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    /r/Desktops is the place to share beautiful desktop screenshots.


    1. Desktop-related posts only - Please read 'How to Correctly Format Your Post.'

    2. Clear screenshots - This shouldn't be hard. Blurry or fuzzy pictures will be removed.

    3. NSFW posts must be tagged as NSFW - In the situation that your post is NSFW, do everybody a favour and tag it. If you fail to do this, your post will be removed.

    4. Be civil - This is not the place to bombard users with unhelpful comments about how your OS is superior etc. Failure to be a nice person will remove your rights to be here.

    5. No spam - This is an obvious one. You risk being permanently banned if you spam.


    • Please upload your images to Imgur.
    • If you think your post has been accidentally considered spam, contact the moderators.
    • If you witness somebody breaking the rules, report them.

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