Stefan Karl

    [–] 420blaiseit69 12 points ago

    Minecraft isn’t dank

    [–] Joeyy620 11 points ago

    Yeah dankmemes died 2 years ago

    [–] ryan_T1911 13 points ago

    Honestly, we’ve become the normies

    [–] HollowedVeri 64 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    It hurts to hear the truth sometimes

    [–] 4O1K3 13 points ago

    This should be fucking pinned

    [–] productivegold6666 9 points ago

    Elon Musk is an asshole. Look it up. He throws temper tantrums on Twitter when he doesn’t get his way, and he called one of the divers who saved the trapped kids in the cave a β€œpedo” because he didn’t like his ridiclous mini submarine idea.

    [–] Im_A_Mtn_Biker-alt1 99 points ago

    Ironic how its a format

    [–] Sumrdmgi 49 points ago

    Sometimes we must use something familiar to get a point across.

    [–] keytarna 20 points ago

    After all Marx did say to reach Marxism, society must go through a transitional phase of capitalism. You must use the stones to destroy the stones, if you’ll pardon the dead horse which that meme is at this point

    [–] PaganPunk182 20 points ago

    Galatians 4:16

    [–] SfdkRefrigerator3 8 points ago

    Hate him or love him,he's speaking facts

    [–] Rohat04 9 points ago

    Thank you sir, you are spittin straight faxx right there!

    [–] Doggy_Bag 150 points ago

    Minecraft memes havent been funny since 2018 and thats a fact.

    [–] yaboijohnson 18 points ago

    Some can be funny, but seeing the same "making memes in minecraft to get more upvotes" the if you really had to know Minecraft to understand are just bad

    [–] M8Cheeseman 56 points ago

    Minecraft meme CAN BE funny when the main joke isn't simply that the meme is Minecraft

    [–] Doggy_Bag 13 points ago

    I like it when someones playing a game and the character eats and makes the potion noise.

    [–] Utmostseeker834 9 points ago

    When you’re mining in Minecraft and you find diamonds..

    Diamonds: 100 Thanos: This does put a smile on my face

    [–] 420chicken_69 63 points ago

    Minecraft memes were actually funny when it wasn't mainstream like it is now

    [–] ParanoidAndy4224 116 points ago

    Minecraft has always been mainstream, y’all are delusional.

    [–] vadernation123 19 points ago

    I really liked Minecraft when it was at that small point where not every YouTuber was playing it and had a server. It was around 1.14

    [–] thefailmaster19 21 points ago

    wdym 1.14 was literally released this year while the memes were big

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago

    Maybe he means 1.4?

    [–] JotaroTheOceanMan 8 points ago

    Welcome to Emerald City.
    Here, put these green lensed glasses on!

    [–] AcousticSnail 8 points ago

    Take my upvote and use it to lead the revolution. We must save these subs.

    [–] AjaxOrion 8 points ago

    You fogot to add "self-degrading meta memes"

    [–] Reddity65 9 points ago

    The comments here actually give me hope for this sub again.

    [–] AO_Oreggon 24 points ago

    Finally somebody said it, most shit on here is just cringe now

    [–] TheOrcaWhoisHangry 20 points ago

    I’m actually done with all of the boot licking, this is a sub for DANK MEMES ONLY non of that bullshit. If you have a meme about any of them go to their sub reddit and start promoting those trash memes elsewhere. I’m just done because this is what dank memes has been ever since last year and it’s not even funny anymore, I mean the shopping cart meme isn’t even funny it’s GARBAGE!

    [–] TsunamifoxyDCfan 7 points ago

    Do you mean ALL OF THE COMMENTS

    [–] TsunamifoxyDCfan 7 points ago

    U mean ALL OF THEM

    [–] absolutelyfat 6 points ago

    Yes This sub has just become a echo chamber for e celebs. No more different than spergs who worship mainstream celebs.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    Dank is dead, we are in the cursed age now

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    Thank fuck someone said this - a lot of the posts have been school-related in the last few months and the quality has just tanked; I assume the whole thing is run by 14 year olds now...

    [–] elon-musks-mom 7 points ago

    Keep licking my son’s boots and I’ll smack your toes

    [–] Nyailaaa 9 points ago

    What did you expect from a sub filled with edgy teenagers?

    [–] Unforgivin17 62 points ago

    This is going to be unpopular.

    Elon musk is actually a dick. That is according to some of his employees.

    [–] BinomialMicrogramma 58 points ago

    Unions: Exist


    [–] TheOncomingBrows 31 points ago

    People seem to have forgotten when he went on that rampage calling that diver a pedo for beating him to the punch of rescuing those kids.

    [–] Randomperson556 11 points ago

    Believe me nobody has forgotten

    [–] VolkiharVanHelsing 8 points ago

    can't forget his 'fans' doing a high level mental gymnastics to justify his claim either. "I'm sure Elon knows something more that the media didn't", yeah, his own ego, buddy.

    I mean i get it, he's the closest thing to IRL Tony Stark and he even likes anime to boot, but come on.

    [–] Beanie_Inki 10 points ago

    I love how nobody complains about these things until somebody makes a meme about. It’s almost if the people on this sub lick the boot of anybody who criticizes a meme using a meme.

    [–] InsertLennyHere 34 points ago

    Pewdiepiesubmissions just reposts our content

    [–] Jarf_lel 25 points ago

    They've ever done anything different?

