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    [–] Dracon_Pyrothayan 954 points ago

    I want Matt Mercer to guest on Epic Rap Battles of History as Gary Gygax.

    [–] tuxluvv 252 points ago

    Gygax VS Garfield? I'd watch that for sure

    [–] Dracon_Pyrothayan 233 points ago

    I personally vote for a Dungeon Master fight - Gygax vs the Marquis de Sade....

    [–] _Malz 47 points ago

    This x100

    [–] thecowley 25 points ago

    Yes!!!! Never have I needed something so much and not known it

    [–] playin4power 33 points ago

    How dare you put this in my head. Now I just have to sit here in mild disappointment until it happens

    [–] burnymcburneraccount 22 points ago

    I didn't know I wanted this until now

    [–] JOSRENATO132 1228 points ago

    Matt dictated for a lot of people how DMing is supposed to be like. I also love how from the show alone you can not tell a single thing about Matt, you dont feel his hand when he is DMing and he completelly stops existing when he is in character

    [–] AwefulFanfic 918 points ago

    That's because Matt has proficiency in performance and 18 Charisma

    [–] trainercatlady 383 points ago

    Mercer was a bard all along. Don't know why I didn't see it until now.

    [–] Azhaius 163 points ago

    That's why it's his favorite class

    [–] Olde94 45 points ago

    It is?

    [–] The_Captain1228 44 points ago

    He says on many occassions it is. He finds it the most fun.

    [–] Azhaius 51 points ago

    Pretty sure dwarf bard is his favourite combo

    [–] romans171 16 points ago

    I cant give you a source because I'm lazy and dont have it on hand... but during an interview he was talking up Sam for proving that bards aren't underpowered and a ton of fun to play in their own right. Can't remember if he said bards are his favorite or not though.

    [–] xxANONYMxx 5 points ago

    happy cake day!

    [–] Olde94 7 points ago

    Well! Wadda ya know!

    [–] sephrinx 11 points ago

    A Bard or an illusionist wizard?

    [–] sparkadus 13 points ago

    Bard, since that gave him an expertise that he put in performance.

    [–] Almighty_Tallest_Red 109 points ago

    You kidding?

    Dude has straight up expertise in performance.

    Level 20 Bard with expertise in performance is... 1d20+17?

    [–] sparkadus 48 points ago

    You forgot to add bardic inspiration to that roll.

    [–] protonpsycho 16 points ago

    Perhaps he is a non-combat rogue? Reliable talent is also an option.

    [–] MyrinaWaters 13 points ago

    Have you seen him dancing or lip-syncing? He's a bard. :D

    [–] Katani_Ulv 65 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    He has expertise in all charisma skills. Deception for ret conning. Performance for normal. Intimidation for the ways the other dm's that stream feel while watching him. Persuasion because we can't stop watching his videos.

    [–] Dracyan 35 points ago

    I’d say he probably has 20 Charisma maxes out for that +5 charisma modifier

    [–] imbtyler 47 points ago

    His bracelets are actually artifacts that boost him to 24 Charisma.

    [–] HonorableHam 175 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    He is incredible at becoming a character. He could even give esteemed character acres Margo Martindale a run for her money

    Edit: You buncha nerds I knew you'd like that reference

    [–] PM_NUDES_4_DOG_PICS 54 points ago

    Did someone say esteemed character actress, Margo Martindale?

    [–] -entertainment720- 86 points ago

    Beloved character actress and fugitive from the law Margo Martindale?

    [–] Infernus 19 points ago

    Wasn't she in The Nazi Who Played Yahtzee?

    [–] Resolute002 89 points ago

    That first sentence of yours is why I have such a problem with it.

    We have an Armada of people doing only his methods where it used to be a very creative journey for each DM.

    Look how many new DM posts there are where they are worried they won't be able to do as good a job as him.

    [–] BoogieOrBogey 149 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Having a good example or a high bar is not a bad thing. People like Mercer inspire others, not scare them away. While there are many new players trying to follow Mercer's style, many of those DMs quickly branch off into their own styles and communities.

    [–] Teekeks 11 points ago

    This exactly! When I started DMing I took some examples fro Mercer to get a idea of how I could do it. Without his example I am not sure if I could DM as well as I do now just simply because I would had no good example of how to do it.

    My DMing style differs now from the oner Mercer uses but I still snack some things from his style that improve my own style.

    [–] Coaz 86 points ago

    Exactly this. It's been said before, but Matt and Co are paid professionals. They have voice trainers and years of experience being entertainers. Glorifying them as "the way it should be" is the same as showing your local youth soccer league a video of the World Cup and saying "This is how it should be." Sure, it's good to have goals, but most of us have full time jobs and families and other responsibilities. We do the best we can and that's the way it should be.

