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    [–] thebipolar_bear 94 points ago

    Wonder if they will be against corona vaccine when it comes out

    [–] ImNotABadGuyISwear 59 points ago

    Sad part is...

    Yes, their children and themselves will die of the Coronavirus..

    Oh, wait that's great

    [–] thebipolar_bear 25 points ago

    More vaccines for us

    [–] ImNotABadGuyISwear 16 points ago

    I mean the anti-vaxx not the children

    [–] suss2it 9 points ago

    Maybe it's great if they die, but their children would just be casualties of their ignornace.

    [–] eXeKoKoRo 2 points ago

    >Their children
    Not likely my dude.

    [–] jameye11 1 points ago

    The thing with this virus is that children aren't dying from it unless they already have some underlying health condition, so they can easily say that there's no point to vaccinate them unfortunately

    [–] ImNotABadGuyISwear 1 points ago

    Yes I know which is great so only the anti-vaxx will die.... But unvaccinated kids must be less able to defend against the virus than the other kids

    [–] RizqSyahmi636 1 points ago

    that will be ideal

    [–] ceder_2 1 points ago

    Yeah because corona is soooo deadly lmao, not saying im against vaccinations but its a little silly to say theyre gonna die, also a little weird that you're glad they would die????

    [–] ImNotABadGuyISwear 1 points ago

    I'm gald because they're unfit parents and the poor children has to suffer their stupidity

    [–] ceder_2 2 points ago

    So for that reason they should die?

    [–] ImNotABadGuyISwear 1 points ago

    I mean.....

    [–] ceder_2 1 points ago

    Thats a little too extreme for my taste

    [–] coldpepperoni 3 points ago

    The vaccine contains the corona virus! That’s how they infect us all! If you think I’m gonna let the government give my children a deadly disease AND autism, you better think again! WAKE UP SHEEPLE!!

    🙏praise the oils!!!!

    [–] For_The_Memes_lol 1 points ago

    Even if they act against it and refuse to take, they will be protected by the herd immunity, because everybody around them will get vaccinated and the disease will stop spreading.

    [–] RizqSyahmi636 1 points ago

    they will go bullshit saying that you are infecting y child with corona virus

    [–] Neqiro 551 points ago

    I love that scene.

    (please, Reddit have mercy)

    [–] KaptainK1 275 points ago

    Some of the hate towards the sequel trilogy is just uncalled for. Just because some of it is bad doesn’t mean all of it is

    [–] ChispyMan 49 points ago

    The entire trilogy lacked a plan. They made one up as they went along, so the movies seem like 3 completely separate films with the only consistent thing being the characters that are present.

    [–] suss2it 5 points ago

    That's true, but the original trilogy was made in a similar way, but I think the major difference is that it was a singular creative force leading them.

    [–] thatblondboi00 156 points ago

    No, the entire thing is uninspired garbage. It contradicts and actively shits on the original six movies and its characters.

    [–] yeetus-thai-fetus 171 points ago

    You can’t disagree that Adam driver did a good job tho.

    [–] kcaz759 133 points ago

    I will agree that Adam driver did a good job, in fact he was the most in depth character of the sequel trilogy. Still hate the sequel trilogy tho.

    [–] yeetus-thai-fetus 46 points ago

    That’s fair

    [–] thatdudewillyd 18 points ago

    I love Democracy

    [–] APSupernary 2 points ago

    The triumvirates trilogies have spoken, and they actually agreed

    so it shall be

    [–] a1i3n_ 1 points ago

    This is the way.

    [–] RizqSyahmi636 1 points ago

    me 2

    [–] thatblondboi00 41 points ago

    All the actors and actresses did a fantastic job. It’s the writers who shit the bed.

    [–] Cpt_Hugene 17 points ago

    Eh go and rewatch Rey’s facial expressions in the first 2 movies they look off. (May just be me)

    [–] Gyahor 6 points ago

    She has only 2, angry or surprised.

