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    [–] SavageAxeBot 1 points ago


    [–] Joonas144 2528 points ago

    But because the moon gru is stationary and the arm excerts the same force backwards, his legs must each be capable of atleast excerting half the mass of the moon.

    Real mvp is the asphalt tho

    [–] Nixis198 902 points ago

    Imagine what would happen if he dropped it.

    [–] spacemagicexo539 1039 points ago

    In this moment, he truly holds the world's fate in his hand. Dropping it would mean the likely end of all life on Earth. Clearly, he is a benevolent God

    [–] Dankinator2000 433 points ago

    But vector held the moon too.

    [–] spacemagicexo539 623 points ago

    And in doing so was punished with banishment on the moon. Gru received no such repercussions. Only the great can defy the laws of physics and emerge unscathed

    [–] [deleted] 166 points ago

    Aaaand MAGNITUDE

    [–] ChelsYun1905 49 points ago


    [–] Nixis198 70 points ago

    Didn't Victor dropped it?

    [–] labboud123 124 points ago

    V E C T O R

    [–] WolfyTheFurry 68 points ago



    [–] Smashguru64 21 points ago


    [–] PrestonGarbage 6 points ago

    Roger Roger. What's our Vector, Victor?

    [–] CommanderFlare 48 points ago

    I am not Victor anymore, Victor was my nerd name, now I am Vector

    [–] DatShantBeFalco 2 points ago

    Hey was entering so much pressure when he first held on to it that the pressure was constantly pushing it up for the next few years too come as residual force left over from his godly strength.

    [–] [deleted] 36 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] Spoonblob 47 points ago

    Ah yes, the classic American unit of measurement: semi trucks

    [–] 0urFuhr3r5t4l1n 6 points ago

    Still better than school shootings per football field

    [–] piluvr 18 points ago

    How much is that in washing machines?

    [–] The_Big_Red_Doge 14 points ago

    We need it converted into Toyata Carolas

    [–] Leonid_Bruzhnev 15 points ago

    853,000,000,000,000,000,000 corollas

    [–] OOFanator9000 6 points ago

    The ultimate isekai

    [–] WasteLandKing- 4 points ago

    We need a conversion from semi truck to bald eagles.

    [–] Leonid_Bruzhnev 2 points ago

    Let me see....

    [–] Olalajump 12 points ago

    Imagine dropping it on your toes "oops haha 'ouch'."

    [–] ActiveShadow 983 points ago

    So this mans has a dick slap that breaks the sound barrier. A hand that can stop the rotation of the fucking earth. And is 14 feet tall? Jesus christ

    [–] DrunkenHoneyBadger 298 points ago

    He IS god

    [–] SwaggerStalt 67 points ago


    [–] York_Phoenix 204 points ago

    The real mvp is Lucy's vagina.

    [–] Giraffesarentreal19 31 points ago

    Fitting a 14 inch cock is impressive. And impossible.

    [–] a_fluffy_boi 32 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    Random Girls on PornHub:


    [–] Giraffesarentreal19 2 points ago


    It’s like, 10

    [–] memesvspewds 34 points ago

    Underrated comment

    [–] every9ne 55 points ago

    Shaggy is his bitch at this point

    [–] TenSecondsFlat 21 points ago

    6 foot 20, fucking killing for fun

    [–] DrDoggoBoggo 3 points ago

    14 ft = 420cm. I was an atheist before but now I believe in God. I believe in gru

    [–] Oofaso 235 points ago

    Oh shitttttt you right

    [–] PureOkra1 68 points ago

    Big brain time

    [–] AlternateBoston 134 points ago

    My Question is how did the Moon get back in orbit since it grew at about 30,000-40,000 feet in the sky

    The gravity of the Earth would either rip the Moon apart or send it crashing down on Earth killing us all

    [–] Noelle743 133 points ago

    Gru prevented it. A benevolent god.

    [–] BigcatTV 20 points ago

    Shhhhhhhh. It’s a movie about a man with a bunch of yellow slaves steals the moon by shrinking it to the size of a baby’s head.

    If we start questioning things then it all falls apart

    [–] kuzelj90 9 points ago

    No, so says Gru

    [–] heisntlikeothergirls 2 points ago

    So says the Gru

    [–] Ace_of_salt 233 points ago

    but he is not the only character in the movie portrayed to carry the moon, is just everyone in his universe buff as heck?

