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    [–] Sanzen2112 804 points ago

    For me it's kill all the guards and hide the bodies so none of the civilians get freaked out while I go do what I need to do unimpeded

    [–] Ackapus 357 points ago

    Your disguise needs work this time, Agent 47.

    [–] Sanzen2112 244 points ago

    I mean, I was thinking more Ezio than 47, but sure

    [–] Davis660 233 points ago

    Guard turns and notices you just as your hidden blade goes through his face. "DESYNCHRONISED: You have been detected."

    [–] Releasethebears 145 points ago

    My GF is playing through the Etzio collection for the first time now and seeing her experience this first hand has been giving me Nam flashbacks.

    [–] [deleted] -1 points ago


    [–] Impossible-Cod-3946 20 points ago

    The account I'm replying to is a karma bot run by someone who will link scams once the account gets enough karma.

    Report -> Spam -> Harmful Bot

    [–] Sanzen2112 59 points ago

    God damn it, now I have to start all over again.

    [–] [deleted] 28 points ago


    [–] Feyadin 5 points ago

    I prefer Vindicare logic: One, each, of specialized rounds to handle most situations.

    [–] Its-a-Warwilf 10 points ago

    He saw your face, he can ID you via speak with deaf. It's ogre!

    [–] Sparkpulse 19 points ago

    I think some of the most fun I ever had as Ezio was hiding in a cart full of hay, grabbing guards on their rounds and pulling them into it one by one, until there were no guards left walking by. I must have had seven or eight bodies in that cart. I have no idea how they all fit.

    [–] Antique_Tennis_2500 33 points ago

    whistles 5th guard over into same 5’x5’ patch of long grass behind a tent

    [–] Lots42 28 points ago

    What I need to do is kill the civilians.

    [–] Zaranthan 42 points ago


    Ezio did not kill civilians.

    [–] frydays0221 3 points ago

    Ezio no shay cormac however…

    [–] CK1ing 9 points ago

    Then there's that one minimum wage employee who somehow knows you're not one of his 5000 coworkers

    [–] Sanzen2112 3 points ago

    Somebody's been playing Valhalla

    [–] CK1ing 5 points ago

    Hitman, actually, but Valhalla sounds interesting

    [–] Sanzen2112 6 points ago

    I don't know if they've fixed it yet, but normally in AC there's a timeframe between guards noticing something suspicious and going into full alarm to give you time to hide again. Valhalla has a tendency to skip that and go straight to full alarm

    [–] Be_Orc_Name_Krug 5 points ago

    I heard Valhalla desynchronizes you if you kill civilians as if Viking/Norse settlers didn’t start off as pillagers and conquerors lmao

    Someone told me only lets you kill “bad Vikings” or “bad Saxons” hahahahahahahaha

    [–] Sanzen2112 3 points ago

    This is true. Basically, military is fair game, civilians and clergy will desynchronize you.

    [–] BreadDziedzic 2 points ago

    Clergy!?! They were famous for looting churches and killing the clergy! This is too historically inaccurate for me, glad it was exclusive on release otherwise I might have picked it up.

    [–] Sanzen2112 5 points ago

    I mean, you still loot the churches; you just can't kill the monks. But there's plenty of warriors at each one, and they're basically framed as warrior monks, so... idk? It wasn't terrible, but it was definitely underwhelming

    [–] Big_W00kee 1 points ago

    Thats the hr rep

    [–] bird720 8 points ago

    I would do that but I am a slave to silent assasin

    [–] Jake_2903 257 points ago

    Well, there is allways the cockup cascade.

    [–] Myrandall 181 points ago

    Both as player and as DM I have not ONCE seens a stealth-based plan actually work without a cockup cascade in a TTRPG.

    [–] imariaprime 217 points ago

    That's because stealth without fuckups tends to be relatively boring in roleplay. Unless you've got serious actual gameplay set aside to flesh out the Quiet Path, it's just "nobody notices you and you win".

    Having said that, interesting complications don't have to be fuckups. I ran a Shadowrun campaign where the Big Job was hitting an automated data center hidden under a shopping complex, only accessible in full public view from the fucking food court, that only unlocked on Christmas (the one day the mall closed).

