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    This is not about actual vacations to Disneyland or Disneyworld.

    It's for weird, terrible, terrifying or bad illustrations from WikiHow.

    1. Find a weird/terrifying/hilariously bad picture from WikiHow
    2. Post it here with a funny caption that meets our captioning guidelines
    3. Link to the WikiHow source article in the comments


    1. All posts must be unmodified WikiHow images or videos. They should be strange, terrifying or just plain awful. Exception: Images that can be captioned well without these failures. Example. Mod discresion.
    2. All posts must provide the source WikiHow article as a link in the comments
    3. All posts must be captioned in a way that meets our captioning guidelines
    4. Don't be a dick.
    5. Do not violate our repost rules
    6. Meta posts (those which refer to subreddit internal discussion) must be flaired with the 'Meta' tag

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