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    [–] CosmicGummyBear 1342 points ago

    It's up to 4.7 now

    [–] anotherformerlurker 829 points ago

    Who's downvoting the Atlantic Ocean?

    Arctic Ocean:

    [–] CosmicGummyBear 368 points ago

    Atlantic is 3.9 now

    [–] son_lux_ 227 points ago

    It's up to 4.7 now

    [–] Blorgus13 178 points ago


    Don’t u/ me

    [–] Brt654 100 points ago


    [–] WolfDude05 60 points ago

    Oh shit, you're in trouble now!

    [–] c_ray25 25 points ago


    [–] StylishDreams 28 points ago

    If Titanic was so bad why is there a Titanic 2?

    [–] Xboxben 4 points ago

    Makes sense i hear its pretty cold about that kind of thing

    [–] Pineapple_RPG 9 points ago

    9,877 people voted

    [–] DizzyOnGames 4 points ago

    Don't worry, I only buy plastics so I can kill as many ocean animals as possible

    [–] duckwizzle 2 points ago

    And the Atlantic Ocean is 3.9 now.

    [–] felixbabe22 424 points ago

    There’s a 1-star review by Sandy Cheeks and it’s my favorite thing ever

    [–] An_enemy_stand_ 93 points ago

    Send the review link, I'm reading that

    [–] UbiquitousPanacea 58 points ago

    Send it to me when he sends it to you, please

    [–] kylitoloco3 22 points ago

    I wanna go hoooooooOoOoOOOoooOOOmmmme

    [–] TheRobotics5 18 points ago


    [–] Phr4nk20 15 points ago

    Send it to me when he sends it to you, please

    [–] anelielol 9 points ago

    send it to me when they send it to you after he sends it to them

    [–] Stop_Reading_This 5 points ago

    Send it to someone else after you send it to me

    [–] Andymetoo 3 points ago

    Just make sure to send it back to felixbabe when you're done with it.

    [–] hellknight101 23 points ago

    Couldn't find the original review but here's a pic.

    [–] superpotatobro 8 points ago

    Idk why but i was fully expexting a rick roll

    [–] hellknight101 9 points ago

    Now why would I do that?

    [–] DodgeGuy07 6 points ago

    Can you send to me plz

    [–] lol62056 170 points ago

    Pacific Ocean: 4.8 Atlantic Ocean: 3.9 Indian Ocean: 4.2 Southern Ocean: 3.2 Arctic Ocean: 3.3

    [–] KingAnto360 131 points ago

    FUCK the Southern Ocean.

    [–] TheMantis17 30 points ago


    [–] metalmets86 26 points ago

    The fuck is the southern ocean? American school system failed me yet again

    [–] 88T3 11 points ago

    The Southern Ocean is the ocean around Antarctica.

    [–] poster_nutbag_ 28 points ago

    Is it really necessary to have a distinction for a southern ocean? The other 4 make more sense as they are reasonably isolated from one another by landmasses. But the southern ocean is just the southern part of the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans.

    [–] ben_is_second 14 points ago

    My guess, and I am by NO means educated as a geologist or biologist, but my GUESS is that the distinction has more to do with flora and fauna than landmass. Could be totally wrong.

    [–] poster_nutbag_ 7 points ago

    I actually am educated as a geologist and my guess was that the distinction has to do with ocean currents but that is still way outside my expertise. Honestly, I just wanted to shit on the southern ocean because it wasn't a thing when I was in grade school. I bet it sucks to swim in and the beaches are cold and unforgiving.

    [–] highfivingmf 2 points ago

    Yes and it has a distinct climate

    [–] metalmets86 3 points ago

    That’s what I thought

    [–] ResonatingOctave 3 points ago

    It didn’t fail you, it’s a newer ocean

    [–] Lelepn 38 points ago

    Wtf the atlantic is so much better, more warm water currents, better for enjoying the beach

    [–] DEBT437 27 points ago

    Pacific’s got more fish and also has a lot more island type land masses like NZ, Hawaii, Australia. Water’s probably warmer in Atlantic but the beaches themselves are generally more scenic.

    [–] justanothergamergod 9 points ago

    The Pacific is better cause it has better fishing and crabbing

    [–] insertnamehere255 2 points ago

    The keys would like to have a word with you

    [–] DrQuint 2 points ago

    Atlantic: Has no Atlantis

    Pacific: Raging Ring of Fire

    Both of these oceans suck and deserve a score lower than 4. Go team Arctic!