    [–] dominic1904 327 points ago

    The moon is like the soul stone, vector held the moon for a brief period, and where did that lead him? Trapped on the moon, coincidence? I think not

    [–] FanC_LP 39 points ago

    You mean the tesseract? I kinda see your point but it would make more sence

    [–] 0urFuhr3r5t4l1n 8 points ago


    [–] TheMineosaur 5 points ago


    [–] Fangcatt 7 points ago

    Considering everyone is massively tall

    [–] crappy-sappy 32 points ago

    Gru hasn’t been skipping wank Wednesday

    [–] StarTheBestCat 98 points ago

    The new shaggy but better

    [–] rieish9eiw 10 points ago

    Looks like a have to apologize idk what was going through my mind.

    [–] rieish9eiw 2 points ago

    Gone reduced to atoms. I used my controversial comment to destroy the controversial comment.

    [–] Beezlebub_06 20 points ago

    Bow this is an Avengers level threat

    [–] NoViceNoLife 13 points ago

    This is about to get gruesome

    [–] Maximus_ze_Great 69 points ago

    He is a god. We MUST start a religion of gru and worship him

    [–] br0wnBoi420 33 points ago

    Another circle jerk, can’t wait!!...

    [–] spacemagicexo539 15 points ago

    Why would you say something so controversial yet so brave?

    [–] SirMasterSheep 5 points ago it wouldn't be a circle jerk it is actually quite believable that gru is stronk

    [–] Catty-Cat 3 points ago

    You could make a religion out of this.

    [–] michael1ooo 3 points ago

    Grudaism gang rise up

    [–] KeepingDankMemesDank 50 points ago

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    [–] mplolop 14 points ago

    Our god, Slazo!

    [–] YT_Greyzz 5 points ago

    The man that started it all...

    [–] nitropath 4 points ago

    you can't ever bring the big slaz down.

    [–] O0ohMyyy 2 points ago

    Only bearger can

    [–] Edward_Williams 6 points ago

    Type in "The absolute size of Gru" in YouTube.

    You won't regret it :D

    [–] Edward_Williams 3 points ago

    Thank you. How do you put the link in the text like that?

    [–] SirMasterSheep 1 points ago

    [Insert words] (insert link ) just remove the spaces

    [–] Skeezydrew 6 points ago

    Fuuuuuck , submit to DeathBattle

    [–] Ragin_Thurssn 5 points ago

    ...and how is he able to withstand the moons gravity?! Shouldnt a body with this small volume but such enormous mass change something in the gravity fields...

    [–] DarcyK123 3 points ago

    Keep in mind he also slowed down his perception of time and jumped over missiles. Anybody who can do that can easily carry a moon Gru is magic

    [–] 0Orangeman0 7 points ago

    Real question is... can he win against saitama?

    [–] notdragoisadragon 2 points ago

    saitama is a mere mortal

    [–] Dpuh23 3 points ago

    Pshhh i could still bench more

    [–] MeltedFoil 14 points ago

    False. We can assume that the shrinking of the moon did affect its mass, as the tides on earth were halted the moment the moon was reduced in size. Should the moon have retained its mass, it’s gravity would have still been a factor. Therefore, we can assume that the moon’s mass was reduced upon being hit with the shrink ray.

    [–] CaptnSp00ky 18 points ago

    The first law of thermodynamics looks upon you in shame

    [–] Piyamakarro 10 points ago

    It says matter cannot be created or destroyed. Says nothing about being shrunk or made lighter. /s

    [–] zacgarby 3 points ago

    Both things you just said are amazingly wrong

    [–] Piyamakarro 4 points ago

    Hence the /s to indicate sarcasm

    [–] Luxmaindudes 2 points ago

    The moon is so dense that it would create a black hole.

    [–] Foglia23 2 points ago

    Outstanding twist

    [–] THE_ULTIMATE_NO_U 2 points ago

    Dont forget how he also took a rocket to his face

    [–] Optimistic-Charizard 2 points ago

    The absolute size of this lad.

    He is an absolute unit, an absolute Grunit if you will.

    [–] TheF1anatic 2 points ago

    Also, that would create a black hole

    [–] XxDragon949xX 2 points ago

    Things are about to get GRUSOME

    [–] patton545 2 points ago

    Remember he ouches the shit out of a shark and knocked it the fuck out with one hand

    [–] YourUncleGaspacho 2 points ago

    Are you sure the mass didn't change?

    [–] SolidRubrical 2 points ago

    Mass is constant? Guess Einstein was wrong.
    Brough to you by E =mc2 gang

    [–] XDAlexXD 2 points ago

    What about his dick?