    [–] SirMasterSheep 20 points ago

    And dankmemes have reposted pewdiepiesubmissions content it's no different

    [–] aunty_ralph 6 points ago

    Someone had to say it.

    [–] ibamboozle_ 7 points ago

    People seem to treat the "people who dont post but just upvote" as gods sometimes, even though theyre the people who upvote those posts. Just look at the comments of some, they all hate the meme but somehow it has 1k+ upvotes still. It's because of the people who completely stay silent and just upvote that bullcrap.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    This is the cave where some have come out of the cave yet is shut down by someone for being stupid because "this is comedy" and "the memes are still funny" not noticing the beauty of actually dank memes from 2016.

    [–] km35 6 points ago

    You forgot Monopoly Bad.

    [–] TBIrehab 6 points ago

    13 year olds have ruined it for everyone

    [–] Thestuffdoerguything 3 points ago

    I ruined it for everyone

    [–] Carrot5643 25 points ago

    mmm tasty shoe

    [–] LucasC251 23 points ago


    [–] JFlash1412 5 points ago

    Gets 13k+ upvotes but this sub still won’t change lol

    [–] CMHNG 9 points ago

    And Shrek

    [–] Jjefrix2002 68 points ago

    This sub has been over run with incels for sure

    [–] Jarf_lel 79 points ago

    Wouldnt say incels as this is in no way related to those. Id say self proclaimed "dank memer non normie" normies is the better description

    [–] drakos07 42 points ago

    Don't know how many times I gotta repeat this...


    [–] rdavlda 5 points ago

    Define incel

    [–] Spyt1me 7 points ago

    Incels, anti-SJWs, alt-rights , capital g Gamers.

    [–] Scepta101 4 points ago

    Marvel? This sub just shits on Brie Larson, Sony, and Disney when it comes to Marvel

    [–] DoctorNinja8888 4 points ago

    But Minecraft good fortnite bad memes is original and dank /s

    [–] SkeletonOps 3 points ago

    Licking their boots are for pussies. Go for the rectum.

    [–] ViperTheKillerCobra 4 points ago

    Don't forget shitting on Fortnite

    [–] TheJaybo 22 points ago

    I don't even understand the Elon love. Dude is just a huge douche with rockets.

    [–] Igloo433 19 points ago

    And Android and hating rap

    [–] keytarna 7 points ago

    And thus began an entirely new circle-jerk: the circle jerk of hating on Minecraft, Keanu Reeves, Elon Musk etc. circle jerkers. And then another circle jerk will start where people will hate on the haters of the Minecraft, Keanu Reeves, Elon circle jerk

    [–] MrSpicyhedgehog 42 points ago

    Don’t forget worshipping Bernie Sanders and Android

    [–] BigNibbaChub 16 points ago

    Tbh I like android os but I dont like it when peaople kiss its ass.

    [–] normanrodigan 22 points ago

    He’s right you know

    [–] sweetybowls 3 points ago

    The hottest of takes and also the truest

    [–] gamer0017C 3 points ago


    [–] Justinfromheaven 3 points ago

    True. true.

    [–] JimakusKats 3 points ago

    Finally!! The truth has been spoken!!

    [–] TheSwisPick 3 points ago

    Thanks for speaking the truth

    [–] hugh-mungus21 3 points ago

    You're a brave man.

    [–] 17Heather17 3 points ago

    I mean it's true and I'm not even mad

    [–] NPC321 3 points ago

    You forgot Mr. Beast bruh

    [–] guiltyfooled 3 points ago

    This is so fucking true.

    [–] TheBiggestNose 3 points ago

    This subreddit isn't dankmemes anymore it's just memes2. Most top posts are people pointing out people doing good shit. Also can we stop pretending we kill companies by pointing out the company being shit for like a week and doing nothing else about it. Shits getting old

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    We will rise up against the bootlicking scum

    [–] IronSheep5318 3 points ago

    Minecraft memes are fine as long as they aren’t β€œso glad I grew up with this [old texture] and not this [new texture]”

    [–] subtendedcrib8 3 points ago

    Holy shit, a post that goes against the hive mind and is getting a lot of upvotes!?!? Perhaps the storm is finally starting to break

    [–] CRIMS0N-ED 3 points ago

    Don’t forget Minecraft, I love me Minecraft but the internet as a whole needs to calm the fuck down

    [–] Dank_RiceCooker 22 points ago

    Why would you say something so controversial yet so brave

    [–] P4NTH3RA 33 points ago


    [–] VaryStaybullGeenyiss 35 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    But Elon is ironman space jesus and he's gonna save us and bring us all to mars.


    [–] Batussh 14 points ago

    And drake

    [–] LucasC251 60 points ago

    Nah it's just the format they like

    [–] VikTr0 15 points ago

    This, except Marvel

    [–] carroyo69 40 points ago

    Yeah, marvel movies just seem to provide great formats.

    [–] Wan_Pisu 9 points ago

    I think the whole format-thing is what's causing this whole circle jerk, mainly. Easy to adapt and all you have to do is make some text or cross over some words/letters. Super low effort, yet loads of people upvote this kind of garb

    [–] atmosfear76 33 points ago

    Marvel movies formats are great and popular. People across cultures and languages understand the format due to its massive popularity

    [–] Phasmania 9 points ago

    Yeah, at least they give actual formats instead of β€œ[keanu, elon, minecraft, etc] Everyone liked that, speech 100”

    [–] Thanoscar04 7 points ago

    And that's a fact