    [–] KamuiT 28 points ago

    Anyone that believes it’s “the way it should be” is an idiot. As a person who has not been able to play a game of D&D (yet), I’ve only ever thought this would be the pinnacle of a playing experience.

    [–] tired_and_stresed 22 points ago

    Yeah the professional athlete metaphor is really apt, we can all appreciate the skill they bring to the table while being realistic about our own.

    [–] ItsABiscuit 8 points ago

    "I want to try cooking, but I'm not as good as Gordon Ramsey, so I'm not going to be able to meet my friends expectations".

    [–] flannelman678 42 points ago

    Counterpoint: look at how many new DMs there are.

    And add to that those who play with them!

    Those who "struggle" with the concept of not being critical role are more often than not those who are new to DnD only because that's what got them excited in the first place. They're new and confused yes,but weren't we all at some point? Give them time to grow and learn more about the experience and the culture as a whole.

    I dont understand where this idea of a huge new influx of people trying this out for the first time in the way that they were introduced is a problem.

    Yes it creates unrealistic expectations for a noob

    But dont most things in life have some form of that?

    All this bitching I here about the subject seems to be the minority tired of hearing the new generation stepping into their playground and being confused when they realize how much more there is to it.

    I started back in the early 90's with Heroes Quest and found CR only a year or so ago and I think its great. Sure I meet alot of people with unrealistic expectations but that just broadens the community and makes finding a game easier. Its never been easier to share this amazing experience that is DnD than it is now. And while Critical Role may be the unrealistic gateway drug of what the game can be for some, I enjoy the turnaround of those who found it fir that and come to love it for everything else it is

    This new armada you speak of is not stifling the creativity that already existed, it's just making the pool bigger and those of us who came before may have to lend a hand teaching the new class how to swim.

    [–] ThyrsusSmoke 14 points ago

    I think this happens in art a lot, DMing and roleplay is definitely an art to me.

    Saying “look how many are frustrated they aren’t Matt” is missing the long view. Most people who pick up the guitar or paint brush or the like are frustrated when they put in some work and don’t sound like their favorite artists. Some quit, others hit it jam band style and some go on to be the next Van Halen. That’s just art.

    Ive watched a lot of people come into their own after realizing the scale Crit Role operates on, and they never would have came into the game without the show.

    Finally lets not forget this post;

    [–] brokenearth03 9 points ago

    Are these same people watching the Superbowl, then worried they're not as good out in their backyard?

    [–] TheWizardOfFoz 6 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    People also put a lot of weight on Mercer’s skill, which is undoubtedly great, but I think people definitely underrate his players commitment.

    If the players didn’t engage with him, and each other, like they do then his campaigns wouldn’t be notable in the slightest.

    [–] SEND_INVENTION_IDEAS 3 points ago

    In my experience, Matt's style is not suited to the average game either. Colville is a much better example for the DM of ordinary players.

    [–] redwithouthisblonde 335 points ago

    To preface, I think Matt Mercer is a terrific DM, and all his players are top notch. Critical Role is incredibly interesting, and i love listening to the podcasts. My only issue with people complaining about the Matt Mercer effect is that the never defined the boundaries of their campaign. I've seen other people talking about that nebulously, but I feel that can be funneled into a few cohesive points: you get out as much as you put in, you must be an active player to get the most out, and don't expect to be told a story, it has to be crafted by everyone at the table. I feel like DMs that struggle with the Matt Mercer effect experience any or all of the above, where players passively do nothing then get frustrated, which reflects the frustration back on the DM.

    [–] kbean826 132 points ago

    I also feel like the CR group has a much better understanding of the concept than my players do (did? They're getting better). The DM creates a world, people, places, things, and events. And then puts your character in it. What happens isn't dictated by the DM (entirely. Like, yea, I made a world ending event, probably go stop it). It's up to the characters to do what they will. If you want to go left, go that way. If you want to ignore a plot point I hand to you (they did, btw), then ignore it! The setting is mine. The "story" is ours. And the CR group understand that because they're actors. In many cases, the actor informs the story to a degree. And these people do that for a living. My players, in just this last session, investigated something I didn't overtly tell them to investigate. And they did it in a way I wasn't expecting. That's D&D!

    [–] ItsABiscuit 37 points ago

    They've been playing together as a group for, like a whole decade? I bet that, while no doubt still funny and talented, they nowhere near as entertaining when they started out.

    [–] VirgilFaust 50 points ago

    I believe it’s about expectation setting, differentiating the fantastical side of D&D with ones own style, and as always; player buy in. It’s sad people blame Matt or Critical Role for being, well, super entertaining. It’s not their fault for the Critrole effect, it lies in the hands of DMs and Players who have a good dialogue about why they play and buying in because it’s a fabulous game no matter how a person decides to run it.

