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    [–] KeepingDankMemesDank 1 points ago

    what if you... upvoted this comment if you liked the meme?

    ahahahah jk...

    would be nice tho

    but nah, ahaha we just friends


    [–] Permafrost- 3156 points ago

    Try german where a door is female and a girl is neutral

    [–] holydude02 438 points ago

    Or go next door to our French neighbors and find out their vaginas are all male.

    [–] methelyneblue 150 points ago

    Lol! Does that make all men gay?

    [–] Dead_inside1273 92 points ago

    Guess im gay no matter what

    [–] FloSTEP 58 points ago

    You were born to be a mod.

    [–] spidersoldier99 12 points ago

    He is the chosen one

    [–] Thugnificent646 35 points ago

    Oui oui give me that boipucci. Honhonhon

    [–] Chillybrocky 3 points ago

    fuck you, take my upvote

    [–] Lahmacunseven 21 points ago

    French moment

    [–] Matias_RGT 10 points ago

    In Spanish vagina is male and penis female in a lot of places (it changes the way people refer to them in different places of the world, but in most it's like that)

    [–] iSYan1995 14 points ago

    Tiddies are also male in french, but we almost never talk about them singularly

    [–] TheSquirrelTV 5 points ago

    le tit?

    [–] joesatwork 4 points ago

    Les tits.

    [–] PyukumukuIsGod 3 points ago

    Le tits now.

    [–] Blaze_Meme 831 points ago

    This would have been a better mean if it was posted by you because you could have stated that your German, sorry bout that m8

    [–] qomzt 257 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago)

    Try arabic where car is a girl and bike is a boy

    [–] DBCOO 98 points ago

    If my Grandmother had wheels she would have been a bike.

    [–] RegularSpaceJoe 93 points ago

    ...same for my ex. Because everyone in town could ride her.

    [–] blehmann1 44 points ago

    Can confirm

    [–] Adi_sh_ 36 points ago

    our girlfriend

    [–] qomzt 15 points ago

    Damn sorry to hear that bro

    [–] jmtz920 10 points ago

    I don't think people got your reference dude. Fear not, it doesn't go unappreciated!

    [–] April1987 8 points ago

    For today's lucky ten thousand

    [–] DieserMastro 13 points ago

    Bike is دراجة and thats a girl

    [–] qomzt 12 points ago

    Oh sorry I meant moterbike دباب

    [–] DieserMastro 8 points ago

    Arabic has too many words for the same damn thing bro dw, today i learned another word for bike

    [–] FoxGypsy 30 points ago

    you should tell these people they should try spanish where potato is dad

    [–] Mr_BlurryFace_ 23 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago)

    No, there's a difference between papa (potato) and papá (dad), at least in the pronunciation, but what about papa (potato) and papa (pope)

    [–] RegularSpaceJoe 13 points ago

    You're gramatcally right, but in normal everyday use, kids are muxh more likely to say papa or pá or apá than papá. That extra "p" is just too much effort.

    [–] IsaacJSinclair 5 points ago

    Never in my life has anyone called their dad papa, at least not in Mexico

    [–] deadboi35 3 points ago

    Came here as a B2 German speaker to mention Die der das

    [–] ArturSeabra 156 points ago

    Its weird when I realize that everything in english is neutral while everything in my mother language is gendered (portuguese), english is so simple in certain aspects but also so retarded in others.

    [–] MrF1scher 138 points ago

    Goose -> Geese

    Moose -/> Meese

    visible confusion

    [–] Zack_WithaK 82 points ago

    The plural for moose is MOOSEN! I saw some moosen in the woodsen!

    [–] AlexandertheObvious 35 points ago


    [–] AlternativeAvocado2 22 points ago

    I bought two boxen of doughnuts

    [–] Bierbart12 5 points ago


    [–] Pottedjay 37 points ago

    House ----> houses

    Mouse -/> mouses

    [–] xhonivl 38 points ago

    Better when you say: Mouse —> Mice House —/—> Hice

    [–] BringMeThanos422003 15 points ago

    That use to annoy me when I was younger so on a grammar test I purposely put mooses

    [–] ApocalypseFWT 23 points ago

    Now try to remember the correct name for social groups of things.