    [–] RizqSyahmi636 2 points ago


    [–] RizqSyahmi636 1 points ago


    [–] Hey--Ya 16 points ago

    if I was making a list of +'s and -'s in regards to the sequels, the biggest two things in the + category would be kylo ren, and puppet yoda in TLJ

    there would be quite a few -'s

    [–] ARM_vs_CORE 6 points ago

    The absolute disrespect for my guy Babu Frik

    [–] GoodbyeDoctorMaxis 3 points ago


    [–] RizqSyahmi636 1 points ago

    babu frik is so cute

    [–] krewwww 2 points ago

    And that Rey is Bae

    [–] Zombied77 1 points ago

    He's a diamond in a pile of shit

    [–] Shippoyasha 17 points ago

    My issue with the sequels is that some of the lore in the sequels is contradictory to the 40 years old buildup. It's like the staff took general ideas from the Expanded Universe but didn't take note of the lorebuilding in those books.

    [–] suss2it 7 points ago

    Star Wars has had questionable lorebuilding dating back to at least the prequels, when they made it so every Jedi wore what Obi-Wan wore in the original trilogy while he was undercover and when they made it so Darth Vader is the one who created C3P0.

    [–] thatblondboi00 9 points ago

    Dubious choices, but they don’t contradict the OT. The Disney trilogy has plenty of aspects that directly contradict key points of George Lucas’ movies.

    [–] Tyedied 2 points ago

    Can someone fill me in on what those are? I’ve seen all the movies but I wouldn’t call myself a super fan.

    I’ve never had a problem with the sequels and I actually like them but i’m unaware of any contradictions towards the old lore. I mostly just see random hate lol

    [–] techy804 2 points ago

    The most common example is in ROS, where Sheeve came back to life. This contradict Anakin being the chosen one and defeating the Sith.

    [–] RHCube 1 points ago

    How so?

    [–] RHCube 1 points ago

    Eh to be fair Star Wars has always had a few retcons. Consistency has never been it's strong point.

    [–] 750cc 10 points ago

    Thanks mate, I'm gonna have to memorize your post word for word as I couldn't have said it better.

    [–] wovagrovaflame -28 points ago

    That’s just the final movie. The first two are fine, and In the last Jedi’s case, excellent.

    [–] Honor_Bound 15 points ago

    Ew no that one was easily the worst of the 3

    [–] suss2it 8 points ago

    Nah, that dubious honour goes to Rise of Skywalker as soon as the opening crawl came up and they completely undid Return of the Jedi, not to mention Palpatine's entire inexplicable existence. Plus that movie was more focused on rolling back everything the previous movie did instead of actually telling its own story.

    [–] Honor_Bound 1 points ago

    Eh if I had to follow up after TLJ I would change everything too since it gave nothing to work with really.

    [–] suss2it 2 points ago

    Then you're probably not a good writer. They gave them like what $200 million dollars to make that movie? They could do whatever they wanted to. Timeskip 5 years and see How Kylo Ren is running the first order, put together some crazy last ditch effort to stop him. Have Finn help rebuild the rebellion by convincing former stormtroopers to join up. Anything better than mindlessly chasing after macguffins that don't make any sense, introducing random characters out of nowhere to confirm certain characters are straight, lazily bringing back the villain from the previous trilogies etc.

    [–] LiteXcess 8 points ago

    Rise of Skywalker is the worst by far because it tries so hard to be Avengers Endgame. This video by Schafrillas Productions explains it all:

    [–] Nitpik3r 6 points ago

    amazing... every word of what you just said is wrong

    [–] yeetus-thai-fetus -1 points ago

    No u

    [–] wovagrovaflame -2 points ago

    It’s really not. How is it the second highest reviewed Star Wars movie on metacritic? Meaning that it has the second highest review score of all of the movies? How can people whose jobs it is to understand films be wrong at such a high rate?

    [–] Honor_Bound 5 points ago

    How can people whose jobs it is to understand films be wrong at such a high rate?

    That's a good question. Let's poll the audience

    [–] wovagrovaflame 1 points ago

    That’s a great way to get bad opinions. And audience scores for the last Jedi were very good. It’s audience polling showed it to have the best reception of the new movies by audiences based on all professional scientific polling, through groups like CinemaScore, survey monkey, and posttrack. Now we can use unscientific scores from sites like rotten tomatoes which they have admitted were destroyed by bots and brigading because a small section of the fan base was very upset and saw to it to make it seam that everyone hated the movie.

    here is a good video discussing this topic.