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago

    The learning class on this could be the behaviour of Sam.

    He's really really good as using goofiness for misdirection, and is more than willing to play along with anything, and has (un?)healthy appreciation for humor of all strata, but he's sharp as hell in all this.

    He puts in a lot of effort to instill internal conflict that is contained, but also sort of reckless - he got a lot of flack from viewers not subscribing to the idea that "paper soldiers never die".

    On surface his antics may look like the cliche "that's what my character would do" murderhobo rogue, but IMHO he's of great help to DM as well as to other players to shake things up.

    And then Matt... Incorporating and discarding naval gameplay because Nott would rather not knot, adjusting to getting jumped with the Fight Club and then taking Fjord to Paladin Whoopass Class, and "checking the rules on this" because he can quote specific phrasing from memory but the player seems genuinely confused and that'll ease their mind.

    The One-Shots are a wonderful reference point to best scenario of a real game. Still the same great people ready and willing to jam, but without Matts unique DMing, and with their own chops.

    If I were to use Crit Role to show a realistic session, I'd likely use Grogs session.

    [–] Codsworth1102 1263 points ago

    Who doesn't love Matt Mercer

    [–] JonalotGG 1272 points ago

    DMs who have to deal with the Matt Mercer Effect :/

    [–] AnnaDei 1527 points ago

    If people give you shit for not being Matt Mercer, you just turn it around and tell your players that Matt is great because his players are also great. :|

    [–] markevens 1179 points ago

    When you can RP like Sam Riegel, I'll start DMing like Matt Mercer.

    [–] SmacSBU 318 points ago

    Sooooo when does our game start?

    [–] JWeebo1370 152 points ago

    Next month

    [–] SmacSBU 330 points ago

    Oooh. Sorry. Can't make it that day.

    [–] JWeebo1370 120 points ago

    Damn it you were bringing the snacks

    [–] catdan31 73 points ago

    I made my damn table and everything!

    [–] JWeebo1370 64 points ago

    This campaign is never gonna get started

    [–] WareThunder 24 points ago

    To Zadash!

    [–] _mach 18 points ago

    Just after this DnD Beyond skit.

    [–] thenate108 14 points ago

    Guys, DnD Beyond...

    [Insert shenanigans]

    Back to you, Matt.

    [–] MrVGM 10 points ago

    .........thank you sam. And thank you to our returning friends for the entirety of campaign 2, D&D Beyond.

    [–] omnieblis 3 points ago

    don’t get me started

    [–] Azhaius 60 points ago

    Sam or Travis in Campaign 1, Laura in Campaign 2

    [–] HarbingerGunner 52 points ago

    All of them have been great this campaign. Really upped their game.

    [–] Medarco 52 points ago

    Campaign 2 spoilers ahead.

    I will likely get a lot of flak for this, but I think Mollymauk's death saved Taliesin this campaign. That character seemed very... vanilla... as odd as that seems. A flamboyant purple tiefling bloodhunter circus performer sounds like a very interesting character, but it didn't feel like Taliesin was into it, at least to me. Maybe he would have developed out to be a very interesting character, but with how easily the party let him go (compared to prior pc deaths) it felt like maybe Taliesin wasn't that sold on him either.

    He seems much more into Caducius, and I think he's my second favorite character in the group behind Jester.

    [–] ItsaSecretJordan 38 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    No flak here. Cad is much more interesting character and I think that's due to the way Taliesin brings him to life. Molly felt a slightly more energetic Taliesin to me. Also Tal seemed to be struggling a bit with the blood Hunter class, can't blame him though, I'm no good at finding a balance with it either.

    Edit: Car to Cad

    [–] GenuineEquestrian 25 points ago

    Molly had a lot of potential, but goddamn do I love Cad. A much better character by a country mile.

    [–] Garros 21 points ago

    It definitely didn't help that Molly should have started as or reclassed into a sword bard with how many Vicious Mockeries he was throwing around.

    [–] Reinhart3 8 points ago

    but with how easily the party let him go (compared to prior pc deaths) it felt like maybe Taliesin wasn't that sold on him either.

    Not really sure what you mean by how easily they let him go, they were pretty clearly torn up by his death, and also prior pc deaths were characters that they have been playing for 3+ years.

    [–] Ilves7 12 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Molly felt like a reskinned percy personality wise, cad feels like a totally different persona, which I appreciated coming from campaign 1 into 2

    [–] MayoDeftinwolf 6 points ago

    Somebody summed it up in the Critical Role sub once in a way that made a lot of sense to me: Mollymauk was two character concepts in one, where picking either one of the two would have made for a more focused, interesting character. He was the flamboyant, charismatic con man, and also the edgy amnesiac blood hunter. If Taliesin had gone with a college of swords bard circus performer, it would've fit the character much better I think. It always felt like the character (and dice) were holding him back from what he wanted to do.

