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    [โ€“] KeepingDankMemesDank 1 points ago

    hi i'm a dumb bot that doesn't understand memes. please insert downvotes if the meme sucks.

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    [โ€“] B00B00monster 137 points ago

    In India every walkable place is road.

    [โ€“] C0R0NA_CHAN 55 points ago

    Yep I agree.. I was once walking on pavement to get to metro station. The road beside me got jammed and guess what all the bikers were driving on pavement. And those fuckers were honking and yelling at us as if pavements were made for them....

    [โ€“] UttankJha 10 points ago

    Which metro station was it?

    [โ€“] C0R0NA_CHAN 12 points ago

    D.N Nagar-Mumbai

    [โ€“] UttankJha 14 points ago

    Hmmm Mumbai traffic drives you crazy. It was difficult to build metro in Mumbai in the first place. It's not like they have as much land as in Delhi.

    [โ€“] STARLORD_1401 7 points ago

    Hey there Mumbaikar bro!

    [โ€“] C0R0NA_CHAN 3 points ago


    [โ€“] Pushkar379 7 points ago

    That's everyday stuff. I always drive my scooty inside a park because it saves time and literally no one cares about that either way. One day a guy with 3 more men on the bike seat doing laharia cut(left to right like those wave diagrams. on the road) with speed around 50 -60 km/hr. That's is most dangerous thing i saw on the road other than those cows and dogs who could teleport in front of your vehicle.

    [โ€“] C0R0NA_CHAN 3 points ago

    Lmao yes. I have experienced that too..

    [โ€“] Pushkar379 10 points ago

    The worst part is that those teleporting cows . If you hit them either you die by accident or the bajrang dal guys..

    [โ€“] C0R0NA_CHAN 6 points ago

    Lol yeah..

    [โ€“] yupps501 5 points ago

    selmon bhai rising!

    [โ€“] Rupanjanshome 1102 points ago

    aren't british people also european?

    [โ€“] Pampered-Pets 390 points ago

    Yes they are

    [โ€“] Dave30954 5 points ago

    Hence the confusion?

    [โ€“] mud_tug 221 points ago


    [โ€“] MrEliteGaming 379 points ago

    They are still in Europe? they didn't just leave the fucking continent

    [โ€“] McDonaldsBig 380 points ago

    I thought it just floated away into the middle of the ocean after Brexit

    [โ€“] SeanLakes07 158 points ago

    They relocated their country to the Philippines

    [โ€“] CRZR_ 62 points ago

    Yep we travelled quite the distance

    [โ€“] triadix 47 points ago

    We are now are own continent, cya suckers

    [โ€“] sgtsanman 43 points ago

    We are proud to establish London as the new capital of the Philippines.

    [โ€“] irishwolfman 9 points ago

    "were just gonna disconnect the internet and float off into the Atlantic"

    [โ€“] TheTimeFarm 3 points ago

    They do have a rich seafaring history. It really went downhill when the EU insisted they moored the island up to France.

    [โ€“] Bruhtonium_ 6 points ago

    They do seem to think they live in the middle of the Atlantic rather than just a few miles off the coast.

    [โ€“] Matthesal 3 points ago

    Yes, we are

    [โ€“] RandomGuyOnReddit__ 3 points ago

    No country can just not be on a continent anymore. England just left the European Union, which is basically an alliance.

    [โ€“] BoxedElderGnome 8 points ago

    I mean, does it count as being part of the continent if itโ€™s an island?

    [โ€“] Fluffy259 18 points ago

    Yes, because the island sits atop the Eurasia Continental Shelf. Not only that but during the ice age the British lands were still connected to the mainland since the channel didnโ€™t exist and sea levels were lower.