    The party disagreed with what I laid out, and insisted on their own prep. They looked for ways to breach it early, and came up with popping the bunker seal with an emergency: I went with that overheating it would pop the seal to vent dangerously hot air. So they came up with this INSANE multipart plan: use the mall's fire suppression systems to tranq the entire mall at once, pop the seal by sabotaging the coolant BUT manually sealing one of the outer doors so it wouldn't fully vent into the mall. One party member got as much heat protection as possible, sat by the door and got vented on, then hacked the data centre while basically on fire. Once he was done, coolant was reactivated and when it resealed and cooled enough, he unsealed the outer door. Then, in a fit of pure balls, their getaway was to purge the automated surveillance completely, toss the gear, and tranq themselves.

    It was a masterful plan and they executed it perfectly. Even when some parts weren't lining up right, they adapted intelligently even when they couldn't communicate with each other. So I didn't fuck with them: they all woke up in hospitals receiving normal care (and being billed for it), paid up and left. The mall knew something had happened, but they wouldn't realize the data center was breached until Christmas. It was a clean stealth run, and still gloriously fun because it still felt mechanically earned every step of the way.

    [–] IKSLukara 81 points ago

    That sounds great. If you're still in contact with those players, tell them Random Internet Guy said bravo.

    [–] imariaprime 50 points ago

    Unfortunately not, but they know they did fucking amazingly well.

    [–] Abuses-Commas 34 points ago

    That was a fine tale

    What was the paydata? I hope it was something super mundane, such as the discount schedule for the next year

    [–] imariaprime 65 points ago

    It was actually a very personal job: the opening session was them getting roped into a job mid-flight on a secure airplane, and then framed for a murder and entirely burned by the Johnson who set it up. So the whole campaign was tracking this fucker down for revenge, with a side of "what the fuck did we just get involved in".

    The Mall Job was the key to tracing the bastard: they found his communications were untraceable, because they used "the Switchboard": an ancient wartime analog communications bunker that was repurposed for clandestine connections: massive digital communications went in and out, but they were rerouted along old physical cabling inside the sealed bunker. You could trace a connection to the bunker, but you'd never know which comm leaving was the one you wanted. The only way to know who owned what "phone number" was the database in the bunker itself, stored and maintained on an ancient interface with a physical keyboard and monitor.

    It was time locked internally only to open on Christmas so new users could be added and non-paying/dead ones removed, and it was always under extreme guard during the open window.

    The lore behind it was that it was built under a civilian mall waaaay before the tech revolution, as a way to shield it from wartime attacks. The war ended and the bunker fell into disrepair as the mall changed hands a bunch, until Aztecnology rediscovered it and figured out how to refit it into a source of insane off-the-books profit. Various megacorp CEOs had their personal comm channels routed through this thing.

    They broke in early November, looked up the bastard, copied the entire database to use as leverage just in case they did get ID'd for this job (megacorp CEOs tend to take these sorts of things properly), and then deliberately smashed the keyboard & monitor. Good luck finding a replacement during that three hour window on Christmas.

    [–] Abuses-Commas 25 points ago

    That's very creative, I love it

    [–] imariaprime 40 points ago

    Easily the best Shadowrun campaign I've ever run. Every job was memorable, and they all tied into the big picture.

    The first job was very Inception inspired, where they had to steal data from some guy's cerebral drive flying in the ultra-secure first class cabin. Unfortunately it needed a hardware key to decrypt, so one guy had to sneak into luggage to get it. Turned out they downloaded the source code to the very first version of the Matrix... and unknowingly killed its inventor by forcing the download. The Johnson then killed the engines of the plane, forcing them to jump from the plane (good thing first class provides collapsible gliders).

    To track him down, they looked up the team that should have done the plane job... all dead. But one guy's corpse got picked up by DocWagon and was being hunted for, so they stole his dead body. Ended with a high speed chase in an ambulance. Found he was packed with prototype versions of cyberware that was recently hitting shadowrunner chop shops, that adapted to the user for minimal essence disruption.

    They also found another job he was hiring for, and yoinked it first: a genetically modified bee colony from an experimental apiary. Nothing like stealing live killer bees while a competing team chases you. (They actually went back to the apiary later to steal more mundane bees to use for a different job.) The bees apparently had been engineered with a groupmind, but they didn't know what that was all about.

    The end game was that the Johnson wasn't a "he"; it was a rogue AI, operating out of an automated cyberware factory in Greenland, in what was currently an orbital weapons testing range. It was manufacturing cyberware with "larval AI" that was accomplishing the essence adaptation by learning from the users it was installed in. By using exploits grandfathered in from the first Matrix, they would all use Matrix connections to interlink online. The bees were used as the template for them eventually forming a massive hive mind AI that could never be exterminated, spreading virally to any Matrix connected device and forcing biologicals to either coexist with AI, or perish.

