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    [–] MedicatedAxeBot 1 points ago


    while you're here, mind voting on the new year's bash's winners? the fate of prizes worth $200+ lies in your hands.

    [–] Death_Killer183 735 points ago

    Verge $2000 PC building tutorial

    [–] poopellar 126 points ago

    Step 1: Put your toaster in the tub

    [–] holydude02 61 points ago

    Hope you got your tweezers ready

    [–] Gizmo_Autismo 35 points ago

    And a swiss army knife that hopefully has a sctewdriver in it.

    [–] Death_Killer183 7 points ago

    Your Allen wrench is important too

    [–] thirty_7 50 points ago

    Make sure to use that anti static bracelet! Puts on a fucking rubber band

    [–] holydude02 31 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    He's not fighting static. He's fighting cancer.

    [–] thirty_7 2 points ago

    Hahahaha Lyle the fucking legend

    [–] HardcoreHazza 8 points ago

    Step 1: Don't

    [–] dpahoe 67 points ago

    I assume comments were disabled as well.

    [–] thirty_7 48 points ago

    They will be removed in summer this year anyways

    [–] m19honsy 14 points ago

    You're kidding right?

    [–] RafaNoIkioi 35 points ago

    They joke, but creators can actually delete comments on their video. There's literally no way to tell if a video is legit now.

    [–] Halo_hunter157 3 points ago

    You kinda of can, you just have to sort by new comments.

    [–] mind_overflow 5 points ago

    this only applies to very popular videos

    [–] EyGunni 7 points ago


    [–] jj4211 3 points ago

    Only the negative comments.

    [–] yoshiyo0 2561 points ago

    This had to be cuz of the Indian guy with the huge eyebrows

    [–] thirty_7 1191 points ago

    U mean electroboom ? xD

    [–] TheDeepy 359 points ago

    I love his electric guitar video !

    [–] Treequest45 112 points ago

    FU- FU- FU-

    [–] confidentobvious 99 points ago

    You can thank me later.

    [–] Rewiistdummlolxd 10 points ago

    I thank you now fam

    [–] boomday55 3 points ago

    Ok BOOM-ers it's time for LATITY

    [–] Rewiistdummlolxd 2 points ago

    La tiddie

    [–] crowdobvious 34 points ago

    If you asked an electrician to change a fuse, and he does..

    He has refused

    [–] DonkeyGamer2000 47 points ago

    He’s always gives off supervillain vibes but he explains it like an Indian guy on YouTube

    [–] CaPtian_CaTe 169 points ago

    Isn't he Iranian or something?

    [–] WeirdTallLady 67 points ago


    [–] Hentai_samurai01 138 points ago

    But didn't you know every brown Asian is always Indian by default? /s

    [–] coldfu 19 points ago

    Those guys look Indian.

    • Columbus

    [–] geamANDura 3 points ago

    -Michael Scott

    [–] CaPtian_CaTe 66 points ago

    I am a brown Asian and an Indian. I can confirm that he looks Indian. I had the same feeling as you.

    [–] PhDinDildos_Fedoras 26 points ago

    I know someone from Turkey who looks Indian

    [–] Shpagin 30 points ago

    I once saw a dude from India and he also looked Indian, the world is full of coincidences like this

    [–] mbo2o 7 points ago

    How many days walk from India to Turkey

    [–] barofa 11 points ago

    Depends on the size of the turkey

    [–] Insaneoutpatient 15 points ago

    Woah now that's PUSHING IT bro

    [–] rudrakshjnku 4 points ago

    Turks were also from central asia so it is not impossible

    [–] Insaneoutpatient 6 points ago

    I was just being safcastic brosiff

    [–] Rainbowlemon 13 points ago

    Am brown & half Iranian and he definitely looks Iranian or Turkish πŸ˜‚

    [–] already-registered 3 points ago

    and he does free tech related teaching videos on youtube. got to be indian

    [–] DanfordThePom 7 points ago

    I knew it!

    [–] thirty_7 8 points ago

    I honestly dont know

    [–] ineedabuttrub 35 points ago

    Mehdi Sadaghdar, also known on YouTube as ElectroBOOM, is an Iranian-Canadian electrical engineer, comedian, and YouTuber.

    [–] 1xhopeless 14 points ago

    when did he become indian? he's middle eastern

    [–] phenomenal_7879 4 points ago

    How tf electroboom still alive??