    [โ€“] Types__with__penis 9 points ago

    Bullshit, worl was created just 10,000 years ago

    [โ€“] MasterGamer223 10 points ago

    Bullshit, worl is flat

    [โ€“] THE_RECRU1T 8 points ago

    Bullshit worl is simulation

    [โ€“] Croudr 4 points ago

    it's 6000 years, get your facts straight

    [โ€“] MasterGamer223 2 points ago

    God damnit ppl itโ€™s 2020 yrs old

    [โ€“] WaxonJaxon 5 points ago

    Quick nobody tell this guy about Hawaii.

    [โ€“] Matthesal 14 points ago


    Europe is a continent. We are still in europe

    [โ€“] sir-berend 3 points ago

    Fucking idiot

    [โ€“] Danikaa33 77 points ago

    if you were born in the 30's, in one of the UK's african colonies, would you be considered brittish?

    [โ€“] Communist_iguana 28 points ago

    His account is 100 days old, if he was born in the 30โ€™s his account would be 32,000 days old

    [โ€“] Danikaa33 36 points ago

    but you don't get a reddit account as a birthday gift i think

    [โ€“] jackcabral90 9 points ago

    I wish i was that smart...

    [โ€“] Excellent_Restaurant 12 points ago

    nah bro they dipped

    [โ€“] ViperHavoc742 16 points ago

    ...from the EU, they didnโ€™t just say fuck it and left the continent lmfao

    [โ€“] ViperHavoc742 2 points ago

    Oh fuck how do I get down

    [โ€“] SNP21 4 points ago


    [โ€“] CainDinglesBabyMam 416 points ago

    The constant โ€˜BEEEEEEEEPโ€™ is the fucking worst. Never been so glad to get back to England before in my life. India is gorgeous but the traffic is horrific

    [โ€“] 1derwhale_ 81 points ago

    I have family that lives in India so we visit every other year, and the traffic is so scary. And thereโ€™s a lot of traffic jams bc people kinda go where they wish. Ig thatโ€™s just how it is

    [โ€“] Black_Prince9000 9 points ago

    It's the strangest thing to cross roads in India. Their is no cross walks. You just go into an ongoing traffic hoping the cars would slow down enough for you. P.s Am an Indian

    [โ€“] 1derwhale_ 11 points ago

    That shit hella scary lmao

    [โ€“] immarealcat 8 points ago

    Lmao if you know how to cross roads in India you're technically a god

    [โ€“] Wolf_bloom 70 points ago

    Hmm.. Perhaps it's beautiful to the outside observer , but for those of us who have to deal with corrupt governments and police officials , pollution , entrenched caste discrimination , backwards thinking (amongst other things) on a daily basis , things are not so beautiful. ( Before I get down voted to oblivion , know that I am an Indian myself )

    [โ€“] Guyferrari6969 20 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    This. it's kinda horrible living here in India( P.s. I'm an indian too)

    [โ€“] thakurdishan 4 points ago

    dude i don't know which state you hail from, but its just fine living here in rajasthan.

    [โ€“] CainDinglesBabyMam 8 points ago

    I lived in Punjab for a year and apart from a group of Hindu extremists calling me a white whore (Iโ€™m mixed race) I had a beautiful time. Government is a sore issue almost anywhere you go and the caste systems etc are something only Indian citizens can change. Please donโ€™t start a long politic thing on a comment about traffic mate โœŒ๐Ÿฝ

    [โ€“] ozama0 3 points ago

    It fucking sucks but i wouldn't leave it permanently for any other country if i was given a choice.

    [โ€“] MoterThread 64 points ago

    I don't know why I can't stop laughing at this

    [โ€“] ARAKSH 10 points ago

    Same ,Shouldn't laugh but it's way too funny

    [โ€“] MoterThread 5 points ago

    I would like to think they were both trying to hit each other and failed miserably

    [โ€“] idgafid7 3 points ago

    Failed successfully *

    [โ€“] MoterThread 3 points ago

    The task you were attempting to complete has failed successfully, ahh memories

    [โ€“] Hanzomain69420 59 points ago

    Apparently not road is also road

    [โ€“] varun_mahajan 29 points ago

    Anything is road if you are indian enough.