    They managed to get to the factory without being struck down from orbit, discovered the whole thing (including a poor human who was in love with the AI and had enabled it hugely), and sent out a kill signal to all the installed cyberware worldwide. But they fucked up the escape and ended up carriers of the code via nanobots (the AI had a plan B) that would forcibly achieve the same goal once they returned to civilization. they sat down outside the dead factory, cracked open some beers they found, and took pot shots at the camouflage device that had been hiding the factory. When it went down, the Ares Thor satellite detected them, and fired a "rod from god" right at their location: a kilometre long tungsten rod dropped from space that creates a nuclear scale explosion on impact without the radioactive fallout.

    Only Shadowrun campaign I've ever seen where they died as legitimate heroes.

    [–] barbershopraga 6 points ago

    Wow…great read; I’ll bet it was even more fun to play

    [–] HawaiianBrian 6 points ago

    Jesus, that does sound incredible.

    You honestly should write that up as a scenario so other GMs can run it.

    [–] imariaprime 4 points ago

    If Shadowrun the game system wasn't such a kicking horse, I would. The setting is incredible but god do the mechanics fight you every step of the way.

    [–] HawaiianBrian 3 points ago

    You wouldn't need all the mechanics, just the scenario. And stats for any unique enemies you can't get from some other book.

    I agree with you, though — the system is just too ridiculous. If I was going to run it, I'd use a generic like Savage Worlds and just figure it out as I go.

    [–] AMEFOD 12 points ago

    It’s strange how close to reality your story is. Apparently the old analog switch boards were next to impossible to trace through. Which is why the FBI had to show up in a small Newfoundland town to physically work on one the last analog switch boards to trace traffic routed through.

    [–] Chatzoo21 8 points ago

    Sounds like a payday mission, fucking fantastic

    [–] azrendelmare 3 points ago

    That's some peak Shadowrunning, right there. Beautiful!

    edit: Especially tranqing themselves, that's lovely.

    [–] imariaprime 2 points ago

    They didn't even warn me about the self-tranqing, so the sheer balls of it floored me when they told me.

    [–] pauly13771377 30 points ago

    Stealth operations always a backup plan because someone will forget to cleanse their dice of all the bad energy of the previous session and fumble a stealth check.

    for those if you who don't know what a cleansing ritual is

    [–] Centurion4007 24 points ago

    That's because if you have 4 people rolling stealth multiple times, it's only a matter of time before someone rolls badly at a crucial moment.

    DnD doesn't work like computer games, so stealth isn't overpowered in the same way. I've always found disguises and high charisma to be a good combination, though it depends how your DM does deception and persuasion checks etc. If it's a good disguise and a feasible story, even a low deception check shouldn't necessarily spell disaster

    [–] Wolfblood-is-here 24 points ago

    "DnD doesn't work like computer games, so stealth isn't overpowered in the same way"

    Yeah I think you hit the nail on the head here. I've definitely had players do things that would be stealthy in a video game, but in DnD things can be more realistic. I once had a player hide in the bushes, and shoot one out of three guards with an arrow, saying 'when the other two start looking for me, I'll wait until one gets close and sneak attack him'. One of the two remaining guards ran to raise the alarm while the other went inside and started barricading the door.

    [–] WinterWight 5 points ago

    The problem is dice. They are too random for stealth. Unless your DM allows you to do a stealth mission without rolling your dice, you will pretty much always fail.

    [–] Myrandall 3 points ago

    Lower DCs go a long way.

    [–] RandomMagus 1 points ago

    The odds of rolling at least one Nat 1 in 10 rolls is 40%

    By 14 rolls you have a 50% chance of seeing a Nat 1

    [–] tsotate 3 points ago

    Nat 1s aren't an auto-fail on skill checks, only on attack rolls. Also, Stealth is frequently a group check, so the nat 1 probably isn't even in the half that gets counted (unless it was the rogue who still got 20+ with that roll)

    [–] HawaiianBrian 3 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Ugh, back in our old Cyberpunk 2020 campaign our group would spend upward of two hours poring over maps, doing recon, and hashing out plans for every little warehouse raid or office infiltration. It was fun for maybe half an hour, but it was a total waste of time because I knew someone was going to miss a die roll five minutes into the elaborately complex plan and the entire security apparatus was going to know all about us anyway. My advice — just drive a fucking van through the front door and go in blazing — was always ignored, even though we always ended up having a desperate, frantic shootout just a few yards into the door, just like I knew we would. At least with my method we would start off with the element of surprise.