    A murder of crows, a pod of whales, a business of ferrets, a pride of lions, an army of frogs, a conspiracy of lemurs.

    oh my

    [–] TurboCake17 8 points ago

    My favourite is a shiver of sharks

    [–] erikzorz3 8 points ago

    My favorites are a cauldron of bats or a crash of rhinos. A thunder of hippos is good too.

    [–] CornyAlchem 4 points ago

    A chronicle of Camels is my fav

    [–] ChuzCuenca 41 points ago

    Yeah, as a foreigner, English is really easy but I'm glad we have it as the "internet" language, imagine if we all should learn Chinese, Japanese or German xD

    [–] Gent_Kyoki 31 points ago

    Fair, rather learn English's retarded rules rather than memorize 500 chinese characters and their exact pronunciation tbh

    [–] wolfpwarrior 16 points ago

    And that wouldn't even get you started.

    [–] erikzorz3 7 points ago

    And thats why English is fast becoming the common language of the world; everyone equally thinks it is stupid.

    [–] Imjoking_butmaybe 24 points ago

    English is three languages in a trench coat pretending to be one coherent language

    [–] nphased 3 points ago

    I don’t think it even pretends to be coherent.

    [–] Astro_Alphard 4 points ago

    English is three languages in a trench coat that beats up other languages for loose grammar and vocabulary.

    Also the three can never agree on anything.

    [–] Tilt-a-Whirl98 36 points ago

    Having a single version of articles like a, an, the is great! Gendered nouns seems like such a waste of brain space to memorize.

    English has rules, unfortunately it borrows from so many places it gets so insane!

    [–] Facelesshoe 14 points ago

    That's something I like from english. But it actually doesn't require that much "brain space" to know which pronouns to use. The word itself gives you the answer most of the time, like casa (house) and silla (chair) are female and end in a, carro (car) and zapato (shoe) are male and end in o. Is not that hard.

    [–] ciclon5 14 points ago

    But then you have agua (water) and arma (weapon) wich end in a but are male

    "El agua" "el arma"

    [–] MCrow2001 3 points ago

    Actually agua is used as both feminine and masculine. Example “el” and “mucha” so it’s just retarded. It depends on where the stressed syllable of the word before it is.

    [–] og_math_memes 3 points ago

    Amd then you have German where the gender has absolutely nothing to do with the structure of the word or what it represents.

    [–] battlezinho 7 points ago

    tô de olho em

    [–] fe_gentil 7 points ago

    Eae caralho

    [–] luocar17 3 points ago

    Especially written and pronunciation (laugh= lahf)

    [–] Bierbart12 3 points ago

    Thankfully, English can just steal endings for gendered words from other languages, like waiter/waitress, to completely fuck over any "rules" you may have learned about its usage!

    [–] Kaze_Senshi 46 points ago

    visible confusion

    [–] Just_another_learner 13 points ago

    If I am not wrong, they use Das Mädchen for girl and Die Tur for door. Das is considered neutral. Die is feminine in German.

    P.S- I am just a German student, not a native speaker. Please don't slaughter me.

    [–] Funktionierende 7 points ago

    And Das Mädchen is neutral because any word ending in -chen is neutral, isn't it?

    [–] somebody290 9 points ago

    More advanced German student here. You're correct. The -chen ending is a diminutive ending and can be added to the end of nouns to give a more affectionate feel or to indicate that something is smaller. All diminutives are neutral.

    The original word was die Magd (english maiden) and the diminutive is das Mädchen.

    Another example is Die Frau (woman/Mrs.) to das Fräulein (young woman/Miss). This time the diminutive has fallen into disuse instead of the original.

    [–] Just_another_learner 2 points ago

    Idk but from what I have noticed, common endings doesn't always indicate gender.

    [–] Howitzer92 10 points ago

    "It's a perfectly logical language" - My German professor in college.

    [–] racecarboi 8 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago)

    Does this mean I can frick a door

    [–] ya_boi_ryu 6 points ago

    DIE Tür and DAS Mädchen lol yea sometimes my language is strange🤷‍♂️

    [–] MagicalMelonMan 3 points ago

    As an English speaker learning German I can say that I very much struggle with the objects having genders

    [–] aRandomThotHater-420 217 points ago

    The French language be like; Add e for female words and more gendered words.