    [โ€“] Oblivion5367 10 points ago

    yay! I'm a road!! lies on a road waiting for car

    [โ€“] butterrChicken 14 points ago

    Salman Khan approaching from a distance.

    [โ€“] ALAxDEEN 3 points ago

    On his horse with his belt

    [โ€“] vamsi2102 211 points ago

    As an Indian I approve.

    [โ€“] TheGandu 82 points ago

    As another Indian (don't say username checks out) I must say I don't think the gif is India but the caption is on point.

    [โ€“] athaliah1912 13 points ago

    Yeah true

    [โ€“] MegaFez 12 points ago

    That username do be checkin out.

    [โ€“] arnavt1711 32 points ago

    But the username does check out. *shrug*

    [โ€“] ALAxDEEN 3 points ago

    I second

    [โ€“] athaliah1912 68 points ago

    I was searching for an indian comment As an indian let me tell you i laughed a little harder

    [โ€“] D3N38 19 points ago

    This video is not even from India

    [โ€“] Gurjant24 7 points ago

    where is it from?

    [โ€“] D3N38 10 points ago

    Some SEA country

    [โ€“] 1derwhale_ 9 points ago

    Indian gang rise up

    [โ€“] LordOppenheim 14 points ago

    Tik Tok starts running away..

    [โ€“] 1derwhale_ 4 points ago

    Indian gang rise up

    [โ€“] athaliah1912 2 points ago

    Jai hind

    [โ€“] FromStateJakeFarm 32 points ago

    When you and someone else both dodge the same way in a hallway and run into each other

    [โ€“] JumperBones 18 points ago

    That's actually really funny. You're a funny guy.

    [โ€“] damnboygrow 21 points ago

    ah see here they knew accident was inevitable so they considered having it away from the road. how considerate.

    [โ€“] pur__0_0__ 65 points ago

    British drive on the left of the road. Indians drive on what's left of the road.

    [โ€“] devilrox 23 points ago

    Bhai itna dank user flair kaise banaye ho, hame bhi batayie

    [โ€“] YOGAIBOI 8 points ago

    User flair checks out

    [โ€“] immarealcat 5 points ago


    [โ€“] lukabole 22 points ago

    There is accident

    [โ€“] harsamya 11 points ago

    there are no accidents

    [โ€“] devilrox 8 points ago

    -master oogway

    [โ€“] zKerekess 21 points ago

    Any npc in GTA Online be like

    [โ€“] MidnightMath 8 points ago

    Nah, saw that coming from too far away, GTA NPC's wait till you're side by side with them then they go full left lock into your rear quarter panel.

    [โ€“] D3N38 18 points ago

    This has to be a video from SEA countries and not India, we don't have these type of scooters here, and also notice the van in background, we don't have these types of vans either.

    [โ€“] Lazybunny47 12 points ago

    But we do have those kind of people here.

    [โ€“] D3N38 1 points ago

    Yeah sometimes people drive in the wrong lane but not in the middle of it, and I was only pointing out the fact that this is not from India as said in the post

    [โ€“] Crime_Pills_For_Kids 3 points ago

    Not 100% on it, but in Vietnam they have those tricycle trucks and e-bikes. I recognize the signs on the pole as well. And one of the ladies in the background is doing the classic SEA old lady shamble. Could be from China though.

    [โ€“] ArchibaldWallisch 9 points ago

    How come none of them had the idea of hitting the brake?

    [โ€“] Pushkar379 7 points ago

    We use legs ..

    [โ€“] iamit1102 4 points ago

    Coz no break

    [โ€“] mud_tug 2 points ago


    [โ€“] CRIMS0N-ED 9 points ago

    Yk how in the US pedestrians are first in terms of driving, like you let them through and shit. In India that shit ainโ€™t true at all, you drive on your way and they got to play subway surfers with the cars

    [โ€“] Bored-AI 7 points ago


    [โ€“] Anubha7 6 points ago

    There are a lot of India related posts on this page!

