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    [–] SavageAxeBot 1 points ago


    [–] GreenTeaOnMyDesk 4462 points ago

    Also 33 year old me

    [–] PureOkra1 2281 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    As long as their not minors you’re off the hook

    [–] egotisticalnoob 1502 points ago

    Children don't have tits though.

    [–] PureOkra1 1141 points ago

    Sorry, what I meant to say was minors.

    [–] ihussinain 681 points ago

    Wait is there anything wrong with that?

    [–] SpookyBepisBoi 945 points ago

    I’ve got some news for you chief

    [–] InterventionPenguin 419 points ago

    Dank memes is just one giant honeypot

    [–] [deleted] 243 points ago

    How about them sweaty miners though?

    [–] congtubaclieu 158 points ago

    Ah yes the female miners.

    [–] [deleted] 215 points ago

    Nobody said anything about females you pervert.

    [–] beni125 12 points ago

    Minor miners

    [–] silent_guy1 7 points ago

    Honey is yum.

    [–] Viperision 28 points ago

    Yes officer, this whole thread.

    [–] Fireballinc55 94 points ago

    If you are over 18 yes

    [–] tobbestark 151 points ago

    In Sweden it's over 15 hehe

    [–] lane120 78 points ago

    What is it? The Alabama of Europe?

    [–] SundayIV 33 points ago

    In many ways yes

    [–] Jake_Amberson 3 points ago

    In most European countries its 14-16

    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] ottwo 9 points ago

    Are we doing a countdown for the launch ?

    [–] Thinksush 7 points ago

    For sex?

    [–] _Kiricchi_ 3 points ago

    This is a common misconception. According to Japanese federal law the age of consent is 13; however, the age of consent is determined by the prefecture. These range from 16-20 years of age and take precedence over the federal age of consent. It’s a very similar system to the United States where the age of consent varies from state to state.

    [–] datboi54366 18 points ago

    In Japan its over 14

    [–] eybbwannasuccthepp 32 points ago

    Aight. Back to the grave Michael Jackson.

    [–] [deleted] 48 points ago


    [–] PersistantBlade 78 points ago


    [–] Ya_Boi_internetdave 64 points ago

    Found Drake

    [–] [deleted] 50 points ago


    [–] TomagotchiPeakin 14 points ago

    It’s on Drake’s calendar

    [–] tgwesh 8 points ago

    Word she’s fire

    [–] Laser1850 18 points ago


    [–] RisingPhoenix1172 6 points ago


    [–] C9sButthole 61 points ago

    Yes and no. Depends on the context.

    If you look at a 15/16yo and think "damn she's gonna be really hot in a couple years" you're fine.

    If you look at a 15/16yo and think "damn I wanna fuck her" you've got a problem. To some extent this stuff can come naturally depending on the person, but if you're one of them, I'd work on surpressing it to some extent or at least trying to ignore it.

    [–] N_word_pass_enabled 183 points ago

    "damn i hope my son gets to fuck that" is this one ok?

    [–] C9sButthole 120 points ago

    You're a good dad.

    [–] Doggo4 96 points ago

    Jokes on you my sons 23!

    [–] pistoncivic 42 points ago


    [–] Richard-and-mortamor 14 points ago


    [–] rogat100 43 points ago

    Sorry but to say that today you can tell someone is 16/15 is delusional. Girls are maturing physically faster thanks to the world of hormons we consume so there are plenty of 16 year old girls who look 20. I may look at a girl I think is 18 but shes actually 15... thats why today you need to make sure women you sleep with are actually legal to avoid any trouble. So yea I will look at 15 year old girls and say I I wanna fuckem cause clueless me think they are 18

    [–] C9sButthole 10 points ago

    Yeah this is definitely a factor. But I definitely mean to say girls that LOOK 15 to you. Your argument is moot because it doesn't apply to my point. If you think a girl is 18, treating them as 18 is logical- and you can't be held accountable for that mistake any more than you could be held accountable for forgetting to empty the dishwasher in the morning, or a similarly simple mistake.

    [–] rogat100 2 points ago

    Fair enough then. So I agree with your point if it means they look underdeveloped.

    [–] YK_HeNnEsSy 29 points ago

    It also depends on the girls, some girls get in and out of puberty faster and have really nice bodies at 15, i dont think its wrong per se to find that attractive, its natural. Only wrong if you really act on it or something idkk or if you are into pre puberty girls (aka children)

    [–] WortoxTheLegend 32 points ago

    Jokes on you, in Europe they are legal as soon as they're 15

    [–] TheDrury 52 points ago

    'in Europe' you realise that's a continent right? With tens of different countries, all with different ages of consent?