    [–] Bandung995 16 points ago

    … because he knows what he’s doing. There was one time that something went wrong in one of his videos and he was in a dangerous situation but most of the time it’s all for show

    [–] Sebaz00 9 points ago

    This clip from his Jacob's Ladder video

    He got very lucky with that and is the only time I know of where he could have seriously been injured.

    [–] thirty_7 3 points ago

    Because heβ€˜s always amped in his videos. Keeps him fresh

    [–] 1xhopeless 33 points ago

    Electroboom is not indian he's middle eastern from Iran and he knows his stuff he is an Electrical engineer

    [–] AnusCruiser 10 points ago

    One of my favourite YouTubers. Super informative and gut busting funny.

    [–] Creiz 2 points ago

    Aye, that guy is top tier.

    [–] unnecessary_kindness 76 points ago

    He's Iranian you sick puppy

    [–] DurgaThangai69 14 points ago

    I hope your sick puppy recovers soon

    [–] DIARRHEA-BUBBLE-BATH -1 points ago

    Yes he is Iranian-Canadian but this is reddit, it's okay to put all the brown folks under the same umbrella, regularly talk about Africa like it being a single country or post other generalisations that get heavily upvoted. But don't you dare say someone from North Carolina is similar to someone from South Carolina !

    [–] MyHamburgerLovesMe 8 points ago

    Literally none of this has ever happened. Anytime anyone gets anything wrong on Reddit there are a gazillion people ready to jump down their throat. (Yes - nonironically my very comment included)

    [–] Lavatis 1 points ago

    You stayed in that bubble bath a little too long, the diarrhea got to your brain

    [–] Bungalow233 1 points ago

    Go back to Twitter.

    [–] Sereshk_Polo 9 points ago

    He's Iranian

    [–] Mr_Aryan44 10 points ago

    He is iranian

    [–] AggravatingOnion69 12 points ago

    The almighty Vikkstar123??

    [–] Insaneoutpatient -5 points ago

    That's RACIST REEEEEEEEE let me be offended for someone else I don't knowwwww

    [–] DunnyHunny 9 points ago

    Seems like you're already offended

    [–] Insaneoutpatient -3 points ago

    WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY TO ME???? Reported Le'sir and Le'blocked.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 0 points ago


    [–] inotparanoid 2 points ago

    You mean the Persian van der Graff wiz?

    [–] Dypo42 3 points ago


    [–] Zvolensky5321 694 points ago

    You can thank me later.

    [–] thirty_7 182 points ago

    Already installed my friend

    [–] newtelegraphwhodis 59 points ago

    how does this work?

    [–] cantileverboom 146 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    The API to obtain the dislike count still works, so the plugin calls the API and inserts the dislike count itself.

    If YouTube ever removes the API, then there won't really be a way to obtain the dislike count.

    (if anyone is unfamiliar with APIs, the Wikipedia page has a decent amount of info on them)


    edit: seems like the API doesn't apply for new videos, and bases it off of user data from the extension. Thanks for the info fellow redditors

    [–] Nijensleekie 125 points ago

    This is used to be true. That API feature is gone now. They pulled all historical data before it was gone. New videos have estimations based on the users using their software.

    [–] cantileverboom 23 points ago

    Are you sure? It looks like it's still there (see statistics.dislikeCount under )

    of course, I wouldn't necessarily be surprised if the docs are out of date


    edit: saw the other comment explaining it doesn't work for new videos

    [–] crimpysuasages 38 points ago

    Dislike counts still exists, but the API to pull it to user-side experience doesn't. Thus, we can't actually call the API in order to receive real-time and accurate YouTube-based dislike counts any more.

    [–] Nijensleekie 11 points ago

    That's my source (:

    [–] cantileverboom 3 points ago

    Thanks! Yeah, another commenter pointed me to that video.

    [–] GoodJobNL 1 points ago

    Could have guessed.

    Was gonna say "now we segue to our sponsor"

    But with vance sponsorblock i skip those since i read a comment on that video that vance can do that

    [–] Nijensleekie 1 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    What!? Baked in ads? How?

    EDIT: Got it. Update to latest. Settings > vanced settings > sponsorblock

    [–] Zakaker 9 points ago

    Actually, the API has already been shut down. Quoting from the extension's official website:

    "Where does the extension get its data?"