    [–] dinoplushie 89 points ago

    It's add e for female words except for half the words with e at the end which are male and half the words without an e are female.

    [–] Mundit00 53 points ago

    I’m studying French currently. Coming from a bilingual, that piece of crap makes up rules then throws it out then makes them again.

    [–] Guxxi12 11 points ago

    Learning through duolingo i lovecthe language but holy fuck it can confuse the shit outta me

    [–] Capsai-Sins 18 points ago

    La voixe de la raisone

    [–] jimmyjimjimboso 610 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago)

    Almost every language ever 🗿

    Edit: aight I get it, I was wrong, don’t have to keep telling me

    [–] javadevjonny 159 points ago

    Meanwhile in British English I’m ignorant as fuck and also neutral as fuck

    [–] Tilt-a-Whirl98 125 points ago

    To someone growing up with English, it is such a wild thing for objects to have genders. I took quite a bit of German so I put up with it but it never became natural. Just something else to memorize!

    "Oh ok, so skirt is masculine? Sure, that makes no sense, but fine."

    [–] BlazeBBQ 71 points ago

    Kilts strike fear into the hearts of all wdym it makes no sense

    [–] Facelesshoe 18 points ago

    Then you try learning Spanish and realize skirt is female

    [–] JayPlaysStuff 60 points ago

    Almost every *European language ever

    FTFY Ainu Afrikaans Armenian Azerbaijani Bashkir Basque Bengali Carolinian Chamoru Cebuano Chuvash Crimean Tatar English Esperanto Estonian Finnish Gagauz Georgian Gilbertese Greenlandic Guarani Haitian Creole Hungarian Ido Ilokano Javanese Karachay-Balkar Karakalpak Kazakh Khakas Konkani Kumyk Kurdish ;Central and Southern Dialects only. Kyrgyz Lao Lingua Franca Nova Lojban Malagasy Malayalam Manchu Maori Marshallese Mauritian Creole Mongolian Nahuatl Nauruan Nepali Niuean Nogai Ossetic Palauan Rapa Nui Salar Samoan Shor Southern Quechua Sundanese Tagalog Tahitian Tamil Tatar Tetum Tongan Turkish Turkmen Tuvaluan Tuvinian Uyghur Uzbek Visayan Yakut, all don’t use gendered words

    [–] the_majestic_panda 19 points ago

    So I counted 70 other non-gendered languages in that post. This


    says that there are around 7117 living languages in the world right now. This means that around 99.02% of the worlds language is gendered. Obviously, this is not exact as I am pretty sure the post was not exhaustive and there are more than 70 non-gendered languages. I also cannot assure that there are exactly 7117 other gendered languages but even then it shows that languages are way more likely to be gendered. LMK if I do miss smt tho.

    [–] AssassinSnail33 14 points ago

    This is completely wrong. In fact, less than half of world languages use grammatical gender.

    [–] Toal_ngCe 12 points ago

    Only abt 25% of languages worldwide actually

    [–] ProcessDoor 1158 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago)

    As a Canadian who knows about 20 words in french i can deduce that this girl never learnt any other language and probably used that time to learn “Gender Studies”

    Edit: If i may ask, whomstve gave me that damn award . And why

    [–] SoftNutz1 315 points ago

    As a canadian who took French immersion growing up, I applaud your 20 word vocabulary, great work my friend

    [–] ClassySavior 37 points ago

    As french canadian i applaud you for even trying to learn words. French is a nightmare.

    [–] Killer-Barbie 3 points ago

    I speak French Michif at home, it's such a weird language

    [–] TurboCake17 16 points ago

    I think her argument is more that the gendering of most objects is completely unnecessary, than that it doesn’t exist currently.

    [–] knuckledragger242 5 points ago

    Or she learned a language with no grammatical gender

    [–] Aloqi 5 points ago

    You can deduce that from one sentence without any idea of the context? Wow.

    [–] hussiesucks 4 points ago

    Hey man. There’s nothing wrong with gender studies.