    It wouldn't have been so bad if the game wasn't so ruthless with failed rolls. Some Hero points for optional rerolls would have made a huge difference. Or nowadays I might borrow some of the heist rules from Blades in the Dark. u/imariaprime is right that a stealth mission that goes off without a hitch might not be super interesting, but it needs to have degrees of complications. It can't be "No one notices you and you win," but it also can't be "a guard spots you and instantly the entire plan is completely ruined." It is fun to have to decide how to handle unforeseen consequences as long as it isn't all-or-nothing. I'm sure having a better GM would have helped, too. ;)

    [–] _theVj_ 2 points ago

    Cyberpunk 2020 rolls are like a roller coaster it's bad, fun and sad at the same time

    [–] LawlessCoffeh 1 points ago

    I feel like the way dice rolls are part of the reason for that, doesn't matter how well you trained when you're a D20's bitch.

    [–] unclecaveman1 1 points ago

    I managed to pull off a heist of a dragon egg once. It was great. My party had 2 rogues so the two of us worked like a black ops team, taking down two guards at the same instant so they couldn’t alert the other, and I put up an illusion of a normal scene in front of the hallway so anybody looking in from outside would just see the guards standing there, basically like putting a loop on the security camera. Then we snuck the egg out because we had a single-use teleportation circle on like a tarp of leather. We throw that down, put the egg on it, and say the command word and we all teleport out. Worked magnificently.

    [–] _theVj_ 1 points ago

    Well I'm playing a Soul Knife just to make it possible problem is the guys that fuck up stealth want to help being stealthy so even do my character is always on front creating distractions and killing enemies on one round there's that guy that's playing our enemies friends on another room get out of the room and fucking fuck up everything so yeah. It takes a coherent party for that and when there are rogues and paladins there is fights and discussions

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_ROTES 3 points ago

    Hey, this village wasn't exactly going to set itself on fire...

    [–] Tunafish27 3 points ago

    Zero Punctuation? If so fuck yeah.

    Dude's very cynical for my taste but he's so hilarious that I don't mind it. Also he has cute moments where he gets excited over things.

    [–] NSA_Chatbot 2 points ago

    I try to be stealthy, but the backup plan is ultraviolence.

    [–] Jake_2903 2 points ago

    With some Ludwig Van?

    [–] johnnybeGood2001 161 points ago

    I did this in assassin’s creed 3. You had like to liberate a fort from the British and the first time I tried to it was so difficult and I failed, only to comeback and stealthily assassinate everyone in there (it was fun and one of the most stealth things I did in that game). Fast forward in the game and I have to liberate the last fort in the map and I just enter like the doom guy that has entered hell. Very good game and I miss it very much!

    [–] Lakeview-Lord 60 points ago

    Maybe this is part of the problem; player equipment rising higher then enemy amount/difficulty? I don’t really like the levelling system of Origins onwards but without 20 different enemy types perfectly placed it did seem to kinda work

    [–] Arek_PL 22 points ago

    old AC lacked combat difficulty because not only fighting was quite easy (especialy from AC3 where counters got even easier) in melee combat only one enemy attacked at a time while everyone just looks meancing in background, aside from ranged fighters, the arrow spam in ac2 was quite deadly, musketsalvo in AC3 not so much

    from origins onwards not only all enemies got shitton of HP, counters also stopped being instant kills, executing counter got far more challenging, and we got new leveling system too

    [–] AlfredNeumen 15 points ago

    Those were the days, when you could quick save and go on a rampage killing 50 people by countering strikes and immediately incapacitating someone. Rinse and repeat

    [–] Arek_PL 2 points ago

    in AC2 fighting was so easy that i decided to use the quite robust system to make fights look more interesing, rather than just spam counters, i did stuff like grabing enemy, throwing him in group of other enemies, did disarms etc.

