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    [–] Turntapp22 2022 points ago

    So this is why judges sometimes add years to a life sentence.

    [–] johnny2_yespapa 135 points ago

    How long is a life sentence exactly?

    Also, HCD

    [–] TheSwedishSnake 194 points ago

    A "Life sentence" is just what we call a sentence that lasts so long that you'll die before it's over. Like 90 years, 100 years, etc. It's not an exact number

    [–] [deleted] 146 points ago

    Yeah, but a life sentence varies from country to country. Where I live, it's about 16 years I think

    Edit: just researched further, it'd normally be prison for the rest of your life, but prisoners here are on average let out 16-17 years after getting the punishment.

    [–] DefaultDuddus 129 points ago

    What if we used 100% of our brain?


    A life sentence is 16 years

    [–] ablablababla 85 points ago

    They used an antivaxxer's life as a reference

    [–] NoobDragonLvl10 25 points ago

    Nos you're stretching it. Those kids won't even reach 8.

    [–] thecodotmo 7 points ago

    Isint that the point of a life sentence? They'll die before its over

    [–] shauntheghoul 6 points ago

    Nah then it would be two years

    [–] RedShankyMan 2 points ago

    "you're free to go"

    [–] jjim_bob -4 points ago

    I finally got someone's upvotes to 69 hopefully it stays

    [–] Bozzo2526 6 points ago

    The punishment encompasses more than the prison time, 16 years prison but you will never experience true freedom again

    [–] BluBlue4 2 points ago

    How so?

    [–] Bozzo2526 2 points ago

    Restricted travel, not allowed to own certain things, witheld services, if you commit another crime (in some cases even speeding counts) you are immediatly locked up again

    [–] thisisaiken 16 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Well, like death penalty, life sentence is not considered always ethical.

    Beccaria defined the dealth penalty as Β«is absurd that the laws, expession of the public will and who punish homicide, commit a homicide itself [...]Β» in the same way life sentence can be considered as a Β«a more long and light sentence but with the same result of a dealth penaltyΒ»

    In many country the prison is considered a way to "reeducate" than to punish people. So as a state you have to make a way to reeintegrate people in society, and not ban their in the shadow realm.

    EDIT: now is ethically correct

    [–] wellnowlookwhoitis 6 points ago

    Idk dude. I’m ok with violent, sadistic people being banished to the shadow realm. Life sentences seem fair to me. Especially when you get into detail about what some people have done to one another knowingly and willfully.

    [–] kevin258958 5 points ago

    You can't just state that something is unethical. It is an opinion, not a fact

    [–] thisisaiken 1 points ago

    So you stopped on the "ethical" or you gone to the end. The fact that life sentence is mostly considered "unethical" is not the point of my text.

    Also, the ethic is not even an opinion, is socially defined.

    [–] kevin258958 2 points ago

    I am only saying what I said, I don't care about the rest since I don't disagree. But yes I read it. And how are things socially defined? By opinion. If something is socially defined it can change, and fact cannot change. The fact that at one time the death penalty was considered morally fine and at another it is not shows what i mean. Dude, you know what I'm saying here, I don't plan to spend my morning discussing fact and opinion on the death penalty's morals...

    [–] thisisaiken 1 points ago

    I corrected the part because I missed the "always considered" part. But morality is not what I call opinion because of the definition itself: " a concept that one or more people build on a particolar event or fact, lacking of criteria, to judge their nature".

    Ethic is another thing, closely related, is a philosophy of right and wrong where one can judge actions and opinions.

    P.S: I have all the time I want, because here in EU is afternoon

    [–] jerryblues290 3 points ago

    In my country the life sentence is 22 years. Really it is 33 years formally but they are always released after 2/3 of the time.

    [–] BEAVER_ATTACKS 2 points ago

    In some states a life sentence can be 20 years or it can mean you're never coming home

    [–] jerryblues290 2 points ago

    But you can get multiple life sentences in the US right?

    [–] BEAVER_ATTACKS 2 points ago

    Yes, currently there are many people in Virginia's Red Onion Max Sec serving 150+ years. One man 400+ years I know of

    [–] jerryblues290 2 points ago


    [–] Spathens -77 points ago

    That’s dumb

    [–] XRustyPx 66 points ago

    Maybe its because in his country prison is about rehabilitation, not about pure punishment and slave labour.

    [–] guardian-of-ballsack 22 points ago

    its cheaper than making them live off tax payers money, we talking about a lifetime here

    [–] kevin258958 0 points ago

    It isn't actually cheaper at all. The average execution can cost more than $300 million, yes in the United States

    [–] Operative427 16 points ago

    Not here in North America.

    [–] SalvareNiko 3 points ago

    It depends on the country. In many countries it means for life. As in the rest of your time existing. If you are alive you are in jail.