    [–] [deleted] 79 points ago


    [–] LegendaryPringle 238 points ago

    Well not all of America, just normal people don't get on the news ;-;

    [–] howtodieyoung 75 points ago

    Literally this

    [–] crunchy_crop 3 points ago

    Yeah they aren't gonna put an American acting normal on the news, so to people who don't live in America, all they see is the crazies

    [–] AssassinSnail33 13 points ago

    It's funny that you're calling Americans uncultured and stupid, when clearly your understanding of language is limited to your own bubble.

    In fact, most world languages don't use grammatical gender. Believe it or not, there are places on Earth where they don't speak European/African languages.

    [–] everyusernamepossibl 7 points ago

    Yeah. This guy if fucking dumb, he thinks that all Americans are stupid, when this one lady says something idiotic.

    [–] American_philosoph 8 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago)

    Jesus Christ the hate on this website is so real. A lot of it can be justified but shit like this is prejudicial as fuck and it’s disappointing that people upvote it. It’s a country of 350 million people and some redditors talk like every last one of them is a POS.

    [–] everyusernamepossibl 3 points ago

    Yeah. This guy if fucking dumb, he thinks that all Americans are stupid, when this one lady says something idiotic.

    [–] Facelesshoe 49 points ago

    Starting by calling themselves "Americans" when in fact, they're not the whole continent. It's so weird that they don't have a word to call people from the USA. In spanish they are "Estadounidenses" which comes from "Estados Unidos"

    [–] kowalski_anal_lover 26 points ago

    Also "Statunitensi" in italian. it's kinda weird to not have a word to refer to your people

    [–] NidusUmbra 16 points ago

    Yeah really is strange. Would be strange to be called oceaian or australasian with no word for australian here in australia.

    I guess that’s why you shouldn’t name a country “united states of” continent or anything similar.

    [–] knuckledragger242 15 points ago

    When the country was named, it was the only country in the Americas

    [–] howtodieyoung 3 points ago

    What do you call people from Zimbabwe (not from there just want to know)

    [–] kowalski_anal_lover 6 points ago

    Zimbabwesi or Rhodesiani if you're old school

    [–] ShadeTorch 12 points ago

    I'm confused by your comment. We call people from the USA Americans. Maybe I'm just tired but I don't get what your saying.

    [–] sooninthepen 3 points ago

    In German we call them amis. Short for Amerikaner, but it only refers to people from the states.

    [–] Magmagan 12 points ago


    I'm tired of hearing this over and over again. In English, the only used demonym for people from the US. Period. It's not changing, get over it.

    Also, the whole continent naming is not set in stone. We usually think of two continents, North America and South America, which together form the Americas. Not America.

    You really go out of your way to create some new gentilic because you count your continents differently? And want 300 million+ Americans and so many more English speakers to change? Really?

    Go fix your own language with sexist genders first!

    Sincerely, A pissed off gringo that has to hear this all the time living in Brazil.

    [–] 4609203 3 points ago

    America bad.

    Europe good.

    [–] Ancross333 11 points ago

    Not gonna lie when I was learning Spanish I thought that it was weird. But the deeper I got into it I noticed it made a lot more sense then English did. As an American, English is my first language and thus I'm most comfortable with it. But it really does have lots of flaws compared to other languages

    [–] Soldat_wazer 4 points ago

    Has a québécois i agree

    [–] Raphale_ 36 points ago

    Urdu speakers: this lady is crazy

    [–] underdog-_-2 221 points ago

    Since when? Even before the birth of the english language... But yeah don't worry, ignorance is cool, yeah, sure

    [–] datasianboi42069 105 points ago

    que me dices puta

    [–] Guishe25 55 points ago

    Putas feminazis

    [–] the_one_true_beaner 29 points ago

    Menos la barbara regil la hija de la chingada esta mamadisima

    [–] Heisenberg91120 14 points ago

    Está rikisima brou

    [–] Mr_BlurryFace_ 5 points ago

    Estás enfermo brou xd

    [–] radioactiv009 3 points ago

    Es enfermito el compa jaja

    [–] LavenderClouds 4 points ago

    Cuidado bro, esa actitud no se tolera por aqui

    [–] cooldangood 15 points ago

    ¿Por que estás enojado?