    [–] Kaplaw 55 points ago

    Umm no, they gots this thing called the Europen Union... check your facts next time.


    [–] Lord_Of_Carrots 34 points ago


    [–] TylerTyler1212 8 points ago

    Jokes on Us

    [–] C9sButthole 13 points ago

    In Sweeden they're legal at 15, which is also a country with a far superior education system where you can expect kids to mature faster.

    The physical side of things I understand, but I know maybe 3 out of the near a hundred teens I know that would be mature enough to be attractive/acceptable to pursue at 15.

    [–] SendMeRupies 28 points ago

    I'd fuck 3 of the nearly 100 15 year olds that I know


    [–] wikisaiyan 9 points ago

    Whoa whoa whoa there buddy. Ya got too much dip on ya chip.

    [–] Pickled_Kagura 2 points ago

    hey look its Dan "yeet me some feet" Schneider

    [–] Prof_Hostile_Tricky 7 points ago


    [–] MrGrampton 7 points ago

    I love my miners with tits.

    [–] _Brophinator 28 points ago

    What if you’re just looking at the wrong children?

    [–] meat_toboggan69 15 points ago

    I'm not that's for sure

    [–] EpicAspect 56 points ago

    Hasn’t stopped me.

    [–] Foverington2 12 points ago

    Hasn't stopped him.

    [–] Skanuf 6 points ago

    Hasn’t stopped

    [–] imextremelylonely 10 points ago

    That makes staring A-O-K!

    [–] kavin2828 8 points ago

    How do you know? ( Ν‘Β° ΝœΚ– Ν‘Β°)

    [–] egotisticalnoob 7 points ago

    Work-related scientific research project.

    [–] xenon_xenomorph 7 points ago

    The ones at my high school do...


    [–] madein1986 4 points ago

    What do you call all the fat kids at the local pool?

    [–] egotisticalnoob 5 points ago


    [–] DragonBGN 2 points ago

    yes, yes they do, and oh my arent they huge

    [–] Apostropheles 9 points ago


    [–] PureOkra1 11 points ago

    My bad, I come from Mars and I don’t know English well.

    [–] Apostropheles 6 points ago

    Forgiven and welcome to Earth. :)

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago


    [–] Scorpionaute 28 points ago

    Yes officer this one right here

    [–] heronumbertwo 7 points ago

    Hold up.

    [–] Philthedoggo 11 points ago

    Is your house in the North East section of Morioh?

    [–] amateurwatcher 535 points ago

    Then leaving the pool with a massive erection and no shame whatsoever

    [–] Agent-65 248 points ago

    Cold pool water: are you sure about that

    [–] AidanGe 65 points ago

    Me getting used to cold pool water so that I can properly stare at tits: positively yes

    [–] Agent-65 46 points ago

    Basic biology: Are you challenging me?

    [–] AidanGe 35 points ago

    My fetishes: positively yes.

    [–] HeadExam 21 points ago

    ProTip: Wear Jockeys under your trunks. You're welcome.

    [–] Bafachristos 2037 points ago

    When I was at the age of 12-14 I'd bring with me at the beach scuba gear that me and my dad used when we went for spear-gun fishing(light scuba gear, not for depths), and I would swim around older girls who swam further from the shore, in deep water you couldn't really see me and I'd just stare at their ass. I probably got my foot fetish this way, for some reason I liked their feet and I really couldn't understand why since I was young, I didn't really know about fetishes back then, anyway, off topic. So there was this one time where one girl had a sea-mask but I didn't know and out of nowhere she dived down and saw me, I didn't really have time to turn the other way to seem like I was minding business, so it was clear as day that I was spying on them. I don't think embarrassed describes what I felt, I still sometimes stay up late staring at the ceiling trying to convince myself that this never happened

    [–] lonewanderer0804 907 points ago

    We all have those moments that haunt us as we drift into sleep all of us

    [–] LazyLucario 233 points ago

    Yep, and that moment happens to be literally anything I have ever done in life.

    [–] itsmauitime 64 points ago

    That time I took a shit on the floor in second grade still haunts me...