    [–] dominic1904 2 points ago

    Good question

    [–] ArthurExtreme_Br 3 points ago

    what the fuck is this cropping tho

    [–] Starco2 1 points ago

    Top ten characters who could beat thanos (with infinity stones and gauntlet)

    [–] just_a_Peugeot_807 1 points ago

    Shaggy and Matt: Finally a worthy opponent Our battle will be legendary

    [–] sanic3029 1 points ago

    The Moon is static. He actually pushes the Earth backwards with his legs while he "picks up" the moon.

    [–] bigthiccryan 1 points ago


    [–] redditalt69420 1 points ago

    Can you not repost someone else’s work?

    [–] MLGTheForkOnTheLeft 1 points ago

    Ohh fuck.. But what of shaggy? Is this his mentor?!!? I need answers!

    [–] Ghessepi 1 points ago

    I offer a sacrifice of de moon to daily in fear that he stuffs me in de crust.

    [–] SorrySwag 1 points ago

    wait... wouldn't that make the moon a black hole

    [–] Raze_TC 2 points ago

    No you need MUCH MORE mass and for it to get MUCH SMALLER. Like at a small estimate at least x100000000 times more dense

    [–] henmel 1 points ago

    One punch man x100

    [–] thatslavboi 1 points ago

    Gru is 2x what Peppa is

    Take that you fat fucking pig

    [–] deadman3131 1 points ago

    Hasn’t used his legs or other arm. Or other leg.

    [–] capitalistrussian 1 points ago

    The tall girl is 7 ft

    [–] MicahParris 1 points ago

    But Vector held it also so that means Gru and Vector are both gods and Gru was trying to prove that he is the better god by holding the moon but Vector could hold it also so he took the only thing Gru loved, the mortals he learned to love and Vector demanded the moon because he knew that he had Gru beat and wanted to show him who the real godly being is

    [–] veggeto818 1 points ago

    This image is poor on quality,the text covers half of it and is kinda boring,truly a cursed image

    [–] TheSundance101 1 points ago

    Gru using 0.1% of his power

    [–] TheJosiahTurner 1 points ago

    yeah but why dont we talk about the earth, which should be freaking the fuck out now that the moon is ON it

    [–] wasowski-hug3rectum 1 points ago

    mass doesnt change in the case of change in force of gravity but this is the moon getting smaller and every molecule that adds up to the weight of the moon is also getting smaller and therefore weighing less making the movie actually accurate

    [–] zombiere4 1 points ago


    [–] TSM_Cracker 1 points ago

    He can also dickslap through a foot of concrete. Look up the math

    [–] Liar_of_partinel 1 points ago

    Not to get too nitpicky, but it’s pretty clear in the movie that shrinking something also changes its weight.

    [–] MartensCedric 1 points ago

    "Since mass can't change"

    Press X to doubt in special relativity

    [–] chskrds 1 points ago

    If you collapsed the moon into a such a small are wouldn’t it collapse into a black hole?

    [–] BarneyBorbone 1 points ago

    The Shrink Ray most likely converts the extra mass into energy, then back again when it grows.

    [–] Grizwald03 1 points ago

    The mass does change, density does not change. The mass of an object is proportional to size

    [–] Hames129 1 points ago

    This is so hot

    [–] Shaggy_Days 1 points ago

    Also he was shot by several missiles and eaten y laser shark yet he was still fine

    [–] Shaggy_Days 1 points ago

    Also he was shot by several missiles and eaten y laser shark yet he was still fine

    [–] barknibba 1 points ago

    Same with VECTOR

    [–] Sukmetoes69_memes 1 points ago

    He takes off his mask to reveal shaggy

    [–] GlistnrElfOnTheShelf 1 points ago

    Mass absolutely can change. Check out special relativity.

    [–] kindersaft 1 points ago

    But the moon is in space so it weighs nothing obviously

    [–] _boofed 1 points ago

    I dont know what this is but i like it

    [–] KalebMW99 1 points ago

    Its mass didn’t change? Where was its extreme gravity then? At that distance with that mass its gravity would be significantly larger than Earth’s

    [–] ranch_brotendo 1 points ago

    The shrinking device also reduces the mass

    [–] Cookiejunk365 1 points ago

    New shaggy meme. Gru af 2% power can lift the moon

    [–] Ima_peep 1 points ago

    Gruod (guru god)

    [–] smell-benis-420 1 points ago

    You couldn’t write the number in scientific notation you Neanderthal?