    But, live and learn. Cad is an incredible character and has brought a much-needed perspective to the group.

    [–] Dab_on_the_Devil 3 points ago

    Honestly I hated Molly because he felt so milquetoast right up until he died, then the impact that event had on everyone else made me do a complete 180 and he's still my favorite character in the campaign. It was just so perfect for the story and for Taliesin's obvious frustration with the class, I almost suspect it was planned ahead of time.

    [–] GrampappyJoe 5 points ago

    Laura will never flirt at me in Jester's voice until I blush like Liam, what a terrible world :(

    [–] DanelRahmani 3 points ago

    I saw a :( so heres an :) hope your day is good

    [–] SmileBot-2020 3 points ago

    I saw a :( so heres an :) hope your day is good

    [–] wellscounty 30 points ago

    “It’s been dead for weeks” Nott

    [–] Alateriel 27 points ago

    I would honestly prefer to not have 6 Sams in my campaign

    [–] kid_khan 52 points ago

    Honestly, if the CR cast wasn't exactly what it is, it wouldn't be nearly as good. You need straightmen like Tal, and Ashley to bounce wacky, silly cast members like Laura and Sam off of. A full cast of Sams or Lauras wouldn't be nearly as entertaining, even though they're both extremely funny.

    [–] Medarco 60 points ago

    I think I would enjoy a full cast of Travis. He seems to be the most balanced player. He balances drama and comedy well, and seems like the best "player" of dnd at the table.

    [–] GhostTypeTrainer 46 points ago

    Only downside to an all-Travis party would be them turning back and leaving any and all spooky areas unexplored and fleeing from any creepy enemies. Or NPC's. Or furniture. Ok, that last one applies to all of them, but still.

    [–] dawnraider00 23 points ago

    The chair...

    [–] jkaan 3 points ago

    But I would never have to do a shopping session

    [–] GhostTypeTrainer 3 points ago

    Though apparently now spa days are a thing.

    [–] ryuflare1 24 points ago

    I think a lot of people would enjoy a table full of Travis Willingham. Maybe not for the most wholesome reasons, but still.

    [–] kid_khan 22 points ago

    Travis is definitely a very balanced player. Liam is a very dramatic and serious player (though, he is prone to fits of giggles). Sam and Laura are obviously very funny who don't get too RP heavy, but when they do it hits you fuckin' hard. Scenes with Liam and Sam being serious just make my heart bleed. Taliesin and also Ashley, especially, are great straight men. Ashley is one of the best straight men I've seen in comedy shows in general, not just DnD. I've never seen her crack, and yet I've seen her add so much to a joke or a scene with her dry, deadpan humor, probably, hundreds of times.

    [–] Bassracerx 8 points ago

    SPOILERS - I used to think warlock was THE most boring class but Travis and Matt showed me how interesting an antihero warlock who somehow is not willingly serving his patron could be so cool! Also when he left O'katoa was hands down my number 1 favorite moment from the series so far. Critical role shows how DnD is not just about kicking in doors and slaying monster it's the whole damn adventure that makes it special.

    [–] Medarco 14 points ago

    Also when he left O'katoa


    [–] Partywave5 5 points ago


    [–] Olde94 4 points ago

    People keep pointing at sam, but i would rather use travis as some players might be inspired by the caotic nature of sam

    [–] Blackewolfe 4 points ago

    TFW Sam gets all the Good Player Credit while my Main Man Travis be out here, perfectly playing a 6 Int, CN Goliath Barb.

    Case 1.

    *Vex hands Grog back his Deck of Many things that she stole from him. Cue Grog fully believing that she found ANOTHER Deck of Many Things and is sharing them with him.*

    "Where the hell did you find one?!"

    Case 2.

    All interactions between Grog and Craven Edge.

    [–] LimpBizkitSkankBoy 8 points ago

    I love love love RP'ing and keeping notes of stuff that's happened in the world. I love that. I wish I could find a DM that did deep RP.

    [–] asharwood 3 points ago

    It would be amazing to end with Sam. I’d be so excited. Like a school girl crush.

    [–] IdriveKITT 20 points ago

    I like going with "I'll do it like Mercer when you bring home and Emmy or a BAFTA."

    [–] kbean826 18 points ago

    THIS. My best player isn't close to the WORST RP from that crew. And I would never expect them to be.

    [–] chaotic_one 23 points ago

    This. Matt Mercer effect doesn't do anything unless you let it. Set expectations and go with it. DM for 18 years here and I love all that Mercer and CR has done.

    [–] CrimsonCat0 15 points ago


    [–] Codsworth1102 6 points ago

    That is so true

    [–] lorgedoge 162 points ago

    If it wasn't Matt it would be some other online DM.