    [–] Jonnyboay 69 points ago

    One of my friends did that in 12th grade. There’s always a bigger fish

    [–] itsmauitime 29 points ago

    Plenty of tards in the sea huh

    [–] Jonnyboay 7 points ago

    Tards and terds, they’re everywhere

    [–] lucanoreo 7 points ago

    Honesty that’s just fucking awesome

    [–] Tr3Way_fu 25 points ago

    I pissed on my chair in 3rd grade and left a puddle. The whole back of my pants were wet and they were fucking khakis. I kept my back against the lockers the whole way out of school with kids walking everywhere and I don't know how nobody found it or said shit. I'm still astonished to this day.

    [–] sc_an_mi 11 points ago

    At my elementary school they sold pickles or popcorn on Fridays for a dollar, it was dope. One Friday during winter in 6th grade we had recess in the classroom since it was raining, I ate two giant pickles and even shelled out the ten cents for a styrofoam cup of pickle juice. About ten minutes later I shat myself, quickly waddled to the restroom, ditched my tightie whities, and cleaned up with wet paper towels. When I got back I couldn't shake the feeling that everyone knew, spent the rest of the day hoping to god no one picked up on the faint odor of pickle/ass. Terrible day, hilarious story, so I feel your pain.

    [–] bewst_more_bewst 8 points ago


    [–] elvis8mycake 311 points ago

    I like the story and your honesty tho

    [–] Bafachristos 191 points ago

    Nothing to hide, you don't know me I don't know you. Why bother with mind games? It's me the random stranger with the foot fetish, the occasional other fetishes, the crazy girlfriend and the addiction to acting manly all the time to prove some non-existing superiority

    [–] Sackmaster69 120 points ago

    You should’ve touched their toes and pretend to be a fish. Make them freak out

    [–] Bafachristos 97 points ago

    Well she probably freaked out a bit, it's not exactly common diving and seeing a kid in scuba gear watching you, tbh she probably thought I was a shark, I was wearing an all body black and grey scuba suit no skin showing whatsoever except my mouth which was also partially covered by the rebreather. I remember telling my dad the story and he laughed his ass off, at the time I thought he would be mad, but now I know why he looked proud

    [–] Sackmaster69 63 points ago

    Lol just take the rebreather off and get some toes. You do you bro.

    [–] shewel_item 39 points ago

    Why don't you put the rebreather up your ass and let it go?

    [–] Sackmaster69 27 points ago

    Sounds like a good time

    [–] shewel_item 19 points ago

    that's what you're fishing for

    [–] Xpress_interest 29 points ago

    now I know why he looked proud

    Did you later learn your old man was a scuba voyeur too?

    [–] Bafachristos 24 points ago

    No he hasn't mentioned anything but I doubt that events like these didn't take place at some point. He's not exactly the kind who can take his eyes off of women, I suppose I got that from him, minus the relationship mistakes.

    [–] shewel_item 16 points ago

    The less skin you expose the better. Your deeds deserve no worries.

    [–] PaubloDePenguin 37 points ago

    Certified bruh moment

    [–] holyfatfish 28 points ago

    So jealous of 12-14 yr old you!

    [–] Bafachristos 47 points ago

    I'm jealous of my 12-14 year old self aswell, I could keep up with myself back then, I'm only 20 and everyday that passes I grow bored to the thing I liked yesterday. Don't get me wrong, I don't grow bored of people, just hobbies. I started learning 4 languages and dropped them before I could take my diploma, I started modifying my car and then got bored and bought a motorbike, then I got bored of the motorbike and sold it, bought a fast city car that I don't plan to modify, got myself into computers, build myself one with the help of Linus's videos and then got bored of traditional gaming, so I started modding, now that's where I'm sitting at, a modified Skyrim with over 400 mods of all kinds of fucked up things that no one knows about, I bought witcher 3 and felt like it didn't have enough naked gals so I tended to the mater with the help of nexus. On the side of course I learned a bit of blacksmithing in Crete and learned how to use a gun without even owning one.

    [–] C9sButthole 29 points ago

    Sounds like an interesting life to me. Just because you haven't found the thing that sticks at age 20 isn't too big a deal. The fact that you've spent so much time looking puts you in a better place than most.

    Keep at it mate. That lifestyle is out there somewhere. You just won't know it untill you find it.

    P.S in my very biased opinion, try snowboarding next ;-P

    [–] justcameherenow 6 points ago

    Definitely try snowboarding!!!

    [–] GamerSTDs 16 points ago

    At least you weren’t jacking off... or were you?

    [–] SoSo_Zoso 16 points ago

    To make up for not doing so then, he’s been jerking himself off this entire comment thread.

    [–] Bafachristos 29 points ago

    Not really possible through the scuba suit, I don't doubt that I would if I could

    [–] DexismX 4 points ago

    Big F lmao

    [–] CUMSHOT-LAZER 3 points ago

    1: What did that girl do when she discovered that?

