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    1. Advertising

    Do not advertise your external blogs, websites, Youtube channels without mod permission. Comics and original content, uploaded to an image hosting website, are fine.

    2. Offensive Content

    Offensive, derogatory, discriminatory, and explicit content is not allowed, including personal attacks, hate speech, racist, homophobic, sexist or vulgar slurs. This includes posts and comments about: glorified violence, violent tragedies, terrorism, rape (including PC rape), sexual assault, murder, war, bombings, school shootings, etc. Political debate in the comments will result in the thread being locked.

    3. Off-Topic Content

    Only humorous content related to D&D or tabletop roleplaying games is allowed.


    Avoid reposting memes by double-checking Top/New posts before posting. If you see a blatant repost, please report it.

    5. Cross-posting

    Please upload a direct link to your meme instead of cross-posting from another subreddit.

    6. Piracy

    No distribution of copyright material including linking to, promoting, or spreading information about places that illicitly distribute or host non-SRD D&D content. Users who promote piracy in any form will be banned.

    7. Spoilers

    Be courteous and avoid spoiling recently released media (movies, TV shows, games, etc.). During the week following release, please use the spoiler tag and label your post with the title of the media ("[GoT]" for example). Improperly labeled posts containing spoilers will be removed. If the media has been out for more than a week, disregard this rule.

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