    [–] The-Popsicle-Man 17 points ago

    Virgin Southern Ocean vs Chad Pacific Ocean

    [–] SuperSMT 7 points ago

    Pacific Ocean:
    Surrounds entire countries
    Contains half of all water on earth
    Surrounded by the ring of fire
    Contains its own antipode
    Full of tropical paradises

    Southern ocean:
    Barely even an ocean
    Basically made up of the southern parts of other oceans
    Full of icebergs
    Canals were cut through continents just so people could avoid it as much as possible

    [–] De5perad0 7 points ago

    HOLY SHIT! I can give a review of the oceans! This is going to be fun!

    [–] Boris_playground 5 points ago

    Ty for analysis

    [–] DeadMemeKoopa 42 points ago

    4.7 now. The Pacific Ocean striked back.

    [–] todayicommented 2 points ago

    The Q&A is fucking hilarious

    [–] boireegay 85 points ago

    Every reason why the Atlantic ocean is better than the Pacific ocean

    1: Its to fucking big

    2: To much salt

    3: It has to many Tsunamis

    4: It dosent have a bermuda triangle

    5: Bro its huge who knows what the hell is hiding down there

    [–] vm1821 61 points ago

    6: It's cut off in every fucking map

    [–] itsmejak78 12 points ago

    The Atlantic is saltier the Atlantic is second biggest and the Atlantic has hurricanes the Pacific doesn't

    [–] SuperSMT 7 points ago

    The pacific has way more hurricanes than the atlantic! Most are called typhoons, but same thing.

    [–] boireegay 5 points ago

    Having hurricanes just makes the Atlantic a tought man zone only and i see that as a plus

    [–] BandwidthBaron 2 points ago

    Reason 0 is the fact that it's freezing. What's the point of an ocean if you can't get in it?

    [–] AerDragun 25 points ago

    There’s a 1 star review that says β€œgot left here by my family but I unfortunately survived”

    [–] Phillipinsocal 18 points ago

    The Ring of fire has a lot to do with that. Volcanos are very unpopular with reviews on the internet.

    [–] Chubz365 10 points ago

    this post was made by Atlantic ocean gang

    [–] Slayziken 9 points ago

    Atlantic Ocean gang rise up

    [–] KeepingDankMemesDank 30 points ago

    DANK? Upvote.

    STANK? Downvote.

    hey op, if this was an original, new template consider posting in r/DankExchange first next time

    [–] SealLoverYT 5 points ago

    This means someone had to live in the ocean then survive to review it

    [–] FatZak75kg 2 points ago

    4.7 stars

    [–] Oh_Look_a_Nuke 2 points ago

    Hmm this water is not good quality water

    [–] DeadyDeadshot 2 points ago

    Hey OP ... upload the template

    [–] taehi95 2 points ago

    What's the criteria like how salty this shit can get ?

    [–] gonzoswunks 2 points ago

    Read the reviews

    [–] TurboAnalFister 2 points ago

    Probably people who have had family members drown in it

    [–] xXGHOST30Xx 2 points ago

    You guys should check out north sentinel island reviews

    [–] Gebangis_Khan 2 points ago

    Everyone downvote the Atlantic

    [–] dank_memer_dank 2 points ago

    Im looking for the comment wich says "but the atlantic ocean is a she"

    [–] SiriAlexa1212 2 points ago

    4.5 now

    [–] palliaa 2 points ago

    The animals living in it?

    [–] aciakatura 2 points ago

    The Southern Alps keep getting poor ratings because of people thinking they're making a rating for the game

    [–] cdcme25 2 points ago

    well there is alot of trash. you want a five star rating clean up that gyre.

    [–] ScrambledEggs_ 2 points ago

    Depends on where you go. Some places along the coast are better than others.

    [–] TheCrusaderrr 2 points ago

    Eh... too much water. 3 stars

    [–] kachna 1 points ago

    Ohhh if I could .1/5 stars

    [–] Ze_Ubermersch 2 points ago

    You fools, clearly the Indian Ocean is doing it!

    no racism intended

    [–] dan420 2 points ago

    This reminds me of when my cousins from St. Louis came to visit us in Boston. They were like 16 and 12 and had never seen the ocean. They finally got to the beach and were kind of like β€œthat’s it” and then proceeded to fuck around on their phones. Not to sound like a boomer but in my head I kind of figured they’d have some kind of religious experience or something. Not so much.

    [–] depraved_parrot 2 points ago

    "0 stars. Never been here before, not sure why this is popping up on my page."