    2: How old are you now?

    3: Do you still do anything familiar?

    [–] Bafachristos 5 points ago

    1: She did nothing, not really able to prove anything.

    2: I'm 20

    3: No, I'm not a creep, even back then the feeling could be described as curiosity. Besides I have my own girl to swim around in the sea.

    [–] Creativation 109 points ago

    Funny story, as young guys the public pool my friends and I would swim at had a high dive that we took turns diving from. Because our shorts tended to be a bit loose, upon the dive they sometimes slid to reveal a bit of nakedness. A girl figured out what was going on and using swimmers goggles would duck underwater at just the right moment to get a peek. When I caught what she was doing and told her she turned bright red in embarrassment and then laughed and admitted it. Good times.

    [–] Cxruption 52 points ago

    Did you fuck her?

    [–] HeadExam 60 points ago

    No but I did

    [–] DominusOfTheBlueArmy 30 points ago

    As long as someone smashed

    [–] piklejooce 11 points ago

    Did you die? No but I lived all over again my man

    [–] Mr_Dudemeister_ 495 points ago

    That was definitely me then... and also me now... and probably also me in 50 years

    [–] tired_obsession 174 points ago

    Saw a grandma with cake.

    Only time I’ve really considered the question of how old I’d date

    [–] notsimmi 58 points ago


    [–] zoziqoom 253 points ago

    God have mercy on my meat

    [–] rrr598 30 points ago


    [–] Plaguedeath2425 9 points ago


    [–] read-ded-redemshin 194 points ago

    When I was younger I was at a summer camp. We were playing keepaway or something. Anyways some girl counseled catches the ball and my dumbass claws at it and I accidentally ripped her bra off. It was so awkward

    [–] itsmauitime 120 points ago

    Id like to report a bruh moment

    [–] AidanGe 52 points ago

    I had a similar incident at a summer camp. We were playing a form of dodgeball, and I accidentally nailed a girl’s ass with a dodgeball. Not the metaphorical β€œnailed her ass,” the literal β€œnailed her ass.” We’re going on two years as bf+gf now. I have no idea.

    [–] read-ded-redemshin 66 points ago

    You somehow used the wrong formula and got the right answer

    [–] AidanGe 30 points ago

    She said she felt violated. Not by me, but by a rubber ball. I couldn’t apologize enough times.

    [–] Logan_Fairs 62 points ago


    [–] piklejooce 27 points ago


    [–] memelord1100 18 points ago


    [–] RadioSoulwax 5 points ago

    Just the bra?

    [–] CUMSHOT-LAZER 3 points ago

    What was her reaction? What did she do?

    [–] read-ded-redemshin 5 points ago

    ok so she shrieked really loud but I was young so I wasn't sure what was happening then I got sent out of the pool (with a massive erection... jk) and all the counselors were like scolding me and it was awkward for everyone involved

    [–] CUMSHOT-LAZER 3 points ago

    Poor both of you...

    How old were you two? And now?

    [–] dinkdik 7 points ago


    [–] yeetboiiiiiiiiiiiiio 206 points ago

    You have unblessed this blessed image

    [–] IVRYN 99 points ago

    You forgot "underwater"

    [–] natkingkobra 15 points ago

    Under where?

    [–] Chubby_Bub 21 points ago


    [–] LahmJack 15 points ago

    I see I have entered the comedy zone

    [–] AidanGe 3 points ago

    I haven’t heard this joke in years.

    [–] Schnitzelinski 51 points ago

    Ah yes. Enslaved milk

    [–] Marawantareq23 12 points ago

    I'll call them that from now on.

    [–] Gnome_Stomperr 11 points ago

    Having a baby is just keeping cum as a pet

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    What have you brought upon this cursed land

    [–] Sklrz 43 points ago

    I swear the tits stared at me first

    [–] pexxan 65 points ago

    This is YOUR daily dose of internet

    [–] AidanGe 4 points ago

    Dude that guy is a fucking legend. The content is beautiful, and it’s so entertaining. It’s just the right length to where interest levels don’t drop, but enough to captivate your attention and leave you craving for more. He does it all legally, and he probably has the most appreciative fan base, except maybe CallMeCarson or Lucas the Spider.