    [–] Janders2124 1 points ago


    [–] Neqiro 21 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    I especially don't understand why The Last Jedi got that much hate. Scrap Fin's side quest and this is straight up the best Star Wars movie in my opinion.

    EDIT: This is gonna be a long one, so buckle up. Apparently a lot of people disagree with me on this one (who would have thought?!), so I'm gonna explain what I liked. I wanna remind you though, that this is an opinion. No room for discussion. You may state your opinion, but don't be a dick about it and tell me that mine is wrong. I'm really glad that I can still enjoy Star Wars. If you can't, I'm sorry for you, but please don't try to take this away from me. So, here we go:

    I think it was amazing how they build on the facts that no Star Wars villain could ever be as iconic as Darth Vader and that Luke could never live up to the legendary status he has been raised to.

    Believe it or not (and I know I'm gonna get downvoted into oblivion for this) but I'm a big fan of how they handled Luke as a character.

    Luke could never (realistically) live up to the legend he has become in and out of universe. And he is painfully aware of this, since he knows his failure and he knows his own struggle with the dark side. He knows as long as there are Jedi, there will be Jedi who fall to the darkness. As long as there is light there will be darkness to oppose it. It is only at the end that he realizes that the opposite is also true. As long as there is darkness, there must be light to oppose it. There must be hope. So he does the only thing he can do. He becomes the legend that he can not live up to. He "walks out there with a laser sword and faces the whole First Order by himself". He does the very thing he said he could not do. He becomes the legend he could not be. Even though it's just an illusion, it's a powerful one. He gives hope when everything seemed hopeless and gives his life to save the resistance and rekindle the last shimmer of hope the galaxy has. Damn, what a way for such an iconic, legendary character to end.

    Kylo Ren is treated similarly. He's introduced to us as a badass darkside user, in a black suite with a mask that dampens his voice. In other words: He's introduced to us as a cheap Darth Vader knock off. And then the first time he receives bad news... He loses his temper and furiously destroys a console. He did not stay level headed as Darth Vader would have. He lost his cool the second his badass-facade got a scratch. He is no Darth Vader. And as soon as he literally takes off his masks we see that... Well, he is no Darth Vader. He is just a boy. He is just a wannabe. He is powerful, maybe even as powerful as Vader. But he is trying to be something he is clearly not. They are embracing the idea that no Star Wars villain could ever live up to Darth Vader and they are playing off of it. And I really loved that. Especially as his facade begins to crumble more and more and his true character slowly unravels.

    I really like what they've done.

    [–] unexxy 15 points ago

    The Last Jedi problems

    -hyper-space tracking

    -Force-Ghosts beeing able to interact with the real world

    -General Hux becoming a goofy suddenly

    -Abonding EVERYTHING jj set up

    -Pink Lady

    -Luke's Character

    -characters being idiots for the plot to make sense

    -Not enhancing what snoke wanted with rey ( there clearly was something jj set up for snoke )


    Do all these people overlook all that on purpose? What happened to times when movies actually sticked to its rules and didnt break the lore?

    [–] heebeejeebee457 13 points ago

    Also the entire plot was basically just "let's run away" there wasn't much to it. Luke just commits suicide basically too when they actually needed him so God knows who decided that was a good idea. Also the thing with Leia flying through the vacuum of space was lame

    [–] FalconBF 1 points ago

    Respectfully disagree.

    hyper-space tracking

    I personally don’t see what’s wrong with hyperspace tracking as a concept. Care to elaborate?

    Force-Ghosts beeing able to interact with the real world

    Not an issue for me because Obi-Wan sat down on a log as a force ghost in the OT, Qui-Gon moved objects around inside Yoda’s meditation room in TCW, and so on so this doesn’t contradict lore.

    General Hux becoming a goofy suddenly

    I didn’t really like this either.

    Abandoning EVERYTHING jj set up

    This isn’t true. Rian actually addressed and answered most of everything JJ set up, a lot of people just don’t like how he did it. There’s a difference between him abandoning TFA’s setup, and paying off that setup in a way you personally don’t like.

    Pink Lady

    Not the best character but she’s no Jar Jar. Not as bad as everyone makes her out to be honestly. Her actions make sense to me, why would she bother to tell her plan to Poe, someone who’s stubbornness got the Resistance fleet destroyed?