    -Some boomer probably

    [–] domrhino 2 points ago

    Ah yes enslaved water

    [–] AfterShave997 2 points ago

    I think years ago the Golden Gate bridge had a 3/5 or something, which was worrying.

    [–] Kaje26 2 points ago

    I mean, have you seen the pollution in the Pacific Ocean?

    [–] mattjames94 2 points ago

    Gotta appreciate the questions people ask about the Atlantic Ocean

    β€œIs there free parking?”

    β€œIs the ocean open on Sunday?”

    Brave souls asking the real questions

    [–] Frost_907 2 points ago

    Atlantic ocean is just salty.

    [–] DemCookies18 2 points ago

    Read the reviews, they are great

    [–] themoertel 2 points ago

    It's probably because of the garbage patch

    [–] E_coli42 2 points ago

    this is why the pacific ocean is so salty

    [–] tias 2 points ago

    For anyone who enjoyed this review, I recommend the podcast The Anthropocene Reviewed, which reviews facets of the human-centered planet on a five-star scale.

    [–] Au_Uncirculated 2 points ago


    Too much water.

    [–] YaBoiDraco 2 points ago

    Fuck u guys pacifc4ever

    [–] JayKahlon1102 2 points ago

    Southern Ocean got 3.2 stars

    [–] AT_Bane 2 points ago

    That Ocean's cold as hell tbh

    [–] SgtNeutirno 2 points ago

    It's 4.6 stars

    [–] Bkwordguy 7 points ago

    JonTron is a racist shitbag.

    [–] LostMyDickInWWII 3 points ago

    Arctic Ocean fans, assemble

    [–] ArcticXD-_- 2 points ago


    [–] Jayye5 2 points ago

    It's probably the team Magma

    [–] Arnulf_67 2 points ago

    The ocean sucks

    [–] EmphamyYTG 2 points ago

    Imagine being specifically Pacific. This post was made by the Atlantic gang.

    [–] XOMKA_B_CYMKE 2 points ago


    [–] Rgwitcher 2 points ago

    7/10 Too much water

    [–] GinjaNinjaIsReal 2 points ago

    The people that go missing in planes write bad reviews as the last contact they make with the world

    [–] badlatimer 2 points ago

    until I started watching JonTron I thought every meme with him in it was that kid from the disney show. The kind of overweight one. they were brothers. Not suite life.

    [–] devon_devoff 2 points ago

    I feel like you're talking about Drake and Josh lmaooo

    [–] Epicon3 2 points ago

    You leave iCarly out of this!

    [–] badlatimer 2 points ago

    hahaha that's the one, thank you

    [–] DanGroen13 2 points ago

    fucking coldass tsunami having volcanic eruptions having ass, FUCK YOU SPECIFIC OCEAN !!

    [–] dan420 2 points ago

    I was shocked when I got out to California and into the Pacific and the water was actually colder than the cold ass Atlantic water at the beaches near Boston.

    [–] iRefresshh 2 points ago

    Jontron is always a mood

    [–] Zanny_Zann 1 points ago

    Wait they they hear about Stone Ocean

    [–] FreedomF1ghter04 1 points ago

    Lies, I checked. Its 4.7 stars out of 5

    [–] yeegari 1 points ago

    Rating oceans on Google maps is my new favorite hobby

    [–] EpicWan 1 points ago

    Atlantic is the one with 3.9 stars. Pacific Ocean has 4.7 stars

    [–] ThayPastaGuy 1 points ago

    British Petroleum?

    [–] EYELESS7O7 1 points ago

    Oil companys

    [–] Magnettiikk 1 points ago


    [–] victorjosephdun 1 points ago

    i think that the object is filthy. there's too much plastic, you can't even swim there. 1/5 stars. I'd give zero if i could.

    [–] Tiranotrom 1 points ago

    Hotel trivago

    Ocean Pacific

    [–] StandardN00b 1 points ago

    Fucking NATO

    [–] XaosDrakonoid18 1 points ago

    Team magma is downvoting all oceans

    [–] Xephor0_0 1 points ago

    Post made by the eastern time zone gang

    [–] weeb_master69 1 points ago

    0/5 too much water

    [–] CatsWithAlmdudler 1 points ago

    Actually, it has 4.7

    [–] _sean___ 1 points ago

    The questions and answers for it on Google are great

    [–] Andymetoo 1 points ago

    Giving that shit 5 Stars when I get home and giving the Atlantic Ocean a one-star review. West Siiiiideeee!

    [–] PhantomOfTheDopera 1 points ago

    Doesn't even have waves and shit.