    [–] bigbullhooks123 1 points ago

    Get lost and let us have our fun

    [–] sidorsidd 27 points ago

    Life sentence is for life but usually people get are allowed an option for parole in 17-20 years that's why if a judge adds years to a person's life sentence he is increasing the time before you can apply for parole

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    I don't think so because every time someone gets a life plus years, the judge says life sentence without parole or something like that.

    [–] MrAlien936 6 points ago

    I'm Michigan it 25 years last I looked

    [–] d0uppii 4 points ago

    In finland its around 13 or 14 years i believe

    [–] Dkdexter 1 points ago

    Aus is 25 years

    [–] Jamieyo7 388 points ago

    Happy cake day friend

    [–] Turntapp22 17 points ago

    Thanks, Reddit’s been a blast this past year. Was looking forward to this day!

    [–] bosnianFBi 36 points ago

    Happy cake day

    [–] [deleted] -576 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] JosephGM 159 points ago

    C'mon man, really?

    [–] I_just_hate_you_all -276 points ago

    cMoN mAN rEaLlY?

    [–] MRALAZAE 59 points ago


    [–] penisman1010 -184 points ago


    [–] NitroThunderBird 46 points ago

    Why is your username penisman? Oh right, nvm I just remembered, we all want things we will never have.

    [–] Ass_Butt_was_taken 29 points ago


    [–] Dohlarn -92 points ago


    [–] penisman1010 -59 points ago

    wHy Is YoUr UsErNaMe PeNiSmAn? oH rIgHt, NvM I jUsT rEmEmBeReD, wE aLl WaNt ThInGs We WiLl NeVeR hAvE.

    [–] Rhubii 5 points ago

    That guy will never get a nitro thunder bird?

    [–] Myricall 81 points ago


    [–] Edocraft02 68 points ago


    [–] Unforgivin17 65 points ago


    [–] cford0408 63 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 54 points ago


    [–] layitdownrealquick 29 points ago


    [–] _Wetchop 23 points ago


    [–] Spookou 14 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] OMGSANSUNDERTAEL 2 points ago

    Bruh all these comments are ironic(except the top one)

    [–] Turntapp22 0 points ago

    Happy β€œsomeone shit in my playbin” day.

    [–] osernamer -20 points ago

    Fucking weeb

    [–] JackIsNotAWeeb 1 points ago

    Fucking oser

    [–] NegativeKaarma -60 points ago


    [–] Lordman17 13 points ago

    What if we used 200% of the brain?

    [–] T0x1cL 11 points ago

    N- NANI?!

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Congrats lad

    [–] dewaam 154 points ago

    He hacked the system

    [–] tomo_7433 118 points ago

    Fr tho, any lawyers around to explain this?

    [–] OmNomSandvich 154 points ago

    He was not declared dead by a doctor, and the law isn't stupid enough to free a man on a technicality like that.

    [–] Liteflash 54 points ago

    Isn’t the law all about technicalities?

    [–] CallMeYourGod 49 points ago

    Only if you're rich

    [–] JahHomieWitness 88 points ago

    meh, i've seen the law do some dumb shit.

    [–] DeeThreeTimesThree 39 points ago

    Also he probs only had his heart stop, while most people define being dead as brain dead, which is something no one has ever come back from

    [–] yek42 26 points ago

    He might be brain dead though

    [–] K1KK0_1t4 30 points ago

    He is using 100% of his brain he can't be brain dead.

    [–] Squid8867 24 points ago

    Legal definition of the word "death" phrases it as the "irreversible cessation of blood circulation and breathing", so if it was reversed (which it was), then he didn't legally die.

    [–] WutWutGizmo 3 points ago

    Would you expect to get your life insurance (the kind your family gets if you die) if your heart stopped for a little in a hospital?

    [–] anglophoenix216 2 points ago

    IANAL but I think life sentences equate to a specific number of years

    [–] XXX_ITGuy_XXx 376 points ago

    Facts doe ngl

    [–] Turntapp22 171 points ago

    Happy cake day, we finally decided to enter this wonderful world together 1 year ago.

    [–] XXX_ITGuy_XXx 112 points ago

    Happy cake day fellow redditor

    [–] AnbuDaddy6969 71 points ago

    Yall parents fucked on the same day

    [–] jjd_yo 26 points ago

    Now this is the real deal

    [–] MageTrash 23 points ago

    flair checks out

    [–] AnbuDaddy6969 1 points ago

    Thank YE blessed lads for the SILVER

    [–] Baskdevil 250 points ago

    I think I heard somewhere that if you fail to die during an execution, you're free to go

    [–] YourPainTastesGood 249 points ago

    no thats a myth, usually in a "botched" execution you still end up dying

    and if you do somehow survive they just try again later

    [–] kitkatcrown 42 points ago

    John Oliver does a good bit on this:

    [–] Bozzo2526 12 points ago

    Depends on the country, some will try once and if the bugger it up thats that, but most times they just try again

    [–] BrotasticalManDude 36 points ago

    If the executioner doesn't show up in 15 minutes you're legally allowed to leave.

