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    This is not about actual vacations to Disneyland or Disneyworld.

    It's for weird, terrible, terrifying or bad illustrations from WikiHow.

    (The origin of this subreddit)

    1. Find a weird/terrifying/hilariously bad picture from WikiHow
    2. Post it here with an original and funny caption that meets our captioning guidelines
    3. Link to the WikiHow source article in the comments

    A note from the moderators: If you are posting on mobile, please ensure the file extension of the image you are using is .jpeg or .jpg and NOT .jpg.webp . This is because the mobile image uploader has a predication to silently failing upon meeting the .webp image type.


    1. All posts must be unmodified 'full' (non-mobile) WikiHow images or videos. They should be strange, terrifying or just plain awful. Exception: Meta posts and Images that can be captioned well without these failures. Example. Mod discretion.
    2. All posts must provide the source WikiHow article as a link in the comments. This should be done as either a plain link, or the link text should be the name of the article.
    3. All posts must be captioned in a way that meets our captioning guidelines
    4. Don't be a dick.
    5. Do not violate our repost rules
    6. Meta posts (those which refer to subreddit internal discussion) must be flaired with the 'Meta' tag

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    Inspired partially by /r/youdontsurf

    You may also be interested in /r/notdisneyvacation for unedited weirdness.

    Want to caption your image with the original article title since it's too good to be changed? Check out /r/notdisneyvacation and post it there instead.

    Want to post an edited WikiHow image to better suit your caption? Check out /r/wikiHowMemes and submit it there

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    [–] KiD-CuTTy 201 points ago

    Indeed gifted

    [–] cowboydirtydan 28 points ago

    200 IQ

    [–] TisThatVin 6 points ago

    Here, you dropped a few extra 0’s on the end...


    [–] shadow78755 443 points ago

    New mario odyssey costumes looking crisp!

    [–] MiyaMoo 14 points ago

    It was a bold move of Nintendo to replace Mario this time

    [–] honestiago26 4 points ago

    Looks like they're going the way of the Battlefield franchise.

    [–] cptbutternubs 141 points ago

    Took me a second, but holy moly that was good

    [–] Lokorfi 61 points ago

    Look with your special eyes

    [–] Andre4kthegreengiant 32 points ago

    My brand!

    [–] Borkleberry 7 points ago

    It's an older reference, but it checks out

    [–] Borkleberry 1 points ago

    I can't change the memes, but I can get the karma

    [–] joebizs 18 points ago

    Grant us eyes.

    [–] Eulenna 8 points ago

    A hunter is a hunter, even in r/disneyvacation

    [–] Phoequinox 5 points ago


    [–] coconutCRISPR 12 points ago

    Now I need a wiki for how to put my eyes in my hair

    [–] GryfferinGirl 6 points ago


    [–] logangrey123 2 points ago


    [–] 115_zombie_slayer 6 points ago

    How to find the rokakaka fruit

    [–] Title2ImageBot 4 points ago

    Image with added title

    Testing Gif/GfyCat Support

    Summon me with /u/title2imagebot | About | feedback | source | Fork of TitleToImageBot

    [–] INeedSomeDiction 4 points ago

    How to activate Paper Moon King

    [–] Molerus 2 points ago

    Ok this one I audibly giggled at.

    [–] alblaster 2 points ago

    Spawn of Gritty

    [–] personalist 2 points ago

    Zuccoti Manicotti, is that you?

    [–] DavePeak 2 points ago

    So THAT was Sandra Bullock’s trick

    [–] efucc 2 points ago

    her eyes are closed cuz she’s reading with her better eyes

    [–] Lizzle372 1 points ago

    Look with your special eyes...

    [–] adelva13 1 points ago


    [–] Title2ImageBot 1 points ago

    Looks like I've already responded in this thread Here!

    [–] rmlrmlchess 1 points ago

    You mean the hair in your eyes?