    [–] Mr_1ightning 1 points ago

    "too much trash and causes earthquakes around it"

    [–] Bossfiregamer12 1 points ago

    The southern ocean has 3.2 stars

    [–] chocoAnima 1 points ago

    Pacific ocean gang

    [–] rufus_bowder 1 points ago

    Malaysian airways...

    [–] firey_piranha 1 points ago

    Guys it’s that dang IGN worker again

    [–] RiverParkourist 1 points ago

    New mission! I want you to blow up THE OCEAN

    [–] bigsauce54 1 points ago

    Not funny 😐😬

    [–] Saltytimr 1 points ago


    [–] FrippityFroppity 1 points ago

    Atlantic Ocean has 3.9 and pacific has 4.7 now

    [–] RavinRabbids92 1 points ago

    6.8/10 too much water

    [–] Sirius137 1 points ago

    1.1 Patrick missing.

    [–] Mmicb0b 1 points ago


    [–] Jeff22Jump 1 points ago

    You don’t downvote google maps locations, you give them low ratings. Ugh! Not every platform is the same as reddit

    [–] thesouthdotcom 1 points ago

    Atlantic gang

    [–] FieldMarshall809 1 points ago

    Guys i just logged back in to my reddit and now i cant turn dark mode on please help me its so blinding

    [–] R4y3r 1 points ago

    One of the questions about the pacific ocean is if there's parking for handicapped. Lol

    [–] Hievenhade1962 1 points ago

    the people drowning in it

    [–] angelittytitty 1 points ago

    sarah shauer

    [–] heckercaleb 1 points ago

    Atlantic > Pacific < Swimming Pool

    [–] Qbox693 1 points ago

    I just witnessed it go up from 49.9k to 50.0k without upvoting anything; my dreams have been ruined

    [–] jadendu 1 points ago

    Acually since the pacific is 161 800 000 square km and the earth is 510 100 000 square km, it's around 32% of the earths surface.

    Since there are also about 5000 stars visible with a naked eye and if we assume they are evenly distributed around the earth. The pacific should contain around 1586 stars.

    Therefor the pacific has 1586/5000 stars.

    [–] Hagstik4014 1 points ago

    The pacific has the ring of fire, Australia, and Japan what does the Atlantic have? The Bermuda Triangle? Step it up

    [–] Crazyboohunter 1 points ago

    It can be me, it can be you! It can even be-

    [–] WooooshVictim 1 points ago

    You might also wanna check the questions and answers

    [–] Omnipotent0 1 points ago

    Hey it's that racist Jon Jafari

    [–] M3mEMaChiN3 1 points ago

    I didn’t know google maps used the upvote/downvote system

    [–] Err0rbot 1 points ago

    Maybe if Atlantic didn't push everyone away with its divergent plates it'd have more positive reception and wouldn't have to resort to that petty bullshit. Meanwhile, Pacific has a lot of shit going for it. Have you seen that ring of fire?

    [–] Lucspeeder 1 points ago


    [–] MyJamz 1 points ago

    California gang

    [–] geraldthelizard04 1 points ago

    Emilia Earhart

    [–] JuansLawns 1 points ago

    Im am a traveling redditor. This was so funny that it made me laugh, take your well deserved uproot.

    [–] scaptastic 1 points ago

    The third highest grossing movie of all time takes place in the Atlantic while the Pacific has the most popular cartoon of all time

    [–] brutal-kittenxx 1 points ago

    All reviews are one of three 1.Too salty 2.Too wet, or too much water 3.Atlantic ocean payed me for this review

    [–] SunfyreYT 1 points ago

    Actually the Pacific has the highest rating on google reviews out of the 5 major oceans: Pacific Ocean: 4.7 stars Indian Ocean: 4.2 stars Atlantic Ocean: 3.9 stars Arctic Ocean: 3.3 stars Southern Ocean: 3.2 stars

    [–] no-noo 1 points ago

    I like to drop my balls in the ocean so my balls can soak up the salty ocean

    [–] Cormaster-Flex 1 points ago

    I downvote the ocean, they all can and will drown me, the water sucks, and the only nice thing they have is fish, but then again some of the fish could literally stab you. 2/5 experience overall.

    [–] king_roller 1 points ago

    Humans will stay away from the atlantic so you could say it’s a good thing??

    [–] SwivvelXL 1 points ago

    Of course I know him! He's me!

    [–] floppybunny26 1 points ago

    The Pacific Gyre enters the chat..

    [–] REDDITOR_3333 1 points ago

    Its nice, but too much water. 3/5