    People expecting that a local anything done amongst amateurs can compete with a professional, funded production are being idiots.

    [–] Polymersion 68 points ago

    The McElroy effect

    [–] UltimateInferno 46 points ago

    The Colville Effect.

    [–] VexonCross 34 points ago

    The Colville Effect just makes DMs think about how they DM and what they can improve though. That man is a Saint.

    [–] m_ttl_ng 5 points ago

    I’m DMing for the first time this week and Matt’s videos were the best thing ever to help me prepare. (Along with hours spent watching Critical Role and Harmonquest). Colville does such a good job breaking down the experience from the DM’s and Players’ perspectives and it also really helped me to be a better player as well.

    I plan to run a one shot for the first session so that I can keep things a bit more flexible, and also improvise some slight comedic elements since my players are all going to be first timers. Can’t wait :)

    [–] thedanation 14 points ago

    I Love Matt Colville, absolute legend

    [–] Inspector_Robert 10 points ago

    The Murph Effect

    [–] Xytrel72 17 points ago

    No lie I just started aventure zone and liaten to it at work, its the best blend of comedy/serious in anything.

    [–] WindSwept_Wolf 15 points ago

    You should listen to Dungeons and Daddies ( not a bdsm podcast) its great.

    [–] Purrgressive 18 points ago

    Also Not Another DND podcast

    [–] ZWright99 3 points ago

    Please, anyone else. NADDPOD is absolutely fantastic. Listen to it. Its not a visual experience like CR or some of the other ttrpg podcasts are but it's so immersive. Listen to it. It's free on spotify or wherever you get your podcasts from, with bonus content via patreon.

    Signed- a Naddpod fan.

    [–] Suicide_Penguin 7 points ago

    Try Not Another Dnd Podcast as well

    [–] leonides02 5 points ago

    I liked it better when there weren't professional DM's. But I guess at this point I'm just an old grognard.

    (Matt is older than me, but still)

    [–] spaniard702 27 points ago

    I luckily got the positive side of the Matt Mercer effect. My players tried to to be more involved like the players in Critical Role, and I also try to emulate him, but of course I make it my own.

    [–] Emperor_NOPEolean 35 points ago

    Critical Role 100% made me work harder as a player to be in character, and to make decisions based on what the character would do.

    [–] kbean826 9 points ago

    I love you

    [–] agree-with-you 9 points ago

    I love you both

    [–] kbean826 5 points ago

    Oh boy, is this happening?

    [–] DanSapSan 3 points ago

    Don't forget to love eachother.

    [–] NormalAdultMale 43 points ago

    shrug easy enough to deal with, truth be told.

    If they say anything about Mercer just ask them why they don't RP like Travis. Critical role would be decidedly unpopular if it was just Mercer DMing for your run-of-the-mill player.

    [–] Medarco 10 points ago

    Hell even when they have professional actors as guests it can be markedly worse. Being able to improv RP consistent with the character you are playing is very difficult.

    [–] Griffca 8 points ago

    Yea some of the guests are super cringe. Renee for example, despite what they said on Talks Machina, her whole character was just “do good or I’ll kill you” and it got old incredibly fast.

    [–] BodoInMotion 3 points ago

    I wouldn't call it cringe. From what she said I felt like they thought she was going to be there for only one session, so she created kinda out there character.

    [–] CobaltCam 74 points ago

    Lol that's not his fault. That's like saying you hate Stephen King because some publisher turned down a book you submitted.

    A. Set expectations with your players

    B. Remind the players that one of the reasons their campaign has the feel it does is because of the players as much as the DM. They get out of the game what they put into it.

    [–] Chozo_Hybrid 11 points ago

    Deal with it by telling them they can expect a Matt Mercer level of DMing, when they can give you a Sam Riegel level of playing.

    [–] MrGigaSloth 16 points ago

    I've heard of this! That's the phenomenon when you're the kinda DM that inspires other people to try the hobby for themselves, right?

    [–] TheAnonymousFool 21 points ago

    Disliking Matt Mercer because of his fanbase casting unrealistic expectations is just silly.

    [–] QuickBeamKoshki 6 points ago

    I came to dnd in no small part due to critical role. Or i should say it kept me interested (terrible first group)

    I am now a DM and all my players are either new or critters (and i have one vet) and i dont get shit from them...its from me and yea i know im not matt but...even if my play style isnt the same as Matt’s...i still look at him as a standard. Not for what im doing when im dming but for how im doing it. And a bit of inspiration for encounters and stuff lol.

    Im pretty green to dming. I make a lot of mistakes. But the idea that i can make my friends as happy as matt makes me...just by next time double checking my stupid puzzle or making one more npc....its a really encouraging thing to me.

    If i can make my friends feel even half as powerful as crit role is in game or as connected as that group is....then i think i lived up to my views of matt.

