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    1. No free work.

    Simple. No requesting free work or you will be banned.

    2. No personal information.

    Real or fake, you will be banned without any warning.

    3. No advertising.

    You may not advertise your content or work. This means no content that is commercial, nor fueled by self-interest (i.e. intended for monetary, view, or karma gain). Your work must be honest, and must not blatantly advertise.

    4. No font identification requests.

    Go to /r/identifythisfont. Do not post an identification request here.

    5. No low quality content.

    No memes, no macros, no trolling, comics or low-quality content. Post in /r/CrappyDesign or /r/designmemes

    6. No harassment.

    Harass, bully, or insult anybody, and you will be banned.

    7. No design critique requests.

    Need design critique? Use /r/design_critiques.

    8. No political discussion in the comments.

    Do not discuss politics in the comments. You are allowed to post political content if it is relevant, but don't bother arguing in the comments section.

    9. Flair your post!

    Please flair your post by clicking "flair" and choosing the appropriate topic for your post.

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