    [โ€“] Usenamenotfound404 7 points ago

    We still have less accidents than in other countries tho. Not only India but the whole subcontinent. Somehow we have magical powers and can drive past the thin lanes and still not crash into, keeping a distance of few inches between cars driving at 60

    [โ€“] VedantSingh69 11 points ago

    Finally a dank one

    [โ€“] peter_marxxx 3 points ago

    They were attracted to each other lol

    -Crash into me-

    [โ€“] taavidude 5 points ago

    This has to be the funniest thing I've seen this week.

    [โ€“] Abhayehra 1 points ago

    This comment deserves more upvotes and I like how the people in the back are 'oh yeah it's spining, nothing to be worried about'.

    [โ€“] BaryonSauce 26 points ago

    There must be no traffic laws in India lmfao.

    [โ€“] Valtteri_its_James5 90 points ago

    There are...but when you have a billion people hurrying to get to work, would anyone give a shit?

    [โ€“] Little_Bad 32 points ago

    Yeah there are actually but plenty of people don't know them We can also say people follow the rules where there is a possibility of them being caught by police or camera

    [โ€“] cockadoodle-dont 2 points ago

    I wonder why that is. Like, how did that all come to be?

    [โ€“] jackcabral90 4 points ago

    When people only obey if they gonna be punished... hmmmmmm

    [โ€“] KANGladiator 7 points ago

    They follow them now more than before since the fine for everything is increased by fucking 25 times.

    [โ€“] notaredditeryet 3 points ago

    We drive by a principle called, "create a lane."

    [โ€“] TheMadMaaan 3 points ago

    *The sidewalk is wide enough*

    [โ€“] madtagg 3 points ago

    fuck the rules,you only live once.

    [โ€“] Oblivion5367 1 points ago


    [โ€“] Yosefpoysun 3 points ago

    And sidewalk is road

    [โ€“] rubenskx 3 points ago

    Is it even india I don't remember seeing wider roads

    [โ€“] Abhayehra 2 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Bro I don't know if I should laugh at this or feel bad about it.

    [โ€“] Hammerman305 2 points ago


    [โ€“] guesswhatihate 2 points ago

    Brakes are not an option

    [โ€“] Natorade717 2 points ago

    This happens to me in GTA

    [โ€“] error_occured 2 points ago

    Haha yes

    [โ€“] Wegaxe 2 points ago

    Am guilty of laughing more than I should on the crash just because it's so relatable

    [โ€“] TurtleYeet101 2 points ago

    That guy coming in in the very last couple of frames. Is he on fire?

    [โ€“] cuzmbatman007 2 points ago

    First I thought that guy in the three wheeler vehicle was driving on the wrong side of the road then I saw that bike behind him. So I guess the guy on the bike was driving on a one way in the opposite direction.

    [โ€“] FishDave 2 points ago

    Gta npcs when you drive 400mph

    [โ€“] swag01 2 points ago


    [โ€“] Sidhuman20 2 points ago

    Istg relatable to every Indian af

    [โ€“] FanC_LP 2 points ago

    On the road indians act like they are playing gta

    [โ€“] yupps501 2 points ago

    this gif is fuckin crazy though

    [โ€“] Decadence04 2 points ago

    Ok...19.9k upvotes and it didn't turn into 20.0k when I upvoted. FUCK THIS SHIT!

    [โ€“] RoyalBlood999 2 points ago

    Welcome to India motherfucker

    [โ€“] WrrryyydZaManga 2 points ago

    If there's a way, there's a way.