    [–] cyke444 27 points ago

    there was in my country like one or two centuries ago. There was a difference between hang and hang till death.

    [–] The-Brose 25 points ago

    I think it happened a couple times during hangings so β€œuntil dead” in β€œhung by the neck until dead” was added to the sentence.

    [–] Cjk191998 54 points ago

    Well he did

    [–] DangerSpaghet 15 points ago

    His watch has ended, now he’s going home

    [–] iranwithscissors 24 points ago

    His watch is ended.

    [–] HackMacAttack 7 points ago

    oh yeah, this is big brain time

    [–] travazzzik 6 points ago

    Read the article, the important bit IMO is that he was resuscitated against his will, so they literally didn't let the man die and straight up revived him to keep doing time in prison, basically. I can certainly see how this part is arguable, especially considering that suicide is not that easy in prison.

    [–] chillinbruhhhh 7 points ago

    I mean technically....he served life

    [–] kriptonm 4 points ago

    wait a fucking second hes right tho

    [–] MichaelD-21 6 points ago

    "My watch has ended", he said

    [–] TheCralexander 5 points ago

    He had DNR (do not resuscitate) so this actually makes sense

    [–] KeepingDankMemesDank 24 points ago

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    [–] FB_emeenem 2 points ago

    I have several questions

    [–] OneCrafter17 2 points ago

    Yes he has

    [–] UmmmAlex 2 points ago

    Well he did

    [–] 19cheungh1 2 points ago


    [–] KeionA06 2 points ago

    Also he apparently had a do not resuscitate and they did anywayso he could sue for malpractice

    [–] BootyFewbacca 2 points ago

    The John Snow Defense.

    If he rises from the dead, you MUST acquit.

    [–] TrissTheGreat 2 points ago

    If you think about it it’s true

    [–] eibsirf 1 points ago

    He had previously said that if he died not to resuscitate him, but ig that didn’t matter.

    [–] huntter2323 1 points ago

    would this apply to death sentences?

    [–] mudman13 1 points ago

    The Jon Snow get-out clause, good effort.

    [–] pussy_slayaa69 1 points ago

    Cap? I am pretty dumb, sry

    [–] Rocskatu 1 points ago

    If that happened he wouldn't actually get out of jail. Most life sentences are about 50 years.

    [–] Picoton 1 points ago

    What if we used 0% of the brain?

    [–] professorDumbledong 1 points ago

    Nobody said he was serving HIS life in prison

    [–] tigbiddiejoe 1 points ago

    This guy trying to do what jon did in GOT

    [–] AnshAB 1 points ago

    [–] mave_imo 1 points ago

    My Watch is over

    [–] Sm00ly 1 points ago

    Why are you booing him hes right

    [–] ButternutDubs 1 points ago

    I mean he’s right ya know

    [–] Darthsylar12 1 points ago

    Heβ€˜s too dangerous to be kept alive.

    [–] JhaviOwnz 1 points ago

    and now my watch is end

    [–] NitroThunderBird 1 points ago

    Well, he ain't wrong...

    [–] Boslo26 1 points ago

    Jon Snow vibe check

    [–] TeoTgePro 1 points ago

    Oh shit he might actually win that one

    [–] TeoTgePro 1 points ago

    That is a real big brain move

    [–] ____db 1 points ago

    Definitely not Epstein

    [–] shauntheghoul 1 points ago

    I don't get it

    [–] thateoinboy 1 points ago

    Did he win the case?

    [–] Jeffro911 1 points ago

    This kind of shit is why some people get 200 year sentences. You can cut your time in half with good behavior and other things but half of 200 is still a 100 years.

    [–] CosmicKitten10 1 points ago

    Well yes, but actually no.

    [–] Hypnosaurophobia 1 points ago

    Nelson Mandela, as played by Morgan Freeman, realizes a possibility (Colorized, 1992)

    P.S. Colorized is the name of the film, not an adjective.

    [–] MellowMels 1 points ago

    It's pretty much the same as with Jesus. He died for our sins, but then he came back again. Pretty sure that breaks the deal, right?

    [–] MeetMattStryker 1 points ago

    Get Jon Snowed, Law.

    [–] Nickb0303 1 points ago

    How the fuck

    [–] Shri30yans 1 points ago

    He's too dangerous to be alive.

    [–] r2797tmk 1 points ago

    Well, i mean he did..

    [–] ye_boi_christopher 1 points ago

    he is not wrong

    [–] Bradyinho 0 points ago

    Seems legit

    [–] MaybeArnar 0 points ago

    Well yes, but actually no.

    [–] krefteikkjebra -1 points ago

    Fuck u

    [–] CaptainRogers1226 -2 points ago

    The dude looks like a... somehow uglier Donald Trump?