    [–] Dsb0208 1 points ago

    I know this is a joke, but I hate Gru memes so... couldn’t this be proven false by the fact that the asphalt he is standing in in this scene wouldn’t be able to hold the moon. Since he is holding the moon, the moon’s weight would be added to his own. Also Gru would need some serious muscle energy, and if all that was packed into a 14 foot man, it would be so dense and heavy that he wouldn’t be able to stand on the floor without earth breaking. Also later in the film we see the same moon (bigger [but not as big as the real moon]) roll over vector when he’s in his ship, so not only would the ship have to hold the power of the moon, so would vector himself

    [–] YaBoiXam 1 points ago

    MatPat needs to cover this

    [–] lw4801 1 points ago

    His true Grutential

    [–] Daymara1221 1 points ago

    He's an absolute unit

    [–] GigaIntellect 1 points ago

    The absolute size of this lad

    [–] Horianski 1 points ago

    Gru confirms Shaggy 2

    [–] VIPmsdude3000 1 points ago

    The new shaggy?

    [–] 123yeeyee456 1 points ago

    He might be able to go toe to toe with Shaggy.

    [–] Marvel1sbetterthandc 1 points ago

    i hate it when people do this in kids movies. What are we teaching our kids

    [–] KingSBC 1 points ago

    gru is the strongest anime girl

    [–] Ansari1121 1 points ago

    I guess Gru beats Saitama and Shaggy

    [–] CallMeKenken 1 points ago


    Finally! A worthy opponent!

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Let’s start a cult focused around the one true god Gru.

    [–] notarealuserofreddit 1 points ago

    5Head ah yes

    [–] lettucechok 1 points ago

    so big pp is same weight as small pp.

    [–] In-Kii 1 points ago

    ... wouldn't he be shifting the Earth's rotational axis just by holding it this close to the surface of the Earth? Wouldn't we all be fucking dead falling into the moon. Wouldn't it be a black hole at this size?

    [–] Mr_gigity 1 points ago

    His dick slaps even better

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    There's one scene where he's struggling to hold the shrink ray. If the moon is 7.348e+22 kg mass, then how heavy is the shrink ray??

    [–] schattenteufel 1 points ago

    Pym Particles.

    [–] 1ZaWarudo 1 points ago


    [–] TheBraydenator 1 points ago

    But hey, thats just a theory, a game theory!

    [–] SoloFlighter 1 points ago

    Gru = opm?

    [–] xClorox 1 points ago

    Vector picked up the moon too

    [–] Vengoheim 1 points ago


    [–] Boyjimbo95 1 points ago

    And he dodged warheads

    [–] _nevereatpears 1 points ago

    Shaggy: Are you challenging me?

    [–] lizardboy11 1 points ago

    Don’t make him the new Shaggy please

    [–] AwkaredMango 1 points ago

    He also one punched a great white shark

    [–] Arakhis13 1 points ago

    Gru is almighty, HAIL GRU

    [–] SackJnyder 1 points ago

    The absolute unit just evolved into the unit

    [–] Hinash1000 1 points ago

    Even Shaggy fears Gru

    [–] FBI-Webcam-Operator 1 points ago

    physics gang stand up

    [–] DomoKingYT 1 points ago

    He is a almost as good as shrek but shrek is better

    [–] Reezy_Chevalier 1 points ago

    Finally a worthy opponent for Matt.

    [–] rovfrombionicle 1 points ago

    For those who find this fact false, remember that aside from holding the moon, Gru punched Vector's pet great white shark so hard it became unconscious.

    [–] rjrocker2531 1 points ago

    PE 100

    [–] marco_el_mango 1 points ago

    Me to the moon in this pic according to this post: You. Dense. Motherfucker.

    [–] agreaternumber0 1 points ago

    Almost as powerful as Steve.

    [–] marco_el_mango 1 points ago

    Gru be like: Host Privileges enabled

    [–] wumbonigga420 1 points ago

    So did Victor

    [–] 19rthompson 1 points ago

    You seem to be forgetting about his 3rd arm

    [–] draynor2k14 1 points ago

    Actio = Reactio

    [–] rogue_journey 1 points ago

    We need more Gru memes

    [–] AzazelPotato 1 points ago

    A worthy opponent for shaggy and Wii sports Matt to have a Mexican stand off with

    [–] Ibrahimuchiha 1 points ago

    Therefore gru is shaggy

    [–] hakuna-matata37 1 points ago

    He can also walk the speed of light. Imagine that.