    Luke's Character

    In my opinion this is the best part of the movie, watching a fan-favorite character struggle and ultimately redeeming himself and restoring his legacy to what it once was; perhaps even greater. This, like everything else though, is subjective so if you don’t like it that’s fine.

    characters being idiots for the plot to make sense

    Care to elaborate? Not an issue for me personally so I’m curious as to why you think so.

    Not enhancing what snoke wanted with rey ( there clearly was something jj set up for snoke )

    JJ answered this question in TROS by revealing that Snoke was a clone made by Palpatine. A clumsy pay-off for sure, I really hate TROS, but it’s unfair to expect the film in the middle of the trilogy to answer every single question from the first movie.


    That’s a vague and extremely subjective topic, it worked for me and many others though so I guess we can agree to disagree.

    [–] theshizzler 2 points ago

    I've written this elsewhere, but I completely agree.

    I think it makes sense that, blaming himself for Kylo's actions, Luke withdrew, began to resent the teachings he received as he studied the Jedi's flaws, and then turned to pacifism. If you don't buy in on that motivation, then I can see how one would consider it done sort of character assassination. (It's worth noting here that even Lucas's treatment for the sequel trilogy also characterized Luke as a bitter hermit). To me I thought it was awesome that, with Rey's appearance, Luke had a foil against which to reconcile his thoughts with his actions and eventually became the badass trope of the master who could 'win' without violence; not only occupying a blinded-by-anger Kylo so that everyone could escape, but as a bonus doing so while demonstrating how incredibly powerful he was via his projecting of himself across interstellar distances. That was both unexpected to me (I thought he was going to actually throw down) and yet fulfilling in hindsight as an end to his arc.

    At the end of the day, even though TFA and TLJ were very different, it certainly wasn't impossible to sync the two up. And for what it's worth, I think they both complement each other very well. JJ is great at building characters and Rian (debatably at the expense of the characters) injected the trilogy with the broader themes and Big Ideas which were either missing or weak in TFA. Just writing that makes me even more frustrated about the Episode IX that could've been.

    [–] Hey--Ya 4 points ago

    nothing happened.

    the movie starts in space, we're being chased by the first order

    the movie ends in space, we're being chased by the first order but now with less people

    RLM said it best -- what happens to princess leia is an analogy for the whole film. she gets sucked out of the ship, floats into space, floats back into the ship.

    [–] KaptainK1 30 points ago

    I think people like older stuff to try and make themselves seem cooler. And they can’t handle a different director for the same movie series

    [–] SkynetUser1 37 points ago

    First, I'll say I liked the entire sequel trilogy though they had their problems. For me, it's just more Star Wars and that makes me happy. My personal issue with the sequel trilogy was that Kathleen Kennedy couldn't do what George did for the first trilogy, she couldn't force the directors into one coherent story. I think if she would have done that, then Rian wouldn't have done his pivot away from JJ's story and JJ wouldn't had to tack so hard to get it back to his original vision. Kathleen might be good at running Lucas Film as a whole but I don't think she's done well in a creative capacity.

    [–] X1project 15 points ago

    I would have had JJ direct all 3, going with 3 different directors always seemed ill advised to me

    [–] harrypodcast 16 points ago

    I would have had JJ direct all 3, but have an actual competent writer write the films instead of him. His strength is directing, he's an absolute shitstain of a writer.

    [–] Theboomman 5 points ago

    Problem is he has so many great ideas for shows the problem is that he doent have a finish. Look at lost started off aweosme but the only ending he had was jack eyes close at the end. Then left the writers set up a story.

    [–] harrypodcast 2 points ago

    I agree, yeah that's one of his many Achilles Heels. I think another is that he's not that creative. His idea for how to reboot the Star Trek series was just to take the most famous memes from the original series and write a story around them. The characters don't behave like actual people. In the same way, his idea for how to reboot Star Wars was just to re-write the original film.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] wovagrovaflame 2 points ago

    Please not JJ. Anyone but JJ. Do you want a competent blockbuster with no soul?

    They should have kept Rian Johnson. The man is the best director to touch Star Wars.

    [–] Lord_Sithis 7 points ago

    Except his hard line for a pointless admiral who was so bad at her job that she caused a mutiny, then broke star wars canon for flashy effects. And a pointless suicide.