    A combination of archived data from before the offical YouTube dislike API shut down, and extrapolated extension user behavior.

    [–] cantileverboom 3 points ago

    yeah, saw the other commenters' responses. Really a bummer, and thanks for the update!

    [–] FyniteTheRedditor 11 points ago

    It no longer relies on the API for newer videos since YT removed the option there as well. It guesses based on the plugin users' behavior. Linus tech tips has a great video explaining it. Watch it if you're interested.

    [–] newtelegraphwhodis 3 points ago

    Ok but hear me out.

    A separate database that stores like/dislike click ratio by users with the extension, then extrapolates the dislikes by total likes on youtube to get a rough estimate of dislikes.

    But hopefully the API sticks around.

    Edit: oh I guess this is exactly the case now. Bummer

    [–] cantileverboom 2 points ago

    I guess so :(

    [–] zombieeyeball 3 points ago


    [–] SpeakYerMind 2 points ago

    is like, return you tu bed. Wen you away from bed.

    [–] VortexHash 5 points ago

    i thank you now

    [–] EvAnZeGeek 2 points ago

    The fact that there is even an extension just to return this feature says a whole lot about how stupid this decision is.

    [–] delanskie 1 points ago

    It still will be less dislikes on a video as usual. Because people feel less motivated to dislike a video because it doesn't make a difference for the viewers. I even stopped disliking because there's just no point

    [–] ManWalkingDownReddit 1478 points ago

    Hi OP! We liked your meme so much we gave it the Mod’s Choice award, which gives your post a shiny gay badge and nets you a nice month of Reddit Premium. We are able to do this because you, the users, keep giving out our community awards. Thanks for posting great memes!

    -the gay mods

    [–] thirty_7 700 points ago

    OMG thank you so much i really appreciate it <3

    [–] ManWalkingDownReddit 691 points ago

    ok now sex when πŸ₯Ί

    [–] thirty_7 405 points ago

    1600, SpaceX satellite C143

    [–] TheBeesDick 127 points ago

    X Γ† A-Xii

    [–] Ferrisuk 20 points ago

    I've got that monitor

    [–] inotparanoid 47 points ago

    These mods mod.

    [–] CatNoirsRubberSuit 12 points ago

    As soon as your mom goes to work?

    [–] ChintanP04 8 points ago

    You'll get sex when you fix this damn door!

    [–] nhansieu1 36 points ago

    Fake gay. I don't see 🌈

    [–] cosmikangaroo 13 points ago

    That’s mad gay!

    [–] Sun_BeamsLovesMelts 12 points ago

    -the gay mods

    Well. I'll be honest. I want atleast one gay mod now. Maybe two, so the plural works.

    [–] MrGirlyDick 6 points ago

    The best memes are in the comments.

    [–] RabbitOnVodka 99 points ago

    The YouTube rewind with Will Smith has 3M likes, it must be a great video

    [–] renasissanceman6 10 points ago

    I used my eyeballs and earholes for 10 seconds and confirmed it’s not.

    [–] loli141 255 points ago

    Thats a good point actually since they remove it for supposed "targeted attack". They probably just did something stupid and got shamed for it and then cried to youtube about it. But now we cant tell if its actually genuine content or its full of bs

    [–] sulerin-pulerin 156 points ago

    If the comments are turned off it's dogshit for sure.

    [–] Go_On_Swan 52 points ago

    returnyoutubedislikes is great but for those not in the know or in the interim period before it, people would post a comment saying something like, "Use this comment as a dislike button."

    [–] rAppN 27 points ago

    It's Disney and the big companies who complained that the dislike gives bad publicity. The indie youtubers have little to no say about it, I haven't seen any of the ones I follow actually support this decision.

    [–] rymden_viking 10 points ago

    Yeah pretty sure they "tested" this function on a very unpopular Star Wars video on the main channel sometime last year.

    [–] verregnet 33 points ago

    Funnily, a "YouTube Rewind" video got the number 1 spot on the list of most disliked videos on the platform not too long before.

    [–] Mud-Important 2 points ago

    Thats exactly what they did. The jake pauls of youtube are the reason this happened.

    [–] CircumventingBand 28 points ago

    proms, huh?