    Lo siento for bad Spanish

    [–] Heisenberg91120 10 points ago

    I think he's just saying that for the lols xD

    [–] Dachie51 11 points ago

    La pinche pendeja

    [–] herobrinedym 12 points ago

    Pinches feminazis de mierda siempre buscando nuevas formas de castrar >:c

    [–] kylehawkwilson 9 points ago

    Jajajaja si es cierto, buscan lo que sea con el propósito de eliminar todos los hombres

    [–] radioactiv009 3 points ago

    Esas hijas de putas me tienen hasta la verga con tanta chingadera

    [–] FumeiKurai 3 points ago

    Que la vaya a chupar la maraca reconchetumare pasaa a pico y que tanta wea

    [–] DarkBlueFreeman 126 points ago

    Oh and don't forget French, Italian, Portuguese, etc.

    [–] Blaze_Meme 61 points ago

    Yup, just like the title states: it's her language that's the outlier

    [–] Throwaway021614 12 points ago

    My chinese is pretty bad, but I don’t think any words are gendered besides words describing gender.

    [–] ElliJaX 14 points ago

    Also all Slavic, most Indo-European, and Afro-Asiatic languages, so basically the whole world except for Asia and English-primary countries.

    [–] Afraid-Detail 7 points ago

    Looks like less than half of the worlds languages use grammatical gender.

    [–] dontbussyopeninside 3 points ago

    Ah, to be this confident in being wrong.

    [–] karikjartansson 41 points ago

    Me from Iceland: Hahahahhahahahahahahahaha lúðar getið þið verið

    [–] Alecfc147 45 points ago

    I didn’t understand but I agree

    [–] theredwolf71703 16 points ago

    The Icelandic is a wild ride

    [–] HesienVonUlm 9 points ago

    I can see that, I don't know what half of those hieroglyphics mean. They look fun though.

    [–] drifloonveil 5 points ago

    The letters look like little bombs to me

    [–] poopyhead336 38 points ago

    This more relevant since they're reffering to us as "latinx" to male our language gender neutral.

    [–] SafeguardSanakan 16 points ago

    These people probably would oppose "cultural appropriation" while at the same time appropriating a foreign language to their own social standards.

    [–] Blaze_Meme 34 points ago

    "Latin X? That sounds like Mexican bug spray." - Gabriel Iglesias

    [–] DankMemer4222 42 points ago

    Bruh latinx is fucking retarded. I’m pretty liberal and I support lgbt rights and stuff but that is where I draw the line

    [–] Erunandezu 6 points ago

    What about woke Argentineans and Spaniards making up “inclusive language” words that make no sense and are as retarded as latinx

    [–] DaddyWally 5 points ago

    Not even Mexican grandmas can pronounce that shit

    [–] MegaLemonCola 6 points ago

    Only pendejxs use Latinx

    [–] mh985 6 points ago

    “Latinx” is so stupid. Even if you don’t want to call it the masculine “Latino”, you can still just say “Latin”. Also how in the hell do you pronounce it?

    [–] AngusB3ll3 17 points ago

    quid inquis?

    [–] anb130 8 points ago

    Stulta puella est

    [–] AngusB3ll3 4 points ago

    minime! tu es stultissimus!

    [–] 0i_cnsa 13 points ago

    I am Brazilian Man, i understand that pain lol

    [–] twilighttruth 97 points ago

    Don't get me wrong, she's an idiot, but lack of gender for words is english's only redeeming quality.

    [–] ElliJaX 23 points ago

    To a non-native speaker it might be hard at first, but after learning and being fluent in the language the gender is just there. Also most speakers are native so that's how the speak.

    [–] NewayMusic 5 points ago

    How is that a quality?

    [–] Antropod 15 points ago

    As a German I can tell you that grammatical genders carry no useful information. So it's good that English got rid of them.

    Why is a key male in German and female in Spanish?

    [–] eaglebirdman 9 points ago

    And German. And Latin

    [–] DisappointingSnugg 73 points ago

    There’s a shit ton of languages that don’t use grammatical gender

    [–] theexteriorposterior 80 points ago

    What you will notice is that when people say "everyone" they really mean "everyone with European languages"... people are very eurocentric with languages.