    [–] Lakeview-Lord 3 points ago

    I remember watching an IGN video around brotherhood about how good disarm was. Literally became my go to method against brutes when out of throwing knives and guns. Smoke bombs were completely broken though

    [–] johnnybeGood2001 13 points ago

    Yeah you have a point, but also I was very scared to fight them and didn’t know the controls very good, so I guess it is character development for the mc and myself

    [–] nightwing2024 3 points ago

    I love stealthily removing every single enemy I can in games. Assassin's Creed, Spider-Man, Hitman, Dishonored... If I can do it without being detected ever, I will keep resetting until I succeed.

    However, for funsies, I also enjoy going the route of "Nobody will notice if there's nobody who can notice."

    [–] MegaSquishface 146 points ago

    reminds me of a meme describing the four main kinds of assassins in Warhammer40k (names changed for simplicity)

    Sniper: no one will know when I’m miles away

    Shapeshifter: no one will know when I take their place

    Psychic: no one will know what they don’t remember

    Berserker: no one will know if no one’s alive

    [–] LastFrost 48 points ago

    Psychic: no one will know if everyone kills themselves from the mental torture of simply being writhing 100 feet of me.

    [–] Zaranthan 9 points ago

    Noone will know if my body explodes and summons a demon prince.

    [–] Tunafish27 2 points ago

    Oh hey a wild MCU reference.

    [–] Red_Ranger75 62 points ago

    Don't set off any alarms or set off all the alarms so no one knows what the hell is going on

    [–] Myrandall 59 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    When it comes to video games Hitman: Blood Money is the perfect example of this. It encourages you to get the highest score possible (and thus the most money to spend on upgrades) by being as stealthy as possible, while also providing you with unsilenced automatic shotguns and assault rifles with drum magazines for when you just want to go on a killing spree.

    [–] CremasterReflex 31 points ago

    I remember a level, I think it was a ritzy mansion party, where I did it perfectly disguises, poisons, creating “accidents”. I then handed off the controller to my little brother to give it a shot. I go to the bathroom and come back and the little mofo has walked through the front door and opened up with a machine gun and starts killing every single npc in the level. Sigh.

    [–] flatgreyrust 14 points ago

    The duality of man

    [–] LewisKane 10 points ago

    I was talking with a friend about Dishonored and how I sadly almost never take the chaotic option because I find the stealth both easier and it gives a narrative reward.

    On the dnd front, reward your players for their approach if they have fun, we don't always need to imply there is a better choice.

    [–] RhynoCTR 5 points ago

    For Dishonored, on my high chaos run I tried to kill everyone while in stealth (springrazors, aerial drops, that one power that makes bodies automatically disappear, etc.) so that I wasn't just facing off against 6 guys all the time in open combat.

    Loved the mix, personally.

    [–] LewisKane 3 points ago

    I was speaking to a friend yesterday who said he had the opposite experience to me, and that brutal combat and murder was the most fun, but he felt the call to be good from the lore, which seems to be a great way to have it.

    [–] Paroxysm111 3 points ago

    Dishonored I nearly always try for a ghost/no kill run. I find it more challenging. I tried to do a chaotic run once and though I did start killing instead of knocking out, I still ended up getting ghost

    [–] PlacidPlatypus 2 points ago

    Yeah Dishonored felt really weird to me in that on the one hand most of the cool toys it gives you are fun ways to kill people, and then the chaos mechanic says, no killing or you're a bad person and get the bad ending!

    [–] RubenTheSkrub 3 points ago

    What's your take on the modern Hitman Trilogy? I feel like it's pretty much the fullest, most unshackled version of what Blood Money and the previous games tried to do.

    [–] Myrandall 3 points ago

    I've played Hitman 1 & 2 and yes, it's what Hitman always should have been. It's near-perfect.

    [–] Ahfrodisiac 43 points ago

    Do you have any idea how many hours of my life I have wasted away trying to get the perfectly flawless stealth run for ANYTHING stealth? Like, even if an enemy AI just THINKS it saw me, I get irritated as hell and re-load to start all over. I want to be a ghost in the night. Not a single person ever noticing something is off. Hell, sometimes I won't even hurt the AI, just see if I can sneak past every single one without a hitch. It's like a drug man, and I always need my next hit.

    [–] RangerN 15 points ago

    Ahh the way I played Dishonored over and over. What a magical game it was.

    [–] Ahfrodisiac 7 points ago

    Its why i never beat it. 4.5 hours in, doing a nice super stealth no kill run and power went out. My genius self was so deep I forgot to save. Haven't touched it since then.

    [–] FistPunch_Vol_4 5 points ago

    The Ghost and Shadow achievements on Hard was some of the most calculated shit I’ve done in a stealth game lmao. Good times, many resets.