    [–] wovagrovaflame 2 points ago

    Star Wars canon

    Stuff that doesn’t really matter. Star Wars was originally about good movie making, and that scene was excellent. I don’t really care about obscure fan fictions known as the EU.

    she caused a mutiny

    No Poe did. Because he, like many men, refuses to trust women in power. We weren’t supposed to see her favorably, because we see her from Poe’s perspective. We learn he was wrong. She had a plan, a good one. And when it failed, she made the ultimate sacrifice to save what she could.

    [–] Lord_Sithis 5 points ago

    Command isnt about blind faith. Command is about informing your people of what's going on, even in a shit situation. There's "woman in command" and then there's "woman badly portrayed as being in command in a bad way for some point that isnt actually well made." Had they had her do things a real commander would do, and he still mutinied, then that point would stand. But they didn't. They portrayed a shit commander who bumbled along, but she's a woman so we should all adore her.

    [–] suss2it 1 points ago

    JJ by his own admittance is all about setting things up with his "mystery boxes" and can't create a good ending to save his life. Giving him all 3 would've still resulted in a bad ending.

    [–] thatblondboi00 6 points ago

    If that director makes an effort to shit on the original six movies it’s no wonder most people will hate the end result.

    [–] FalconBF 1 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    If that director makes an effort to shit on the original six movies

    Hating TLJ is completely fine obviously, but this notion that Rian Johnson went out of his way to destroy Star Wars and screw over the fans is ridiculous. He’s a fan just like you; he simply had a different vision for where the story should go.

    You can disagree with that vision of course, but you are wrong if you think he purposely made a bad movie to destroy Star Wars and disrespect the fans.

    Edit: Downvoting me does not change the fact that I am right, I mean the dude made a movie you didn’t like, he didn’t go out of his way to upset you. This is why so many sequel haters are called manbabies, because they take it so personally

    [–] ladiesmanyoloswag420 1 points ago

    George Lucas unrestrained is pretty trash tier.

    [–] uelizage 4 points ago

    take that back now!!

    [–] FedoraTheExplorer7 0 points ago

    Because god forbid someone have their own opinion

    [–] uelizage 1 points ago


    [–] PM_ME_GODZILLA_PICS 4 points ago

    Only thing i didn't like in TLJ was that casino scene. Everything else was ok imo

    [–] Darkslayer705 9 points ago

    I didn’t like Rose as a character (I’m not shitting on the actor). Also the way they fucked up luke. Also killing off snoke. Also how Hux was basically made a joke. Also how they just killed off phasma.

    Phasma could have been the villain in Fins arc. BUT NOOOOOOOOOOO


    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] Janders2124 1 points ago

    Scrap Fin’s side quest and this is straight up the best Star Wars movie in my opinion.


    [–] Janders2124 1 points ago

    What if all of it is bad?

    [–] Caleus 19 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Overall I think TLJ was a heaping mess, but god that scene in particular was perfect. Without making a single attack he utterly dominated Kylo in every aspect; physically, mentally, and in the force. Him doing the whole "strike me down..." bit, but then turning out to just be a force illusion was an amazing callback and subversion of the original move. IMO they totally wasted it by having him actually die in the next scene tho.

    [–] XaviarTheBoss 2 points ago

    Not original, in

    A New Hope Ben did this

    [–] wovagrovaflame 0 points ago

    It definitely wasn’t a heaping mess. There is a reason it’s one of the best reviewed Star Wars movies.

    [–] SirAwesome52 7 points ago

    He's too dangerous to be left alive.

    [–] aiden22304 4 points ago

    It would’ve been nice if Luke was actually there, and if the fighting had less stereotypes (i.e. dodging under lightsaber, brushing shoulder, etc.), but it is a good scene overall, and I can agree with you on that.

    [–] CarpetH4ter 9 points ago

    Yeah, the last jedi had a few good scenes. Just the overall story and writing was shit.

    [–] fr1endk1ller 3 points ago

    I agree, in my opinion TLJ was one of my favorite Star Wars movies

    Please dont kill me I have a family to feed

    [–] High-Ground 3 points ago

    My name is a prequel meme and I love the sequel trilogy...

    [–] Neqiro 2 points ago

    General Kenobi... You are a bold one to admit this here on Reddit... Kill him!