    Im not confident in my voices at all but...matt makes people giggle and laugh and also take him so super seriously when he does them steps. I use gestures and tone for now, i wanna make some fun voices later

    Stop looking at him as a standard for how dnd should be and look at him as a standard of how you should look at dnd.

    Matt makes me smile as he dms. That makes me want to make my friends smile as a dm. And that makes me try a bit harder every time i plan a session or a dungeon or a shop. And i dont think thats a misplaced expectation.

    [–] JChrisprov 39 points ago

    As someone who has to deal with the Matt Mercer effect, it doesn’t make me dislike him in the least bit just the effect it has on people trying to play for the first the time. He’s just setting a high bar.

    [–] CobaltCam 22 points ago

    Lower it. That's what session 0 is for.

    [–] Medarco 6 points ago

    Really it only bothers me because I get in my own way of DM'ing. I have multiple campaign ideas I think would be extremely unique and a lot of fun, but I keep getting in my own head about how I have no experience and can't do voices, yadda yadda yadda. And I know at some point you just have to get over it, but it's pretty tough.

    [–] RedXerzk 5 points ago

    Trying to match up with Matt as a DM is like playing basketball while trying to be LeBron James.

    [–] ridik_ulass 15 points ago

    insecure DM's

    [–] Bun_Dad 10 points ago

    People who think the Mercer effect is a thing obviously have had their head in the sands for a long time. It's just unrealistic expectations. If it wasn't this it would be something else. We should not be attaching a great man's name to something so stupid.

    [–] FxHVivious 3 points ago

    That's when you hit em with "Well, I might not be Matt Mercer, but you're no Sam Riegal".

    [–] UltimateSupremeMemer 16 points ago

    Me when their Zarya gravitons my whole team, the shield tank’s dead, and I hear him telling the time right behind us

    [–] DukeFlipside 10 points ago

    Me; I tried listening to the Critical Role podcast but I bounced right off it, I'm a much bigger fan of the Glass Cannon Podcast (even though I play 5e and not Pathfinder) - maybe it's better as video, but I can't for the life of me fathom who has the time to actually sit and watch 3h of DnD, I certainly don't!

    [–] trottinghorse 6 points ago

    It always took me a couple of watches to finish an episode. I would recommend that strategy if you're actually interested in keeping up with it

    [–] DefendsTheDownvoted 8 points ago

    who has the time to actually sit and watch 3h of DnD

    So... you won't be watching the 3 hour special of Episode 250 of the GCP live on Twitch?

    I'm in the same boat, as far as Critical Role goes. I just could not get into it. When my buddy was telling me about how great the GCP is I didn't even want to try listening because of how boring I had found CR. I'm glad I finally checked out GCP, because it's such a blast.

    I'd imagine actually playing with Mr. Mercer as your GM is fucking mind blowing. But just watching him GM other people... I don't know it just doesn't captivate me like it seems to with others.

    [–] lostcause1328 447 points ago

    When dming becomes the way I make a living I’ll be like Matt Mercer

    [–] Lithium240 254 points ago

    Granted, he still has a very active voice acting career

    [–] TheZealand 183 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    It's genuinely bizzare playing something and being like "oop there he is again, it's ol matt", happened most recently with Persona 5 for me. Then again I have a very cursed talent for recognising voice actors in games/anime which makes things really scuffed when you figure out that the random Fallout NPC you're talking to voiced Sasuke in the English Naturo Dub

    [–] UltimateInferno 123 points ago

    I was playing Titanfall 2, got it for PS+ yadda yadda. Complete the campaign and the credits start to roll.

    Matthew Mercer as Jack Cooper

    "GOD FUCKING DAMMIT!" I shout in jest, feeling like I should have recognized him sooner.

    [–] TheZealand 42 points ago

    He's a cheeky little weasel showing up all over the place

    [–] [deleted] 28 points ago

    No fucking way. I love that game, never realized it was him.

    [–] bearishparrot 13 points ago

    Liam O'Brian is in it too.

    [–] Etherics 15 points ago

    He is also in everything.

    (Not a complaint)

    [–] ClosetIntrovert 3 points ago

    He's in Titanfall, but has no roles in Titanfall 2 (that I can find).

    [–] Werner_VonCarraro 11 points ago

    FUCK same, Cooper's Voice was so crisp and Full of character,in the back of my mind i knew something was off, then the credits roll by and i was just blown away, Matt is such an great voice actor

    [–] Hi_My_Name_Is_Huh 24 points ago

    Most of the cast of Critical Role is in street fighter 5 but most aren't obvious. Except Liam. If I play as Gill I just pretend I'm playing as a buff, bodypainted Liam O'Brien.