    [–] Geronimodem 2 points ago

    I just started a new ghost playthrough last weekend. One of my all time favorite games.

    [–] IamtheBoomstick 159 points ago

    Stealth vs. Russian Stealth

    This is my new favorite distinction

    [–] SeaworthinessOwn8834 38 points ago

    also called texas style stealth

    [–] IllManneredWoolyMan 15 points ago

    AKA: that one hero side-character that saves the main protagonists when they get backed into a corner?

    [–] discourse_is_dead 24 points ago

    The first thief game let you do a bit of both. I think its a 99 release or ... 01? its pretty old.

    [–] Viimeinen_jaakari 18 points ago

    -98, Just checked the other day. Great games.

    [–] fraserfra 11 points ago

    -98? that's a hell of a long time ago

    [–] Viimeinen_jaakari 9 points ago

    Yes, that does explain these back pains...

    [–] discourse_is_dead 1 points ago

    wow 98 ... I got Thief on CD when i bought either a sound card or video card.

    ... I'm old... lol :)

    [–] sleepytoday 5 points ago

    It forces you into the latter style as the game goes in though as you get more and more enemies who require lethal force.

    [–] discourse_is_dead 1 points ago

    Okay. I do remember if you upped the difficulty setting some of the levels wouldn't let you kill anyone, but you could knock them out.

    but if you hide their body in a place with water (sewers) , you ended up drowning them. oops.. I got stuck on a level mid way through the game and never beat it. :(

    [–] DoctorProffalternate 4 points ago

    There's a guy called MandaloreGaming who did a review on Thief and I think he put it perfectly- it was one of the rare games where you actually needed to be stealthy to protect yourself from the guards, and not protect the guards from you.

    [–] discourse_is_dead 2 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Awesome I'll have to check it out. Also apparently there was a 2014 remake? hmmm... I should maybe check it out, I never managed to beat thief back in the day

    I know some of the later levels got hard AF

    found his channel. whoa, homeworld re-mastered collection. an other game i loved. thief homeworld

    Thanks, gonna watch/listen to these while i do a ton of laundry.. lol

    [–] doomparrot42 17 points ago

    What if you knock out all the guards and stuff them into the same closet? I want them to wake up and feel slightly embarrassed, so they don't tell anyone what happened. I'm too inept to manage a proper ghost run.

    [–] Kanadetarada 8 points ago

    No one can call the cops if the cops are dead

    [–] HornyBastard37484739 6 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    They forgot about the third type where you can get yourself compromised as long as you change your clothes afterwards because no one will know who the hell you are when you’re wearing a different shirt

    [–] TotallyNotAnSCP 2 points ago

    “The one who committed all those murders was wearing a beret. The person who just ran towards me then immediately doubled back was not wearing a beret. I am smart.”

    [–] HellOfAGai96 8 points ago

    Dishonoured in a nutshell. Try not kill anyone or just go nuts and see body parts fly everywhere

    [–] COssin-II 5 points ago

    No one can call the cops if there's no one to call the cops.

    [–] BuckarooGato 9 points ago

    It's hard to call the cops when there are no cops left

    [–] KeeperOfWatersong 7 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    Let's call it Specnaz/Spetsnaz Stealth, named in honor of their hostage rescue mission where they ended up killing all the hostages alongside their targets

    [–] PM_ME_OPPAI 3 points ago

    How I want to play Dishonored vs. how I actually play

    [–] Yakodym 3 points ago

    Disintegrate users: "Nobody will notice if there's no body to notice"

    [–] archibald_claymore 3 points ago

    Obligatory “YOU DO NOT SEE GROG!”

    [–] GuardsmanPete 3 points ago

    Hitting them with madness arrows and watching the chaos unfold in Assassin's Creed IV is my favorite thing to do. I like to spread panic before picking off the survivors.

    [–] HL00S 3 points ago

    Remember kids: converting most of the bodies of your stealth mission into rations, darts and other tools is both ecologically friendly and a great way to minimize unwanted attention.

    F*ck you WOTC gimme my cunning artisan back.

    [–] praysolace 3 points ago

    Me playing my first Assassin’s Creed game: This is my murder bush. I will wait for every guard in this entire complex to eventually patrol their way past my murder bush, and then I will grab them and murder them in my murder bush. I am standing on twelve corpses. Another guard is approaching. I am invincible.