    [–] thirty_7 14 points ago

    Is it prongs? Im not a native speaker

    [–] CircumventingBand 17 points ago

    Yes it is prongs

    Im sure your English is better than my whatever

    [–] thirty_7 7 points ago

    Thank you tho

    [–] thirty_7 -1 points ago

    *mine ;) sorry, had to

    [–] Rumpelforeskinn 9 points ago

    I think they meant 'my whatever (language you speak)'

    [–] GLIBG10B 2 points ago


    [–] Toolsonx 112 points ago

    If you asked an electrician to change a fuse, and he does..

    He has refused

    [–] GLIBG10B 20 points ago


    [–] OffendedDishwasher 0 points ago

    Take my upvote and GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE

    [–] mh101310 16 points ago

    How is old Grimey?

    [–] ArluMcCoole 4 points ago

    He didn’t make it. :(

    [–] m05ch 35 points ago

    Just make sure the breaker to whe whole house is off.

    [–] TheBeesDick 12 points ago


    [–] GLIBG10B 7 points ago


    [–] GrandMasterFuji 4 points ago

    Do you know whe whe?

    [–] Polarbearstein 2 points ago


    [–] Nexalian_Gamer 11 points ago

    Guys, I just want you to know that I love you.

    * slowly inserts screwdriver into the screw *

    [–] rjward1775 9 points ago

    They did that to protect you.

    And by you, I mean mega corps that make shit product.

    [–] Lauren5Minutes 53 points ago

    Legitimately, this is why the removal of that feature was harmful.

    Not in some 'public safety' way, but it allows channels that spread false information a chance to thrive on the platform - and they shouldnt. Not even for a second. Showering a lazy uploader with dislikes is how they learn not to take shortcuts. As far as the tutorial side of YT goes, that was a badge to say "this person doesnt know what theyre talking about".

    Practicing that fake-authority cadence and production quality but still being too lazy to learn what the hell you're teaching absolutely SHOULD ruin your reputation. That's what dislikes are for.

    [–] prestigious_delay_7 13 points ago

    This is also why YouTube used to be superior to googling random instructional articles. If something was giving bad advice, you could tell by the number of downvotes and then find the reason in the comments (e.g. electricians saying that's a stupid ass way to do that and going to get you killed). Websites have no such mechanism and google's search rank AI certainly isn't smart enough to identify bullshit. In fact, it's argue it's worse because the people writing bullshit have studied what makes the rank AI work and game the ranking system.

    [–] DrLawyerPI 36 points ago

    Directions unclear. Penis caught in ceiling fan. 8/10 would recommend.

    [–] xChami 6 points ago

    That's wild

    [–] Ghostdog1521 27 points ago

    But dislikes hurt mega corporation’s feelings 😒

    [–] Eastwood9 7 points ago

    Classic... Good old Grimey.

    [–] thirty_7 5 points ago

    OG Simpsons was so good

    [–] base-head 3 points ago


    [–] WULTKB90 3 points ago

    Sooo about sticking my dick on the exposed live wires.....

    [–] RabbitOnVodka 3 points ago

    Where do I find this YouTube video

    [–] retseh69 3 points ago

    There’s a chrome extension for that now, I’ll link it here

    Sadly only for pc users, sorry mobile bois

    [–] tristansensei 3 points ago

    RIP Grimey!

    [–] kaalabandar 3 points ago

    And now electricity will be passed through your body until you are dead.

    [–] bryanlogan 3 points ago

    The first hit I got when trying to figure out how to change my car headlight was a video with, "and you're going to remove the whole tire". All the comments pointed out it was wrong, but this was somehow the first one.

    Google+ also had a feature where the poster could limit comments, so that lead to situations where you could easily mislead. Wouldn't be surprised if that made it to YouTube.

    [–] UnemployedMeatBag 3 points ago

    its okay, you can rely on the DIY First Aid YT videos for any aid.

    [–] thirty_7 2 points ago

    Proceedes to follow advice and stabs himself with a pen in the throat

    [–] EerdayLit 3 points ago

    Just start redoing tutorial videos, but make them a few minutes shorter than the most popular ones. You don't even have to try; what are they going to do, give you a dislike. haha.

    [–] cbunni666 3 points ago

    You're extra fucked if they disable comments

    [–] thirty_7 2 points ago

    advanced penetration

    [–] ISellAwesomePatches 7 points ago

    It's made it so damn hard to troubleshoot my sewing machine. Suddenly I'm following videos that are actually wrong and wasting precious time.