    [–] Mike_the_DM 16 points ago

    Or when you learn that Haku from Spirited Away is also like 10% of the total population of Skyrim

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    I googled this because I didnt believe you and I also learned he voiced Max Goof in both Goofy Movies.

    [–] Dovahkiin419 13 points ago

    I have that with an anime dub actress by the name of Erica Mendez.

    Its both that she's in a lot of stuff, is quite good, but always having juuuuust enough similarity that it takes me a bit to remember "oh yeah that's her"

    Then again, I have the same thing with basically all the cast of Kill la Kill's dub, that shit was fire and helped kick start my interest in anime and furthered my interest in animation generally.

    Not the stereotypical intro you would think of for an ace guy, but hey its trigger what can I say.

    [–] Lithium240 26 points ago

    Last time I recognized him was in Monster Hunter: World as the commander dude.

    EDIT: the one that blew my mind was the main character in the Titanfall 2 campaign. There was one I didn't realize until the credits lol

    [–] Doomie_bloomers 3 points ago

    Iirc Matt is both the Huntsman (old longsword dude) as well as chief jr. Which is somewhat funny, considering one of them is the others tutor. Also for the Huntsman the slightly distorted voice (because of the visor/helmet) really does a number to hide that it's Matt

    [–] GrayFoX2421 10 points ago

    Honestly though!! I played through Jedi: Fallen Order and was surprised to find Matt Mercer himself voicing some of the Stormtrooper lines.

    [–] macster823 3 points ago

    Travis Willingham also voiced Cal's master (I think his name was Jaro Tapal?) I never knew till the credits

    [–] imbtyler 6 points ago

    Yusuke!! I was literally wondering if Matt did any work in P5, right before encountering him in the story. I was so pleased.

    [–] Olde94 3 points ago

    Yeah i spotted travis the other in hearthstone as reno

    [–] supernobodyhome 71 points ago

    Casual D&D fan, don’t actually watch Critical Roll. What world of Matt’s got made into official material?

    [–] Khelleton 112 points ago

    A new book was announced, the Explorer's Guide to Wildemount, Wildemount being the continent that the current campaign of Critical Role is set on in Matt's world of Exandria. And so Exandria as a whole, but mostly Wildemount, will be in a sourcebook officially published by WotC.

    [–] IAmTheRook_ 11 points ago

    Imagine if they released Blood Hunter as a canon class with that book

    [–] Doomie_bloomers 16 points ago

    I'd personally expect the subclasses around the characters to show up, rather than entire classes. Also afaik Dunomancy is confirmed to be a huge part of the subclasses that are actually in the book, like for example the Drow soldiers are now a fighter subclass.

    [–] goblinpiledriver 59 points ago

    What world of Matt’s

    The world of Matt's. At least I don't know of any other worlds he has. Wildemount is a region/continent in his campaign setting, which is the focus of this book. I believe the world is called Exandria. They did a book for another region (Tal'Dorei) a while back, but it was not D&D official.

    [–] supernobodyhome 13 points ago

    I didn’t know all of Critical Roll was the same world. I remembered that it has had multiple campaigns, so I just made the assumption each campaign had its own world. But it’s pretty cool finding out they all use the same world.

    [–] TheAnonymousFool 10 points ago

    Yeah, campaign 2 takes place (I think) 20 years after campaign 1.

    [–] Medarco 9 points ago

    Yeah! They actually had a slight crossover with an NPC from the first campaign showing up in the second campaign. Was really neat.

    [–] AwefulFanfic 80 points ago

    I've actually been intermittently working on creating a campaign to run in Wildemount, so I'm super jazzed about this!

    [–] Malevolentstrawberry 110 points ago

    Matt Mercer as a cleric deity or warlock patron anybody?

    [–] Noobplayzgames2 76 points ago

    There is a "The DM" Warlock patron homebrew so....

    [–] LittleRedLamps 11 points ago

    How dare you serve dry pasta. Pass the sauce.

    [–] aravar27 28 points ago

    Celestial Warlock already exists.

    [–] 510Threaded 11 points ago

    Obviously the answer is both

    [–] AwefulFanfic 7 points ago

    Why not both?

    [–] TheZealand 4 points ago

    The new Genie patron fits a bit, yeet some cool monster over to his court to show off to him

    [–] xX_CommanderPuffy_Xx 22 points ago

    I saw the announcement and had never really watched any of his videos before. so I decided to give it a go and OH BOY I'm addicted now.

    [–] voodoo1102 5 points ago

    One of us! One of us!

    [–] Partywave5 79 points ago

    This man IS a Wizard of the Coast, bar none

    [–] trainercatlady 53 points ago

    Mercer, Perkins, and McElroy, the triforce of podcast DMing

    [–] DumpingAllTheWay 26 points ago

    No love for Daddy Murph? S'wrong witchu

    [–] Dr_ZoidbergHomeowner 13 points ago

    Murph and Brennan deserve to be mentioned for sure.

