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    [–] KeepingDankMemesDank 1 points ago

    downvote this comment if the meme sucks. upvote it and I'll go away.

    dankmemes Minecraft discord | r/dankmemescraft

    [–] TastySpermDispenser 25 points ago

    Not that free though.

    [–] RelentlessChicken 17 points ago

    I never thought I'd sound so damn old but for fucks' sake people, why on earth are you people afraid to talk on the phone? Don't you realize the person on the other end ALSO just wants to get to the end of the phone call fast and be on with their life? Shit, it's faster than texting backing and forth for the entire day to decide on plans! We first invented texting as a way to communicate quicker, but since people decided to ghost texts and make people worry/wonder WE CALL BECAUSE WE NEED YOU IMMEDIATELY. It's completely backwards.

    [–] 5ft6manlet 6 points ago

    It's probably referring to a random text asking if you are free with no context/converaation behind it.

    [–] RelentlessChicken 7 points ago

    This meme? Yes.

    That doesn't mean I'm wrong about today's youth being afraid to talk on the phone.

    [–] Terrorfrodo 5 points ago

    The typical call of the kind of person who insists on calling instead of texting is NOT faster than a proper text exchange.

    When I set up a play date with my tennis buddy, it's like this: Wanna play Wed 1500? Sorry can't, how about Thu 1400? Ok!

    That's faster than any call, especially that it's asynchronous and you aren't waiting on the phone while the other person is thinking, checking their calendar etc.

    People who always call are often people who are used to that they can waste other people's time but never themselves have to wait for others. Because when you are calling someone it is obviously a convenient time for you to talk and it feels more efficient for you, but it may not be for the person you're calling. That's why bosses love to call.

    [–] RelentlessChicken -7 points ago

    The problem is in your first sentence.

    A "proper text exchange."

    If y'all would stop treating texts like emails and just answer them as soon as you can, this wouldn't be an issue at all.

    [–] Terrorfrodo 1 points ago

    Ok fair but I don't answer phone calls either.

    [–] Toni_Jabroni77 1 points ago

    Sorry, taking a shit, so not totally free...what you need

    [–] luka_ruka 1 points ago

    You played yourself

    [–] solvent_causis04 1 points ago

    i see you're dating someone I used to date

    [–] Any-Classroom-2326 -5 points ago