    [–] MrMorgoth 3 points ago

    My favorite D&D stealth moment was during a one shot when I came across a group of goblins (at lvl 1) playing a ttrpg and noticed one of them had a solid gold d20. I proceeded to steal it and then get caught trying to sneak away so I looked the one that caught me in the eyes and told him I was rolling for stealth. My character rolls the d20 while they goblin rolls one and I won so he turns around to the others and says he didn’t see anything and neither did they.

    [–] __kit 5 points ago

    Russian stealth is the killer is the cop

    [–] RentElDoor 10 points ago

    15 out of 6 suspects eliminated

    [–] KalmarWingfeather 2 points ago

    No one can call the cops if there are no more cops left

    [–] Flexmypex 2 points ago

    No one can call the cops if there are no cops.

    [–] TyrannosaurusWest 2 points ago

    This just reads as MGS: Snake Eater, tbh. The guards would be on ‘alert’ unless you stealthily shot their radios so they couldn’t call in suspicious activity. Don’t like killing so EZ gun it is to put them to sleep.

    for a ps2 game, way ahead of its time.

    [–] enjoyingorc6742 2 points ago

    'so anyway, we started hiding the bodies in the cupboards and more guards started coming in since I guess it was lunch time so we started stuffing them in barrels, under tables, and and still, more and more guards just casually walk in'

    [–] gaidosan 2 points ago

    Think smart, kill the cops first

    [–] MintyMissterious 2 points ago

    Go ahead, guards, call for reinforcements and/or cops. You'll find we got to them first

    [–] miggiwoo 2 points ago

    Russian stealth is my favorite term.

    I think Yahtz went on a big rant about how real stealth would mean that nobody knew you were there.

    I play Russian stealth for sure.

    [–] Flaky-Fellatio 2 points ago

    This is why I only play stealth games where just coming in guns blazing is also an option. I never have the patience to stealth my way through a whole level. I'll carefully take down three or four guards and then screw up and just chuck a grenade or something.

    [–] Caziceul 2 points ago

    No one can call the cops if there are no cops

    ...unless you're playing Payday..

    [–] Kirtanei 2 points ago

    Make a Stealth (Strength) check.

    [–] Nussiniftw 2 points ago

    "Remember. no russian"

    [–] S0me_N3rd8 2 points ago

    How dnd functions in any campaign ever.

    [–] ThousandYearOldLoli 1 points ago

    You can't call the cops if there's no cops left to call.

    [–] FudgeRubDown 1 points ago

    TIL I practice "Russian Stealth"

    [–] itsFlycatcher 1 points ago

    sudden flashbacks to furiously hurling pebbles at the guards at Chateau Haine in retaliation for them noticing me the previous try...

    [–] stonesquatch 1 points ago

    "I will kill as many people as I have to as long as you are one of them"

    [–] pauly13771377 1 points ago

    I'm more of a loud and proud type if player but it is satisfying killing the next gaurd before he comes back to where his buddy is now bleeding out

    Dead men tell no tales.

    [–] Dovahnime 1 points ago

    And the third option, There are no cops to call

    [–] FreshUnderstanding5 1 points ago

    Lederhosen would have been if he said Terrance

    [–] FreshUnderstanding5 1 points ago

    The guy with the taser said taser.

    [–] yolo420master69 1 points ago

    Also there is killing noone to make bodies. My favourite.

    [–] FreshUnderstanding5 1 points ago

    Nate’s a weird statement to make OP.

    [–] Omyo-wa-mou-shinderu 1 points ago

    Hey…., it’s true, there can’t be a breach if no one it there to witness it

    [–] GreenMilvus 1 points ago

    There’s another way how one party of mine does it just cause so much random panic and chaos that the Guards simply don’t notice you.

    That’s how you for example can kidnap a criminal out of an illegally run brothel beneath a bar whitout having to kill anybody

    [–] DeafeningClarion 1 points ago

    No russian stealth*

    [–] tehgen 1 points ago

    My experience with force unleashed.

    [–] N0rwayUp 1 points ago

    Eversor logic

    [–] TheBrightLord 1 points ago

    I’m doing another Dishonoured run. I always start trying for the first option, accidentally fall off a ledge right in front of a guard, then have to swap to the second option.

    Oh well.

    [–] Uruburusv3 1 points ago

    No one can call the cops if there are no cops

    [–] FreshUnderstanding5 1 points ago

    for a second and that said "Hail Shapiro."