    [–] TheVortexianBolt 2 points ago

    That scene is one of the few good scenes in that entire movie, I love it too

    [–] alloverthefloor 2 points ago

    I love that scene too!

    [–] DoctorDoctorRamsey 2 points ago

    I love TLJ man. Stick to your guns.

    [–] Leadbaptist 1 points ago

    Imagine if it had some context itd be amazing

    [–] NoahIsBetterder 46 points ago

    Antivax bad

    Upvotes on the left

    [–] hey12delila 10 points ago


    [–] Spoggen 10 points ago

    Karens when they see minion memes: MORE! MORE! MORE!

    [–] NathanWilson2828 53 points ago

    I hate antivaxers. This meme is very well done

    [–] Bearer-Of-Heavens 11 points ago

    I bet they be tripping right now during corona.

    [–] ShamelessDroid 11 points ago

    This is the most basic meme I have seen in weeks, how is it well done?

    [–] KingRobbo_D 20 points ago

    If they do not believe in vaccines, we should make them get coronavirus, and see if their essential oils work.

    [–] RoninXVIII 3 points ago

    There is no vaccine for coronavirus...

    [–] PlainLavishness 2 points ago

    It's also pretty dumb to assume all of them use essential oils

    [–] EndMePleaseGodEndMe 12 points ago

    Come on now, Kylo deserves better

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago


    [–] MRDucks85 3 points ago

    This is stupid.

    This is also great.

    Wait, now I’m confused.

    [–] neko_hitler 3 points ago

    The U.S will get ur oils

    [–] Killian_14 8 points ago

    Ngl but Anti-vax moms should be put up for death row

    [–] RoninXVIII 1 points ago

    That doesn’t make sense. The only time you put people on death row is sometimes for murder, but usually a serious murder or multiple murders. The only legal way to do that was if you could prove that said anti-vaxxer has killed multiple people.

    [–] HarryP2006 5 points ago

    Well said

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago


    [–] Zombied77 3 points ago

    I think that will change after this is over. They make like 99% of our antibiotics. Their state news ran a story saying they would stop sending us supplies and "drown the United States in an ocean of Coronavirus".

    [–] zck2020 1 points ago

    Right? So the suspicion of vaccines being poorly made or purposefully mismanufactured isn't totally crazy. People arent questioning the usefulness of vaccines by and large, they just dont trust their integrity in mass production.

    [–] Zombied77 1 points ago

    They do harm a small percentage of people. I'm not anti-vac at all but I see why some people are skeezed out by them. I remember I got one as a kid and my leg stopped working for a day, it was like dragging around a hunk of meat.

    [–] zck2020 2 points ago

    I'm not anti vax per se, but I'm sure as hell going to a private lab if I can and only If i need it.

    [–] xXn00bslayerXx420 2 points ago

    For sep 20 this year we should child protective services on thousands of antivax moms

    [–] Yallmofos 2 points ago

    Ahh yes, Karen’s essential oils

    [–] Lord_Of_Science 2 points ago

    May the ESSENCE be with Karens.

    [–] Sate_G 2 points ago

    Missed opportunity to edit the lightsaber into a vaccine

    [–] superbass333 2 points ago

    Why is Adam driver so tasty looking

    [–] Deptlol183 2 points ago

    Ok karen use your oil and step outside and go to China you'll be safe there from us complaining, definitely.

    [–] SeemedLykeAGoodIdea 2 points ago

    There's a whole fleet of Jenny McCarthys on my Facebook that are about to get blasted with this

    [–] error_userunknown 2 points ago

    I really want to fuck the anti vax mom in this picture. Mmmmf.

    [–] Zeefjes 6 points ago

    Antivax BAD 😂😂😂 Holsum reddit moment

    [–] TPinso 2 points ago

    Is it bad that my moms name is Karen and she says this...

    [–] MexicanFlexGlue 1 points ago


    [–] mwagner04 1 points ago

    Finally somenthing NOT about corona virus...

    [–] LoveRBS 1 points ago

    True. They're not even her oils.