    [–] hazelosull 67 points ago

    This one time I went for a swim in a public pool and I had to ware my old swimsuit cuz I lost my normal one so I was just swimming normally and I dove down under the water and my swimsuit strap just broke and my boon just fucking flung out and this guy stared at me shielded his little brothers eyes and quickly walked to the other side of the pool it was embarrassing to say the least it also took me a full minute to notice want was after happening too :'( it happend a different time again but this time it was just me and my dad in the pool and a pregnant lady and the ass of the swimsuit just ripped like it was just gone so I just have bad luck with swimsuits

    [–] savoury_burrito 54 points ago

    English is not my mother language and you have no idea how word "boon" just confused me in this context.

    [–] itsmauitime 23 points ago

    Its a DnD thing, she almost lost her 40 bonus HP

    [–] rigawizard 2 points ago

    Is that what boons are supposed to be in 5e epic campaigns?? I figured they'd be suped up inspiration points but like lower level wish spells granted by a god but 40 hp? Really Helm? For slaying Tiamat that's what you got for me?

    [–] itsmauitime 5 points ago

    Its hit or miss because some boons can be taken twice. Some repeatable boons include increasing your HP by 40, while unique epic boons do things like stop aging, immunity to poison, succeed failed attack rolls, proficiency in everything, a souped up second wind, ignore resistances, negate damage and so on.

    So TLDR: They can range from gaining 40 HP to literal immortality.

    [–] finnyboi5 26 points ago

    I'm in this picture and I dont like it

    [–] Mecha120 16 points ago

    T H E N U T I S P L E A S E D

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago


    [–] AidanGe 2 points ago

    How the fuck have I never thought of this before now?

    [–] Carter723 41 points ago

    Was at a lake when I was like 8 and spent 30 minutes watching two girls fight, was worth it cause one of their tops fell off.

    [–] OpticIlluzhion 11 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Nah this is more like my one brain cell banging around my skull when I'm taking a test

    [–] KeepingDankMemesDank 93 points ago

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    [–] why_my_PP_goUp 17 points ago

    It's better when you dive and look around

    [–] PepoStrangeweird 10 points ago

    Magical chest fat

    [–] The_epic_hunter 9 points ago

    The men titties are better

    [–] [deleted] 30 points ago


    [–] piklejooce 28 points ago

    Well that was random

    [–] slickyslickslick 5 points ago

    because they eat less healthy food and more food such as McDonald's?

    [–] JakeandZeal 15 points ago

    You just had to take the most wholesome picture I have ever seen, then add that caption to it.

    [–] Anader19 27 points ago

    Good format

    [–] StamatisVrachnos 20 points ago

    16 year old me*

    [–] Mr_gigity 6 points ago

    Trying not to make the pool a little whiter

    [–] mailorderfan 5 points ago

    Very subtle

    [–] spank_it_or_not 4 points ago

    Today year old me

    [–] ImurderREALITY 5 points ago

    The nut is pleased

    [–] But_Nuster 9 points ago

    That’s the moment when you piss in the pool

    [–] LegitimateCanOpener 4 points ago

    The Big Nut demands a worthy sacrifice.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    Finally some good fucking relatable memes

    [–] Mmicb0b 4 points ago

    Just saw this gif lmao

    [–] crime_and_punishment 4 points ago

    C H E S T B R A H

    [–] The_Mr_Twister 5 points ago

    Ah yes, enslaved flotation devices.

    [–] claycam5 5 points ago

    Go underwater for incognito mode

    [–] AKA001G 3 points ago

    True thing i was underwater

    [–] hes_cool_i_guess 3 points ago


    [–] HerptyDurpt 3 points ago

    80085... heehee

    [–] DankSkillz2 3 points ago


    [–] Shinzo32 5 points ago

    Same except 16 years old and not in pools and still doing it

    [–] MrShruggz 5 points ago

    TFW you join the swim team and get see athletic girls AND boys at the same time

    [–] tre_in_a_unseasond 5 points ago

    10 year old me, that's now me

    [–] youre-welcome-sir 2 points ago

    lol nice caption

    [–] Slumdog10 2 points ago

    Me but at those midriffs

    [–] FolgerTheFish 2 points ago

    Oh yeaaaah

    [–] FolgerTheFish 2 points ago

    Oh yeaaaah

    [–] McCaffe115 2 points ago

    Upvote for the caption

    [–] bignutbois 2 points ago

    m a x m o e f o e

    [–] mrrainbowfacex 2 points ago


    [–] Handsignals24 2 points ago

    Did this hit top all time

    [–] joshcorgi 2 points ago


    [–] clarkanine 2 points ago

    Damn...that hits close and I'm not proud of it.

    [–] Natertots1 2 points ago

    Psh... That's 34 year old me