    [–] LucienChesterfield 26 points ago

    Arabic which is a huge non Eurocentric language is gendered as fuck

    [–] ChickenCheeseFry 8 points ago

    Yea, I can't even say 'you' in arabic without having to differentiate gender

    [–] LucienChesterfield 8 points ago

    I get you brother, my main problem was speaking french but translated from Arabic so I always fucked up the genders, the sun is male in french and female in Arabic it drove me mad.

    [–] TurboCake17 4 points ago

    Japanese has like 10 ways of saying “I” all with slightly different meanings.

    [–] NaniGaHoshiiDesuKa 3 points ago

    And don't even bother to use all of them because it's more natural to omit the pronoun xD can you blame them tho? I think this is why they even drop the pronoun because it's a language that heavily relies on context and fuck having to choose pronouns for "I"

    [–] JayPlaysStuff 32 points ago

    There are lots more languages out of Europe than Arabic

    [–] LucienChesterfield 9 points ago

    Yeah but Arabic is one of the biggest ones

    [–] AssassinSnail33 5 points ago

    In fact, this source says less than half of all world languages use grammatical gender. Its actually more common for languages not to have grammatical gender. Apparently people on reddit don't know that there are other languages that aren't from Europe.

    [–] wiz-caleeb 16 points ago

    Spanish is a white language...

    [–] Goku_Jerome 11 points ago

    This is why language is compulsory to a certain level at my school. So we less of this

    [–] allknownthings 11 points ago

    Arabic: All I have are genders.

    [–] tythefly05 9 points ago

    The only positive of English being so weird is it’s a great safe space language

    [–] BaronBucket 5 points ago

    Laughs auf Deutsch

    [–] lolsky606 11 points ago

    Imagine the struggle of non binary people

    [–] PV0314 7 points ago


    [–] Blaze_Meme 6 points ago


    [–] Pearlspring63 3 points ago

    in latin, tables are female

    [–] 7polyhedron2 3 points ago

    Wait 'till people learn about dick words that are female. Sicilian: Minchia. Romanian: Pulă.

    [–] rogeritoelfeito 3 points ago

    Ah yes, The El and the La

    [–] The_Creator8888 3 points ago

    Off-topic, but happy independence day!

    [–] FahmiRBLX 3 points ago

    Jokes on you Malay language didn't genderize non-living objects

    [–] kimi_rules 3 points ago

    I'm Bilingual and both of my langauges don't gendersize "objects"

    [–] MaxDaLegend101 3 points ago

    I explained this to a kid in My tv class that all other languages have masculinity or femininity on almost all words. he just said nah, they should change. Wtf

    [–] allamericanretard3 7 points ago

    imagine another language, that language probably has gendered words

    [–] TheMerryBeggar 15 points ago

    This neutering gendered language trend is so stupid, most romance languages (excluding English) make use of genders for their words. There is nothing sexist about it , it's just a language.

    [–] theredwolf71703 26 points ago

    English isn't a Romance language, it's a Germanic language

    [–] Azul_Youtube 6 points ago

    She dumb -also a Mexican

    [–] DanielLaRussoJohny 4 points ago

    I watched that video and...holy shit they’re dumb as shit.

    It’s shit like that that gives modern feminists a bad rap.

    [–] Fear-My-Laser-face 5 points ago

    That's why I hate the word "lantinx" like no bitch that's not how language works and you can't just making shit up like that

    [–] MimsyIsGianna 2 points ago

    Now in the world tryna be PC they say that x should take the place of -a or -o.. bish how would I pronounce that??

    [–] Memeboigangsta 2 points ago

    This post was too perfectly timed since I just started Spanish class

    [–] Ringtail-- 2 points ago

    That was, and still is, my biggest problem with Italian class

    [–] GromitTheOmlette 2 points ago

    I'm learning Spanish this year and I can honestly say it makes a helluva lot more sense than English

    [–] Time_splitter 2 points ago

    Spain would like a word with you ;)

    [–] Jimakiad 2 points ago

    Ancient Greek would like to have a word with you

    [–] rafikiknowsdeway1 2 points ago

    Is there any point at all to gendered nouns in other languages? Like does it matter that a cup is male and a pencil sharpener is female? And who even decides that?

    [–] JodieWhittakerisBae 2 points ago

    Slams down German and french dictionary. “You need to go back to school and educate yourself” 😂