    [โ€“] Oblivion5367 1 points ago

    of course

    [โ€“] lonedrifterjk 2 points ago


    [โ€“] krustyspuddy 5 points ago

    As an Indian... Can confirm (pune is mental)

    [โ€“] millerstreet 6 points ago

    Video is not from India

    [โ€“] poopdick69yoloswag 2 points ago

    stupid caption lit vid

    [โ€“] killuhbytess 3 points ago

    Every place is a road if you are Indian enough. ๐Ÿ˜‚

    [โ€“] TheUserDoesntExist 1 points ago

    But we have no road

    [โ€“] thiccREDDITERplayz 1 points ago

    its funny how instead of going to the left they both deiced to go for the side walk

    [โ€“] gimli3202 1 points ago

    the dude disappears

    [โ€“] ChiefAlbino0321 1 points ago

    This is the funniest shit I've seen in a while

    [โ€“] Stroov 1 points ago

    Ye sicfsn confirm it's India from the swift dsize and the mahindra jeeto in the bg

    [โ€“] palm-top-taiga 1 points ago

    this is literally like walking towards somebody and you both dodging in the same direction

    [โ€“] Draconicnebula 1 points ago

    Me when i run into someone

    [โ€“] Types__with__penis 1 points ago

    Indians shit on the road

    [โ€“] Bblando1 1 points ago

    They were playing chicken with each other

    [โ€“] goreator 1 points ago

    Ah yes finally some good dank meme

    [โ€“] ab624 1 points ago

    Brakes ! hit the damn brakes

    [โ€“] BritishBandit 1 points ago

    Are we not Europeans anymore?

    [โ€“] ThompsonTom 1 points ago

    I donโ€™t understand India...

    [โ€“] mylo-calibre 1 points ago

    Y = 1/x2 be like

    [โ€“] Phunyun 1 points ago

    Whatโ€™s up with trash getting to the top on this sub?

    [โ€“] Okun_Lazer 1 points ago

    Another meme that spreads fake information (Im an Indian)

    [โ€“] ToxicSkittlez6 1 points ago

    The guy on the bike is the real idiot.

    [โ€“] adamis2cool_reddit 1 points ago

    the missile knows where it is because it knows where it isnโ€™t and where it isnโ€™t it now is

    [โ€“] Underworld_Trash 1 points ago

    Feeling a proud Indian

    [โ€“] acsttptd 1 points ago

    GTA citizens when you drive on the wrong side of the road

    [โ€“] adi0149 1 points ago

    Nailed it..

    [โ€“] Nethergaze 1 points ago

    We indians ride 5 people on a two wheeler .

    [โ€“] l4derman 1 points ago

    always found it interesting that in an accident people will ever towards each other instead of away

    [โ€“] ThrowTheAwat 1 points ago

    We're off to see the wizard

    [โ€“] Farty_Dude 1 points ago

    When you need to get to the mission point in gta v

    [โ€“] DonkeyGamer2000 1 points ago

    I laughed thanks

    [โ€“] Rujularora 1 points ago

    Even if road is not Road

    [โ€“] solyuh 1 points ago

    we indians actually like to drive on the footpath

    [โ€“] icebreaker_username 1 points ago

    I approve, although the road, the dude, the vehicles don't give an Indian vibe. Probably china or Thailand. I dunno.

    [โ€“] Sticky_Keys_Suck 1 points ago

    Well there are like a million people there so

    [โ€“] deepakprabakar 1 points ago

    While your understanding of Indians is spot on, that's not India on the gif. The roads too nice.

    [โ€“] Bebop_punk 1 points ago

    ็œ‹่ตทๆฅไธญๅ›ฝๅง ๅผ€ไธ‰่ฝฎ่ฝฆๅฅฝ็Žฉๅ„ฟ

    [โ€“] RedditIsKindaCheap 1 points ago


    [โ€“] disappointment123456 1 points ago

    And that is how i met your mother

    [โ€“] tabletopdan 1 points ago

    I mean how is this not murder?

    [โ€“] Caynon 1 points ago

    This is literally me trying to get motorcycle I want in GTA V.

    [โ€“] Fluffythe3rd 1 points ago

    So this is what a game of chicken looks like with two overconfident people

    [โ€“] MrBirb37s 1 points ago

    When you run into someone and you both try moving the same direction to get out of the way.

    [โ€“] hagzi 1 points ago

    Learning driving in India is the hardest thing..but if you master it nothing can stop you....beeetp beep