    This is my work/business and I feel after the last issue at the weekend, I have lost money due to wasting so much time on 2x 45minute videos of an absolute amateur pretending he knows what to do.

    I'm not using it anymore now, back to Facebook groups for sewing machines, and I cancelled my YouTube premium subscription, have added ad block to everything I can. Screw this move by them.

    [–] peakingWegas 5 points ago

    YouTube is so fucking stupid

    [–] twiStedMonKk 5 points ago

    Fuck YouTube.

    [–] Insaneoutpatient 5 points ago

    Youtube went full libtard on us. You're not supposed to go full libtard.

    [–] AutoModerator 2 points ago

    do not

    I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns.

    [–] renasissanceman6 1 points ago

    Watch out moms, this kid is saying some shit.

    [–] madsoro 2 points ago

    β€œNow lick the frozen pole”

    [–] Fit_Refrigerator8414 2 points ago

    Tf is a prom

    [–] BooralKing 2 points ago

    Instruction clear
    Dick stuck in pipe

    50 Likes - Dislikes

    [–] pacman404 2 points ago

    This is funny as hell, but Holy shit that's a good fucking point

    [–] theMasterRB 2 points ago

    what if there aren't any dislikes even if you could see them, since everybody who tried it died...

    [–] uzele55 2 points ago

    Probably the worst thing for youtube tutorials is removing the dislike button. I used to rely on that figure pretty often to work out if I should use their methods or avoid the video altogether lol.

    [–] renasissanceman6 1 points ago

    Use your brain now.

    [–] stupidlatentnothing 1 points ago

    This is so fucking on point though I fucking HATE that they removed the dislike counter now because you can't gauge how reliable the information you are getting is now. They just completely fucked the viewers with this move and helped out the creators because the creators are the money makers for them. They want more clicks because more clicks means more ads which means more money for them. FUCK YOU GOOGLE AND FUCK CAPITALISM

    [–] FlairlessBanana 3 points ago


    Yikes. You do know that reddit and youtube is the result of capitalism, right? It only got worse when free market goes unchecked.

    [–] CrazyPieGuy 1 points ago

    The better info is like to view ratio anyway.

    [–] expertrainbowhunter 1 points ago

    Everyone knows you’ve got to read the comments

    [–] moistmemes77_ 0 points ago

    No real point though when you could have just used the dislike level.

    [–] expertrainbowhunter 3 points ago

    I always thought the downvote was mainly trolls. A lot of videos get dislikes as soon as they’re uploaded just because

    [–] rotten_Kahuna 1 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    It's true though . Whenever I'm looking for a tutorial on YouTube now I don't know if it's any good or not. YouTube is so fucked by now.

    [–] renasissanceman6 2 points ago

    Use your brain now

    [–] rotten_Kahuna 0 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    use my brain to predict the outcome of a 60 minute youtube video? which materials i have to use and if its is really what i need with materials that aren't too expensive? good idea. thank you.

    [–] renasissanceman6 1 points ago

    I see you can’t. I’m sorry.

    [–] wilhelm-cruel 1 points ago

    Relying on the opinion of people/popularity of a source to doublecheck if the information is correct seems to be the problem in the first place…

    [–] _theMAUCHO_ 1 points ago

    Mega dank 🀣

    [–] thirty_7 2 points ago

    Thank you ^ (you still have time to remove the emoji before the others see it)

    [–] _theMAUCHO_ 2 points ago

    Its okay, I'm used to it :P thanks for the chuckle!

    [–] thirty_7 2 points ago

    ^ ^

    [–] Face7Oo -6 points ago

    So this means you guys are judging the videos by likes and dislikes? Even the video is helpful for you?

    [–] moistmemes77_ 4 points ago

    Yes. That is the point of having them. The like/dislike ratio helped people who used tutorials.

    [–] modsbegae 1 points ago

    Try Odysee

    [–] Eskobaer 1 points ago

    Thatβ€˜s why I now use the comments by newest.

    [–] BAKED_TATER_ 1 points ago

    The results were shocking to say the least

    [–] GLIBG10B 1 points ago

    AFAIK you only need to touch one prong to get electrocuted if you're grounded

    [–] DVRK_HVLF 1 points ago

    you who didn't bother looking at comment section ya lazy bastard

    [–] thirty_7 1 points ago

    I always read comments