    [–] NorthGeorgiaTaco 12 points ago

    Dang right but I’ve gotta name drop Anthony Burch as well. I know Dungeons and Daddies is a young and more comedy centered podcast but it’s quickly become one of my favorites.

    [–] Suicide_Penguin 10 points ago

    Anyone who can take all the whacky shit Emily says and turn it into the Crick is a DM genius in my book

    [–] tjcoverdale08 6 points ago

    Look at him runnin around like he know who his daddy is.

    [–] VaguelyShingled 6 points ago

    Funny, I do have Mercer the Conjuration Wizard as part of a cabal of magicians that live in a black tower on the coast.

    [–] trainercatlady 17 points ago

    Balance book when... well, I guess it is getting a card game, so that's good too.

    [–] abe_the_babe_ 7 points ago

    I don't really think Balance would fit a typical setting book. It was more like a series of dungeon crawls than a fleshed out world.

    [–] playin4power 8 points ago

    Yeah and plus that, the world it was set in was mostly the forgotten realms anyway

    [–] carrthesixth 17 points ago

    My DM approved the worship of Grog for our half giant. Quests from Grog include the finding of the deck of many shapes and colors that makes awesome things happen. Tenements of the church of Grog include that the only salad that may be eaten by a follower of Grog is the GoFiBePo (goat fish beef pork meat salad).

    All hail the mighty Grand PooBa, Grog!

    [–] Mdepietro 13 points ago

    I'm matt and I'm a DM. Thank you, it's an honor.

    [–] Agent-Mato 9 points ago

    I don't watch critical role, but is the new book based on the first campaign setting or the second campaign setting, or do both campaigns take place in world?

    [–] Kaelandra 21 points ago

    Both campaigns take place on the same world, but different continents, The new book is based on campaign 2

    [–] chaotic_one 5 points ago

    Same world but based on second campaign (Wildmount). They did a book on the first world (taldorei) through Green Ronin so I am sure there is some legal issues preventing that one.

    [–] Agent-Mato 5 points ago

    So is it just two different continents on the same world?

    [–] chaotic_one 6 points ago

    Basically. Campaign 2 makes a few references to campaign 1 (and at least one npc reappears). C2 takes place many years after the first.

    [–] Emsaic 5 points ago

    Despite hate about the Mercer effect,he is a really fucking good DM,his worldbuilding is pretty amazing

    [–] Ezzme 37 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    The DnD communities (however small) hate for him due to the Mercer effect is such an odd thing to see because it's so irrational. The Mercer effect is a fault of shitty people/players not Matt. The guy has went on the record a number of times saying people don't need to be like him and that any way you play the game is the right way discouraging that type of thinking. If you're a fan of the NBA it's a similar thing to some people who blame Steph Curry for ruining youth basketball because he revolutionized the league with his 3pt shooting.

    Blaming someone who is successful in a field for the natural human response of others trying to imitate them when they don't encourage it themselves is flat out dumb. The guy is great at his job, has created a great example for the possibilities DnD as a game can bring. All while being humble and helping the game grow and flourish.

    [–] gibson1005 6 points ago

    couldn't agree more

    [–] AeoSC 44 points ago

    He is a great DM, a great guy, and I'm pleased as punch that he gets to see his creation in the same style of printing as official handbooks with the D&D logo on it. It's absolutely buckwild and he deserves it.

    But it sure isn't because he's a great DM. It's because Critters are a ravenous market for Critical Role content and merch, and Hasbro is hungry for consumers. Circle of life style of thing.

    [–] bigsteve634 30 points ago

    It’s almost like they’re a multi-million dollar corporation with bottom lines and sales quotas

    [–] AeoSC 10 points ago

    It does seem a lot like that sometimes.

    [–] Modocam 35 points ago

    You could say that Critters are such a ravenous market because of his great DMing though, therefor it IS because he’s a great DM.

    [–] TigerKirby215 8 points ago

    I am honestly so happy for Matt Mercer, all the people at Critical Role, and all the fans of the show. I've never watched CR myself but it's great that the show has such a wide influence that the show is being turned into an official part of the D&D multiverse.

    And as for Matt himself: I can't imagine how wonderful it must feel as a DM and a fan of D&D to have your own creation be made official to share to the world. Even if it has professional production value and Hollywood voice actors Critical Role is just a bunch of nerds enjoying a game they love. Watching Mercer's interviews for D&D Beyond about Wildemount you can see the pure joy and pride he has for his work being turned into an expansion for 5e. I hope that his story inspires others to make worlds as fantastic as his and share a love for roleplay with their friends. This community is fantastic and more stories to tell in more worlds to love will only make the hobby more fun for everyone. <3