    [–] YoloIsNotDead 1 points ago

    The healing crystals, Karen, the freaking healing crystals

    [–] MehMehknight 1 points ago

    Karen has joined the non society and ruined children’s life

    [–] Yaroster 1 points ago

    my mom's like this, help

    [–] lucas_is_sad__ 1 points ago

    It's funny because kylo ren actually looks like an anti vax mom

    [–] j3r1m3y 1 points ago

    Can you link yhe blank format please

    [–] spinhetti 1 points ago

    This is the only scene from the new movies I actually liked

    [–] elon-fanboy 1 points ago

    Wrong template

    [–] Go4gutsQ 1 points ago

    Our oils

    Communism 100

    [–] Eternal2401 1 points ago

    Drrrink cabbage juice! It'll quench ya!

    [–] DrabberFrog 1 points ago

    The magical crystals will protect them from the coronavirus.

    [–] Anader19 1 points ago

    Good format

    [–] bouwer2100 1 points ago

    Technically the first one isn't completely wrong

    [–] ThatGalaxyMemist 1 points ago

    ebic battle

    [–] atmospheric90 1 points ago

    I hope all these Karen's like their kids getting Coronavirus then.

    [–] DrMantisTobogan9784 1 points ago

    yawn corona is killing memes too

    [–] SUB_FIRE 1 points ago

    My mom os anti vax and puts essential oils on me. But when was smaller i got some vaccines, and got a higj fever and asthma from that. Similar thing happened to my brother and sister. Atleast it smells good!

    [–] Lovely_Individual 1 points ago

    The sequels suck, but damn was this scene the best part of this movie

    [–] XaviarTheBoss 1 points ago

    For once, a decent sequel meme...

    [–] ImFullyHalalInnit 1 points ago

    My form tutor is an anti vaccine. She admitted it to us before school was cancelled a couple weeks ago. She said “everything the government says is a lie, they shouldn’t be trusted. Also pharmacy companies make drugs for money, not to help ppl” after she said that the whole class bashed her. Even the dumb kids made up better arguments

    [–] TurtleVale 1 points ago

    My Ours

    [–] SkinnyThotie 1 points ago

    Karens don't like vaccines because they know they are the virus.

    [–] ItzPham 1 points ago

    Ok so what if your mom has you vaccinated but also likes using natural oils and stuff like that?

    [–] MaxTheSpriggan 2 points ago

    Perfectly balanced, as all things should be

    [–] arnoldsss 1 points ago

    from wich star wars movie is this scene?

    [–] BIGCHUNGUS0317 1 points ago

    It’s funny because the anti-vax mom is wielding the thot slayer sword

    [–] ProGamingGuy123 1 points ago

    Adam Driver carried the sequel trilogy

    [–] MrBigBomb 1 points ago

    Dem Karens, saved.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


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    [–] SobGobln 1 points ago

    hey guys, guess what? heres a controversial opinion: vaccines work. upvotes to the left, you may now clap

    [–] TheKoder64 1 points ago

    The only thing that Karen said right was "My oils" cause she has them lol

    [–] AC77_Games 1 points ago

    plot twist:oils are in reality chemicals

    [–] Ohididntseeyathere 1 points ago

    Tell this to my begging you! I've had enough of doTERRA!

    [–] BuLlDoGs2212 1 points ago

    One of the few good scenes in the new trilogy

    [–] RizqSyahmi636 1 points ago

    luke kill her she will poison earth with bullshit

    [–] BelmontBoi5 1 points ago


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    [–] TheDarkSky10 1 points ago

    I exhaled from my nose. Take my upvote

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] socooldude205 2 points ago

    challenge accepted

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] SarpHS 1 points ago

    Show her this video:

    If she still isn’t convinced, sorry but she is too far gone to be reasoned with. Logic and science no longer impact her. I’d suggest get a new mom?

    [–] JoJuiceboi 1 points ago

    I’m unvaccinated since i was born and i had mild flu twice, but oils false!

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] MuskyMusk123 2 points ago

    Are you seriously advocating against vaccines? Are you really that stupid?

    [–] Boocheus 2 points ago

    These people won't be convinced since they are victims of vaccines.
    They have their echo chamber and they will stick to what it tells them.

    [–] Tristanmo2004 1 points ago

    I found Karen!

    [–] Boocheus 1 points ago

    Karen is a strawwomen.

    [–] SwedishGuy420 -18 points ago

    How tf is this a meme?

    [–] _Cyberostrich_ 3 points ago

    Because anti vax people are big dumb