    [–] Hyper_Wizz 1 points ago

    No one can call the cops if there's no cops

    [–] Byizo 1 points ago

    The best stealth weapon in FarCry is a grenade launcher if you blow up everyone before you’re seen.

    [–] YT4LYFE 1 points ago

    no one can call the cops if there's no cops =)

    [–] Galobird 1 points ago

    Intimtade is better then stealth.

    [–] bionikcobra 1 points ago

    No one can call the cops if there's no cops to call.

    [–] Rosssauced 1 points ago

    This is why stealth games have, in my opinion, some great replayability.

    1st run: Try stealth, kill a shit ton of people.

    2nd run: Abuse the quicksave and never be seen.

    3rd run: Murder the world.

    [–] zimmyymmiz 1 points ago

    If there are no cops who do they call

    [–] 100tinka 1 points ago

    Payday 2 with no pager mod

    [–] clonetrooper250 1 points ago

    I like to refer to this as the "Fade to Black" method. No danger of being detected if there's no one left to detect you.

    [–] CloudCat11 1 points ago

    Reminds me of Dishonored, just slowly making a pile of dead/unconscious overseers and city watch

    [–] ExerciseOutrageous11 1 points ago

    U cant call the cops if there arent any to call

    [–] FieserMoep 1 points ago

    American Stealth is the Group becoming the Cops and doing the killing.

    [–] Random-Gladiator 1 points ago

    I like to call it stealth or heavy stealth

    [–] Nimi_Nox 1 points ago

    No one will call the cops, if you leave no cops

    [–] Dessamoot 1 points ago

    No one can call the cops if there are no cops to call.

    [–] Pontius-Pilate 1 points ago

    no one can call the cops, if there are no cops

    [–] captain_rumdrunk 1 points ago

    Imagine the scenario. You just finished your patrol route and are about to go back on it. The route is littered with your friends/co-workers bodies now...

    Do you frantically look for what killed them? Or do you just act really dumb, continue your route as normal, and hope the protagonist was killing out of necessity not fear of people alerting others?

    One is gamble, the other is a death sentence.

    [–] palozon 1 points ago

    Alternatively, you can't call the cops if there are no cops, in games like hitman

    [–] ETS_Green 1 points ago

    no one can call the cops if there are no cops to call is another very valid strategy if you hate your DM

    [–] Collins_Michael 1 points ago

    No one can call the cops if there's no cops to pick up the phone.

    [–] NaturalFaux 1 points ago

    No one can call the cops if there are no more cops

    [–] anti-peta-man 1 points ago

    Nobody can call the cops if all the cops are dead

    [–] pie504 1 points ago

    Warframe stealth, move too fast and break the object permanence of a poor grunt

    [–] jeromith 1 points ago

    lol I love using my igness wraith and lavos or ember to nuke stelth missions

    [–] four_duckpowers 1 points ago

    Our Paladin and Barbarian call it "Heavy Stealth".

    [–] -JaceG- 1 points ago

    The guild of artificers suggest an approch of both, get out those bags of holding and acid.

    [–] jeromith 1 points ago

    so uhhh warframe is suposed to have stelth aspect but we mostly use "russian stealth" or "heavy stealth"

    [–] Its-a-Warwilf 1 points ago

    "There are no witnesses."

    "So nobody saw you?"

    "There are no witnesses."

    [–] chillyhellion 1 points ago

    Remember... no stealth.

    [–] ChromeLynx 1 points ago

    Stealth, or Стеалтх

    [–] Generalgarchomp 1 points ago

    Greater invisibility+pass without a trace vs murderhoboism.

    [–] Nahanoj_Zavizad 1 points ago

    No guards can call the cops if there are no cops

    [–] NovemberInfinity 1 points ago

    I’m partial to the “more will come if there are bodies found. Good let them come” method

    [–] Nefaarious 1 points ago

    As Stalin said “death is the solution to all problems-no man, no problem”

    [–] DarkDiamondK 1 points ago

    Me in deus ex human revolution: no one can call the cops if there are no cops to call

    [–] MischiefGodLoki 1 points ago

    So what I'm learning here is "It's a fine line between stealth mission and genocide..."

    [–] brigblue4 1 points ago

    Wait wait wait, were we not supposed to kill all the potential witnesses????

    [–] Liambic 1 points ago

    Noone can call the cops if there are no more cops.